Winter Meetings Day 2

Still no moves from the Red Sox, just plenty of chatter? Are the Red Sox interested in A.J. Burnett? Sure they are. But will they offer him five years?  I don’t think so. I think the Braves remain the likeliest landing spot for the electric righty with a history of injuries.

Mark Teixeira? Industry scuttlebutt still has the Red Sox as the most likely suitor, but it doesn’t appear an offer has been made yet.

CC Sabathia? He still wants to go West and is still sitting on a mammoth offer from the Yankees that isn’t likely to be duplicated anywhere else.

Nolan Ryan mentioned earlier today to a couple of media members how much he would love to have  Clay Buchholz, referring to him as “A Texas kid”. But don’t expect the Red Sox to trade the righty, who could emerge into an ace at some point.

The Orioles traded Ramon Hernandez to the Reds, scratching off yet another landing spot for Jason Varitek. By the way, the Red Sox were not players for Hernandez, he was, at best, a fallback option.

And the Red Sox still can’t find a catching fit on the trade market. Alex Speier of fame reports that the Sox rejected an offer from the Diamondbacks of Miguel Montero for Michael Bowden.


Well Theo Epstein looks like has his goal set, at these meetings. Has nothing to do with catching, pitching, it is one thing, Mark Teixeira.
Straightforward, honest, and sincere. Red Sox also have Tito there another straight shooter.
Remember this is not the Dan Douquette era anymore, even if we do not sign him, he’ll at least see the NEW MANAGEMENT, in a different way.
In Las Vegas, we have our Aces there to do business.
Nolan Ryan knows talent, he was around some great pitchers in his time, Seaver, Koosman, Tananna, Scott, does not surprise me at all about what he thinks of Clay Bucholz.
We might get Teagarden for him, but I feel big mistake by Sox if they let him go. I dont see Theo making that mistake.

I am not sure what the Sox are going to do for catching this year but I am quite sure Buchholz won’t be trade bait. I really think he will be a great asset down the road. He is still so young….too many teams see his potential and I think the Sox would get “burned on any deal involving him. I think Varitek comes back when he sees that the Sox will probably be his best offer. The Sox will probably add some “loyalty” $$$$ in there because of what he has meant to the team over the years. Not a big amount of loyalty $$$$ but enough to bring him back and to show good faith. Can’t wait for pitchers and catchers!!!!!!!!!

I agree – I can not see the Red Sox trading Buchholz. They have shown over the last few years how much they value their farm system and Buchholz is a great example of how well the farm system works. I hope we do see Tek back. At this point I don’t see any other team rushing to get him.


I wouldn’t trade Buchholz. It took Schilling a while before he became the pitcher he was. Roy Halladay one of the best pitchers in the game today was sent all the way to Class A a few years back. Organizations must be patient when it comes too young pitchers with loads and loads of talent!

It sounds like the Yankees are on the verge of signing the big lefty. Baseball wise it makes alot of sense. They needed too upgrade there rotation. Handing out a long-term contract too a free agent pitcher, not the best idea in sports!

I dont see Varitek coming back, unless for less money not more.
Theo Epstein on NESN, said we are looking for AT LEAST major league average at that position.
He will wait this out and watch his value go down as off-season progresses. In fact most GM’S, will do this. The trades in last few days, plus some signings, shows he is not in anybody’s plans. At this point.
I have been saying all along not to trade Bucholz. But if trade is made, Teagarden, is more true catcher.
I have no problems, if Red Sox bring up the kids at that position either.

NY Post reporting that the Yanks have signed CC Sabathia.

Hey guys,

Whew, Yankees signed Sabathia which adds to NY Yankees stupidity and convincing Boras that he can ask these ridiculous rates. When Sabathia is unable to pitch due to high cholesterol and gets a heart attack the Yanks will once again feel like they did something stupid.

I no longer hate Scott Boras. Now I hate the Yankees for being so stupid. No pitcher is worth that amount of money but I see what the Yanks are doing. This is NOT about Sabathia. This is about them becoming the exclusive market of the Boras crop. This way they will override every team out there.

Sabathia’s agent is Greg Genske.

The Rangers asking for Buchholz for one of their catchers is surprising considering what they accepted for Gerald Laird:

A pitcher six games beyond A Advanced

And a Rookie League pitcher

Interesting trade by the Rays. They dealt away Edwin Jackson for a 4th outfielder. I don’t think Joyce is anymore than that. I’m surprised they couldn’t get anymore than Joyce. Good move by Detroit. I always believe you never have enough pitching. Theo found that out when he dealt away Arroyo for Willy Mo. I think Friedman ( Rays g.m. ) will find that out as well.

Varitek has been offered a 2 yr. contract from the Red Sox. I’m guessing he takes it. Perhaps he’ll sign the same day another Ga. Tech alum signs with the Red Sox, hmmmm I wonder who that could be. LOL!

Also the Red Sox are interested in John Smoltz. Perhaps a 1 yr. deal gets done in January, we shall see.

I am praying the Yankees offer of 5 yrs. to Burnett is true. That would be great news for Red Sox fans across the globe! I would never ever give Burnett 5 yrs. NO WAY!

All the hypes about CC and Teixeira. Having CC and Tex merely makes a team more competitive. The Rays and Phillies did not have CC and Tex and yet they were in the WS. The players have to execute and the manager has to manage with head and not with heart in order to win.

I can’t believe Beau Vaughan is no longer a member of the Red Sox organization. I hope they don’t get rid of Mike Smithson or Joe Price. What are the Red Sox going to do without those guys???? LOL!!! Perhaps Dennis Lamp is still around or Wes Gardner!! HA HA HA HA…..

Brian, I love those names you pull out of…….somewhere!

While I would welcome Tex as a Red Sox, I would hate to see Mike Lowell go. Mikey L is in the top 3 of 3rd basemen in the league. Maybe the all-around best when you factor his sterling defense, CLUTCH hitting, work ethic and leadership on the field. You can see in the body language of the players that just his presence on the field reassures them and gives them confidence. I know that sounds silly, but if you have ever worked with someone who is a natural leader and leads by example you know what I mean. It’s a feeling of,”OK, we can do this, we’ve got Mike.”
That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Theo said the Red Sox have made 3 contract offers too free agents…We know who two of them are but who is the third??? Baldelli???? Let the speculation begin.


I love mentioning the obscure players over the years. Guys I wish I could forget but somehow I never will. Joe Price tops the list of players I wish I could forget, also Toby Borland. LOL!! How those guys made it too the big leagues is beyond me.

I remember when Lou Gorman signed Matt Young…Danny Darwin and Jack Clark. Talking about money being thrown out the window!

According to reports…It is down to 2 teams for Texeria. Red Sox and Angels. I believe the Yankees are involved as well for Texeria. I would be surprised if they weren’t.

How about the Red Sox going back to there old uniforms. I hope Francona doesn’t manage like Zimmer. LOL!!

Great marketing move by the Red Sox. Just another way for them too earn more $$$$$. Fans love new stuff.

I guess every Sox fan has issues with Zimmer’s managing, but I thought he was/is a great baseball character. He was one of the all-time best arguers along with Earl Weaver. He’d get right up in the ump’s face and sometimes kick dirt on them, his face would be red as a beet! He was great. And the whole time everyone in the stadium or at home watching TV knew it was pointless, the disputed call would not change, but it was great theater.

The Yanks have acquired CC and AJ. Let’s concede the AL East to the Yanks. LOL
The Sox as they stand are good enough to win it all. All I want for Christmas is a changed Francona who will manage with his head and not with his fond heart.

It would be nice to pick up Tiexera.

Can you imagine if we had Zimmer back (along side Francona)??? The Yanks would have to get someone on their team to “throw” him to the ground… maybe they can sign Pedro!!!

or hey, ZAZU has experience in throwing older guys to the ground (travelling secretary),…. There’s your next yankee signing!!! lol

and Arnie, I agree with your thoughts about Mikey! Its scary.. we agree on alot…
Hows the restaurant doing??

Rumors from the Jacksonville area say Garry is working out extremely hard in the last 3 weeks. I’m guessing Garry can get a big $$$$ contract from someone. If Burnett can get over 80 million/5 yrs. guranteed….What is Garry worth??? I’m guessing alot more. Remember Garry, when you ink that big deal…Don’t forget about us! We have been with you from the start. LOL!!

I would like too give Brian Cashman a round of applause for signing Burnett to a 5 yr. contract! I’m guessing Pavano is calling Cashman right now and looking for more $$$$. Also Kenny Rogers is waiting on the other line! LOL!!

Theo please don’t ever get desperate and sign average pitchers too big $$$ deals!

Don’t forget about Kevin Brown. He was another who signed for more years than he produced. It’s like taking a 6 year loan on a Ford Pinto that you know you’ll be lucky to get 4 years out of. My apologies to anyone out there who owned a Ford Pinto….and my deepest sympathies!!!! If they get even close to 5 years out of Burnett I’ll be surprised. Before last year, he was only a total of about 4or 5 games over .500 for his career. Yes he can be nasty….but he’s not consisitent. At least not $82 million dollars worth of cosistent!!!! I also agree with Brian… do not give any pitcher a 7 year contract, not even CC. He is a Bartolo Colon waiting to happen….too much weight on a frame that will eventually not be able to handle it. What will he look like in 7 years?????? The only way he will be able to control his weight is the stress the Yankee fans will put on him if he doesn’t perform like the $161 million dollar man. I think the Sox upgraded the pitching staff where they needed to and I think they have a good shot at Tex. I love Mikey lowell to death but i don’t think the hip injury he had will allow him to go 162 games without problems. I don’t think he’ll hang around as a role player and there are a couple of teams interested so we’ll see what happens. Go Sox!!!!!

Ellen, it’s OK to agree. Don’t feel bad. The restaurant is doing well, thanks for asking. But I have to say that there are a lot of edgy people out there. So much uncertainty. We’ve positioned ourselves well and we know what to do in a bad economy, all of us(my partners and I) weathered the ’80’s in Colorado which was a BAD time, so we are ready. How are you? Did you ever try that stroganoff recipe?

The Yankees are desperate. They’ve got a new stadium opening and their kids didn’t work out well last year, they really cannot do much else but spend spend spend and hope they don’t find themselves with tens of millions of dollars on the DL in the next few years.

Brian, Before the seven years is up, they’ll be slicking his hair back into a ponytail, strapping him into a huge diaper and selling tickets to “Sumo night at Yankee Stadium”, that ought to help pay off the place, and his contract….

I meant to say Craig…. sorry its Saturday and it is VERY early for me.

Arnie, yes we did try the Stroganoff, I thought i told you…
HUGE success. As a matter of fact, I am making it tonight as well. I did use a cheaper cut of meat, but it still came out really well… David said it was better than his moms…
So I (we) thank you again!!
Come on Spring Training.

How come have a feeling Sox doing something out of the ordinary this off-season.
Teixeira bidding war starts, catcher problem still not resolved, 4th outfielder not signed or discussed. even John Smoltz rumors out there.
OK lets get out of the realms of the ordinary, and think extra-ordinary, a deal with the Padres for Jake Peavy.
If it could be done without giving Bucholz up, could be great move. Offense looks nice, pitching wins Championships.
Trivia answer last week: Who did Sandy Koufax replace on Brooklyn Dodgers roster…..Tommy Lasorda.

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