Rivalry back to 2003-2004 intensity

That’s right. The Red Sox-Yankees rivalry got a little tepid by its lofty standards from 2006-2008. Not anymore. We are back to peak intensity after the Yankees got Mark Teixeira yesterday for a cool $180 million over eight years. You know what? That’s fine.

All along, I couldn’t get into the whole Teixeira move mainly because I thought it was a terrible thing to do to Mike Lowell, one of the classiest and most professional Red Sox players I’ve ever come across.

So fine, the Red Sox made Teixeira a very fair offer — eight years at $168 million — and then walked away when the player said it wasn’t enough.

If Teixeira didn’t want to play for the Red Sox at fair market value, the Red Sox were right not to keep jacking up their offer until it was good enough.

Remember how done everyone felt when the Yankees swopped in and got A-Rod on Valentine’s Day in 2004? If memory serves me correctly, the Red Sox and not the Yankees won the World Series that year. Remember how worried everyone was when Brian Cashman stealthly swooped in and got Johnny Damon just like he got Teixeira on Tuesday? If memory serves me correctly, the Yankees haven’t won a playoff series in their three years with Johnny in the leadoff spot. Meanwhile, the Sox won it all in 2007 and came within a three-run homer of getting back to the World Series in ’08.

The Boston Red Sox have worked long and hard to put together a machine of an organization. Much like the Atlanta Braves of the 1990s, the Red Sox are stacked and don’t need to go out and make lavish offseason spendings to compete for championships.

So you have a nucleus that a lot of teams would love — Dustin Pedroia, David Ortiz, Kevin Youkilis, Lowell, Josh Beckett, Jon Lester, Dice-K, Jonathan Papelbon and others. You have Lars Anderson ticketed for 2012, once Lowell’s contract is up, and other young pitchers on the way, such as Clay Buchholz and Michael Bowden.

Last year didn’t feel as fun with the big competition coming from Tampa Bay instead of the Yankees. Now the Yankees truly are the evil empire again and it’s going to make the Red Sox that much more determined.

Why is everyone so surprised that the Yankees swooped in here? Since Theo has been GM, he’s the first to admit that the Yankees have won every bidding war. Yes, they won Contreras; Yes, they won A-Rod; Yes, they won Damon; And now they’ve won Teixeira. The Red Sox won Dice-K, but only because it was a highly unique situation in which they were able to win blind date rights and then beat Boras when he had no leverage.

Yet throughout all these bidding losses, the Red Sox have been the better team than the Yankees over the complete body of work since 2003.

Theo Epstein recently said from his hotel suite at the Winter Meetings in Las Vegas that the goal is not to “win the offseason”. The goal is to win April-September, and then hopefully October.

It can still happen. The fun will be watching it unfold. The only way the rivalry could have been any more fierce in ’09 is if the Yankees had gotten Manny. But his will more than suffice. I can’t wait to see that first Teixeira at-bat at Fenway. It will be the loudest jeers you’ve heard since Johnny Damon stepped up to the box at Fenway on May 1, 2006. Then, Mr. Teixeira will truly be welcomed to East Coast Baseball.

Happy Holidays to all readers.



Why did Tex’ want to go to new York I mean New York is a dump.

Bigpapi72, http://bostonsports.mlblogs.com/

I was not surprised or shocked at the news that the Yankees signed Tex. The Yankees played the Manny card to throw everyone off the track and “we havn’t made any offer to Teixeira” comment! Who believed that lie??????

I am a Theo supporter! We have won two WS and 4 trips to the ALCS in six years with the decisions this group has made. Pretty smart money if you ask me.

Check out the Yankee ticket prices on their web site. Merry Christmas Yankee fan! Ouch!

Now would be a good time for a couple of feel good moves by signing Veritek and Derek Lowe. That would be one formidable pitching staff! Every bit as good as the Yankees.

Merry Christmas Sox fans…..ok even yankee fans too!🙂

i promise this will be my last comment on this silly subject…just sit back..take a deep breath and wallow in the fact we have a great team comming back….we didnt lose any impACt plr( im praying tek will be back)…we added some help in the bp……now think on this….the stankees must and i mean MUST win this yr…they are already gettin creamed in the media…a team that hasnt handled the pressure at all in the last few yrs…heck if it wasnt for boone hittin that pop fly of wake might have been longer…..then u have the rays who have to prove they werent the flash in the pan like the rockies….i believe they are sox best comp even after the yanks spree…but….if i had to bet on it…and i like to gamble….i would still bet on the sox…brain not heart making that bet too…papi was hurt,becket had a bad yr, zazu was a lost cause, the bullpen under achieved, and some how some way we made it to one game away from another series….hmmmm…..i really can honestly say the sox are still the fav to win this yr….cc and dl boy win less than 25 combined games….bullpen is hurt with joba in rotation…and they have no outfield defense…jeter is a yr older, limp rod is still limp rod…on and on i could do this all day….dirty 30 signing was prob their best signing because he will losin up that iceburg of a clubhouse….thank you jesus for birthin me in new england…i love my sox,bruins,celts and pats…..sigh ….its gonna be a good yr….happy holidays all…judge

This is the worst thing that could happen to baseball. OH, I am not talking about Mark Teixeira signing, I am talking about the C.C. Sabathia and A.J. Burnett. Milwaukee gets a second round pick, for one of their biggest draws for their team. Toronto gets a third round pick for second best pitcher in their starting line-up.
Where is the punishment to the Yankees for these signings? Absolutley NONE.
Luxury Tax that means nothing to them, if they could not afford it then they would have curbed their signings by now, so no punishment there.
After they lose draft picks for ONE year, they are back into the draft pool, no punishment there.
Baseball has to hit where it hurts ANY team the most, young, cheap talent.
If I was commisioner, I would do like NFL does, with a little variation. If you sign a CLASS A FREE AGENT, depending on his rankings, you lose a 1st. and 3rd. round pick for that year, plus awarded a supplemental. If you sign another team that lost is awarded NEXT YEARS 1st. and 3rd pick, and so on and so forth.
Another words, this year Angels get Yankees 1st and 3rd pick, next year Milwaukee get Yankees 1st. and 3rd, year after that Toronto get Yankees 1st and 3rd.
This assures 2 things, teams that lost talent at least gets proper picks to stock up the farms and helps organization, to compete with big market teams.
It also actually PUNISHES teams for signings, for many years and not just one.
How can a team like Milwaukee, have such a drawing card like Sabathia and get only a second round pick, and survive.
OK one last thing, I want to put a window on all drafting for all teams. If say you make a pick in this years draft, you have 365 days to sign him, otherwise he is lost. No extra pick in the first round. 30 teams 30 picks. Unless you sign Class A Free Agent. You scouted him, you drafted him, he did not like the terms or place, that is just the way it goes. All teams will make extra effort in first round selection.
Last thing, why this is important, teams like the Yankees will have to start offering more arbitration to their players, so they do not lose picks, now the price starts going up to these players. What would have happened to the Yankees if Abreu was offered arbitration, so they would not lose draft picks, he might have accepted, and this might be the difference for Toronto, to keep Burnett, instead now they are getting a 3rd round pick, this is crazy.
Baseball Owners have to get together and make it fair for all teams, otherwise as it stands right now, there might not be no baseball tomorrow.

Ian – I am SO looking forward to this season! I never wanted Tex to come here – I blogged long & hard for us to keep Mikey! It will be nice to have the intensity back in the NY/Boston Games. And I firmly believe that we have the team that can go all the way this year. And we have something that the Yankees don’t have – HEART & SOUL! You can’t buy that. So I say – bring it on! I am so ready for the games to begin!

Have a wonderful holiday!


I am 100 percent in agreement with you Ian. The Sox made a fair offer, in fact, a more than fair offer to a pretty good ball player. It didn’t make good business sense to try to contend with the Yankees. For the Sox, I don’t think it was the money. They could have come up with more. I think it was the length of the contract. They don’t like handing out eight year contracts and I don’t blame them. There’s to much uncertainty in health and performance to be doing that kind of crazy stuff. The Yankees are stuck with a bunch of long term contracts for players who by the end of them will be beyond their peak years. Realistically, you give a fat man like Sabbathia a six year deal hoping you get three. I don’t know why you give Burnett a five year deal with his history of injury.

$160M is a lot of money that can be invested in the likes of Youk, Papelbon, Ellsbury, Lester and a few others to keep them around for a while. I like what the Sox did with Pedroia and they should be looking at some of their other youngsters as well.

The Yankees have been trying since 2000 to buy a championship. The last time they won, they did it without owning the four highest salaries in baseball. What they’re doing is bad business and it will be interesting to watch them fall on their very expensive sword.

So, who thinks Joe Girardi will have a job if the Yankees don’t win the World Series this year? LOL! Good luck to them. Personally, I’ll take our combination of young and exciting kids together with some pretty savvy veterans including Mike Lowell, who I don’t think is anywhere close to being done yet. There are great athletes, and there are baseball players. Lowell is a baseball player and Youk, Pedroia and Lester are carved from the same mold.

Um, shouldn’t the Red Sox have been going for Lowe, because its looking like another New York team is taking something we want. I’m not liking Boston’s lack of aggressiveness here.

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” but you can still make it better, can’t you? Yeah we have a great team, but we could still get better, and by not getting better, our rivals do. How does that make sense? A great team will lose to a really great team. Theo needs to get something done to keep us in this thing. Remember, nobody said the Yankees are done, and The rays are going to be better. If we weren’t as good as the Rays last year, and we stayed the same, or maybe we got a little worse, but the Rays have improved, how can we still think we are the best?

One thing too remember folks, Texeira has been too 1 All Star game. If I’m paying a player that much money, his resume’ should be much better. Texeira would have certainly helped the Red Sox but he isn’t a make it or break it kind of player. Texeira would have been a nice bat in the middle for sure but certainly not worth that kind of investment/money! Once again the Yankees are trying too buy a title. For some reason they are getting away from there formula that worked in the late 90’s. As a Red Sox fan I am extremely happy that Hank/Hal are the owners and Cashman is the g.m.! All that means too me is success for the Red Sox in 2009 and beyond.

Merry Christmas Nation!

I agree Brian, Tex hasn’t much of a resume’ does he? Potential, maybe. But I have watched him play down here in Texas for several years and yeah, he’s a formidable threat at the plate and has a great glove, but for the kind of money the Stanks paid him he should be, lights out, the best ball-player in baseball, which he is not. I agree with Garry as well, regarding the overpriced athletes they tend to purchase year in and year out, and for what?

I’ve checked in over on the Stankee blogs and they’re pretty much assuring themselves of another ring or three — especially if they sign ZAZU — as Stephen A. Smith trumpets they should. THAT would be a potent lineup, but again, not one that the Sox can’t handle. Too many question marks with their defense.

I’m particularly pleased that Mikey Lowell retains his spot at 3b. I believe Jason Bay will come alive this year and be that middle-of-the-order bopper that he was in Pittsburgh. We can’t forget the power of Papi and J.D. when they’re healthy. I, for one, will miss Coco, but that’s neither here nor there. The farm system is solid and as is the case with Lowrie, Van Every, Ellsbury, etc.. there’s sooo much potential for a rockin’ Sox lineup for years to come that we have nothing to look forward to short of the best!

I must admit that I am most enamored with Tek. I’ll wear his jersey until it shreds. I believe he had a rough year personally and will bounce back with a solid season, if he’s signed. C’mon Theo! Make it happen. I hope we can sign his ol’ buddy Lowe, too. Everyone’s talking about the Stanks pitching staff, but hey, Boston is just as solid, if not moreso because ours is established. If they brought Lowe back into the fold, the transition would be seamless. Wow, Beckett, Lester, Dice-K, Wake, Lowe, backed by Buck, Del Carmen, Ramon Ramirez…etc…all the way to Paps! We can still rule the East given a great job by the pitchers.

Now, for that other bat that we covet, or maybe that extra outfielder, can I toss something at you guys? How about Bobby Abreu? I’ve always thought of him as a class act, a very good complimentary player and a monster at the plate when he’s “on”. Though I’m not as familiar with his stats, I’ve always liked watching him play when I had the chance (especially with the Phils). What if we could bring him in for a bargain rate and give him some good PT? He’s on the backside of his career, but still has gas in the tank. I’m not sure if there are any big bats out there worth chasing (other than Manny’s and we know THAT won’t happen). Adam Dunn is a strikeout machine….. Baldelli? Any suggestions?

Well it looks like the Big Fish have been hauled in. The only ones still dangling out there are Zazu and Lowe, which are probably non-starters for the Sox. Zazu for sure. We can now focus on Tek- to try and keep him; and on Lug-nuts, to try and unload him. Then it’s a matter of trying to pick up some additional pitching; a solid right-handed hitting outfielder; and a strong backup catcher. If, and when, this is accomplished we can then sit back and wait until everything plays out. During the course of the season we will always revert back to what we could have or should have done, and that’s what we fans get “paid for”. Until then, everyone have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

The Sox despite Beckett having a subpar year and Ortiz’s wrist injury as well as Lowell’s back problem and other assorted distractions, the Sox still finished within 1 game of the WS. Tex undoubtedly is a great player. I don’t see him as a difference player. I don’t know whether the LAA won 100 games because of or in spite of Tex. Tex had a high batting average but had only 1 RBI in ALDS and LAA lost the series to the underdog Sox.
I prefer a team of players with hearts and souls as Julia said rather than a team consists of a bunch of mercenaries playing for the almighty dollars.
Have a nice holiday weekend and talk to you next week!

garry- You asked if Girardi will have a job. What about CASHman??? I think he’s gone if they dont win. Also, the Yankees can buy all these players (and I dont care that we didnt get Texiera, I for one didnt want to lose Mikey or upset the infield chemistry) but now they are asking the taxpayers of New York city to pay another GAZILLION DOLLARS in taxes for the UUBER STADIUM..??? (gold plated letters on the front of the Stadium… talk about over kill).. I hope that the taxpayers like what they are paying for because they are stuck with most of it for YEARS AND YEARS to come!! GOOD LUCK. You might have the richest payroll in Baseball, but the best players??? PROVE IT ON THE FIELD.
also, did anyone notice that the obnoxious blowhards (aka bad Yankee fans) felt the need to visit our Brownie Points yesterday after word of the signing…??? Let’s see how far into the season they can show their faces (keyboards) here!!!


If Texeira is that good/great. Why only 1 All Star appearance. Things that make me go hmmmmmm. He would have been a nice addition to the lineup but at what cost??? If I am the Red Sox and are going too shell out more than 20 million for several years, I better get the ultimate player. Most of seem too agree on here that he was a luxury not a need.

One thing I do believe is that this could spell the end of Varitek in Boston. I think Boston needs too get a catcher than can hit. Varitek in 2008 was an automatic out! Russell Martin???? Then again what do the Dodgers want in return. I’m guessing alot….So maybe that doesn’t happen. Also a 4th outfielder is needed. Rumors have the D’Backs and Sox talking about Eric Byrnes. Josh Byrnes ( former asst. of Theo ) is the g.m. with Arizona so I guess that could happen. For some reason Theo seems too make more trades with N.L. teams than A.L. teams! I always believe the off-season is more fun than the season. So much happening with the Red Sox, never a dull moment!


I agree with you about the Red Sox offense. There is enough bats for them too keep it going!

Oh God!! please not Eric “BYRNSEY” Byrnes!!! Spare us from another pretty boy ego… (not a pretty boy in my estimation, but ask Fox Sports) I dont think I could stand to have someone with a nickname like his or Farnsey.. makes me want to be sick

Ellen, you’re a riot.

So who would you like to see fill that spot in the batting order?

I think that Baldelli as a “limited playing time guy” wouldnt be bad.. He has health issues but knows his limitations it seems, and this may soumd weird, but if Aubrey Huff were available he could relieve Youk at 1st and Lowell at 3rd, and he still has quite a bat! I have always liked both of those guys. Dont you think they both have GREAT sports names??


I wish you Peace, Health and all of Gods Blessings this Holiday Season. Even though we know each other only through the wonders of modern technology, that doesnt make me feel any less close to you. You have all provided a comfort zone for me. Somewhere to come to on an almost daily basis. And to think that I started out calling you guys “My Summer Family”. Well, here it is winter and Christmas and Hanukkah and we are all still here chatting back and forth.
My FRIENDS, I thank you for always being here, no matter the season.
Love to you all, and all whom you love!!

As you all can see… I need to get a life…
I’m hoping for a Christmas Eve delivery of a present from Theo…. TEK.. It would be fitting to have an annoumcement tonight. just like 4 years ago.

It must be clost to “Santa” time in Florida. My daughter gets home in a few minutes from work and then it’s open the goodies time for the family. I am hoping to get a card from Theo saying Tek is back. I think he deserves another shot after the year he just had. He needs to get some redemption and it might as well be as a member of the Sox. The number of years he wants is going to be hard to swallow.

Now that Tex is gone I am praying that Lowell and Drew stay healthy. It is now critical that they along with Papi put in a lot of game time. The AL East will be a tough division again.

I thought the Rays manager out it best about the Texiera signing. He said that the Rays are built on pitching and defense and they have the same crew back so…….bring it on. I really like that guy. Have a great holiday season!!!!!


Now that the Yank’s have Teixeira, they have first base locked up for 8 years, which means they won’t be in the market for any of these players should they become available via trade or free agency: Prince Fielder, Prince Albert. Do you see any future for the Sox with these guys? Also, with the Sox greatly reduced payroll and the Padres desperately trying to unload Peavy, can you see a deal developing on that front? Would it be worth it?

All Star appearances? Teixeira is a very good player, and he has never played in Boston or New York. So with those players taking all the votes, then Tex may have been left out because of that. We can find all the excuses we want. The Red Sox didnt sign Tex, and now they have a fine prospect waiting in the wings, who is much much cheaper. Going that route is a very good decision too.


heres a comment i put after some of thos emoronic yanks fans…thank god for yanks fans…i have plenty of comic strip blogs to read lol…..

they go to ny to become immortal?…..this was an accurate comment yrs and yrs ago….tell me one plr that has come to ny who said i did it forless money so i could play in ny ….none….they come because the yanks will severly over pay them…..personally i dont care if the yanks spend a billion a yr….the yanks over the last 10 yrs have been arond 200 a mill a yr….if it wasnt for lil know plr of boone…it would be how long since they won a champion ship?…..they better fix that outfield also before the season starts….put cc on a diet….check all ajs fingers cause hear hes a got a hangnail and is headed to dl…. send damon to a camp to learn how to throw….get jeter some geritol(still a great but old player)…get limp rod some extenz….the worst playoff producer since clemens…..oh yeah and pray posada can catch a whole season…..he cant play 1st with tex there…gee ;poor girardi has 7 possible dh this yr….lol…and so on so on so on….

lo0lo merry xmas all judge


I totally agree with you much like 2004 off season and the season that lead to2007. George and his boys continue to folk out the cash for high price tag players, and the red sox as a organization continue to build the talent, turn out MVP’s, no hitters, gold gloves, and oh yeah world series titles!!!! there is a need for another power hitter, which there is a few out there right now that carry alot lower price tag and can contribute without having to be the superstar. Adam Dunn, hit 40 Home runs each of the last 3 years with 100 rbis each season, granted he does have a high strike out ratio, It will be a great thing this summer to see Dunn light up the fenway sky hitting home runs and scoring runs , he is a tough guy, a team player not an individual in mind, he is also an outfielder which would fit into the red sox fold, we do not need another first baseman, we got Youk and Lowell returning from surgery this season. a line up of ellsbury, pedoria, Ortiz, youk, Drew, Dunn, Lowell,Lowrie, and either varitek (yeah we will sign him, he has no place else to go and will take the red sox offer) bring in a young catcher to platoon with him like the kid from texas. also rotate in Jason Bay in the outfield…. what a line up !!!
power hitting with RBI’s and stolen bases…..I can’t see anyone on the yankees stealing bases. Damon at one time was a threat, no more ……… pitching so what they went and got sabathia, and burnett, we have owned them !!!!
and the rest of their staff well is just that…..Beckett, Lester, Dice K, Wakefield, Matherson, as starters later additions of Schilling and Smoltz, with bullpen of Papelbon, Delcarmen, Ramriez, Bowden, Lopez, and one more surprise from the spring training invitees…..lets not forget bench players of Sean Casey, yes bring him back and Alex Cora 2 very contributing players…..lets get ready for another world series run!!!!!!! bring on the pin stripes, we will prevail!!!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! Hope you all find happiness and joy and love this season.

Big sigh of relief that Tex didn’t come to the Sox. We don’t need no stinking Tex! We’ve got Youk and Mike. Let the Yanks play their desperate game of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ now that they’ve failed to raise a crop of prospects on the farm. WE have prospects!!

Coachbly…. Why would we need to “rotate” J-Bay in the out field?? He has proven himself more than worthy of the postion in the field and at the plate. The person they bring in should be the one to “rotate”.

BTW: with Cash no longer in the picture, who is going to (try to) catch Wake??


Hey Kramer!! Melly Klissmas!!!! Hope youre having a great holiday season.

Hi Arnie!!!!! How’s your Christmas??? Well, my dinner is cancelled.. 3 people sick!!! You know those lovely winter colds!!!! I think David and I are going to either catch a movie or go bowling (1st time since my back surgery last year)… Everybody: Have a great day!!

I never got into the Tex craze either, what about Mike Lowell?? I hope he isn’t resentful, kind of like Nomar was after the Sox tried to get A-Rod. I loved Nomar😦. Anyway, we’ve got a great team, and if we go into ’09 with the same exact roster, I’ll be just as happy.

redsox girl: I have asked a couple of times… why would someone be blocked from your blog.. ( it says I dont have permission to comment there, please sign out)

Is No NEWS about Tek good news??

Thanks!! Mine is great so far! Hope your’s is too. And I run into those permission things too, just sign off and on again!

I am starting to lean toward the Red Sox making their move now for their catcher of the future.


Hey folks,

Long time no see. My new job in Andover, MA keeps me busy and tired after I get back to my apartment, plus the Celtics have basically taken all of my attention the past several months. It does stink they lost today against the Lakers, but it was bound to happen sooner or later, and I’m happy it happened now instead of the playoffs.

As for the Teixeira “drama,” I wasn’t surprised that he took the most money, I’m just a bit taken back that it seems that the Red Sox offer was similar, if not the same, yet he went to the Yanks. What, is Maryland too far if you’re in Boston making that much money? That’s trivial if you ask me. If you’re that trivial, then I don’t want you on my team. Ian’s right, when Teixeira steps into the batter’s box at Fenway, he’ll get a real taste of the AL East.

So it stinks that the team and Youk can’t reach a consensus on a long-term deal at the moment. I really hope they lock him up like they’ve locked up Pedroia. As for catching, besides Kottaras, who else do the Red Sox have in the minors. If I’m correct, none of our minor league catchers are “major league ready,” correct?

My prediction: ‘Tek comes back at 2 year contract with a club option for year 3. Just a complete guess.

Oh and of course, happy holidays folks! I guess I’m starting to fall asleep with all that food in my stomach!😀

But they have talent in the minors that is ready, or near-ready to move in order to get a catcher. I know that it is difficult for some, even me, to trade away their own prospects, but it is for a catcher. And a catcher is perhaps the most valuable player on the diamond.


KUDOS ian.

There was an article a week ago or so that the Sox could go with their AAA combo of Brown and Kottaras, but that sounds a little desperate to me. I think they will likely give a third year to Varitek @ $10M per.

As far as Teix, Jeff was right that it took a 8yr $180M offer but I the Sox max was $168M. If the offers matched, maybe he just bumped his head too often on the Fenway dugout. Yankee fans know he didn’t gaurantee a title for the Angels and he won’t for them either!!!

I think the Sox max.

Varitek and Boras, offered arbitration….no
2 yr contract offered….no
Teixeira fiasco with Boras that was a no.
Not offered anything so far on the free agent market.
Red Sox will wait till spring training on this, let Boras try to find suitors for him, if he is offered a contract from team who is in the 16-30, Sox get that pick plus supplemental, better deal for Sox. Save money, draft picks, plus not have to deal with Boras no more. To me it is easy how the Sox turn the page on Varitek. He is the last of Dan Duquette’s regime.
Guy in utility role I would like the Sox to consider is Aaron Miles.

Speaking of the media, everyone should check out this weeks Village Voice…the crafty recap of the Cashman money explosion has even NY fans furious.

I agree with all who say this season may be another blockbuster for the Red Sox. I didn’t think Tex’s numbers were great, we are used to Manny and Ortiz putting numbers up that are far higher….best he is not in contention.

YES, we love Lowell, I have a poster in my garage that was distributed a couple of years ago at a game, “Boston loves Lowell”…and that is truer now than ever.

Welcome to Bean town where men are men and not just items up for auction. The wall street yankees are just trying to protect their investment {you’ll like us look at the machinery we purchased}. They even think they can bring back the curse by charging 1923 prices in remembrance of Babe Ruth. That must have been Damon’s idea, the guy in ’06 who said not all the red sox fans hate me some through dollar bills to me. I wonder if he’s a dancer on the side. With things as they are now, between going from job to job and trying to get bills payed the best thing for anyone is to watch a red sox game. They encourage us not to give up.

personally im a fan of the owners who spend some to try and field a decent team for the fans….i hate seeing what oaklands and floridas and a few others do just to make a buck……BUT…..half a billion is ludicrous….albeit not a shock cause its the stankees m.o………i still think that addin swish(dirty 30) was their biggest aquisition….hes a clubhouse and dugout fav….he will add character and lighten the mood there….too bad the sox have about 12 of those guys…addin millah again this yr in a mid season trade might help us too…good back u p and rt handed bat off bench….comes with pom poms too…lol….can u imagine the pressure in ny now…THEY MUST WIN OR ELSE….morons…they coulda gone and got ibanez,lowe,furcal, and traded for a good catcher from texas and done more damage than they did with the 3 they got…..plenty of other talent was there that woulda helped em alot more….let posada play 1st and so on….but ….they are the yanks and obviously havent learned that chemistry is needed to win…..not just a big wallet talent…those guys are needed to but u need more of the team plrs….well i celebrated the fact that they dint do what i outlined and lookin forwardd to them floppin and finishin 3rd or possibly 4th if toronto can keep pace….lets start spring early…im ready….go soxxxxxxxxxx….judge

one thing i forgot…i wonder if the yanks put in a bid for tex to drive up his price then got stuck with em….i mean now they like 4 dh plrs …..hmmmmmmmmmm


Judge: I seriously doubt that they got Texiera to have him DH. They’ve got Matsui and Damon (thats a stretch) they can use as DH. Swisher is either back up 1st and other infield or trade bait and I think if they keep him, his AB’s will be seriously limited (unless they move him to 2nd or back up ss/3rd) being that Texiera is a switch hitter.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, to all.
Thanks, Ian, for your comments on Tex. I have been saying what you did about Tex, and have thought it all along, but you have put it more clearly than I ever could. I have believed all along that we did not need to get Tex to replace Mike Lowell. After all, last year, we Red Sox fans wanted to sign Lowell instead of A-ROD (!), and I do not put Tex into A-Rod’s category (I still believe that was the correct move instead of A-Rod or Tex). Yes, we can certainly use another power bat, and an upgrade at SS certainly would be nice, but we did not need to do so at Lowell’s expense! How soon we forget (and judging from other blogs on other articles regarding Tex, we sure seem to have forgotten it!)–DON”T SIGN A-ROD (or now, Tex)–SIGN MIKE LOWELL!! I sure hope we remember that on Opening Day! I’m glad we’ve signed Pedroia longer term, and are trying to do so with Youk. That will do more for the longer term for our team in the longer-term to give us a stable core of team players, much more than signing these “big-time” free agents. If Lowell’s rehab is going as well as we have seen reported, and Bay and Drew (who seems to be adjusting, finally, to our team) continue their solid production, we should be fine. I don’t know if we’ll find another catcher who manages our pitching staff as well as Tek does, but that should really be our biggest concern. Let the Yankees rekindle that rivalry like Ian predicts–and bring on the Rays, also! I like our chances.

By the way, am I the only one who thinks that Scott Boras is the worst thing for baseball right now? To me, Boras ( I have other names for him!:/) is for baseball what Drew Rosenhaus is for the NFL–BAD NEWS! What say you, RSN?

I feel the same way about Bore-as-s abd Rosenhaus.. But I guess if I was a scum sucking bottom feeder of an agent I would aspire to have the clout that they have… I guess that I wouldnt turn down my 15-20 percent!!!

i didnt mean tex as a dh lol….im not that dumb geez….but hes taking up 1st where either damon,posada,swish, or any aging plr lands……

ellen here was my thinking…..by signing tex the yanks have locked up 1st base for many yrs to come…but….posada has a big contract who could move to 1st,damon is old and no arm and soon to be dh or 1st,matsui is a slow and aging of,jeter is a great plr still but how many yrs can he play ss,nady is also a poss dh,swish a 1st baseman or weak outfielder mostly center but not much range,and so it goes…..signing a 1st baseman might strap them ….mostly with posada….im sure he will dh with molina catchin…but then where do u play damon….swish will hate not playing daily….they have opened many cans of worms….i hope girardi brings plenty of aspirin next yr lol…..go sox….and theo….sign tek pls…atleast make that happen bud….

oh ok!! now I get your line of thinking

Swisher or Nady will get traded in next couple of weeks, my guess Swisher to Atlanta.

From the rumor mill, Yankees want to trade Swisher to Atlanta, Nady to SF, for one of their starters, Matsui to Seattle, pay half his contract, so they can open up salary.
Swisher 5.2 million, Nady 7 million, Matsui 6.5 of 13 million, and see if they can sign Manny Ramirez.
Next couple of weeks is going to be interesting.

Swisher throws left-handed, so it’s either 1B or the OF.

Funny to see so much talk of what’s going on in NY. This is not a pun…………..there are no serious holes in the Sox!!!
Just a few things to be settled. I have to think the front office is not interested in bringing in anyone other than Varitek to catch or there would have been some interest in Laird. The Tigers flat out stole him from the Rangers! I think Nolan Ryan would have salivated over Michael Bowden and maybe another minor Sox prospect! And the Yankees would love to see Lowrie on their roster, Jeter will be in LF in 2010.
2009 will not be a down year in Boston!!!

Hey everybody! Been very busy, but it’s quiet tonight so I can say hello. Hope you all had a fabulous Christmas.

The Yankees have a bad timing situation on their hands. They are opening the new Stadium and their youth movement, that held such great promise, fell flat last year. They just can’t open the new field with last year’s team. That won’t cut it, they need to make a splash. What bigger splash than to sign all the top free agents in baseball? (I’m hoping for some CC jumping-in-the-pool jokes) Anyway, the Yankees are stuck having to spend all their money on free agents because of the new field. Hopefully attendance will be good but they will fall short and lose the division to the Sox. Then everyone’s happy!

moanin all….judge here….i figured this mornin i would comment on ians title…..i grew up as a die hard sox fan…most of u were prob the same….sox are 12.5 games out with 15 to go and we always thought they could still pull it off….my hero was dewey growing up….#24 playing rt field for 19 yrs and leaving everything on the field….a team thru my whole life who didnt win much but had grit and still managed to give me the itch every winter waitin for our comment of “wait till next year”…….to come true….well it did in 04…..i can remember sitting in my chair watching them win game 4-5 and saying to myself thats it were goin to the series….the yanks have lost the momentum and there pitchin staff is burnt …..we are gonna do it….but the games had to be pld and the sox pulled off the impossible…not only did they come from 3 down…but they did it against the mighty yanks….nothing that ever happens in my life(in sports) will compare to that feeling….i can remember sitting watching game six and havin tears run down my face sayin if they tease me again and lose in 7 games on an error late im gonna freak out…well they did it…i loved and still do that team so much i couldnt sleep for 3 days….didnt want to…my father and mom are as passionate as me ……..almost 60 yrs of suffering gone in a week or so…..we came from 0-3 down and won….i mean geez…story book…i can only remember havin that feeling twice before that week….in 1980 the miracle on ice….and a day in my military career where my unit shoulda been wiped and we made it out…..i dint cry then but in 04 the sox made this 8yr ,2 time vet cry like a lil girl….thank you boston…a memory for a lifetime…..judge


You’re absolutely right, judge, ’04 was the experience of a lifetime. I still remember the elation I had when we turned the tide against the Evil Empire, and yet still feeling that we could still lose it all if we didn’t beat St. Louis, like we had in previous years. (Kind of like the Miracle on Ice when we beat that other Evil Empire and still had to beat Finland for the Gold;)! As you can see from my UserID, I am also old enough to remember both events, and the sentiments were similar. I can still remember in ’04 walking on air for a full month, simply spontaneously grinning and sighing, “I can’t believe it! I can’t BELIEVE it!!” (And that feeling, as all of you know, I’m sure, doesn’t go away, even when we wring our hands over mgmt and Manny, etc.)! And it was even better when the Patriots won the Super Bowl that same year;)! Now that we’ve won again in ’07, that feeling of elation has been amplified and engraved (It has also been kind of nice lately watching the Yankees try to chase US!). I just hope that we don’t get complacent, and continue to develop our farm system. After all, they’ve been our biggest producers (witness, Pedroia and Youk), and our “big ticket” free agents (Drew and Lugo) have been some of our greatest disappointments! GO SOX!

Ryan Howard is a wonderful player but strikes out more than anyone else in MLB!!!! He hold the record for strikeouts in a season 2007/199 2008/199)!@ In the past 3 season he has averaged 193 so’s. and he has only hit NL pitching.. I know he cranks the ball a ton but I’d be scared to have him.. but Ive been wrong before!!

Over a 16 season span ZAZU only averages 144 so’s per season.. thats a HUGE difference between him an

and Howard/…..

We’ll never sign Howard. So don’t waste time thinking about him.

Again, I think the team will be fine without any major additions. A few key role players tossed into the mix as they’ve had for the past few seasons (I really like Mark Kotsay and I miss Bobby Kielty — both ex-A’s) and the team is solid. Barring any major injuries and defensive breakdowns and this team can whup up on everyone. Hurry back Tek!

I’ve grown up a Sox fan in Texas. Odd, huh? No, I don’t like the Cowboys. Go Pats!

My wife, a Bostonian whom I met here in West Texas, has a neat connection to the Sox. Seems back when she was in college, her mom called her at Dartmouth and told her of an interesting meeting with a gentleman in Boston. “Some guy named Yaztremski had asked her out on a date in a grocery store.” She declined because of a little thing called “being married for 26 years”, but she got a kick out of the guy. Said he was polite and respectful. What I would have given to have been a fly on the wall in that market!

My connection to the Sox? I loved Jim Rice. Always will. Jim, I hope you make into the Hall!

Happy New Year all!

I feel that we will do just fine if we don sign anyone else too!

Good Story Jim!! I hope that you,your family and friends all had a great Christmas!!! and I wish y’all a Happy Healthy New Year!!!!! (that “y’all” comes from the Georgia side of my family,,, )

Wonder if Brad Penny will pass a physical? I have kind of mixed reaction on that one. If he could stay somewhat healthy he would be a bargain. If he could match AJ Burnett I would be downright ecstatic and I think he could. An interesting situation to say the least. Sox are taking their time shoring up the small leaks. No major leaks and that is good. I think they are solid as long as Mikey and JD can grind it out through a whole year. I can’t believe the Yankees would think about dealing Nady. He is a very good ballplayer. I considered him one of their strengths last season when they picked him up so I kind of hope they don’t keep him. Sometimes the Yankees don’t realize the value of a guy who does a great job day in/day out. They look for the flashy explosive guy and a lot of times you get a big game from those guys once in while…but not much in between explosions and although at the end of the year….it looks nice on paper…consistency beats that kind of performance every time. The Sox have a lot of consistent day in/day out grinder kind of guys…that’s what makes the Sox great. Go Sox!!!!!

Way to go Yaz!!!! My childhood hero hitting on middle-aged ladies in the grocery store!! There’s still hope in this world. Maybe one day, when I finally hang up my French knives and retire, I can prowl around grocery stores and try to hook up with widows. Now that’s living the good life!! Thanks for the inspiration, Jim!

Yaz striking out in the aisle’s at Supermarket’s. Gotta love it!

Good move getting Penny, no surprise there. John Henry is a fan of Penny from his Marlins days. High reward low risk! Like Colon, Wade Miller and when Duquette signed Brett Saberhagen back in the day. You can never have enough starting pitching. Theo learned that when he shipped away Bronson Arroyo for Willy Mo. Where is Willy Mo???? His name will never be forgotten, I wish I could forget. lol.

Bard is o.k. As long as he doesn’t catch Wakefield. What a disaster that was. Bard was so bad, Boston gave up a pretty good pitching prospect ( Meredith ) too bring back Mirabelli. Yikes….not one of Theo’s better trades! Theo admitted that after the season was over.

moanin all….bard a good back up and penny could be a good 10-14 game winner….bucholz might need another yr…i know i probably get yelled at for this but i still would like to see a young catcher from texas for bucholz…bowden has more upside and the kid masterson has already proven his worth in pen or long relief and spot starter….a young stud learnin from tek could really benefit us in the longterm….teagarden has all the tools…albeit raw….judge

Hey! BosoxBrian:

Hope the holidays have treated you well thus far. I must say that my Yankee-twisted son-in-law has been modest in his euphoria about the Yanks picking up Big Teix. I hope the Sox FO instinct is correct on this one, but I think this was the next great Zazu deal. The Sox made out well with that signing. He and I found a Northeast Ohio sports bar Sunday so he could root for his Giants and I could root for the Pats. Funny how the Pats won and missed the play-offs, and the Giants lost (again) but have the No. 1 seed in the NFC. The Pats finish one game behind the No. 1 seed in the NFC, but miss the play-offs altogether…now that’s a tough conference!!! Got to be impressed with the way they handled the season and all of those god-awful injuries. Oh well, they should get a decent draft pick…and then, when they franchise Matt Cassel and trade him to Detroit, or the Jets, or SF, or wherever, they should get another 1st round draft choice and be able to pick up a linebacker to replace Teddy B., a durable running back (I like Maroney, but he seems awfully injury-prone), an addition to the defensive backfield, and/or a breakaway return threat. Last year, my wife and I took the family down to a resort in Mobile Bay and he and I found a sports bar to watch the first Pats/Giants game. That was a lot of fun…particularly all of the back-and-forth.

Previously, you and I had talked with relishing anticipation about signing Brad Penney for some time, but I agree with you…I still hope that the Sox consider signing another pitching competitor for the 4th slot…and his name is D-Lowe. I recognize that it means a nasty combination of having to give up a first round draft choice for a 3-or-so-year pitcher, and having to deal with Scott Borass…but I really think he would be a great “tide over” to Clay Buchholz, Michael Bowden, Daniel Bard and the other minor leaguers Jeff keeps talking about…particularly when the Sox ultimately pull the trigger and trade a bona fide pitching prospect for a bona fide catching prospect (I’m now thinking that the Sox going after Eric Byrnes and Miguel Montero from the D-Backs is more likely than Salty…what are your thoughts?…and how much do you think the Sox would have to give up to get the 2 of them from the D-Backs?…Byrnes appears to be a “salary dump” by the D-Backs, meaning the Sox would really only have to pony up value for Montero…sounds like the Beckett deal all over again…I just really like the way Eric Byrnes gets his uniform dirty…I’ve always thought he would make a good member of the Sox, and I would prefer him to his former A’s teammate Mark Kotsay…)

I hope that Josh Bard has been studying up on the knuckleball…the last time around with him was comic. I really think his acquisition is intended as a wake-up call to Tek — Borass isn’t getting the job done, and soon you will be without the kind of position only we will give you. I can’t imagine the Mets giving him $10 Mil. — no matter what D-Lowe says about his catching ability, Brian Schneider would seem to be at least his equal, and Ramon Castro seems to be a decent back-up. Maybe a Mil/year, but certainly not 10! The Sox would probably sign him for a Mil to work with the PawSox and the up-and-coming fireballers!!!

Interesting that after all is said and done, Zazu probably won’t make a whole lot more than he would have had he played hard for the Sox and had them exercise their team option. I really think his agent Borass pimped him to get the Big Teix ink he got. The real question is will Zazu understand how he got handled! Or maybe the Yanks will sign him to be their, what, 12th outfielder/DH/1BMan. Where are they going to play all those people?!?!?!?!

Enjoy your New Year — looking forward to more conversations as we approach P & C’s…I’m not going to broach the subject of Bucks vs. Longhorns…maybe Beanie Wells comes out this year and becomes a Patriot…what do you think of that???

With that Georgia connection, you should have made that Texas trip with Epstein, Henry, and Lucchino! You could have had a positive impact on Georgia girl Mrs. Teixeira!!!

Hey, all. Like you, Judge, I’d be intrigued by a trade w/ the Rangers for a catcher to back up Tek. I wouldn’t mind Teagarden, but from seeing Salty play when he was w/ the Braves, I’d rather see him come here. I like Salty a lot. But why Buchholz? Granted, that would be plausible, and it would be better than trading Masterson (please don’t go there, Theo!), but I would rather find another chip to trade than Buchholz–I would like to see him reward the faith and effort the Red Sox have put into him! I like him better than DelCarmen, for example, or Lopez. But, you give something to get something (preferably not Bard, though; I’d rather have brought back Cash!)…
DBen, I also am intrigued by the way Zazu has been played by Bornass like a $2 fiddle😉. The fallout there might be some interesting theater, as would the juggling act the Yanks would need to do at 1B/LF/DH! I am not nearly as high on Byrnes as you are, though; I’d rather bring back Kotsay, Casey, or Bobby Kielty! Even more, though, I hope we can find an upgrade at SS to complement Lowrie, and hopefully get some additional power there. GO SOX!


The holiday season has been going quite well. Temps. here in Florida have been too my liking. 75 to 80 degrees and lots of sun. Golfing weather for folks like yourself.

Pats came up a little short. They lost the best player in the N.F.L. within minutes of their 1st game. A great coaching job by Bellichick in 2008. Perhaps his best coaching job, that speaks volumes right there! All N.E. had too do was show up on Defense at home against either the Dolphins or Jets. The Dolphins back in September revealed there “Wildcat” offense against the Pats and Ronnie Brown and company ran all over the Pats that day. Against the Jets, Favre thought he was 28 yrs. old again and threw all over the Pats secondary that night. Also in Indy they went up and down the field all night but settled for field goals. Gaffney also dropped an easy t.d. in that game! That all being said, the Pats were not gonna get past Tenn., Indy or the Steelers. Then there is the news with Brady’s knee. Who knows what is going on with Brady’s knee. Brady went too his own Dr. and that bit him right where it hurts! Obviously the Patriots wanted too use there Dr. I guess Brady made the wrong choice on that one. I think with Brady’s knee in question, Cassel is back with the Pats. Cassel showed alot, especially in that home game against the Jets. He lit up the Jets secondary!

I’m with you about the D’Backs and that trade going down. I think that is a strong possibillty. The D’Backs laid off some employees, they are finicially strapped. Would Byrnes accept a 4th outfielders role???? Byrnes is a all out hustler and would be a fan favorite in Boston! I commented on here about Theo and his dealings with N.L. teams. Alot of his trades seem too be with N.L. teams. Also his former asst. Josh Byrnes is the g.m. in Az. I’m guessing something happens with the D’Backs.

I would love too see D. Lowe in Boston but nothing more than a 3 yr. contract. Lowe was one player I wish Boston never got rid of. Arroyo is on that list as well. Among my favorites with the Red Sox over the years. Watching Bard attempt too catch Wakefield was certainly comical. Especially that game in Cleveland. I believe he was traded a few days later too S.D.

I thought some g.m./owner would be dumb enough too give Zazu a multi year deal. Mets??? Yankees??? Dodgers??? I thought the Dodgers did back in early Nov. Good riddance too Zazu. A great hitter but a malcontent!

I think Ohio State should be fine as long as they don’t have a big play early. lol. Ginn, Jr. with the big kickoff return against the Gators. Wells with a long t.d. run against L.S.U. Absolutely no pressure on Ohio State in this game and I think that will help them. Then again Colt McCoy is pretty darn good. Ohio State has great memories of the Phoenix area! Pitchers and catchers will be reporting very very soon!


One thing I am rooting for is a Manning vs Manning Super Bowl. I don’t know if that will happen but I think that would be just great! Imagine that, 2 brothers going head too head on the biggest stage of them all. If that does happen, who cares who wins. I would be pulling for a close Super Bowl. That keeps me tuned in…. not blowouts!

well the pats did what they could….im wonderin if the jets are gonna jump all over him as free agent….that would be my bet….or possibly chicago……personally if i was a dallas fan i would be prayin for a yank goin south lol….romo is pathetic…..anyone know what kinda compensation we get if he leaves via free agency?…..i wouldnt mind seein burny burn in boston either….hes a real spark plug….maybe he wear #30 so we get our own dirty 30…..bruins are rollin too…..a month till reportin for sox….gettin excited…..as for zazu…..hes gettin wot he deserves….im sure he will take a 1 yr deal somewhere and then try again next yr….judge

oh yeah…im a falcons fan for now with the pats out…..go matty….


Compensation for Cassel would depend on whether he is franchised..transition. Personally I think he’ll be back in N.E. because of the uncertainy of Tom Brady’s knee. I don’t know who Brady’s Dr. is but he is a hack!

Congrats on being the first person on Ian’s blog too mention the Boston Bruins. Last I heard Andy Moog was in net and Bob Joyce and Craig Janney were skating around! LOL!! Has anyone seen Harry Sinden around???? LOL!! I think I just saw Rick Linesman and Charlie Simmer! HA…HA…Oh by the way for mentioning the Boston Bruins on here, you get a free zamboni ride between periods! Where is Fred Cusick???? Derek Sanderson anyone!

i miss real hockey…its gettin a lil better tho….my favs were hodge,sanderson,stan jonathan,and ofcourse …scoooooooooore bobby orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr……lol….later linsman and the big o and my all time fav neely(my hockey hero)….i prefer old shcool hockey than the figure skaters with sticks but its gettin a lil better …….lol….ya think they will franchise cassel huh….thats almost 25 mill at qb then…alot of dough…defense is old…meed some help there…that mayo is gonna be a great plr tho….judge

25 mill a yr combined i mean


I don’t think Cassel will be franchised but I do believe he’ll be back in Foxboro/Foxborough. If Brady’s knee was o.k. and Brady had the green light for 2009, I would say Cassel will be elsewhere in 2009 and beyond. I was impressed with Mayo as well. Especially the game against the Jets in Foxboro. Mayo was all over the field. All the Patriots had to do was win one of those home games against the Fish or the Jets and N.E. would have a home playoff game against the Ravens this weekend.

Interesting to see that Josh Bard is back with the Red Sox. If I’m correct, he wasn’t a full time catcher for a good portion of his time in the majors and it seemed that he turned things around batting-wise in San Diego. Seeing as how the Padres are essentially in “fire sale” mode and didn’t sign Bard (esp. after an injury plagued season), this might be one heck of a steal for the Red Sox.

Also, seeing as how there’s really nothing going on in regards to ‘Tek and other teams, most of me expects him to be back; however, expect ‘Tek to catch Wake’s knuckleball (he did for a few seasons) and expect him to take more time off thanks to Bard being around.

I don’t think it’s issue on ‘Tek’s end besides wanted some sort of longevity in his deal. Boras is probably the one holding things up. We’ll see who yields first, but I’d be surprised if ‘Tek goes elsewhere.

Again, I’m sticking with my idea of a 2-year deal, especially now that Bard is back for a year. This gives the Red Sox time to get their catching prospects in order (Kottaras being the main one) and then may give ‘Tek the time he wants until say he retires. Plus, depending on Bard’s performance, we could end up signing him to a longer deal after this season.

I still say that Tek will sign for 2 years at about 8 mil per.

Hey! BosoxBrian:

A few years ago, I almost played in a golf tournament with Derek Sanderson. I was arranging to enter a 4-person team in a Cape Cod tournament with a former member of my high school golf team (in Mass.) and he was going to bring Sanderson, with whom he apparently worked. Ultimately, he/they couldn’t make it, and I substituted some other sticks.

If Feb 27th is the “drop dead” date for the Pats franchising Matt Cassel, I see no way they won’t do it — they are unlikely to have a definitive medical and football clearance on Tom Brady by that point. Moreover, if they later turn around and look to trade him, I don’t believe teams needing a QB will flinch — they would pay more to sign a 1st round draft choice than Cassel will cost, and have already seen amazing performance from a guy who stepped into an extremely difficult situation. Would you rather draft Sam Bradford (from Oklahoma — Heisman Trophy winner) for big $$$, or trade for Cassel who has already demonstrated he can do it in the NFL???

I read where the Pats will select in the draft basd on their record, not where they finished in the play-offs (in or out). If winning the division is the focal goal for the NFL, then there is no reason for the Chargers and the Cardinals to select in the draft based on their record. You can’t have it both ways. I recognize its only a few spots difference, but hey…either mean what you say or say what you mean. If winning your division is the absolute goal, then a team which does needs less help than a team that doesn’t. After all, next year, the Pats will again compete in the AFC East, they won’t trade division places with the inept Chargers or Cardinals. In any event, I am with those of you who continue to see brightness in the Pats future, even if they lose Scott Pioli and Josh McDaniel. It will be interesting to see if Belichick brings Romeo C back from his Cleveburg experience. I find the commentary about how many things are in place in Cleveburg interesting — it has to say something good about Romeo’s personnel selection. I wonder if Mike Shanahan gets the Browns opening…and why on earth is Cowher interested in the Jets? Do you think Belichick will bring Mangenius back?!?!?!? I think I have more chance coaching for the Pats next year? I also wonder if other teams will go “hands off” on him because of his tattle-tailing?

Arnie: if Tek signs for 2 years @ $8 Mil. per (after having been offered more money [at least for one year] via arbitration), it will be another instance of Borass having pimped another client in order to get the front page ink on the Big Teix deal. Between what he will have done to Tek and Zazu, perhaps members of Borass’ clientele will begin to realize that Borass has less concern over them if they are not “blockbuster” free agents. Actually, if you add in D-Lowe to the mix that’s 3 (had the Sox signed Big Teix, then turning around and acquiring D-Lowe would have cost them less in draft choices — now the Sox have to contemplate losing a first round draft choice for perhaps 3 years of D-Lowe’s pitching).

With the loss of two of my very closest lifelong friends during 2008, I can’t wait to turn the calendar tonight. My Best Wishes to all of those who participate in this blog for a healthy, happy and productive New Year, and. to quote several of my blog-mates — GO SOX!!!!!!


What a life Derek Sanderson has had. He has been at the top and at the bottom. He played for the Bruins a little before my time. Way too much hockey talk on here. I am getting sick. LOL!! A great sport too watch in person is hockey but very boring too watch on t.v. Has anyone seen Reggie Lemelin around? Glenn Wesley??

If Pioli does take the Cleveland job. I’m guessing McDaniel ( Ohio native ) gets the Browns job. I believe Pioli will take the Browns job. He has turned down other teams in the past, Seattle and N.Y. Giants. Losing Pioli would hurt the Pats for sure but they have a solid foundation with Kraft at the top. I would like too see Romeo Crennell back with the Pats. Goes too show you how good Bellichick is as a head coach. His assts. go elsewhere and they get canned. Weiss would have gotten fired at N.D. but way too much $$$$ on the table. You mention Shannahan, I believe he wore too many hats in Denver. If Shannahan sticks too coaching, he’ll do just fine and whoever gets him will get a solid coach. Shannahan has been in Denver for a long time and I think it was for time for him to go elsewhere. I think Mangini will end up as someone’s Defensive coor. but I would be very surprised too see Mangini get a head coaching offer.
It sounds like Lowe has an offer from the Mets. I’m guessing he ends up in N.Y. I’m glad Lowe didn’t go to the Yankees. Lowe or Burnett??? One guy gets hurt and the other guy doesn’t. I’m glad the Yankees signed the guy that gets hurt too a long term deal.

Then there are the rumors that the Sox contacted the Marlins about Hanley Ramirez. Ramirez is one of the best players in the game. Boston would have too knock the Sox off of the Marlins too get him. I don’t think that will happen. Zero chance but I would love it!

Happy New Year too everyone on here. Stay safe! I will tip some grey goose for everyone on here. LOL!!

h ramirez….lawdy…give em lowrie (who i love) ,bucholz and bowden lol…ok yell at me if ya want but that would be worth it for both teams…hey all…check out streak for cash on espn…its a daily progressive sports pick fantasy game…covers all sports and u can win alot of dough…its free and fun to watch each day till ST starts lol….judge

Hey, all. Ironic, isn’t it, that we’re talking about Hanley Ramirez again. After all, he’s who we traded to the Marlins for Lowell and Beckett!! How’d that be for “what goes around comes around??😉

It sure would be ironic if H. Ramirez was dealt back to the Red Sox. Didn’t Allanis Morrisette have a song like that??? Then again mentioning her name on here might get me banned! HA…HA….lol.

Happy New Year!!

Dbenjamin, it seems like Boras is out of sync with what is going on in baseball and the rest of the world lately. Those techniques of his that worked in the past now look stale. He seems to be putting the players and the owners off with his outrageous demands up front. The owners aren’t being sucked into bidding wars as easily , and the only team bidding(almost against itself) is NYY. Tek will be a Sox and not for 3,4 years or at a Posada pay rate. I think if Boras wants to be the “super agent” in years to come he will have to learn to adjust with the times.

Happy New Year to all.


happy new yr all…………….lil note here…..isringhausen is out there as free agent….hes a good pitchin coach away from being a great 7th inning or 8th security blanket…..hmmmmm

i have a strange feeling the sox are gonna make a trade or signing soon…sometthin of a surprise ……judge

There is a GOD!!!! MLB Network starts tonight. Have been watching the preview for about an hour now and it looks as if it will be VERY GOOD. Only 1 drawback…. JOE MIGRANE is an on air “personality”… Wait a minute.. Migrane/personality
redundancy??….. oxymoron??? Or Just Moron????
For you guys, 2 very attractive female on air reporters.. One of them is Hazel Mae formerly of NESN.
I can feel my withdrawl symptoms subsiding already!!!!!
Oh and tomorrow night theyve got 2 RedSox themed shows on…………. AHHHHHH!!!! I feel better already!

Oh I almost forgot….
Love, Trixie.

Happy New Year to all– Except our friends in pinstripes. May they be healthy but not Happy.

I don’t know in the Varitek issue has been exhausted, or if its just stagnant; either way its the Red Sox primary concern. Tek has been the catalyst of the team over the last several seasons, and the Sox are not short on money. Whatever compensation Boras wants, reasonable however (2yrs. 14 maximum), Varitek should receive.

Wake has been the focus, and its true that his hot streaks correspond to the Sox own winning, but, the guidance Tek provided to Dice-K, and Beckett’s reformation was indispensable. (not to mention they are still quite needy). Wake is not the only pitcher on the staff.
Bard was once coveted by the Red Sox (he was signed once), and who says he can’t achieve his potential. He came to bear the scrutiny of the Padres underachieving pitching last season, a fault by management not the player.

The rotation is solid, with Varitek. and without hims it could slid into obscurity. The names are there, and talent is without a doubt (Beckett, Dice-K, Lester, Wake, Penny, Bucholz, Bowden etc.) but all have proven to need reassurance, and Variteks southern charm and hospitality are undeniable.

He has been ignored, reprimanded by the public for a lack of offense, and the only vindication comes from his game-calling. This all may be a byproduct of the organization “behind the scenes” approach, but the fans play a role.

I’m not trying to seem overly critical or discerning, but its a New Year and it times to shift attention to the problems at hand.

Heads up Sox fans!!!! Tonight on the MLB Network they asre showing the highlights from the 2004 WS vs The Cardinals, and then there is a RedSox Memories show following…..
I see popcorn Pizza and beer in my Friday night future!!!!
OOOOOOH BABY>>> REDSOX on the tube!!!!!!!!


When you are a athlete, you must accept the good with the bad. What I have seen on this blog is frank discussion of the positives and negatives of all players, including Tek. Without doubt, Tek’s plate production has been diminishing over the past several years. I don’t think recognizing that is unfair or inappropriate.

I also suspect that its not only “us bloggers” who are recognizing that, but Theo and the front office as well. I suspect that Tek would snap up 2 years and $14 Mil. in a heartbeat. He should have snapped up the offer of arbitration, but made a serious mistake (I believe relying on the bad advice of his agent, Scott Borass), not doing so, and misinterpreting his bargaining position with Theo. Theo’s precision with the way he assesses value is almost unnerving, and as he has demonstrated, he is willing to allow popular players to go elsewhere when they demand compensation which does not match his sense of value: Pedro, Johnny D, D-Lowe, to name a few.

Now, the Sox find themselves in a position with an aging player who possesses diminishing skills who is seeking a contract which does not match the FO’s computation of value. To complicate things further, while it has not appeared that there is much interest by other teams in Tek generally, for another team to sign Tek would mean their surrendering top draft pick(s) to the Sox for what would amount to 2 – 3 years of marginal service by Tek.

The Sox know this, and while they might well be happy to have Tek back, I think they will only do so at their price, and it ain’t $14 Mil. I do think their run-in with Borass over Big Teix complicates things. For one, I suspect they blow off any suggestion by Borass that Tek has other offers that he is mulling over, unless its the sort of offer the Sox gave Bartolo Colon at the start of last season, a minor league contract with the compensation escalating if he winds up on the major league roster.

I’ve said this before, to grab the headlines and get Big Teix a few more dollars, Borass pimped almost the entire remainder of his client stable. By not closing the deal with the Sox, and instead, closing it with the Yanks, he gave the Yanks the bat they wanted, taking them out of the Zazu sweepstakes. Since the Sox are never going back there, Zazu now appears to be left with begging the Dodgers to get their 2-year, $45 Mil. offer back on the table. It wouldn’t surprise me, despite how he produced for th Dodgers during the last several months of the season after being traded by the Sox, that Zazu plays for less than the $20 Mil. club option the Sox maintained which Zazu “tantrumed out of.”

Since the Sox didn’t land Big Teix, and the Yanks did, it appears, from what I read, that the Sox are unmoved to pursue D-Lowe because his signing will mean losing prime draft pick(s), whereas if they had signed Big Teix, and lost the draft pick(s) in that transaction, they would give up little to get D-Lowe. I don’t think the Yanks will go after him, because even they have spending limits, which means D-Lowe is now down to a precious few offers he finds unappetizing, having turned his nose up to the Mets 3 year — $36 Mil. offer. Borass can wave his hands and talk about all of the offers that are magically appearing for his players, but more and more it looks like the “wolf cry.”

So Tek is stuck in an uncomfortable place with the Sox. It’s undoubtedly who he wants to play for, and if he’d had any sense, he would have asked for the sort of deal that Wake his, a reduced amount ($4 Mil. per is not chicken feed, at least not for most of us), on a perennially renewable option. His connection with Scott Borass is hurting him — if I were advising him, I would suggest the A-Rod approach from last off-season — distance yourself from Borass publicly, and offer to negotiate your own deal with the team. Schill did it that way last Winter and got $8 Mil. to throw nary a pitch.

While I do believe the Sox have interest in bringing Tek back, I don’t think his return is a foregone conclusion. I think the Sox are talking to both the D-Backs and the Rangers. The D-Backs about picking up Miguel Montero, a fairly promising younger catcher, and Eric Byrnes on a substantial salary dump by the D-Backs (I want to say Byrnes is scheduled to make $10 Mil. per for the next 2 years –the last time the Sox did this, it didn’t work out too badly, can anyone say Mikey Lowell???) I recognize that $10 Mil. is a bit pricey for a back-up outfielder, but the Sox paid $5 Mil. a couple of years ago for a back-up infielder (Eric Hinske) and as you say, they have the money. If that doesn’t work, I dont think the Ranger talks are dead..just on the back burner to see which GM squints into the light first. The Sox have a lot of pitching, and the Rangers need a lot of pitching…the question is, can they agree on what the Sox will have to give up to get Salty.

If the Sox pick up one of those catchers, then I think Tek will be in real trouble finding a place to play for the 2009 season. If they have one of those young catchers along with Josh Bard, and they have both George Kottaras and Dusty Brown down the road in Pawtucket waiting for an emergency “show-up” call, they may find Tek’s pitcher handling a luxury they can afford to pass on.

The Sox will be competitive this season with the team they now have — and will continue to fill Fenway Park game after game. The lower total payroll, now that Zazu, Schill, CoCo’s and Timlin’s salaries are gone, will allow the FO to realize more profit. Whether they can win it all this year, will be determined by a number of things: which Mikey and Papi will show up this year, the injury plagued ones of 2008, or the productive ones of 2007? Which Ellsbury will appear, the one who was called up in 2007, or the one who performed in 2008? Will Beckett’s year be more like 2007, or more like 2008? Will Jon L. continue to improve into one of the very best southpaws in the majors? Will Dice-K continue to improve, or will his penchant to always throw the perfect pitch catch up with him. Can DP and Youk each have another career year? How many games will JD play this year? Will the 2007 Oki Doki reappear for the entire 2009, which Manny D will pitch out of the bullpen, and how much bullpen improvement will be represented by the off-season acquisitions the Sox have made?

The Sox don’t have to have all of these things break right for them to get back to the WS, but they have to have a substantial number do so. If they are again plagued with injuries as they were in 2007, I think they will be lucky to win 90 games this year, which won’t get them into the play-offs from the AL East. I guessed at the beginning of last season that they would have to win 96 games to get in; they won 95 and got in.

Sorry for the lecture. I am as fond of Tek as most members of RSN. However, he surprises me with his bonehead moves after a real down year. It is encouraging to see that the photos of him on the Sox website have not been removed. Begin to worry should they disappear.

Happy New Year, all!
DBen, I couldn’t agree with you more that BoredAss has overplayed his clients’ hands, including Tek, and that will hurt him (Tek) this year, and BoredAss down the line, even when the economy happens to turn around (2010? 2016?). When that happens, it will be the best thing for MLB!
I am more optimistic on the Red Sox this year, if the health concerns turn around (I think you meant 2008, not 2007 referring to injury problems?), and I belive they will, if the reports we’ve gotten are even close to accurate. I also hope they renew Tek, and I would love to see him renewed on the basis Wake has, as you suggested. I think your prediction would be accurate if Tek is not signed, because we’re not likely to get a catcher, let alone a Captain, as good as Tek. (While it is clear that his offense has declined, and is not likely to recover, I think you downplay his mgmt of the pitching staff–that may not have been the intent in your comments, but that was the way they sounded–and if we don’t have a catcher of his defensive caliber, your prediction will be accurate.) That said, I believe you are absolutely right, Tek needs to distance himself PUBLICLY from BoredAss, and negotiate a deal himself, or with an new agent. BoredAss needs to get a grip (yeah, right, as if) and reassess Tek’s value to the Red Sox, because $14 mil won’t cut it! Theo knows this, even if BoredAss does not!

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