Stockpiling arms

Another day, another Red Sox signing. Since Christmas, Theo Epstein has added Josh Bard, Brad Penny, Rocco Baldelli, John Smoltz, Mark Kotsay and Takashi Saito.

Saito is an interesting one, considering the dominant numbers he has put up during his three years in the Majors. Obviously health was a concern in 2008, which is why the Dodgers non-tendered him.

But the Red Sox now have a ton of options in the bullpen. Jonathan Papelbon, Saito, Okajima, Masterson, Manny Delcarmen, Ramon Ramirez, Javier Lopez. All of those arms are of the quality variety.

This begs the question:  Will there be a trade in the works in which Theo can move one of these relievers to help fill another need on the club? It certainly appears that way. Don’t be surprised if one of these setup men is part of a package in a trade for a catcher. The Red Sox certainly have depth, that has become abundantly clear.

Saito will be 39 in February, which of course raises questions about his future durability. But in the context of this year, if he can stay healthy, it gives the Sox great insurance should Jonathan Papelbon need some rest during the season.

By the end of the ALCS, Papelbon admitted that he was just about spent. With the addition of Saito, and the continued emergence of Masterson, perhaps they can be even more conservative with him then they’ve been since the arm scare of 2006.


why didnt the red sox go for that japanese ace? he could have been either a good arm for us or geat trade material…

Ian, you read my mind! I read that bulletin on Saito and immediately thought “TRADE COMING!”
On that note, torthox, if we had signed another Japanese “ace” (which wouldn’t have been out of the realm of possibility!), we simply would have been adding to the trading chips we already appear to be stockpiling, whether it be that Japanese pitcher, or Saito, or anyone else. You’re absolutely right. But I don’t know that we would have kept that player if we’d signed him, so I think Theo’s simply staying on this side of the Pond.

Well they already signed one pitcher from overseas, torthox. But I like all these low risk one year deals the Red Sox are making.

well, yeah, i was just thinking if theo and them didnt want to keep him, he could be an attractive piece for maybe a catcher from texas without losing clay or masterson, or something like that.

Ian, how was the dinner the other night?? I undersand Baldelli got the Tony Conigliaro Award. Must have been a star studded evening.

One thing that would be nice this year vs. 08: I’d like to see the starters go deeper into the game (all of them, with the exception, pretty much, of Lester, who did quite well). From April onward, we did not go past 5-6 innings with the starters, and the bullpen got overworked as a result. I don’t pin that problem on Tito, as he could have left the starters in too long to “save the bullpen”. But he did not have that luxury for much of the year. Perhaps because of the Japan trip, perhaps because not everyone was healthy (witness, Beckett, no Schill), the bullpen got stretched from the start when the starters didn’t go deep into the games. I noticed that early on, and figured it would come back and bite us. No excuses there, just observation, but I suspected that would impact our chances of repeating–and yet we almost made it out of the ALCS! So if the starters can go further into games this year, and the bullpen is fresher, that will, I think, make a difference for our postseason chances. GO SOX!!

Luckily this season, Greg, the Sox now have Pap, Ramirez, Okajima, Delcarmen, Saito, and Masterson which if healthy is five quality arms to pick up some of Dice-K’s slack.

You’re right, JoeNH, but it wasn’t only Dice-K. Wake, Beckett, etc., (and now Penny, etc.), need to go back to 07 form and pitch into the 7+ inning range on a more regular basis. If Josh returns to 07 form, look out! GO SOX!

Greg, I tried to keep my expectations realistic. So I low balled Lowrie. I don’t know what to expect from him. But one thing I liked last year is that he came up clutch. So if he only bats .250 it will be a productive .250. That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.

I agree with you on the starters. They needed to go deeper in to games last year but couldn’t do it. That hurt.

I hope you’re right about a “productive .250”! I would be pleased if Lowrie were to hit .270-ish.
I read on and earlier post, Arnie, that you’re a chef/cook? is that correct? If so, of what–what’s your “specialty”? (I’m doing a duck tonight–unused from the holidays! GO SOX!

Arnie, I got my tickets today.. Saturday March 14… My seats are next to the batting practice/bull pen area.. Do you have any messages that you want relayed??? I’ve got a few I think I can get away with!!! lol

It’s great that the Red Sox have added pitching, good ones I may add, who all seem hungry to win. Baldelli and the re-signing of Kotsay will help platooning as well. I love Mike Lowell but am not 100% convinced he may be back quite yet. I think the Sox need another big bat and Adam Dunn is available and would be perfect in that spot. The question everyone will ask will be: he’s an outfielder, where do you put him? Answer: He has first base experience, make him your 1B and move Youk to 3rd. Just a thought.

I like most of the players that the Red Sox have picked up. Saito does bother me some with his age. I have to disagree with kman – Youk, in my opinion is a much better first baseman then a 3rd baseman so I think it is better for us to keep him at 1st.


Kman, I personally would have loved a big bat- I was one of the people who was excited to wear a Teixera jersey lol, but if the Red Sox wouldn’t move Youk to third for Tex, they certainly won’t for Dunn, despite the dramatic difference in cost. I have to agree with Julia as well, Youk has done better at first than at third, but I think thats just a coincidence that he has matured as a player recently. I do think he could be a Gold Glover at third as well.

Kman1020, I wager that your 1st baseman, as I saw a simila question during the Tex sweepstakes, is Paul Konerko, and I have the same reaction then that I did to your posting then (even though, it appears, I have not convinced you)–NO THANKS! I like Konerko OK, the same way I liked (and still like) Tex OK. But to quote my citation then “We don’t need to replace one ‘aging’ infielder [aka, Lowell] with another aging infielder [aka,Konerko]. LET LOWELL REHAB!” I stand by that statement today, even if you don’t buy it–NOT MY PROBLEM! Lowell has 2 WS rings and an MVP! We do ourselves no favors if we make that move. Besides, Konerko has had injury issues of his own. Enough said–again!

P. S., Kman, I like the idea of Dunn in the lineup even less than I do Konerko.

All bringing Konerko to replace Mikey would do would be to lose a ton of HEART in the RedSox order.. and bring in a giy who used to be great…..

Ellen, tell our Sox “Hi from Colorado. I’ll be rooting for you along with a bunch of other Coloradans. Win it ALL!!!!” Thanks for relaying that message.

Greg, right now I’m in the Mexican Restaurant biz. It’s fun. A whole lot different, in many ways, than the fine-dining gig. Our customers are generally more down to earth types. And there’s a lot more wiggle room in the presentation of the dishes. But sometimes I miss the fancy food. Anyway, I say “No!!” to Dunn and Konerko. Dunn strikes out WAY too much and Konerko would be a down-grade in my opinion. Just my opinion though.

Hey, Arnie, are you surrounded by Rockies fans out there (where in Colo.)? Here, we host a Rockies A-level team, the Asheville Tourists. It was certainly odd (but kind of cool) during the 07 WS, as a Sox fan while the talk was about the Rockies! We otherwise are in Braves country here. BOY are they up in arms about Smoltz!

Well, in ’07 everyone here was all agog over the Rockies. But Colorado is Broncos country and all the other teams get the leftovers as far as fans. But, yea, it was pretty exciting! I tried to get tickets to the WS out here but they got to be upward of 2 grand and I just couldn’t justify that.I live about 35 minutes from Denver. Pretty nice here. Anyway, when the Sox played at Coors field in ’04 I went to one of the games. Little did I know I was seeing the World Champion team in action!!!! It was great to sit with a bunch of Sox fans in Denver. Sadly, the Sox played so poorly that night it was almost embarrassing. One image that sticks in my mind was a kid(maybe 25, that gives you a clue to my age LOL), anyway this kid had a T-shirt with a huge picture of a screw on it and underneath it said “Screw the Curse”. I liked that.
I can understand the Braves fans being angry. But that’s the way baseball is these days.

Hi, Ian and every Sox fans here. Wish you a Happy New Year to you all and the Sox, all the way from Japan. Is Boston white all over with snow? Here in my place near Tokyo, we haven’t had any snow yet.
I?m a Japanese aged 69, but I?m just as much excited as Takashi Saito himself that Epstein has added him to the bullpen. I can’t help but admiring the general manager’s strategy. Now, NHK, Japanese national TV, will have to offer more of Sox games than Yankees (Matsui), and Seattle Marines(Ichiro). Four (if Tazawa proves his quality) good Japanese pitchers in a mlb team. How fantastic!

In a perfect world, all the pitchers Theo signed will become healthy and prosper in 2009. In a perfect world, that is. Happy New Year to all and it’s not that long before pitchers and catchers will be reporting. I hope that Tek signs with Boston. I think he had health issues with energy last season. He looked like he was swinging a telelphone pole at times. He was sick twice and then went to the All-Star game ( a gift ) when he probably would have been better off taking the time off to rest up and re-energize. Time will tell, but he’s been a vital part of Boston’s success in this century. Sock ‘Em Sox! The Yankees are getting a bit long in the tooth and who’s going to play center field for them, or catcher for that matter? Tampa should be there in September as well. Could be a very interesting season. I can’t wait for it to start.

Since all 3 arms just aquired are question marks as the season starts, Penny and Smoltz, expected by June 1st, Saito, was dominante but elbow problems make him a question mark. I dont see the Sox getting rid of the insurance they have in the minor leagues. Remember at the moment they are one year signings. What happens next year if you trade your young arms. My guess is this will help season Bucholz, Bowden, and Bard. Spot emergency starts, injuries, remember end of last year Beckett wasn’t 100%. Hoping Daniel Bard makes the progress like last year, could be a valuable part in the bullpen too. Either Varitek is signed to team friendly contract, or they may move on another Free Agent catcher, maybe trade with the Mets, for Schneider. I am glad Theo is a patient GM. Really thinks things out before trade. Remember Larry Anderson for Jeff Bagwell.

Who is the 5th starter for the Sox right now? Not Penny, not Smoltz. Masterson? Bucholz? Bowden? That is why I cannot see trade.

Saito because of age opted out of Tommy John surgery, ligament damage on the elbow is serious stuff. He wants to pitch for Japan in the WBC, I am sure Theo talked him out of it. This signing is definetly a wait and see. The Red Sox trainers are going to earn their money this season.

I’m a little concerned and confused. As I look at the “Depth Chart” on the Sox website, it reflects 32 names of individual players. Recognizing that the Sox will have to get this down to 25, and allowing for the fact that there is now a lot of speculation that a trade may take a couple of these names off for one player in return (a la Salty or Miguel Montero), still:

1. while George Kottaras is one of the names, he is one of only two catchers. With the number reflected, it would seem that the Sox will only add one more catcher, be it Tek or a “young addition” not both (unless, I guess, they signed Josh Bard to trade him?);

2. While the No. 32 includes Bailey, Carter, Van Every, Tazawa, Buchholz and Bowden, who will likely start in the minors, eliminating those names only gets you to 26, which means the Sox are one over the limit. Beyond that, the No. 32 does not include either Smoltzie or Mark Kotsay;

3. Assuming no trades that reduce the number of names (that is, any trade would be a “one for one”) are AArdsma, Saito and Littleton competing for 1 spot in the bullpen?

4. Assuming that is relatively close, can any of the names on the depth chart (meaning AArdsma, Littleton, Saito, Lopez, Baldelli, Kotsay or DelCarmen) be sent down at any point, without exposing them to being plucked away by another team. After all, if other teams are going to jump at Dewon Day and Virgil Vasquez, they certainly are going to jump at these names!

5. Alternatively, given the Sox recent traipses through the hospital ward to land players, how flexible is the 15 DL? I know Smoltz will begin the year there (although I thought the Sox expected Penny to be ready on Opening Day) but can they start Lugo on the DL, let Lowrie play for awhile, then put Aardsma on the DL, bring Lugo off, then put Saito on the DL for a while, etc. Does anyone know how limited the Sox are with either assigning any of the non-minor leaguers to the minors (not including those like Bailey, Carter and Van Every), or with using the 15 DL almost like a taxi squad?

6. I want to be enthusiastic about the Saito acquisition, but I keep thinking: the Indians have been defining the concept of going on “the cheap.” If they really thought that Saito was a legitimate reliever option, I wonder if they would have spent all of the money they did on Kerry Wood? Is Theo that good?!?!?!?!?!?

Can anyone out there help on any of these questions?

One more thought — I believe the “Japanese pitcher” that is being referred to is Kenshin Kawakami, who reports say is about to sign/has signed with the Braves. There were reports that suggested the Sox offered him a 3-year, $21 Mil. contract. I would think Kawakami, who will turn 34 during the 2009 season, has to be major-league ready to help a team like the Sox. Does the name “Kei Igawa” strike any memories for anyone?

Had the Sox signed him, I suspect they would have sent him down (as they will with Tazawa) to have him/them develop and wait until there is a big league need.

The way things are going, the Sox are going to have darn near a big league team waiting either in the minors or on the DL. Talk about stockpiling!?!?!?!?! Theo must have achieved his Eagle Scout award as a boy Scout, ‘cuz he certainly does live by the motto “Be Prepared!” (lol)

Having taken that playfull poke at Theo, I am one of those who advocated that the Sox go into Spring Training with 8-10 starting pitchers. With Beckett, Jon L, Dice-K, Wake, Penny, Smoltzie, Buchholz, Bowden and Masterson, they are about there. Let’s see if they give one of those names up in favor of a young catcher.

DBen, your list of questions points to exactly why I believe Theo is preparing a trade, even if he is, in fact, stockpiling arms (and I don’t think that has changed, either). I suspect that a trade is coming to replace Tek. If not, Theo may be calling “Beam Me Up Scotty” Boras’ bluff. I still think that Wake or Masterson will be a bullpen/”spot start” pitcher (and Smoltz can fill either role very admirably, also–my guess is that he’ll start, which would put Wake in the bullpen once Smoltz comes up in June, as reportedly projected). There is too little space on the 40-man roster, let alone the 25-man, to think we’re keeping all those pitchers, position players, and bench/role players. So I think a pkg. is being put together to get a catcher (and an upgrade fro Lugo at SS, Theo? Please??). We’ll see. GO SOX!

With the depth of the pitching staff it seems that the Sox realize that, with a few exceptions, most starting pitchers are not expected to go more than six or seven innings- on their good days. Tito tries to keep the starting pitchers in their long enough to get credit for a win (assuming the Sox are ahead), even though they may be getting shelled or can’t get the ball over the plate. This has happened many times last year ( and aggravates Sox fans). The concept would be to let the starting pitcher go five, then throw in another pitcher or two, or three, to get to the closer. The staff he has built up seems to be toward that end and is perhaps a good strategy. Good pitching staff depth also compensates for any injuries.

Good analogy Phil!!!

I am all for pitching depth, Pangelotti. Beckett is one of those pitchers who has had a history of going 6+ innings (as he did in 2007), and I would hope he’d return to that form. I would expect that as Lester matures, he’ll do likewise. The days of the Complete Game are, by and large, history, so a stocked bullpen is a must, but it would help the bullpen if the starters were (effectively!) going deeper into games (as in 07). My only sense, here, is that we have TOO MANY pitchers (between SP and RP), and we have a need at catcher. If Tek re-signs, great. But it seems that Tek might be on the way out, and these might be moves to get a catcher in a trade. (I think Ian senses this also, for this is more pitchers than even Theo needs). And right now, we’d have to send someone(s) to the Minors to make room for our position players, let alone a bench! But I don’t blame him for stockpiling pitchers–ones that don’t fit in, in the rotation or in the ‘pen, can develop and mature in the minors until their options run out, and Thoe might use one or more of those in a trade. (I personally would love to see Lopez–preferred–or DelCarmen in a trade deal).

I think the GM’s name is Theo, not Thoe:/. Nice one.

Word from Arlington is Michael Young (one of my favs) is pining for a trade now that the Rangers want him to move to 3B. I would love to see him playing in Boston. 5 time gold glove winner and a model citizen. My son got his autograph when the Sox played in Arlington last year and he was very generous with his time. I like his attitude and his stats are impressive. He’d be a tremendous asset to the clubhouse. An interesting article from Jim Reeves can be found at :

I think Theo ought to take a good look at filling the SS hole with Young, NOW, while the gettin’s good.

Also, check out Gil Lebreton’s sports predictions for the year, including Salty’s trade to Boston.

I’d LOVE that idea, Jimm3! Let’s see if Theo does it! GO SOX!

Correction: Young is a 5 time All-Star — just won his first gold glove this past season, from what I recall. And this comes AFTER changing infield positions! Being that we live down yonder in Texas, we saw more Rangers games live than we saw at Fenway (19 to 10) but they included the Sox series at Arlington. Anyhow, Young is top shelf and if Theo can pull something off where he can land BOTH Young and Salty, holy cow! And since we are halfway between Phoenix and Arlington, we were able to catch about 10 D-backs games this past year. Montero is solid, but I just don’t see him, or Byrnes ending up in Boston.

Arnie, we have attended Rockies spring games in Tucson wearing Sox gear so don’t feel as though you’re the only one wearing red in a sea of purple. The Cactus League is fun in the spring, but I’d prefer to be in closer proximity to Ft. Myers.

Yankees fans down here are already commenting on how well the Sox have done even though they haven’t broken the bank. One of my best buds who lives in pinstripes told me that he sees a Sox/Rays/Yanks (in that order) finish this year, even with the Bankees going for broke. He’s holding out hope that they somehow land Zazu, poor fella. I told him he ought to start drinking heavily in hopes that he can handle BOTH his beloved Yanks and Giants failures!

Is Takashi Saito Japanese for Mike Timlin? LOL!!

Young won his first gold glove at short this year. Did he win others at 2nd. base? Sox would never take on that contract, unless Texas took Lugo too. Texas is not that dumb. If trade was made for him his contract is so high, he would be highest paid Red Sox player, Texas would not get anything but mid-level prospect. Isn’t he suppose to earn 16 million this year?

Sorry jimmymaynard3,
Just read your correction. I still see this trade never happening. I think Sox will offer Sean Casey minor league contract. Cora i see not coming back though, Lugo is reason. Lowrie will be used as swing man. Lowrie starting short on opening day, and when staters need rest, Lugo comes in at short, and Lowrie moves around. No one seems to want him and that contract. Kotasy signing adds a lot of flexibilty for Sox, very good signing.

After reading this guys predictions this trade will never happen, he is off all over. Josh McDaniels offensive co-ordinater for Dallas, BCS, Pro football play-offs.

i cant remember who 1st suggested a big trade was on horizon but im getting more comvinced theo is ready for a block buster… all has to point to texas and the young situation…..can u imagine this infield if young is added….good lord almighty…has there ever been a total infield full of gold gloves?…..heres a scenario if that happens..moving papi to cleanup with drew or bay hittin 3rd …prob bay for the lefty righty thing…..with young battin second after dusty leadin off….yuke 5th with drew 6th and mikey 7th….lawdy … a fan of a leadoff hitter with high on base percentage and not necessarily a base stealer…your leadoff hitter should have the highest obp because ofcourse he gets the most at bats…saying that ,dusty has decent sneaky speed and is an excellent base runner…effectively having ells a leadoff hitter later in the game leading into that gauntlet of hitters after the 1st inning….make it so theo make it so…..judge

“Young, who holds a full no-trade clause, is owed approximately $60 million over the next five seasons, some of it deferred. His contract is for $80 million over five years, but after agreeing to the extension in March 2007, he received some of the money the past two seasons as a bonus.”- Ken Rosenthal

The Montero talk is interesting, sure, but the idea of a Bard/Montero tandem doing all our catching…. I’ll just say I don’t care for it. /Two/ catchers with weak defense, and both with offense mediocre at best?

Montero, like Salty and Teagarden, may have plenty of potential. But so far what he’s also got is a CS% lower than ‘Tek’s, more than twice the errors per game caught, and a career average of .239. Assuming Montero has another “really good year” (by his own standards), and even assuming Varitek wouldn’t improve at all (an unlikely scenario), Montero would get you, what, an extra dozen hits over the season? For that barely noticeable extra offense, you’re swapping the team captain and one of the best defensive catchers out there for a kid who hasn’t quite learned how to catch (and paired with one of the weakest arms around, who just came off a .200 year).

If they do bring in a young ‘catcher of the future,’ I just hope that’s not /all/ they do. We need our captain back.

Jim Rice, Hall of Famer! FINALLY, YESSSSS! WAY TO GO, JIM!

I with you Greg. It’s about time. Congratulations to Jim Rice, a deserving selection who is a credit to Major League Baseball and the Boston Red Sox.

Rice=HOF. Great news, very deserving!!!


I heard the news I almost cried…OK I did a little. Of all the players who suffered a lot of heartbreak, it was Jim Rice. Man oh man. Can’t play in 1975’s World Series because of a broken wrist. Can’t get MVP or Rookie Of the Year because of Fred Lynn’s almost superhuman performance. Can’t win the 1986 World Series of the 1978 fiasco. Can’t get fan ovation when you retire. You’re just released. Then you get ignored for 15 years as an MVP. I think Rice is correct though — move on and enjoy the taste of the dish.


Congratulations Jim Rice. A great Red Sox and a great person. Good for you, Jim.

Jimmaynard, are you anywhere near Odessa Texas? I have a friend who lives there. I’ve never been to Texas myself, but I hear there are some great sights to see.

I say congrats too Jim Rice for making the H.O.F. I’m not sure if he deserves too be in Cooperstown. I know I’ll get killed on here but it is my opinion and you can’t take that away, can you? LOL!!


You wrote Rice a great person. I am not too sure about that one. Rice’s glares and stares in the corner of the clubhouse are legendary. Many Boston scribes have talked about that. Also Rice and his famous comment, I only have associates not team-mates.

With the recent news of Micheal Young wanting a trade do you think the redsox and rangers could put together a trade to bring Young and a catcher of the two Teagarden or Jarrod for possibly a reliever and mike lowell. The Rangers are looking for a third basemen. You could even through lugo out there. Young would be an incredible pick up at short.

Thanks for bursting my little bubble of joy over Rice’s enshrinement, Brian LOL. Next you’ll be telling me there’s no Santa Claus!?!?

I would love too see Salty with the Red Sox but Daniels and the Rangers are probably leary in dealing with the Red Sox. I have no idea how a guy/kid like Daniels is a g.m. in baseball. He seems like he has made one mistake after another. Any g.m. that would sign Kevin Millwood too a long term deal is almost at inept level in my book. I would love too see a deal with the Rangers, Theo would take his lunch! I’m guessing a deal gets done with former Sox asst. g.m. Josh Byrnes ( current g.m. with Az. ) and Montero will be going too Boston! The Rangers and Red Sox have made a deal in the past, yikes Gagne! LOL!! Sorry folks for mentioning that goof with the goggles that tried pitching in Boston! HA…HA….

I am ecstatic over Rice’s induction. He was a dominant player in his generation, and his numbers from 75-86 warrant enshrinement. I am also pleased with the signings of Baldelli, Kotsay, Penny, Smoltz and Saito. I would like to see the Sox sign one or both Cuban defectors, though they will have competition from the White Sox and Yankees (and other teams). I would also like to see the Sox acquire Miguel Montero, who would cost less in prospects than Saltalamacchia. You might know much about him right now, but the Sox have a very promising offensive and defensive catching prospect in Luis Exposito, who will likely start 2009 at advanced Single-A Salem (Va.). Mark Wagner, who is advanced on defense and average at the plate, is another promising prospect. In a couple years, it could Exposito as the starting catcher and Wagner as the backup, but for now it would be nice to have Montero, who is a solid hitter from the left side, since Josh Bard is a .300-plus hitter from the right side, and Varitek is still decent from the right side. I prefer a Varitek and Montero tandem, but I would be content with Montero and Bard.



There is no Easter bunny as well but there is a Playboy Mansion though! LOL!!

Ok Brian, I’m packing my bag and gassing up the car. I’ll swing by the Don Cesar and pick you up. We can go hang with the bunnies at Hef’s house. I’m sure they’ll have some candy for us!! You’re full of great ideas.

Brian, I thought Jim Rice deserved to get into the HOF from Day 1. I followed his career from shortly after he entered the league, and I thought the way he impacted the lineup, even apart from his individual #.s, made him worthy of the HOF (his final year did not help his cause, I’ll grant). But I think your comment about his being “nice” or not, is the real reason he did not get into the HOF sooner. It is often said that one’s relations with the media, and by extension, the BWAA, has an impact on one’s entrance into the HOF, and in Rice’s case, I think this held true–if his relations with the media and the public had been different, he may well have gotten in sooner. Interestingly, a question was posed by someone (I don’t remember who), who said that if Rice had been able to play in the 1975 WS vs. the Reds, that that could have impacted the WS result (and we’d have busted the Curse sooner, perhaps!), but that this would have impacted his HOF candidacy, also. Aah, what ifs! WAY TO GO, JIM!
CollegeSS, your scenario sould be interesting. The Rangers are wanting to put Young at 3rd to make room for **** they want to bring up–think we can bend Nolan Ryan’s ear to pkg Salty or Teagarden with Young in exchange for Lugo to “mentor”–ahem, ;)–this SS? (I can wish!) Interestingly, if we were to get a 3B in a trade pkg., this is one of the few scenarios where I would consider making a trade that includes Mike Lowell. The Rangers don’t seem to be keen on that idea, and I’d rather put a different pkg. together and let Lowell have the opportunity to return for a rebound year (and it is no secret, in light of my other posts, that Lowell is one of my favorite players) so I’d rather put together another pkg. altogether and not have a 3B vacancy of our own–especially since I think it will be hard to upgrade from a healthy Lowell at 3B! We’ll see if Theo can pull something off, but I think this is why we’re accumulating even more pitchers than even Theo can use right now ;)! GO SOX!

That **** is supposed to be “a shortstop”. I’m going to need to find some other abbreviation ;)!

Yea, c’mon Greg, clean it up a little!! Try ***. That works for me. Are you suggesting Lugo for Teagarden and Young? I’d be all over that trade! But you’ll have to rob out Judge’s $ta$h to get that trade done. And maybe loosen the GM up with a couple quarts of Brian’s Grey Goose. I’ll toss in some burritos. Hell, I’ll throw in a whole side of beef and a some free-range chickens!

Now that’s funny!

*** should be:



Try that.

Well, I was thinking that Lugo might be PART of a pkg., but since the Tiger fans (when we were rumored to be trading Lugo to them) didn’t want him for a bag of balls and bats, we might have to put together a bigger pkg. if we are going to ship off our SS “mentor”. Nah, we wouldn’t get Lugo for Young OR Salty alone, (forget both!), but if we could put Lugo, a Yugo😉, and maybe a “side of beef to be named later”😉, we might get them to bite if we throw in one of our collection of pitchers. Waddaya think?

Seriously, though, Arnie, my point was that if Teagarden or Salty were pkgd with Young, that would be one of the few ways I would agree to trade one of my favorite players, Mike Lowell. (We’d need another 3B in that case, but that’s a scenario where trading Lowell could make sense).

Teagarden or Salty PLUS Young. You’d have to give up Lowell and about 5 prospects. Maybe more. Is that worth it? Hard to say. Although I have to say that Teagarden and Salty are still prospects themselves. Texas seems to want Buchholz in the worst way. That is a trade I’m glad I don’t have to make. It’d be tricky with all kinds of risk. But great possible upside. I really want Mike Lowell to stay. I don’t follow the Sox just for W’s and L’s. That would be like owning a restaurant just for the P&L statements. Not my style, I like the work itself first and formost .And also I like the players on the Sox first and formost, then the games, then the wins and losses. I get attached to the players. Especially one with the heart Mike Lowell has. I’d be no good as a GM of a baseball team.

You’re right, and that’s why Lowell is one of my favorite players, not to mention what he’s accomplished on the field. I don’t want Lowell to go anywhere! I like Salty a lot (I watched him with the Braves for 2+ years), but I don’t like him THAT much. So I still think a pkg that includes Teagarden or Salty is more likely than one for Young, but who wouldn’t give up a bat and ball for our “mentor” ;)? But I would CONSIDER a pkg that includes Buchholz for Young.

If we can package Lugnuts and Lopez in a deal that brings us either of the Texas catchers or Young that would be a good deal. Perhaps we could include Aardvark in the package as well. Two for one sounds like a bargain and three for one sounds even better. That sounds like an offer they can’t refuse..

Pangelotti, can you put in a word to Nolan Ryan in the Rangers FO to make that happen ;)? I like Aardsma more than you do, but I’d love that trade–I’d love to unload Lopez as well as Lugo.

Make it happen Pangelotti and we’ll all be indebted to you. The “L” brothers and Aardsma for Teagarden. I like Salty but I can’t even spell “foremost” correctly let alone Saltiamacchia. Taylor Teagarden sounds like a guy I’d be buying Tarajulie Estate Assam Tea from not a baseball player, but hey, what can you do, not everybody is named Abner Doubleday. Tarajulie Estate is a fabulous tea, by the way, if you’re into such things. Margaret’s Hope Darjeeling is another good one; don’t you just love the names?

Here ya go, Arnie: SALTALMACCHIA. Practice it now, folks!🙂

I can’t even proofread right! SALTALAMACCHIA! GO SOX!

Thanks Greg. I wonder if they would just put “Salty” on his uniform? Maybe Theo could pick up Isringhousen ( I know that can’t be right) while he’s at it. Does Yaz have a grandson who can play? The Sox could set a record for most letters used in a season.

You’re close: ISRINGHAUSEN. I like it: SALTY. A wee but easier, no?

Well, whoever Theo gets I’m sure will make the team better. At least I hope so. If you take Theo’s entire body of work you find more good acquisitions than bad. That inspires trust. The Sox will once again be competitive and likely have a successful ’09. I’m just wishing the warm weather was here already. GO SOX!!

We’re in El Paso these days and split most of our time between here and Ruidoso, New Mexico, when not traveling to Boston and FLA. Odessa is right smack in (my opinion) the midst of the most Godforsaken stretch of flatland in Texas. Oil fields and dirt. Not much to look at. There might be a hidden gem out there, but I’ve not seen it. We’re 300 miles west. I grew up in the Big Bend country near Ft. Davis. Beautiful, rugged, Old West.

You’re right. Texas wants Buck bad. I hope we don’t deal Lowell. Young would make a great addition, but I agree with your attachment to players. Some guys are just a great fit (I miss Coco) and it wouldn’t look right not having Mikey at 3B. I read somewhere this even about a possible deal for Adam Dunn. Not sure I agree with that one. He’s an ol’ Texas boy who can park a ball in another zip code, but he whiffs a lot, too. That one’s got me scratching my head. Texas won’t let go of Salty AND Young without a helluva swap. I can’t see them taking Lugnuts, though that would be sweeeeeet.

FYI: Odessa is the hometown of one Mike Timlin.

I’m with you, Jimm3. I don’t want Lowell to be traded, either–he’s far too valuable a player and team leader. I can’t SEE Texas taking Lugnuts, either, but we can dream, right ;)? Speaking of FYI’s, Ruidoso sounds like its name fits: Ruidoso, in Spanish, means “Noisy”. Maybe Pangelotti’s idea (Lugo and Lopez) can gain some traction (hope springs eternal). GO SOX!

Oh yeah, let?s package Lugo, Lopez and throw in Aardsma as well for either Salty, Teagarden or Michael Young. The deal is possible if Brian can get Daniels a lifetime pass for Hefner?s bunnies mansion. lol.

Congrats on making it to #6 on the MLB Pro Blog list!



Somehow someway Daniels would screw up the Playboy Mansion. Then again is he old enough too get in??? LOL!!

It’s simple too get Salty, the Red Sox need too give up some quality young arms! In my lifetime ( last time I checked I was 37 ) the Rangers pitching staff has been brutal. One of there best pitchers over the last 20 years or so is Rick Helling, enough said.

Daniels would screw up the PM. No pun intended.
Seriously, I am willing to give Buchholz another shot in 2009. I am also willing to trade Buchholz for Salty straight up. I believe Tex is asking for Bucky and the propsects.
Less costly would be to acquire Montero for Bowen or Daniel Bard, not both. Oh..maybe both. Montero/Bard should fill the void until Esposito is major league ready.
The Barves offer Lowe 4 year deal for close to $60M. It appears that Lowe is heading to Atlanta unless the Mets would up the offer. I doubt it. Interestingly, Smoltz press conference is at 10 am. today.

congrats to jimbo for his induction….he never liked the press but it was finally the press who got it done….its sad he never enjoyed the thrill of winning it all….btw i was in texas also for 10 yrs i think…yes ft hood ofcourse ….killeen,copperas cove, and harker heights…best fishing i ever did in my life was in that state….well almost….im still a trout fisherman by heart like the splinter but i caught monster bass and cats in fork and belton lakes….had to leave when i retired tho….2 bloody hot for this mass boy lol…..still prayin for that teagarden trade…come on theo …..judge

one thing also about theo’s moves…can u imagine the upside of just havin smoltzy hangin around the kids in his final yr/yrs….that in itself might be worth his contract….judge

What’s the criteria for Ian’s blog being 6th and how can we make it to the top 5? Is it total number of hits, posts, or words typed? We’ve got a great team here and I think we can get Ian into 5th place with a little effort. If it’s total number of posts maybe we can have Dbenjamin use chapter installments for his posts and the rest of us comment on each chapter and ride along straight to the top.

Jimmaynard, you ever stop by Chimayo when you’re in New Mexico? I love it there, for an afternoon or so. There’s the old church/shrine and the chiles, etc. New Mexico is a favorite place for me.

Anyone else see that Lowe is supposed to be signing with Atlanta for 60 million over 4 years? Seems excessive to me. 4 years at 15 mil each? Wow!

Jim, Big Bend is on my list of places to go if I ever go anywhere again.

While I’m here trying to do my part for Ian’s blog, may I suggest we have a contest to see who can correctly guess the Sox’ starting catcher opening day of ’09.

Yeah, I think Lowe’s contract is a little excessive, but ATL is trying to make a splash with its fans again after losing Smoltz. I would not be surprised to see Teagarden as the new catcher (and Dustin or Youk taking over the Captain’s mantle), so that’s my guess. Anyone else? GO SOX!

Arnie, I would like to place my guess for the Opening Day starting catcher… Wow saying that made me excited…Anywho, I believe it will be Jason Varitek, fresh off of a two year deal with maybe an option for a third. Wishful thinking? I don’t think so. I don’t see any other teams going after the captain, and I believe he will ignore the agent who shall not be named and get his head swelling problem fixed. He must know after a season like that he isn’t gonna get Posada money! Oh, also, I just wanted to say that i truly love this blog, and I’m always reading it. All of you guys are absolutely awesome, this is a greatthing you have going and I hope you all will allow me to be a regular part of it!

Oh and I can’t get over some of these salaries certain players are getting, such as Lowe and Burnett. Who signs these checks?! Ridiculous!

You are correct about Ruidoso, however, this sleepy little ski resort and quarterhorse racing town is far from noisy. The Ruidosa River (a creek in my opinion) runs right through town and is certainly NOT noisy but the town was named for the “noisy” water. There was extreme flooding late last summer that tore up some sections of town in Upper Canyon, displacing a lot of people and causing millions in insurance claims. THAT might have been the only time I would have ever considered the water noisy. Beautiful, serene mountain getaway that is one of New Mexico’s best-kept secrets.
Arnie, No I’ve never been to Chimayo, though I’ve been pretty much all over the state. It is truly the Old West.

Sounds cool, Jimm3; is Ruidoso where you live? Never been anywhere near there. Thanks for the explanation. (I speak Spanish, so I knew the meaning of the name.)

Hey- I didn’t see your question before, but I think I might have answered it in an email. If you have any other questions – I think I have a few answers, I’m still pretty new here! – just drop me an email!


I read enough comments to make one of my own First if having a 984 fpct with 11 errors gets you a gold glove then i suspect Lowrie should get one easily next year also if he plays whiole season he will have 80-90 rbi which is good enough from the 8-9 spot on order! second young ‘s numbers are in decline as is his range and would be making almost 18 mil at age 37 at end of contract ! AS far as Bard having weak deffense HE has same cerrer fpct as Tek. 993, and with magadan as his hitting coach he will hit over 300 easily!

Michael Young – 2008 OPS+ 96
Jed Lowrie – 2008 OPS+ 90

Michael Young – 16 million, Lowrie – League Minimum

Lowrie is likely to get better with more seasoning…Young likely to deteriorate further

No Thanks

Vault, I think you’re right, esp. in the longer term, but if we could get a trade where we unload some of our larger salaries for less productive current players (esp. if we get a catcher in the process), even if it involved a third team, etc., I’d take Young in a minute. Lowrie, I think, will be just fine if we don’t do anything, but if we were to trade Lugo somewhere , I’d love to see Young come to Boston. And we can all sure wish that Lugo would ship out, whether we get Young or not!

The Red Sox haven’t been landing the big names but they did land a handful of players that are low risk, high reward. It was hard watching Smoltz go but if I had to chose a team he would go to it would have been Boston. Nice extension for Youk also.

I’m wondering, with the Tek deal done, if the Sox might now look to trade perhaps Buchholz to get some additional catching help.


Julia, if you want to find out what we’re thinking on this issue, and put in your own two cents, perhaps you’ll want to check out the two threads we’ve had going on Tek, and who might be our “catcher of the future”. See you there!😉

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