Decision day looming for the Captain

It appears as if this could finally be the week we find out whether or not Jason Varitek continues his Red Sox captaincy into the 2009 season.

This has been an odd negotiation to say the least. First, there was Varitek’s highly curious choice of declining arbitration, even though it would have set him up at a rate — $10-12 million — he will now come nowhere close to.

Then, there was the utter lack of movement on both sides, as both appeared to be waiting for the other one to make a concession.

And now the latest, as first reported by’s Rob Bradford on Sunday night. The Sox gave Varitek a $5 million offer for 2009, that includes a dual option for 2010. $5 million if the club picks it up, and $3 million if Varitek exercises it.

There is apparently a deadline attached to Boston’s offer, which means that Theo and Co. are getting antsy to have closure.

I would think that Varitek wants the situation to come to an end as much as the team does. Varitek still looks like a great fit on this team. He hasn’t lost his touch at handling the staff and remains a rock behind the plate. So play him less this year, and put more of the offensive burden on Josh Bard.

If there are no better offers out there, and as of now, there don’t seem to be any other offers out there, these two sides should just get together and hammer this thing out so everyone can get on with their lives.

You know Varitek doesn’t want to put on another uniform. And although the Red Sox are a bit scared by the year Varitek had offensively, they know what he means to the staff, and to the clubhouse.

In an unrelated note, congratulations to Sean Casey on his retirement and move to the MLB Network. Sean is truly one of the great people I’ve ever met in my years of covering baseball. Guys like Sean Casey and Kevin Millar have such a joy for the game, and being around the game, that it’s always a pleasure to cover guys like that. I know that Sean will be a natural on TV, much like Kevin will be whenever he finishes playing.


I happily agree with Ian on all of his comments. I also want to congratulate Ian on his Blog and his upward rise. Ian, Are you going to get the “mlb top100” tag???? I think it might be a bit too prentetious for this crowd… we’re down to earth, we dont need no stinking tag to tell us that we’re a part of something great!!!!
Oh, of course I ESPECIALLY agree with Ian about my Sean Casey!!!! I cant wait to see him on the MLB Network.

and YAY!!!! I was #1 this time.. Hey at least I’m #1 somewhere.

Absolutely right, Ian, this needs to get done, and if this is how it gets done, fantastic. Those terms seem reasonable to me, esp. since they don’t exceed what he would have gotten in arbitration for this year. Get it done, Theo, and give BornAss the public spanking he deserves! GO SOX!

Ian – I have heard recently (last hour or so) that Varitek might now want only a one year deal. He feels (can we say BORAS feels) that if he has a better season that he might get more $ next year then what the Red Sox are offering now. Have you heard anything about this? I thought the Red Sox threw in the second year to make Tek happy? This is totally crazy!


I see where Petite signed with the Yankees. He took a significant pay cut, but he wanted to be a Yankee, and agreed to an incentive-based contract. I think Tek should take a page out of Petite’s book. Petite felt it was a blow to his ego- but he wanted to be a Yankee and he didn’t want to play with any other team. During his discussions there was a sense of loyalty . Tek says he wants to play for the Sox. Why doesn’t he negotiate a similar incentive-based salary and get it over with? Loyalty is a two-way street and Tek ought to exercise his sense of loyalty not only to the owners- but to his teammates and his fans. Despite what he has done for the Sox over the years- he certainly doesn’t want to disassociate himself with his team and the fans.

Absolutely right, Pangelotti. By the way, any success getting the Rangers to take on Lopez and Lugo ;)? Ah, here’s to hoping…

If that’s true, this has become Theater of the Absurd. It’s like Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Tek!

And it wasn’t theatre of the absurd already, Arnie? Hmmm…

Isn’t it interesting how all of a sudden the times have changed. A year ago Tek, Pettitte, Zazu and someothers would have gotten huge contracts out of teams, and this year they are taking pay cuts or haven’t got any offers. There are still a ton of unsigned free agents.

Greg, only in the Steinbrenner’s house. Cheap shot, sorry.

Normally I’d have agreed with you, Arnie, but “Beam Me Up Scotty” has been trying his level best to get us to visit that Theatre for a while, now. The Steinbrenners can have Mr. Cheap Shot.

No cheap shot intended at all at Fanway of the FO, but it is a legitimate shot at “Beam Me Up Scotty”.

Make that “Fenway” (ahem, :/).

Just stepped out to get my mail. It’s a robust 6 degrees out! Spring can’t get here fast enough.

Varitek needs the Red Sox more than the Red Sox need him. Varitek should be crawling too Boston and then sign the contract when and if he arrives. I am in agreement with the Red Sox with the deadline. Take it or leave it!

The ball is in Varitek’s court. The Sox will either get Tek cheap ($5M is a pocket change) or go to Plan B. Varitek is better off swallowing his pride and resigns OR look for another career.


Pocket change…5 million. Where can I find that pocket change?? lol.

Ian – great article over on about Justin Masterson!


Brian: In John Henry’s deep pocket. lol. But again because of the financial woes, I am not sure $5M is pocket change in JH’s pocket any more.

With Pettitte signing, congratulations to the New York Yankees for wiining the 2009 WS on paper that is. lol


As long as John Henry is alive, 5 million will be pocket change. lol. As Red Sox fans we are very lucky too have owner’s like John Henry/Tom Werner because they are committed too winning! They also know how too go about it. Some owners have no clue!

I am very sorry to see you back Ian Browne. You are a total Theo rump boy, and you never write objectivly without praising Theo, and your afraid to admit if the Sox make a front office mistake. the week you were gone Alden Gonzalez wrote good, objective stories. Please, quit covering the Sox, your impossible to like.

tginri, you have a right to your opinions, but to come here and trash talk against Ian is like coming to my house and bad-mouthing my sisters. Not a good idea! This is like a family here and you should keep that kind of thing to yourself. Don’t come back to this blog unless you can be civil.

Arnie, I think this is someone like Daniel Fagan!!! I feel the same way you do…. keep your trash talk to yourself!!!

Hey – we Red Sox fans have got to stick together! tginri – save the trash talk for the Yankees! 😉


Agree 100% what arnie, ellen and julia just commented. The Sox fans are extremely lucky to have the present ownership, the FO, and the field management although I disagree a lot with Tito’s questionable moves. Who is this tgini guy?

and I think that we’re lucky to have Brownie points and Ian!!! We gotta stick up for the BIG GUY!!!! He makes all this possible.

tginri would be lost in the sea of trash talkers on Bombers Beat. He came here to get some attention!!!

You’re the number one blonde for me!

I saw Millar on MLB Network the other day. He was a complete natural, as I’m sure Casey will be.

Arnie, I was more than a little baffled by your “cheap shot” comment last night. Nothing I said was intended to comment on you, or this blog, or even Tek. It was a comment on the “sausage getting made” (i.e., the negotiations process and “Beam Me Up Scotty” ‘s role in it). I was a little disappointed that you might have interpreted the comment otherwise, and that was how I read your response comment about Steinbrenner–last thing I want is to be associated with them! If I misread your response to my post, I apologize–but I didn’t get a follow-up, so I wasn’t sure I didn’t say something that ticked you off.:/
As for TginRI (as his posts ID him on other news items), no, he is not terribly civil, and I hope he does not return–I add my defense to Ian’s cause and his reporting–and his blog! Keep up the good work Ian! GO SOX!

Maybe it’s tGINri?

Don’t know, Kramer, but that (TginRI) is how I’ve seen him identified on other Red Sox stories.

Sorry Greg, I was commenting on my own comment about Steinbrenner. I was calling my “insult” of the Steinbrenner house a cheap shot. I was saying that “theater of the absurd” was only at the Steinbrenner house, and then I called my own comment a cheap shot. Sorry to be so obtuse.

Hi all!!! I was very impressed to see everyone stand up and make sure Ians back was covered!!!! I just cant stand people like that… There is no place for that kind of junk here!!!! Sing it with me now… WE ARE FAMILY… I got all the bloggers with me!!!! lol….


Can someone tell me where tGINri normally posts his comments, so I can stay here with Ian Full of Class Browne and not migrate to the blog where tGINri Full of S#!T normally skulks around?

Oh and tginri:: with regard to your comment about you not liking Ian??? We big deal if you dont like him haul butt and go somewhere else!!! and, oh, well I think that I speak for the group when I say well na na na na. we don’t like you either!!! So there!!! lol

Classic Dbenj!!!!! Absolutely classic!!!! I alwayss wondered how long before we got another Fagan….. I wish I would have thought to ask what wattage bulb he has in the basement of his parents house~!!!!

Thanks, Arnie. I didn’t want to have any hard feelings on either side. Thanks for the clarification.
TginRI has posted on other articles that Ian has posted (news articles apart from the blog). I just have seen a posting here and there from him, and he is a demonstration that not all Red Sox fans have class, either.:/ (Kind of like Arnie’s characterization of “Mordor”–yes, we have some of them also). Hmmm…

DBen, if you don’t want to encounter TginRI or his ilk, don’t read the commentaries on Ian’s stories. This nitwit is all over the comments on Lars Anderson, for example, and he’s not commenting on Lars–he’s commenting on Ian.

Every once in a while someone opens the door to the wrong rest room and escapes as quickly as possible hoping no one saw them. Well guess what TginRI….we all saw and you should be embarrassed. Go back to where you are welcome so we can carry on like adults here like we are used to doing.

And now back to our regular program……Garry, I would be honored to get a round of golf in with you. Do you live near Bradenton? I anticipate getting out there someday as a friend of mine owns a summer home down there and he thinks we are going to have our class reunion down there in 2012. Or if you get out here I have you taken care of. I work at the driving range on Thursday nights at Nellis AFB. I don’t get paid but I get free golf and unlimited range balls.
I do play a lot of golf but I have fun so it doesn’t matter to me what level of golfer you are. I have never believed that the better the golfers are that you play with…the better you play. My play is usually the same no matter who I golf with. I think people use that as an excuse when they have a bad round. Anyways….let’s play. We will drag Dben out there with us!!!!! Wonder if Ian plays????
– Craig

Friday deadline for Tek to accept FO’s offer?! YES!! Whether yea or nay, we can FINALLY put this silliness to BED!

That’s a good thing…. I know all his team mates want him back so the Sox and Varitek need to take care of business and concentrate on the up-coming season.

I thought that I heard Saturday re Tek’s deadline.. whatever day it is you ARE RIGHT!!!

I wish that none of our guys were playing in the WBC… it was bad enough last year when they had to start off the season with Japan and that HUGE road trip… They need REST!!!! wow that just doesnt sound right does it?? Theyve been off for 3mos, and I say they need rest.. actually they need to be in SPRING TRAINING!!!!!

Ellen, you are right, it had been originally thought, and in some places reported, that the deadline was Sat., but the latest article posted said Fri. was to be the deadline. Let’s get it overwith.
I share your concern about the WBC. The last time that was held, I thought many of the participants were sluggish at the beginning of the regular season. The good thing this time, though, unlike the Japan trip, is that most (if not all) teams will have to contend with WBC fatigue–we won’t be the only ones!

The thing that scares me is that hopefully everyone is ready to play in the WBC that committed and no one is rushing it or not ready. It would suck to lose someone for the season because they weren’t in the proper condition to jump straight in to competitive ball this early.

I’m guessing Varitek hasn’t signed that deal yet because he is still laughing. Varitek is thinking, how can a team give me 5 million guranteed after the season I just had. Let’s face it, Varitek aged 30 years during the 2008 season. I like him just as much as the next fan but………..

Varitek has lost a lot of fans in Boston, and the country. I would say 80% do not want him back.
I think if he signs, he will be hearing from the hometown crowd a lot of negative words.
He has handled this whole off-season terrible. Between the Media, Agent, and himself.
This was one of the worst off-season contract negotiations, that I can remember.
I still say this is a “take it or leave it” contract.
Do not think for a second Theo will not go with Bard and Kotteras, he can say look at the CUBS, last year with a Rookie Catcher, won 98 games. Lets go in that direction.

We will know by Saturday morning if not earlier whether Varitek will be a member of the RS. I for one is not particularly anxious to have him back. Even if he returns, he would likely play sort of a mentor rather than as a regular everyday catcher.
Eric Hinske is about to sign with the Pirates. I wonder why the Sox didn’t have Hinske back. Hinske can play corner IF and OF and hit 20 HRs in 2008. It it’s up to me I would sign Hinske and not Kotsay. Maybe someone here can explain why Kotsay over Hinske who is also a couple of years younger.

I think in the end with Kotsay and Hinske, it’s 6 in one and a half dozen in the other. I think Kotsay is faster and has a better glove. Hinske has more power. I am not sure which one will perform better with limited playing time. I think Kotsay will hit for a better average and Kotsay was readily available. Not sure who would have worked out better as a role player but Kotsay will be a good fit. Just my 2 cents. That’s about all it’s worth!!!!


It sure is a take it or leave it. I will be very surprised if Varitek doesn’t take the deal. Varitek/Boras will take the deal at the last moment. Boras also is still trying too get some other team’s involved. Obviously with Varitek, there are no other teams. No team would be dumb enough too give a pick in rd. 1 for a catcher that has had better seasons. As I have said before, Varitek is on the back nine of his career and he might be approaching the 17th green.

I’ll take Kotsay over Hinske any day. Kotsay can play all outfield positions ( Kotsay has a solid arm ) and also plays a great first base. Hinkse is a liability in the outfield, very slow is Hinske. Hinske is adequate at first and third. Hinske does have more pop in his bat than Kotsay. That is my opinion anyway.

The best part about this Boras/Varitek situation, Boras doesn’t hold any cards. Boras needs too fold them and very soon! John Henry and the Red Sox braintrust have the upper hand in this situation. They have Boras at their mercy. LOL!!

Sean Casey Rocks! I love watching him on MLB, when ATT gets off their high horse and let’s us watch it!

Hey! Guys and Gals!

When the topic is Kotsay vs. Hinske, I agree that Hinske possesses more potential production. However, the Sox paid him a lot of money when he was with them first time around in 2007. I’ve got to believe the FO is leery that he would expect that same pay level the 2nd time around. With Kotsay, his level of compensation last Summer was less (I think?) and the FO may have felt it easier to deal with his salary demands. I know we tend to believe that their ability to compensate is unlimited, however, I think they are always very aware of how much capital outlay they are making.

I think its amazing…16 days from P’s & C’s, and Zazu doesn’t have a contract for the year. It seems conceivable, despite the phenomenal Fall he had last year, that he could actually make less money this Year than he spit on in terms of the Sox 2009 Option. Wouldn’t that be poetic justice!!!!!

Oh, well, at least Borass can say one of his clients landed the largest free agent haul out there. I guess it doesn’t matter that he pimped almost all of his remaining clients. What a business this is!!!!

D. Benjamin,

When Hinske was with the Red Sox….He was acquirred in Aug. of 2006. The Blue Jays paid for his salary in 2006 and I believe the entire salary in 2007 as well.

I agree with you as well ( Yikes..agreeing with you ) in regards too Zazu. Obviously how his tenure ended in Boston has alot too do with it. Perhaps someone might say otherwise but I am not buying it. What a shame, Zazu got bad advice from Boras. I love when that happens! HA..HA…Boras!

Sean Casey was a riot when he called into MLB Network this morning (I blogged on him today!) I can’t wait for him to sign on!


Tek, take it or leave it. Kick Bornass to the curb.
007 and Brian, I liked both Kotsay and Hinske. Hinske was a very steady back-up for us, and he played very well for the Rays (in spite of making the last out in the WS). I’d have loved to have had him, or Kotsay, or the now-retired Casey. To me any of them would have been a win-win, and if Kotsay was the “least expensive” option, fine. We’ll take it. Hinske sure seems to like the AL East teams!

Here’s a little exercise I like to do comparing career stats where AB/R, AB/RBI, and AB/SO are number of at bats for each Run, RBI, and SO:

Player – OBP – SLG – AVG – AB/R – AB/RBI – AB/SO
Hinske – 0.335 – 0.438 – 0.254 – 6.53 – 7.28 – 4.19
Kotsay – 0.337 – 0.414 – 0.281 – 7.64 – 8.90 – 8.55

I know that you will all think I’m crazy, but WHEN Varitek signs, I will welcome him back gladly.
I saw (heard) teh live interview with Sean Casey last night and it seems as if he’ll fit in perfectly with the crew of Hot Stove/Baseball Today on MLB network…. I wish that I knew who came up with this network so I could hug him/her…. This is the best thing since the Series of 04 and 07!!!!!

While on the subject of Kotsay and Hinske. I agree it’s six of one and half dozen of the other as craig said. The slight edge that I pick Hinske over Kotsay is that Hinske played only for the tough AL East teams, Toronto, Boston, and Tampa Bay and Hinske is cheap $1.5M which is a nickle and a dime in JH’s pocket.
I wonder Hinske would make a difference in the ALCS for Boston. I doubted it.

You know things are slow with the Red Sox when we are discussing Kotsay or Hinske.


Hinske and Kotsay salaries are the same in 2009. I believe Kotsay signed back in Boston for 1.5 million for this season. I don’t think Hinske would have made any difference in the A.L.C.S. He was just along for the ride with the Sox in 2007. A spare part.

Brian: Things are really slow here and nothing of substance to talk about until Varitek issue is settled on way or the other. We are making an issue out of a non issue. lol.
While Kotsay made some spectacular defensive plays at first and his one at bat in game 5, however he routinely struck out and flied out with RISP although he hit the ball hard for an out. Nonetheless Kotsay will be a valuable bench player for the Sox in 2009.

is anyone irked like me that it is taking our ‘C’ so long to SIGN,,,,i mean why didnt he take arbitration,why didnt he sign rt away,why,why,why,….i love tek and he is A if not THE most important part of a team but im starting to get irked…..he must know that he made his money the last 4 yrs and now must take what his current value is…..maybe he will break out this yr and hit 280 with 20 and 80……then he can demand a big 1 yr or 2 yr contract next yr from someone….maybe he just needs a lil lighter load….hence let the b ackup or young guy carry some of thiose 120 games he likes to play…..or for the love of mary…..just BAT RT HANDED …….lol ok im a lil irked….its less than 3 weeks till spring trainin and im wound tight lol…have a great day all…..judge

It’s sad that baseball, and for that matter football and basketball,are no longer sports and have become “big” business. Good country America.

Hey! Guys and Girls!

This Tek thing is beginning to get unnerving. I’m at the point where I wouldn’t be surprised for Tek to take a walk with Borass suggesting the Sox stiffed him after squeezing a “home town discount” out of him for 4 years. I can’t imagine, with divorce and child support issues festering. that he can afford to sit out, but its beginning to look that way to me. Tomorrow will be interesting. If he does sign, I sure hope there’s a lot of “deep tongue kissing” all around. I sure would hate for this thing to develop into a nasty boil just as the season begins. I also hope the FO has correctly judged the player’s reactions. There are an awful lot of very positive statements being made, even by some of the younger players.

At least we put the lid on this month soon. I’ve seen just toooooo much snow. Hey! BosoxBrian — can I send you some?!?!?!?!?!

I think that they are probably just “dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s” . You know there are never any particulars discussed until the deal is “a done deal”.
IDOBELIEVE,IDOBELIEVE,IDOIDOIDOIDOBELIEVE!!!, That it’ll get done. Just my lil ol opinion!!!

Hey, David, you are welcome to send some of that snow to me here in Asheville, NC! None of may neighbors will want it, so I can keep it all to myself!😉
Brian and 007, since you were saying that there isn’t much to discuss while Tek is keeping us in limbo, how about a question to both of you Tek skeptics (whether he signs or not)? Who SHOULD be the “catcher of the future”? (either from out farm team, or from another team)? Whom would you sign? I don’t think Bard is it, even for the short term. Do you guys? Kottaras? One of the Texas catchers? Or someone else? I’d be curious whom you would like to see as catcher (which is a different question than who WILL be the catcher of the future!). Thoughts, guys?

Hey! Greg!

You didn’t ask me specifically, and I have been a bit outspoken about my preference, but I decided to join in anyway. I would like to see Jarrod Saltalamacchia as the Sox catcher for the next number of years. The guy is only 24, has already been traded for Big Teix once, and he looks like a comer to me. Plus, he’s made it clear how much he would like to be a part of the Sox team. I recognize that he’s not been anybody’s first string catcher yet, and that the Sox are probably still stinging from the last time they traded away a pitcher (Kason Gabbard for Gag-Me), but I think he shows at least as much potential as Clay Buchholz, and if it were me, I’d make the trade. I just wonder if we would be so hesitant if Buchholz had pitched a nifty, 8 inning, 2 hit, shut-out against the Orioles which Pap came in to save, instead of the no-hitter? Besides which, the Sox are deep in minor league pitching, but not so deep in catching.

I have talked in the past on this blog about the Sox spearing Joe Mauer, and every time I’ve been shouted down by those who say the Twins will never let him go. If he’s not a likely Sox (imagine how much loot the Yanks would throw at him if he became a free agent, with their catching situation), and if there’s no way to pry Matt Wieters loose from the Orioles without sending them Jon L and DP (no, I haven’t dropped any acid tonight), then I think the way to go is to pick up a young catcher who is full of promise, and give the Sox minor league catchers like Luis Exposito every opportunity to develop slowly.

The Sox gave up the best SS in baseball to get a pitcher who was largely potential at the time (Josh Beckett). Now I grant that at the point the Sox got him, he had demonstrated a lot more than Salty has, but Hanley Ramirez, as a prospect then was head-and-shoulders above where Buchholz is. The Sox largely traded potential for potential, and I think came away pretty well. I recognize there are those who will point out that was not a Theo deal, Theo probably wouldn’t have made that deal, and won’t make this deal, and I probably would agree on all counts. There’s just something about that kid that stands out for me, and I don’t think its just the number of letters in his last name!

If push came to shove (when Tek is definitely done) I would also say Saltalamacchia… But PLEASE can we come up with another nickname for him>>?? PLease??? Hell, I’d even call him J-Rod!!! lol

Thanks, David. No, I hadn’t SPECIFICALLY asked you, but I like your choice (I specifically mentioned Brian and 007 simply because they have been the “Tek Skeptics”, but anyone is welcome to comment on the question–in fact, I hope others do. But I’m particularly curious about Brian and 007). I liked Salty a lot when I saw him with the Braves (when I could see him practically any day down here!), and I would like to see him join us. But I’m open to other options. I simply don’t believe Bard is it.

Good luck, Ellen, he’s been Salty for years. You can try, though!
DBen, do you prefer Dave or David (or DBen)? Or do you care?

So now Jason is going to retire? Can you explain this one???


Julia, repeat after me: “BORNASS BEING BORNASS!” What other explanation is there? And why should we care what he says, anyway?

This guy (Bore-my-a$s$s$ silly)gives more detrimental advice than Dr Phil!!!!!

Just in case some of you out there dont know how I feel about Boras, I will tell you what you find in my dictionary when you look up Scott Bora$s$s$…

Tell us how you really feel…..

At least Dben is not that kind of agent!!!!

Craig, she left out one dollar sign. I think she’s warming up to ol’ Bor@$$&^*)(_+!!@$$#** What do you think?

Hey, David, if we were to get Mauer, I think that would be quite the coup, but I am not sure, either, how readily the Twins would trade him, but if they don’t re-sign him and he becomes a FA, great! My hunch is we’ll have our catcher before he becomes a FA, but what do I know? Certainly worth a shot!

Mauer is one of the five best position players in baseball. But to get him would cost a ridiculous amount of prospects, plus the Red Sox would have to pay him a bunch, because they would need to extent the contract to make the trade worthwhile. I think one of the Texas catchers, or possibly Miguel Montero, would do just fine.

Hey! Greg!

Any of those names is fine…Just don’t call me late for my tee time….or to dinner for that matter!!!!!!!

As for the catcher’s position…I think the Sox are going to be a work in progress for a while…At this point, doesn’t Mauer become a free agent at the end of this season. Can anyone say $250 Mil!!!

Ideally I?d like to see Joe Mauer as our catcher. We know it?s not going to happen until Mauer becomes a FA in 2010. Mauer makes $8.25M a year with the Twins. Wonder what will be Mauer’s asking price? lol
Then it will be the revisit of Teixeira fiasco. The damned Yankees will swoop in and hook the prized free agent catcher the last minute. We shall see.
If we can acquire Salty for Buchholz, Bard OR Bowden (just one) plus one prospect, I will make the trade. If not, let?s see what Bard, Kottaras, and Brown can do in 2009 until such time Mark Wagner and/or Luis Esposito is major league ready.
D-Day for Varitek today.

I don’t see Joe Mauer coming too Boston or anywhere else. The Twins are building a new stadium, money for the Twins too spend. Also Mauer is a Twins City native and that organization would take a beating if he went too Boston or N.Y. or anywhere else. Mauer is very popular in the Twin Cities for obvious reasons!

I wouldn’t mind seeing Salty in Boston but for Buchholz??? I wouldn’t do it just yet! I don’t think you trade young pitching like Buchholz. Those type of pitchers do not grow on trees. Maybe they do but not where I live. LOL!!

I watched Bowden pitch in that 1 start he made last year and I am not totally impressed. It was only 1 start. I would do Bowden for Salty. I am not sure if Salty will make a solid catcher but the kid can/will hit on the big league level. If he doesn’t make it at catcher, he can always go too first! Then again with the A-Rod…Zazu saga back in 2003/2004, Lester was gonna go too Texas. Safe too say Boston got lucky on that one.

I wrote on here the other day and I still believe it, Varitek/Boras are waiting for the last second too accept the deal. Boras is still trying too get more teams involved and get Boston too gurantee a 2nd yr. One more year for Varitek is enough for me! Boras always thinks there is a team out there, only team out there is team Boras!

One thing about Bowden that caught my eye is his windup. I thought it was odd. Just that 1 start he made. Obviously you can’t go on just 1 start. I believe he got the win that night.


I think getting Bard was a mistake by Theo. I was not impressed in the least by Bard.

Brian: I forget Mauer is a Minnesota native born in St. Paul. As long as he is not playing for the “greatest sports organization” in the universe, I am fine. You would trade Bowden or Bard for Salty and hold on to Buchholz as Theo would. Offensively Salty is not much an upgrade except he is young. Twinkies are asking too much for Salty.
I share your misgiving about Josh B. You got what you paid for. Theo got him for a reason.
Some of us are eargerly hoping for Varitek’s return so are the Yankees fans and pitchers. lol

moanin all……….well finally we should atleast get some news today…..hard to predict….maybe tek will retire…i doubt it but he may take half a yr then see… voting for teagarden myself….the least i would want would be the dimes catcher so im sure monteiro is wot we will get cause i never get my way lol…..anyhoo….less than 2 weeks to go….im PUMPED…….judge


I would trade Bowden for Salty, I am on record for that deal. I doubt the Rangers would. I would not deal Daniel Bard, I have really liked what I have seen from him. In person and on t.v.

Too many Bard’s on one team. LOL!!

I just read an article on ( Boston Globe ) and some source’s close too Varitek are saying he might sit out the season. Didn’t Varitek do that last season??? LOL!!

If Varitek is not back with the Red Sox. It could go either way. Would the Red Sox be interested in Ivan Rodriguez??? Pure speculation on my behalf. It all sounds like the Sox could get a deal going with Az. and Montero.

Brian: Pudge will be a liability. The Yankees pitchers refused to pitch to him must be for a reason plus he hit like Varitek. I was thinking about Miguel Montero at my earlier posts. I believe that AZ wants Buchholz as well.
If Varitek returns, I am fine with it. If not, as I said earlier try Bard. Kottaras, Brown combo. Maybe Theo is working on the last minute deal and pulls a rabbit out of a bag.


I am not saying the Sox should pursue Rodriguez. They should look into a veteran catcher if Varitek says no to the offer.

The good thing about Montero is you wouldn’t have too give up as much. Too get Salty, you will have too give up Buchholz.

A Kottaras/Brown combo is quite scary! I personally think a combo of Hasselman and Mike Stanley would be just as good! LOL!!

Scary maybe. Can it be worse than Varitek of 2008? lol

Hey! BosoxBrian!

Scott Hatteberg is still kicking around the majors, one of the last backstops before Tek. Maybe the Sox should bring him back…what do you think?????

Does anyone understand the message coming out of Fenway that ticket sales are down and there is some question about whether the sell-outs will continue. When I go on the ticket site, all I can find are single, scattered tickets or SRO. Where are all these available tickets, other than on Stubhub.Com? (lol)

some sites are reporting that tek has reached a deal for 2 yrs…..judge

good news if u ask me….im thinkin a deal with texas will still happen this yr sometime…..or maybe not….judge

Yes, Jason is back. It is reported that a 2 yr deal has been reached.

personally the move that i would make now is simple actually…..aquire a promising young catcher from texas for bucholz….i would demand teagarden myself but thats just me….let tek nurse him along on how to work a staff…judge

Judge: I think the deal with Tex may still happen. It just gives the Sox more stronger bargaining position.

im hoping…that esposito kid might be good in 3-4 yrs but that is a might….if texas wants bucholz…the sox beter demand teagarden…if its for salty then maybe a couple of lesser prospects are in order…it will be tough for texas not to do something with the 3 talented young catchers they have …..judge….im thinkin maybe after allstar break when texas is out of it…..

I t is a done deal it seems…… Tek back for 2 years..
Welcome home Captain!!!! Thank God.. now we can just start counting the days till we can hear the wonderful words:: “PLAY BALL”

This puts the payroll at approximately 118 million. That leaves a bit of wiggle room at the trade deadline to make an acquisition or two. Number in parens are in millions

C – Varitek (5), Bard (1.70)
1B – Youkilis (6)
2B – Pedroia (1.5)
3B – Lowell (12)
SS – Lowrie (0.5), Lugo (9)
OF – Drew (14), Bay (7.5), Kotsay (1.5), Baldelli (0.5), Ellsbury (0.5)
DH – Ortiz (12.5)
SP – Beckett (10.5), Dice-K (8), Smoltz (5.5) Penny (5), Wake(4.5), Lester (0.5)
RP – Papelbon (6.25), Oki (1.75), Saito (1.5), Lopez (1.35), Delcarmen (0.5), Ramirez (0.5), Masterson (0.5)

That’s 13 and 12 with Smoltz starting on the DL

Hey! Guys and Gals!

With the Tek news now in, will the Sox keep trying to pry loose either Montero from the D-Backs or Salty or Teegarden from the Rangers? Also, with the bad news the Rangers are getting about Joaquin Benoit, they would seem to need an up-and-coming reliever like Daniel Bard. Would you folks think about adding Junichi Tazawa who the Rangers were chasing when the Sox landed him?

So Varitek becomes the first 50 50 player for the Red Sox. 50 % for him and 50 % for the ex. wife. LOL!! I’m sure the former Mrs. Jason Varitek was extremely dissapointed he turned down arbitration. lol.

I still would like too see Boston trade for a young catcher.

D. Benjamin,

Do not deal Daniel Bard!

So, still thinking retirement, Tek? Or was it Bornass who’s retiring?! Here’s to wishing!
Yes, I still would like to see a young catcher be acquired or traded for. Josh Bard ain’t it! GO SOX!

If this Sox acquire a young catcher, I think it should be Miguel Montero, who is solid on defense, calls a good game, hits from the left side and has power. I’m not a fan of dealing Tazawa. I would rather see Daniel Bard dealt because the Sox have many promising relievers they drafted out of college such as Richie Lentz, Kyle Weiland, Stephen Fife and Bryan Price. However, I would also be content with Josh Bard serving as the backup this season. He is a good defensive catcher and hits well when healthy (last year, he was not healthy, and his average showed it). Kottaras is out of options and might make a decent backup since he can catch the knuckler and hits with power from the left side. Varitek is still a good hitter as a righty, but he struggles from the left side. I no longer think the Sox should go after Saltalamacchia or Teagarden. Buchholz and Bowden are too valuable to let go. It is easier to replace a Daniel Bard than a Buchholz or Bowden. Of course, it would be nice to keep all three and let Mark Wagner and my favorite Red Sox catching prospect Luis Exposito (who is very solid at the plate and behind the plate) develop. Varitek and Bard or Kottaras (or Dusty Brown) will be sufficient for the next two years. The Angels have a good tandem in Napoli and Mathis. No reason why the Sox could not have Wagner and Exposito in two or three years.


So that’s it? All the waiting, all the anticipation, all the speculation and it comes down to a one year 5 million $ deal with an option?? I need an anxiety bailout.

Yep, Arnie, that’s it. The sausage got made. Delicious, no?😉

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