Logic prevails — Back comes the Captain

Really, would it have made any sense if Jason Varitek wasn’t coming back to the Red Sox in a two-year agreement that will hopefully allow the catcher to retire wearing the uniform of the only team he’s ever played for?

It’s too bad it had to drag on this long, but this is where this thing should have been headed all along.

Yes, I know Varitek had a terrible year at the plate. I also know that the Red Sox, as presently constituted, are a better team with Jason Varitek than they would have been without him. His intangibles are real. Ask any pitcher who has ever thrown to him. Just a coincidence that Varitek is the only man in baseball history to catch four no-hitters? Perhaps, but perhaps not.

With this veteran-laden staff, Varitek was the perfect guy to lead again. Perhaps there will come a time when the Red Sox can hand the keys over to their catcher of the future. But that man isn’t even in the organization right now.

Varitek will be 37 in April, but very driven to have people stop talking about his age and his sharp decline with the bat. No matter what Varitek does offensively in 2009, it will be hard for it to be worse than what he did last year.

Why did he turn down arbitration? We still don’t know exactly. Maybe he was scared off by the way the Red Sox re-signed Doug Mirabelli last winter, only to cut him in Spring Training. Maybe having two years guaranteed was a necessity.

It no longer matters. The Red Sox and Varitek found a way to keep a good thing going for a couple of more years.

It would have been surreal for the Red Sox to get to Spring Training without Varitek.

“To me, he’s the backbone of the team,” Manny Delcarmen said today. “Throughout this whole thing, I thought it would be kind of weird not having him in the clubhouse and not having him there to yell at me for not pitching inside. I’m sure a lot of guys feel the same way. Everyone is happy that it’s over. I could not even picture the clubhouse without him in there.”


I couldn’t agree with you more. The Team so much better with him – and I have more confidence now that Dice-K will have a great year. Welcome home Jason! But did you have to make us wait so long.


Couldn’t have said it better myself, Ian. I still believe that Tek’s intangibles are a steadying influence for our pitching staff. We seem to agree that Bard is not the catcher of the future, and I am not sold on Kottaras or Brown, yet, either. We’ll see. Past this year, I hope we do get that “catcher of the future”, be he Montero, or Salty, or someone else.
I thought it was strange the way Mirabelli was signed last year and then released (especially when Wake’s option was picked up), and that may, in fact, have factored in to Tek’s thinking–but it was not actually stated, and all we heard was Bornass spouting off. Perhaps that was something that was addressed in the mtg between Tek and JH. We may never know. But while Tek’s caution may have been warranted, his declining arbitration still seems odd, at best.

Well lets’s see…..Last yuear when Bornass was trying to get the Red Sox to pick up on ZAZU’s option for this year…and the Sox said we’ll and see waht happens…..Bornass tells ZAZU that his knee hurts and to sit out games until he either gets his extension or he is traded. I can’t help to think that Bornass in a last minute of desperation to get the Sox to blink again….advised Varitek to start throwing the word “retirement” around to try to sweeten the deal. Good for the Sox who held their ground. Welcome back Jason……hopefully as an old dog you learned not pay attention to Bonass not so new tricks. Ellen I echo your sentiments about Bornass 77%%%#$@%$(*&^^^%$%$^$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Is that enough dollar signs Arnie???? Ha Ha!!! Okay Jason…..time to start acting like the Captain again. Play Ball.

Please excuse my misspelled words and gaps…..I haven’t taken my meds for the night yet!!!!!

Hey to all!!! WHEWWWWW!!! This was dragged out just about as far as I could stand!!!! But the final outcome pleases me. The final piece of the 2009 puzzle has been snugly fit into place. It looks like a pretty picture to me.
Sorry that I got a little overheated on the Bore-my-a^S)S to death issue. The man just drips “slimey-slime”. Oops, I did it again!!!
I think that its great that Tek is home… Now I just wish that I could blink and make it “PLAY BALL” time!!!!!
I was at work when I read that Tek and the club came to an agreement. I had been going on to the Sox home page and WEEI’s to keep updated. I guess around 130-200 I looked and saw the good news. Well. little miss poker face that I am stands up behind her desk, and yells out “YESSSS
TEKS BACK”!!!!! I think that I scared the poop out of all the loan officers and my bosses!!!! ….
Anyway, I am really glad that we can put this situation behind us and we’re able to move forward.. Now its off to bed for me… See all of you guys and Julia tomorrow!!
Sweet RedSox dreams to all of us!!!!

Welcome back, Jason. I wear your jersey proudly during the Summer here in the sweltering West Texas sun. It is the only Sox player jersey I own.

My son starts early Spring ball for Little Leaguers tomorrow morning at 10 a.m. He was so excited to learn the news of his favorite player re-signing today that we had to go out to eat to celebrate and we created a stir with the Sox fans at the Brew Sports Grill with matching jerseys and lots of whoops and hollering.

Ironically, but maybe not so, Jarrett is a dark haired, blue-eyed, switch-hitting catcher for the Little Red Sox and he wears #33.

Batter up!

Nice, Jim, really nice for your son to have his hero back in the fold.

Ellen, now that the Sox have the Captain back there’s really nothing to do except wait for spring. So I’m going to give you my business partner’s “secret recipe” for pork chops. He cooks like I do, a little of this and a little of that. No painstaking measuring, just instinct and years of practice. You have a grill right? Fire it up on high and put your chops on it to sear and get that smoky flavor going. When you’ve got them scored with grill marks, take them off the grill, turn it down to low. Make a big aluminum foil pouch and put your p-chops in there with some chopped onion, red bell pepper, tomato, and a little jalapeno, or a lot of jalapeno if you prefer. Season it with fresh garlic, lime juice, tequila and a splash of orange juice, little bit of Mexican oregano. Salt and pepper. Seal up the pouch and place it back on the grill and let it cook slowly until the pork is tender and falls apart. Garnish with fresh cilantro. This goes great with beans and rice that have been flavored with chorizo, and some nice warm corn tortillas. Tomorrow if I have time I’ll type up a chicken recipe for you.

Arnie, That sounds like a recipe that is right up my alley!!! I have an “old fashioned grill”… Charcoal! But I can still do that. I assume this would work with a pork rib roast. We like to grill when the weather is chilly (like it will be tonight), so I think I will try it out then!!! OOPS tomorrow night,we are spending the day/evening with my mom today. She took another fall Thursday so my day consists of meeting with the Life Alert representative and getting that device installed, really giving her home a thorough cleaning (windows bath tile kitchen etc) and installing hand rails in the bathroom bedroom and hallways.
Thanks for another wonderful recipe from “Arnies Eats”!!
David loves your recipes!!

moanin all………..yesssss our cappy is back….who cares that his offense was down….he still had a typical tek year behind the plate and im old school in this area….if u are smart up the middle and play good D up the middle u will be a championship style team….up the middle starts at catcher…..sooooo……here comes my tito bash lol…..due tek a favor tito and protect him a lil and give em more days off and strongly suggest he try batting rt handed….might be time to make that adjustment…might just save his last yrs……platoon him for maybe 4-5 yrs with that young catcher from texas that we are about to snatch lol….all kidding aside im ecstatic that tek is back…..but pls tito when its the 7th or 8th and runners are at 1st and 2nd with 1 out and we trail by 1…..PINCH HIT unless tek is driving the ball and not flailing at it……sigh…..its been awhile since a plr started and finished his career where he began…albeit he was in a trade from seattle….in my book hes always been ours…..the biggest travesty in sox history was not allowing #24 to play 20 th yr for the team he gave his soul for…the real 24 not that worthless piece of donkey dung who still doesnt have a job lol……sorry guys …dewey will always be this boys hero……welcome back cappy and i hope u retire in a sox uni 5 series rings to boot….go sox…..judge

hi ellen…..i have recipe for u luv……dusty,yuke,bay,papi,mikey,drew,jed,tek,jake…and add some spice …..josh,dice k,lester the molester,timmy, smoltzy, paps………mmmmmmmmmm……yummy……also ….i own a construction company and if u would like some ideas for your mom that would make her life easier and safer i would be glad to email u some ideas…..have a wonderful day all…..judge

Judge, you own your own business? That explains your long work hours. How is this economy treating you? I hear that people are doing upgrades instead of buying a new house, so some folks are busy. Good luck to ya. If we can survive this down-turn we’ll be in good shape to make some money on the other side before the competition gets going again. Good times ahead!

Ellen, the key to that pork chop recipe is to keep it moist and cook it until the meat is falling apart. Use a prok roast if you want, it just takes longer to cook. Don’t let it dry out.

Judge, Thank you!! I would welcome any and all ideas to help my mom… ellencullum@bellsouth.net!!!! Thanks so much.. I really think that this place is Family!!!

Thanks Arnie… I just got a “Boston” butt roast … ( I could go so many places with that one!!!! lol) it was only 1.79 a lb so not only will it be good, it will be GOOD AND CHEAP!!!!
Do you use fresh tomatoes or would a can of tomatoes with jalepenos do???

Use fresh tomatoes and jalapenos.

Sounds GREAT!!! I am feeling so very exhausted just from dealing with my mom today… she kind of kicked us out for the rest of the day, so I think we will make this this afternoon/tonight… After today, I think that the dinner along with a “few” cervesa’s will do the job nicely…

yes ellen i own a home repair business currently…..i used to frame new custom homes but in the recent economic troubles ive downsized to a remodeling and special custom woodwork company…..i also do some framing still if the money is right……the increase in insurance and overhead in general has really put a hurt on the business though so at my age ive downsized to myself and a few choice employees pending on job size…..its still lucritive if u have a good rep and most of my work is word of mouth…..lately ive been traveling alot and doing higher end custom woodwork and remodeling for high end custom home owners….stressed woodwork and custom dens,offices and so on…..anyhoo lol….send me an email of the layout of your moms house and i can give u some ideas that will still make her feel independant while easing her mobility and probably adding some safety features ….most of the ideas are very low cost that most somewhat handy ppl can handle ….judge…itwasntme7777@yahoo.com

Ellen, maybe you want to transfer that roast to your oven to slow cook instead of trying to keep your grill going all afternoon.

Judge, I try to get that to you.
Arnie, Chorizo isnt always available here. Any thing that I can substitute in case I cant get it??

BYW Judge, I loved your comments about #24, ( the REAL, not the donkey dung guy) lol!!!!

How did this Veritek post move to a grilling conversation? lol Any case I hope the Red Sox use this time wisely and find his replacement this year and get him in line with the teams make up. I think this was a good move for the Sox to bring him back, but he can’t do this forever.


Salty, Teagarden Likely To Remain Rangers

Maybe try Andouille sausage.

Ellen, you can make chorizo using ground pork a little vinegar, garlic, ancho chile powder, salt and pepper.

So who will the Sox groom as Varitek’s successor? I would think it would be in the Sox’s best interest to make that determination this year!

Rose: Didnt you know?? This is Ian and Arnies Grilling Brownies points!! lol

Besides, Rosehof, you might get a tailgating recipe or two on here!😉
Kramer, that was why I posted the question to our Tek skeptics specifically, but to everyone in general–who should be our “catcher of the future”? I liked the idea of Salty or Teagarden best, but Montero might be a possibility. Or Mauer if the price and timing in FA are right. I would like us to be settled on our new catcher before 2010, though. We’ll see. GO SOX!

For some reason I can’t pull up Mark Wagner’s minor league stats or bio. Luis Exposito finished strong at A+ and could do AA and AAA both in 2009 but that would be a push. So I wonder what’s on Theo’s mind?

Kramer: Here you go:
#5 Mark Wagner Portland Sea Dogs | Catcher

Age: 24
Born: June 11, 1984
Lakewood, CA
Height: 6-1
Weight: 205
Bats: Right
Throws: Right
Drafted: 9th round, 2005;
29th round, 2002 by Atlanta
How Acquired: Draft
College: UC-Irvine
High School: Mayfair HS (CA)
ETA: 2010

Photo: seadogs.com Scouting Report: Good defensive catcher with a sturdy frame. Excellent at throwing runners out. Average to slightly above average at blocking balls in the dirt. Calls a good game, but needs to improve framing pitches. Nimble behind the plate, looks good fielding bunts. Previously projected as a potential elite defensive catcher, Wagner’s defensive development seemed to slow somewhat in 2008. However, he is said to be an extremely hard worker with strong leadership ability. With the bat, Wagner has gap power and makes decent-but-inconsistent contact. Somewhat streaky, he seems to burn out each year come August (with the exception of 2007, and he ended that season on the DL). Could stand to improve his swing mechanics somewhat. No particularly dominant offensive tools, but all are about average. His swing is well suited for Fenway.

RSN – Five Minutes with Mark Wagner
Q&A with Mark Wagner

MLB Comparison: Brad Ausmus

Career Stats
year team lg level org age g ab r h 2b 3b hr rbi tb bb so sb cs avg obp slg ops
2003 UC-Irvine NCAA Coll 19 54 216 20 59 19 1 2 31 86 14 31 2 2 0.273 0.317 0.398 0.716
2004 UC-Irvine NCAA Coll 20 54 196 27 56 9 0 4 34 77 14 20 0 0 0.286 0.333 0.393 0.726
2005 UC-Irvine NCAA Coll 21 54 220 37 78 11 4 4 39 109 9 26 2 3 0.355 0.398 0.495 0.893
2005 Lowell NYPL A Bos 21 24 69 10 14 2 1 0 6 18 9 7 1 1 0.203 0.309 0.261 0.570
2006 Greenville SAL A Bos 22 96 355 49 107 32 1 7 45 162 42 52 1 3 0.301 0.386 0.456 0.842
2006 Wilmington Car A Bos 22 17 65 8 11 4 0 1 5 18 7 9 0 0 0.169 0.243 0.277 0.520
2007 Lancaster Cal A Bos 23 95 368 71 117 35 1 14 82 196 55 46 0 1 0.318 0.406 0.533 0.939
2008 Portland East AA Bos 24 94 342 44 75 19 0 10 48 124 38 78 0 0 0.219 0.304 0.363 0.666
2008 Scottsdale AFL Fall Bos 24 18 59 10 17 3 0 4 8 32 8 9 0 0 0.288 0.373 0.542 0.916

Additional Player Info
Pronunciation: —
First Pro Contract: July 13, 2005 by James Orr
Signing Bonus: $90,000
MiLB Debut: July 2005 (Lowell)
MLFA Eligible: –
Rule 5 Draft Eligible: – Added to 40-man: November 20, 2008
MLB Debut: –
MLB Service Time (through 2008): –
Options Remaining: 3 (0 used)
MLB Contract (2009): Split MLB/MiLB Contract
Trade Restrictions: None

Red Sox ML Offensive Player of the Month (May 2006)
South Atlantic League All Star (2006)
Red Sox Minor League Defensive Player of the Month (May 2007)
California League Player of the Week (Aug. 13-19, 2007) SoxProspects.com Awards
2006 SoxProspects.com All-Star – Catcher
2006 SoxProspects.com Breakout Player of the Year
SoxProspects.com Player of the Week (July 1-7, 2007)

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Sorry, I didnt realize it was that long….😦

Arnie, I hope that youre still hanging around… How long do you figure for a pork roast,bone in, about 4 lbs???

Thanks. I’ll review it tomorrow!

Ellen, pork usually cooks faster than beef so maybe 3 to 4 hours. It varies.

Well Arnie, the pork roast is shelved til tomorrow afternoon…. I didnt get things started early enough so, it’ll be Super Bowl tailgaiting fare!!! Best “grub” in the neighborhood. I figure I’ll start it about 3:00 and really make it slllloooowww cooked… we’ve got some mesquite chips soaking now too. We’ll move our little portable tv into the carport (partially open) and spend the football gameout there. It should be about 55 degrees so we’ll have a nice evening. I’ll give you an update tomorrow night! Thank you.

hey hey ……sittin here goin over who is still out there in fa….it warms my heart to see zazu gettin wot he deserves….i mean geez….i know u all think the same but how in the heck can a guy who collected 200 mill not be happy and say he was treated bad….lawdy….i wish someone would treat me like that lol….heck i let em call me a dink daily and ask for more lol….anyhoo i got a song for that donkey dung guy….fit s him well now……right place wrong time…..dr john…………judge

Bravo Judge!!!!! I’d be telling them the same thing.. please mistreat me some more please!!!!!

I’m wondering, with the Tek deal done, if the Sox might now look to trade perhaps Buchholz to get some additional catching help.


By juliasrants on January 31, 2009 9:01 PM

Now that Tek is on board, he ought to focus on his long, as well as short, term goals. In addition to playing the only way he knows how, he should accept the role as a mentorand teaching his future replacement . Hopefully, in two of more years, he should plan on being a bench or bullpen coach with the even longer term goal of becoming a manager. His whole life is being a leader in baseball and he should continue as long as he is healthy. Ideally, his entire career will be with the Sox

Absolutely right, Pangelotti, whether that 2nd year option is picked up or not. I hope he’s listening to what you just said, either from mgmt, or from blogs like ours!
By the way, have you traded Lugo and Lopez yet??😉 We can hope!

greg1969- Valentines Day is coming soon. Maybe a deal can be worked out for Logo and Lopez. Somehow if they can be tied into Obama’s stimulus package plus some help from Teddy up in Mass, a deal can be worked out with some of the people in Chicago. I think Valentine’s Day was a pretty big day in Chicago a few years back. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do.

Dont think any young arms traded. Still questions about health to Beckett, Smoltz, Saito, and Penny. Wakefield too had long stint on DL last year.
Im sure Bucholz, Bowden, Zink, and even Bard if has good spring, will be used just in case of injuries, and if any starters are not ready to at start of season.
Smoltz and Penny one year contracts, Wakefield I feel last year, so will need starters next year. Free Agent starters for next year not looking good. Lackey and Harden are only 2 quality ones for next year Free Agent pool. Lackey probably will resigned by Angels.

I guess since the last news came in about Tek re-signing, we’re all taking a rest to gear up for….
PITCHERS AND CATCHERS in just over 8 days….
I’m out of practice so let me warm up a bit….
(sorry, its been a LOOONNNNGGGGG winter)

oh… I was involved in the Yahoo fantasy league last year.. is anyone here going to do fantasy BB??? Hey.. I finished atop of the consolation bracket… My first try!!!

Well, Our former left fielder thinks that a one year contract for a meager (said dripping with sarcasm) 25 MILLION DOLLARS isnt good enough for him. I bet if he were to be hung by the neck, he’d want a platinum rope or if we gave him the world, he’d want a fence around it!!!! I hope that the people at New Era have bought lots of extra material for his caps… they are going to need it to make him one that fits his big head!!!! He and the bottom feeder deserve each other. Maybe they can start their own league…

Ellen I read that article about Zazu and it’s the most ridiculous thing ever. Can you imagine what he must be thinking? Turning down 25 million in this market???? Oy vey!!

If he thinks that San Fran is going to give him more years (they may give him the same money) he’s out of his “Zazu-being-Zazu” lovin’ mind. I think that all the F.O. execs actually took notes last year during his episode with The Sox. He cant be trusted with a long term contract, you know, he could possibly stay content for one season but no longer… Just my lil ol opinion!!!

Borass already made a bundle in commisions off of the Yankees. He can string Zazu along until the opening bell hoping to squeeze the last dime out of the team that caves in to Zazu’s demands. Maybe baseball got smart and lets Zazu watch from the stands for 2009. But, then again, the Steinbrenners of the world are always there.

I can’t believe ZAZU thinks someone is going to sign him for 4 or 5 years. That’s the latest I heard he wants. Borass has overbid yet another hand. Borass has gotten a little on himself this year and I hope some of the players take notice that his self greed has cost them money. In Varitek’s case, arbritration was in his best interest but Borass’ ego cost Varitek millions. ZAZU on the other hand is so self centered he has cost himself $$$$$$$. His actions in Boston have cost him BIG $$$$$$$!!!!!!

Craig, let me help you. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Stupid Borass!!
How’s that?

Craig, I have no doubt that Zazu thinks he can get a 4 or 5 year deal. He probably could play for someone at a high level for that length of time–IF HE WANTED TO!!! Trouble is, he’s screwed himself straight into the ground with the way he left us, that no one is willing to take him on for more than 1-2 years at a time. And why should they? His “devil-may-care-but-I-don’t attitude may finally come back to bite him!

I noticed Theo picked up Brad Wilkerson for a 1-year deal. That may turn out to be a good pick-up. I’ve always liked Wilkerson, but I think he has not played up to his potential up to now. So we’ll see if he does well for us.

Thanks Arnie…..Even when no one can count on ZAZU…..I can count on you!!!!!! Greg, I think Manny could go maybe 3 more years but I just think he would finally lose his bout with ADD. All the Dodgers wnat from him is one full year top make one more run with him. But if they only give him one year he will try to hold them hostage in July….remember that last year???? I would be real careful about a one year deal with him.

I don’t disagree with you on Zazu’s ADD, but I think that is the only thing that stops him, on a physical capabilities level. But you are right–sooner or later, that will stop him! Otherwise, I think he CAN play for a good while longer.

The word out on the street is that no one works harder than Manny when he sets out to do something…so I agree with you that if he stays focused he can do what he wants as long as he wants to. It’s just that focus thing that kills him. It doesn’t take much to break his concentration.

I think Zazu’s “devil-may-care” attitude is already coming back to bite him in the butt. Who would want to take the chance on him for that kind of money over the course of several years. Don’t forget, Zazu asked for a trade every offseason while with the Sox. Even the Steinbrenners aren’t THAT stupid. Well…..maybe, but not by much. I don’t hear them making any noises re Zazu. Maybe Hank will swoop in and give him Posada money. Nah…….they can’t be that dumb. Can they??

Craig, I’ve got your back, don’t worry. $$$$$$$$$$$$

Thanks Arnie….remember last year when you had me try all those good luck positions on the couch?????? Well, I am warming up for the up-coming season!!!!!

Taking a yoga class?

Is it just me or has this Wilkerson got anyone else scratching their heads? Why sign this guy when they could put Mighty Casey back on the roster? Someone please enlighten me.

Arnie, No Yoga…yet…maybe not a bad idea. Jim…Until now I had forgotten all about Brad Wilkerson. Theo is definitely preparing for a rainy day and if we get one where we need Wilkerson….we are in touble. The Sox are getting back-ups for the back-ups….

Meant to write trouble instead of touble……somehow I think you know what I meant!!!!!!! Time to turn in…early day tomorrow!!!!

As I posted eariler, Jim and Craig, I am interested in this Wilkerson signing because I think he is simply one of these players who has never achieved his potential (which means that this could be an opportunity to tap that potential). Maybe he’ll make the team (he’s reportedly starting in the Minors), maybe not. But another possibility is that he will be part of a trade pkg. Maybe Theo is putting together that trade pkg. I’ve been speculating on ;)! Hmmm…

Ian – Congrats on being #7 on the latest Pro-Blogger Leader’s List! Hey – the Red Sox are #1 on the Fan Bloggers Leader’s List!


Wilkerson has the potential, to tie or go ahead with one swing of the bat. Casey did not have that. Wilkerson not bad right fielder either, with Drew at least on the DL for a couple of times during season, good to have.
Understand Varitek’s incentives are based on games played. 80 games 400,00, 90 400,00, 100 400,00, 110 400,000, 120 400,000.
So if Sox do not pick-up his option, and he does, Sox might make him part-time next year, if catcher is brought in. He can also go back into Free Agency, based on his performances, he probably will not be a Class A, but a much easier to sign Class B.

Jim: You cant put Casey back on the roster; he retired and is starting with MLB network…. But they could get Millar. I think that they’ll probably just wait and then package Wilkerson when they need to make a trade down the line…

Well, I figured that even though he was retired, he’d come back for the right gig. Millar? Hell yeah. But he’s more of an everyday guy in Baltimore. You think he’d play a reduced role in Boston? Maybe in a year or two he’d be a good fit again. I think he’d be a great acquisition. Cowboy Up!

I like Jon Lester’s attititude and work ethics by reporting early to Fort Myers.
Wilkerson is a backup to the backup OF. He can be on the opening day roster taking Kotsay’s spot if Lowell is not 100% ready to play 3B. Another low risk potentially high reward pick up by Theo OR as ellen said be a part of package to make a trade.
I think Varitek’s incentives kick in only if he picks up the 2010 option.

I agree with rooster on the one swing of the bat comment. Wilkerson can do that — and did it with the Rangers. He did some damage in 2005 (Jays?) when he hit over 30 homers. I’m curious why Theo didn’t pursue a big bat after Tex signed with the Empire? (Dunn?)

Say, did anyone notice the headline on the Sox homepage; Cashman says no more spending. You think that means they will go get Zazu for big bucks? You know how a GM and owner will say about a manger,”He’s our guy. No way we fire him.” Then they fire him. So maybe this is Cashman’s way of saying: cmon Zazu, we have a HUGE contract for you; Posada Money!!
Posada Money has taken the place of Monopoly Money now. (Except it’s real money)

Forget trading for a catcher Luis Exposito in adavanced A Salem is the best Catching prospect we have. They think he can be perrinial ALL STAR. Wagner is projected as a solid back up. As is Brown and maybe Kottaras. Bard is not as bad as you all seem to think, He caught Peavy during his Cy Young year and Peavy was not all too happt that he wasn’t re-signed,that speaks for it self! He was hurt most of the year, Has the same 993 career fpct as The Captain But has a great avg with runners on and risp,299 and 320 respectively not to mention 369 when 2outs and man on 3rd! I hope he splits the catching duties more evenly with Tek say 91-71, Bard had Magadan as hitting coach and did well ,is now back with him. Maybe Tek can catch wake

Hey Texas Ranger fan here. If you guys are really interested in one of our catchers you should probably ask for Taylor Teagarden. He is a former first round pick, was called up last year and hit like .350. He also is a pretty good defensive catcher. Saltalamacchia stinks period end of story.

Down here in Texas our rookie GM a few years ago traded an All Star second baseman, Alphonso Soriano for Wilkerson, Sledge and Galarraga. Wilkerson was hurt but stunk up the field. We are always looking to dump salary so maybe you guys should trade for Mike Young our former ss and now 3B. Salty aint the guy for you. Teagarden is the catcher you should ask for.

HwRoxl, I’m all for heving Exposito as a “catcher of the future”, but if he is only now in Adv.-A Ball, he’ll need a little time and seasoning. That does not rule him out, but we’d need a catcher in the interim, whether it be Teagarden or Montero, or Salty (Dwidregod, if Saltalamacchia was not doing well with you in TX, then perhaps he has regressed. He was doing very promising work when I watched him with the Braves). But if we could work out a trade for Teagarden, I’m all for it (you guys need ****?). Wilkerson, it appears, is a stop-gap guy who’ll fill in on the bench later on. I liked him with the Nationals, but I haven’t seen him play for you or for Seattle, but, again, it appears we may have some unfulfilled potential there. We’ll see. Thanks for your input.

Hey, it bleeped out my abbreviation for “A Short Stop” again! What a riot!

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