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Some of the more faithful readers might have noticed a sudden halt to the Red Sox mailbag that used to run every Monday.

The good news is that they are back, albeit in a different form and structure. The name of the story will now be called “in box”. So you can send me an e-mail at with any question pertaining to the Sox and just leave your first name and the first intial of your last name, followed by your home town (city and state).

Instead of doing the in box every Monday as we did with the mailbags, we will run them on whenever i have a sufficient amount of good questions to post, and of course, the time to post them!!!

So fire away with your questions please.  Again, make sure to send them to





I have asked questions but I have never gotten a reply. Why is that? Only reason I could think of, they were dumb questions. True??? Hmmmmmmmm. lol.

Good signing by the Angels today, getting Abreu. He’ll give them some good production at a relatively low cost. Abreu doesn’t hit the longball anymore but all he does is get on base.

no, not dumb questions. the problem is that the mailbags were only running once a week and it was overwhelming to sift through a thousand e-mails and find the five or best questions. now, i can do these in boxes as often as i want. so keep it coming!


Did you ever think that sports/baseball could ever be effected by the economy? Who do you think will have a breakout year in 2009 for the Red Sox?

I have always enjoyed reading the mailbags. So many knowledgeable fans, of course Red Sox fans.


According too reports out of South Florida ( Dade County ) Ellen ak.a. Trixie is given Mike Lowell a ride too Spring Training. Last I heard they were on Alligator Alley. LOL!! The worst road I have ever been on.

By on February 11, 2009 2:33 PM
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give us a day or two and we’ll be there!! lol (taking the long way home!!)

The worst road you have ever been on, Brian? And Trixie’s taking it to ST? OH NO!!! There goes Mike’s hip rehab!!😉 Alligator Alley, eh? HMMM…

Hi Brian: We know you were asking dumb questions. Just kidding. You are a walking encyclopedia of baseball. What possible questions you could ask Ian and the regulars of this blog couldn?t answer for you? lol
The Angels are on the verge of signing Abreu. Abreu is still a good hitter, a 20/100 (20 HRs, 100 RBIs) hitter, although it?s comical to see him play LF. I hope Abreu will come back to bite the Yanks. Sill wonder why Ca$hman didn?t offer Abreu arbitration or the Yanks could have picked up the first round draft pick.
It is encouraging to hear Beck and especially Brad Penny are throwing well. Like to know how Lowell is doing.



Thanks for the kind words. We all have our observations and opinions and that is what I enjoy the most. Reading about baseball/life on here, I learn all the time. I agree totally, dumb questions for sure! My mother would agree and of course anyone else who I have spoken too. Spring Training is always a fun time of year. What team in 2009 will be the Rays????

Were you asking what will the Rays do this year, or which team will surprise like the Rays did? Or both?

I also would love to see Abreu eat the Yankees’ lunch. I will be interested to see how he does with the Angels. Sounds like a great pickup for them. (As long as he whiffs on Beckett’s and Lester’s fastballs!) The Nationals signed Dunn to a 2-year contract. That ought to be intriguing to see how he fits in there!

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