Signs of Spring

Twenty-four hours and counting until the official reporting date, but almost every Red Sox pitcher is already here for a morning workout. I’m sorry to rub it in, but the weather could not be any nicer than it is. Beautiful sun, great temperature, laid-back atmosphere.

Josh Beckett is clearly healthy at the outset of camp, as he went through a bullpen session today, looking impressive enough for Takashi Saito to utter a “wow” when he watched a couple of Beckett fastballs.

Jon Lester was next to throw a side. Then it was Brad Penny’s turn. The fact that Penny is throwing a bullpen before camp even starts is, at the very least, an encouraging sign that his shoulder is recovered from his problems of a year ago.

Tim Wakefield, the venerable vet, began his 15th season in Boston by arriving at camp today. Most of the pitchers projected to make the team have been on the grounds the last couple of days. I’ve yet to see Papelbon or Justin Masterson.

Position players Kevin Youkilis and Rocco Baldelli were again on the field working out.

Jason Varitek hasn’t arrived just yet, but he will make his first public comments since signing his new deal before the week is out.



I know all about the great weather we are having here in Florida. Last week you wouldn’t write that.

I think Beckett will duplicate what he did in 2007. He’ll have a Cy Young type of year!

With the news of Favre retiring, I wonder if the Yankees will sign him? A player that has seen better years, he would be a ideal fit in pinstripes! LOL!!

Thanks Ian, for a great visual on the warm Florida sunshine,Can’t wait to get down there in March! Glad to hear that my boys are arriving fit and ready to grind-out another year. I look forward to hearing LOTS of updated info from you on the day-to-day workouts and fun (I mean work) down there. Go Sox !!!!

Thanks Ian! I am so excited that we finally have some REAL baseball news to talk about! It is encouraging news about Penny’s shoulder. Let’s hope they all stay healthy!


Give us an update on Lowell when he arrives, please, Ian! I hope he’s doing well. GO SOX!

YAY!!! Less than 24 hours before the “official” P and C report time. Gee I wonder if Zazu will be on time for Spring Training this year… OH WAIT HE DOESNT HAVE A TEAM TO REPORT TO!!! LOL Poor Zazu…..
Here is a silver linging moment in the Aroid Case..

There have been some EXCELLENT interviews this week on MLB network. They had the owner of the Rangers on and also Lucchino (his interview was taped b4 the Steriod thing) very very good and enetertaining.


According too reports out of South Florida ( Dade County ) Ellen ak.a. Trixie is given Mike Lowell a ride too Spring Training. Last I heard they were on Alligator Alley. LOL!! The worst road I have ever been on.

give us a day or two and we’ll be there!! lol (taking the long way home!!)

I hope you’re right about Beckett, Brian. If he can stay healthy, I think you’ll be right. Cy Young, anyone? GO SOX!

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