Camp is getting full

Monday is the official reporting date for position players, but almost everyone had rolled in by this morning. The MVP — Dustin Pedroia — headlined today’s newcomers, which also included David Ortiz and a noticeably stronger Jacoby Ellsbury. Word is that Julio Lugo arrived right after media access was closed for the morning.

That leaves Mike Lowell and Jason Bay as the only members of the starting nine who haven’t been spotted on the premises.

Pedroia is clearly hungry to erase the sour taste of Game 7 at The Trop:

game away from the World Series. If that doesn’t motivate you, you need to pick
a new profession. I think everybody is motivated this year,” Pedroia said.

Ellsbury hung out with Pedroia a lot this winter at the Athletes Perfomance Institute in Tempe, Ariz.

lot of guys have had success training over there and I wanted to go down there,” said Ellsbury.
“Me being up in Oregon, you get the good weather down there, that’s a big part
of it. Do some baseball stuff, hit on the field, throw, be around a lot of big
league guys and that was fun. it was a good atmosphere to be in.”

As for Jacoby’s improved physique?

biggest thing I would say is just to be out there every single day, knowing that
the team can count on me to be healthy,” Ellsbury said. “You obviously can’t prepare for some
things, but I just prepare my body to be out there every single day and help

The ace — No. 19 Josh Beckett — is expected to hold his first media briefing after the workout.


Morning everyone. Just a quick note to thank all of you for your thoughts and prayers. Mom passed last night. No suffering. I’ll check in later.


Sorry too here about the passing of your mother. I never really know what too say when that happens. My thoughts and prayers to your family.

Pedroia is one guy that the Red Sox never have too worry about. He always plays with alot of passion/fire/drive and motivation. He plays baseball with a football mentality. Youk among others play that way. Some show it more than others.

Great too here Ellsbury is ready too go as well. When he gets on base, great things happen. The Angels ( 1st rd. of the playoffs ) had no clue what to do with him. He ate them up. Ellsbury against T.B. that was another story. The Rays fooled him the entire series. Ellsbury needs too handle that inside pitch, when he does he’ll be over .300 every season. Also when he start handling that inside pitch, you own more of the plate. Teams would jam him inside and then go off the plate. Then again 2008 was his first full season and overall he had a solid season. He didn’t even make an error in c.f. That was very impressive. I don’t think any team in baseball has a better top of the order than the Red Sox. Ellsbury and then Pedroia, that is scary for the next several years.

Ellen, I am so sorry to hear about your mom. My thoughts and prayers to you and your family.

I like the idea that Ellsbury and Pedroia worked out together over the off-season. Hopefully that will lead to a strong Ellsbury. I have high hopes for him this season.


Ellen- sorry to hear about your mom. All we an do now is to pray for her. Take care of yourself. Phil

So sorry, Ellen. We’re praying for you and your family.
Great to hear Dustin’s comments, especially after signing his extension. If everyone is as hungry for payback as he is, we’re going to be in GREAT shape! GO SOX!

Sorry to hear about your Mom. That’s a tough one. I know everyone on this blog will be praying for you and your family. Take care.

Hey! Ellenc!

Allow me to extend my thoughts and prayers to you and your family on your Mom’s passing. My Mom will be 85 in April and enjoys good health…but I know there is inevitably a day coming…Never easy…Losing family members is like taking your favorite pitch right in the right place without getting your bat off your shoulder…for the last out of the game. Please return quickly, we will miss your contributions.

Hey! BosoxBrian!

You and I went round and round a while back about the value/lack of value of Matt Holiday in front of the Green Monster. I accepted your judgment so thoroughly, that I gave it up as a thought. However, now, after a clear demonstration of his value, the Sox have not committed to a long term contract for Jason Bay. Am I massively over-reading the circumstances, or could Theo be keeping his “Holliday options” open?

Great to hear about all of the early arrivals, and the boyish enthusiasm of those who are in camp. It would be great to have this excitement lead to a 98+ win season, a birth in the play-offs and a real run for another Championship. I wonder how many wins it will take this year to get into the play-offs. I predicted the Sox would win 96, they won 95 and got in as the wild card. Looking back, that has not always been the case: In 1977, they won 97 games and finished tied for 2nd 2 1/2 GB the League winning Yanks (when there was no wild card). We all remember 1978 too painfully, when 99 regular season wins just got them into the “ill-fated” play-off game. In 1979, they won 91 games, and finished 3rd in the East, 11 1/2 GB the Orioles (the Brewers, who won 95 games in the AL East also did not make it in). In 2002, the Sox won 93 games and finished 10 1/2 GB the Yanks (the Angels took the wild card that year with 99 wins). In 1986, the Sox won the AL East with 95 wins. In 1999, they took the wild card with 94 wins, and in 2003, they also took the wild card, this time with 95 wins, just beating out Seattle.

I am hoping that 98 wins will get it done, I’m not so confident that 95 will allow the Sox to see the play-offs this year. Even though I agree they are a “mile wide and an inch deep” I do believe the Yanks off-season acquisitions will make them 5 – 10 wins better than their 89 wins of a year ago, the A-Roid circus notwithstanding. The bigger question is do the Rays remain a 97-win capable team. I still don’t understand their move letting Edwin Jackson go, no matter how capable they think David Price will be. Also, I’m not fully convinced that Garza and Sonnenstine (even tho’ a KSU alum) can be counted on for 24 wins. Then there’s the question of whether their bullpen will get it done 2 years in a row, particularly with the size of the health question mark hanging above the head of Troy Percival.

Time will tell. If the Sox only regain a modicum of the health they struggled holding onto last year, they will be in it until the end. It should be a lot of fun….now, where’s my popcorn????

So sorry to hear about your mother’s passing. A trajedy for your family and friends. My heart is now heavy.

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