J.D. and his balky back

At the time of year when most players inevitably proclaim to be in “the best shape of my life”, Red Sox right fielder J.D. Drew was candid today about the fact that his back — that limited him through August and September last year — is still problematic.

Drew said that he is fine to play right now, but admits that it’s unpredictable when it might lock up.

“I’m not concerned that I won’t be at full capacity to play,” Drew said. “Like I said,
if we had to go out there and play a game today, I could do that. That wouldn’t
be a problem. That being said, I have battled with this the entire offseason as
far as stiffness goes. Not really mobility as much. You wake up stiff, you move
around, you do a few things, sit down for a while, you get stiff. Able to get
up and move around and swing the bat, stuff like that I can do no problem right
now. The one major thing is when it locks up, that’s when it causes the main

Other than that, the talk of camp today was how Jacoby Ellsbury looked more muscular and how David Ortiz looked trimmer. Big Papi will do his first media briefing of the spring on Monday.


Congrats on #9 on the Latest Leader’s List!


I will have to say that I’m a little concerned about Drew, but I am happy to hear that Big Papi looks trimmer and Ellsbury seems to be in great shape!


First off,
Ellen, I am sorry for your loss. My mom passed away in 1996 and not a day goes by that I don’t think of her. Just remember…..when you want to see her, just look inside yourself. It always works for me. I’ll pray for you and your family. You are family here !!!! As far as Varitek….nothing was more painful for me this off-season then waiting for him to sign. I think he is going to have a decent year as I can’t see anyone with more motivation to turn it around. Part of leading the team is leading by example. He has a lot to prove to “himself”. He is a hard worker with a lot of pride and I think he will be ready to turn things around. Could be wishful thinking…hope not. JD Drew….I think he is giving us a warning that this could be one of those years that he will be sporatic at best as far as the lineup goes. I think we all knew that already. Won’t be long now before the whole gang is on here leaning on every pitch….can’t wait!!!!!! Go Sox.

Drew sounds like he’s ready to spend time on the DL on a regualr basis–just in time to fulfill Judge’s and Brian’s predictions for him. Baldelli might get more playing time than he might have thought. First his back, next that hangnail you guys predicted…hmmm…one of you said he might as well be made of paper–crumpled up on the DL. Sounds about right. Hope you can stay healthy, Rocco!

Ugh. No shock about Drew. Diva……

Papi looks good…and Tito sounds really excited about his hitting already so that’s a good thing. 🙂


Hey everyone! Thank you all for all of your kind thoughts!! They mean alot to me and I told my brothers about it, they were really surprised and say thank you too!
I really am doing my best to not think horrible things about the JD Drew comments…. but in fact they are what I just about expected at his point (actually since 07). I hope somebody in the club house has a set of master keys to UN”LOCK” his back when it LOCKS UP!!

I have a terriffic idea!!!! Let’s make LUGO the LOCKSMITH!!!!

Looks like it’ll be Bay in left, Ellsbury in center and some kind of merry-go-round in right. Nothing new…..we are used to it. I still remember how Drew threw the team on his back last June so if he can pick a month a do that again I’ll take what we get on the side. Hopefully the combined numbers from right field are somewhere around 25 homeruns 100 RBI’s and .290. I could deal with that.

Hey, at least Drew came up big in the 07 post-season! If he could do that more consistently…hmmm…

Death, taxes and J.D. Drew being hurt are three gurantee’s in life. I thought going into the season he would play around 120 games, maybe up too 130 or so. Too bad he is made of paper, the guy can flat out hit. He carried the Red Sox in the month of June last year. He stepped it up when Ortiz went on the shelf. Baldelli get ready too play. You will be needed. Ask Crisp how much playing time he got last year as a 4th o.f. Any team with Drew will always need a back-up plan. Drew is not made for the long haul. It’s a shame because he is very talented.

JD being JD………

Hang in there, Ellen! Nothing we say can make you feel any better, but maybe knowing that we are here, thinking of you, will give you a tiny bit of comfort.

Sorry Sox fans but I almost laughed out loud, OK, I did laugh out loud when I read about JD coming to camp with a sore back. I don’t know how he got to Ft. Meyers; plane, Mercedes Benz, Greyhound Bus?? but geez, most people get a stiff neck from riding too long. JD goes on the DL! Heaven help us if he tries to pick up his glove!!

I must say, it makes me nervous: we haven’t even gotten to the date for position players to report, and two of them (Kotsay and JD) already have injuries. I sure hope this is not a preview of coming attractions.

Hey! BosoxBrian!

Did you see my Matt Holliday question from the last strand? If not, I will ask it again. After all, you guys know how I like to talk (lol).

D. Benjamin…

That snow must be really effecting you up there in Cleveland. LOL!! More Matt Holliday talk on here…..Oh no! I’ll take Bay over him any day of the week. I believe the Sox will sign Bay too an extension sometime during spring training. If not very early into the season. They did that with Crisp and Ortiz, sign them when the season just started.


Great line…J.D. being J.D. It made me laugh!

I hope you are right, Brian, about extending Bay’s contract. I think we’ll find that to be a very good investment. I hope he’s here for a while.

Shame about Drew. Remember when he is right he is an All-Star MVP!

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