Lowell speaks

Red Sox third baseman Mike Lowell, a couple of hours after arriving into camp, just held court in the parking lot, speaking to a small group of reporters from the driver’s seat of his black BMWM5.

Will Lowell (right hip surgery in October) be ready for Opening Day?

“I am thinking
about it because I’d like to do it. I don’t know how much pressure I feel. I
think it’s a time-table that I want to beat. If I’m not going to be able to
contribute then there’s no point. I still think it’s a realistic time-table and
it’s not really Opening Day that I’m shooting for. I’m shooting to be able to
play in games before that because I don’t want my first taste of games being a
regular-season game. I want to get some games under my belt, which I think is
also a realistic goal. I’m really interested to see what the doctors say
tomorrow on the physicals and kind of map out what I’m going to do

How is the hip?

“I feel pretty
good, man. I’ve been hitting for about three weeks, not every day but I’ve been
able to go through tee toss and a regular batting practice out on the field
with no pain. I think more importantly, no swelling the next day, no flare-ups.
I’ve been throwing for a while, my arm feels fine, it’s just, I think the next
step is going to being out on the field, taking groundballs, going from station
to station, just being on my feet all day. I think being in spikes might be an
adjustment but, I don’t know, I’m feeling pretty good. I’m actually looking
forward to practicing and getting ready.”

Was Lowell upset when it looked like the Red Sox were going to sign Mark Teixeira, meaning Lowell could have been traded in Spring Training?

“I was delighted,
man. (joking). At first, there’s a lot of rumors that float around. I kind of
went to my sources. I was assured by several of them that this was a legit
thing. I’m not going to jump the gun or anything. I think I said it before, you
feel hurt, but I think that’s a normal human reaction that anyone would have.
It just kind of shows you that there are some times when this sport is really a
business and you have to treat it that way and you go from there. It doesn’t
take away any excitement or how much I like the guys that I play with on the
field, and I’m on a team that has a chance to win the World Series. I don’t
know too many people that can say that even in the big leagues that each year,
year in and year out, they’re on a team that has a chance to win a World
Series. I’m still really excited about that. It wasn’t the greatest process in
the world.”

How weird would Spring Training have been if Teixeira was there?

I envisioned a
very awkward scene of me and Youk taking groundballs at third and then basically
talking to you guys after every single practice, saying, am I ready or not? I’m
glad that was avoided.”


I thought ballplayers drove Hyudai’s. lol.


Bay as trade bait. I don’t see that happening. Bay led the Sox in H.R.’s and R.B.I.’s and I expect him too have another solid year. Boston would be smart if they gave him an extension. I doubt they would have too overpay too keep him happy in Boston. Most of his career he played for one losing team after another. I’m guessing playing for a winner and a team that will pay you well will be the choice. Sounds like the Red Sox too me!

I agree on Jason Bay, he’s almost an automatic 30 hr’s, 100 rbi guy, good situational hitter. Why would you guys want ot trade him?

YES! MIKE”S BACK! I can’t wait to hear from him, and I look forward to an outstanding season from him!
I agree with Brian–we don’t need to trade Bay, we need to sign him! (See previous thread)! GO SOX!

Brian, is that what Ellen was driving Mike in through Alligator Alley ;)??!! There went his hip rehab!

Mike Lowell, class act. I don’t blame him for being hurt and disappointed, but I’m glad he stuck with it, and I’m looking forward to an outstanding 09 from him! GO MIKE! GO SOX!

I am SO glad that Mikey is back! And from what he said – the news is encouraging! yeah


Ya gotta love Mike Lowell. I am SOOOO glad the Sox didn’t get Tex. Thank you Brian Cashman! Mike just puts it right out there, of course it hurt his feeliongs; but some other guys would BS you and say it’s just business blah blah blah. Go Mike!!!!! Mike Lowell is a guy you would tell your kid to be like , copy what he does, on and off the field.

Jason Bay is an old-style ballplayer. Hits for average, power and can run a little. Takes his outfield play seriously. Team player all the way. Drives in runs, wins ball games. He’s proven he can handle the pressure, even thrive on it. Bay is like a guy from the 50’s or 60’s, a TRUE all-around baseball player. Hell, he’d probably cut the outfield grass if you asked him to. Why in the world would you want to trade him??? You’d have to be smokin’ crack or have your head up a crack to want him gone.

Hi, Everyone! Just wanted to give you a heads up about the inaugural Sox and Pinstripes fantasy baseball league! It is a little bit different than the typical fantasy league. Teams will be stocked with AL players only. Competition will be head to head. There will be a 25-man roster, just like you were a general manager of a major league team. Keep in mind that stats include errors made, OPS, and doubles and triples along with the standard stats for hitters and holds, inherited runners scored and WHIP along with the standard stats for pitchers, so it is important to keep a player’s defensive skills in mind as well as to build a pitching staff with starters, middle relievers and closers. It’s a Yahoo Sports league, and it is free. If you’d like to participate, send me an e-mail (my address can be found on Sox and Pinstripes) and I’ll send you an invite. The online draft is set for Saturday, March 21 at 11 a.m. Make sure you log in for the draft or you will likely get stuck with players you might not want, including Yankees🙂


You’re killin’ me. I needed a good laugh and you provided it. I could not agree with you more and the way you put it on the table was even better. I guess you are good at putting stuff on the table though!!!!! Hopefully Mike Lowell will come out when he is ready and not a second sooner. If he doesn’t rush it I think we’ll all be beter off for it. I’m willing to wait extra if it makes a difference in his longevity this season. The Sox need to lock up Bay and maybe look for someone a little more reliable than JD Drew next season. I love JD to death but he is so darn fragile it’s scary. I think he is locked up for a couple more years so that is a tough call as far as replacing him next year. I guess we’ll see how he lasts this year. Could be our achilles heel this year. Lots of tangibles with this team. Go Sox!!!!!

Craig, I hope “locked up” was a tip of the slongue, or did you mean his back was “locked up” for two more years? Hmmm…;)

Good question Greg…With JD Drew it’s a crapshoot what he is going to be like from day to day. What would be nice though is that the Red Sox are still contending by June and then out of the smoke steps John Schmoltz to add to the pennant race! Talk about a shot in the arm. If nothing else…..this will be an interesting season. One other thing…..I think Theo is saving some fireworks for the trade deadline. If the Sox need something at the end of July they should be able to afford it with the conservative off-season they had. Theo thinks that far ahead and his vision has been one of the saviors for the Sox. There will be plenty available as we know the non-contenders will be trying to save $$$$$ and off-load big salaries. Go Sox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By the way….Thanks Ian on the update about Mike Lowell. I think I was driving everyone nuts on here asking if they had heard on his health. Keep the rehab going Mike…..you are a big part of this team’s chances.

Lowell’s a nice player, but he may be in his last go-around with the team if Lars Anderson develops as expected.


— Who are the top 5 Sox prospects?

RDF585, if playing out Lowell’s contract, and putting up MVP-type numbers, allows Lars to emerge as a prospect (esp. if he were to emerge as the next 3B., keeping Youk at 1B), that would be FINE with me! Bring him on!

Hey! Guys and Girls!

I’ve not read anything about Lars Anderson as a 3B option. From what I read, when he comes up, it will either be as a 1B option (with Youk potentially moving to 3B) or as a DH, depending on how Papi is performing. If I’m missing something, please let me know.


Anderson is a 1b. I have read/heard comparison’s too Justin Mourneau. I like the sound of that.

Ortiz wants a 1 yr. suspension for players caught using P.E.D.’s. I wish Selig had b—s…….You need too come down hard on these guys.


I read the other day the Sox top 5 prospects are the following…..Scott Cooper, Greg Blosser, Eric Wedge, Brian Rose and Kevin Morton. LOL!!!

Mike Lowell is a good guy and a class act.

We didn’t get ARod – and wasn’t that a blessing in disguise. We didn’t get Texeira, and who knows how great that may look in the rearview mirror as well.

Everything happens for a reason….


I Agree very much about all the great words too describe Mike Lowell. He is my mother’s favorite player…It seems like the players she likes the most, they end up elsewhere. She also read his book and she enjoyed it very much! Who isn’t rooting for Mike Lowell??? A classy person that plays the game right and hustles all the time!! You will never ever see Lowell loaf out on the field. That is a gurantee!


Migrane is off too the M.L.B. network…No more Rays telecast. It could be worse….His replacement…Kevin Kennedy! Ouch!! It could be Mute button for me when the Sox play the Rays. LOL!! Kennedy was a JOKE of a manager and somehow someway a worst analyst.

Garry, I only postulated Lars Anderson as a 3B so Youk wouldn’t need to move to 3B–let hi play where he’s best, and let Anderson develop as a 3B/1B. If it doesn’t happen that way, and Youk moves to 3B when Lowell’s contract is up, it won’t hurt my feelings. Fine with me. It just seems that we have a surplus at 1B, and either way can fix that.
I am SO glad (more so by the day!) that we re-signed Lowell instead of A-Rod. Uneasiness about his rehab (and his silence during it) is far preferable to what “The A-Rod Show” has become. Another big bat would be nice, but at Lowell’s expense? No way. GO SOX!

Gonna be hard for Anderson to play 3B:
Full Name: Lars Eric Anderson
Born: 09/25/1987
Birthplace: Oakland, CA
Height: 6′ 4″
Weight: 215
Bats: L
Throws: L

Well, I guess that seals his fate, doesn’t it? We’ll just have to trade him!!😉 Oh, well, maybe not. Maybe we’llkeep him around…;)

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