Lugo weighs in; Bay arrives

Julio Lugo, aiming to be the starting shortstop on Opening Day, looks a little more buff this year. But Lugo doesn’t think there’s a big difference.

“Same size. I just
gained like five pounds. Nobody knows because we were in the playoffs. Nobody paid
attention to that. I’m a couple of
pounds more, that’s all,” Lugo said.

If Jed Lowrie beats Lugo out for the job, will the veteran ask for a trade? “We’re going to see
at the end of [Spring Training]. I don’t think like that. We’ll see at the end
of the spring,” said Lugo, who said he know longer feels any pain in the left quad that kept him out of the second half last year. Lugo also confirmed that he would have been back for the World Series, if only the Red Sox had won Game 7.

Today’s new arrival was LF Jason Bay. That leaves  Mike Lowell as the only starting-caliber player not to be spotted in camp. All players will be on the premises tomorrow for physicals.

As for Bay, he was in his typical pleasant mood. Heading into the last year of his contract, he didn’t sound stressed about the situation in the least

“There’s a lot of
factors that go into that,” Bay said. “There’s definitely a lot of positives for me to stay
here. I’m very familiar with it, I love it, as most people do. But it’s not the
end all, be all. Until something concrete comes up in that arena, I really don’t
have much of an opinion on that. I have one year left on my contract. I’m
playing that out and we’ll see what happens. If something comes up before that,
my agent and I would definitely consider it.”

David Ortiz — who is a svelter Papi this spring — will be the headliner later as he holds his first press conference of the year following today’s workout.


The Lugo/Lowrie battle could turn out to be quite interesting. I hope there is someway for us to hang on to both of them. I like the svelte Papi! The pictures in the paper today were very encouraging. I’m curious to hear what he has to say today.


As I said in the previous thread, I believe the Red Sox will do the right thing and sign Bay too an extension. Bay did everything that Boston asked of him. He thrived while playing meaningful games. Some players melt in those situations. Bay became a fan favorite right away!

Lugo…boy oh boy! Where do you even start with him. Then again you don’t start with him. LOL!! I guess if your earning 9 million in 2009, you’ll find your bat in the lineup. That’s alot of money sitting and doing nothing.

I am glad I was able to make you laugh on the last thread……I am trying to find some humour in all this myself!!!!! Mike Lowell not at camp, Kotsay in back sugery, Lugo back with 5 extra pounds but that will probably be the only difference in his game. Like Arnie, I am a bit apprehensive but we’ll see how it all pans out. If the pitching lives up to it’s potential it’s going to be a great year. Time will tell. Off to the golf course….can’t waste this day off!!!!!!

Lugo clearly needs to earn his spot. What were the stats? One game less and 14 more errors than the rookie?
What’s the rationale behind that, how can he justify. Chalk it up to a bad season? Maybe… I doubt it though. Overpaid….

Papi says it’s only 5lbs… when in shape, muscle’s heavier than fat, that’s for sure. So maybe he’s changed his work out regimen. He looks great, that’s for sure.

Since Lugnuts put on an additional 5 lbs, I wonder if it will slow him down and adversely affect his only meaningful role as a pinch-runner. I’m not sure of the anatomical effect- can the extra 5 lbs accumulate itself between his ears. If so, then there may not be any noticeable difference.

Take Brian’s advice and sign Bay to that extension! I think we’ll see return on that investment for a long time! GO SOX!

Hmmmm. What a choice for LF in 2010. Resign Bay or go after Holliday? Or can a change come in July?

Nothing against Holliday, Kramer; if we’d picked him up at any point, I would not have been crying in my soup. I like him, but he has that Bornass guy, again, and we don’t need that charade. Bay should be very good for us, and if we can lock him up, we’ll be doing just fine! GO SOX!

I think Jed is going to win that job. He has looked good everytime i’ve seen him play!

I sure hope so, KMcLeod, if Lowrie comes strong out of the gate, Lugo may ba looking up on the depth chart. GO SOX!

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