Pedroia says plenty of pop

David Ortiz’s claim that the Red Sox need another big bat does not seem to be a prevailing theme in the clubhouse. In fact, Dustin Pedroia and Mike Lowell almost seemed to take offense to the notion.

Offense is
definitely not the problem. I know David was talking about that yesterday,
saying we need another bat and all that stuff,” said Pedroia. “We don’t need anything. I think
if David is healthy and Mikey is healthy and they perform like they should, and
everyone performs like they should, we should have a better offense than we’ve
had the last two, three years. I think we need to focus on the guys that we
have instead of the guys that we don’t have.”

“I think we were
second in the American League in runs [last year],” said Lowell. “We’ve got some really good players. I
think David had the luxury of hitting in front of Manny for a lot of years. Not
everyone in the big leagues has that luxury and can still put up numbers. If
you look at him, I think he’s in great shape. Whoever is hitting behind him,
you look at our lineup and I think we have five legit guys who can hit 20-plus
home runs. You’ve got the AL MVP that’s probably going to be hitting in front
of David. So he’s going to be in a spot where he can do a lot of damage. May he
walk more? Sure, why not. Manny walked a ton when I hit behind him. His numbers
were still there. So I’m not worried about David having his numbers. I think
David just has to make sure he’s healthy and then he’ll be able to put up his


I was wondering how Dustin & Mikey were going to feel about Ortiz’s statement about the team needing more Pop!


I am sensing a little bit of a rift here between Big Papi and the rest of the players. Is it just me? I hope I am wrong because we need a healthy team that gels this year.



I don’t think there is a rift. I would be very surprised if that was the case, shock would be more like it.

I think the big bopping bat that is needed in the lineup is Ortiz’s. I have stated on here a few times, the key for the Red Sox lineup in 2009 is Ortiz and Lowell. If those guys step it up, the rest will take care of itself. Just one man’s thought in Florida.

sorry ive been away for awhile guys and gals but ive had some health issues… am i ready for baseball…..just a lil quip i have to mention…..not much is being said about bay and what he brings with him….he will hit with plenty of men on base and has been very durable unlike my least fav sox member( oh no i broke a fingernail drew) ……i predict jb not jd to lead team in just about all offensive categories including homers… thinkin by the allstar break the sox will lock em up long term if not sooner….i mean honestly what else could u ask for….30-100-290+…..decent defense and great attitude…..give him 10 mill for 4 yrs pls theo if not a lil more…….i still think a trade for another catcher is comming… hopin on teagarden but im sure texas wants to keep him …..maybe we will see a trade with minn for a package of young pitching……hmmmm…..judge

Hey, Judge, good to see you back. The discussion on Bay had begun in earnest when he reported to camp, so you’re just in time. While Kramer brought up the idea that Bay might be traded, the consensus on here has been that not only should he not be traded, but that he should get an extension. (I’m not even sure Kramer thinks we SHOULD trade Bay). Your comments are very much in line with what we’ve been thinking (and hoping an extension is being discussed, if an offer is not on the table yet). He’s worth it! Get it done, Theo!
I still would not be surprised if a trade were to happen, either during ST or early in the season. Craig Farnham seemed to think one might be done by the Trade Deadline. I think it will be sooner than that, if it happens at all. (I still hope it does!) GO SOX!

It was also good to see Dustin take a leadership role, and challenge everyone to play up to their potential–with or without another bat. If we play the way we are capable, we’ll have Big Papi’s back just fine. I commend Dustin (and Lowell) for saying so.

Boxsoxbrian – Totally agree. The bats of Ortiz and Lowell are key. Look are far we got last year even when their bats were quiet?

Greg1969 – AMEN. Pedroia is the leader this team needs right now. Redsoxgirl46 called that one on my blog today.


Judge, hope you’re OK. Good to have you back.

Wouldn’t every team like to have another slugger? I think Papi is just feeling the pressure, partly as a hold-over from last year’s frustration. He puts a lot of pressure on himself to be the Man. Maybe in the back of his mind he isn’t sure what he will be capable of this year. As a way of dealing with that nagging doubt he talks about Theo going out and getting a big bat. To me it isn’t a knock on the other guys, it is Papi telling everyone he simply isn’t 100% confident in his health. He could be coming into camp thinking, “What if I can’t get it done? I’ll let the team down.” Naturally that would express itself as a desire for some help. Once he finds his swing and starts making solid contact all that doubt will go away and in its place will be a burning desire to let fly and do some damage. I wouldn’t want to be the opposing pitcher when he finds his stroke. We’ll see some fireworks this year from Papi.

Sometime very soon Big Papi will realize that now it is his turn to do for someone else what ZAZU did for him. Make someone else in the lineup a little better that is hitting in front of him. As Brian said….Papi is the big stick now. When he is hitting the rest of the guys around him will benefit. Time to step up to the plate Papi….the Sox and all of us fans are counting on you!!!!!!! Don’t worry….you’ll have plenty of help! And the pitching staff isn’t too shabby either!!!!! Go Sox. Ellen…..I’m still thinking of you….will be glad to have you back.

Where are you my friend???????? It’ll be nice when you get back here on a regular basis. Somehow I feel we would have been great friends if our paths crossed in the military back in the day!!!! Sleep well Master Chief.

Arnie and Craig, I think part of Papi’s concern (somewhat legitimate) is that he will get IBB on a regular basis, and will not have someone drive him in the way Manny did. I think, though, if Lowell, Youk, or Bay have the kind of year that we think they will (or at least as some of us think they will), he will find he won’t have a lot to worry about, because someone will drive him in. If his teammates make opponents pay for walking him, they’ll be able to pick him up, and eventually, make pitchers pitch to him. If that doesn’t happen, his frustration/apprehesion will be justified.

Good point, Greg. Papi will have to trust Youk, Lowell and Bay. Nope, they’re not Zazu, but they are clutch and they will make a lot of pitchers pay. Plus if Jacoby and Pedroia are doing their job, there won’t be lots of chances to walk Papi because there will be too many men on base. The Sox are not slouches when it comes to getting on base and, for that matter, scoring runs. They’ll be fine.

Hey! All!

Scarier and scarier whenever I find myself agreeing with BosoxBrian, but I have to do it again. I think I have said it before, tho’ not as succinctly (I know, there aren’t enough words in the dictionary for me [lol]. If Papi and Mikey re-emerge from their health woes, the Sox offense will be fine. As I indicated earlier, I also will rest easier when the Sox make a long term commitment to JB. Give me the greasy end of the pole all you want when I sound like a broken record Brian, but if the Sox don’t commit long term to Jason, then they are in position to acquire Matt Holliday, and can trade Jason for him. Jason has proven his worth to me, I am happy with him patrolling left field, and do not want anybody else in that position, but I would like to see some movement in the FO, and, as I read Jason’s comments, so would he. They committed a long term deal to Josh Beckett very quickly after acquiring him, I’d like to see that speed again with JB.

As for Papi’s comments: every team would like more offense. I still don’t put signing Zazu past the Yanks. However, then the question comes — where do you insert it into the line-up? I don’t think even the Sox could have afforded to spend $10 Mil. to acquire Adam Dunn’s bat, put him on the bench, and insert him in case of injury (especially not when they are already looking at putting $9 Mil. on the bench (nlm) [no laughing matter].

If he re-gains his pop, I could see batting Mikey 4th. He has no fear at the plate, and can ring double after double off the GM. If not, there’s always Mr. 3rd in the MVP voting! Neither of these guys is 40/130/300, but there is only one Zazu, and he can’t find a job.

So I think happy go lucky Papi will be fine. Let’s not over-blow his comments. I do hope that his name is not 1 of the 103 given the strong statements he made about prohibited substances. Did I see where A-Roid is now admitting that he took substances when he was in Seattle? Man, if that guy comes out of April hitting more than .250, I’ll be astonished! I’m tellin’ you, before this is all over, Steinbrenners-lite will recognize how much their team misses Torre’s formerly steady hand.

D. Benjamin…

It says your comments hit the blog here at 5:13 a.m. What time did you start writing??? I will take a guess and say around 2:30 a.m. LOL!! Just kidding with you. Stop agreeing with me. That is never a good thing. My family will tell you that…HA…ha…

Bay will get his extension, somehow someway. Perhaps during Spring Training or during the season. Crisp, Ortiz were given extensions very early into the season. Beckett got his half-way thru the 2006 season. I have confidence in Theo and the baseball ops. dept. This regime seems too do the right thing, unlike others in the past. If Duquette was still in charge, I wouldn’t have too much confidence.

I think their is a slim chance the Yankees ink Zazu but I’m guessing he’ll end up in Dodger blue. I really don’t care where he ends up. I would prefer it was a team that was slated too play at Fenway in 2009….For the fun of it.

I could see Lowell hitting 4th as well but Youkilis will be the 4th hitter right out of the gate. Youkilis showed everyone last season he can handle being the cleanup hitter. I don’t think that will change this season. The Red Sox in 2009 look like a very balanced team. I think the pen could be the best in baseball.


Are you getting in shape for the 2009 season? Getting that right arm ready….Just in case. Rangers???? Nationals???? At least we know your legit, unlike some hitters and pitchers.

You nailed it exactly when you use the word “balanced” to describe the Sox’ line-up. Looks like only Papi will be likely to hit 40 home runs, but if you go position by position you find that there is no shortage of power, it’s just spread evenly throughout the batting order.
At first base you can estimate Youk to hit 25 to 30 homeruns, 25 being more likely. 2nd base, I’d pencil in DP for 15 maybe 18. SS who knows? Let me take a wild guess and say Jed is our opening day SS and that he will hit 12 home runs. 3rd base, I’d put Mike at 25 HR’s. Left rield, JB gives us 30, maybe 35 if he figures out how to golf them over the Monster. Center, 10 to 12. Right, if JD stays healthy, excuse me a moment, I’m laughing and can’t see the keyboard…………… there, that’s better; right field might be good for 25 HR’s. Catcher, let’s say 10 to 15. That gives you 5 spots in the batting order with at least 20 home runs. And if Dustin gets his power going it could be 6. Not too shabby. I’d rather have 5 or 6 players who can hit for average and some power coming at you than 2 with awesome power and then a big drop-off. The Sox will score plenty of runs and even better, they will keep the pressure on the pitchers all through the line-up. If Varitek makes a come back this year it will be a very difficult line-up to pitch to because so many of the hitters can hurt you. The Sox will wear down the opposition. Look at it this way: would you want to go up against them day after day? They have good starting pitching, good defense, good bullpen, they get on base all the time, can steal bases, can hit for average, gap power and home run power. Their core players, Youk, Dustin, Tek, etc. never let up they fight you all the way. This is a team of all-around players and I like their chances.

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