Grapefruit League rotation; Ortiz returns to practice

We have a pitching order, at least for the first few games.

Ace Josh Beckett will be the first Boston pitcher to take the mound in Spring Training, when he faces Boston College at City of Palms Park on Wednesday afternoon. Tim Wakefield pitches that night at the Twins’ complex.

Jon Lester pitches at home against the Pirates on Thursday, followed by Michael Bowden at Port Charlotte against the Rays on Friday. Lefty Kris Johnson, a Minor Leaguer, starts against Northeastern on Saturday afternoon, and Clay Buchholz pitches that night at City of Palms against the Reds.

And to come back in and answer Julia’s question. David Ortiz’s shoulder is fine. He was back out there taking BP today after missing two days of workouts.


Thanks! I know we don’t win – but GO NORTHEASTERN! Any word on Big Papi’s shoulder today?


Hey! Folks!

Interesting to see that Beckett and Lester will be facing line-ups they won’t see during the season, and that Bowden will be facing a Rays’ line-up he’s unlikely to see this season. Seems like the application (other than for Wake vs. the Twins) of the “Schill Spring Training Pitching” concept.

I don’t know about you folks, but I am ready for some games! Too much snow! Too many shovels!!! I can hear my nemesis, BosoxBrian chortling now (lol).

Hey – the Blue Jays & the Yankees have beat writers over on Twitter! How about seeing you guys there too! We Red Sox fans on twitter need some help keeping the “bad guys” away! lol!


Next time you catch some tautog, stop by the store and pick up 8 or 10 cherrystone clams(small ones), some fresh garlic, a bunch of flat Italian parsley, a small bottle of white vermouth, a little bottle of cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil and some red pepper flakes. Filet and skin the fish and cut 6 ounce portions. Dry the fish and sprinkle a little fresh cracked black pepper and salt on the filets. In a non-stick or well seasoned cast iron frypan heat 2, 3 tablespoons of the olive oil until it is almost smoking. Sear the filets until they are brown and turn them and brown the other side. Put three tablespoons of the vermouth in the pan, cover it and remove from the heat. In another pan heat 3 tablespoons of the oil on medium-low heat and put in three cloves of garlic that have been chopped and crushed. Let these cook slowly—DO NOT brown the garlic! When the garlic is translucent put in a tablespoon of the chopped parsley, a teaspoon of the red pepper and the clams. Mix this all up to coat the clams and then pour in a quarter cup of the vermouth and a pinch of salt. Cover and cook until the clams open. Don’t overcook. Pour the whole thing over the tautog and heat it up. Sprinkle with more chopped parsley. This is great with pasta, and mushrooms that have been sauteed with butter and a touch of sage(fresh sage is fabulous) and topped with freshly grated Romano cheese.
Next: tautog fish and chips with red pepper remoulade!

Thanks Arnie, Now I know what a tautog is. That’s my one thing I learned today!!! BTW recipe sounds awesome!

Sounds good, Arnie. I’ll have to try it. (Is it on one of your friend’s YouTube cooking demos?
Good to hear from you, Ellen. I hope you are holding up OK!

D. Benjamin…

I went down too Fort Myers today and checked out our lads today. Things went well. A little cool early in the morning but it was sunny. No snow in sight. I guess in Florida we have other flakes too deal with. I even got a chance too meet Ian. A very down to earth and a friendly guy. He spoke about his family, which was great too here. I think my girlfriend was sad too leave with me, I think she would rather talk with Ian. LOL!! I know Ellen feels the same way, she has met Ian in Fort Lauderdale. Hope all is well with Ellen.

Ellsbury has bulked up a little and Ortiz looks like he lost another person. Ortiz is much slimmer. I hope that means a great 2009 for Ortiz. It was weird too me to see Smoltz ( First Ballot Hall Of Famer whenever he decides too retire ) in a Red Sox uniform. All those great years he spent in Atlanta. I am looking forward too seeing him pitch this season. Can’t freaking wait!

Last year at this time I was very concerned about the bullpen, the overall pitching staff. This year my only concern is the health of Ortiz and Lowell. I think Boston’s pitching will be very good in 2009!

Brian, you lucky dogs down in FL! (Too hot for me, but ST would be great!) Must have been cool to meet Ian.
While I am still somewhat concerned about Lowell’s and Papi’s health, I am less so now that I’ve seen and heard some about how they’re doing. I’m not sold yet on the bullpen–I have to see Ramirez in action before I am at ease with him, and DelCarmen and Lopez will always make me nervous. But I am liking how we’re shaping up. GO SOX!


I have always loved going too Spring Training. I first went with my baseball team back in 1984 when the Sox would train in Winter Haven. It seems like yesterday I was there in Winter Haven. Alot more fans today in Fort Myers than there ever was in Winter Haven. Even though today there wasn’t as many today as in years past. Economy could be effecting some folks coming down from New England.

Ramirez pitched today. That kid throws hard. Delcarmen will always make me nervous. He is like a faucet. Lopez…We have spoken about him in the past.

Also got a chance too see Lars Andersen swing. Very good looking prospect. A nice lefty swing, tailor made for Fenway. I think someone that doesn’t even follow baseball can see his sweet swing. He is only 21.

A couple of questions with Ramirez. Can he handle the pressure of Boston??? Also lefties hit him hard last year, will lefties continue too hit him hard in 2009???? Ramirez smoked righties last year. The numbers do not lie.
I have said this before…A year ago at this time the Sox had Timlin, Corey and Snyder coming out of the pen. Enough said…LOL!! I don’t see those type of guys on this pen. Saito also pitched, he looked good out there. Then again I watched Craig Hansen pitch at this time last year and well the rest is history with him. Hansen will be pitching in front of friends and family this year. I still think Hansen was rushed too the big leagues by the Red Sox.

I wonder if the Red Sox would want too turn the clock back??Kris Johnson drafted instead of Jaba Chamberlain. Hmmmmmmmm. Johnson was pick #40 and Chamberlain pick #41. Oh well that is how it goes.

Ramirez smoked righties, but fell off against lefties, eh, Brian? Hmmm…sounds like a specialist! Let’s hope he can be a little more consistent with both sides of the plate!
The economy does appear to be hitting ticket sales to this point–JH and Lucchino said some games still have tickets avail. Hope those get snatched up by game time (gotta spend those stimulus checks some way, no??)😉


I don’t think Ramirez is a specialist. ha..ha.. If I read it correct, lefties hit just over .300 against Ramirez in 2008. Lopez is the only specialist the Sox need around.

I read an article when the Sox traded for Ramirez, Farrell was confident Ramirez would get both righties and lefties out. I thought that trade was a very good trade for both sides. Crisp is now being replaced by Baldelli. I hope Rocco can figure out his fatigue issue, a very odd situation. Haven’t heard of an athlete with that before.

The economy is hurting everyone for sure. The Playboy party was cancelled during the Super Bowl. Money must be tight for them as well. LOL!!
I have read that same stuff regarding tix are still up for grabs. Every game Francona has managed at Fenway has been a sell out. I hope that streak continues. Then again great things come too an end. I remember when the Celtics would sell out for years and years. The same crowd of 14,890 was announced at the old Garden, memories!!

Boy, do I miss the old Boston Garden, Brian! TD Bank North just doesn’t cut it!
I’d have hoped we’d gotten Ramirez NOT to be a specialist, but what do I know? Not a whole lot…but if Ramirez doesn’t do better against lefties…hmmm…

Now that they THINK they have Baldelli diagnosed correctly, I suspect his condition will be controlled well, and he’ll be able to play regularly. If the diagnosis is correct, that is!…

Brian, good for you getting down to Ft. Meyers! Good to see at least one of Ian’s faithful at Spring Training. I remember your concerns last year about the pen, and you were right, they struggled. I actually felt sorry for Timlin sometimes last season. You knew he gave it everything he had but it wasn’t enough. The old warrior just didn’t have it anymore. sad. He should have hung ’em up after ’07. What a way to go out, winning the WS. But some players won’t leave the field until they are forced to go, that’s their prerogative, I guess. Seems sad to me.

I wish Timlin had gone out after 07 also, Arnie. I thought he just stayed on one year too long. But I admired what he did for our teams in 04 and 07. If he had gone out on top, it would have been great! (In a sense, the same thing as Schill)…

As much as Mikey T declined last season, it will still be strange not to see him there with the rest of the “Bull Pen Band”. I am SO resistant to change!! But as I am learning (again) OBLADI OBLADA LIFE GOES ON!!

moanin all….thanks arnie for the recipe….looks lucious….btw if any of you havent tried tautog then u really should…its fish that eats mostly crab and has a wonderful taste..they are rather difficult to catch one of any size due to their strength and locations they thrive…but….if are an angler this is the time to look for them around rock ledges and places where crabs frequent…they should be there for a month or so…if u live near fairhaven mass or new bedford….clevelands ledge is probably your best and easiest place to find….i cruise alot of rock formations during high tide that range from 15 to 25 feet deep… way to catch em is buy some crabs that are alive for bait…small…and cut them in half ….i use a 2 hook modified lindy rig with half on each hook….sink to bottom and bring in the slack…jig slowly often and wait for the feel of a nibble….they bite similiar to a fresh water drum…usually faint unless its a monster….2-5 pound range is normal…..ive landed a 22 lb jumbo before but these are rare…a 4 lb fish will fight like a 20 lb striper so have fun….personally i use 12 lb test on a 7 foot rod with a 30 lb leader because of the rocks….if u have the luck to hook a 10 lb fish u will have a good 15 min fight on ur hands….i only keep the 2-4 pounders cause the meat is better tasting…..judge

one thing anglers….u can only keep 4 fish and they must be 14 inches atleast….per day per angler….when i go for tog or blackfish as the portos call em…..i bring maybe 6 ppl so u can keep enuff to stuff the freezer….once u start catchin them u wont want to stop…..beware their teeth when removing the hook…they will remove them for u if u arent careful….judge

Hey! BosoxBrian!

Is my memory faulty, does it just go back further than yours, or is it that I remember 1970’s attendance for the Bruins rather than the Celts, but I have the number 13,909 rumbling around in my head? I did some research on the internet, so I see where you get the 14,890 number, but I seem to remember 13,909 for some reason…and I don’t think its related to any Cleveland team. Sound familiar at all??

Your dedication to the Sox is amazing! That drive has to be around two hours each way. And you didn’t see a game!!!

D. Benjamin…

The Celtics sellout crowds were announced as 14,890 during the Bird era. I am not sure about this 13,909 number. Perhaps for the Bruins as you say. The number would be less for the Bruins because of seats taken away because of the ice. The old Garden ( Gahden…Boston accent ) was a great place too watch hockey or basketball. I got a chance too see Patrick Ewing play while he was in High School. So many memories there, unreal. A little sad when I would see it get torn down. Every time I drove by I would say my oh my, this other place will not be able too hold a candle to it. Fleet is lame! Originally Bank Of Boston was supposed too be have the naming rights but couldn’t come up with the $$$$ or whatever the issue was. They took the parquet but certainly not the mystique of the old Garden. I believe the Yankees will lose some of that luster at the New Yankee Stadium. The old ghosts are at the other place.


My girlfriend lives about half-way. Then again I have done the drive from the St. Pete area. A love of the game/Red Sox or perhaps I am INSANE!! I am leaning the insane way. LOL!!

Well “It just might be a lunatic we’re looking for.”

Thanks for the update on Big Papi’s shoulder!


Brian, do you think that is why the Celtics had not won a title until last year–losing the Garden (‘scuse me, the GAAAHHHDEN) mystique? I wouldn’t doubt it! I think you’re right about the new Yankee Stadium–ghosts don’t like when you mess with their “turf” (or their Parquet!)!😉
Judge, tautog sounds good–I LOVE crab, so tautog sounds very good. The trout down here, Carolina Way, ain’t bad, either! When I lived in Mexico (for a year and a half), half my time was spent working with, among others, a fishing family, who would catch their fish and eat it that same day. Nothin’ like it! Take care!

Was that Billy Joel? Watching the Celtics without KG. Hope he comes back 100%. He’s the glue. Go Celtics….Go Sox!!!! Have you guys been sending your pictures to Garry?


Danny Ainge got some talent…FINALLY…

I haven’t sent a pic too Garry yet. I am trying too put Brad Pitt’s face on my body. LOL!! I think Ellen would like that. HA…HA…

I plan on sending a pic too Garry.

dbenjamin, I don’t know whether or not they increased the Boston Garden seating capacity in later years, but your 13,909 number is right on. I saw many Bruins and Celtics games at the Garden during the 60’s and 70’s and that was the capacity. There were a couple of occasions where there were a few more than that, but I think they allowed some standing room sales.

Ian – Thanks for answering my question about J.D. Drew’s back in your mailbag on


Good to hear that Papi is going to be okay. I wasn’t really worried– at least it wasn’t his wrist (gosh, that was a nightmare). I hope JD Drew’s back doesn’t give him TOO many problems. I read that Jason Varitek had a couple of illnesses this season. I knew he had the flu, but did he have anything else serious?
If any of you guys have time, I posted the rough draft to my essay last night, so if you have any suggestions please let me know!

Yes, the former husband of Christy Brinkley!

I’ve begun construction on our little web page. It’s nothing fancy but we can make it fun. I’ve put up a couple of pictures with a couple of comments. I have a couple more to put up which I’ll do sometime tomorrow. If any of you have any ideas, let me know, it’s your page so have some fun with it. The page is posted on the web site belonging to the attorney for whom I work but you can’t link to it from his site. You have to go directly to the page. Here is the link: . I hope Ian doesn’t mind our using his name and Ian, if you read this and want to have some input, or get your pic, name and info up there, we’re happy to accommodate. Have fun gang!

I’m not sure if I will put my pic up here. Some fine looking folks on here. Perhaps a bag over my head would do the trick. LOL!! Will the pic of Ellen be in a bikini??? Hmmmmmmm I am praying.

Garry & D. Benjamin…

During the Bird era, 14,890 was the announced attendance. You guys are a little before my time. LOL!! Either way I miss the old Garden. When I first walked in there, I was in awe!

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