And so 2009 begins — unoficially

Though it won’t match the buzz you will feel at Fenway Park on April 6, when the Red Sox open their season against the Rays, there is at least some excitement here at City of Palms Park, with the Old Towne Team facing off against Boston College.

Ace Josh Beckett fired two perfect innings, striking out two. His first pitch of the season, at 1:02 p.m. ET, was grounded to second off the bat of J.B. MacDonald. Harry Darling had his bat sawed off by Beckett, but the righty deftly caught the looping liner for the out. Mike Augustine hit a soft grounder to short to the third out. The leadoff batter in the second was none other than Sam Shaughnessy, the son of the long-time Boston Globe columnist. I wonder what was going through Dan’s mind as he took in the at-bat in from the press box.Young Sam struck out looking on a nasty 1-2 pitch from Beckett.

The early “almost highlight” of the game came in the bottom of the third when Ortiz launched one to deep right-center. It was going, going and … caught at the warning track.

As we start the top of the fifth, with BC leading 1-0,  we are into Tazawa time. Here is Junichi Tazawa, signed out of the Industrial League of Japan and to a Major League contract back in December.  He is likely to start the at Double-A Portland,but the Red Sox have been impressed by what they’ve seen from him this spring. Against BC, he turned in a swift, 1-2-3 inning.

It must be a pre-exhibition, exhibition game. The Red Sox just sent up batting practice pitcher Ino Guerrero up for an at-bat in the fifth inning. Ino, who is best known for being a close confidant of erstwhile Sox slugger Manny Ramirez, drew a walk. Who would have thought that Guerrero would draw a walk in an exhibition game while Ramirez still doesn’t have a job?

Below is a Brita Meng Outzen photo on Ino being congratulated by hitting coach Dave Magadan after he came out for a pinch-runner.


Guerrero, by the way, is 48 years old, according to a couple of trusty clubhouse sources.

“That was just to
liven up the day a little bit,” Francona said. “I liked the way he got the walk and acted like
he won the World Series. He may get another chance against Northeastern.”

It was like Christmas Day for the beat writers who cover the team, as we were handed copies of the 2009 media guide earlier this morning. Yes, that book will be our bible for the next eight or nine months, you can be sure of that. Snazzy cover this year, with a black and white image of Jim Rice “National Baseball Hall of Fame Class of 2009” contrasted with a color image of Dustin Pedroia “2008 AL MVP GOLD GLOVE SLIVER SLUGGER AWARD.

Pedroia will play tonight against the Twins. Lugo, Baldelli, Ortiz and Drew are the regulars  today who played behind Beckett.


If Schilling was on the mound, Shaughnessy’s son would have had a fastball high and inside. How many athlete’s over the years would want too do that to Dan Shaughnessy? Too many to count. LOL!!


Has Boston College ever had a player make the big leagues? I can’t think of any. Northeastern has Pena.

I don’t care who they are playing, spring is here and I am euphoric! Go Sox!


Yay – Baseball!



Thank You for the link. I should have gotten Joe Morgan…The best snow plow driver of all time. Morgan’s Magic in the summer of 1988, fantastic memories! Never heard of the Looney kid with the Expos. I assume he is putting his B.C. education too work.

I’ve got goosebumps!!! Now let’s see is it because my office is like a meat locker?? NOOOOOOO!!!
(for those of you unfamiliar with that las part, you won’t be unfamiliar long!!! lol)


I have goosebumps just thinking about you having goosebumps. LOL!!

It must stink too be Zazu, being unemployed. LOL!!

That IS a smile!
And I believe the USA manager for the WBC is Davey Johnson.

Yes, it must stink to be Zazu. Rumor has it talks are “intensifying” and a contract agreement is “nearing”. Hmmm…we’ll see.
Ellen, I’ve seen that “IDOBELIEVE” chant a couple times now. Is it one you type on auto-pilot, kind of like “say this 10 times, fast”, or is it a “cut-and-paste” job?😉
Good start, Josh! Keep it going, Wake! GO SOX!

Mike Augustine was playing? Who’s next, Thomas Aquinas? (Theology joke). Keep it up, Mike! GO SOX!

Oh its brand new EVERY time!!! Just ask any of the “oldies” (not age, just longevity) here.. I’m sure they had more than their fill of it last season! It’s sort of my mantra, if you will, or my battle cry!

Pedro is still out of work too… I just realized that the 2 players that we have had that are(were) nicknamed Petey both have PEDRO IN THEIR NAME… Pedro Martinez and Dustin “Pedro”ia… Hey Brian: HMMMMMMMM!! lol

…and Greg, I was just thinking, that might have been a line from the Wizard of Oz (I think it was the Cowardly Lion) I could be wrong, though… ‘magine that lol!!

Hey, Craig. I was curious about the photo you submitted to Garry on the Brownie Points page. The photo of the Wiffle-Ball Fenway?is that your field, or did you help build it? I noticed you are in Vermont. A photo of a Wiffle-Ball Fenway in Vermont is featured in the SI WS 2007 Commemorative Edition. Is that your photo (or a friend?s)? It looked awfully familiar (and the foliage looked stunning in the autumn photo?like it usually does here in the NC mountains). Just curious, but it looked VERY familiar. (I also suppose you?ve answered this question once or twice before!) Take care.

Sox on MLB Network.. Things are So much better in the world tonight!!!

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