Nightcap, anyone?

Back here for more baseball. Tim Wakefield and Josh Bard have officially been reunited in game action — albeit in an exhibition — for the first time since that ill-fated night of April 26, 2006. That game was in Cleveland, and Bard had four passed balls in a Sox loss. He was traded five days later and Doug Mirabelli came back in the police escort and all that. You remember.

Anyway, things were much smoother here tonight under the bright lights of Hammond Stadium, in this Red Sox-Twins exhibition. There were no mishaps of any kind in the first inning, though Wakefield did give up a double and walk a batter.

In the second inning, Wakefield’s problems had nothing to do with Bard. He just got hit a little bit. Single, single, RBI single, sac fly, bloop RBI single to right.  Next thing you knew, it was 3-0. But the best part of that inning for Bard is that all but three pitches were with runners on base, so it was a great test to see how he’d handle the knuckler under duress. He did fine.

On to other matters: Dustin Pedroia didn’t waste any time making his presence felt this offseason, ripping a double to left-center in his first at-bat.

For all you basketball junkies out there, I am officially on record as saying that Stephon Marbury is going to be a nice fit with the Celtics. He’s trying to build back his value and his image. What better way of doing so then being a nice piece of a potential championship team? Don’t be a hater. Marbury is going to get the job done in Green.

To demonstrate how much I like basketball, I might go to a sports bar and take in a little Celtics-Clippers (10:30 p.m. EST) action once this fine baseball game is over.


Please, please, please! Let Marbury be a good fit! I am worried! I’m watching the Red Sox right now on NESN! Bummer that Rem-Dog is sick! “An infection he got on vacation” – that doesn’t sound good. So far so good! Dustin looked very good! Baseball is back and ALL is good!


BASEBALL!!!! This is great, a warm day, worked in my yard, I have a night off, baseball on TV! Life is good!

Garry, Bobby Orr was my favorite Bruin growing up. He and Derek Sanderson. But I thought Gretzky was more dominant in the fact that when he broke records he shattered them. For a while he WAS hockey in a way Orr wasn’t. But that’s just my opinon. Not taking anything away from Orr.

007, now we know why Tito makes those curious in-game moves. He never wore his glasses during the game! Don Orsillo was talking about it. He never had contacts on, either. He was like the Pinball Wizard managing by sense of smell. Hmmm…. not a good mental image, how about managing by intuition? Sounds better. This year Tito has his glasses on in the dugout, should be a fabulous season; maybe Manger of the Year!

Ramon Ramirez looked pretty good. Delcarmen also. Even Javy Lopez.
Go Sox!

What kind of “infection” do you get on Vacation?? lol… Seriously, Get Well Soon Jerry!!! I hope that youre bahk soon!!

Sorry, Ian, gonna disagree on Starbury. Two words for “player trying to build value”: MANNY RAMIREZ. Any questions? Didn’t think so.

Bard looked good, Javy looked good. Things are looking up even more! GO SOX!

Little Fenway Park is located in Jericho, Vermont. My dad lives about 15 miles from there. I did not know it existed until my sister had a fund-raiser whiffle ball tournament there a couple years ago. What a blast. We played all weekend. I probably batted about 15 times over the weekend and was lucky enough to hot just one over the monster. I did spend a few hours over the weekend helping prep the field between games. The owner is real cool and very meticulous about the maintenance. He even bought the same color green paint they use at Fenway. Relly neat place. A couple years ago he cleared the lower meadow below Little Fenway and built a Little Wrigley. Haven’t been there yet but am going home in May so I’ll go and see Pat (the owner). Arnie, I will take the Dwight (Dewey) Evans comment as a compliment. He was one of my all-time favorites!!!!! This link has some pictures of Little Fenway.

First things first…Those pics of Little Fenway are GREAT! It looks like heaven. Vermont is one of the prettiest states I have ever been too. Love the pics Craig or is it Dewey? lol.

I think Marbury will be just fine. Motivated too make the Knicks look foolish..Also too win. I always think players like Marbury, Randy Moss all they need is some guidance/structure and Marbury will get that in Boston. Moss has been a solid citizen in N.E. and Marbury should be just fine in Boston. Players love playing for Doc Rivers. That was proven during the 2006-2007 season. The Celtics were HORRIBLE but you never heard any players complain about Doc. Remember when the T-Wolves had Garnett and Marbury and everyone was saying there the next Stockton and Malone. Perhaps Marbury and Garnett will win a title in Boston together.


Bobby Orr still looks the same. What is his secret.


That pic of “Judge”—Russ is taken at Comiskey in Chicago. Nice little bio you write about everyone.

I know one game is a too insignificant sample size for a meaningful projection. I like what I saw about yesterday?s scheduled pitchers. Wakefield being Wakefield, always a bad inning sandwiched between good innings. Forget about Billy Traber, a Yankees reject. We know Chris Carter can hit. How about Navarro **** prospect who can also play 2b and 3b like Lowrie? Wonder how Theo can unload that $9M bag off his back. Feel good about the bullpen. Can?t say the same this time last year.

Little Fenway is awesome. I like the net over the Monster.
You’re right, Brian, Vermont is a beautiful state.


Good call on Craig with a resemblence of Dewey. Also Vermont is a far cry from Birmingham, Al. LOL!!

Little Fenway also has the Coke bottles and the Citgo sign. Good stuff.

Matt Hasellbeck ( Seahawks q.b. —former B.C. q.b. ) had a green monster at his parents house—Don, the former T.E. of the Pats and N.Y. Giants.

Next time I am in Vermont….I’ll have too look for that piece of Heaven, a.k.a Little Fenway.

Brian, I think it’s U.S. Cellular Field now in Chicago. You know, one of those really recognizable baseball field names. I can’t wait to get your picture. I have a whole book written to describe you. Also looking forward to Ellen’s bikini shot while she’s mowing the lawn. Too bad we can’t get her mowing Fenway, even Little Fenway!!!

It was good to see some live baseball last night. You k and Pedroia looked a little like the Bad News Bears on that popup, but it’s early. First time out for everyone and it’s too early to make any judgements because pitchers aren’t throwing their best stuff and hitters’ timing isn’t there yet. The big thing is to get everyone through all this without getting anyone hurt and in particular to see pitchers throw without any physical issues (Beckett in particular). With that in mind, it was a good frist day for the Red Sox.


Your right it is called U.S. Celluar Field. Of all the new places built over the years, I think that place could be the ugliest. I think it was built sometime in the early 90’s or late 80’s. Red Sox are heading there Labor Day weekend, I am looking too go. Chicago is a cool city! Not too high about spending time at U.S. Celluar but oh well. Seattle is the place I want too go. Safeco Field looks like the best place in the world.

I like reading the bio’s…Very nice touch. Especially Craig’s bedroom. Now that was funny.

A book too describe me. I am not sure if that many words would describe me. LOL!! Just a few and those words will not be mentioned on this blog. Remember, it is family.

Ellen mowing the lawn in a bikini. Now that is what we are talking about. Will Ellen be wearing heels???? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.


Any pics from the wordsmith…… also known as D. Benjamin?

I am looking too send a pic too you this weekend. It might be from a different email than my own. Just too let you know.

Brian, no pic from Dbenjamin yet. However, I did get yours and it looks pretty good up there……. LOL!

Brian, I just checked my email and found a picture of the man with the golden pen. He goes well with our man with the golden gun. Anyway, he’s posted now.

Garry, THAT is hilarious!

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