Just one game today

It was good to get stretched out yesterday with a doubleheader, but just a mere nine innings here at City Of Palms today!

Jon Lester‘s first start of the spring is in progress.

Jason Bay was a story for the Pittsburgh media this morning, as this was the first time the left fielder has seen his former team — the Pirates — since that July 31 afternoon when he was traded for some guy named Manny Ramirez.

Jason was at his self-deprecating best when a reporter noted to him that he went from unheralded in Pittsburgh to the lead on SportsCenter every night.

“Was it the Canadian SportsCenter?” quipped Bay.

In other news, Brad Penny and Jonathan Papelbon both threw 40-pitch BP sessions on the backfield. Papelpon will make his first appearance of the spring on Sunday at Hammond Stadium in a game that will also include Josh Beckett and Tim Wakefield.


When will Bay be signed too an extension? I am hoping before spring training is over. I’m guessing negotiations are in progress. When and if Bay is resigned, D. Benjamin will not mention Matt Holliday on here anymore, LOL!! That is reason enough.

Did Hansen or Moss make the trip? I liked Moss, he seemed too produce every time he played. Opening Day in Japan, had a big H.R.

Brian, you must have been working out over the winter. I see you’re back in shape and first on the blog again. I did receive a picture of dbenjamin, but I couldn’t use it. It was so small that when I enlarged it to a reasonable size, he looked like Jaba the Hut.

I agree with you on Bay. The Sox need to get him signed before it becomes too expensive to do so. I look for him to have a really solid year.

Hey Zazu, it $45M from the Dodgers, or take the year off. They are out of their minds. With no competition for his services, I’d be offering him $7.50 an hour. For Zazu to be in this situation, he has to be worse than Terrell Owens ever thought of being. How can nobody want such a talented hitter? Maybe baseball is sending a message. However, I think he’ll be signed, probably a week before spring training ends.

Spring training is almost an outdated evolution. It was designed for guys back in the day who had to work other jobs in the off season and didn’t have time to train. Spring training was to get back into shape, and often times that didn’t really happen until mid May or so. Today’s players train year round and are in shape when they arrive. Two or three weeks for drills, timing, and shaking off the rust followed by a few exhibition games would be more than adequate. Maybe an extended period for the minor leaguers might be in order.


Your putting working out and my name in the same sentence, that has never been the case. I love too work on my tan.

Zazu is still unemployed, of course he has a offer of 45 million on the table. Zazu’s actions in late July of last season are still hanging over his head. Zazu screwed himself! What a shame, NOT!

I think Spring Training is a big tease. I also believe it is about 2 weeks too long. Those last 2 weeks of March are so boring. I can’t wait too get this season started. Boston has another great chance too go all the way!


Even T.O.’s actions in Philly weren’t this bad. Then again all it takes is one dumb owner and Jerry Jones would certainly be the definition of a dumb owner!

Look forward to the game on Sunday! They looked pretty good last night against the Twins. What’s your take on how Josh Bard is doing?


Jabba the Hutt here!

Anyone know why Pap didn’t throw the 9th today? I recognize the Sox are only worried about getting players work and are not worried about winning ST games. However, it would have been a good game situation to begin to get him ready for the season. I would think that might measure in!

Hey Jabba, I read that Paps is scheduled to throw on Saturday… I enjoyed watching Petey last night. You could just see that he was itching to play.
I’m trying to bribe someone into taking my picture and emailing it in…. this could be costly for. So much for stimulus!! lol

I REALLY hope that they draw up an extension for JBay. Solid, good teammate (so it seems) and when JBays being JBay, its all good. I think he’s exactly what we need in the lineup. I feel that he’ll contribute alot this season, seeing what he brought to the team in 2 months in 08.

Julia, I understand from what Don Orsillo was relaying last night that Bard and Wake will be spending alot of time together in the very near future. I’m sure some old films of Dougie will be there, as well as some basic advice from
Tek. Man, I wouldnt want to be behind the plate when Wakes “flutter ball” comes DROPPING in!!

If you ever watched Doug Mirabelli catch Wake it was a real lesson in the “Tao of Catching”. He would relax completely, set himself and then at the last moment move his glove softly yet quickly to cradle the ball. It was a work of art. Poetry in motion. When I watched Doug I was often reminded of Cheng Man Ching who said,” When my opponent doesn’t move, I don’t move. When my opponent moves, I move faster.”

Cheng Man Ching, Arnie? Is he related to Cheech and Chong? Or Chien Mien Wang? Hmmm…;)
I miss Doug a lot. I thought he did a fantastic job with Wake. Tek doesn’t compare to Doug, even less Bard, when it comes to catching Wake. Bard said his problem stemmed, in part, from trying to copy Doug’s style, when it did not come naturally to him (Doug’s style, that is), hence, the PBs. Maybe he will improve compared to the last disaster here, but he is likely not to refer to Doug’s style to do so.
Ellen, when Wake’s on his gam and his “Flutter Ball” is dropping in, not too many BATTERS want to be AT the plate, either! GO SOX!

Cheng Man Ching, as you know, was a Master of Tai Chi in the Yang tradition. I actually had the good luck to take lessons from one of his students for a short while. He told fantastic stories of the Grand Master. He was definitely dialed in to an inner energy that made him seem almost supernatural in the things he could do. He had an ethereal calm about him, but was quick as a cat at an advanced age. He often knocked his opponents flat on their back with a quick wrist-flick and sent some guys across the room doing push-hands. Not someone to trifle with.

No, I actually did not know that, Arnie, as I know very little about the Martial Arts, but I believe it!

Hi, All:

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Throughout the season, we will have gatherings to watch Red Sox games at bars and restaurants in the Orlando and Tampa areas. We will also have group outings when the Sox and Rays play at Tropicana Field. I’ll be in Atlanta when the Sox play the Braves, so I might organize a trip there, too.

Even if you can’t attend the events, feel free to visit our Facebook site and join the group. Hope to meet some of you this season!


Okay – I need to know one thing… How did Manny get the nickname Zazu here? There must be a good story behind this one. Arnie? Greg? EllenC? Someone – please enlighten me.

I wish I had til Friday to think about $45M. Wow. Manny is just taking half of spring training off — just like he always used to do. He’ll sign and their drama will be over… for now anyway.


Brian and Garry, I don’t think T.O and Zazu are that different–one worse than the other. T.O.’s shenanigans were just as bad–they just happened to be on TV every time we turned around. There would be another mike in T.O’s face, and he’d be yappin’ again, while doing sit-ups in his driveway.
I’ve said before, I’ll say again: Bornass and Rosen-Housed are the worst things to happen to their respective sports, and they have the willing participants, er, clients, to humor them! MLB and NFL would be far better off if both of them would camp out on some remote island, where both could run yammers and not be heard by the general public! But we can wish!:/

When Zazu was pulling his BS last year goofing off and being an idiot, there was, quite naturally, a lot of conversation about him on this blog. I think it was shortly after he got traded, might have been a little before the trade, he became known as he-who-shall-not-be-named. Well, that’s a little cumbersome so we came up with some knicknames, and then we tried to get an “official” name for him. I believe it was pangelotti who came up with Zazu. Now if you mention his real name you get time-out. (For those of us who have no life this blog is fantastic entertainment.)

Speaking of Zazu, looks like he turned down the 45 million dollar offer from LA. Are you kidding me?? If the Dodgers had half a brain they would stay FAR away from that man(child).

Arnie, he has Bornass for an agent–what else do we expect?! Yeah, he’s a project isn’t he?
I had not heard where the Zazu term came from, but it fits! As I mentioned on Jen’s blog, I think the name is hilarious, and I get a laugh every time I read it, since I think of Zazu from the Lion King (I wonder if that’s what Pangelotti had in mind?) It’s funny, no matter what. And while you’re right that “he-who-shall-not-be-named” is cumbersome, shortening it would not have helped: “HWSNBN”. Uh, I need to buy a vowel, Pat…;). So, Zazu works!

Thanks for answering that burning question for me, Arnie. Zazu it is and Zazu it shall be – for ever more. AMEN.
And yeah – he turned down the $45 Mil – Amazing.

Have a good day, all.


Arnie, your recollection of the Zazu stroy is amazing. More amazing is his turning down of the Dodgers’ offer. What is wrong with him and his people? I just wonder if this is a ploy to skip spring training, or if maybe he’s just not that interested in playing any more. There has to come a time when money just doesn’t matter. How many millions do you need? Outside the blog, we have had some interesting discussions about the state of things. The government is going to have to crank up the printing presses to print enough money to pay for this budget and these overpaid athletes. The numbers are mind boggling. If they televised the Red Sox down there, Panama would be looking good as a place to live.

Jen- Arnie mentioned that there were a lot of nicknames that we wanted for Zazu, but what he failed to mention is that most were not suited for print and would have been asterisked out!! lol

I think Zazu is targeting the Yankees. I believe the Yankees will deal away one of there outfielders and that will open up a spot for Zazu. Just a hunch! I would love too see him in pinstripes. Who wouldn’t?

Remember back in the summer of 2003. He was telling everyone he always wanted too play for the Yankees. He missed a couple of games in late August against the Yankees because of a soar throat. Also the next game in Philly ( a make-up game—Labor Day ) he was too sick too pinch hit. This guy is nothing but a headache. I would love too see him in N.Y. with A-Rod. 2 drama QUEENS!

EllenC – I’m sure!
BoSoxBrian – That is a very interesting concept. I believe we’ll see Zazu in pinstripes at some point before he retires.


I also believe Zazu will be in pinstripes before he calls it a career. Perhaps in 2009 or 2010 or some other year. We all know where he grew up and who can blame him for wanting too play for the Yankees.

When he said it back in the summer of 2003, I thought he was out of line for saying that. Bad timing on his part. Misses some games against the Yankees because of a soar throat and then is seen at the team hotel ( he lived there ) in the bar with Enrique Wilson among others. Boston tried getting rid of him after the 2003 season, Theo and Henry had enough then. Of course it took almost 5 years after that too get rid of him!


Sports teams are laying off employees but the big contract’s keep coming. Absolutely no loyalty too those employees! Zazu turning down that $$$$$$. He is lucky he can hit a baseball, if he couldn’t who knows where he would have ended up. Certainly not the smartest guy around!


I agree about Zazu and T.O. Certainly very little difference. Two players that are very high maintance. Two disruptive forces if things don’t go right or as planned. How many times has Zazu asked for a trade? Every year for sure and probably about 5 times every year.

That is why the Patriots season of 2001-02 was so enjoyable. Players that just wanted too win and they did! Also players you rooted for. Troy Brown, maybe not the best W.R. but if I had too start a team he would be one of the first guys on it!

Brian/Jabba: I received your pictures and they are posted. You guys are a couple of pretty distinguished looking characters if I do say so myself……. LOL!

Brian, the Patriots are the best run organization in professional sports, from top to bottom. There are those who could play elsewhere for more money but elect to be in New Englad for a chance to win and to play football without a lot of other distractions. Even when there are issues, they are taken care of and very little more is said about them. I point to the Kevin Faulk and Rodney Harrison incidents as examples. The organization does a great job of protecting their players. I hear Fred Taylor is getting ready to sign with the Pats. I have watched him here in Jax for a long time. He is a class act and will be an ideal role player for the Pats. If he can stay healthy, he will have a very productive year.


Agree very much with your opinion about the Kraft Family. Also the Rooney’s in Pittsburgh are great as well. Teams in all sports are trying too do what the Kraft’s are doing. The Pats are ran with alot of class. With all organization’s in all starts at the top! Look no further than the Red Sox. Ever since Henry/Werner have owned the team, they win year after year! They put the best team on the field and as a fan I can’t ask for more. That wasn’t the case when Harrington owned the team, he was a JOKE!

Fred Taylor has had a very successfull career, under the radar. Taylor has rushed for over 11,000 yards but what is amazing is his yds. per carry is 4.6!! Another solid move by the Pats! Taylor will have an immediate impact on the Pats in 2009!

New additions to Brownie’s Brigade: Dbenjamin, bosoxbrian and 007chow.



LOL!! I am here at work and my co-workers think I am nuts. Let me re-write that, here showing up where I get paid. LOL!! Great stuff! I have no hair, so there is no way that is me! I’ll get a pic too you this weekend. Now this stuff is cracking me up! D. Benjamin pic and the bio is great!


A very professional looking individual. A little different from Judge. LOL!!

I came up with the name “Zazu”, which was the name that I teased my Grandson,Aidan, when he was around 4 years old. Zazu was a fictitious girl that I said was enamored with my him. Zazu had three eyes, one green, one blue, and one red and she would write notes to him (with a sketch of her as well). We tease him up to this day. When the unnamed-one betrayed the Sox, fans began to refer to him with various (well-earned) derogatory names. Zazu sounded right-it was short, had the right ring and yet was within the bound of propriety. I’m glad that the Sox fans picked up on it. The penalty, which I wouldn’t wish on anyone, for using Zazu’s real name can be horrific.

I read that the Dodger’s offer had more than half of the money deferred so Zazu declined. They are still talking!
If they agree on one year or if there is an opt-out after one year, the Yankees would be looking for a DH for 2010.

This is a great day, indeed. First, I hear the story behind the naming of Zazu straight from the source. Thank you pangelotti and arnie and everyone else who filled me in. Great story, by the way.

And second, I have been a lurker here on Brownie Points for a couple of seasons. I’ve always wanted to join in but never did. I also wanted to “see” what everyone looks like and now – thanks to garry – I finally have faces with names.

I’m still waiting to “meet” EllenC. She is my “idol” LOL!

Thank you, everyone!


Kramer, knock yourself out with Zazu in 2010. See how much negotiating timeZazu and Bornass put into how short his hair can be–think he’ll shed the dreds to sign with the Yanks? Maybe, but don’t count on that being so easy!

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