Game 8 of the ALCS

Sorry, I couldn’t resist that headline. I’ll never forget the image of Manny Ramirez parading around the home clubhouse at City of Palms Park in March of 2004, when the Red Sox were playing the Yankees again for the first time since the heartbreaking loss in Game 7 of 2003.

“It’s Game 8,” Ramirez howled over and over again.

So here we were today in Port Charlotte for Game 8 of Sox-Rays, coming off that epic ALCS of a year ago.

In actuality, it was a game that meant absolutely nothing, and that was fortunate for the Red Sox in a game they lost 12-4.

But in reality, the matchup gives us reminders of the great series of a year ago, and also the reality that these two teams will be staring each other in the eye again all year.

This was my first trip to Port Charlotte in seven or eight years, back when the Rangers used to train here. They’ve done a great job sprucing up the place. It used to be, um, not so nice.

The Red Sox had  a representative traveling squad today, which will hardly be the case next week after four-ninths of the starting nine goes to the World Baseball Classic.

Ellsbury, Lowrie, Bay and Bladelli all made the trip.

Highly-regarded prospect Michael Bowden had a tough one, giving up five hits and four runs over 1 2/3 innings. Jason Bay had the toughest day of all, chasing down flyballs he couldn’t see all day in a treacherous sun field. And just for good measure, Bay was plunked in the elbow in his final at-bat. He was fine. And also happy to get out of Port Charlotte.

Saturday, there will be a doubleheader at City of Palms. Seven innings against Northeastern, and then nine big ones against the Reds. Until then …


I wonder what the reaction will be when Baldelli gets up?

The Rays game against the Reds in Port Charlotte the other day was a traffic nightmare! Some fans didn’t get there until the second inning or even after that.

Sox home opener is against the Rays, can’t wait!


What do you think about the Ramirez situation? Yankees? Dodgers?

I’m very curious to see how things go today. I suspect the fans will great Baldelli well. Any health news we need to be concerned about?


Phil, Wasnt one of the punishments for saying the unnamed ones name having to go on a date with Roseann??


Are you saying Ian and I will have too go out on a date with Roseanne? Oh no! I don’t like too share. LOL!!


When are you going too send a pic to Garry? I will personally drive down too South Florida and take a pic of you. We’re trying too get you mowing the lawn in high heels. What do you think Trixie?

A longggg afternoon for Bowden in Port Charlotte. Then again if anyone has ever been too Port Charlotte, it is usually a longgggg afternoon. Absolutely nothing there! A mall and that is it.

Why left Gonalez there for so long to be slaughtered and humiliated?

Hansack sure got it done! Way to go, Devern!

Brian, I am going to try to borrow my brothers camera this weekend (if he isnt out on the airboat in the Glades) and I will send 1 or more pics then. Oh my, where have I left my Pom-Poms??? Mowing the lawn in heels huh?? Well that way at least I can aerate the lawn as I mow it!!!


Sounds like your brother has the right idea this weekend. I have been on an airboat one time and did the tourist thing years back and saw lots and lots of gators. On Rte. 41 in the heart of the everglades.

I think it was Garry that said a pic of you mowing the lawn. I added the heels in. A bad Irish Catholic boy I am. LOL!!

Surprised too hear the Pats traded away Mike Vrabel. It was Vrabel that was putting on the heat on Kurt Warner and Warner’s pass was picked by Ty Law during the Super Bowl. Vrabel played a HUGE role during there 3 Super Bowl titles. Vrabel was a great find by the Pats. Vrabel a former Buckeye, D. Benjamin…Imagine that, I just mentioned Ohio State and I didn’t say anything bad. I am such a good soul. Thanks for the great memories Mike Vrabel, he was tough! Pats needed too get younger on D. Bruschi next????

and BTW: WOOO WOO BRIAN!! NICE PIC.. I’ll bet Pierce Brosnan didnt know that he looks just like you! lol
Hey Y’all, what has happened to our resident fiction writer Dave??? I haven’t seen him on here in more than a month. Anyone know what he’s up to???

I was wondering the same thing, Ellen. The other one I haven’t heard from in a while that I wonder if anyone has tabs on is Jim Maynard 3. Is he still around? Jim, where are ya? Hope you’re doing well. GO SOX!

Hi, All:

If you have received an invite for the Sox and Pinstripes fantasy baseball league and have not signed up, please do so. If you would like to participate and have yet to let me know, please send me an e-mail. The league is free and is operated through Yahoo Sports. We have eight teams and we would like to have at least 12 and no more than 14. We are using just American League players, and the roster is like a major league roster with 25 players (including five starting pitchers and seven relievers). This should be a lot of fun. Hope to see some more Brownie Points regulars in the league since many of you also read our site. The draft is about three weeks away. I know that Ellen and Kalpesh have signed up.


Methinks you’re right, Brian. I’m not surprised about Vrabel, and wouldn’t be about Bruschi, simply because the Pats’ LB corps is getting older. Yeah, I still miss Ty Law and Willie McGinest, and I’ll miss Vrabel and Bruschi (whenever he goes), but the Pats will need a new “administration” on Defense before too long! GO SOX! GO PATRIOTS!

Pangelotti, do you have a penalty lined up for Ian for using Zazu’s name? Might have to get on Ian for that one!πŸ˜‰

Hey Brian: arent you going to do the fantasy league??? Come on I’m playing!!!


I am in Jeff’s league. I have never played fantasy baseball. I tried last year’s league but couldn’t navigate the system. Zachary Z. was the commish. Where has he gone too? The man became a commish and vanished. Things that make me go hmmmmmmmmm. LOL!!

Yes ,some of the penalties mentioned included various interactions with Roseanne etc. Perhaps those with better memories may have a better recollection or for that matter might want to propose other/additional options.
As for going on a date with Roseann, even though it included other conmpanions, I am sure that there would be enough to go around.
Remember, in order to bypass sexist complaints, penalties were not restricted to men only.
For example, Ellen, Julia, Jen etc.,, what would your reaction be if you had to go on a date with Roseanne? Alone, or with others? Would you be like bosoxbrian and not be willing to share?

My reaction?? Can anyone say barf bag???


My girlfriend will not be happy ( then again maybe she will ) that I am going on a date with Roseanne. I am not sure if she’ll fit in my car. LOL!! As long as she doesn’t sing the national anthem. What a disgrace she was that night in San Diego. I believe Tom Werner was owning the Padres at the time.

Brian, What was your team name??? I know this sounds stupid, but I was proud to be the Winner of the Consolation Bracket.


I have no idea what my team name was. I tried looking up my roster but could never ever get it done right. My computer skills are pretty bad.

Phil, ya gonna leave a picture for Garry to put on Brownie’s Brigade? I’m working on getting mine to him this wknd. Here goes nada (speaking of no computer skills, Brian!)!
Interesting how Zazu got started, Phil, cute story. I was telling Jen on her blog that the only Zazu I knew of was from the Lion King. Anyhow…

007, I still get a kick out of anyone saying they’re a “practicing” attorney, or doctor, etc.! When are you going to stop “practicing” and get to do so for real? Are you still in ST or something?πŸ˜‰

Brian you should join, I’ll help you –you know, Dumb and Dumber!! lol I didnt know what to do until my boss helped me out.

Can I pass on a date with Roseanne? HOWEVER – If Sean Connery is in the house – I’m open for anything! {{Swoon}}
I’ll have to pass on this fantasy league – there are 10 of us MLB bloggers who have set up a league on ESPN – the link to it is on my blog. We draft on the 15th of March. As I am new to fantasy baseball – and I want to do the RED SOX PROUD!!! – any and all help would be appreciated!


Ellen, if only we knew what bosses were REALLY paid to do–assist with fantasy leagues! Hmmm…;)

DBen, are you stil “practicing” law, also? Or did they promote you to the Majors yet?πŸ˜‰

greg, he was my co-manager on the team (he’s also the owners youngest son, 27) and we were in last place until he dropped off!! Then I started kicking butt!!! too little too late though, lol.

Julia, I’ll take Sean Casey!! (boy I’m sure all of the guys are TRULY SHOCKED to hear me say that!!lol)

Tough day at work today. I can always come here for a good laugh! I am very sorry to see Mike Vrabel get traded. He epitomizes New England Patriots football and he’s just one of those guys you want to see retire in the home town uniform. I think it’s strange that nobody knows who or what the Patriots’ got for him. There is some speculation that this is part of a deal involving Matt Cassel. It should be interesting to see what the Patriots have cooking because OLB is certainly not one of the places they could afford to give up a quality player.

Phil, if anyone gets tagged with that “date with Roseanne”, I think they’d better hope they catch CRS diesase from me! Maybe Arnie’s “upgraded version” of “selective” forgetting will be better–they can forget the date, but remember whent they ditched her at the side of the road! Hmmm…;)

Brian, I don’t see your name among the managers who have signed up for the fantasy league. Did you get the invite I sent? I’m hoping to compose the league solely with regulars from Sox and Pinstripes and Brownie Points. Sox and Pinstripes gets about 800-1,000 hits per day, which is good for an independent site. With the people who read SOx and Pinstripes, and the people who read Brownie Points (which likely receives thousands of hits per day since it is affilated with, we should be able to field a league of 12-14 teams. As soon as Brian signs up, we’ll have nine.

By the way, Brian, Ellen and Garry (be sure to sign up for Florida Red Sox Nation, our group on Facebook that will also soon have a site of its own. You can go to to get access to the Facebook site. It would be nice to meet all of you this year! If you don’t live in Florida but would like to stay up to date with the group, feel free to join as well. It’s free, and there will eventually be a lot of people you know.


Well – you know Casey isn’t too bad either……I’m thinking we ladies have pretty good taste in men Ellen. So how did we get stuck with all these guys here! lol! HEY ALL – I am putting my love of the Red Sox on the line! I am wagering a Yankees blogger that the Red Sox will win the first series that the two teams play in Fenway in April (My birthday is that weekend!) The loser has to, among other things, put the other team’s banner in their Headline for the day. MLBLogs has sweetened the pot with special shout outs for the “winner” – so show your support for me & the Red Sox! I’m doing this for all of us fans and need everyone’s good wishes! We need the Red Sox back on top! Preliminary details about the wager are on my blog now.


Julia- We are with you all the way.
As far as dates witheRoseanne- when you are selcted for punishment there is no passing on it.
As far as trying to forget what happened on the date- -forget-about-it. You will always remeber when you picked her up with your truck and she began to humm and sing in your ear. How could you forget that??

Can’t we ladies get a “male” Roseanne for our punishments?


Pangelotti, CRS can be a positive thing, after all!πŸ˜‰ Just forgetting her show is good enough!
A “male” Roseanne, Julia? Whom do you want, Tom Arnold?

How about Lugo??? That would be taking one for the team.

I’ll take Lugo over Tom. But I’m taking one for the team with my wager! Doesn’t that get me “Brownie Points”! πŸ˜€ Yeah – I know – Friday afternoon-itis has set in!


Lugo can explain to you how he focuses when he is at bat and how he aims his throws to first base after he bobbles the ball a few times. Just think your night would be fill with baseball memories. The paparazzi would follow you everywhere. No one would believe that you would be the lucky girl on his arm (tattoo, of course).

You sold me! Where do I sign up? Maybe I could give him a few throwing tips. I’m pretty sure I bobble the ball few times then he does. Do we have to get matching tats?


Phil, when Lugo aims his throw to 1B, is he facing 3B? Make sure he is, Julia, otherwise, he’s sure to miss 1B!

Okay – just leave a list of all the things I need to help Lugo with. Will he at least take me to a nice restaurant?


If you were to put on the tatoo I would suggest that you put it where only you would be able to see it. There are too many jealous girls around.
I understand that the Yanks may really sign up Zazu. It seems that an earmark for NY in the stimulus package awards 2 Billion Dollars to the Yankees for the remainderr of the fiscal year. It’s only a starter program to be followed by bigger and better things.

Hey – why aren’t you guys on Twitter yet? We could then annoy the Yankees fans there!


I hear that Lugo keeps saying that he is into Pollo Loco.

I’m still skeptical, Phil, unless the Yanks can get Zazu to shed his dreds. Not sure that will be the easiest thing to overcome. Normally, we’d say that “money talks” and that Yanks money would get the job done. But he has passed on $45 mil, so who knows if Obama can get it done, let alone the Yanks! So it goes…

Sorry – I am SO not going to Chelsea (sorry anyone who lives there!) for dinner! He needs to do much better then that if he wants my batting & throwing tips!


Are you sure, Phil, that he IS NOT “Pollo Loco”, himself?

Greg1969 (or can I just call you 1969??lol) I think you might be on to something. If I have to give Lugo baseball pointers then it’s Capital Grille or nothing!



I did receive your email. I will sign up tonight. I am looking forward too playing. I will not be available for the draft…I’ll have the computer make the picks. That could be interesting. I hope I don’t Burnett or some player I do not like.


LOL!! Practicing attorney, great line! I think it was John Madden that said lawyers should have there win/loss record available. I agree. Who wants too hire a lawyer with a losing record? Certainly not me. I need all the help I can get. I agree with Garry when he says you can come on here and get a good laugh. Alot of funny folks on here.

Julia asked for A male Roseanne, I thought Roseanne was a guy. LOL!!


You mentioned the beautiful city of Chelsea ( major sarcasm on the word beautiful ) There was a joke some years back. What did the Clinton Family and the state of Massachusetts have in common?

Answer….They both have an ugly Chelsea.

Also a footnote too Chelsea. Oil Can Boyd had a run in with the Chelsea Police Dept. some years back. I also believe s.s. Rey Quinonez was involved as well. I believe the police thought “Oil Can” Boyd was selling drugs. “Oil Can” and his fancy car were in a rough area ( most of Chelsea is rough if not all of it ) and the police thought he was suspicious. That is my Chelsea story!

Brian – HAHAHA!



Of course that was when Clinton was the president. Chelsea now is a very attractive young lady.

One more tidbit too pass along about the wonderful city of Chelsea, Ma. The Boston Strangler was from Chelsea. Enough said. LOL!! I just looked it up. You can’t even make this crazy stuff up.

Brian, “practicing attorney”, like “practicing doctor”, etc., is a joke as old as the hills. But unlike the hills, it doesn’t get old.


Quite true. I have always found it funny. You certainly wouldn’t want a practicing doctor do surgery on you. lol. I’m not sure what kind of law D. Benjamin does. Tony LaRussa is a lawyer. Theo is as well.

Okay, If you guys can be “practicing attorneys”, may I be a practicing office manager??
Brian, I’m glad that you’ll be in on the Fantasy League. We can commiserate about the cellar together… lol.. I am sure that I will occupy it for a while. Maybe I’ll buy a new sofa and TV for it!! lol

Scary thought that La Russa is a lawyer. I guess he could have defended himself in that DUI case a few years back…

Ellen, maybe you can be a “practicing office mgr.” if you’ll let us know when you will be “perfect” so you can graduate!πŸ˜‰


Somehow someway I’ll find the cellar. No doubt! I’ll be the Devil Rays of fantasy baseball. Proud of it.

That picture of LaRussa when got cuffed and stuffed was very amusing. Only time he wasn’t wearing those dark glasses. LaRussa is big advocate of animals so for that reason alone I am a fan of his. Other than that, he is very arrogant! It was lots of fun back in 2004 when the Sox swept his team. I loved it for various reasons.

Garry, sent the pics for Brownie Points. I have NO IDEA if they will be workable, but I tried. Let me know if I need to try again! Hmmm…
Andy (007), good to be able to use your actual name, but do you find it a little odd that yours is the 007 e-mail prefix, but Brian ended up as 007 Bond? Hmmm…;) What are you holding in front of you in your picture? Looks like a giant cupcake!!πŸ™‚

Hey Bri, We can share the basement… that’ll be fun!!


Whoever finishes in the basement gets a free weekend in Chelsea, Ma. LOL!! Talking about punishment.

good night all!! gotta get up and mow the lawn tomorrow!!! It’s gonna be hard pushing the mower and holding onto my pom-poms!! See ya! Trixie

Wow! What a long workday, and now I’ve had to spend a half hour catching up on all the foolishness on this blog. Y’all been having lots of fun without me! I see everyone is still hot-to-trot over Roseanne. No accounting for taste.

Speaking of taste, here is the recipe for Fish and Chips featuring tautog as the centerpiece. Tautog is probably not your quintessential F&C fish but it has great flavor and will hold up well.
First let’s deal with the fish itself: cut your tautog into pieces that are about 3 inches long and 2 wide. You don’t want the fish to be too thick, maybe a half inch to one inch. Otherwise it takes too long to cook. Dry the fish with a paper towel.
Next the dredging flour, into one-half cup of flour stir about a tablespoon of Old Bay seasoning. (I wanted to work that in for Jason Bay’s sake, don’t worry it tastes great!!) Set that aside.
The batter:
1 1/2 cup flour
1 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon pepper, freshly ground
1 tablespoon melted butter
2 beaten eggs
3/4 cup flat beer
1 dash Tabasco and a few drops of Worstechestershire sauce(how do you spell that?)
Mix this all up well and set aside for about 4 hours.
Optional: seperate the eggs and beat the whites. Add them to everything else at the end.
Now take a 4 to 6 quart heavy saucepan and put 3 to 4 inches of canola oil in it. Heat the oil to 375 degrees.
Dredge your fish in the flour and tap off any excess, dip this into the batter and let the extra drain off. You want a coating of about 1/4 inch all around the fish. Carefully drop the fish into the oil. It will sink so you need to GENTLY loosen it from the bottom. Fry 2 or 3 pieces of fish at a time and let the oil return to 375 between batches. Drain the cooked fish on paper towels. You can keep these warm in the oven at 150 degrees or so.
The Chips! Take two or three medium sized Russet potatoes and peel them. Cut into quarters lengthwise and cut into 1/4 inch pieces. Store them in cold water. When they are all peeled and cut you are ready to fry. Drain them and pat them dry. Drop the potatoes a little at a time imto the hot oil and let them brown up well. They will float to the top when they are just about done. When they are done, put them in a bowl and sprinkle them with salt and fresh pepper and mix them up.
Red Pepper Remoulade:
1 1/2 cups mayonaise
one half of a canned roasted red pepper
1 tablespoon drained capers
1 tablespoon paprika or ancho chile powder
1 tablespoon dill pickle relish
1 tablespoon Dijon mustard
1 tablespoon chopped fresh parsley
1 tablespoon fresh tarragon
1 teaspoon dry marjoram
1/2 teaspoon dry thyme
1/2 teaspoon cayenne
1 tablespoon cider vinegar
2 teaspoons sugar
salt to taste

Serve your fish and chips with cole slaw, the remoulade and malt vinegar. This one’s for you, Illustrated Man! Wash it down with some Watney’s and finish off with some Boston Cream Pie!

OKay guys, I ‘ve got the camera.. now I just have to figure out how to use it!!! With any kind of luck, I should be able to send the photos sometime today… At least we know now what my limitations are!! lol

Am I the only one who wonders what Phil meant by suggesting Lugo would be “taking one for the team” by dating you? Hmmm.
But the combination of Julia and Julio sounds a bit poetic!
By the way, FYI Phil beats me by eight years for the title of most senior contributor!!!

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