February 2009

Finally, some truth

Thank goodness that Alex Rodriguez has not become the next Barry Bonds or Roger Clemens. Finally, we have an legend of the game that can admit that allegations are true and that yes, he took steroids.

I don’t know if the public could have handled another defiant case like Bonds or Clemens. I think that A-Rod was candid in his interview with Peter Gammons, acknowledging the obvious pressure that players of that era felt — that if you weren’t doing PEDs, you weren’t keeping up with the competition.

Looking back, it was just a terrible, terrible time in baseball — say, 1998-2003 — and it’s just unbelievable that there was no penalty for a positive steroid test until 2004. But better late than never.

A-Rod could have come on ESPN today and said, “I took steroids once and realized the next day it was a mistake”. How many players have we heard that kind of weak explanation from?

I think he did what he had to do — which was come out and admit that he was doing this for an extended period because he felt pressure to live up to his contract, not to mention other superstars in the game.

As for the fact he lied before about this, that can not be excused. But it’s better to come out and tell the truth eventually than to be stubborn until the end like Rocket and Barry.

Now it makes sense

Wondering why the Red Sox signed Brad Wilkerson earlier this week when they already have Mark Kotsay to back up at first base and the outfield?

We got our answer today with the revelation that Kotsay underwent back surgery on Jan. 29.

The Red Sox sound optimistic on Kotsay. He shouldn’t miss much time. He’s had back issues in the past. But it’s nice to have Wilkerson around to fill that role until he gets back.