Classic Exodus

There was a different feel in the clubhouse at City of Palms Park this morning, as David Ortiz, Kevin Youkilis, Dustin Pedroia and Jason Bay were spending their final few hours in Fort Myers before going to the camps of their respective countries for the World Baseball Classic. Javy Lopez was also leaving camp, but Puerto Rico will train just down the road in Fort Myers for the next few days.

Meanwhile, Dice-K remains in Japan, where he’s been all spring. He pitched for the second time in a game situation yesterday — or is it tomorrow in Japan ??? — giving up a hit and two walks over three shutout innings against the Yomiuri Giants. It was a relief appearance for the Dice Man.

By the way, Mr. Ortiz has a message for his teammate, but possible competitor during the Classic

going to take Dice-K deep for sure,” chuckled Ortiz.

But Dustin Pedroia, whose TEAM USA squad will be playing in the same bracket as Canada in the first round, couldn’t resist telling Jason Bay that his squad won’t be around long.

“Pedroia told me to pack one pair of underwear,” said Bay.

Speaking of Bay, he will play center field for Canada to allow his team to generate some more offense.

After those early-morning chats about the Classic, I trucked over here to Hammond Stadium for a tilt against the Twins. The Red Sox trotted out Pedroia, Ortiz and Youkilis in this one, and have a loaded arsenal of pitchers going today, including Josh Beckett, Tim Wakefield, Jonathan Papelbon, Hideki Okajima and Takashi Saito.

Youkilis (photo below) just smashed a homer to right-center, improving a swing that he felt had been “horse manure” in recent days.


Beckett had a nice easy stint, mowing down all six batters he faced. He didn’t get to use his changeup because he was so efficient at being ahead in the count. Oh well, that’s a problem Beckett and the Red Sox will gladly take.

Papelbon was impressive in his first exhibition outing, firing 10 pitches and mowing through the Twins in order.

Sox are in Fort Lauderdale tomorrow. I’m not scheduled to go on that trip, but I will pass along whatever updates I get.


Apparently Pedroia doesn’t know about what Canada did too Team U.S.A. back in 2006. Then again Pedroia doesn’t care what happened 3 yrs. ago. I am sure it is always entertaining when Pedroia is talking smack.

The Mayor’s Cup. Big showdown today. No sarcasm. lol.


I’ll try too get that photo bigger. I guess we’ll see how small it is. Then again, it is life-size. HA…HA…LOL…

Ian – got to say I’ve been impressed with Angel Chavez so far. What do you think of him and where will he start playing this year? Also – do you know what’s wrong with Jerry Remy? I miss him on NESN.


How does Saito look?
If he can do well the Sox are loaded in the bullpen. That’s a great feeling.

Hi all!! No picture today… Got caught up doing paperwork and going through “crap” (some incidental stuff from 1989 LOL )that my mom squirrelled away.. Also found some nice memories in there. I promise that the picture will be forthcoming this week. I have a question: Okay call me blonde (and OLD), but once I take the picture, what is it that I need to do??? (and Arnie, I’m listening to 8 track tapes while writing this!! kidding lol) Someone please give me some expert advice. Someone pls advance me into the year 2000!!!
Glad to hear that Beckett’s throwing good. I’m a little upset. I realized the other day that I wot get to see Petey, Youk or Papi when the come to town on the 14th. And NO naked Sean Casey! darn…..
Anyway, time to take the Boe Dog for a walk and I’ll check in later..
Arnie, What’s for dinner????

Not sure all the particulars of today’s game but I bet the 2-1 score is indicative of what this season may look like a lot of the time. Good pitching, good defense and timely hitting. Those three attributes wins lots of games!!!!! Go Sox!

Hey guys, I am back after fixing my life….again. How is everyone? I missed all of you. Well I have finally decided to start my own Red Sox blog! You guys should all check it out. I even promoted Ian’s blog in their as well. I just finished my first post lol. BoSoxBrian, I know you will definitely like it. Everyone feel free to go look at my new blog and help get me started. I really appreciate it guys.

Feel free to comment all you like. Please do leave your thoughts and feedbacks. =]

Oh yeah and I am CHman712 just so you guys know lol I just noticed it doesnt say CHman712.

Hey, CHMan has a very impressive blog there!!! Good job by him!!! Check it out when you get a minute….
Shhhh!! I think everyone is sleeping after a tough weekend.. (said very quietly) helloooooooo?? Anyone here?

Yeah, Ellen, I just peeked there also. Hope he does well. SH! be vewy, vewy, qwiiiiiet, we’re hunting wabbits!🙂

Ellen, if anyone in the NE area is quiet, perhaps it’s because they’re getting the same thing we are–SNOW! I’m giddy, because I’ve been hoping for a snow like this (3″ or so) since Christmas! (Hey, I told you I’d take winter over a FL summer any day!) Our power has been blipping on and off, so maybe others are having the same thing! (Then again, our power sources being above-ground, a squirrel dropping an acorn causes our power to go on the fritz!). We’ll see. GO SOX!

Hey Ellen and Greg. Thanks for checking me out. Well I will still be here ofcourse. I returned after fixing my life again. I want my blog to be here along with Ian’s. I believe it is something I am called to do. Baseball is a huge part of my life. ian and I can really help bring fans closer together. I appreciate everyone’s support. =] LETS GO SOX!!! So how are you guys doing? And as soon as I find out how to add a link lol…I will definitely add Ian’s. Let’s do this guys. RED SOX!!!!!!!!

Ellen, about your picture. First of all, you need to take your picture with a digital camera. That means a camera that saves your image as a file on a disc or memory stick. You should be able to then put the disc or memory stick in your computer and see the file. Just attach the file to an email and send it to me. Don’t forget, for Brian’s sake, bikini and lawn mower. If you don’t have a digital camera, you can use a regular paper picture which you can scan to a file and then send it to me. I think Wal-mart or someone like that can do that for you if you don’t have a good quality color scanner.

Well, the boys are headed for the WBC. I hope they all approach those games with some common sense. Anyone know why Ellsbury hasn’t played the past couple of days?

Garry, if Ellsbury is your cousin-in-law shouldn’t you be telling us why he hasn’t played??? JK.

Julia, send me all the snow you can!! It’s dry, dry, dry in my yard. I’ve started to water my roses and fruit trees already.

Ellen, I finally had a chance to try out that Red Velvet Cake recipe and it is a GOOD one. I’ll post it here for you. Very easy to make. It’s a southern classic, my partner who is from West Virginia says she remembers it from her childhood.

CHman, good to have you back. Nice blog. I’ll try to stop in once in a while although I am very loyal to Ian’s blog.


I was wondering where you disappeared too. Glad your back! Other names that were here last year have disappeared as well. Not sure if they are coming back or not, I am hoping they do. Anyway Chman, great stuff!


Did you read what Ian wrote at the end? He is not making the trip too Fort Lauderdale. No Alligator Alley ride for Ian Browne. A very smart man is Ian.

Are you going too the game today?


I am waiting for my pic too appear on the Brownie Brigade. Also known as the ” Most Wanted List” LOL!

Brian, I am having to do some editing on your picture so everyone will be able to sleep at night.

Cousin in law? Arnie, I’m not married and nobody will tell me anything until I marry into the family. LOL! I’ve actually never met Jacoby. I was going to go to Wilmington NC when he was playing Class A ball, but I think Jan and I had a dispute that weekend so she took her daughter instead! That’s the last dispute we’ve had…… I’ve been a very good boy since then.

Well, it’s an off day for me, and the golf course awaits. It’s about 42 degrees here in the Jax area today, so it’s going to be chilly out there.


I wouldn’t disagree with you about that. Not many if any people sleep better after seeing me or meeting me. I really don’t know why that is. That makes me go hmmmmmmmm.

A tad cool here in the St. Pete area. I have been living in Florida since Sept. of 1999 and this is the coldest winter yet! I’ve had frost on my car (4) times. LOL!! HA..HA…

Garry. Ouch, bad timing to have a dispute with Jan on the weekend you would get to meet Jacoby Ellsbury. Couldn’t you have timed it so that you had your dispute the weekend you were scheduled to have Afternoon Tea at the Waldorf with Irma Bombeck?

Brian, it’s going to be 75 degrees here today. Not often I get to tease you about the weather in March. I’ll pay for it with a snowstorm in May.


75 degrees and your cooking, sounds like a place I should be at. After work I might even half too drive home with the heat on. LOL…Chilly winter for Florida standards. It could be worse, I could be back in the Boston area and they are getting another storm. Hard too believe the Red Sox will open up at home in about a month. Those early April home games are always cold.

I live about 30 minutes from downtown Orlando and 25 minutes from the beachside of Daytona Beach (there is also a mainland side) in a city called DeLand, and it is nippy here today. About 60 degrees, but the sky is blue and the sun is shining. Last night, the wind was howling. Sounded like the blizzards I encountered in my native Ohio. I won’t complain, though, because a cool day here is much more palatable than anything in the Midwest and Northeast from October to April.

I’m already ready for opening day, but I am looking forward to going down to Ft. Myers to do some interviews with and profiles on Red Sox prospects. I love writing about the major leagues and writing profiles on big leaguers, but I am also becoming more interested in covering the minors, too. There are a lot of prospects in the Red Sox system that many people don’t know about, but they will in the next year or two. The Sox have graduated so many top prospects to the majors (including guys like Cla Meredith, Hanley Ramirez, David Murphy and Brandon Moss on other teams) that now a bulk of the organization’s top prospects are in the lower levels of the minors.

I highly recommend all Red Sox die-hards to learn more about the farm system from the rookie league GCL Red Sox all the way up to Triple-A Pawtucket so you know who is on the way at each position. It will make you even more excited about the Sox.


Sad but true:
Daily Jolt: Health Will Decide Most Races-Andrew Johnson

Adding to Jeff’s post, I recommend a subscription to MiLB.TV this year to watch some of the kids play. It will be mostly AAA but last year some AA games were included. It was a good value at $29.95 for something like 75 games. When I have a chance to check this years price and number of Sox kids games, I’ll post the information as I did last year!!!

brian, I had tickets for todays matchup and had to give them away as I had to take off the week before last from work. So I’m here at the office today. HOEWEVER (yesssss)
I do have tickets to the game on the 14th!!! Left field line… uh huh!! Right near whoever will be filling in for Jbay, and near where whoever will be playing for Petey, and Youk… I’ll get to see ALL the BIG GUNS!! lol

Arnie, If you dont mind, you can email the recipe.. I have a file with all your recipes in there!!

Hey all – I just posted on my blog an “Ode to the Red Sox” in the style of Dr. Seuss – in honor of Ted Geisel’s Birthday! It features all the teams (I hope!) that the Red Sox will play this season! Enjoy!


I know you have been asking about Schilling….they are about to talk about him and his possible future on ESPN right now.

Penny possibly scratched from first start? Hmmm…I know he is rehabbing, but I hope this does not turn into a rerun of Beckett in 08! Masterson certainly did well!
I’ll be checking your Ode out, Julia! GO SOX!

I saw this morning where the Dodgers have pulled the offer to Zazu off the table. I think it’s a big game and he’ll wind up signing with them, but he just doesn’t want to be in spring training. I wonder why he’s not playing for the Dominican team?

New additions today to Brownie’s Brigade include bosoxbrian and greg1969. The Brownie’s Brigade page has now been rated PG-13 and is not recommended for viewing by small children or people with good taste due to disturbing, nightmarish images.

Visit the crew at Brownie’s Brigade:

Same story different day….Schilling says if the Rays or Cubs are interested he’ll be ready to pitch in July.

Orlando Cabrera signed w/ OAK, 1-year deal. I guess, Brian, you and I will have to wait until July to sign our Catcher of the Future!🙂 Half-kidding–I wish (still) that we’d signed him after 04. I hope Lowrie wins the SS job, and keeps it for MANY years! GO SOX!

Dodgers pull Zazu’s offer. Start from Square 1. Pity. Uh, Not Exactly!

I see where Oakland signed Orlando Cabrera for $4M today. They are paying him $4M, the Sox are paying Lugo $12M. What’s wrong with that picture?

Congrats on being #18 on the Latest Leader’s List!


That’s where we screwed up from the get-go in 04. We should have signed Cabrera back then! We’d have gotten off this SS carousel, and Lugo would not even be in the picture (let alone, before him, Renteria)! As I’ve said before, Cabrera would not have cost us the 07 WS, as Lugo could have–thank GOD he didn’t! Hopefully, Lowrie will finally earn that SS job and put away that carousel. Not one of Theo’s better moves!

Who does this Latest Leaders List, Julia? The fans? Or Congress? Are we sure this list isn’t rigged?😉

If I remember correctly, Zazu and many other players insist they only need three weeks to be ready. So no signing until March 15th or later would be no surprise!

Hey, Kramer, if Zazu joins your Yanks, will you refer to him as “Zazu” on Bombers Beat?
A lot of players do insist they only need 3 weeks to prepare (funny how many of these players, though, say that when they are OLDER (?!)! Hmmm…). I suspect a lot of these players, even if it’s true, are the exception, not the rule!

Julia’s poem is a CLASSIC, guys! Y’all should check it out! Way to go, Julia!

I think that Zazu is doing the list… thats how we keep dropping!!!

I think that the 3 weeks for Spring Training isnt such a bad idea. These guys (or most of them) train all year long as opposed to the Old days (I am old so I can attest) when the guys had to take off season jobs to get by and didnt really have the time to train (or the facilities at their disposal all year) and stay in shape. Out of all the years that he was with us I can only remember 2 years when Zazu reported on time (or close to on time) his 1st year here and his LAST>>> you remember how he was saying he wanted to stay in a RedSox uni forever??? My how times change. I think he has CRS….

Hey guys, whats up? BoSoxBrian, how are you? Oh and I posted a new entry for my blog. Have a blessed night everyone -CHman712

Oh and dont forget guys, the link is

Let’s HOPE that Lopez does well for Puerto Rico in the WBC. Maybe someone will make Theo an offer he can’t refuse. I understand that Theo is advertising his support for Lopez. That might make some of his potential suitors even more anxious to pick him up. That could be a good strategy. If it works we might be able to come up with someone to take Lugo. Impossible- well we can follow Obama’s successful motto- HOPE.

I hope everyone slept well after seeing my mug yesterday. That picture was taken in the dugout at City Of Palms Park. One of the best fields in the Grapefruit League! I did try using the phone too call Garry but no surprise, Garry was golfing.


Congrats on being #18. No congrats there. We need too step it up here! Oh by the way, where do you find out where Brownie Points stand? Let me know, I am interested.

I guess the A’s are going after some former member’s of the Red Sox. Signing Cabrera and also they are ready too sign Nomar. Nomar is on his last legs, literally! I’m not sure where Nomar will play but highly unlikely he’ll last the season.

I am being patient here….waiting on Ellen’s pic. Oh yes indeed!

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