Penny back to flat ground; J.D. gets shot

Early news today: Brad Penny is officially out for Thursday’s start against Puerto Rico, and there is no timetable for his first exhibition game. He was a little fatigued, so he’ll work exclusively on flat ground for the time being

I feel pretty
good,” Penny said. “I don’t think the shoulder strength is quite where it needed to be yet
for the workload that had been scheduled out. It’s better to take it easy right
now then to get out there the first week of April and have it flare up on me.
So, just staying on the shoulder program, still going to play catch, and just try
to get my shoulder strength to where I need it to be.”

J.D. Drew flew back to Boston the other day for a cortisone shot on his back, but manager Terry Francona stressed that it was nothing to be overly alarmed about and that it was done more for maintenance than anything else. Drew could be back in the lineup by Friday.

“[I’ve] been
working with a chiropractor and started talking about some of the underlying
issues and thinking that the facets might be a little bound up,” Drew said in
an interview with NESN’s Heidi Watney before leaving City of Palms Park on Tuesday. “So,
talking with the training staff a little bit, decided to do an injection in
that area to see if that would free up some of the old scar issue, an old
injury, and give me some freer motion in that area.”

It looks like Nomar is on his way to Oakland. A little ironic, isn’t it, that Nomar and Orlando Cabrera will now be teammates?


The Red Sox will teat Brad Penny with kid gloves. It wouldn’t surprise me if he started the year on the D.L. and Buchholz made the team. Just a hunch!

Why does Drew have too go back to Boston for a cortisone shot? Don’t they have that in Fort Meyers or somewhere in Southwest Florida? If Drew starts in more than 125 games, I will be very very surprised!

I’m not getting a good feeling about Drew! Penny – I’m less concerned because we have depth there. A question for you – My dedication blog for my #3 ranking that I put up today is about Jimmie Foxx. Why haven’t the Red Sox retired his number? He went into the Hall of Fame wearing a Red Sox hat.



I just introduced the name Zazu on Bombers Beat yesterday. No reaction so far!

I am not too concerned about Penny. Even if Penny started out the season on the DL, we will have young arms like Buchholtz, Bard, and Masterson if necessary as back of the rotation staters. The front 3 starters must stay healthy and be effective. Lester just completed two hitless innings.
I am little concerned with Drew. If Drew is hurt, we have Wikerson and Baldelli (strong enough to play?). Can Chris Carter play OF also?
Hi Brian: You look pretty good from afar. Wonder how you look in closeup? LOL
Bob Kramer: Do your fellow bloggers at Bombers Beat know you are a friend of the Red Sox Nation? Do they know at all?

Julia, Although JD does go on a tear from time to time (key moments) I havent had a good feeling about him since he signed that huge contract. In his career he has only averaged about 109 games per season. I wish that I could miss 53 days of work and still collect 14 million per year!!

Ian, I think I like our old Nomahhhh at Oakland… I hope he has a great year, except against us!!


I know one person I do not look like…Woody Allen. LOL!!

Who will miss more games in 2009? Drew or Nomar?


That sounds like a great job if you can get that. Not one of the better moves by Theo. I know I know…Drew’s grand slam against the Tribe, without that maybe no W.S. in 2007. Big H.R.’s last year against the Angels and Rays. Had a huge month of June last year. Had the only hit against the Mariners, broke up King Felix’s no hitter back in April of 2007. Also one of the guys too hit 4 H.R.’s in a row off of Chase Wright. Alot of money too pay someone who is basically a part-time player! If he could play at least 145 games, I would be o.k. with the signing but Drew is not made for the long haul. We all know that. Somehow Theo didn’t know it.

I wouldnt want to be his health insurance carrier!!!
We all discussed the number of DL trips he had made even before the trade. now granted I dont dont know that he has actually been on the DL more than once here, but he sure has had alot of days off!!

Does anyone actually remember JD at the All Star game last year? He does have good days! When those days count!
Ellen – I agree. I wouldn’t want to see his insurance bills!

You know there is an out clause in Drew’s K. The Sox can void the K but it has to be related to his once injured arm (don’t know which one). Drew’s arm seems to be OK. Now it’s his back. There is always something. Argh……….

The armbone’s connected to the backbone!! One could make that related argument!!

Well it is in a round about kinda way, right???

I’m liking that one…all we need is one of those medical skeletons to show the connection, Ellen! And a little imagination…


That out clause on Drew’s contract comes down too his shoulder. A pre-existing injury. Depends on how many days he spends on the D.L. etc. Last time I checked, he was made of paper! I doubt he did very well at rock, paper and scissors. LOL!!

Imagine that, Drew with a pre-existing injury. Shocking. Next, we’ll here about a snow storm hitting New England. LOL!!

Hear ye, hear ye, King Gregory I here!…glad I finally graduated to King–I had been practicing (ahem!) for many centuries as Pope Gregory the Great (they were a little less concerned about Church/State conflict back in my day!)😉 Little did the Patriots know they had a King in their ranks! Hmmm…;)
Hey Brian, since Drew is made of paper, can we recycle him?! Or can we get a 10-cent refund on that multi-mil $$ contract??!!

Brian: You’re right it’s the shoulder, not the arm. The Sox can void the K if Drew was on the DL b/c of the pre-existing injured shoulder at the end of the season or something to that effect.
That said, I still like to see Drew in the lineup to have a June 2008 like year. The Sox wouldn’t be in the playoffs without Drew in June 2008 but at a cost of $14M. LOL

Well now see??? It is connected to his back… the shoulder that is!! ha! lol.. Can you tell how bored I am today… Everytime the boss gives me somethiong to do, I knock it out and then twiddle my thumbs some more and play anaother game of spider solitaire (one suit)


Drew was HUGE in the month of June last year. He stepped it up when Ortiz went on the D.L.


Recycle Drew? Now that is funny! Lowell is trying too play on 1 leg last year and Drew well J.D. being J.D. as Craig put it best.


You must be an anatomy major. LOL!! Next your gonna tell me that I have 2 knees. LOL!! Bored here at work as well.

I start the over/under on how many games JD will play this year at 116. What say y’all?

JD gets shot, Ian? Was it a .38 or an AK-47? And He had to go all the way to Boston for the privilege???!! Hmmm…;)

Good thing Lugo was not giving the shot! He would likely have missed! Try redefining “WIDE RIGHT!”

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