Red Sox against Puerto Rico

An interesting day here at City of Palms, with the Red Sox facing off against Puerto Rico’s World Baseball Classic squad.

It is the return of Alex Cora to City of Palms, though Cora isn’t in the lineup. Neither, for that matter, is Bernie Williams. Carlos Beltran is batting third and Pudge Rodriguez, still looking for a job, is hitting sixth. Sidewinder Javier Lopez could pitch against the Sox today, which is an interesting twist, but not exactly Derek Jeter facing the Yankees.

It’s a bittersweet day for Mike Lowell, who wanted to play for Puerto Rico but had to give up that dream thanks to his hip surgery. Overall, Lowell is in great spirits and plans on playing in an exhibition game within the next week.

The J.D. Drew situation really seems very minor. His main thinking behind the cortisone shot was simply to eliminate the problem before it became one. Drew should play Friday.

Clay Buchholz is pitching today for the Sox. He’ll be followed out of the ‘pen by Jonathan Papelbon, Michale Bowden, Marcus McBeth, Charlie Zink and Daniel Bard.

The Sox have a lineup of Ellsbury; Lugo; Carter (1B); Bailey (LF); Wilkerson (RF); Lowrie 3B; Kottaras; Green.


I’m sure the Yankees are kicking themselves for not signing Zazu. If A-Rod is out for any length of time that means lots of pressure on Mark Texeira and he has been known too get off to slow starts. So sad when you here about A-Rod being hurt, NOT!

I’m guessing McBeth is D. Benjamin’s favorite player. LOL!!

Let’s hope Buchholz picks up where he left off. Buchholz was solid against the Reds over the weekend!

So the A-Rod saga continues! He played last season with “hip pain” and just got around to having it checked out? Isn’t that what the off-season is for?


That’s why they pay Teixeira the big bucks, BosoxBrian. Then again… they also pay A-Rod the big bucks…


Our resident fiction writer and ranter Dave is physically fine and is under tremendous stress because of his wife?s health concern. We shall hear from him soon. I have been prompting him to send his beautiful family pic to Garry.

Michale Bowden had 2 consecutive bad ST outings. Charlie Zinks stinks again. More I see Chris Carter, more I like him. If Big Papi struggles, I won’t hesitate to have Carter DH until another big bat is ready.


Quite true. Safe too say the Yankees overspent on Texeria/Sabathia and Burnett. Desperate teams do desperate things.


All Carter did in Minnesota as a W.R. was catch T.D.’S. According too Chris Berman. It seems this Carter….all he is does is hit! I have liked his bat and so many others on here have liked it as well.

Zink stinks….I never thought that was possible. LOL!! Only pitcher I know that could have a 10 run lead and still not get a win. Enough said about Zink. Another season in A.A.A. for Mr. Zink.


Bowden is one of the young pitchers that I am not high on. It was only 1 start that I saw him pitch but he didn’t stick out too me! Masterson did last year and Buchholz does as well.

Thanks for the update on Dave, 007.

Julia, I think Arod has brought bad karma to the Yanks. They had their chance to be rid of him when he opted out of his contract but instead they gave him a raise! Talk about rewarding bad behavior. Just like the Dodgers did with Zazu. Th Arod situation will only get worse, you can take that to the bank.

Here is some interesting stuff… Youve got Arod out, youve Rivera recovering form off season surgery, you got Wang recovering, Posada also recovering from post season surgery…. The past 4 years The Yankees have gotten off to a slow start, this year should be interesting to watch… Oh and didnt Damon have something done to his shoulder?? Thats a bot load of injuries to be recovering from at the start of a new season… Boy, do I fell bad…. doh!! nope I don’t!!! lol

Brian: I am on the verge of giving up on Bowden. Like what I saw about D. Bard. Chris Carter, we’ve got to get him in the lineup, I don’t care if he can’t field. Seriously if Ortiz’s woes continue, how long can be put up with him. I don’t like to see the re-run of Buchholz fiasco in 2009.

Arnie: I am in frequent contact with Dave. He is sooo stressed that he limits himself to one message (I assume he means reponding to emails) a day.

I just checked the boxscore. Joba gave up 5 runs with OOOO0 inning pitched. Now with this A-Rod surgery, are the Yanks ready to push the panic button?

Correction. Brian Ca$hman said no surgery for A-Rod. Just rest and rehab b/c surgery would knock him out for 4 months.

007 – Soooo – two months from now A-Rod will be having the surgery?? This is one crazy story! I think the way the Yankees are going (Joba, can Posada & Matsui play, when will A-Rod be back) they will be lucky if they can finish in 3rd!


Julia: That’s Ca$hman and Giraldi’s headaches. Just days ago, the Yankees fans are gloating over Penny’s setback.
Brian: As you suggested, we should name a street after Orza. What about change Yawkey way to Orza Way. lol

Giving up on Michael Bowden? Are you kidding me? There is a reason the guy is one of the organization’s top prospects, and one of the top 100 in baseball. He is just 22 and has made the necessary adjustments at each level. Buchholz has ace potential. Bowden is more like a future No. 2 or No. 3 – like Justin Masterson (eventually, maybe not this year, he will be in the rotation full time). I am very high on Bowden, as much as as I am on Buchholz. This is his first major league spring training camp. The guy has only pitched in eight games above Double-A (seven for Pawtucket and the solid start he had against the White Sox). Why would you lose faith in someone because of a couple spring training games? Puerto Rico is stocked with strong major league talent. This was a good early spring training test for Buchholz, Bowden, Hunter Jones and Daniel Bard. True, Bowden is the only one out of the bunch who struggled. Once Bowden gets some seasoning in Triple-A, he will be major league ready. Right now, he is No. 9 on the starting rotation depth chart behind the projected starting five, John Smoltz, Buchholz and Masterson. So the Sox can let Bowden get some experience at Pawtucket. This spring training is good for him. It will show him what he needs to do to stay in the majors once he gets there.

As for Chris Carter, I have written several times on Sox and Pinstripes that he would be a productive DH at the major league level right now if he played elsewhere. I think he is a strong insurance policy in the event Ortiz lands on the DL. Jeff Bailey is the better defensive first baseman and corner outfielder, so he has an advantage over Carter. The Sox are fortunate to have Bailey, Carter and Brad Wilkerson (who is above average at first base and all three outfield spots) available. Depth is what wins championships.


Andy, if we’ve gone this long with Buch, DelCarmen, Lopez, and even Zink, the last thing I hope we do is throw the towel in on Bowden! Let’s see what happens with him, and Buch, et al! GO SOX!

Orza Way, Brian and Andy 007? Please, spare me!:/

I agree with Jeff. Carter swings a big enough bat on his own. He would not be a stopgap until another big bat comes along.

In my opinion everyone with a higher income seems to overspend on many things. Why should baseball teams be different? It’s a perfectly natural act if you have means, opportunity, and a need!

I’m a little surprised by your expression of glee over any opponent?s injury. I expect it from Brian, but not you!!!

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