Dice-K is 1-0 — 4-0 lifetime in the Classic

No, I did not wake up to watch Dice-K pitch against Korea either, but I got a full recap of e-mails from my friend Jonny Miller of WBZ Radio. Jonny is, how shall we say, an early riser.

Jon’s first e-mail came to me at 5:44 a.m. “First inning, gave up 455-foot homer to Kim.” … 30 pitches, end of 1, 3-2 Japan.

Jonny fired off another one at 6:16 a.m. “DIce-K update, second inning, one hit, 14 pitches, end of 2, Japan 8, Korea 2.”

Jonny strikes again at 6:32 a.m. “1 BB, 14 pitches, Japan 9, Korea 2 after three.”

Last Jonny update came at 7:15 a.m. “Dice-K done after 4. Japan 11, Korea 2, Mid five”.

At any rate, Matsuzaka and Japan cruised to a mercy rule victory. Matsuzaka wasn’t particularly sharp, but keep in mind he has never been a fast starter in his career.

Red Sox manager Terry Francona — who always awakens early this time of year — saw most of the outing (four innings, four hits, two runs, two walks, one strikeout) on television.I think all Tito really wants to see from Dice-K out of this tournament is a healthy finish to it.

“I watched most of that,” Francona said. “ A little shaky first inning, 29-pitch first
inning. Gave up some hard hits in the second, but they had a baserunning error,
then he settled down and got the last eight of nine. It was OK. It’s Spring
Training and you don’t have the luxury of missing your spots because the game
is on television.”

In other news, Mike Lowell is expected to make his exhibition debut on Tuesday, as the DH against the Orioles. He will proably play at third for the first time in the night game against the Yankees on Friday the 13th.

Brad Penny will fire off a 35-pitch side at City of Palms tomorrow. No word yet on his first game.


Hey, all, Bob Kramer, in an e-mail to me, asked if I, and we here on Brownie Points, would refer to him as “Bob” or “Robert”. I am more than happy to oblige. I hope we all will do the same, out of respect for him.

Okay – I was up at 5am watching the game! Yeah – I really need a life! I got worried when Dice-K gave up that home run, but felt better when he settled in. Why did it feel so familiar?? šŸ™‚ Watching USA – Canada now!


How did the Netherlands just beat the Dominican Republic in the WBC? Several broken bats already in the USA-Canada Game and I have to tell you – Canada looks better in the first inning!


please drop over I really enjoy your work

You all SHOULD visit wezz’s blog. He lives in England – always has! And is a HUGE Red Sox fan!


YOOOOUUUUUKKKK! That’s what I like to see! šŸ™‚šŸ™‚šŸ™‚


Hi Bob!!! Sorry, I didnt know that you had a preference…
I spent the afternoon getting some sadly overdue sun. What an absolute GORGEOUS DAY!!! (Bosox Bri, Was it an absolute day there?! lol) God sure worked overtime on this one!!!
7days until I get to see some baseball!! The boys (minus Youk,Papi,Petey and JBay) somehow I dont think that I’ll miss J-LO, will be here on the East Coast of the Sunshine State. they will be playing the O’s minus our old friend Kevin Millar, he signed with Toronto.. I will miss seeing him out there in his long black socks….

What do you think about the victory of Netherland? It was amazing, I was in the park watching the game. Do you know that the pitcher in the 8th inning, David Neuman is a Red Sox player. He is a prospect with 19 years I think. Great game and great the victory of USA.

Thanks. I recall you always were OK using RGK.

Ian’s piece on Wake is one that I think we need to pay attention to as Wake pitches this year. Tito and the FO may have had this in mind when making some of the pitching acquisitions this year. We’ll see…

I love Wake – but I don’t know how much we will get out of him this season. I’m happy to hear that Penny seems to be progressing well and NOW it appears that Mr. A-Rod will have surgery! I think we need a score card! Ellen, I hope you enjoyed your sun!


Dave, it is certainly good to see you back, and I certainly got a kick out of Zazu’s “press conference”. Iwonder if he’ll give another press conference on how he got his name “Zazu”? Hmmm…that would be entertainment!
I hope you, your family, and your business are on a good “recovery plan”, and are doing well. We missed you. Take care.

Hey Ellen, how about this one for another “bad news” baseball name: “Boof Bonser”. The name itself just sounds like a car crash! (An accident waiting to happen?? Hmmm…)

Hey! Folks!

I will admit to being up early enough to have watched some of Dice-K’s efforts, though I missed the first inning fireworks. I also saw some of Japan’s first game. Is it my imagination, or are several Japanese pitches mimicking his pause with his hands over his head? It sure looks like it has become the rage in J-Land.

Also did watch most all of the USA game. I felt a bit bassackwards as I watched Jason Bay batting against Scot Shields, and I was rooting for Shields and against Bay. It was a good game. I was really impressed with all of the comments made about DP’s “team-lifting” attitude, and I love the commercial he’s in for that baseball game. No, I won’t buy the game, but I snicker whenever the commercial comes on.

I was glad to see CoCo go 2-2 with 2 runs scored vs. my Cleveburgers. I hope he does well this year, I always liked him, both in Cleveburg and then when the Sox traded for him. Cleveburg has been struggling…I know its only Spring Training, but they have been playing and pitching many of their regulars. Interesting to see they picked up Tony Graffanino. Always liked him in 2005. Was sorry to see him vitcimized by the fielding boo-boo he made in Game 3 of the ALDS vs. eventual winner ChiSox which the Red Sox could have won behind the Boomer to force a Game 4 with Schill finally getting a chance to pitch in that series. Oh well, hopefully he’ll have better luck for Cleveburg this year.

Finally up in the 50’s up here…we’re havin’ a heat wave….I’ll spare you folks my singing. You’ll all be pleased to know its the one thing I DON’T DO AT LENGTH!!!!(lol)

Yes, yes I will get my picture in. I do like the portrayal of me (Shakespeare) better than Ellenc’s WWotW. I would be careful angering Ellenc….she might just blow you out of your ruby slippers…These things must be done delicately…(lol)

dbenj: I laughed hysterically at the picture!! My husband said that they should have used the action photo, me flying on the broom!! I will have a photo in by the end of today.
While I was in favor of using Ellsbury in the 07 postseason over Coco, I do like him. He got off to a shaky start with the Sox when he messed up his finger sliding into 3rd and things just kind of lagged for a while after that. Then Jacoby just kind of stole his thunder on the basepath and in center. Timing was just bad for him. He’ll do well in KC. The Royals made another decent acquisition this winter. They got Mike Jacobs from Florida, so they are “trying” in the right direction.

Greg, I think that Boof Bonser sounds like something out of a bad sequel/prequel of “Back to the Future”!! lol

Hey – any Red Sox fans going to be in the Boston Area on April 5ht? Day before Opening Day? I have a “Wild and Crazy” idea that I put into my blog today. Any takers?

Greg1969 – I gave Dave Roberts a shout out today as well – have a video of “The Steal”!


Well, things are looking up as far as the roster for next
Saturdays game… Since Domincana lost to the Netherlands and Canada (“ay”) lost to USA, Papi and JBay will be there!! Dare I wish that Pedroia and Youk will be there??? OH YEAH!!! I want them there (in Fort Lauderdale…) Selfish, huh??

Ellen, “Boof Bonser” in “Back to the Future”? Cousin to Marty McFly? Or is it “Boof to the Future”? Hmmm…
I wish Coco all the best, except against us.šŸ˜‰ I wish Kansas City (and Pittsburgh) were still competitive teams, as they were in the days of their “submariners” (Tekulve and Quisenberry)! The modern economics of baseball have made that difficult, so that they, at best, would be another Florida Marlins (win a WS, then have a firesale)!!:/ Hmmm… But I still would like to see them be competitive teams!

I didnt realize that the teams had another chance to stay in it!! Thats what I get for being selfish!!

I wonder if there will be a team this year that has been a perennial cellar dwellar that rockets to the top?? Maybe KC or the Pirates can do it.
I think Boof would have been cousin to Biff….

Kansas City and Pittsburgh were, once upon a time, competitive teams (when Dave Parker, Willie Stargell, and George Brett were still kicking). I don’t see them repeating that any time soon. But if they were to do so, they likely would be like the Marlins (who have won 2 WS championships, but then would get rid of their players, as if they were radioactive!). I hope they do become competitive teams again. (Again, to that idea of playing against the best teams possible). But do I see that happening? No. Hmmm…

Stranger things have happened, though–the White Sox decided to follow our lead, and finally win a championship. So maybe one of them can do it someday!

I wish I could be a taker, Julia. No can do. Sounds like a blast, though! (I’ll have to settle for another year pullling for the Colorado Rockies’ Class A farm club, the Asheville Tourists!) The minor leagues, and prospects, have been mentioned before. The closest I get to that around here is watching the Tourists play the Greenville (SC) Drive!

Greg, do you live in Asheville?

Yes, Arnie. It was a very interesting dynamic as a Red Sox fan during the 07 WS!

Justin Masterson’s pitching! YAY! I’m hoping he does well!

Hey – JD Drew is starting is starting in right! Good sign!

Greg1969 – sorry you won’t be in Boston April 5th! If anyone else is – check out what I’m trying to plan for that day! Also – I’ll check out the Big & Rich song. Thanks!


Nice hit by Lars Anderson! And Baldelli looked good running! Sox up 1-0.


Yes, it was, Julia! I hope Masterson has settled in!

Nice catch, Zach!

3 K’s for Justin so far! YES!

AND IT IS OUTTA HERE! Way to go Nick Green!!

Lugo is looking great and I thought Masterson was pretty good Greg1969! Oh – loved the Big & Rich song. Think that will go on the blog tomorrow. Great catch by Drew – seems to be moving well!


One birthday cake coming up King Gregory! All the cool people were born in April!šŸ˜‰


Lugo did get get a good hit and RBI (Next time, if he can be safe at the plate, that would be even better)! A 1-hitter for Justin into the 4th! YES!

I will forgive him the “opps” at home – it is still Spring! But I am happy with the effort out there by him. I think he might be winning the SS battle.


Oh, I am liking Lugo’s play, today. I wish I’d seen it 2 years ago! He’s got the right attitude!
Way to go Zach! 2-run jack! You can…put-it-on-the BOOOAAARRDD! YYYYYYEEESSSSS!

Another homer! Zack Daeges – good job!


Nick Green, getting it done! 2 for 2 in XBH! YES!

Ochoa is getting the job done, today!

Another hit for Lugo! WHOOO HOOOO! 7-0!


Come on, Rocco! Get it done! Nice job Lugo!

Up by a touchdown! YESS! Come on Pap, kick some tail today!

It is so weird seeing Papelbon in this early in a game!


I LOVE Pap’s glare! Embodies his attitude!!

…. and also in JUNE, Julia….

Okay – COOL people born in June too!šŸ™‚ Ellen! But it’s hard to compete with King Gregory & Serf Julia! lol!


Zim is in the house, eh? I hope he recovers well from his stroke! He can get into another wrestling match with Pedro!

Well, Pap strikes out the side after sandwiching hits in betweeen! Talk about getting it done the hard way! Hmmm…

I really want Rem-Dawg back! Larry just isn’t cutting it!


lol Greg! I guess Zim just had to be there to see us beat the Rays today!


OK, Tek, time to start getting hits! (Ahem!)
Thank God for MLB.com–I can get access to NESN and the Rem-Dawg in the first place! (Not exactly in-demand viewing down here!)šŸ˜‰

Speaking of wrestling matches, when Tek and A-Rod got into their brawl, I wonder if “Beam Me Up Scotty” Bornass mediated!!

lol! Gee – will Tek have to be nice to A-Rod this season because of his “temporary” repair! Who does A-Rod think he is – Curt! He’s the man for getting stapled back together! Glad you have a way to get NESN! How do we get Rem-Dawg to be able to announce the playoff games??


Oh, good! Daniel Bard on the mound! GO SOX!

Lester has been signed to a 5- year, $30 million deal? It is being reported on projo.com.


Fire Brand is reporting the Lester Deal also! GREAT JOB BARD! 3 Ks!


Lived up the billing Daniel! Striking out the side! WAY TO GO!


The owners have had a very busy off-season! Can we now get Pap signed??!! GO RED SOX!


Maybe, Julia. I still think he’s going year-to year. If we can lock up Jason Bay, though!…

Dear Sox Blog,

This is Lugo here. Wow, what am I doing this spring? I’m hittering, fieldering and doin’ what I need to do to be numbery oneo. It’s like 100 + 250 = 250 and that’s just how I think. I’m like number one shortstop in the league so watch away for me.
Lowrie…he like made two errorahs and like is bad baseball player but me…me good one. Now Lowrie — he makes error but I make catches. It’s like 100 + 225 = 2640 and that’s just me. Got those numbers right.
A couple of notes though:

Stop trying to poison my food…like I caught the peanut butter sandwiches with the peanut butter salad and peanut butter milk with peanut butter over peanut toast served with peanut butter pie. I almost died if I would have eaten it but thank goodness for stomach pumping.

Those letter you send me…Ellen, I promise you that jumping off the Empire State Building will get me killed and I know that because Tito told me not too just yet until the season gets started.

That is all for now. Love Lugo.

Notice I’m hitting like .553 which means for every ten at bats I get 2 hits and that shows how smart I am. Now I gotta go since I got this new Peanut butter taco filling to use on my peanut butter cake that Arnie sent me…hey Arnie…this is good peanut butter right?
Arnie replied and said, “oh ya, ya that’s right. Ya…that’s the ticket. Ya.”

Dave, good to see you back on the blog! Good thing I have a lot of guts–I just split one of mine laughing!šŸ˜‰ I hope you are doing well!

Ellen – be still your beating heart – I think Lugo L-I-K-E-S you! So YOU can teach him to throw! WHOO HOO!


Dear J-Lu: No, Tito lied to you. You have that Big “S” on you Jersey now, (oh how I wish he did then Seattle=ites would have to work on their moans and groans as he fields) and he got you that cape and the pretty red tights that you like so much. You can fly J-Lu, you can fly….

You can fly, J-Lu…DON”T CRASH!
Tazawa seems to be a work in progress.

Great DP! Way to go, D!

Dave!!! Good to see you! Did Julio try that nice Pad Thai with peanuts??? Mmmmmm good!

Greg, as luck would have it the woman who co-produced the cooking show I was in now lives in Asheville and says she is working on getting the show on cable access there. I’ll let you know when she has it up and running.


Gorman is articulating very well the way I look at scouting vs. Sabremetrics. Good take on Moneyball. Moneyball gives the Red Sox, esp. pre-Theo (and Jim Rice) quite a beating, but I think Gorman is right!
At one point, Billy Beane was looking to get the GM job instead of Theo. THANK GOD it did not happen! His ideas were all wrong!!!!

I wonder if I’ve heard of her, Arnie. What’s her name? At the very least, I can keep an eye out for her!

Hey Arnie!!! WHATS FOR DINNER TONIGHT?? Here its blue cheese stuffed burgers on the grill and broccoli rabe (rappini) with fennel seed seasoned italian sausage and/or sauteed spinach with redpepper flake and romano cheese!!

I don’t want to think about how DIFFERENT the Red Sox would be right now if it wasn’t for Theo! All the fruit baskets I’ve sent have worked!


Pad Thai is SOOO GOOD! One of the few ways I’ll eat peanuts, let alone peanut butter! (I don’t like having my mouth glued shut that often!!)šŸ˜‰

Nice inning, Tazawa! (I liked the Dire Straits’ “Walk of Life” they plyed after the previous inning!) Keep up the good work!

HA@!!!! greg too funny!

Here’s to hoping for Brad Penny!!

Another HR!!! Got to love it!


Nice HR, Van Every! Home Run Derby today!!

Brignac for the Rays, eh? Sounds like a liqueur, cousin to Cognac! Hmmm…

Bowden pitching! Here goes nada!

Come on, Michael, get it done!
Good one–there are knuckleball pitchers, and then, there’s Tim Wakefield!

A little shaky, but got it done with little damage. Something to build on, I hope!

Are you all seeing the Masterson interview? Screen in a screen thing on NESN.


Masterson’s in the interview room already? Hmmm…Hope he’s got the game on TiVo!

Yeah, I see it, Julia. I like what I’m hearing from him–I just would have had him watching the rest of the game, and interview afterward! But again, what do I know??

Okay guys, where an I sending these freak show pictures of mine?? I FINALLY got them taken.

Send them to Garry. The e-mail address is on the Brownie’s Brigade site.

Yikes! I have to get a picture over also! I agree Greg – why do an interview before the game is over!


Owens appeared in an interview for Playboy magazine, where he created controversy after insinuating that Garcia was homosexual.[3]

Good segment on the Ft. Myers food bank w/the Red Sox wives. Very needed.

Trixie the cheerleading bimbo needs some assistance. I have the camera plugged into my computer… NOW WHAT ?ARRGH!

Good solid outing for the Sox–nice payback against Tampa!
Julia–do we REALLY expect different from TO? One of the only things I EVER agreed with ESPN’s Skip Bayless is his name for TO–“Team Obliterator”!!

Opps – strike that last comment – wrong paper! got to learn to proof reading – or hire a typist!


15 K’s today for Red Sox pitchers! That’s one good way to get it done!

When is the next game? I thought the team looked good today. Nice bounce back from the last game with the Rays.


Time to go and cook some chili – minus the peanut butter!


Hey, Arnie. Is there a problem with your e-mail address? I was trying to send a message to you, and it was returned. Thanks!

OKay, I’ve safely arrived in the 2000’s… The pictures (minus the high heels) have been sent to Garry…. He gets to choose I sent 5. Now dont be cruel when you see how close the resemblance is between me and the picture currently on the Brownie Brigade!!

No heels? Brian is going to be SO disappointed!
Arrived in the 2000’s eh? Join the club. Now, like me, you have about another decade to go! We are SO behind the times! Hmmm…

Greg, try arnieschmo@yahoo.com
That should work.

Thanks, Arnie. We’ll see if it worked. If that is the current address, it certainly should!

Got it, thanks, Arnie. GO SOX!

Ian – I just linked to your article on Lester’s contract extension and to this blog in my latest post! We need to make Brownie Points the #1 Pro blog!


Wasn’t this his first start of the “spring” as well? If so, that’s pretty good for his first start! Pretty surprised that the DR lost to the Netherlands.

The Dominican team is whippin’ up on Panama 5-0 in the 1st.

Sorry I meant the 5th inning

Do I fit as cool if I was married in April? That was sort of re-born!

Cafardo’s Latest: Mauer, Red Sox, Glavine-Nat Boyle

Robert – very cool! I also was married in April – so I am DOUBLE cool! Born & married in April! Anything special in April makes you cool! Though we are allowing Ellen to be cool also for her June birthday!šŸ˜‰


Ellen – I have added Dirty Water & Tessie to my music link lists! Anyone else have any songs that need to be included on my list? Check it out and let me know!


Probably should add “I’m shipping up to Boston” by the Dropkick Murphy’s. I think that is the song Papelbon did his jig to in ’07.
– Craig

Hey Craig,

I added that one. I also already have a link to Papelbon dancing to Tessie after the ’07 victory! Stop by and check out my blog – It’s Julia’s Rants. The link is below. Thanks! Let me know if you guys have any others that I should add!


Do you have the Carl Yastrzemski song by Jess Cain? It was on the Impossible Dream album in 1967.

I noticed that in addition to Alex Cora, a couple other former Red Sox have migrated to the Mets. Bobby Kielty had a good day for the Mets against the Nationals. He and Kyle Snyder have minor league contracts with ST invites from the Mets. If Kielty keeps up his pace, he’ll be getting regular playing time for them, either starting in the OF, or coing off the bench.

I’m not going to get too excited about Lugo. It’s spring training and there’s no real game pressure. It’s not uncommon for below average players to excel in spring training until the better players get their timining and round themselves into shape. I’d much rather see a good steady Jed Lowrie at shortstop. Maybe if Lugo has a good spring, he becomes a more marketable commodity.

Later today, Ellen will make her debut on Brownie’s Brigade. The problem is that she sent me about 1,000 stunning pictures and I have to go through them to find the one most suitable for the blog, which will also satisfy Brian’s lust. It’s going to be a tough job.

Julia, you better get your picture in or else I’ll just have to find one for you, and you probably don’t want me to do that.

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