Lester, Youk, Lugo and other topics

This is obviously terrific news for the Red Sox that Jon Lester is seemingly on the verge of signing a five-year deal, $30 million that includes a $14 million option for 2013. So now the Red Sox, going into the next four to five years, know that they can depend on a sturdy nucleus of Pedroia, Youkilis, Lester and Ellsbury.

It is so hard to find a big, strong lefty like Lester that you can anchor a staff around, so you knew the Red Sox would pounce at the first opportunity to get him secured for the forseeable future.

Of course, the Jonathan Papelbon situation is still year to year, and you wonder if the sides will ever meet up there. Papelbon has made it clear that he wants to get his maximum worth, and the Red Sox might eventually deem that they can get someone like Daniel Bard to do the job at far less money.

Speaking of Bard, I don’t ever remember a prospect who was all but a lock not to make the team having a camp like this. He is just overpowering hitters.

The Red Sox are representing themselves well at the World Baseball Classic. A day after Dice-K got the win for Japan, Youkilis just obliterated a towering home run, his second longball in his many days. Dustin Pedroia might have broken out of his swing, golfing a pitch down the left field line for a double in Team USA’s big top of the sixth inning.

Meanwhile, in Fort Myers, the shortstop situation continues to be intriguing becuase Julio Lugo and Jed Lowrie are both playing well.

“They both look good,” said Red Sox manager Terry Francona.
“If that ends up being a dilemma, I’d rather have that happen than guys not
playing well.”


Lugo remains confident that he can be the player he was before coming to the Red Sox. 

“Things are going to take care of themselves as long as I’m healthy,” Lugo said.

And fans will be happy to know that the shortstop is working very hard on his defense this spring with new infield coach Tim Bogar.

“Very well, i think Bogar is going to be a big help to me,” Lugo said. “He’s letting me be myself and making plays the way I know how to make it and that’s the way it should be. That’s what got you here. Just refine those skills and that’s it.”


Bard was drafted as a starter coming out of North Carolina but struggled in the minors. Whoever made the move for Bard too be a reliever, a very smart/wise man. As a reliever he has climbed thru the system quick. I expect Bard too make his league debut sometime this season. He has such a great delivery, almost effortless. He throws gas!

Great job by Theo too lock up Lester. Boston is very lucky too have him in there rotation. Lester should be a rock in the Red Sox rotation for years!

Bay should be up next on the extension list!

Bosox Brian leading off….as it should be…I held off!!!!!!

Hey! Folks!

What a great Red Sox day! First the Sox beat the Rays with Justin M., Pap, Daniel Bard, Hunter Jones and Julio L looking good, then the great news about the Jon L contract extension, now Team USA showing off with Youk smoking the ball and DP finding his stroke!

The one thing I would like to see is for Papi to stop rolling over on the pitches he faces.

But what’s with having Korea and Japan playing again in the WBC first round after they have already played each other, and after they have both qualified for the next round, and why does the winner of that game become the first round champion, when Japan has already beaten Korea? Is this just about generating additional dough, or what? I can understand why teams are hesitant to have their players commit to the event when unnecessary games are played. It would be like the Sox playing Game 5 in the ALDS vs the Angels already leading 3-1 in the best of 5 game series! Come on Bud Selig, get your head above belt level!!!

Yes! Lester is locked in, and he really seems dialed in! Great job, Theo! Yes, I think Bay will be next, and I don’t think it will be too far into the future that we see Bay settled in to a nice contract also! Great game today! Masterson was really good! GO SOX!

If Selig had his head above belt level, we would not even be dealing with the WBC! But unfortunately, that horse is out of the barn. I hope Papi does get his swing issue straightened out during the WBC, and not into the season!

Hey everyone…

Lugo here. Look a joke is a jokery but I’m getting sick to death of peanut butter. Peanut butter bread, peanut butter pancakes, peanut butter pizza, peanut butter candy, peanut butter cereal, peanut butter shrimp, peanut butter hambugers, peanut butter flour, peanut butter toothpaste, peanut butter shampoo, peanut butter applesauce, peanut butter orange soda, peanut butter hair cream, peanut butter beer, peanut butter peanut butter, peanut butter floss, peanut butter frosting, peanut butter diapers, peanut butter DVD’s with real peanut butter.
Come on guys on this blog — stop sending me peanut butter. I won’t have room for the baby milk from China you keep sending me as well.

Lugo looked great in Sunday’s game. I’m totally on the fence over the SS issue. I love Lowrie and think he might be the better guy – BUT did the thought of being shown up by a rookie FINALLY ignite the flame in Lugo? Only time will tell. The WBC – while I’m enjoying watching it – Youk has been GREAT – the Asian division has been a bust in my opinion and I really hate the “mercy” rule! If the teams show up – let them play! They are grown men – not little kids whose feelings need to be protected!

Lester – PSYCHED! about the contract extension! I’m with Greg – we need to tie up Bay next! I think we are going to see great things from him with a full year in Fenway. I wish Pap would get on board! With the way the economy is going – he might not find as much money out there; unless, God forbid! – he slips over the the dark side!! {shudder}

Did I read somewhere that Lowell might be playing this week? Or did I make that up in some twilight moment? Hmmm….could have been a peanut butter high.šŸ˜‰




Thank You so much for letting me leadoff. It means the world too me. LOL! Hope all is well in Vegas.

I watched some of the Team U.S.A. game against Canada. Youkilis looks good at the plate. Going the other way for a H.R. Rare too see Youkilis hit a H.R. the other way. Put Youkilis in the 4 hole and leave him there! It looks like Team U.S.A. is looking too redeem themselves after there emabarrassing performance back in 2006. Rick Sutcliffe spoke about the team back in 2006. He said alot of guys were in there own corner. He mentioned you would see Roger Clemens ( remember him ? lol ) would be in one corner and A-Rod would be in another corner. He said not the case with this team. He said this team is very close. He also gave props too Dustin Pedroia. I think Pedroia’s attitude is contagious on the field! As Red Sox fans, we already know that.

Who is this Roger Clemens of which you speak?? And Dustin – no shock that he has the team fired up and ready to win! GO USA & GO RED SOX!


Julia, I have a question… When do you sleep?

Lowells first appearance is supposed to be tomorrow according to what Ian wrote on the prior thread….
I hope that he’ll be with the team in Fort Lauderdale Saturday.

What is this thing called sleep Ellen! Not enough! It’s the laptop – in front of the TV…you know…lack of a life! Hey all – the wager has been upped and there is one on the Red Sox Yankees game Friday night! Check it out and cheer me on! I don’t want to have to write a post Saturday about a favorite Yankee player….I don’t have one!


That’s OK. Just as long as you have a favorite Yankee fan!

I see Arod had his surgery. Hope it works out well. Don’t like to see anyone injured. It would be nice to beat the Yanks when they are at full strength rather than them having the excuse of injured players.
I see Lugo is playing well. While I have my doubts about him, having both he and Lowrie playing at their full potential would be like “having your cake and eating it” – provided it has no peanuts.
Having them both doing well would allow Francona to periodically spell Lowell and Pedroia.

Wow! Just looked at the box. Is Lowrie doing a Lugo immitation?

I’m with you on that Phil!!! No excuses… it seems the past few years, either The Sox or the Yanks werent at full strength when ever they met. I’d like to see a game when both are at their best.

Garry made note of “not getting too excited about Lugo”, and it certainly is early, in ST. He is right we should not get too excited about one day (on the previous thread) for Lugo, but Lowrie today certainly had a day to forget (the announcers called it a “Don’t-Hit-It-My-Way” sort of day). I hope Lowrie rebounds. But it certainly points to the idea that you don’t want to assume that Lowrie will be able to step in and perform well at all positions, let alone one!

Bootcheck! If THAT isn’t a name to remember (not just for baseball!)
Interesting to see Hansen and Moss return to play us, the way Bay did not long ago!

Bob, sure looked like Lowrie was doing his Lugo impersonation–and a mighty fine one, at that!! Hmmm…

So I can write about you Bob! Thanks! lol! But I am not worried! The Red Sox will win on Friday and I won’t be the one writing about the other team! My friend Scott will be writing about my beloved Red Sox!


Speaking of the WBC and (once again!) injuries, Chipper Jones had a tweak in an oblique muscle, and afterward gave the standard line, “If it were the WS, I’d still be playing, but…” Also, Roy Oswalt tired out after 2+ innings, nearly 70 pitches thrown. Not exactly the way to go into April!This is what drives me batty about the WBC! I’m glad Youk and Pedroia are playing lights-out. I hope they save some for the regular season! Keep it up, guys–we need your production in our lineup!!!

garry, Am I “official” yet??? Now that my REAL picture will be there, will you change the spelling of my name?? Cullum… THANKS!!

You’re picture hasn’t been updated yet Ellen!šŸ˜¦


Two new faces debut on Brownie’s Brigade today. Ellen Cullum (spelling corrected, sorry Ellen) and Julia showed up looking their very best……………. and whoa!!!!!! …….. Arnie……. Julia turned out to be a surprise, just for you. You won’t be able to sleep for a week just thinking about her.

Sorry Julia, but you just can’t leave pictures up to me.

Pangelotti, I’m with you on A-Rod. You hate to see anyone get hurt. That being said, I think we’re seeing good reason not to give a 10 year guaranteed contract to anyone, no matter how good they are. There are just too many uncertainties in professional sports.

Good job Garry.. I kept trying to get a good picture but that not so “dreamy” girl kept showing up in the shot… lol
I am very (and eternally)grateful that my bio did not appear next to you-know-who… But I have to say, you found a very nice picture of her!! (was that before or after the face and what ever else lift??)
Brian… 1) Sorry for the lack of “stiletto’s”.
2) Do you think that you would drive over if team USA and the Dominicans end up in Miami??? If so maybe the hubby and I can get tickets.. (if they are affordable)

Reports are the contract is insured!

Julia, good pic–no pink hat, though!!šŸ˜‰ DRAT!!
You look like “That’s right, I’m bad, I have a blog!!!”šŸ˜‰ I like it!!
Ellen, doing your best Jacoby impression? Looking GOOOOD!!

Bob, most contracts, or at least substantial contracts are insured so clubs get reimbursed for a portion of the salary they receive while on the disabled list. I have read that the length and value of some of these contracts is making them uninsurable so there is almost always a two or three year limit on them. I don’t know if that’s the case with A-Rod’s contract or not, but the cost of this insurance has to be huge.

Hey Ellen, any gal that can don a Red Sox uniform and “assume the position” with a bat is pretty damn dreamy to me (and I”m sure to Brian too!).

GARRY!!! Okay – I get it!! I need to get a picture to you!!!!! AND it will have a pink hat!! And sorry Arnie! You will be disappointed!

Ellen – great pic!

Greg – I am bad and I do have a blog! Fits that whole “whiskey girl theme” I have going on!!!!


OK, so I went over to Brownies Brigade to check out the fabulous photo of Ellen–and hey, I have to tell you Ellen, you are looking good; is that a Lugo shirt you’re wearing trying to get him traded??? Number 23? Very clever. Just kidding, I’m guessing it’s Mike Lowell. I can see an “L” and a 2.
Anyhow, I was hoping that Garry had put a picture of Julia Child in Julia’s spot temporarily, as I would have done, but NO!!…… it’s…it’s …I can’t type it. Looks like it’s back to therapy for me. I’m traumatized again.

Is anyone else ready for real games to start?

You need therapy!!! What about me Arnie!!! I really don’t want to see the National Anthem poorly and have to scratch myself in public! I promise – the picture will come with a Pink Hat in all my glory!

And Yes – I want the games to begin! BUT first – PLEASE let Red Sox beat the Yankees Friday night!


Am I a total wimp if I don’t get a tattoo if the Red Sox lose on Friday? It’s one of the suggestions I got.


I wouldn’t get a tattoo if you paid me, but that’s just me. So my answer is: you’d be a wimp if you got the tattoo.

Maybe you should ask the Illustrated Man. He might have a different perspective.

Julia, let’s take a vote.

Okay – vote all – it has been suggested on my blog that if I lose the wager for Friday nights Red Sox -Yankees game that I should get a small tattoo. (A Yankees logo was suggested – but the last time I checked H*E*L*L hadn’t frozen over yet) So – am I a wimp if I don’t get the tattoo? You can read the wager and all the comments here: http://werbiefitz.mlblogs.com/



Couldn’t agree more with Arnie, Julia. Illustrated Man (aka, Judge) would have a different take. But I am definitely with Arnie. I wouldn’t do it. Tattoos are not my thing!
But why are we asking IF we lose on Fri. at all? You need to get into the Happy Zone. “The Red Sox WILL WIN on Friday!” End of discussion!!šŸ˜‰

YEAH! I’ll drink to that Greg! You know – Whiskey Girl and all! WHOO HOOO! GO RED SOX!! The Yankees are going down!! And I’ll get the scoop on the “enemy” for later in the season – “the yankee blogger” is planning on coming up on April 5th for the – hopefully! – get together to celebrate opening day on the 6th and to celebrate a day late a “Very Special King’s” birthday! ;-)!


Oh hell no!!! I wouldnt wear a Lugo jersey if he bought it for me… wait, maybe then… NOT…It’s our Mikey on the jersey and MY Trot on the T-shirt.

News <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Sox discouraged about attempts to get rid of Lugo.

Terry Francona:
We tried the Polio Porkchops but unfortunately Tim Wakefield fed them to his dog by mistake…may he rest in peace.
It was really frustrating. The Typhoid Turkey was sure to please…but Lugo fed it to his pet rat…well, at least we got rid of the rat.
I wanted to do something but I’ll only help at top pay so I passed on making the colora cupcakes.
David Ortiz
I thought for sure you know he might like the stomach acid surprise shrimp but I spilled some on his bat instead…he no like that and neither did his bat. Man it disintegrated. I think he suspicious now.
So as far as we know the plight continues. Will Lugo live till day one?
Hey if he wasn’t going to take the exploding eclairs…well…what can I say.

Uh oh…… I have discovered how to post pictures. You guys are in such trouble. Not really, but besides Brownie’s Brigade, this is a great way to share events and cool things that happen over the course of the season.

Damn, the picture was in the preview but it didn’t post. Bummer!

I don’t get too excited during spring training except that it’s a sign that the season is right around the corner. With Zazu not around to create issues and controversey, this spring has been particularly quiet as the Red Sox get ready for opening day in a very workmanlike and professional manner. However, I am excited about the game later today when Mike Lowell returns to the lineup. I admire him a lot for the effort he gave last year while he was obviously in a lot of pain and discomfort. He also handled the offseason trade rumors as the Sox (half heartedly) pursued Mark Teixeira with dignity and professionalism. I am really pulling for him to have a good health and a productive season this year. It’s amazing that the Sox were forced to take him as part of the Josh Beckett deal. They should get beat over the head with those kinds of deals more often.

Yes, Garry, I would LOVE to see us get “forced” into deals like Beckett+Lowell WAY more often! I loved both players back when they were with the Marlins! (Of course, it didn’t hurt that they beat the Yankees that year!)šŸ˜‰ I will be SO excited to see Beckett and Lowell get back to form again, and I, for one, am VERY confident that both of them will put up 07 type numbers! (Cy Young and 20+ wins for Beckett? Sounds good to me!!) GO SOX!

I’m looking forward to seeing Mikey this afternoon also Garry! And I like the sound another Cy Young in Boston! And yes Ellen – up early! Sadly – I always am! Hey – anyone know yet who’s pitching Friday night’s game against the Yankees?

Can’t wait for the game today! GO SOX!


So, what is the real deal on this Lester contract???

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