A line drive finale for Lowell

Yes, Terry Francona did say before the game that “Mikey is going to get two at-bats today and DH.”

As it turns out, Lowell wanted a chance to run out of the box, which he didn’t get while striking out and popping up in his first at-bats.

The final at-bat, taken in the bottom of the seventh inning was far more successful. Lowell watched a ball, then looked at a strike before raking a hard, clean, line single over the head of the shortstop and into center field.

FYI, Buchholz was absolutely lights out today, three perfect innings.



OMG Ian…. that’s 3 threads in one day!! I think that is an MLB Record….

Maybe he’s going to make a sprint for home, like Lowrie tried to do. Avoid the tag, Ian!


Ian, a repeat from a prior thread re your comment about accessing Brownie Points:
Julia mentioned to make sure you are not using Firefox to access the Brownie Points page, as it will snafu decoding the page.

By greg1969 on March 10, 2009 3:13 PM

I cant watch it but I inderstand that “uncle Jed” is having a good day with the bat… I really hope he has a great spring. (Lugo too then maybe someone will want him!!)

Yes – I can not access the Brownie Brigade page while using Firefox – it can not decode the page. I have to use internet explorer. I’m coaching and don’t have any access to the game – what was the final score? Or is it still going on? And I promise a picture will be on its way WITH a pink hat!🙂


Jed hit a triple, was sent home (correctly it seemed) trying for the inside-the-park HR, and was tagged (?) at the plate. (I’m not convinced the call was right, but so be it). Regardless, we have not hit well since then, until Lowell’s single. Anyhow…

thats one thing I never got into, the Pink redsox stuff… I like all the original Red, Midnight Navy, and White. In my home office (my old w”rec”ked room) on one wall it has a slight inset.. I’m getting a replica of the Green Monster painted there…

It’s still going, Julia, the Orioles are playing and pitching well (after the 1st inning).

Today’s game (Tuesday) is supposed to be on MLB, but they have a repeat of the World Classic game of Italy vs. Canada !!!! Where are my Sox !! How’s the weather down there ? I keep seeing the audience in jackets…maybe they are real Floridians, they will wear a sweater in 95 degree weather !! Has it been raining at all ? Sorry so many questions, but I am packing to go down there.

I don’t mind the concept of the pink hats, but I wish they were (as I am not aware that they are) supporting a charitable cause, like the Jimmy V Fund, or the Kommen Foundation (if I could type!!!:/), like the pink bats support causes on Mother’s Day.

Unless it was blacked out where you are, Fruitgirl, it was on (It had the O’s broadcast on MASN). Maybe you can see it on Archive.

the weather down here is absolutely gorgeous… 78 degrees, clear blue skies (but its pretty breezy, hence the long sleeves)… hows the weather where you are>>..
signed, Real Born and Bred Floridian….

Too hot for this kid, Ellen (and Brian!); y’all can have it!

This is THE best time of year to be in South Florida. The only thing I dont like about it is all the Snowbirds think its great too!!! …and they cant drive for Crap, especially the ones from north of the Border, ay, No offense Jbay…

Is the Friday night game against the Yankees going to be on NESN? And does anyone know who is pitching? For hats – I have a pink, red, blue, green & a blue one that has lights around the “B” – that’s my playoff hat! Thanks for the update Greg!


I think it’s still listed on NESN. If not I’m set to watch it on MLBNetwork!

Thanks Bob! I have a little wager going with a Yankees blogger over the game and I want to make sure I can see it!


It’s 70 deg. today here in NC, also. Thank GOD for low humidity, and a breeze (30% humidity, Craig!!), otherwise, it would be too hot! (I’ll take that snow now, thanks!)

Oh, and Ellen, the folks in this part of town (if nowhere else in Western NC!) can’t drive worth squat, either! Makes me glad I don’t drive!!

haha!! I’m sure they drive alot better than the snow birds, they are AWFUL…

Try it, here, Ellen, these drivers are IDIOTS (and not the Red Sox kind, either!). Maybe it’s the snowbirds that have found their way here, but they can’t drive!

It’s sunny, clear and 82 degrees here in the Jax area. Yesterday, I took the day off and played some golf. I forgot my Red Sox cap and my more than slightly balding head got burnt to a crisp. It was a painful experience this morning brushing both of my hairs.

Mike Lowell wasn’t exactly busting it down the first base line today. Besides the hip, I’m guessing he probably has some consitioning issues and is wisely taking it easy until he can work out the kinks. I was surprised to see them send Lowrie home on that play. Nothing good can come from that except an injury and he did have an awkward slide into the plate. Fortunately, he appeared OK. I think that’s why we’re not seeing Ellsbury doing a lot of base stealing at this point. No sense in getting people injured. I’m a little surprised they have tried to steal as much as they have (without much success I might add).

WEEI’s Alex Speier say:

By Alex Speier
The Red Sox announced that they had signed 19 players on the 40-man roster to contracts for the 2009 season. The deadline to do so is March 11.
Agreeing to terms were pitchers Michael Bowden ($400,000), Clay Buchholz ($413,500), Manny Delcarmen ($476,000), Felix Doubront ($400,000), Miguel Gonzalez ($400,000), Devern Hansack ($402,000), Hunter Jones ($400,000), Jon Lester (terms unavailable), Wes Littleton ($412,750), Justin Masterson ($415,500) and Ramon Ramirez ($441,000); catchers Dusty Brown ($400,000), George Kottaras ($400,000) and Mark Wagner ($400,000); infielders Chris Carter ($400,000), Argenis Diaz ($400,000), and Jed Lowrie ($414,000); and outfielders Jacoby Ellsbury ($449,500) and Jonathan Van Every ($400,000).

Lester, of course, was reported on Sunday to be close to signing a five-year contract. Though he and the club agreed to terms on a one-year deal, as per a Major League Baseball procedural requirement, the two sides are free to continue negotiating a long-term deal.

Like what I see so far on the list.


Unless Ian reports a change, it appears that Brad Penny is the scheduled pitcher for the Yankee game. Let’s see if that holds…

Nope, check that, he’s intrasquad on Fri. Ian, who’s pitching for us against the Yanks?

Hi, All. Just wanted to remind all of you Florida residents who read this site to join our Florida Red Sox Nation group on Facebook. You can access it at http://www.floridaredsoxnation.com, which is under development. We will be having regular gatherings in Central Florida (Orlando), but we are also having gatherings in South Florida and Tampa as well. We are also organizing group outings to the Sox-Rays games at the Trop, starting with the first series in early May. The group is growing – 42 at last count without any promotion. Hope you all sign up.


I forgot to add an active link. It’s http://www.floridaredsoxnation.com.

Thanks for the pitcher update Greg! (Ian – we need to know who is pitching against the Yankees!) Glad you liked my picture of Scotty I posted on my blog today Greg. I think it captured his best qualities. Don’t you agree?


As a pink hat wearer – I have had my hat for ages – it’s well worn and battered. I don’t know why – I just like it! I’m not one to run around in pink or anything – but I just like my pink hat! And I do wear my other ones – just seem to favor the pink one.


The Dutch beat the Dominicans again! It took extras, but they did it! Hmmm…

Keep up the good work, Buch! Keep your head on straight, and keep soaking in Smoltz’ advice, and you’ll have a great year (and plenty of opportunity)! GO SOX!

Gotta love Mike Lowell. Reminds me of Dewey Evans for some reason. Maybe I just like him the same way I did Evans. I had a great deal of respect for Dwight Evans. Mike Lowell is becoming my favorite player. Maybe I can get one of his shirts. Then Ellen and I can do a photo shoot —or hey, a cooking video wearing our Lowell shirts!!! What do you say, Ellen?? Wonder what Mike’s favorite dish is? Anyone know? Ian??

If Buchholz can keep improving as a pitcher, man, think about that! With Lester, Masterson, Buchholz and this kid Bard looks good. The Sox will be loaded with arms. I still think Delcarmen will get over his wildness, then the Sox will rule. Add Dice-K; and Beckett is still young-ish. Would you want to face this team?

You left out Bowden. Is it inadvertent or intentional? Love this kid Daniel Bard! I hope I’m dead wrong about Bowden. Something doesn’t click right about Bowden.

That would be great Arnie!! Mike was born in Puerto Rico, I think and maintains a home in Miami, so I think some Latin Cooking would be good with him… Maybe some Rope Vieja or Arroz Compolla??

papelbon once said of Mikey that he is the magnet for the over 40 female fans… I KNOW that I fall into that category!!! heck, he could be my magnet ANYTIME!!!

The talk on here yesterday was all about Mike Lowell and he deserves it. I think the pitching of Buchholz caught my eye once again. When things go bad, that is when you find about someone’s character and so far the results for Buchholz in March are excellent! He was embarrassed of his performance last season and he is looking too bounce back in 2009 and beyond.

Well my chances for being able to see Big Papi are soooo much better now that the powerhouse Netherlands team eliminated Republic deDominicana.. Okay now I need some miracle to be able to see Petey (I dont think that’s happening, lol)


Lester last pitched on Monday in Bradeton against the Pirates. That would line him up for a Saturday start. Perhaps in a minor league game or in Fort Lauderdale. For your sake and other Red Sox fans, hopefully it will be in Fort Lauderdale. Perhaps Bay and Ortiz will make the trip. That stadium over there in Fort Lauderdale is the worst in the Grapefruit League! There are rumors the Orioles are going too Sarasota. Then again some think they’ll end up in Vero Beach where the Dodgers were for so many years! Anyway there days in Fort Lauderdale are coming too a close! You’ll have too go up to Jupiter too see the Sox or go across Alligator Alley, ouch on that drive across the Everglades.


Powerhouse of the Netherlands, very nice line. It made me laugh. Thanks.

From a Sox perspective, I think the Dominican Republic’s early exit from the WBC is the best thing that could have happened. I saw Ortiz as the most likely Red Sox casualty from the WBC. As it is, he got a couple of games under his belt and can now return to the business of getting ready for the season.

It’s easy to get excited about what Buchholz is doing, but you have to keep things in perspective. Keep in mind that the lineups these guys are facing include a lot of minor leaguers. It will be more interesting to see what happens over the final couple of weeks of spring training when the big boys are doing their final tune up for the regular season. If he’s still dominant, then it’s time to really get excited.

I felt sad yesterday when I saw that Pedro Martinez, at least to now, has been unable to find a job. Pedro is arguably the best pitcher in the history of the game, and certainly the best pitcher I have ever seen, even better than Koufax.

Yes I know about their future departure and the conditions of the stadium facilities. I used to go to the minor league games almost every night in the 80’s and the bathroom had a stall door with no latch. I was there to get my tickets last month and the same bathroom stall door was still missing the latch!!!! lol. So much for upgrades, huh??

Oh, the Federal Aviation Administration is trying to secure the land that Fort Lauderdale Stadium sits on for the Executive Airport expansion, so, I see the O’s leaving even earlier than 1st anticipated.
Brian… This should make you go HMMMMM.. The 2 major leaguers on the Netherland team are Sidney Ponson (another donut boy) and Van den Kirk (Marlins)… How in the WORLD did they beat Papi and the boys??

Thanks for the weather update guys! I love it. It makes me want to leave right now! Yesterday’s Orioles/Sox game was blacked-out up here (Maine). Very frustrating. Anyways, I think that hat colors don’t matter so much (girls like to have many colors to choose from) as long as it has a “B” or Red Sox logo on it!!!! Bowden is a fearless powerhouse of a paitcher, but too young for my taste….now TEK…….!!!!


I understand that Buchholz has faced alot of guys that will not even sniff a big league field, perhaps not even a A.A.A. field. What I like is not the results ( that doesn’t matter too me ) it’s about his mind-set, his control of all pitches, hitting any part of the strike zone. Scouts have said he looks like a different guy on the mound, that is what I like too hear.

I agree about the D.R. laying an egg, alot of teams are very happy that they got bounced quick!

Too bad Team U.S.A. will be there until the end. I was hoping they would lose again. Oh well.


Go too Home Depot or Lowe’s and bring a latch on Saturday. LOL!!


Amazing that Ponson can still stand on that mound. He has lasted alot longer than I ever thought.

95 hours 50 minutes till I get to see “THE BOYS”!!!!!

…ssshhhh!! I think Ian’s sleeping.. no new blog today (yet!!lol) He’s been putting in some hours I think!

If you are scoreboard watching, CC Sabathia surrendered 5 earned runs in 1.2 innings to Detroit. I know it didn’t mean a thing. It means something to me. lol

007, I forgot Bowden. I think he has potential, he just needs to keep learning. Don’t give up on him yet.

Garry, if Buchholz can continue to get better and regain his confidence he will be very good. That’s a big “if” but at least he has shown some progress. That’s what I like. Some players burst onto the scene and never look back, others go through growing pains. He’s a long way from “there” but he’s moving in the right direction.

Arroz con Pollo it is. I think that’s the national dish of Puerto Rico. We’ll do it. Have your people get in touch with my people so we can schedule the shoot.

Looks like Buchholz owns the Orioles!

Stark On Red Sox Offseason Moves-Cork Gaines

Ellen, I’ll join you for Arroz con Pollo any day! Sounds like a winner, Arnie! Save some for Ian, he’ll need it after he awakens from his nap. Ellen, I think Ian got tired out running the bases with Mike Lowell? You think?😉
I am not surprised CC gave up the runs he did. (You would think he would have saved it for Fri.’s game against us, though!)😉 I think CC is going to have a bumpy year, at best. GO SOX!

Bob, I hope Buchholz ends up owning several teams by the end of the year! He did look great against Baltimore–too bad not many others did!

I think that every time a “name player” signs a contract (especially one of this magnitude) he has an “off” year compared to the one before…. You know its like the kid that wants to go out on the weekend, he’s good all week, goes out and then he’s a real brat the next week… When everyone wanted Santana last season, I thought that coupled with the number of years he’s been throwing heat like that, and coming off a contract year, it would be best to take a pass on him… turns out I was right…. CC’s not going to have the season he had last year for 2 reasons: 1) He’s coming off the contract year 2) He did his best pitching last season in the National league….. the hitters are much more lethal over here!!!

Garry – Did you see what Pedro said after the loss yesterday? HE HAS OFFERS! Have the text of his comments on my blog today!

Rem-Dawg is suppose to be back for Friday’s game against the Yankees!! WHOO HOOO!


The Vulcan in me can’t deny your logic!

Very funny Bob!!

Ian – Congrats on #13 on the Lastest Beat writers list! We’ve got to get you higher!

Bob – Live Long and Prosper!


Brian, Ponson may have lasted longer than you or I would have thought, but I have always thought he is (still) one of the most overrrated players (not just pitchers!) in the game. He showed some, today anyway, why he seems to be as highly rated as he has been, but I can think of few players (and yes, there are some others) who have done so little after being so highly touted!

“Showed during the WBC”, what I should have said re Ponson.

Ever wondered what a player thinks during an interview?
“Mike Lowell, how does it feel to be back hitting again?”
(How does it feel! The idiot! I hate these stupid question)
“Ah…it feels great of course but it’s early in the season”
“Mike…do you feel like you have your swing back?”
(How the @#$# should I know. It’s like my first at bat. Do you guys have a life?)
“I do…I think it’s coming and I’m going to have a productive season.”
(like I believe my own b.s.)
“Mike…do you think you see this as the year of Mike’s comeback”
(ya no pressure. I’d like to break his throat open with my own baseball bat)
“I think so…but you know time will tell.”
(Oh man the cliche’s I come up with)
“Mike…do you think fans will be there for you this year.”
(Ya I hit .250 and suddenly it’s trading time. Fans see me as a freakin machine. Can’t have a bad day…those Fenway nuts)
“The fans are great. I’ve always felt so supported by them and you just have to love Boston and the fans”
(oh man that felt like I just blew a gut trying to be sincere on that one)
“Mike…how about your teammates…are they behind you?”
(Behind me? All they care about is their stupid wallet. Papelbon’s starting to act like a first class #$#$ which is a new low for that baboon. Dustin is like a one note song and Terry is a demanding #$#$.)
“Ah this is the best team ever. From Papelbon to Tito to Dustin…you just know you’re on a great team with great fans. This is the place to play and I’m just grateful for being part of this experience”
(Experience. A colostomy sounds pretty good right now compared to this ‘experience’. Experience man, I might as well write my answers down and email them…but some #$#$ fan will complain I’m not being sincere enough.)
“Mike…did it bother you to miss the…”
(Oh the idiot had to bring that up. Stupid team. Boston won’t let me play in the International Baseball classic. They own ya. That’s what they do. You’re like a piece of meat who can hit a baseball)
“No…the Red Sox did the right thing. I really felt it was a smart decision and I’m glad both the Sox and myself are on the same page”
(oh man that was worse than being forced to vote for David Duke as the ambassador to South Africa. )
“Mike any closing words?”
(Closing words…oh if you knew)
“Just that I want to thank the Red Sox and the fans for making my stay in Boston special”
(Ya it’s like a virtual tar and feathering ceremony every time you go out there. Man I need a vacation. The Pirates may not be a great team but you don’t live in a pressure cooker every time you make a mistake)
“Thanks Mike as always”
(Like you give me a choice you #$34, #4342, @#$@#, idiot)
“Hey it’s always great talking with you guys. Thank you.”
(I’m suddenly in the mood for Arnie’s peanut butter upside down cake with peanut butter frosting)

Dave: Very funny. I would vote for David Duke as ambassador to South Africa if Frederik de Klerk was still the president of South Africa. Birds of same feather. lol

Interesting stuff from Papelbon about Zazu… As much as I dislike all the things Zazu did or didnt do, I think that Papelbon is getting a little bit of a HUGE ego…. I know that closers are a “different” breed, maybe a bit eccentric at times. If Jon-Bon said something to Zazu while all of that crap was going on, fine, he’s ok to say it now, but if he kept his mouth shut then, well, I think he should keep his moouth shut now.


You took the words right out of my mouth. I’m guessing Papelbon has had some words with Zazu in the past, just a hunch of course. Papelbon doesn’t come across as a guy that would keep his mouth shut if a team-mate was acting like a malcontent on the team. I always cringe when someone says a player has been a c—– on the team. Not the word too use! Props too Papelbon for saying what he had too say, get it off of his chest. Good for him. I’m sure some folks in the Red Sox organization have spoken too Papelbon about this. Perhaps Francona already has or will.

Enough is enough. Zazu is gone, time to move on. Papelbon should not have responded to questions concerning Zazu. He is a player and it’s inappropriate for him to say anything. Worse, he has implicated Tek, Tito and Papi in the scheme to get rid of Zazu. He should never have mentioned anyone else’s names. Now those people might be forced to answer questions they don’t want to answer. Additionally, I’m thinking Papi and Zazu were relatively close, probably even friends. This kind of stuff can do nothing but cause divisiveness in the locker room. Pap needs to keep his mouth shut and concentrate on saving games. He hasn’t earned the right to speak out like that yet. Leave that to the likes of Tek, Papi, Lowell and maybe even Youk.

Well all I have to say is Papelbon has to learn when to shut up and when to speak up. In Pap’s case, shut up!

here here!! The RedSox have a seminar each year for new players that come up, the seminar includes how and when to speak to the press and reporters. Usually it shows. This time however, it seems that what he learned, he forgot…..

I read an article a couple of years ago regarding that…

new thread

I’ve got to respect Sir Sidney at least a little bit for having guts (not his profile!) Last year he always took the ball in his regular turn for the Yanks even though he got absolutely shelled in half of his starts!!!

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