The return of Mike Lowell

Yes, Mike Lowell is in the Boston batting order for the first time since Game 3 of last October’s Division Series against the Angels. He will be batting fifth, serving as the  DH.

Last time we all saw Lowell play a game, he was hobbled, and a shell of his normal self.

I’ll give you pitch-by-pitch updates of Lowell’s at-bats for those of you who can’t watch live.

Also, I’ll fill you in on Clay Buchholz‘s start and any other interesting happenings of the game.

Looking for a Mr. Camp? The early nominee is Nick Green. The 29-year-old veteran journeyman — who has 275 games of Major League experience and a lot of service time in the Minor Leagues — is hitting .478 with two homers and five RBIs over 23 at-bats.

Unfortunately for Green, it’s hard to imagine a roster spot will be open to him unless there is a trade of a certain veteran shortstop, which is highly unlikely.


Hey! Mikey Lowell!

I suspect I speak for the entire RSN, at least for all of those of us who participate in Ian’s Brownie’s Points blog, when I say we support you 110%, we hope you regain all of your health, strength and mobility, and we look forward to rooting you on as a member of the Sox in 2009.

Go Mikey L!!!!!

They need to find a spot for Nick Green. He played hurt last year. He can flat out hit and his swing is made for Fenway. He can also play EVERY outfield position. Two years ago he hit 20 dingers at Triple A with a .340 avg. He is a guy who needs AB’s. At one time he was the top prospect in the Braves org.

I think it’s all of Red Sox Nation! GO MIKEY! And did I hear correctly – if things go well in today’s game he will start at third on Friday against the Yankees? has Friday’s game being televised on NESN. There are rumors that it might not be. Can anyone confirm if it will be televised?


Mike Lowell staying healthy will be a key for the Red Sox in 2009. Not only his bat but his glove at third base, not many if any are better than Lowell at third. Lowell is the definition of a gamer, that was proven last season. He was playing on (1) leg, literally. I’m sure he is a very respected guy around baseball, just a hunch of course. This is step 1 for Lowell, playing today.

Let’s hope Buchholz continues where he left off his last time out. So far so good for Buchholz. I’m guessing he’ll make the roster because Penny will be on the D.L. too start the season.

Like I said on the previous thread, Mike Lowell is the epitome of class, dignity and professionalism. I know he’s important to the Sox, but in this case, I think I’m pulling more for him on a personal level. Here’s hoping for a healthy and productive season.

Hey All!!! Beautiful day here on the southeast coast.. Too pretty to be in the office.. I think (wel I hope anyway) that we are ALL pulling for Mikey to have a healthy very productive season. Something akin to his 07 season, he was a doubles machine that year and literally NOTHING got by him on the corner. I dont know how much more we can expect of Pedroia and Youk… the have been nearly perfect..
I just pray that the team stays whole and healthy… PLEASE!!

My DVR is already set. Sox vs. Yankees @ 7 PM on MLBNetwork. I was going to buy MLB.TV for just two extra games, but I’m not sure I will for just one.

Actually the ’07 ring would have been much harder to acquire without the contributions of two more or less “throw in” players, Lowell and Okajima!!!

Garry: You couldn’t have said it better Mike Lowell is the epitome of class, dignity and professionalism. Let?s hope Lowell will flourish again and you know who will languish with the Yanks.
I like what I saw about Nick Green. There won?t be a roster spot for Green. Also, do not believe in March April and September stats. It is highly deceiving. Perhaps we will see Green in September. That’s about it.

Garry and I were commenting on the previous thread that it is not very often that you get a “throw in” deal the caliber of Beckett + Lowell! That equalled two post-season MVPs! Can we get more “throw away” deals like that???!! Please “force” us to take more deals like that!!😉
I am looking forward to Mike returning stong, and giving us numbers closer to 07. I think he’s hungry, and will want to prove the Tex non-deal was the best choice the Red Sox made this off-seaseon!!!
We love ya, Mike! GO SOX!!

I think Nick Green will get an opportunity to play before the season is over, but it will not be for more than one or two lattes–er, cups of coffee.😉 We will see him in the line-up before long, but not very likely this year.
Bob is right, also. Oki was a very nice “throw-in” for 07, and he was INVALUABLE! I hope he returns to that form in 09!!

Nice triple by Jed Lowrie. Should have been safe at the plate!

Wieters is gonna be good for the O’s!

I’m very pleased Mike got a final AB in the 7th. Got a nice hit–I’m sure it is helping his timing. Buch looked good today–unfortunately, not many others have!

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