Big Papi back in the saddle; Lowell playing third

Not sure what happened to Julio Lugo, but he left the game with some sort of right knee injury. This after a half inning of defense.

Speaking of defense, Mike Lowell has made a successful return to third base. Not only did he start a 5-4-3 double play in the first, but he just pummeled a towering home run to left. 

David Ortiz is back in the No. 3 hole for the Sox tonight after his surprisingly abbreviated trip to the World Baseball Classic. And, oh by the way, he unloaded for his first homer of the spring, a drive into the RF seats to cap a seven-run second inning off Chien-Ming Wang.

Are the folks back in the Dominican still shocked at two straight losses to the Netherlands? Ortiz couldn’t even believe the question. Of course they are shocked!

“What do you
think? It’s only been a few days,” Ortiz said.

For folks in the Dominican Republic, the World Baseball Classic is not just some exhibition showcase event, it is a matter of national baseball pride. So yes, the loss to a team that hardly any Major Leaguers was extremely tough to swallow.

As much as folks in the Dominican value the event, Ortiz has a feeling that he won’t  be participating in the 2013 Classic, at which time he’ll be 37 years old.

“I’d have to think
about it but I don’t think I will,” Ortiz said. “That’s going to be another four years and by
that time, I don’t think I’m going to be thinking about that anymore. I’ve
already done it twice so people won’t complain about it back home. I’ve done it
already. I’ll just have somebody do it.”

In a candid moment in front of his locker, Ortiz said that it is easier to get in a routine and get prepared for a season in Spring Training camp rather than at the Classic.

“In my situation,
coming back here gives you a better chance to get ready than being out there
every day,” Ortiz said. “You don’t get to play every day, and on top of that, there are places
you go where you don’t have that much time to get our work in.

“One way or
another, that kind of affects you. The first time [in 2006, you had more time at the
field and things like that. I’m the kind of guy, I’ve got to do some extra
stuff to get ready. I’m pretty sure that all the guys are pretty much the same


“It’s not like I wanted
us to lose, but we already lost so …

“I’m happy to be
back and get ready,” Ortiz said.


George Kottaras is catching Tim Wakefield, but I still think Josh Bard is the heavy favorite to win that job.

Great to see NESN’s Jerry Remy back in the booth tonight. Terry Francona gave Remy a big, enthusiastic hug when he spotted him in the dugout during pre-game. This was Remy’s first game of Spring Training.

Remy returned to Fort Myers with his usual humor, telling his audience on NESN, “I would have been here sooner, but i had visa issues back in massachusetts and i couldn’t leave.”

Beautiful, absolute gorgeous night at City of Palms! I wish all of you were here.

There are some great matchups on tap at the World Baseball Classic this weekend.

Team USA is playing Puerto Rico on Saturday night in Miami. The upstart Netherlands plays Venezuela at 1 p.m. ET Saturday afternoon. Dice-K takes the ball for Japan on Sunday against Cuba in a 4 p.m. ET tilt.


Good catch Bay! Thanks Ian for the update! GO SOX!! Great to see Rem-Dawg back!


YES!!! Mikey!!! Got Wake out of trouble!


From prior thread:
Well, call me a brat but I’m mad… So mad that I’ve donated my tickets to tomorrows game to my alma maters baseball team. 4 of the players will be going to see the Sox in my place. This was the one chance I would have to see “the boys” up close this year. And quite frankly I’m very disappointed with watching the prospects instead of “the boys”. I mean, come on, what are the other guys going to be too tired after having to play the monster line up that the Yankees are putting on the field tonight?? I realize that a line up of all regulars would have been too much to even hope for, but I got in line early on a Saturday morning for this line up?? Like I said maybe I’m acting like a brat, but….

What happened to Lugo? Maybe one of the boys will stay home & let you go!

On the bright side of this,I think that the guys (2 of hem are pitchers and they’ll love to see Lester) from Stranahan High will enjoy the game…

HOME RUN LOWELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
YES!!! GO SOX!!!


Way to go Mikey!


Nice hit JD

THAT’S how to make a comeback!

Come on JBay, make Julia proud

Way to go, JD!! Get him home!!

Come, on, J-Bay, do what Lowell did! GO SOX! GO J-BAY!

Hit it Jason!

Next AB, Jason! Get JD home, Brad!

Jason looks tired. Maybe not recovered from the WBC?


Nice fielding! Way to go, Sox!πŸ˜‰

I would not be surprised, Julia, it’s what I’ve (we!) been worried about!

Come on George… Git ‘er done!!

I agree Greg! I think that might be the issue with Big Papi also. Looked a little blah. BASES LOADED!!! GO SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!


Good job… bases loaded!! Let’sGoRedSoxLet’sGo!!!

YES! Nice hit, Kot!

Come on Chavez!


Papi I think has other issues (besides the wrist), Julia—the Dominican was FAVORED! I hope there is no letdown for Papi because of it!!

YES!!!! GO CHAVEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good eye, Chavez! GO SOX!

Another good job…

YES!!! Nice hit! GO SOX!!!!!

Bases STILL loaded! Go Sox! Come on Jacoby!!

I think it is a HUGE let down for the Dominicans. Rem-Dawg was saying that Papi was asked it the Dominican people were disappointed and he said of course they were.

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO SOX!!! 3-1! Scott will have a lot of articles to write!


NICE!!!! GO SOX! Come on, Ochoa!

That loss COULD be as bad as an injury for Papi if he has a “hangover”!

5-1!!! WHOOO HOOOO GO SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Let’s go Papi!!!!!


Come on Big Papi! We need you!!!!

PAPI!!!!!!! Home run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Keep it up, Papi! We need that ALL YEAR!! GO SOX!

Wang is GONE……………………………………YES!


Let’s see how we do with their BP! Full Count!! GO SOX!

Way to bat around! GO SOX! Shut ’em down, Wake!

Come on, Wake! Not good!

COME ON WAKE!!! Scott has checked in – thinks he might need a book on the history of the Red Sox!


We need a DP, Wake! Let’s go!

Come on, Sox! Come on, Wake!

Wake is looking a little shaky! COME ON!!!


Let’s not do 14-12, either! GO SOX!

That’s one, here goes nothing!!

WAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COME ON!!!!!!!!!!


Not good, Wake!

Both starters out of the game! OUCH!

Remy’s already taking about this being a typical 6 hour Red Sox-Yankees game! lol!


Yeah, I heard that! Hmmm…

Nice! A SO for a change!! GO SOX!

Transfer the ball BEFORE you try throwing! Ugh!


IF hit. Get the next one! GO SOX!

I don’t think he would have gotten him, anyway! Hmmm…

Throwing strikes helps, guys! Let’s go!

Funny boy, Rem-Dawg!:/

Hey, we CAN throw strikes! WOW!

I am so glad Rem-Dawg is back! Games aren’t the same without him!


I wonder if he’s going to be bald by the time the game is over!

FINALLY!!! Side out!
Let’s go SOX!!! Need some more runs!


I think he will be!!! Did you hear him say he shouldn’t have shown up until St. Patrick’s Day?


Let’s get 3+ more runs, guys! GO SOX!

Nope, missed that one, oh well!

Nationals have signed Tavarez.


Fine, I hope he does well for the Nats! I want the Nats to do well (I don’t care for that NastyNats guy, though!).

Good contact.


JUUUUST a bit outside!

Next time, Brad! GO SOX!

OK, guys, we need a 1-2-3 from the BP!

NastyNats is a little “crazy” shall we say. He took Scott (Yankee fan) to task for being “mean” to me over the bet! lol!! Did get Scott to say he “had by back”! Hmmm – a Yankees fan has a Red Sox fans back! What is the world coming to!! lol!! {Was very nice of Scott! :-)}


Lugo has a knee injury? Nice job Lowell!


Good, I’m glad. A little too profane, though. Listen to these guys talking Match Game! 70s Night!

COme on, Pap! Keep it up!

Lugo’s hurt already. Nice.

2 gone! GO PAP!

Finely! A good inning! GO RED SOX!



Hey Canuck! Welcome!


Yes, it was done very FINELY!πŸ˜‰

Hey, Canuck! May I ask, where in Canada are you?

Okay – SPELLING is not a strong suit! Or getting the right word! lol! πŸ™‚


Come on, Sox! Let’s get some more runs!

Join the club, Julia, esp. when I’m TYPING!!!!

It is so nice to hear Rem-Dawg again…man, it’s great to watch a game this year finally.
Greg – about an hour east of Toronto

We can only hope that the Yankees field this well all season! lol!! haha!


Great to see that Scott is researching…πŸ™‚

Thanks Canuck, I’m in NC (further away from New England than you are!!)

Thanks Canuck, I’m in NC (further away from New England than you are!!)

Greg – I LIVE for spell check! Come on Papi!


Stupid caputer! !No quiere funcionar! (Doesn’t want to wark right!)

Nice inning! GO SOX!


(Translation – I feel your pain!πŸ˜‰ )


I think that’s WORK RIGHT! Something about spelling!

Come on, Saito! Well done, Pap! GO SOX!

Well Canuck – Scott might have a lot of blogs to write! lol! Right now – he has to write 3! His rules – win by 3 or more has to write that many blog! lol!


Gotta love it! USELESS ST game!! Except against the Yanks, when Julia has a wager!πŸ˜‰

Yes, gee he’ll be up ALL NIGHT…he better pick three or more good players!

That means we need 6+ more, so he can do an entire lineup!

OH YES!!! See – life is NEVER dull when I’m around!!!! GO SOX!!


That’s why we are all glued to the tv and computer!

I’m wondering what this knee injury is with Lugo. I hope it isn’t too bad, he was doing so well!!

Wake looked a little shaky– he hasn’t been all that stable all Spring but I like the use of the curveball more.

Nice inning by Papelbon. Kottaras had a few nice stops, but I’d like to see him throw to second!



Saito is looking good!


I LOVE it that Saito has Zazu’s old number!! Way to go, Saito! One more!

Oh man, my mom just called to GLOAT about her Blue Jays winning today….

That would be great! Scott could write a blog for each position! lol! Hey Elizabeth! Welcome!


Hey, Elizabeth! Watching this game to “research” (ahem) for another paper?πŸ˜‰ How’d your paper turn out?

Did you guys read the comments left on Jane’s blog about the people who yelled at Ashley Papelbon during the All Star parade? Most of them are on Pap’s side!

Yeah, how did the paper go?

Good, I think that’s called PROGRESS! Hmmm…
Blue Jays, eh? Oh, well!

No – let me go look!


Strand him at 2nd, Saito!! GO SOX!

There you go, guys! Nice work, Saito-san! GO SOX!

Nice inning from Saito.

Wish I was there too! I’ll be at the game tomorrow against the Orioles. Totally stoked! Anyone else gonna be there?


Blue Jays fan in the family. I have to put up with her all season now, Greg!

I’ll have to check your blog out for O’s game highlights! Are you going to post pictures, Elizabeth?

Pink Hats! Can they JUST leave us alone! (On Jane’s blog!) AND they are Yankees fans! Why do they care if Papelbon is bashing Manny? That really makes no sense!


Sorry, don’t care much, unless they post on our blog! What else do we expect?

Just asked Scott that if the Red Sox win by 9 run will be write a blog for each position! lol! I’ll let you know what he says!


Canuck, what is your first name? Are you 19 years old?

So true Greg! Elizabeth – so jealous you will be at the game!


That oughta be good! GO SOX!

Go Bard! Shut them down!


Ooooh Daniel Bard! I think that I’m going to make him my projectπŸ™‚

Except from Bob Kramer (or my aunt), Julia, I don’t expect different!
Elizabeth you lucky dog! I am nowhere near it! At least I’ve got NESN feed on MLBTV!

Greg – Ginny. And no….i’m older than 19!

Way to go, Bard! Keep it up!!

Nice stikeout.

OK, thanks Ginny! GO SOX!

NICE! Way to go, Daniel!

Good job Bard! Nice inning!


Ok, i love the commercial with Dusty!

1-2-3 inning! Way to go, Daniel! 6+ more runs for Julia, how ’bout it, guys?? GO SOX!

YES Greg! Still waiting to hear back from Scott on writing a blog for each position! GO SOX!!!! Now – we need this same “love” for the April Series! That’s the BIG wager!


Greg – 19 is the number both of my favorite pitchers wear.

You got THAT right!!!

Which wager was that one Julia? The one in April..

Who are they Ginny?


I see. BOTH Players? Beckett is a favorite of mine–is that whom you mean? Who else?πŸ˜‰

Hey, Ginny, I hope we see you from time to time here on Brownie Points!!

Ginny – Which ever team wins the series – Mark is going to put a pro- blog header (of the other team!) up on the losers blog that Monday & the loser has to write a blog about the other team & in the next Leader’s list they will have their own category! My birthday is that weekend – I know the Red Sox will win! When we win tonight – I’ll have a reminder of that wager up tomorrow!


Got a BB. Still alive! GO SOX!

Scott Kazmir and Josh Beckett! I’m a Rays fan with a Red Sox lining.

Way to go, Jacoby!
Kei Igawa is still around?? Maybe we can take his lunch all year!

Oh yeah…I remember that wager. It just got lost in the wake of this one!

Kazmir is GOOD!! I like him a LOT!

Bummer! BUT still in the lead!


Actually can we get Miranda to stay at first this year? He got. what 2 errors in one inning and dropped the ball. Works for me.

In the (Tim) WAKE, Ginny? I like it!

Nooooo….Kazmir is the BEST!!

Sounds good, also! Igawa and Miranda it is!

I’ll take Beckett, you can have Kazmir! How about that, Ginny??

Did Lugo really get hurt?

Yeah Ginny! Scott and I had the other wager and then he raised the stakes this week by offering this wager as well! That’s why all the Toby Keith stuff has been going back & forth. Scott did this post on how we were a like – all the music and other things and I made a comment on how the picture of Toby Keith distracted me…and the rest is history!


Come on, Saito! GO SOX!

Nice to see Penny do so well today.


Let’s get a SO or a DP Saito! GO SOX!

Wait…you think I’m gonna give up Beckett just to keep Kaz??? Well, ok….I can live with that! But be nice to him!

NICE! Get another one! GO SOX!

Tazawa (?) is looking good!


I thought I was, Ginny!πŸ˜‰ I told you I like Kazmir A LOT! I just like Beckett more! (Beating the Yankees in the WS with the Marlins will do it!)

Tazawa is doing well tonight, I hope he keeps it up! Last time out, he was a work in progress! GO SOX!

Anyone who beats the Yankees is great Greg!πŸ™‚


That’s what I’m talking about! Looking good!


Good job, guys! 6+ more runs for Julia! GO SOX!

C’mon guys! I want to see a write up of an entire lineup tomorrow!! Let’s go!

It was a beautiful WS win against the Yanks…ahhh…memories!

Big Papi looked like he had a chip on his shoulder tonight, more than a hangover! Keep it up! GO SOX!

RemDawg is a riot! Commenting on our Yankee “sprinter”, hmmm…

Rem-dawg & Donny O are starting to lose it! It is SO great to have Rem-Dawg back!


Hey – I just said that! lol! He is the BEST!!!


Ok, that was pretty funny. Was that really running?

Two more innings, guys, let’s go!

177 comments! Cool!

Running is a relative term, I guess!

We are working on moving Ian up in the ranks of the Pro-bloggers! Go Brownie Points!


STIIILLL GOOIINNGGG! Nothing outlasts the RSN bloggers! They keep going…and going…

Let’s get a DP, here, guys! GO SOX!

OH YAY!!! We are the best!!!!!!!!!!! Go Red Sox!!! Bet the Yankee fans aren’t having so much fun! πŸ˜‰ HAHAHAHA!!!

4 more outs!


and going….and going…and going….

Nice going. One more!

AND I CALL IT!!! When the game is over and WE win….I GET to make the first comment on Scott’s blog! You can all comment after me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hello…this is Lugo here. Guys, I gotta tell ya, I’m beggininging to thinka that somebody out to get me. Now I can forgive a few peanut butter subway sandwiches but now they takea batting practiceing on me. David said it was a mistake but that took me out of the game. Lowrie might have a chance after all. Gee guys, you do love me right! I’m like Lugo…that guy that give you lots of laughs last year like when I make 200 errors in ten starts. Hey…that was funny right…but that’s last year. This year I do better and Arnie:
I’ve been in the hospital about ten times now and each time I believe you when you say peanut butter not good. Arnie…you need to do something about that because I think you not like me or something!

Yankees fans not having fun? Pity. Say it ain’t so! Hmmm…

Yankees fans not having fun? Pity. Say it ain’t so! Hmmm… GO SOX! Nice job!

OK, Lugo, we’ll forward it to Arnie!

Hey, Dave, how ya doin’? Elizabeth, are you still there?

Um….Lugo – did the peanut butter hurt your knee??


Hey, Lugo, did the Peanut Butter do in your leg tonight?πŸ˜‰

Hey, Julia, we’ve got an echo going…going…going…

Greg – I think you & I are having a case of “great minds think a like! lol!!

I feeling 6 runs this inning!



Come on, Dusty, advance the runner! Get a hit! GO SOX!

Yeah, we haven’t hit the 6-hour mark yet for RemDawg! GO SOX!

Junichi Tazawa looked pretty good tonight, and so did Daniel Bard.


There you are, Elizabeth! Yes, they did.

Help I’m getting lost in blog-land again!

Julia, I think my computer has a case of “tape delay”. (When it’s working at all, that is!)

They both did Elizabeth! Why is Wake having his press conference already? The game isn’t over!


Must find Julia’s blog again, and start over!!!

Too funny Greg!


Same thing as the other day with Masterson (I think that’s who it was!), I guess! He must be TiVo-ing the game!

I dunno but he has as much enthusiasm as my history teacher in high school (yes, that was awhile ago – but not as long ago as someone else here!)

Come on, Reddick! GO SOX!

I’m here Ginny! My blog is still there! Unless Scott has blown it up!! lol! Remember – he is mine! when the game is over! hehehehe!


Like me, Ginny??πŸ˜‰ SOOOO long ago!

Julia – I will wait for you! He’s all yours! Enjoy!

Nice baserunning, guys, one more run! GO SOX!

1-2-3 9th inning, guys! GO SOX!

Yes Greg – if you want to feel old go ahead!

I’m teaching Yankees fans things on my blog! Just got a comment about that! They are coming to “see the light”! lol! (NOT Scott yet!)

3 outs! Let’s GO!


Ginny, in case you’re curious, 1969 is my birth year, so right before Opening Day, I’ll be 40! GO SOX!

C’mon guys! 3 more…..let’s do this one at a time!

Ginny – are you implying ME!!! I’ll be the “elder” stateswoman! lol!


Yeah, I’m SO OLD! Where are my teeth???πŸ˜‰

Let’s get a DP, here, guys! GO SOX!

Greg – I have you beat! 45! I’ll be 46 the weekend of the first Red Sox- Yankees series in April!


You catch on quick Julia! Yes, you are officially the oldest of the three of us!

Why are we WALKING people??? Come on, guys!

COME ON SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


WHAT is TRABER doing in the game?????!!!

ummm…a strike would be nice…

And proud of it!!! Heck – I’m so one of the oldest people on MLBlogs I think!

YES!!! COME ON!!! 2 MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Some had a mind-fart Greg! Ugh!


Hey, he CAN strike someone out! Now THAT is PROGRESS!

Renegade is older than you, so you might be in the top 10!

ok, that’s one. two left.

Get a DP, Traber, do us a favor! Or is he still a Yankee? ACK!

True – Rays is older – by how much Ginny? Do you know? Jane is older also. I think Jimmy Curran might be. Scott, I think, is somewhere around my age.


Come on, Traber, throw me a bone!

Come on! I want Scott to have to do the 4 posts!

NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BASES LOADED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He’s 48. 49 sometime later this year. Not sure about Jimmy. Jane probably is older.

Grumble, snarl, hiss!

DPDPDPDPDPDP PLEASE DP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


oh, this is NOT good. Who’s left in the ‘pen?


GAME OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey everyone…Zazu here.
I’ve been having lots of fun with the Dodgers. Already my legs hurt and it’s going to get worse…ah better. I mean when you pay me a boat load of money to get base hits and make up…ahhh fake…ah…have real injuries you know the LA Dodgers are a bunch of idiots…I mean brilliant…ah who cares. Any team stupid enough to sign me up after the crap I pull…I say…I love LA.


THANK GOD! That’s finishing a game the HARD way!

Left Scott a message!!!! GO SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We got it, Julia! I’m looking forward to this post!!!πŸ˜‰

Hey everyone. Thanks for being great people and I love you all.


Go tell Scott, Julia!

ZAZU – I think Lugo is calling!

I think I need a new post up! BE back!


Way to go, Zazu! Giving Lugo your bum knees, or keeping one for yourself??!

Just heard from Scott! He’s be writing 4 posts! Yay!


LOL! He’ll be up for awhile!

Hey this is Zazu here. Lugo and I get along great and we’re like real close friends and all and we like to share our pain.
Now tomorrow, watch for my bad back before I get the flu and wait till you see my stiff neck syndrome. Oh I got millions of excuses…ahhh problems but I do better in 2010 when my contract runs out. Then I have to actually play. Whew the pressure.



ZAZU – why don’t you go back to writing books and maybe you could get Lugo some “good” peanut butter!


Julia – one of the pics won’t show up for me…is that my computer again?

On which post? the one I just put up Ginny?


yeah…i see the video, but it’s showing another pic..or what looks like a pic….do you have two pictures or videos?

One isn’t showing up on mine, either, Julia. There’s a blank “picture” and the video of Schill. Hmmm…

at least it’s not just me!

That’s all there is – It has Scott’s name – which links to his blog and then the video and then underneath say about April 24-16.

Do you see that?


I see the video….but the picture is still blank.

Likewise, Julia. Is there supposed to be something else?


I can see all the words underneath the video, and at the top..just not the picture.

I hope you can see it and we need to chat like this during lots of games this season! GO RED SOX!!! I’ll need all you guys here during my birthday weekend in April against the Yankees!


It’s still spring training, Greg. Don’t get ahead of yourself!

If I can be here I will, Julia. Just remind me!!!

There isn’t a picture – only a video & words! Scott’s name is in grey because it links to his blog.


I see his name, so what is the blank square that we see?

Go and tell me if it looks better now!


Great to see Papi and Mike Lowell do so well! Keep it up! GO SOX!

Do you like computers yet? Still looks the same. Good luck fighting with it. I have to walk the dog, then going to bed! Some of us sleep at night!!! LOL!

Night Greg!

Take care Canuck! We got one, Julia!

Yes we did! Good night all! We have lots of reading to do tomorrow!


moanin,moanin,moanin……lord this is a long ST…….anyone wants to play in a yahoo fantasy league o have a few open spots left…email me if your interested…..judge

judge, is it head to head?

Wow, lots of posts last night…. I hope that helps Ian’s and Brownie Points cause….

yes ellen luv…..its head to head and its all family and friends of mine in this particular league….we have a blast talking smack….competative but very fun….judge

the draft will be next thurs….if anyone wants in email me @… and i wll forward an invite….judge

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if anyone has any questions id be glad to call u or u call me …im adverse tp typin lol….judge

I already emailed, YES YES YES I’m interested!!! Can Judge come out to play???

i sent u an invite ellen…did u get it?

Sorry – I’m already in a league with a bunch of MLBloggers! We are holding our draft tomorrow! And yes – all of us talking here last night during the game should really help Ian’s numbers! GO SOX!


if u need help my number is 1-815-666-1088 or email yours to me and ill call you if u need help joinin…judge

yay ellen is in……feel free to invite friends ellen or family until it fills……judge…just forward them the email i gave ya

wake up ian lol….we need a new thread lol

Ian is off until Wednesday… he is spending time with his family!! Good Man!

yes good man….im goin fishin soon with mine too…btw welcome ellen…trust me u will have fun in this league…judge

Off ’till Wednsday…think we can break the 400 comment mark by then?

Scott’s first blog for losing his wager with me is up! And he could not have picked a greater Red Sox – YAZ!!! He was favorite player when I was growing up! hmmm…how did Scott know that? check it out –



I think that 400 will be no problem… we’re just short of 300 now.

I actually think that 500 is the over under.

I’ll take over Ellen! lol! Look at how many we will get when the results of the MRI are in! I hope Ian appreciates all the “love” we are showing him! lol


Brownie Points – #1 Pro-blogger! Yay!


That Scott is a FUNNY BOY on Julia’s blog! Arnie, since he had to “eat crow”, he’s got a Crow and Mushroom Stew on there! Sound like competition??πŸ˜‰ Let’s see him do so in the regular season, also!!!

I love the post on Yaz. Looks like he’s at least enjoying himself with the posts! Hope there are more like this in the regular season!

moanin,moanin,moanin…….anyone wants to play in a yahoo fantasy league i have a few open spots left…email me if your interested…..judge……its head to head….ellen has joined….. email me for invite at…

We are going to have A BLAST on the fantasy league!!! I cant wait…

WOW! 327 comments to read. Guess there was a lot of “fun poking!” In any case the game was blacked out in the NY market. I didn’t find out until I went to play my recording after 10 PM. I did see the Lowell and Ortiz jacks on the late news. Good signs for the Sox!!! Back later.

Hey, Zazu, I am not entirely sure you need to worry too much about playing time once you recover from your bum knee, and all! After all, snipers got ya once in 04, I think they are after you again! Is that what happened last year, also, when you laid that egg in LF? Hmmm…

OK. Back live! I do see some positives for the Yanks from the box score! Hard to tell how some of the relief pitching was without knowing whom they faced. I saw Daniel Bard a little bit in AA last year and would have liked to see his progress with that triple-digit heater!

Scott is doing a great job with the posts! YAZ is a favorite! Maybe I should challenge Scott to a cook off? I’m a really good cook besides having excellent taste in baseball teams!πŸ˜‰ Did you all see – Lugo’s MRI results are being sent to a specialist. They want to rule out a meniscus tear. (Since Ian is with his family I figured we all needed to pitch in and help out here at Brownie Points! lol!)


I see you mentioned the possible return of Kelly Shoppach yesterday. Depending on whom you read, the Indians number one or two prospect is a catcher named Carlos Santana. So a catcher trade by them is not far fetched! Do you think Kelly still remembers the Red Sox way of doing things?

There were, Bob, and some areas of concern. Wake did not look sharp, but that can happen with him from day to day. Bard did look very good. So did Big Papi (he seemed to have more of a WBC chip on his shoulder, which is a VERY GOOD THING!), and Lowell. He was hitting well, and moving well in the field.

Tomko was very solid for the Yanks. We had a field day with Wang, though! The starters–for both teams–did not do well!

Trixie, I think you picked a good game to miss!:/

Yes, Tomko looks like the surprise of the spring! the signing was viewed as one of those “why bother?”

And a check of the Indians 40Man roster shows they carry five catchers!

Bob, I think Shoppach would remember the way we Red Sox do things (and the fan atmosphere!), like riding a bike! We had to give a good piece to get Coco, and I would not mind his return to the team at all!
By the way, Bob, I like the way the Yankees are (ahem!) fielding (yesterday and today)!πŸ˜‰

I’ve yet to start watching today’s game. I hardly ever see anything live. But, Miranda had a tough night last night. There’s no chance to stick on the MLB roster but, he should at least platoon at AAA. So far he’s proven he can’t hit left handers!!!

At least Bard and Baldelli had pretty good days today. Lowrie seems to be holding his own today, also. GO SOX!

MLB Network just showed Fisk’s home run from the ’75 World Series!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOT to love it!


Hey, Julia, what is Scott’s timline/due dates for the Red Sox posts? One a day? One an hour?πŸ˜‰ Keep on him! One “coss-over” that would be interesting would be Wade Boggs! GO SOX!

Uh, that’s “cross-over”, King Genius!

Wow!!! Carlos Santana!! A catcher who can manuever behind the plate AND play a MAD guitar!!! lol

Something about “baseball names” eh, Trixie?

Yeah… I am still really bummed about the roster… I even went as far as writing an email to the RS FO…. I need to learn when to keep my mouth shut sometimes!!! Trixies husband appreciated the reprieve regarding getting up and out early!! But he’s trying to be really nice today because he knew how badly I wanted to see “the Boys”.

Sorry, Ellen, but at least someone(s) got to enjoy the games! I’m going to be settling for Asheville Tourists/ Greenville Drive, so I probably will see some of those guys myself! (I’ll be sure to update you on ’em)!!

Besides, now you can mow the lawn for Brian, no?πŸ˜‰

Always the joke-ster I guess!!! and I like your new tag…
KING GENIUS!! thats perfect

It was another abso-tively gigantically gorgeous day here… Tis is the best time of year in South Florida… But I can tell you this summer is going to be a BRUTE!!!! I will, however, enjoy these days while I have them… Beautiful for laying out in the sun with a book and a tall glass of iced tea!!!!

Has anyone else read Mike Lowells book?? I read it last year when it came out and just started re-reading it again…
very good read… He’s a class act!!

It’ll be another 2 weeks before hte lawn is ready for another cut… slow growing this time of year.

hey hey all…..i need some more players for my yahoo fantasy league….its head to head and a blast…ellen joined and i need a few more….draft is next thursday….email me at and ill send u an invite…..judge

Greg – Scott is going to do one each day. Don’t worry I’ll keep an eye on him!πŸ˜‰


Thank you Ellen for reminding us that it is still COLD in New England! lol! Though was nice today! BUT had to spend most of it in a gym watching B-Ball! Team USA plays tonight! GO USA!! Anyone have any Fantasy Baseball advice/tips? I draft tomorrow and I’ve never done it before!


Julia, as early as you get up everyday, you could do another fantasy league… yes??? I make all my roster changes before I leave for the office.. oh, come on… it’ll be good to have 2 of us from here competing!!! We’ll probably kick some good bhutt!!

ok just had another ask to join wooohooo…..the reason im askin in here is last yr we had a few that werent really into it so this yr i wouldnt allow them to join… im not sayin were anal cause were not…its a very fun fantasy league but its no fun playin head to head and have your op have half their team not playing…..anyone else wants to join email pls and ill send invite…

julia i can tell you that i do about 10 at once cause its so fun….but u can do 2 easy….believe me after u get into one your gonna want to do another just in case u do bad in one….judge

i can give u some tips too…try to pick plrs that have multiple average to good stats and not just great in one category….ie not just a power hitter or basestealer and so on….also pick a few that play multiple positions for days off and injuries because after the draf the free agents are usually thin……also i try to get al hitters and nl pitchers …..judge…gl and have fun

Hey Judge, What if do bad in the 2 I’m in, go for 3… ?

Judge, do you get Stat Tracker? I didnt have it the 1st part of the season last year then picked it up and did MUCH better after that. I won the losers bracket!!!

Ellen – I don’t know – I can’t do the draft next Thursday – My Science Olympiad Team that I coach has it’s State Meet next Saturday – and it is crunch time! BUT where can I get the details of this league? You know I have never done this before!


Thanks for the tips judge!


yes i definately use the statracker it really helps especially in head 2 head… for u julia we can change the draft date to after the weekend which we might anyways because we have 3 weeks till week 1 starts anyways…judge… other tip also …if get to pick ur draft number take the lowest u can …ie #12 not #1 ….u will end up with more quality plrs cause u get more draft picks in the top fifty

ill forward you the invite anyways so u can check it out…judge

ill need an email tho lol

Lugo is returning to Boston – it appears that he might indeed have a torn meniscus. He might need arthroscopic surgery as early as Tuesday and be out for a month. If so – Jed might be the SS on opening day!


Dustin is hurt! Scratched from the WBC game tonight! Strained muscle on his left side. Not know if he will play any more WBC games. He is describing it as a shooting pain! THIS CAN NOT BE HAPPENING!

Julia – use that one judge!


that second baseman from minors has been hot and lowrie can also play second…hell yuke prob could too if we ask em too lol…..judge

ok i sent 2 more from here invites….whos next?

How many people do you have judge for the fantasy team?


I just heard that Pedroia is hurt.. anyone else hear that?? To what extent??

This crap is why I HATE the freakin WBC!!!!! Now what?? I know it doesnt sound really serious, but the RedSox now need to step in and say thats it for Petey!! SEND OUR MVP HOME!!!!

I think that Selig (he came up with the WBC) should be strung up.. this thing is played at the wrong time (is there a right time??), and now we could have a problem at 2nd…. I know that this is Baseballs answer to them pulling B-Ball from the Olympics… but this stuff stinks!!!! I know that they really play the “it’s a privelege to play for the USA” card heavily.. Thats all I hear on sports talk radio and I understand the Pride in playing for your country but its like a guillt throwing Mom who says ” if you love me, you’ll do this for me”…. I think we need to divorce our “mom”.

Hey…this is Zazu.

I may have to miss the rest of the season due to my left oblige tear or something like that. Anyway, it’s going to be a hard thing to collect a paycheck and not like do anything but that’s the breaks. Next year I’ll be tearing my right obliger and my right chickenstring so watch out.


Hey this is Zazu…

I also tore my back bone and like strained it and then did I mention my car-pull tunneling symdrome and did I mention I’m blind and deaf and like can’t see anything but I’m told a vacation in the bahamas — expenses paid will help me. if the Dodgers give me any crap, I tell you…I’ll be sick of that team too!

Dustins quote about his injury: “Maybe I pushed too hard too soon”!!! I think that this says it all!!

Dusty better be ok for the beginning of the season!

Gto that right, Ellen and Ginny! &^*&*)%*^ WBC! Dustin had BETTER be OK, and Youk needs to get out unscathed! Let alone Lugo!

I’ll be honest with you all….of all the guys that could have gotten hurt this spring pedrioa was pretty far down on my list. He works out pretty intensely all winter long down in Arizona. He busts his butt whether it’s a spring training game or the WBC. Now I like a lot of you do not like the WBC but I’m still surprised knowing the kind of preparation DP puts in every day. Hope it’s not a big thing……

moanin all….dp is a gamer he will be ok….they need to change those dates though ….as for the fantasy league we had another blogger join ….we have 8 on team now and need a minimum of 12 but i would prefer 14….im still waiting to here from a few that pld last yr…if u are interested email me at and ill forward u an invite…..judge

Please go out and trade for Michael Young of the Texas Rangers. He is about to be popular with the Yankees. I am sure Mike would love to play SS for you guys. We may even let you have Saltalamacchia for the right price.

the sox want ramirez or teagarden….and youngs contract is ridiculous….lowrie will be ok there….i personally would trade bucholz even for teagarden….judge

Judge, who else joined??

I would trade Buchholz too… for a catcher… maybe one who can catch Both Wake and the rest of the staff…



some of my friends are commin back from weekend stuff so i expect to have more by tomorrow signed up….id like to get atleast 14…..we have 8 now with 2 more for sure signinin up tomorrow from last yr… would be nice to have 3-4 from here though….if u have a friend or relative ask em to join ellen ….its fun to have family competition….judge

Buchhotz has to stay. The man has too much talent to give him up. He’s an elite pitcher and will be on of the best in the game like Lester is right now. I am sure of that and with Wakefield…his last season probably the Sox can’t give up good arms. Pitchers are pitching longer and longer seasons and the five man pitching staff — to me — is becoming outdated. You just need more arms out there with playoffs and playoffs and playoffs.
We need a young catcher — no question — but I trust Theo to do it without giving up the talent of Buchhotz. Besides he’s the type of guy that if he’s not nurtured like this he will end up flipping burgers and that’s a waste.
Whew — can’t believe I blabbed on like this.

i agree bucholz is a major talent but teagarden is a special catcher….all the tools ….judge



I have a feeling that they are going to really step up the nurturing of our catchers down on the farm and when the draft rolls around they will be snagging a couple. I know that this is a “down the road” answer but, we will continue to need good young talented “RedSox” catchers,

texas has 3 awesome prospects at catcher….and someday they are gonna have to pay some of those young talented plrs comming yup like andrus,cruz,and davis….if tx can put in a decent apr may they may be willin to deal one of em for a pitcher… like to see a blockbuster of bucholz and maybe bowden for teagarden and cruz…..judge

mark my words that cruz will be rookie of the yr and maybe mvp this year….judge

i may get blasted for this but im gonna say it anyways….my favorite plr rt now is jacoby…but i would trade him and bucholz for cruz and teagrden without blinkin…..we are pitchin wealthy and we need a catcher with defense and offensive skills to match the al east…cruz is gonna be a superstar with power and average of 300 while also playin a decent of spot….if we cant sign bay and we all know drew should never have been signed to boston…we coulda kept trot but anyways cruz and teagarden will be allstars within 2 yrs….bucholz is a talent but we have many in the system and the big club is strong …we still have 2 asian prospects that should be good and plenty of short relief flamers… masterson to me is our middle man for yrs and spot starter with bard commin as set up man or paps replacement if he leaves….i would make this trade soon so we can bury the east for yrs to come ….lars will replace papi im thinkin next yr and maybe mikey to dh and spot plr for yuke at 3rd….i hope im wrong on papi but i think his reign as a killer is diminishin….it would be nice to have that dh spot for days off and not just a plr who cant play the field…im sorry papi…i love u and i know it was u who carried us to 2 world series and i will worship u forever lol….judge

I am glad that Dustin looks like he’ll be OK, and that the injury appears to be less serious than orig. thought. Judge, I agree they need to change the dates of the WBC, as in, ZERO dates–geet rid of the WBC altogether. Tito is right, the injury can, and sometimes does, in ST, in the batting cages or on the field, but the likelihood is less there than when you’re playing full games in the WBC.:/

Lester is finally signed! Way to go, Theo! Welcome home. Jon! GO SOX!

WOW! Buch has 5 SO through 3 IP! Way to go, Buch! Keep up the great work!

Hey Guys!

I’ve got a couple of questions — Was Buchholz on a pitch count? I would have thought he would have been left in through the end of the 4th inning to pitch out of whatever developed in that inning.

Also, have I been missing it? I haven’t seen much of Manny D pitching this Spring? Is there a reason for that?


Boy!, am I good or what. No sooner do I ask about Manny D., but I switch back to my computer tracking of today’s game only to find that Manny D had just chalked up a scoreless inning. Any explanation about what happened with Pap hitting to batters?

Also, I know this is just ST, but the batting averages of the “regulars” is, by and large, quite concerning — Ellsbury — .250; Ortiz — .083; Drew — .235; Bay — .250; Varitek — .091; and Wilkerson — .133. I sure hope they’re “shakin’ it loose.”

I am really looking forward to the fantasy league Judge!!! I didnt do great last year and you never feel great if you don’t do well but I really learned alot about fanstasy baseball and about baseball in general. Do you have your guys ranked?? I didnt bother….

Hi, All:

I have created a petition where Red Sox fans can express their support for Jeff Bailey to be named to the opening day roster over Brad Wilkerson. Feel free to read my post at Sox and Pinstripes for why I think Bailey deserves the spot. ALso, be sure to sign the petition at


David, I am not too worried about the BA of the “regulars”–after all, you can factor in what they have batted in the WBC and compare those numbers (also how they batted before they went to the WBC). Papi and Lowell have been playing pretty well, including power numbers, since their returns, and I am interested to see how Big Papi does from here on out after the WBC–will the DR’s ouster be a letdown for Papi, or will it be the “chip on his shoulder” (which seems to be the case, in the games I have seen). We’ll see, esp. if Dustin’s injury is more serious than we think. But I like the way J-Bay and Big Papi have come out since the WBC. That could change, David, but I like what I’ve seen. GO SOX!

Judge, you could be right about Cruz being ROY this year, and possible FUTURE MVP, but I have a hunch that J-Bay is going to put up MVP-type numbers, and would not be surprised if he were to win it! GO SOX!

Dave, I hope we don’t trade Buch for any “catcher of the future”, as he really seems to be coming into his own this year. If we do trade Buch, Texas (or any other trading partner) will be glad to have him. If Buch keeps up his ST pace, and continues that into the regular season, we will find we were happy we haven’t traded him. (I hope “Masterful” Masterson is a trade “untouchable” also!) I hope we do trade for a catcher (other than Bard!), but I hope Buch and Masterson will not be trade bait.
DBen, I don’t know exactly why we haven’t seen much of DelCarmen. The 2 or so times I have seen him, he’s gotten banged around a little too much. Other pitchers have definitely fared better than he has! We’ll see.

Quite frankly, even though I love the USofA.. I want this to end toNIGHT!!! I know that they can get hurt in the freakin’ shower or walking in the parking lot of the spring training complex, but I dont like the timing of the WBC…
Kevin and all the rest still out there, come on home guys!!! Its time to get ready for opening day of the 2009 season…

By the way, DBen, DelCarmen pitched one scoreless inning today, only one hit. Ramin Ramirez and Billy Traber were the punching bags today!

AMEN, Trixie! Come on home, guys!

yes ellen i rank my guys…yahoos rank is off to my standards

yup bay might be al mvp if longoria doeasnt have a good soph yr….only 2 other might compete is morneau and cruz….cruz if he stays in t could lead league every year in rbis and hr….judge

Okay – survived my first fantasy baseball draft today! Yay! From the Sox I got Youk, Lowrie, Baldelli, Beckett, Masterson, & R. Ramirez. My whole team is up on my blog. Any thoughts? I think I blew some of my later bullpen picks.


rt now sox are wealthy in farm and big club in pitchin…teagarden is a special plr…time to make that deal while buch is worth diamonds…judge

im far from an expert jules but ur lackin in alot of areas…im just gonna plead the 5th i think….i would need to know ur categorys tho….it will be fun so no matter…judge

I think Bay and Longoria both will both be AL MVP candidates, so might Morneau. So while I understand why Cruz might be ROY this year, I don’t think there will be room at the top for AL MVP for Cruz.

morneau will suffer some with maur out….and bay im sure will do good but its his 1st contract yr….cruz is pure….longo i think is his best comp

Perhaps that is why Bay has not signed an ext. yet! I think Bay has the motivation (even with, but esp. without!) the contract ext. to be the AL MVP. He’s my pick, and Longoria is my other candidate.
By the way Judge, if you dont’t mind me asking (and if it doesn’t take a long explanation!), how did you get your name, “Judge”? Thanks.

My AL MVP vote would be for Longo first, then Bay, maybe Morneau. I could see Josh Hamilton up there, but only if he can beat the other three! Who would be Cruz’s ROY competition?

Judge – Don’t know if you looked at my whole list – I think I’m okay – but hey – I’m new to this too! My plan – just not to come in last this season! lol! Yeah – dreaming big!


Last year when I played a Fantasy League, they all laughed when I picked Pedroia..for some reason they weren’t laughing at the end!
Hopefully some of your picks work wonders for ya, Julia!

Thanks Ginny! I will have to say – I got overwhelmed at times when I was drafting! We had 14 teams, 30 rounds and it got confusing at times keeping up with all of it.


I hear you! That’s why i didn’t do it this year…it’s too much like work! Then I have to cheer on players that I otherwise wouldn’t…and it become a big mental mess! You have a good lineup and pitching so you should be ok not to be sweeping the basement!

Hey – you’ve got to read Manny’s comments about his injury! Watch out Dodger’s fans – Blog of the beat writer for the Mets.


Glad to hear Dusty’s better than expected.

ok, I can’t leave the comments sitting on number 399!

WHOO HOO! On our way to 500 comments!


Judge, Do you recommend that I rank my players?? If so how do I go about it. Obviously I did not do this last year!!

Wow, I saw the number of comments a few days ago, and I almost jumped out of my seat! I’ll be glad to join you in this quest for a million comments! Oh wait, it’s 500…

I’d love to see Ian’s expression when he logs on to find this many comments!

moanin all…..still have few open spot for my yahoo fantasy league…email me @ for an invite…..judge

lowrie goes deep….no question even if lugo is healthy this kid is the ss….judge

Judge, Did you see my question to you??

What happens if you dont fill all the slots??

ellen we will play league with as little as 12 memeber…we have 9 now and a few will sign up in the next few day…i would like 16 tho ….as for rating your plrs u dont have to but its helpful….i rate mine by the system of head to head and how i want to manage my team….judge…try a mock draft they are helpful

okey dokey!! thanks Judge!

I agree about ranking players on your own and not relying on Yahoo’s rankings. Also keep in mind that catchers are third basemen are at a premium. There aren’t a whole lot of very good ones, especially in an American League only fantasy league as the Sox and Pinstripes Challenge is. We have our draft this Saturday morning. I look forward to another season. I’m ready for opening day!


I meant to write that catchers and third basemen are at a premium…….

Way to go, Jed! Two doubles and a HR! Great job–keep it up! GO SOX!

Was that in today’s game, Greg?

OKAY!! I know – I owe you a picture for the Brownie Brigade – I promise – it will be there soon! Sorry Arnie – I know I’ll spoil all your fantasies!πŸ˜‰


Yes it was, Ginny. Jed had a good game, offensively and defensively, from what I see in the box score.

ellen…to elaborate on ur plr rankings…..ive been doin this for a few yrs in multiple fantasy leagues each yr…imcan honestly say its very addicting ….i have a blast doing it…researching plrs finding some in scrap heap And so on…the best way i can tell u to do it and im by no means an expert…i always try to as many plrs as i can that have multiple talents..i also try to get plrs that play alot so u dont have to switch them out alot…its all depends on the league ur in as how u draf.t…..our league has 9 stat categories…so i draft my team that i know i can max out and beat my oponent in atleast 5….then i go from there…u will come up with your style of managing the further the season goes on…try not to draft plrs that have ahistory of injuries either…when they go on the dl u must replace them with a plr from free agent list and its usually thin…i always try to get a minimum of 2 plrs that play 3-4 positions so u can mix and match daily….judge…its fun u will have a blast

I know you were wondering what I got on my research paper. I’m seeing it tomorrow! I’m hoping for the best!

oh darn Judge, you mean I cant try to draft JD??? lol

Scott has his third blog up! Nice pick – Jon Lester! yes – I gave him time off for “good behavior” but do not worry – he’s not getting off easy – trust me! check out what he wrote –

GO SOX!!!!


Hey Zazu here:

Here about my hamstring injury. That’s going to hurt a LONG time. I mean…maybe by the playoffs I might make an appearance but if not — there is my good old reliable knees. Ouch! Hey at $25 million a year, it’s going to tough to stay healthy. Maybe LA should have made me a bigger offer!
Hey Red Sox fans. Ellen, I have time now if you want to like go out on my new cruise ship while I “recover” from my “life threatening injuries.”
Hey Arnie — get busy on food and fatten me up because I’m really like HURT….ow…oh the pain…the pain.
Hey Gary…how about some golf…oh ya…I’m supposed to be hurt but like with a two year contract who cares
In the meantime, me and Lugo gonna have some swinging fun with some girls. See ya later!

Hey Zazu, If you’re taking Lugo with you does that mean you’re asking Migraine to go along as well???

Zazu here:

OWWW, Oh Joe Tore just accused me of fakin’ it but I show him. I smash my bat on my fingers and now I broke one of them — hey that hurt but no big deal. Now I can’t play. Oh the poor DOdger fans. Like I fake injuries — that was no fake injury. It was #$#$ real. Ow.
OWWW…oh my back…oh sleeping on a couch really hurts it. Oh I’m so much in pain. Fortunately the Dodgers can look forward to next year when I promise to play 1/2 of 1/2 of the games here and there between donut breaks. Oh it’s going to be tough but I’m a tough player. Thank goodness Joe Torre takes such good care of me.
OWWW…oh no…I bruised my hair when I slept last night. That hair make Zazu hurt even more…oh…thank goodness I got Lugo to take care of me and in return I give him pointers how to stay hurt…ah…better…ah who cares. Even when Papelbon makes accurate statements against me, he gets attacked and I look like a God. Ya…God Zazu.

Lineups for today’s game:

Red Sox
1. Jacoby Ellsbury, CF
2. Mike Lowell, 3B
3. David Ortiz, DH
4. Rocco Baldelli, RF
5. Jason Bay, LF
6. Jason Varitek, C
7. Brad Wilkerson, 1B
8. Jed Lowrie, SS
9. Nick Green, 2B
— Josh Beckett, SP

Junichi Tazawa, among others, will be relieving Beckett, who is making his fifth start.

1. Denard Span, LF
2. Alexi Casilla, 2B
3. Joe Crede, DH
4. Justin Morneau, 1B
5. Michael Cuddyer, RF
6. Brian Buscher, 3B
7. Carlos Gomez, CF
8. Jose Morales, C
9. Brendan Harris, SS
— Scott Baker, SP

The Mayor’s Cup is tied at 1 – this game will break the tie. The game is on NESN. The Red Sox are wearing their green caps & white uniforms with green lettering & shamrocks! Tek will auction off his green catcher’s equipment for charity after the game. I have to head out to coach soon so I won’t be able to watch the whole game – but I wanted to let you know! GO RED SOX!!!! Happy St. Patrick’s Day! My blog is green today!


Red Sox up 1-0. Sac fly by Ortiz brought home Ellsbury.! Beckett looked great in the first half half of the inning.


Rem-Dawg & Donny-O are not wearing green but there is a leprechaun in the booth with them and Jerry wants to know if he (the leprechaun) is going out for a couple of pops tonight! Only Rem-Dawg!


Josh better have a good game! Sounds like Jerry is having fun. Great to see him back to his old self again.

Looks like Beckett did not have his best stuff today. I wonder if he was experimenting with a new pitch? Big Papi bopped another one, I see. In his case, at least, I am not as worried about his BA as much as whether he believes he is getting his stroke back. It seems to me that might be the case.
Zazu has another ailment? Who knew? Hmmm…Pity. Could be a LONG season for Torre and the Dodgers!

A productive Ortiz will help wonders…what’s Tito thinking for lineups? Anything new?

Hi Brian, Garry:
Happy St. Patricks Day! Did I miss any of our Irish bloggers here, perhaps Craig, Ellen?
Happy St Patricks Day to all of our Irish friends and fellow bloggers!

Also looks like Pap has been getting hit around a little bit this ST. Hopefully he will straighten that out come the regular season.
Good to see some offensive production from Papi, Tek, and Jacoby. Hope to see that continue. Nice rally in th 4th.


Thanks for the wish on St. Patricks Day. I love those Shamrock shakes at McDonald’s. Yummy! My father came too the U.S. 53 yrs. ago on March 14th. I’ll have some Corned Beef and Cabbage later in the day. Also Happy St. Patricks Day too all of our Irish bloggers on here! I know Garry is Irish. His last name is very Irish.

Thanks Andy, I am 100% American-Irish… 3rd generation, as is my husband. Today is the day in history that St Patrick drove the snakes from the Emerald Isle, maybe we can hire him to drive the snakes out of baseball, you know like Bora-ss!!lol

Hello Irish people!! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

The Sox are going to rock and roll this season.
I feel sorry for Lugo. Just when he starts to do well as a Sox he gets hurt. Sheeesh!! It’s good for Dave, though. I doubt Dave has gotten more mileage out of any one player than he has from Lugo. He’s a wealth of good comic material. Well worth his salary in that respect, if not in any other way.

Arnie, you’re right about Lugo being an easy target for comedy. He kind od reminds me of the character that was played by Garret Morris on Saturday Night Live in the early 80’s. A Latin American baseball player named Chico Esquela.
….Basebol been bery bery good to me!!
I feel bad that he has had such bad luck with the Sox (bad for him and for the Sox). Before he got here he had really better than decent stats.
I just can’t wait for this Spring to be OVAH!! This feels like it has been THEE longest Spring Training EVAH (got to get into the New England dialect)….. COME ON APRIL 6TH!!!!
I have a personal day scheduled so I can welcome in the 2009 Baseball Season. I want to hear those BEAUTIFUL words…. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, BOYS AND GIRLS, WELCOME TO FENWAY PARK!!!! PLAY BALL!!!!!

Oh BTW.. If we are going to crack 500 comments before Ian returns, we better get “crackin'”…. Come on guys (not used gender specifically) I know that we can do this… Ian will be VERY HAPPY I think!

You are right…..I am 50% Irish and 50% French Canadian. What a combo huh???? Remember, it’s not my fault, I was born into it!!!!! I catch hell for it at work but it’s all in good fun. I catch more hell for being a Sox fan but at least I can defend that!!!!!!!

Okay – I’m doing my share to make 500! What was the final score? I coached to today & missed the end of the game. bosoxbrian – I love the Shamrock shakes also! lol! 1/2 Irish here and 1/2 Polish! Yeah – what a combo!



A!! Craig… You don’t need to defend either here!!!! We love you just the way you are.. (thanks Billy Joel for the borrow)!!!

I’ll help with the push for 500! How did the game end???

Thanks for the plug Ellen!!!!!!
Remember last year when we were approaching 400 comments and we were all wondering who was going to be #406? Ted Williams average in 1941…..well I think we are going in to unchartered territory. I can’t remember what we topped out at that time.

Hey, Arnie and Craig! Good to hear from you. Hadn’t heard from you in a little while!

Game summary indicated that Beckett had a toe/foot problem during the game, and was exacerbated by his prolonged outing. Hope it doesn’t spiral into other problems for him. GO SOX!

Hey Greg,
I am pretty sporadic until the season starts. Then you’ll wish I was more sporadic!!!!!

Craig, I probably have contributed enough at this stage that some people might think “So, does he shut up at all?”πŸ˜‰

Craig, maybe we just need to have more “DelCarmen discussions”!πŸ˜‰

How has he been doing this spring?

So-so, Craig, from what I’ve seen. If CRS hasn’t hit me too hard, he had a pretty good outing last time out. But mostly, a run here, two runs there. So-so.

DelCarmen has a 3.00ERA through 6 innings of work……I know I know…it’s spring training!!!!!

What? Not at 500 yet? LOL!!

Morning everyone… our boss (Ian) is due back today.
I heard Kevin Youkilis sounding off about the lack of fan support for Team USA (butts in seats). After I gave up my tickets to the Sox-O’s last Saturday, I started looking at tickets to the Classic, since it was just 20 minutes south of me. The cheapest ticket available was 68.00. Sorry Youk, I cant afford that. If you want to help subsidize the cost, I’m more than willing to go.

and… I don’t know if Youk realizes this but in South Florida the “American” fan is out numbered by the Puerto Rican and Venezuelan fan. Even though they live here (and if they arent they should be citizens), they earn American dollars but yet they cheer on Venezuela and Puerto Rico. He should be happy that the Domincan team was eliminated otherwise there would have been even FEWER American fans there….

I see the Sox released Bard which means Kottras will likely be the backup catcher. It should be interesting to see how that plays out over the course of the season. If he can hit, he might see himself playing quite a bit.

Blisters on pitchers feet are nearly as bad as those on their hands and can do more damage. They cause pitchers to pitch with compensation for the blister and sometimes that happens and the pitcher doesn’t even know it’s happening. That’s not a good thing as it can cause injury and soreness that might not normally be there. It will be interesting to see how Beckett feels in the next couple of days. He should throw, but not pitch until the blister is healed.

Olley olley in come free!! What, are all of you playing hide and seek today?? Come out come ut wherever you are!!

USA won a fantastic game last night. I am glad Youk made his contributions. There was quite a bit of emotion- almost like a World Series game. In fact it was truly a “world” series game. I hope the momentum continues and more importantly no one gets injured and comes back healthy. Go USA!!!!

Did I smell Salty in the cooking? I think the Sox are looking for a permanent replacement for a catcher. The emergence of Daniel Bard makes Buchholz dispensable. Perhaps the Sox are working on a trade Buchholz and a catcher for one of the Rangers young catchers preferably Salty. Just a thought.


Don’t want to give up on Buchhotz. He is NOT a throwaway and will emerge as a premier pitcher in the game. Sox would be foolish to get a catcher and give up his talent. He will emerge — trust me.

(Then again at the beginning I didn’t think Zazu was an idiot…so I have been wrong on these things)

(Lost Interview with Zazu)

“Zazu, do you think this spring training injury is going to hamper your success this year.”
ZAZU: “I think it might you know. I play hard but that’s my problem. I think I need to take it easy from now on…you know play when I feel like it…like I did with the Red Sox.”
“Do you think you will recover.”
ZAZU: That depends on my back injury and my other problems and did I mention my heart and kidney problems and all. I’m a sick man but I know come contract negotiation time you’ll see me emerge. I should be better by then.”
“Do you think what Jonathan Papelbon said about you is true?”
ZAZU: “I cried for days. It hurt so bad and it’s just the opposite. I was such a powerful influence on the team that when I’m sad it brings the whole team down so you know — treat me well otherwise I bring the LA Dodgers down.”
“Some call you a #$#$ :
ZAZU: “Ya I’ve heard that too and I have to admit it’s pretty accurate.”

Dont feel bad dave, none of us thought he was an (**), well you know, but then again, the Dodger fans don’t think so either….. YET.

Dave: I am not advocating a trade that gives away Buchholz. I just had the sneak suspicion that the Theo is working on the trade for a permanent catcher. Ideally it would be nice to trade Lugo, Kottaras throw in Wilkerson as well for one of the young Texas catchers.

Josh Bard released today. So much for catcher of the future (like I thought).
Andy, you could be right, esp. now that Bard is released, that Theo might trade Buch to get Salty or Teagarden (as Judge is advocating). A trade for one of those catchers (or for Shoppach, with the Indians) would be desirable, I think. I am not sure that Buch should be the trading chip. I think he is coming into his own this year, and the Red Sox might regret not holding on to him. We’ll see. The Rangers, if we do trade for him, will certainly be glad to have him this year.

I like your proposed trade pkg. there, Andy (my computer is on “tape delay”–it’s a little tardy putting up the latest posts!). I’m not sure the Rangers would accept it (esp. with Lugo hurt now), but I like it.

Dave, good to see that “lost interview” was not lost for very long!πŸ˜‰
Hey Zazu, I thought when you were asked about the Red Sox nowadays, you put your brain on “Pause” (BEEP!). What happened to that? Hmmm…

Greg: I hate to trade away Buchholz as well. But if D. Bard is as good as advertised, Theo may be willing to trade Buch and another throw in for Salty only. I don’t believe they released J Bard because the Sox are high on Kottaras. We shall see.

Andy, I think you’re right that the FO is not looking to make Kottaras the back-up. I think a trade is coming also. I simply hope Buch is not it (but, you give something to get something!).

Josh Bard was never considered the catcher of the future for the Sox. He was acquired as insurance in case Jason Varitek was not brought back. It makes sense to give the backup role to Kottaras. For him, it’s now or never in Boston. He was once considered the catcher of the future in San Diego, and he still has upside, as a backup at the least. Mark Wagner and Luis Exposito (my personal favorite) have surpassed Kottaras in the catcher prospect rankings in the Boston organization, but Kottaras and Dusty Brown (who will start at Pawtucket) have upsides as major league backup catchers, especially Brown, who is more advanced defensively than Kottaras. Both can catch the knuckler. Kottaras hits well from the left side and has some power, so he is needed more than Brown right now in Boston.

I know that Daniel Bard and Junichi Tazawa are opening eyes right now, and the Sox could trade Buchholz, slide Masterson into the rotation (if needed) and fill Masterson’s spot in the bullpen with either Bard or Tazawa, but I prefer that the Sox keep everyone, go with Varitek and Kottaras and let Wagner and Exposito develop one more year in the minors to see if they continue their progression. There is a chance, by 2011, that Exposito and Wagner will be the catching tandem for the Red Sox.


Jeff, I never thought Bard was even going to be a suitable back-up, let alone “catcher of the future”. “Like I thought” was very much tongue-in-cheek!

By the way, another blogger has re-named the WBC to “Wounded, Bandaged, and Cut”! Appropriate, I think!

By the way, if Boston does deal for a catcher, I highly doubt that Buchholz will be the one to go. I think Daniel Bard or Michael Bowden will be the main trade pawns. Bard could step in as someone’s closer, especially a ballclub that can afford to let him develop in the bigs for a year. It is doubtful that Penny or Smoltz will be back with Boston in 2010. Wakefield will, as long as his shoulder holds up and he gives the Sox quality innings again. The Sox will need likely plug the rotation with Masterson and/or Buchholz. There are a lot of relief arms who will be ready for Boston in the next year or two, so the Sox can afford to let Daniel Bard go. Though the Sox have a lot of good starting pitching prospects in the lower levels of the minors (Stolmy Pimentel, Felix Doubront, Manny Rivera and Brock Huntzinger to name four), Buchholz, Masterson and Bowden are the main ones who are ready right now, or (as in Bowden’s case) will be ready later this year). Buchholz and Masterson look like they will be very good major league starting pitchers. I think Bowden will be – I have defended him many times on Sox and Pinstripes – but it is more likely that the Sox would be willing to let him go or Daniel Bard go. If Epstein is truly set on bringing in a catcher, and Texas demands Buchholz, I think you will see him turn his attention to Arizona’s Miguel Montero, who is a decent left-handed hitter and has a good defensive reputation. He won’t require Buchholz, but someone like Bard or Bowden as the centerpiece.


Thanks for clarifying that, Greg. Wasn’t sure if you were being serious or facetious!


And I meant to write that Bard could eventually step in as someone’s closer. He would start out as a set-up man, and if he succeeds, he will eventually become a closer. He definitely has the stuff to close. Not sure yet if he has the mentality.

Very much facetious, Jeff, as I never thought we should have re-acquired Bard in the first place! Hmmm…
You could be right about Bowden or Bard. You are right that Bard (the OTHER Bard ;)!) could be a closer down the road, and if Pap keeps playing it year-to-year with his contract (as I think he will), he might be released before too many more years go by. By then, Bard could be ready for a closer role. (I do think, though, that if he has not shown a “killer instinct” for the closer role, it is not likely. That instinct is something you pretty much either have, or you don’t.)

Unless Papelbon has an injury (like J.J. Putz or B.J. Ryan), I can’t imagine the Sox not signing Papelbon to a long-term deal worth an obscene amount of money. He is that good. But he won’t be worth it if he shows signs of wear and tear. A year ago, who would have thought that the Mariners would give up Putz, who was arguably just as good of a closer as Papelbon? Then Putz gets injured and recovers, but the Mariners ship him to the Mets, and now he’s a set-up man to K-Rod.

Hey – I just heard that Youk had to pull out of the WBC with a sore ankle! Can anyone confirm??


Jeff, I think you’re right that Pap is worth that $$ when he is healthy. I think there is some (not a lot, I don’t think) concern in the FO that he will remain healthy, and I think that concern would remain justified. I do think, though, that the FO would be willing to get a longer-term deal done with Pap–I think it is Pap who wants to go year-to-year more than the FO does.

I see that the Wounded, Bandaged, and Cut Classic has lived up to its name, again, with Youk. Come back to stay, Youk! GO SOX!

bard gone….im hopin a trade is on thehorizon…still need 2 more for our yahoo fantasy league….email if your interested….judge

new thread… we didnt make 500 before Ian got back😦

Hey! Guys!

Did I miss something? I believe I just read where the Brewers picked up a “Wes Littleton.” Is that the guy who was with the Sox? If so, when did they release him? With Josh Bard, I guess we are at the point where “heads will start to roll.”

I do like the way the “boys” are starting to shape up. Obviously, I will feel better when DP is back on the field showing no effects from his oblique strain.

Given the comments going around about Daniel Bard, it doesn’t seem like you folks see him starting the season with the Sox. If Littleton is not going to make the team as a reliever, Bard has to be close to a position in the bullpen, especially if (and I know its a big IF) JustinM goes into the starting rotation and Penny starts the year on the DL.

I’d like to hear your thoughts on this. Also, despite what Ian said in response to my Tazawa question, he has been throwing shelled peas, and has to be creating decisional difficulties for the FO in sending him to the minors to start the year.

I gotta tell you, its nice to see your team have this abundance of pitching, even though it really isn’t close to the team I have watched for most of the past 49 years. You Go, THEO!!!

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