Red Sox vs. the Yankees (SORT OF, but NOT REALLY)

Yeah, a little hard to get the juices flowing for this latest rivalry encounter. You’ll know what I mean as soon as you see the Yankees traveling squad. Here is the lineup manager Joe Girardi took with him to City of Palms Park.

Brett Gardner CF: Cody Ransom 3B; Juan Miranda 1B; Xavier Nady RF; John Rodriguez DH; Jose Molina C; Shelley Duncan LF; Angel Berroa 2B; Ramiro Pena SS.

They are starting an ace-caliber pitcher in Chien-Ming Wang.

here is what the Red Sox have.

Ellsbury CF
Lugo SS
Ortiz DH
Lowell 3B
Drew RF
Bay LF
Wilkerson 1B
Kottaras C
Chavez 2B

Wakefield SP


Who??? Wow.. I thought they had to have 2 “regulars” (although, >>Bob, I’m just joking here< I don’t think ANY Yankee is “regular”!!) Well, so much for the “heated rivalry” this time around..
Ian… Any idea which Sox will be making the trip across the alley tomorrow? Some advance info would be helpful.. as to whether I get there at 11:00 or at 1:00

Ellen, Tito was very confused about who was making the trip tomorrow but i wouldn’t get your hopes up. Lester is pitching. I know that much. Probably Lowrie. I’ll get you other names when I get them.

Thank You Ian..

personally i think lowrie will be **** for a longtime for sox but its time for lugo to earn some of his money…..would be nice if they could trade lugo while his value is up…..i really really really hope….theo gets a catcher soon….im a firm believer that any offense from a catcher who is a defensive specialist is ok….but….teks arm is weak and his only upside rt now is his leadership and ability to handle a staff…..get teagarden and let tek teach em…pls…..judge

Ellen, we just got the word and it’s bleak. Jed Lowrie and Rocco Baldelli are the big-name position players on the trip. And the relievers after Buchholz aren’t going to be very exciting. Hansack, Mills, Littleton and Doubront.

sorry, i meant the relievers after LESTER!!!

Yay – I think my “favorite” Yankees blogger will be writing about the Red Sox tomorrow!



Thank you Ian, I appreciate the heads up.. we’ll just get a late breakfast rather than “running” out there early..
I hope you have a good time and good weather visiting the family.. Be safe!!

Hey! Ellenc!

Have a great time tomorrow watching the “boys.” How about a report on how Jon Lefty looks, as well as one on Wes Littleton?



That would be a good idea, Judge, I would not mind seeing that happen at all (or obtaining another catcher–I would not mind seeing the FO re-acquire Shoppach, for example). Until that happens, though, Tek needs to be our guy. Bard and Kottaras won’t cut it.
As far as “heated rivalry” is concerned, maybe Joe Girardi just wants to make sure that Julia doesn’t need to worry about losing a wager tonight! Think he knows about her wager with the Yankees’ blooger?😉
I hope Lowrie develops into the SS we were seeing a glimpse of at the end of last year, but he has had a terrible ST. Lugo at least seems intent on earning his $$ this year.
You’re right, Ian, that is not exactly a Murderer’s Row of relief pitchers tomorrow. Lester has been looking great, and Buch has been getting the job done! The rest? Not so much. GO SOX!
Ian, any success getting to Brownie’s Brigade?

I think that’s “blogger” King Gringorio. Nice spelling, Lord Muck-Up!:/

King Gringorio – I think you could be right! Girardi must have liked the music videos I put up! lol!



It’s amazing to learn that Lester will be making $6M/yr for the next 5 years. What a steal?

Absolutely, Andy, not to mention Dustin and Youk! But hey, it’s not like they are living in the poorhouse, either! I think they’re gonna be pretty happy, also! (And if Bay gets signed on next, we’ll REALLY have a nice core of players!) Sound good? GO SOX!

Ian, any word on whether that Lester contract is a “done deal” yet? I haven’t seen or heard that it has been finalized!

Not finalized yet because, to my knowledge, he has not taken his physical yet. I would expect something early next week.

Had any success with the Brownie’s Brigade, Ian?

YES!! We need to sign Bay! GO SOX!


That answer brings up a quirky thought. I am aware that it is a contract issue that one “needs” to take a physical co finalize a contract, but it is odd that one would have to be basically “re-done”, since they did so when they came to camp. Right? It’s one of those idiosyncratic things that seems to come with contract negotiations! (We’ll at least know he’s good to go for his next start!) It also probably indicates that I am one of those members of the “No-Life Club”! Hmmm!…GO SOX!

Well our fearless leader of the blogosphere Mark Newman predicts the Red Sox by one tonight – is that good or bad for us? hmmmmm – I think the jury is out! GO SOX!!! Rem-Dawg is back!


Well, call me a brat but I’m mad… So mad that I’ve donated my tickets to tomorrows game to my alma maters baseball team. 4 of the players will be going to see the Sox in my place. This was the one chance I would have to see “the boys” up close this year. And quite frankly I’m very disappointed with watching the prospects instead of “the boys”. I mean, come on, what are the other guys going to be too tired after having to play the monster line up that the Yankees are putting on the field tonight?? I realize that a line up of all regulars would have been too much to even hope for, but I got in line early on a Saturday morning for this line up?? Like I said maybe I’m acting like a brat, but….

It’s on!!! And REMY!!! Looks a little thinner but glad to see him! GO SOX!!!!


Deep cleansing breathes Ellen! lol!


Let’s go Wake! GO SOX!

WAKE!!! No more walks!


for all of you locked into the thread, i started a new one.

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