Beckett sharp; Ortiz razzes Pedroia

Josh Beckett is ultra-locked in this spring. When he had a bases loaded, one-out jam in the fourth and got out of it by getting John Mayberry, Jr. on a 5-4-3 double play, the righty pumped his fist like it was Game 5 of the 2007 ALCS in Cleveland. There have been nothing but positive developments from the ace all spring. The latest was five shutout innings, one walk and two strikeouts. Beckett threw 75 pitches, 45 for strikes.

The comedic moment of the afternoon took place in the fifth, when Dustin Pedroia lined a double down the right field line and David Ortiz followed with a towering double that one-hopped the wall in right. Now, typically a double scores a guy on second. But Pedroia had to hesitate for a minute to make sure the ball wasn’t caught. And third base coach DeMarlo Hale was undoubtedly being conservative because Pedroia was just in his second game back from that abdominal strain.

At any rate, Pedroia stopped at third, and Ortiz kiddingly gave him a hard time for not getting him an RBI. As Ortiz stood at second, he laughed and looked at Pedroia while mimmicking his legs going up and down. Pedroia thought it was funny. Those two guys are always on each other, and it’s always very humorous.


LOVE seeing Ortiz joking around! It just makes you feel that everything is okay! And I have been so happy with Beckett this Spring! Good things are on the way! WHOO HOOO!


It seems like DeMarlo Hale is always being conservative. Maybe he’s got to take a risk sometimes? Good to see Pedroia doing well (and Papi of course).

I would rather them err on the side of caution, specially now.. the games mean nothing and the health of these guys means EVERYTHING… No need to take risks at his point.. Comservative CAN be good.


Good to see Papi and Dustin doing well, and Beckett as locked in as he is. Keep it going into the regular season, guys! GO SOX!

5 shutout innings, 75 pitches, 3 H, 1 BB? Looks like a fine outing for Josh Beckett! Mike Lowell continues his power surge, Oki and DelCarmen both pitching well today. GREAT STUFF! Keep it going! GO SOX!

I’m getting ready for the fantasy draft with Judges group… Wish me luck!!!! GO CRAZY 4DA REDSOX!!!!

Go Josh! That’s more like it…

Go Josh?? I got Josh!! and Petey!! and Mikey!!!

Brad Penny pitches first Gr. League game tomorrow? Get it done, Brad! GO SOX!

moanin all….very nice draft ellen…btw i sent u trade already…..hehe…go sox

Hey there Judge. I want to look at your trade but I’m unable to access my home email from my office. yahoo/ has been having problems since Friday. Wanna tell me what it is??
Hey everyone.. that picture of Youl on the home page is interesting.. With his lack of facial hair he looks a bit like Mikey Timlin.. I hope that Lowell has a good day today, I guess today is a real test for him as this is the 1st time he’s played in back to back games since his surgery… GO MIKEY

That would be Youk, not Youl.. (my bad blondage)

jason bay and justin duscherer for volquez and lidge….u should have it in your team page also above your roster….judge….

if u dont wanna lose saves we could package another closer from me for one of your bench plrs possibly….judge

I had Volquez last year and he was awesome… for right now I’m going to stay.. sorry Judge. Anyone else interest you?

and I think Lidge is going to give me those saves that you mentioned.

am i the only sox fan pushing for the 6 man rotation….no one else has commented on it and ive posted maybe 3 times in here i think its the way to go….especially with the talent the sox have…..if you acclimate your pitchers to it early in the season their regiment will easily adapt….im thinkin it would eliminate alot of injuries and fatigue and allow u to have more specialists in the bp….hence making them stronger and more durable also….i know it would be more work for tito (gawd) but i think it should be the major move in baseball…..btw theo im still waitin for you to make that trade for teagarden before tx decides hes untouchable….judge

actually ellen this is prob the best draft i could have hoped for…the only slight weakness i have is maybe starters and closer….although i have 3 closers and some good pitchers…i have an absolute myriad of offense so i figured id dangle jason…other than giving the kid a plr who messed his draft up im stayin put also till the ineveitable dl barrage begins in apr-may lol…..judge

I was thinking about trying to help the guy but I wouldnt know where to start. 6 man rotation?? What is the downside of it?? Oh and there was no notice of a trade on my league/team homepage.

when u said no in here i cancelled it…judge

OHHH OKey dokey… still so much for me to learn!!

1. (11) Josh Hamilton OF
2. (18) Carlos Beltrán OF
3. (39) Jason Bay OF
4. (46) Alexei Ramírez 2B,SS,OF
5. (67) Troy Tulowitzki SS
6. (74) Víctor Martínez C,1B
7. (95) Nelson Cruz OF
8. (102) Francisco Liriano SP
9. (123) Jonathan Broxton RP
10. (130) Jason Motte RP
11. (151) Daisuke Matsuzaka SP
12. (158) Matt Cain SP
13. (179) Pablo Sandoval C,1B,3B
14. (186) Taylor Teagarden C
15. (207) George Sherrill RP
16. (214) Justin Duchscherer SP
17. (235) Jed Lowrie 3B,SS
18. (242) Joey Devine RP
19. (263) Jarrod Saltalamacchia C
20. (270) Chris Volstad SP
21. (291) Carlos Gómez OF
22. (298) Orlando Hudson 2B
23. (319) Jeremy Guthrie SP
24. (326) Chris Dickerson OF
25. (347) Matt LaPorta 1B,OF

thats my fantasy team

Judge, ?… I have Micheal Young and according to Yahoo, he’s ****. He’s actually playing third for the Rangers now. Am I affected in any way by this?

is a short stop

no they go by last yrs pos

if u noticed i drafted alot of multi position plrs….i think i tiped in here on that…ppl picked on me about alexi but hes versatile in fantasy and remember he was at bottom of white sox order for long time last yr so his numbers are just av….but as u hopefully dont find out….if u get hit with dl bug the more multi plrs u have u can juggle and not be forced to pick off avail plrs…..last yr i lost tulowisky and martinez early….miggy was cold for months along wwith zazu…..i also lost escobar to injury and liriano….at one time i had 6 starters on the dl in may -apr…..i never recovered…judge

I actually have a photo of that. I even caught Ortiz in mid laugh. Nice to see those big pearly-whites smiling again. Dustin is an instigator at BP and on the field when the cameras are not on him, and even in the dugout, so David was just giving him a taste too.
On St. Patrick’s Day, Ortiz put Dustin’s number 15 with tape on the Leprechan’s back when he went out on the field to say: Play Ball !!

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