Curt(ain) call — Big Schill calls it a career

That’s it. With the tap of Curt Schilling‘s fingers to his laptop keyboard, a great and memorable career officially came to an end.

It’s a good day for all of you to share remembrances of Schilling, both in terms of what he did in his career and what he did for the Red Sox.

I’ll start by giving you some of David Ortiz‘s remembrances:

Myself, I see him
as an amazing professional baseball player. When you look at somebody like,
man, how did you do it? What he did in 2004, I was around the whole thing,
seriously, it was one of the most
impressive things that I have seen in

Did Schilling change the culture of the Red Sox? You bet, says Big Papi.

“He did. He did.
I’m telling you, he did. Like I was saying before, I saw the guy getting
surgery and then two days later, he was pitching in one of the most important games
and dealing with it. It was freezing, rainy, cold as hell and the guy just had
open surgery on his ankle, bleeding to death. A lot of people came up to me and
asked me, was he bleeding for real? I’ll tell you what man, he showed me a lot
of guts. I have a lot of respect for Curt. I wish him the best now that he’s
not going to play baseball anymore and let him know that he has a friend here
he could count on.”


How was Schilling always so good in the big games?

“The guy had a
focus on the game like nobody I’ve seen,” Ortiz said. “He wanted to be in the game every
single second, you know? He would come to me and tell me things that as a
veteran, you would be like, ‘wow, this guy is taking the game to another level.’
Curt is a really smart man. He’s so smart that he turned out to be stupid
sometimes. I’m telling you, he was an amazing piece for this ballclub. That’s
the way I see it. I don’t care what anybody says.”


if u noticed i drafted alot of multi position plrs….i think i tiped in here on that…ppl picked on me about alexi but hes versatile in fantasy and remember he was at bottom of white sox order for long time last yr so his numbers are just av….but as u hopefully dont find out….if u get hit with dl bug the more multi plrs u have u can juggle

1. (11) Josh Hamilton OF
2. (18) Carlos Beltrαn OF
3. (39) Jason Bay OF
4. (46) Alexei Ramνrez 2B,SS,OF
5. (67) Troy Tulowitzki SS
6. (74) Vνctor Martνnez C,1B
7. (95) Nelson Cruz OF
8. (102) Francisco Liriano SP
9. (123) Jonathan Broxton RP
10. (130) Jason Motte RP
11. (151) Daisuke Matsuzaka SP
12. (158) Matt Cain SP
13. (179) Pablo Sandoval C,1B,3B
14. (186) Taylor Teagarden C
15. (207) George Sherrill RP
16. (214) Justin Duchscherer SP
17. (235) Jed Lowrie 3B,SS
18. (242) Joey Devine RP
19. (263) Jarrod Saltalamacchia C
20. (270) Chris Volstad SP
21. (291) Carlos Gσmez OF
22. (298) Orlando Hudson 2B
23. (319) Jeremy Guthrie SP
24. (326) Chris Dickerson OF
25. (347) Matt LaPorta 1B,OF

thats my fantasy team

sorry i continued that for ellen….judge

Congrats, Schill, on a great career, and for your time with the Red Sox. Your “Bloody-Sock Game” will always be a highlight. Thanks.
Now, please do us all a HUGE favor (I’m confident I speak for many people)–PLEASE DO NOT ANNOUNCE AN UN-RETIREMENT!!!!!

I see a former Rays nemesis, Edwin Jackson, is pitching well today. Let’s see if we can crack a run off of him, or the Tigers BP. Keep going, Brad Penny! GO SOX!!

thanks Judge!
Wow, strange to think that Curt wont be around anymore. I know that he’s only been a part of the RedSox for a relatively short time, but it feels like he was with the club forever. HE JUST FIT HERE!!! Good Luck Curt we’ll miss you and everything that you brought to the game, to the RedSox organization and to the RedSox Nation Fans everyday of your life!!! Two words to describe Curt:

Thanks for the memories Curt!


Classy comments from Big Papi. Great to hear.
I see we had a number of prospects pitching in relief today. I noticed one of our guys is named “Large” (?!–let me guess, he’s skinny as a rail, right?πŸ˜‰ Hmmm…). Sure looked like the Tigers were living large off of him–81.00 ERA! Hmmm…:/ GO SOX!

Great for Curt. He had a great career and is a worthy HOF canidate and (possibly) a HOFer. Good luck, Curt!

I looked it up! T. J. Large is6’4″ and weighs 185! He was tied for stinker of the day with former RSox pitcher Brandon Lyon giving up four jacks to his old team! Penny sure looked worth every nickel!!!

What a riot, Bob!πŸ˜‰ Good info! I saw Lyon’s line also. Hmmm…:/
I see we had ourselves a 4 HR in-a-row game (a la 07)! What power outage??? Hmmm!…;) I can live with this kind of power, sans Zazu! We just need to keep this up into the regular season!!! GO SOX!

Does anyone else think that Curt will go into politics?? I think that he’s definitely cut out for it!!!

It would not surprise me, Ellen. I think he is cut out for it, also. I think he would get himself into some “religiously incorrect” controversies, however (good or bad, depending on your perspective).

Ellen I vote yes! I think Curt will go into politics!


Game on tomorrow night people! Scott has challenged me to a wager – the same as the last – for tomorrow nights Red Sox- Yankees game! I need all your good wishes & thoughts! Who’s pitching tomorrow? Scott challenged me on his blog tonight – I accepted – I’ll post about it later. GO RED SOX!!!!


Who is in line to start??

Ellen, Wake is starting, going against Burnett.

Hey! Guys and Girls!

Sorry to hear Schill make it official, but I am awfully glad he will retire as a member of the Red Sox. Hopefully, he will soon be inducted into the Sox HoF, and, who knows, maybe Cooperstown, and then the posting of “38” over the Right Field stands.

But Schill in politics….hmmmm….we do need someone who will speak his mind without his primary concern being about re-election….I like the idea!

Ian, Are the Yankees going to send their triple A club on to the field again tonight or will the big boys show up?? I would like to see the guys that they are going field for the season that way we can get an idea of what we are up aginst once the games count.

Thanks for the grit and determination, Curt. No question, without Curt Schilling the Sox do not win it all in 2004 and 2007. Especially ’04.
For me, someone who can shake off the pain, play through injury, is huge, a hero. Curt did that in ’04. So in the words of Pink Floyd(I think), “Shine on you crazy diamond” hehehe, I’m so old now I can’t keep my rock stars sorted out.

Ellen, I’m going to send Dave some bread baking basics and a few recipes. You want in on that, or do you not bake?

Thanks Arnie, I have not done much bread baking but I’ll give anything my best effort a couple of times… more if it turns out I’m good at it…

Oh great… That 4 run barrage yesterday was compliments of one of my fantasy players…. Look out cellar, here comes Ellen!!

Does anyone know the lineup for tonight’s game? I have my wager again with Scott! Everyone think happy thoughts so we can read more Red Sox posts from Scott! Hey Arnie – can I get the bread recipes? I bake!


Hey Judge, I knew I had seen the phrase “PLease me Ortizme” somewhere before… I was just on Brownies Brigade… is that the same girl as the fantasy league??


Damon LF
Jeter SS
Teixeira 1B
Matsui DH
Posada C
Cano 2B
Nady RF
Ransom 2B
Gardner CF

Pitching for the yankees: A.J. Burnett followed by Mariano Rivera, Damaso Marte, Edwar Ramirez and Dave Robertson.

Red Sox Lineup: TBA

Pitching for the Sox: Wakefield, Delcarman, Ramon Ramirez.

Thanks! Wish I knew the Red Sox lineup! GO SOX!!!


I guess the Yankees ARE bringing the big boys tonight… No problem!!!! Our boppers will bop more bops than their boppers!!! “nuff Said!!!

Julia, what’s your email address? I’ll include you.

Ellsbury CF
Lowrie SS
Ortiz DH
Carter LF
Baldelli RF
Kottaras C
Wilkerson 1B
Green 2B
Chavez 3B

I’m all “geared up” (with my Red Sox gear!) for tonight! I hope Wake has brought his best flutterball tonight! GO SOX!
Any thoughts on whether Schill will make the HOF? I’d love to see him there, but I suspect he’ll fall short. It would be great to see 38 among the Reds Sox retired numbers, though!! THANKS CURT!

Does anyone know if tonights game is televised anywhere other than MLBTV.Com??

Ellen: It’s on YES network also.

Thanks Andy. I also found it on MLB Network.

It’s on NESN also! GO SOX!!!!!!!!!


Lots of empty seats in the stadium! Yankees fans didn’t come out?


Looks pretty cloudy.
Wow AJ actually did well…could he be liking his new digs?

Is Baldelli in the line up? I missed the all that, the kids were running around.

Wakefield looked good!


Yes he is Ginny.


Nice hit Carter!!! GO ROCCO!


Bummer – no score! Come on Red Sox!


Ok what did I miss? I had to get the kids back in bed again…what? No score??

Looked like a bad call, missed tag on the SB att. Rats!

okay – was Jacoby tagged or not??


Sure didn’t look like it, even on replay.

Good – wasn’t just me thinking that Greg. Wake is looking good!


Nice 1-2-3 inning for Wake! GO SOX!

Come on Jed, let’s get some support for Wake! He’s pitching well-let’s help him out!

What!! Lowrie was suppose to get hit! UGH!!


Bad swing, correct call. Rats!

I hate when we don’t hit when Wake is pitching – it seems to happen too often!


Get hit, or get A hit?πŸ˜‰
2 out already? This game is going fast! GO SOX!

HAHAHAHA Greg! Yes we are setting a record for the fastest Red Sox Yankees game! DOUBLE PLAY!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I just got my RSN fan pack stuff today. Good timing!
This game is only an hour old, and already 1/2 over??!! WOW!
Nice DP, guys! GO SOX!

Scott weill be able to post his entries tonight, and still get to bed at regular time!! Hmmm… GO SOX!

I know – I really want him to have to post over a few days!


This game is almost LITERALLY 1/2 over! Are these guys late for bed, or something? Trying to catch a plane? HMMM… GO SOX!

I just got an email! I’ve been selected for a “second round” to buy tickets for Yankees & Green Monster seats! WHOO HOOO! I’ll try on Friday!


Good going, Julia! Good luck w/that!

Did Wake look like he was limping running to get that ball?


I didn’t notice. Something to watch!

Thanks! I’ll let you know – would LOVE to get tickets to the Yankees game on my Birthday! Hey – Scott is coming up here to Boston on April 5th! I’ll be able to meet the competition! lol!


GO WAKE!!!! Looking Great!!!!


Wake sure still is looking good! GO SOX!

Maybe he’ll visit your class!πŸ˜‰ That was a classy thing your class did–and a great thank you note from him!

Are both pitchers shooting for CGs today, and still on a pitch count? Let’s change that Red Sox!

Guys, it helps to stand in the batter’s box while hitting! LET”S GO, GUYS!

What is this no score thing? And top of 6 already? Gee, I get swamped with paperwork and miss nothing?

I have been very happy with what I have seen of Chavez this season!


Nice job, Chavez, no DP, guys! GO SOX!

Come on, Jacoby! GO SOX!

Good running, Chavez, nice steal! Keep it up!

c’mon Jed!

I read Scott’s thank you note to them today – they loved it! And it was very classy what Scott did. Even though he’s a Yankee’s bloggerπŸ™‚ – I knew he would write them something – but to lead off a blog with it was great! And that is their question – will he come and visit! lol! I think we’ll just say “no!”


Come on, Jed! Bring ’em home!

Oh, well, nice thought, anyway!
Come on, Sox! Bring ’em home!

Let’s go SOX!!!

Full count! Get a BB!

Come on, Jed!

NO!!!! Jed!! He is NOT having a good night at the plate!

AJ is going to be a pain this year….

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO PAPI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Excellent pitch! OUCH! Come on Papi! GO SOX!
Nice hit, Papi! FINALLY, A LEAD!

arnie – I missed this earlier –



At least SOMEONE cracked AJ tonoght!
Come on, Carter! Another run, please!

I think AJ will have a better year than CC! If both have bad years though…;)

It is so weird to see AJ in pinstripes…
Walked him…bye bye AJ!

Good eye! Bases loaded! lets go! AJ OUT!

Nice BB! Bases loaded! GO SOX! Bring ’em home!

I’d rather deal with AJ than CC!

From your mouth Greg to the baseball gods ears! lol!

AJ sure pitched well. Glad we’re in the BP!

Get a hit, guys! Drive them home! GO SOX!

Come on Rocco! Hit it out!

Come on, ROCCO!

NO!!! Damn!

And I wanted to be able to start suggesting players to write about to Scott! lol!

How many times did the YES broadcasters have to practice that name?
Not good guys! Hold the lead, now!

Ginny – you doing paper work again? I’ve moved on to the chocolate Martinis! lol!

I can’t believe this is a Yanks/Red Sox game. It’s already the top of the 7th!

Are you watching the game on YES Greg?

No kidding! It is SO fast! I thought I’d be up until midnight! lol

Julia – Yep, for the Girl Guides again. Have to hand out badges, so I have to update files and records.
I’m finished now, so I’m trying to catch up on the game!

Come on, Wake! Nice SO! Keep it up! GO SOX!

I am watching YES on MLBTV. Couldn’t we have gotten NESN, though??!πŸ˜‰

Good! I loved being a Cub Scout Den leader but I don’t miss all the paper work! I just have to keep track of my boys merit badges only!

NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT GOOD!

I’m watching it on YES…I like the Boston announcers better.
But it’s hard to hear with HERCS doing training! Wow a triple…too bad it was for them.

I know – I LOVE NESN!! I’m glad that Jerry is back! Nice to see him feeling well!

ACK! Not good! Hold ’em, guys!

Wow! Damon is 35?

NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BAD THROW!!!

That sucks…1-1

Come on, Damon! You know you love us! Give us the out!πŸ˜‰


What’s Wake’s pitch count so far?

Come on, Wake! Finish the inning! GO SOX!

I don’t know – but it has to be a low count if he is still in.


Grumble, snarl!

Tex is 0-3! Poor baby!

Come on, guys! CALL IT!

Good, let’s keep it that way!

Good outing for Wake! Once again – no run support for him!

Poor, poor Tex!

Congrats Wake! Nice outing….

It’s only the 6th? I thought it was the 7th! Ooops…guess I should wake up a bit!

Yay Jacoby! Good catch! COMEON!!!!!! We need some runs!

Oh, look at that…They are going to show every Jays home game this year on TV….I’m so….what’s the word…happy. Yes….that’s it.

Rivera? Now?

Hopefully, your mom won’t have much to gloat about, Ginny!
By the way, are you American or Canadian (you have made reference to being an Army brat!)? GO SOX!

They want to get Rivera’s work in “early”, I guess!

Let’s go boys! Get some runs!

Mom will be glued to the TV all summer. I’m Canadian.

Rivera looks sharp, even if it’s early!

I think one of the Yankees beat writer said that Rivera would be in early. Enjoy your games Ginny! She’s Canadian Greg.

That’s what I thought, but wasn’t positive. Thanks.

My caputer is on tape delay, again. HMMM!!!…

16 pitches, 3 outs. Mid-season, form? You don’t say!

NOOOOOO…..Not the Jays! Well, maybe when the Rays are there…and the Red Sox. But the rest of the time, I’ll be trying to find any other games that may be on!

Yum! Just got a cake recipe from Arnie! Will have to try it this weekend!

Come on guys…3 up 3 down…,let’s go!

Jays, Rays, one-letter difference! Hmmm…”Red Sox” makes it easier to keep ’em straight!πŸ˜‰ GO (RED) SOX!

What style cake? I need a b-day cake!πŸ˜‰

Remy is talking about Penny should be up to throwing 5 innings before the season starts.

Red Velvet – shall I make it and mail it to you?? Scott & I will drink a toast to you! lol! I’ll let him know it is required!

I sure would hope so, Julia. May not make it by Opening Day, therefore–maybe. We’ll see. Hope he does well!

Fax it over, how ’bout it!πŸ˜‰

You got it! It’s the 4th right?

That one letter makes a difference, Greg! With all the people you and Scott are toasting, Julia…you may want to water down the drinks!πŸ˜‰

It does sound good. Hope you have a good time w/ your outing. You can tell Scott (for all of us), “I wish you all the best, and I wish the Yankees 3rd (or 5th) place!”πŸ˜‰

Nice catch Green! COME ON BOYS!!! We need some runs!

Good job, Ramirez. GO SOX!

I second that!

My computer is slowing down again…argh!

No worries Ginny – I will behave myself! Have to uphold the Red Sox tradition in the presence of the “evil empire” lol!

True…but don’t forget a few snide remarks are acceptable!πŸ™‚

Ramirez did a great job! So – do you think the Yankees have “spies” listening in to our blog tonight! lol!πŸ™‚

True enough, Ginny.πŸ˜‰
Why do you need to water down anything if you are serving TOAST??? Don’t burn the toast!!πŸ˜‰

Come on Jacoby!

Nice job, Jacoby! Get another hit, drive him in! GO SOX!

YES!!!! Jacoby!

Don’t worry Ginny! What do you think – a picture of Scott with a stuffed Wally?

Sounds good! Something for you to post on your blog!

I promised I wouldn’t make him wear a pink hat! So I thought the Wally doll would be good! Any suggestions for a good picture?

Did you guys see that Diatribe is beating Jane in Max Madness?
Why do these announcers seem bored?


How about a pic of Scott with a Wally doll in front of Fenway?

Thank GOD the WBC is OVER!!! We can finally get MVP Dice-K back!

YES!!! I voted for Diatribe! (Jen!) I think a lot of Jane’s readers aren’t bloggers so they don’t go to the Max!

I know Greg – I almost included a pink hat in the bet for tonight!

That’s what I was thinking Ginny! Will take a bunch of different ones. Jimmy Curran is talking about maybe coming up also.

You must get him to wear a pink hat by the end of the regular season…you have to fit it in somewhere!

A picture of Scott holding a Wally doll, w/ WALLY wearing the pink hat?? How does that sound??πŸ˜‰

Jimmy? Really? Cool! He seems so nice.


I’m working on the pink hat! I figured after meeting him I’ll get a better sense of how to fit it in!

Good job, Velazquez! Bring ’em home, guys! GO SOX!

YES GREG!!! Julia – listen to Greg! It’ll be a perfect picture for the blog!

I like that Greg! Maybe if we “toast” enough I can get Scott to wear the pink hat! hahaha

Break the tie, guys!!

I like to think I come up w/a good idea ONCE IN A WHILE!!

NO!!!!! BUMMER!!!

CRAP!!! Nice job–NOT!!

Greg – you always have great ideas! lol! I just better hope that Scott never visits here or all bets will be off!

Come on, guys, get Velazquez home! He did HIS job!

Julia he’s too busy researching right now!πŸ˜‰

Then we just have to send these ideas via “back channels” (ahem!)…;)

So I’ll work on Wally & a pink hat & Fenway! Anything else?

Yes we will Greg!πŸ™‚

I hope he is Ginny! GO ON SOX!!!! We need to keep Scott busy!

Doesn’t have a children’s book, something like, “How to grow up a Red Sox Fan”?πŸ˜‰

Ok, Scott is online…he just answered on his blog about the tie. Everybody…shhhhhhh….he might find us!

Maybe Scott can read the book to his kids!πŸ˜‰

Okay – should it be a tie Scott and I have to each write about Twins player.

Come on, DelCarmen! Get it done! Hold the tie!

That is too funny Greg! Maybe the Wally the Green Monster Book written by Jerry Remy! lol

Wrong thing to do! Come on DelCarmen!

Come on DelCarmen! 3 outs!

Which Twin would you pick, Julia?

WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT???????????????????

Oh no…not good, guys!

I have a different idea. How about each of you writing about a”shared player” like Wade Boggs?

I don’t know Ginny. Scott is going to do Erin’s favorite.

That’s a happy kid in the crowd!


I like that idea Greg. Bet another blogger planted the idea with Scott that it has to be a Twins. I thought we should be the Mets.

If I had to pick a Twin, I’d pick Molitor. Maybe Puckett!


OH GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wake does a great job and now THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is why I don’t care for Del Carmen!!!

Rally Cap people!

I don’t like him either! Never have!!!!!!

Thank God for foul balls!

I mentioned it to him today. Told him Erin was still waiting.πŸ™‚ Either or works for me.

Finally! One out!


What’s Scott writing now? Anything?

See I think it should be the Mets! Both our teams have a history with them! I don’t get the whole “Twins” thing! Why them?

What is with Del Carmen these days? Has he forgotten how to pitch?

Is Scott from MN? He’s a Vikings fan.

Erin brought it up…she thought it would be funny for you guys to write about something totally away from both your teams.

He’s quiet – only commented on the tie. Have had one email early from him earlier when I commented on how fast the game was going. That’s it.

DelCarmen’s had this problem for a while, Ginny. Forgets how to throw strikes.

Nope he just posted about it being 2-1 and making Jane proud.

Just checked – he’s saying he might make Jane proud and NOW the bases are loaded! UGH!!!!

I told him it ain’t over! PLEASE DO NOT LET IT BE OVER!!!!!


crap. bases loaded and only one out.

What else can happen in this game???????

Why are they giving you grief?

Oh brother! Catcher’s interference? COME ON, GUYS! Throw us a bone!

Don’t ask that Julia!


They are enjoying annoying me! I am the big sports fan in my house! All my guys for the most part could care less!

Okay – rally cap is firmly on! YES!!!! Finally 2 outs!

Finally! Struck him out.

Same with my family, Julia, Couldn’t care less.
Come on, guys, we need the 3rd out!!!

Get him out!

Throwing strikes helps, guys!


My daughter would be cheering right now, if she were awake. Good thing she’s in bed!

Think I can write all the blogs in a row????????

My daughter would be cheering, jumping up and down if she were awake right now. Glad she’s alseep!πŸ™‚

Sure – NOW we get the third out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good night, that SUCKED! I thought we were supposed to know how to get a batter out! SNARL!

Missed it by THAT MUCH!:/

Stupid error messages. Have you picked your Yankees yet?

PLEASE -PLEASE-PLEASE!!!!! Miracle come back time!

Would you just have to do 3? Or what?

NO! I have not Ginny! Guess I might have to look some up! Scott’s favorite is Lou Gehrig. I guess I’ll start there. Maybe Yogi – can put in some great quotes. I WILL NOT DO BABE RUTH!

Do you believe in miracles? ‘cuz we need one now!

Darn that Jimmy Curran! Just Posted on my blog – top of the 9th – 7-1 ugh!!!

I do believe Ginny!!!!!

Gehrig would be good, Don Larsen perhaps, Paul O’Neill. Those were ones that came to my mind, along with Yogi!

Mantle, DiMaggio, Mattingly…




NO A-Rod! Rally time! I’ll look up – maybe the person who is considered to be the first Yankee.

Nice bobble!



NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 6 friggin blogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well we HAD a pitcher’s duel! Not anymore!

Okay – I have just congratulated Scott. 😦

Guess I have to get to work!

Night all!


What a waste of a GREAT pitching effort by Wake! Not good in the late innings at all!

Okay – I have started to pay my debt to Scott. My first “Yankees” blog is about Lou Gehrig and MLB honoring the 70th Anniversary of his retirement and his “I am the Luckiest Man” speech. Check it out and let me know what you think.

And please guys – DON”T LET ME DOWN IN APRIL!!!!!!


Maybe Wake’s outing was a waste in the sense that they didnt win… but…. Think of what that says about our rotation at this point… Beckett (STRONG), Lester (STRONG) Wake (STRONG) and think about the confidence builder it is for him and the rest of the staff.. Now, what is a waste is how the BP performed….

Greg & Ellen: Wake had a great outing that counts. Win loss in a ST game is meaningless. My concern is Delcarman being Delcarman. We simply don’t know which Delcarman will show up when he is on the mound. Can’t figure out why Hansack is still on the active roster. Agree, feel great about the Sox pitching.

I went too last night’s game in Tampa. I live in St. Pete so a very easy drive for me.

Wakefield was solid last night, no good swings by the Yankees. The lineup the Yanks put out last night was probably there Opening Day lineup. I’m guessing Gardner will beat out Cabrera in c.f.

I think the most impressive thing I saw last night was no passed balls last night. Kottaras was solid behind the plate last night. You can tell Wakefield has confidence in him behind the dish.

Also Ramirez was brought in by Francona and Francona was playing a situation last night with Ramirez and Ramirez passed with flying colors. Ramirez looked really good! Bard made the trip but didn’t get into the game. I was looking forward too watching him pitch in person.

Delcarmen is Delcarmen as 007 said. Well said, we have seen his act before. Spring Training or in a game that counts! I will be happy when they ship him away!

Marte for the Yankees looked horrible. He is very very slow too the plate. I could steal a base off of him, no doubt about it!

That was my point… Im glad Wake had avery quality outing.. We need him to have a 2007 “like” season.

Brian: We have to be encouraged by the solid outings by Wake, Buchholz, Penny (albeit just one game) to complement the proven quality SP Beck, Lester, and Dice-K MVP of WBC).
You mentioned Bard. I thought he was optioned to the minor league. Can he still get into ST games. I guess he can because A. Diaz was earlier optioned to AA and is in the game right now. Is it a different Diaz?


Bard was there last night, my eyes don’t lie too me. LOL!!

Ortiz with the only run scoring hit for the Red Sox. When he was lifted for a pinch runner, Francona had a brief conversation with Ortiz. What was said?????? Hmmmmmmmm. Good stuff I am sure.

Burnett looked solid but 80 million for 5 years guranteed. No thank you!

Rivera was his typical self. That guy is unreal.

Brian: I don’t doubt you saw Bard or maybe you saw his identical twin brother. lol
Perhaps there is no rule in ST games. I swear A. Diaz was optioned to Portland and yet he is in the game.
Ellen: Your Clayboy had a 5 shutout innings with 2 hits. Go Bucky boy!

Andy, Wake did have an OUTSTANDING outing, and in the preseason scheme of things, that is what matters. In that sense, of course it was not a waste. I do not know how much you have been paying attention to Julia’s talking about a “wager” she has with a Yankees blogger (named Scott) on the game (and on the first series in April) between the Red Sox and Yankees. Julia (and we) lost that wager, and in THAT sense, YES, the effort by Wake WAS WASTED! (We do not back down from that statement). And yes, it was “MDC being MDC”. So we are pulling even harder for the Red Sox to win Julia’s wager in April (24-26). If you read the comments, including during the game, in THAT light (whether you care or not!), the comments make more sense. GO SOX!

And yes, to piggy-back on everyone’s comments, I LOVE the way the pitching (and the lineup–until last night!)πŸ˜‰ is shaping up. Beckett, Lester, Wake, Buch, and even Penny and Smoltz, are looking GREAT!! I am still not sold on Lopez or DelCarmen (witness, last night’s angst), and Pap has had some issues. But if these cincerns work themselves out, we’ll have a DYNAMITE team! GO SOX!

Ellen, since you once referred to DelCarmen as “Dr.” (with MD as initials, his outing was a little too much like Doogie Howser, MD.:/

Greg: I DID read the comments and I DID say that Wake had a great outing, I just meant that it doesnt mean as much now as it would April-September. and I’m sorry that Julia lost her wager, but there is one thing you should never do.. bet where your heart is!!!! I would NEVER wager for or against the Sox. Bad luck for those who do, I think.

True enough, Ellen. The wager is, of course, in fun. My comment was directed at Andy, not you. Julia has had fun with the wager, and so has her counterpart, Scott. She has to blog on historical Yankees as “punishment”. But in that sense, YES, it WAS wasted. As for “not betting where your heart is”, that’s for Julia to determine.
I had fun, as did we all, last night pulling for Julia’s “wager” to be won, but it didn’t happen. As far as whether one wagers at all or not, there is not much difference, in my eyes, between Julia’s “wager” and fantasy leagues. Take em or leave em. But as far as “wagering” on baseball teams, that’s where we end up in the poorhouse (when betting for money), and Pete Rose and Shoeless Joe Jackson end up banned from baseball, let alone the HOF. Bad news!

Solid outings from Buch, Oki, Pap, and even Lopez. Good job, guys! Keep it up! GO SOX!

agreed: I too was pulling for Julia to win (as I wrote early on yesterday.).. who wants to write about the Yankees?? ewwwwwwyukkkkk!

Another quality outing by Buchholz, Pap, Oki, and Lopez. I am beginning to be sold on Lopez who is like going through metamorphosis beginning last half of 2008 season.
Imagine Bucky, Wake, Penny, and Smoltz are the prime candidates for the no. 4 & 5 starter. You have to feel great and confident about the Red Sox.

Andy, I hope you’re right about Lopez, but I have the same apprehension about Lopez that I do about DelCarmen. Which Lopez is going to show up? I hope he has the kind of outing all year that he had yesterday. DelCarmen, in his last outing, showed similar stuff. I am not sold on either of them to continue that, but I sure hope they do! If Dr. Jekyll shows up each time, and not Mr. Hyde, both will be fine. I still think too often, they both look more like the latter.

Greg: I am not totally sold on Lopez yet. I am getting there. Let’s see what MD and Lopez can do in their next outing. Look at our back of the rotation guys who can easily be a no. 2 or 3 starter for many teams. That’s how deep the Sox pitching are. Wow!

Hey Andy, got a question. In your Brownie Points photo, you appear to be holding something. What is it?

Greg: Do you think that we’re going to make 300 hits this time before Ian re-appears???

Looks like it, Ellen, even if he reappears tomorrow!πŸ˜‰

Andy, was A. Diaz supposed to be optioned before or after the game?

By the way, all, don’t let that “game-length” fool you for the Yankee game (official time, 2:38). The first 7 innings BARELY took an hour to play! Both Burnett and Wake had such quick 1-2-3 innings that the game was an hour old, and in the 7th inning! EXCELLENT pitchers duel, until the 8th!

Buch will need to improve his pick-off move(s). He had two errors in that game, both on pick-off attempts! Otherwise, solid outing! Keep it up, Buch!

WOW! Tampa just optioned David Price to Triple-A! Who’s gonna be better than he as a 5th starter??!

Greg – Hammel or Niemann. Price will be back up at some point. When he comes up, I doubt he’ll leave again. They want to give him more time in AAA to prepare for the jump.

Look at it this way, if one of the 1-4 guys gets hurt, they have a superstar waiting in the wings. Geez…kinda sounds like the Red Sox. Scary.

Do you think it is the correct move? Or should Niemann or Hammel have gone down to AAA?

Thanks, Ginny!

Do I have to answer this again? LOL! I think it is the right move. Besides, it’ll keep opponents guessing as to when he’s coming up – because you know his is. AAA is never a bad thing if you use it to your advantage as a pitcher.

Well, I know I wont be #300.. I am outta here guys… feel like I’m coming sown with the cold that all the tourists have brought down with them.. See y’all tomorrow.. My money’s on Greg to be #300…. Work it Greg!!!

Hope ya feel better, Ellen! Maybe you’ll need some of Arnie’s tea! I am working SO HARD on getting to #.300!πŸ˜‰

I’m trying for that #.300!
I’m listening to the D-Backs/ Rangers game on MLBTV, and it looks like the Red Sox Twilight Zone. Got a reprise of Brendan Donnelly and Bryan Corey, both pitching for the Rangers. (Not to mention checking out prospective catchers!)πŸ˜‰ I can certainly see why we traded away those two–they are not exactly doing so hot–even with a Texas lead! (I kind of wish Kason Gabbard were still with us–esp. since the “Goof with Goggles” was our prize acquistion in exchange!) Hmmm…:/

Greg: The picture you saw is the one I cropped from a group office picture taken recently. The thing that I was holding was actually the head of a female associate sitting in front and wearing a paper crown like you did in your picture.
A. Diaz was optioned to Portland about two weeks and yet he was in the game yesterday. If that’s the case, I’d like to see D. Bard pitch one more time before the season starts.

Well.. I DID get to be #300~!! I am REALLY looking forward to April 6th… I have the day off to watch all my favorite guys take the field at Fenway!!!! Come on 2009 Season!!!

Do you remember when you were a kid and your parents said “Do asI say, not as I do”?? This comes from FoxSports. They are talking about Pedro Martinez trying to shop himself around to major league teams.;
“Several of Martinez’s friends, including the Dodgers’ Manny Ramirez, have told him that he needs to be more realistic with his salary desires, sources say.”
The classic story of the pot calling the kettle black.
(also, I didnt type that, I copied and pasted, so I am not in line for a fine for saying that bad word that we call Zazu.


What’s going on April 6th ???? Is that Beckett vs Shields??? LOL!! These final days of Spring Training are very lame. For the players/coaches it must be very boring! Especially the veterans.

All the Rays want too do is limit Price’s innings in 2009. Sending him too A.A.A. they can do that. He is a can’t miss prospect! He showed what he was made of when he took the ball coming out of the bullpen in game 7 vs Bos. Price is a very mature kid and that big stage of game 7 didn’t faze him! I love watching pitchers like Price. I wish he was in a Boston uniform. I think he is the best pitcher under the age of 25.

Hey Bri, havent seen much of you around lately. I have a confession to make. I actually turned off the Sox-Yanks game the other night in the 4th inning…. I dont know why
(I’m sure that Michael Kaye had something to do with it) but for some reason I just couldnt get into the game. I hope that this is a temporary thing.


You did better than me, I fell asleep in the 3rd inning and I was in attendance. LOL…I watched the planes come into the airport at Tampa more than the game. We sat along first base and had a great view of the pitchers and there move too first. Marte for the Yankees has one of the slowest moves I have ever seen. Ellsbury was reading him like a book. Posada tossed out Ellsbury when Burnett was on the hill but Ellsbury was safe. Even the Yankee fans said it. My night was ruined for a brief moment, I saw Michael Kay….never a good sign.

The game was tied at 1-1 and Delcarmen came into the game and we all knew that the Yankees would win. Delcarmen being Delcarmen as 007 said, very true! Delcarmen has the stuff but he isn’t missing something between the ears. When things go bad for him, he is done! No mental toughness. I think you either have that or you don’t. Hope all is well along Los Olas today. March in Florida is wonderful/gorgeous!

I think that DelC needs to change his name to my favorite.. DR. NO ( as in NO SAVE or NO WIN)

Kaye had Paul ONeil in the booth with him and I think ONeil did a better job than kaye did. Michael Kaye is as bad as Joe Migraine was (btw, I didnt know that Migraine played pro ball…)

I think that little bit of trivia falls under what you call “things that make you go, HMMMMMMMM” lol


Migrane had a decent career in the bigs. Thank heaven he never played for the Red Sox. Kevin Kennedy now does the Rays games instead of Migrane. Talking about 2 fools, Migrane and Kennedy. I was very happy when Kennedy was canned as manager of the Red Sox. That guy is full of himself. Kennedy and Staats, the worst broadcasting duo????

O’Neil does a decent job. I loved watching that guy play. His attitude reminds me of Youkilis. Very intense and they have a passion for the game and they want too win! Pedroia among others are the same way. I think that type of attitude is conatgious and spreads thru a team.

Low 80’s and sunny in St. Pete.

Is Ian hanging out on Sanibel Island? Where is Mr. Ian?

Hi 70’s and breezy here… Ian is probably working very hard to provide us with the next breaking RedSox story!!! (while laying by the pool sipping rum runners or daquiris, lol!) Kennedy left Fox Sports? He was either on his way out there or FSN offered him mucho danero….


Working hard? I’m guessing he is working hard on his tan. Ian was in Tampa, I saw him from a distance. Tough assignment going up too Tampa from the Fort. That drive is lame!

I don’t think Fox is having a pre-game show this year, not too sure on that but I thought I read that a couple of months ago somewhere. I could look up it now but I am too lazy. LOL….

Sipping some rum runners sounds great too me. Especially along Sanibel Island. A great place too visit.


Did you read where the Red Sox signed Rocky Cherry. We have chatted about him before, sounds like something you would order at Baskin Robbins. Rocky Cherry in a cup or cone? LOL…Of course the women would order that, not me! HA….HA…..

Tejada got probation for misleading Congress. Congress has mislead the American people for how long now? What do they get? Oh yeah, they get elected again and screw up again and again.

Just a note of interest on the Red Sox alumni, Brendon Donnelly and Trot Nixon were released by the Rangers and Brewers respectively. Funny Greg was commenting on Donnelly yesterday.

Brian, now you know what we Washingtonians mean by “close enough for government work”!πŸ˜‰:/
Ellen, I still think DelCarmen’s “doctor” name should be “Doogie Howser, MD”!

Thanks, Andy, about the picture. Something just looked odd to me there!πŸ™‚ Yeah, I would not mind seeing Daniel Bard and even Lars Anderson, et al, get another shot at a game agin before the regular season. Would make the last few games more interesting, at least!

Uh oh… my poor Trot…. The guy cant get a beak now… THAT is my favorite former REDSOX!!!!


I think it is time for Nixon too hang it up. Some guys on the 2004 team have retired or should retire. Obviously Nixon loves the game! Where is Mike Timlin?

Yeah, I know. I think that he’ll make a terriffc minor league coach. He gives so much to the game everytime he plays. It really makes me sad when a dirt dawg (Trot in particular)has to turn in his glove….

You can definitely say that he put the “dirt” in Dirt Dawg!! I remember his cap and his batting helmet. I actually tried to get his RS batting helmet when he was not picked up. That thing had about 9lbs of rosin on it, and his cap, it is said, could almost walk by itself!!!

Hey! Bosoxbrian!

We haven’t talked in a while. I was reading on the MLB Trades website about the continuing scuttlebutt of the Sox looking for another catcher, with the discussion being Bowden to the D-Backs for Montero. Underneath the article were a lot of blogs, many of which described Bowden as a commodity who could not be traded. I’m not saying I’d make the deal, but I guess I don’t see anyone being “unmoveable.” If they were, Josh Beckett wouldn’t be in a Sox uni, and Hanley Ramirez would be the Sox ss.

While I have long advocated sending Buchholz to the Rangers for Salty, I could understand the hesitation right now — he did have that starburst of a performance no-hitting the Birds, and now has amassed a pretty fair ST, making him look like he could play a critical role in the Sox fortunes this year. Bowden on the other hand, scouts project as perhaps a No. 3 starter, has pitched a grand total of 5 innings in the bigs thus far (admittedly racking up a victory in his only outing) but has had an uneven ST this year. When I couple that with his unorthodox delivery, I wonder what makes him so untouchable for so many?

I remember a guy named Don Schwall who came up in late May in 1961, proceeded to win 15 games over the remainder of the year, was named ROY, and was heralded as the next great Sox hurler. He won 9 games for the Sox the next year, and then was packaged, with catcher Jim Pagliaroni to the Pirates for 1Bman Dick Stuart (ow Dr. Strangeglove — but could he hit home runs into the left field net [before there were Monstah Seats]) and Jack Lamabe. Thereafter, Schwall won a grand total of 24 more games, and was out of mlb by 1967. Or more amazingly, there was Billy Rohr (a lefthander, I believe). On April 14th, 1967, he beat the Yanks and Whitey Ford 3-0 in Yankee Stadium, missing a no-hitter when Elston Howard broke it up with a hit in the 9th. I remember him being introduced on the Ed Sullivan Show as Billy “One-Hit” Rohr. Then he turned around on April 21 (the day before my and Tito’s birthday) and beat the Yanks again, this time 6 – 1 in Fenway. After the Indians purchased him prior to the 1968 season, he won one more game for them in 1968, and was out of mlb. by the end of 1968.

Now I know for every Don Schwall and Billy One-Hit Rohr there’s a Curt Schilling, packaged with Brady Anderson for Mike Boddiker. After coming to the Sox, Boddiker won 39 games for them over 2 1/2 years, before finishing out his big league string, winning another 16 games in the bigs after leaving the Sox, while Schill began to amass his 216-win career. But how does the FO figure out whether Bowden is Schwall or Rohr, or Schill? And do the Sox suffer if the FO fails to correctly pull the trigger?

From my perspective, I don’t think that when the Sox failed to pull the trigger on the Santana trade last Winter, they retained a better pitcher than they one they would have received. Mind you, I am one of the biggest Jon L fans and am thrilled he’s still with the Sox, but I would never argue he’s a better pitcher than Santana — as good — perhaps, younger — yes, less expensive — yes, at least for awhile, but better…I don’t think so.

But what I’m hearing regarding the proposed catcher trades is not that the Sox pitchers are younger or cheaper (both Montero and Salty are pretty young), but that the Sox can’t afford to give up on these immense talents. And every time I hear that, I have visions of Don Schwall and Billy One-Hit developing at the back of my brain.

Please help me with your understanding of what makes some of the Sox young pitching talent so “untouchable.” Frankly, the surprising comments I have read seem to freely trade Daniel Bard for any catching prospect. From what I’ve observed this Spring, on my talent list, Bard would be far less “touchable” than Bowden, and perhaps even as “untouchable” as Buchholz!

D. Benjamin…

I was guessing you were shoveling snow and that was the reason you were not around. Sorry too hear about Ohio State losing too Siena. That was great! Love those Siena Saints. I remember watching Siena beat Stanford in the tourney back in the late 80’s. You gotta love those smaller schools. Siena almost took out Louisville on Sunday. As a Celtics fan I would love too see Pitino lose. How he left Boston, Pitino embarrassed himself. A great college coach but certainly couldn’t cut it in the N.B.A. Pitino flopped twice in the N.B.A.

As of right now I wouldn’t trade for Montero or any other catcher. I would let it play out and see how Kottaras does. I think that will give Kottaras confidence, it can only help. Kind of like when Brady went down with his knee injury. All the talk about the Pats getting a q.b. I think the Pats showed confidence in Cassell and he performed quite well. I am hoping that will be the case with Kottaras. Wakefield obviously has confidence in the young catcher. I was impressed with Kottaras the other night, no passed balls.

I have stated on here a few times about not dealing away Bard. You don’t trade guys that throw 100 m.p.h. You need too develop those type of pitchers and hold onto them.

I have said on here a few times I am not too high on Bowden. That being said, I would hold onto him as well. He gives them depth. We all know that baseball is a longgggggggg season and injuries WILL HAPPEN.

I think Theo said it best a couple of years ago. The first couple months of the season are seeing what they have and what they might need eventually. Kind of an evaluation period.

Don Schwall I have heard the story but obviously wayyyyyyyyyyyyy before my time! I am only 37 yrs. old but feeling like 90 today. LOL!!

Boddicker helped the Sox win 2 division titles. I loved watching him pitch. I remember a game on a Sat. afternoon at Fenway when Boddicker came out of the bullpen and faced Canseco. A rather strange move by Joe Morgan but it paid off. Morgan’s Magic! I believe that was the only batter that Boddicker faced that summer day.

Good to see you around Dbenj!!! Missed you. How’re your briefs these days?

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