Ortiz getting locked in

Like clockwork, David Ortiz always seems to find his swing in the latter days of Spring Training. The left-handed slugger belted a two-run homer to left against Francisco Liriano on Saturday.

“When he uses the
whole field like that, he is very dangerous,” Red Sox manager Terry Francona said. “It makes him very tough to pitch

Ortiz is starting to feel good about his swing.

“It’s just
timing. Hitting is all about timing. Some people take longer than some others
to lock themselves in,” said Ortiz. “That’s how it goes. Especially in Spring Training when
you’re not playing every day.”


“You get your
work in, you get ready, you’re old enough to know what to do and then you go
from there. You’ve got the season around the corner so you want to make sure
that you’re where you want to be, or close.”


go papi…no matter how the rest of your career goes u will always be in my top 5 sox plrs of all time….they can say what they want but u carried us into this century on your back and we love ya for it…..what is the easist way to become a god….beat the yanks repetedly….east coast hero for life…..judge



You know that the Twins owner and FO kicks themselves on a daily basis right in the old as==s for “giving” him to the Sox.. talk about a find!!!! Thats like being in the street and having a 10 carat diamond (about the size of his earrings) fall right in front of you!!!!!

From what I understand, the Twins FO was seeing something in Ortiz like what we saw last year–he was getting fooled a lot, esp. inside on the hands. He was not showing that power then that he is now, and that power was (granted, due to injury) absent last year, by and large. When he first came here, the same problem was there, and it took some work with the pitching coaches to get that gap in his swing closed. When he was injured last year, he seemed to revert back to some of that problem. Why the Twins did not see fit to get Ortiz’ swing straightened out, I don’t know, but hindsight said they made a mistake (they admitted it in retrospect). We didn’t immediately see that power either, and we took the time to smooth out that diamond–and it has paid off! GO BIG PAPI! GO SOX!

They (the Twins) only wanted him to hit one way and wouldnt let him do what felt natural to him ( thats according to his book). the fact that the Sox showed faith in him has been rewarded many times over, by his play, by his loyalty in signing the long term contract (which, I htink he thought ZazU would also do) and by his verbal admiration for Theo and Co. I can only say good and kind things about Papi and would like to meet him one day.

If you havent read his book, its a good read (he says Bro ALOT in there). I like the part about how he met his wife in of all places WISCONSIN.. hence the fact that he LOVES Favre and the Packers!

As long, Ellen, as he doesn’t say “That’s what I’m talkin’ about!” 200+ times–I am SO tired of that one!😉 I wish I could have seen him in WI (I was there quite a while before he was, though–1987-1991). I attended Marquette, one of whose favorite grads you know well in Boston–Doc Rivers.

I think he says that some but it’s “you know, Bro, and Bro” its a LITTLE repeatative.. His book is good, but Mikey’s is a really fun, good look at why he is the way he is.

Did Mike write it, or is it about him, by someone else? What’s Mike’s book called?

I read somewhere that when Papi came to the Sox his first season, in spring training he came up with a runner on first and hit the ball to the right side to move the runner over. After the inning was over Grady Little came up to Papi and tells him his job is to drive that runner in. So ever since that day Papi says he feels like he has the green light in Boston. I’d say so.
If he ever came to my place he’d get some free food, you can count on that. After 2004 Big Papi is a hero in this ex-New Englander’s heart.

I would think so, Arnie. He is indeed an 04 and 07 hero. I hope he sticks around long enough (since I understand longevity w/ the Sox is a criterion!) for Big Papi to get his #.34 retired on the Fenway Wall (let alone Cooperstown)! GO SOX!

The name of Lowells book is: Deep Drive (the forward is by Beckett) and its written by Mikey, with Rob Bradford.

it’s actually titled: “DEEP DRIVE (A long journey to find the champion within)”

moanin all….a week and a day…..lawdy im jonesin…i hate this long st….im gonna go on a limb and pick my award winners now before season starts….mvp(miggy)….roy(cruz from tx)….and cy winner(beckett)…..i know u think im bias….my reasoning is this…lester is great but he still is young and in the 2 spot hes gonna face some great pitchers…sabathia ugh is just gonna have his lunch handed to em….the only other i see being a challenge is the best pitcher in al halladay…but the poor guy is overworked and i see an injury this yr…..liriano could be close also….i give beck the nod…..comeback plr of the yr….prob kelvin escobar if healthy….maybe papi….. have fun ….judge

Thanks, Ellen! It does sound like a good read!
Judge, I do think you are right that Beckett should win the Cy Young this year. I think he will be electric! Liriano, like Sabathia, has been getting knocked around some, and I don’t think he’ll be in the running–he’ll be good, but not THAT good. Same with Sabathia and Burnett. Halladay, I think you’re right, will be sidelined enough to knock him out, but he should be solid also. I think Beckett’s biggest challenger will be Kazmir, maybe Shields, of the Rays. Kazmir is entering his prime, also, and his stuff is the makings of a Cy Young, if not this year, down the road. I think he’ll be Beckett’s best competition.

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