Dice-K in Disney

Yes, here we are, at Disney’s Wide World of Sports complex, getting ready for an all-Japanese pitching matchup this afternoon. Dice-K, fresh off another World Baseball Classic MVP, is pitching against Braves rookie Kenshin Kawakami. Should be fun.

One of the cool parts about Spring Training is when highly-touted prospects get to be Minor League extras for the day. That is happening today for the Sox, as Che-Hsuan Lin — a native of Taiwan — is making the start for the Red Sox in right field and batting ninth
You might remember Lin from the Futures Game at Yankee Stadium last year, when he belted a home run and was MVP. He is a very good defender with speed — he stole 33 bases for Greenville last year — and is a developing hitter.

The Red Sox have Rocco Baldelli leading off today, followed by Dustin Pedroia, Jason Bay, Kevin Youkilis, Mike Lowell, Nick Greeen, Chip Ambres, Dusty Brown and Lin.


one week left…….wahoooooooooo…..judge


Tough life for you…At the Phillies place yesterday ( beautiful stadium ) at the Braves place today, another beautiful complex. Some people have too rough it up at times.

I wish it was April 6th. Can’t wait. The final days in Florida are a big tease. Beckett vs Shields, should be lots of fun.

Hey! Guys! (and Gals!):

It should be interesting watching Kawakami today. I seem to remember a time when the Sox were “leaders in the clubhouse” to sign him. Don’t know where they would have put him, and frankly, I like the Sox pitching prospects as they are currently constituted. I know its still early, but the solid nature of the pitching corps is beginning to show through…and I suspect there will be a bit more hitting than us “nervous nellies” have been willing to concede over the past several months.

Speaking of leader in the clubhouse…how about Tiger…here we go again. I wouldn’t be betting against him at Augusta. Shucks, he hasn’t won there since his fourth green jacket all the way back in 2005…the man’s overdue!!!(lol) What do you think, cfarnham? If you and I took Tiger on “bestball”, 2 on 1, could we lose by less than 18 down! (lol)

I am so ready for the season to open! Say hi to Mickey & Minnie Ian! lol! And Tiger – talk about a tense match yesterday! No question – Tiger is back!

Go Red Sox!


id still like to see jack and tiger go head to head with same equip and both in primes….ofcourse its not possible but id bet on jack….tiger is good….but….does golf have a steroids testing policy btw?….i know it wouldnt help with puttin but the drives are nuts today with the equip they have….when i was younger and had time i used to play alot and i was pretty strong and i could manage a 280 drive without to much difficulty…but….it almost never was clearly in the fairway lol….btw i had a 78 at pebble also before….thru 6 holes lol……actually the reason i was hooked on golf for maybe 5 yrs was the fact i pld in a tourney and posted an 82 on a tuff course in tx….then i proceeded to play everyday for almost 5 yrs till i finally figured out that if i couldnt hit driver wedge and putt i was screwed….never could hit any iron other than a wedge or 8-9…..o well….ill stick to softball now lol…..judge

bosoxbrian where are you Indigo needs you.

Tiger is indeed back! I can’t see how he will let anyone near him in the final round of the Masters!
I think our hitting will be just fine. I don’t think we’ll have any problems with “power outtages” or low OPS. Strangely enough, the one who has had the slowest spring (since returning from the WBC!) is Youk. I hope he trusts his ankle, and catches fire by Opening Day! Can’t wait! GO SOX!

Hey! Jeff (or anyone else knowedgeable about “Sox on the margin”):

Who is this relief pitcher the Sox have chuckin the pill — Enrique Gonzalez..they had another one I’d never heard of the other day. Where did these guys come from, and where are they going in a week?

More concernedly, who is this guy playing shortstop today — “Dent?” PLEEEEZZZE, someone reassure me its not Bucky Bleepin Dent or anyone in anyway related to Bucky Bleepin Dent!!! (lol)

That is just TOOOO WRONG. Whether or not this guy is related to B. Freakin D. we cannot have someone with that name!!!! It should be a new rule in the RedSoxBylaws….

another one we can never have is Boone, NO NO NO!!!!!

It’s common for an away game to throw a few minor leaguers on the bus to fill out the squad. They all return to the minor league camp before opening day.

Ryan A Dent was your second pick in the 2007 draft after Hagadone!

Unless something changes, the Red Sox will have been burned by two Dents. We all know the name of one. The other is Ryan Dent, who was Boston’s first round pick in 2007. So far, Dent has been a bust. He plays the middle infield spots, but his defense is suspect, and he hasn’t been able to hit professional pitching. He hit .154 in 201 at-bats at short-season Lowell last year. Dent is not considered a top prospect. Che-Hsuan Lin is. Like Ian wrote, Lin’s bat is still a work in progress, yet he has speed on the bases and in the field. He also features a strong arm. The Sox have a lot of very promising outfield prospects. Joshh Reddick is the top one, and he is the closest to being major league ready. Ryan Kalish is another. Lin doesn’t get as much press as Reddick and Kalish, but he is definitely someone to monitor. He will start the year at advanced-Single A with Kalish and several other highly touted prospects such as catcher Luis Exposito, shortstop Yamaico Navarro and pitchers Felix Doubront, Kyle Weiland, Stephen Fife and Bryan Price. These are all names you should become familiar with because they are very legitimate prospects. Weiland, Fife and Price were are high draft picks out of college last year, and they could make the bigs as starters or relievers. Doubront is a left-handed starter.


Oh, regarding Enrique Gonzalez, he was signed as a minor league free agent. He’s put up some good numbers in the minors, but he has struggled during brief stints in the majors. Gonzalez and Fernando Cabrera (who was Puerto Rico’s closer in the WBC) will open the year at Pawtucket. I think Cabrera has more upside than Gonzalez. In fact, Cabrera could get called up as a reliever if the Sox have an injury and don’t feel that Daniel Bard is ready.

Do you see Cabrera replacing Delcarmen anytime soon?

Bob, I would sure hope so!

Judge, Woods/ Nicklaus would be a FASCINATING matchup if both were in their primes and using the same equip. in this “fantasy golf” matchup. I honestly don’t know whom I’d pick. Jack was OUTSTANDING in his prime, and I don’t think we know yet what Tiger’s “prime” actually looks like! (Wrap your head around THAT concept!) That would be worth the price of admission!

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