Carter and Green on the team — sort of

The last roster spots have been finalized, with the exception of the Brad Penny/Clay Buchholz decision.

Chris Carter and Nick Green, if everything stays the same, will be with the Red Sox on Opening Day at Fenway on April 6. However, general manager Theo Epstein and manager Terry Francona cautioned both players that a waiver transaction or trade is always possible in the last few days of camp.

Jeff Bailey was informed he won’t be on the team, and I’m sure it was a bitter pill to swallow, considering that he has played 1,111 games and came so close to making the club.

As far as the fifth rotation spot, Buchholz will make his final start of the spring today. Brad Penny pitches on Thursday, at which point the Red Sox will know for sure if the righty is ready to begin the season on the active roster.


WTG CHRIS….im sure buch will be on roster before end of april also…or a result of a trade but im thinkin hes an off limits plr now…i would love to see teagarden but it seems kottaras is gonna get a shot and exposito could be the next to come so we will see…i know one thing the way the farm system is the sox are gonna be a major dynasty for yrs to come if they continue their current course… one other good thing about raisin home growns is u have them cheap for awhile and it gives u the shot to dump 80-100 mill on a single free agent each yr or every 2-3 yrs……(holiday ?)….hmmmmmm….im hopin bay stays but u never know….i think maybe thats why the sox dint try real hard to sign him this yr….another bargainin chip along with the economy….theo your a genius…..judge

not to disagree with tito …gawd knows i would never do that lol…but would anyone else like to see papi bat cleanup and get yuke 3rd and bay battin 5th then nancy and mikey….just me but id like to see yuke who is better when he can be more selective at 3 in the order…bay a typical 5th hitter in that spot….just a thought….judge

Carter hits lefty and that is the reason he’ll end up going north to Boston. Carter is a nice lefty bat coming off the bench late in the game. What I have seen in person from Carter is good and also some games on the tube he has looked good. Carter has had a great Spring Training. Bailey might not be on the big club but will get there eventually in 2009.

We all know Green will be there until Lugo is back healthy. It usually works itself out.

I’m just glad that opening day is getting closer and closer. AMEN BABY!

I feel bad for Bailey, and I hope he gets picked up soon. It seems like Carter makes the most sense. Less then a week! YES!!!



Why Nick Green and not Jeff Bailey??? !!!


Hope all is well with you.

Bailey can’t play second or s.s. Green does and that is the reason. Green made the team because Lugo went down with a knee injury. When Lugo does return, Green will be elsewhere. Perhaps A.A.A. for Green.

I was hoping Luis Rivera would make the team! LOL!!

Buchholz should get some starts in April. The Red Sox should be very careful with Brad Penny, no reason too rush him. Buchholz is more than capable. Lester busted out last year, why not Buchholz in 2009!

Hey guys,
Sad to see Buchholz struggling. I am his number one fan. This guy is going to do great. I just feel it. He’s not as hungry as Lester and far more insecure — based on what I’ve read but he’s got natural talent.
Varitek is starting to hit and will give the Sox a good year. Sox have a strong team but the Yanks have three superstars. They will be tough to beat but when A-Rod comes back I hope he continues to bring the team down (wow that was mean).
I’m sure Lugo wants to come back and show his stuff. I was his defender at the beginning until I understood how much fun it is to make fun of him (sorry Julio…I’m sure you’re a nice guy but it’s too hard to resist).

Judge, I still think Bay will be signed longer-term. We’ll see, even if it is mid-year, or next winter, but I think he’ll be with us (I suspect such will happen sooner rather than later, but who knows?).
Is Bailey out of options? I hope not, but…
I don’t think Penny will be rushed. If they are not rushing Smoltz, there is little reason to think Penny will be rushed.
It would not bother me much if Big Papi were to hit 3rd or 4th in the lineup. I think he will be in good shape if he hits third, and Youk “covers” him. I hope they move Lowell up in the lineup, though, as I think Drew is not going to be (health-wise) as steady a contributor. I inderstand the L-R match-up thinking, and from that standpoint, it makes sense. Health-wise, I think it will be a drawback, and will mean line-up shuffling fairly regularly. I think Lowell and Bay will be steadier contributors behind Papi and Youk, and I think that would lead to steadier production, without a gap in the lineup. Just my two cents…GO SOX!

Dave, I think Buch is hungry this year. I think he has been growing up the hard way, and he may still hit some bumps in the road, including this year. But I think, in contrast to previous years, he is hungry enough to do what it takes, and stick with it. Let’s hope. Get it done, Buch! GO SOX!

Hey to all!!! Good to see you stopping in Dave!!! How about an Opening Day Roster chapter from you , if you have time>>? Hope all is well with you and yours. Prayers, prayers and more prayers!
I’m sorry to see that Jeff Bailey didnt make it.. He came through a couple of times for us last season when the injury bug bit. Good Luck to him… (1,111 games that what, almost 7 seasons??) Wow. that is a BITTER pill to swallow.

oh, I can’t wait to pick up my Pom-Pom’s, get into my cheerleading uniform and give my 1st official
WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-WOOOOOOOOOOO cheer for the 2009 season….

Good piece on Buch, Ian. He really has the right attitude this year, and if his pitching matches his attitude this year, he will not be in AAA for long. Keep up the good work, and keep your chin up, Buch!

It took me a minute, but I got it!!!

I read a week or so ago that Papi is beginning to acknowledge that he doesn’t have to pull the ball all of the time. I hope he remembers that when he gets to Fenway and not only starts bouncing them against and over the Green Monster but ground balls to the third base side would be instant singles or doubles. It may force the opposition to open up that shift and help him when he does pull the ball.

Let Penny go to extended spring training for a start or 2. Buchholz will be fine. He has a lot of young talent.

Phil, I hope Big Papi does heed that advice. Hopefully, he’ll have the opportunities to do so, and if he gets IBB, Youk, Bay, Lowell, and Drew (when he’s healthy!) can make the opposition pay for walking him!
Just making sure you’re warmed up, Ellen!😉

Thanks for keeping me on my toes!! G’Night!

moanin all…..maybe we will get lucky and papi will use the wall like mo used to….judge….5 dayssssssssssssssss

Brian: Thanks. Just hate to see Bailey go. Is he out of option? Bailey was reassigned to minor camp. Whatever that means.
Dave: Buchholz had a great ST except for yesterday’s outing. But again ST stats are deceiving. Let’s see what Buchh can be in a game that counts. I am hopeful.
Yanks are going to be tough and the Rays are not going away that easily. We are all looking forward to the opening day. The bottomline is the Red Sox must win the opening series against the Rays at home to have a psychological edge or to quote Judge “moaning all”.

B/w Buchholz is likely and will start the season at AAA. Oh well.


Bailey has options. Reassigned means he is off too hang out with the guys that are going too A.A.A. Bailey will be back before the season is over. Buchholz will be back sometime during the season.

The Paw Sox rotation looks solid. Better than the Nationals or the Pirates, LOL!!

Not that I’m antsy or anything…. 125 hours 14 minutes til 1st pitch!!!! GOOOOOOOOOO REDSOX!!!!!

Good, I’m glad Bailey still has options, as I’d like to see him up with the Big Club one of these days.
Antsy, Ellen? Can’t blame ya. We all have been antsy for a while now! GO SOX!

Hopefully, Bailey can get some coffee breaks up with the Red Sox. Maybe he’ll bring a thermos!😉 Hope ya make it up, Jeff!

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