Penny good to go

Before the Red Sox got on a plane to New York, they were assured from Brad Penny‘s last outing of Spring Training that he is fine to make his first start of the regular season as scheduled on April 12.

“Yeah, I think so,” said Red Sox manager Terry Francona. “Again, weather can get in the way of things. We just need to stay tuned to that and see how we get there.”

In other words, if the Red Sox got rained out on Opening Day, Josh Beckett would pitch Tuesday instead, meaning that a fifth starter would be needed on April 11 instead of April 12. At any rate, Penny is healthy.

“Great, no pain,” Penny said. “Velocity was there. I threw a couple of pitches I wouldn’t normally throw in certain counts. I think today was probably the best overall stuff I’ve had in spring.”


Buchholz is will be waiting for the call if Penny goes down. Depth is the key in baseball. It’s a longggggggggggg season!

GO RED SOX!!!! That is great news about Penny! Now we just have to pray to the baseball gods for NO RAIN OUTS before the 12th!


I think Penny will be fine either way. I hope Julia is right, however, and Beckett will be ready to pitch as scheduled, and not be delayed. I hope Buch gets called up early and often, if not for good, in April. GO SOX!

K. Good. If something goes wrong they still have Buchhlotz.

It is interesting to me how many baseball outlets are picking against the Red Sox this year. I for one think it will be fun trying to prove them wrong! GO SOX!

Projections don’t matter much to me. I think the Yankees of 2009 will be like the Tigers of 2008 – a lot of pre-season hype but no results. Though they added some big names, they haven’t improved. In fact, I believe they have regressed.

I hope there is not a rain-out on opening day. What a let down that would be after gearing up for opening ay since last October.


So do I, Jeff. I think the Red Sox and the Rays will be solid enough (whatever order we finish in!) that the Yankees will be fortunate to make the playoffs at all–but they are the trendy pick. (They were last year, also, and look what it got ’em–sorry, Bob!) I don’t put much stock at all in those predictions, but it is interesting to me how we are being “overlooked”, being picked for the Wild Card, if anything. (Partly because we HAVEN’T made that many moves!) It is interesting, sometimes comic, reading, though! I don’t think the Yanks will tank as badly as the Tigers of last year, but by Yankee standards they might as well!

Can we strike a deal with the weather gods in New England? FORGET THE RAIN ON MONDAY!!! Tuesday works for me!

Predictions aren’t worth the paper they are written on.

As for the Yankees, they got some good players this winter but there are way too many questions: can Pettitte get back to his old form, can Burnett stay healthy, can CC be the ace in New York, will Big Tex put the team on his shoulders while Arod is out, how will Damon, Posada, and Matsui do, Is Girardi the answer in the dugout, how about the bullpen????? …..on and on. I would not bet my house on the Yanks making the playoffs this year.

Another big question is the Rays. Did they have a bunch of players have career years last year? Their bullpen? Pena at first base? Will their starters be as good? They won’t be sneaking up on the league this year and it’s doubtful they will have that late inning magic all this year like they had last year. Will the team be as clutch this year as last? I don’t think so, but hey, that’s why we have the games.

Me?? I’m going with the Sox to win the division this year. (Who else would I pick anyway?) The reason is the depth. Especially in the pitching this year. It’s going to be good .

I’m with you Arnie – I take the Red Sox! And I hate to say this – the weather isn’t looking good right now for Monday. There is going to be rain – they just don’t know when it will start.


Yeah, Arnie, predictions aren’t worth anything–that’s what the games are for–but they can be good entertainment! (They also can stoke a campfire!)😉
I think the Rays will be competitive, but I think the Red Sox will out-distance them. I don’t under-estimate them, though–I think a number of them will have career years ahead. If they put it all together again, they’ll be tough. But no, they’re not sneaking up on anyone. I think they’ll find that out in our opening series with them!
The Yanks? I don’t believe they have close to enough depth to compete with us, or the Rays. Their talent is either too old, or overvalued. I don’t think they’ll make the playoffs this year, either. GO SOX!

moanin all…..its the bloody homestretch…..bring it on im ready…..every yr i feel like a kid again waitin for the first pitch… gonna pick team leaders who i think will lead team…..wins-beck,saves-paps,era-lester,homers-papi(hes healthy i think,avg -yuke,xtra base hits -bay, team mvp, offense-bay,pitchin masterson…..havin that kid bridge the gap to paps could be the key this yr….im thinkin we may see bard and his flames sometime too….x factor….this is a tuffy but im thinkin tek or lowrie here….look at jeds numbers last yr…he has a knack to hit when he needs to….reminds me of dewey from old….clutch…..not deweys power but the knack to drive em in when u need it…..go sox….judge

By on April 2, 2009 7:53 AM
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the IF factor…..some of the so called experts have weird predictions this year…im a realist….i can honestly say this yr could be the best record the sox have seen in many yrs…but….the IF factor is the key….some facts 1st….the yanks addin over 400 million in money impresses me as much as a micky d’s hamburger…..burnett will be injured at somePOINT…lefty fat boy wont be in top 10 pitchers in al…and tex is gonna find out what pressure is like now day in and out…hes good but not enuff to carry the team….i stilll refer to rod as limp rod….he isnt clutch and by now he prob never will be….now that said i think the rays although they have a nice team arent gonna surprise anyone this yr….im pickin them to dissapoint and be very close to the orioles and yanks….im thinkin the sox win 100 games this yr and heres why….the bullpen is massive with plenty in minors ready to eat refuse just to get a chance to take the mound….the line up has more power than most think its just spread out some….ill take on base % anyday over power anyways….boston fans know that the 3 run homer while exotic and addictive isnt gonna win us a world series…those scrappy at bats and 2 out dbls to plate 2 and keep rallies goin win championships…gritty walks,infield hustle singles,movin the ball to the rt to advance runner and good baserunning win games….we have that stuff top to bottom…no egos other than maybe petey but his a healthy ego…..FIRE FIRE FIRE…..intensity and drive….the biggest IF …which not to many have mentioned is penny and or smoltzy….penny IF he can return to his pre injury self is as close to beckett as u can think….yes beckett…penny can dominate….along with lester the molester and dice k( weird and aggravating wins) we should have 4 number 1 pitchers….smoltzy is in waitin and other than petey…no one matches his drive to win…maybe yuke….now….we also have bucholz….he could be a killer….i just cant see the attitude yet…he has the talent…but that confidence is lacking…hes fragile…i hope he can get that fire cause we might have passed on the best catcher in baseball commin from tx….then there is bard and tazawa….tazawa im pickin to end the season on the playoff roster instead of buch but we will see….so an awesome line up that produces,unreal bullpen,nasty bench,possibly 5-6 number 1 pitchers in rotation,good lord …snoopy could manage this team….dont worry i wont mention that IF…..well im psyched….but this is why they play the games….remember 100 games…and i think the rest of the east will be muddled and prob less than 10 games will seperate the other 4…..judge

sorry just in case u missed it from yesterday in previous thread….judge….have a wonderful day all

Good Morning everyone!! Although we have some “up north” baseball this weekend, its 78 hours and 20 minutes
til 1st pitch!!!! Can’t wait!!!!!

You know, I’m still amazed at the way the RedSox and Yankees Rivalry stiil (and will forever, I think) brings out the bratty 8 year old in alot of people. “my pitchers better thank your pitcher… yeah, but we won 26 championships). I was reading the comments from a story on the RedSox home page and it was amazing. They had to censor about 2/3’s of what was written. This thing reduces some to name calling and those are some names they are calling. I’m so glad that here on Brownie Points we are able to co-exist and talk rationally (for the most part, lol) about the team(s) we love and love to hate. Thanks Ian for having us here, and thanks fellow Pointers, we’re quite a family…

Oh and Brian… I think you started something with your April Fools Day weather prediction!! Good Job, buddy!! lol

Ian, Is this your 5th season on the Blog??? and are you going to ask us for our predictions American and National League like you have in the past??

Ellen, I agree with you about the trolls and the clinically insane that inhabit many sites, especially when the subject focuses on the Sox and Yankees. I think that there are few trolls on this site because it is clearly about the Sox, and Yankees fans aren’t interested in a site that focuses solely on the Sox. And vice versa. I have experienced an interesting dynamic since creating Sox and Pinstripes before the 2007 season. Though we are an independent site and do not have the marketing engine of MLB, we get 2,000-plus hits a day during the regular season, and for the most part both Sox fans and Yankees fans are well-behaved. There are strong opinions, of course, but for the most part they stick to baseball. When a person resorts to insults and/or personal attacks, it shows they lack intelligence and the confidence in their knowledge about the subject. I occasionally have to delete comments, just as Ian does here, but I have been surprised about how well-behaved readers on a Sox and Yankees web site have been. Of course, there are times when I am called every name in the book by Yankees fans, as I have been today after writing a critical preview of the Yankees yesterday. Many of the comments amuse me🙂


Arnie, Ellen, Greg, Jeff,
There are also a lot of questions about how well your Sox players will perform and stay healthy. It should be a three way race unless the Ray’s youth underperforms instead of overperforms like 2008. A Sox sweep at Fenway should start their season (Rays) off right!

Yes, there are, Bob, but I like the way our “question mark” players are shaping up. GO SOX! Let’s sweep the Rays and start 09 out right!

I feel good about our Qs too!

Game on, Bob! GO SOX!

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