In the Citi — Red Sox vs. Mets

I’m at the brand-new Citi Field, a very nice facility, for tonight’s Red Sox-Mets game. Too bad the weather isn’t nicer, but the pouring rain from earlier this afternoon is now down to a drizzle.

Yes, this place — as you might have guessed — is far nicer than Shea Stadium.

As for tonight’s lineup, Kevin Youkilis was scratched because he is sick. Chris Carter will fill in at first.

The lineup is Ellsbury-Pedroia-Ortiz-Drew-Bay-Lowell-Carter-Lowrie-Varitek.


I hope that Youk is okay for Monday. Hey – how about the weather? Right now we have thunder & lightning and pouring rain in Boston.

Go Red Sox!


Heya, looking forward to a good series at Citi. I’ll be checking in with you here during the game. Hope you enjoy it. Speak soonAsh

weather is fine. game will start on time.

NESN has “technical problems” and WE CAN”T SEE THE GAME!!! UGH!!!


We have a picture! Double Dusty!


Well Big Papi just missed that one eh? Castillo looked like he will take a few games to get used to the dimensions. Glad you got a picture now, Julia. Ash

Nice throw Tek!!!


Thanks Ash! Lester is looking a little shaky but he seems to have settled down.


I’m trying to get the game on MLB.Com and it’s supposed to be free, but it tells me I must be registered. How do I go about tuning in?

Yeah a rough first inning, but he got through it ok in the end by working in a few nice off-speed pitches, even though his fastball doesn’t look overpowering. If your feed goes dead, I’m blogging inning by inning. MLB TV also has a free feed, if you’re not blocked out.Ash

Dusty? Never thought of him as a Dusty myself… but whatever gets the job done

Thats the feed I’m looking for… anybody watching that one and know how I can log on?

I’m watching on NESN Ellen. Maybe drop over to Mark on the MLBlogosphere he might be able to tell you how to log on. I like “Dusty” short and sweet – like him!


GREAT Jump Ellsbury!


Big Papi! I’m surprised at how empty the stadium is!


A very good jump. But I’m glad Papi has no idea about working a countπŸ™‚ Helping us out by swinging 3-0 and then popping out on a 2-1 pitch when Hernandez had walked a pair. Cheers Papi. GO METS.Ash

I have always been partial to ‘Pedey” but its what ever goes good for you!

Were you able to log on, Ellen?

Well so much for the FREE preview.. I am registered and it still wont let me on. Oh well.. this is why I got the directtv package… From Monday on, I’ll be watching on NESN with Orsillo, Remy and homewrecker Heidi. But tomorrow its on MLB Network. Thank you Julia for the advice.

Ellen, try clicking on the audio/video link on the top of the homepage on And then click on the regular MLBTV icon in the first column next to the Red Sox-Mets link. Then sign in when it prompts you and install NexDef if you need it. That should then work. Ash

Remy isn’t on the TV tonight – is he sick again? They ahven’t said anything. Ash – you hush up now!


The little tv screen icon??

I posted this on the other thread seconds before Ian posted the new thread.

Ellen, I agree with you about the trolls and the clinically insane that inhabit many sites, especially when the subject focuses on the Sox and Yankees. I think that there are few trolls on this site because it is clearly about the Sox, and Yankees fans aren’t interested in a site that focuses solely on the Sox. And vice versa. I have experienced an interesting dynamic since creating Sox and Pinstripes before the 2007 season. Though we are an independent site and do not have the marketing engine of MLB, we get 2,000-plus hits a day during the regular season, and for the most part both Sox fans and Yankees fans are well-behaved. There are strong opinions, of course, but for the most part they stick to baseball. When a person resorts to insults and/or personal attacks, it shows they lack intelligence and the confidence in their knowledge about the subject. I occasionally have to delete comments, just as Ian does here, but I have been surprised about how well-behaved readers on a Sox and Yankees web site have been. Not all Sox and Yankees fans are juvenile towards each other. Of course, there are times when I am called every name in the book by Yankees fans, as I have been today after writing a critical preview of the Yankees yesterday. Many of the comments amuse meπŸ™‚ You definitely must have thick skin when you write opinion columns.

By mrwrite on April 3, 2009 4:07 PM

GO RED SOX!!!! That will be 1-0 Ash!


That’s ok Julia, I’m not worried. I think Beltran just misread it off the bat. You probably don’t deserve the lead, but I can’t complain. You’ve got a good side.Ash

I saw that. I think that you get an “A” for the patience that I don’t have and also the restraint. I kind of let it roll off and roll of and then finally I have to bite back.. you do a great job Jeff>> also good luck in the Fantasy League.. I need a WHOLE lotta luck!!

I don’t think you’re getting out of this inning with the leadπŸ™‚ GO METS

I think there are plenty of Red Sox and Yankees fan who enjoy a playful give and take when it comes to the games between our two teams. Sadly, being rude and obnoxious is not exclusive to one team over the other. As many Red Sox fans are as crude as Yankees fans. There is nothing wrong with being passionate about our teams – I AM a Red Sox fan through and through – but let’s be respectful of all. And when fans are having fun with members of “the other guys” just enjoy it! It makes us ALL better fans!

Tonight – just wish NESN could keep their feed up! Who got the homer for the Mets?


I did everything they asked and it still blocked me.. I’ll just live vicariously through Julia..

urgh, Reyes just got under that. At least we’re on the board. Kielty drove Beltran in with a single after he had walked, stole 2nd and advanced to 3rd on a base hit.Ash

We lost the game again! I have audio but no picture again! NESN had better get this fixed before Monday!

Thanks Ash – I thought it was a HR. How are you watching the game in “Jolly Old England”?


It’s going well thanks. I’ve got my water and some chocolate so it’s all goodπŸ™‚ Sucks about NASN. I’ve got it on MLBTV with a bunch of other windows up.Ash

NESN Ash, NESN! lol! I’m actually blaming the Mets for the transmission problems! And will you share the chocolate!πŸ˜‰


Hmm…that looked like it could have been interference call. 3-1 Mets


much much better. 2-1 Mets. Go Beltran. And yay for Anderson running the bases and stealing us an extra run. Ash

Have I mentioned how much I really don’t LIKE Delcarmen! He makes me nervous every time he comes in!


Ok..what did I miss? I don’t get the game up here!
Oh no…is Delcarmen pitching right now?

Not good Ginny! And it’s raining now in NY!!! And there is NO ONE in the stadium! Top of the 6th 3-1 Mets. The Sox are flat tonight.


Yeah, that’s much more like it. Pity it has started raining. Updates from this game are on my blog inning by inning Canuck, if it’s ok to plug my MLBlog here?Ash

No sorry Ash – we just can’t visit your blog!πŸ˜‰ It is POURING in NY! More fans are moving out!


actually I’m reading it right now Ash!
Then I have to head to Max Madness and vote!

The tap is coming out! I’m not sure they will finish the game


Are they going to pull the plug on the game? My guys only had a 13 mins delay…

Okay – take #2 – the TARP is coming out! lol!


Well it’s the bottom of the third in Philly. 1-0 for us! :0)
The tarp is out now? Wait…that means Delcarmen can’t screw up right now!

Yeah it is tipping it down there by the looks of it. I can kinda see why there weren;t too many fans in the seats, because I would be touring every inch of the stadium too. Or maybe, I’d just get there 3 hours earlier and do my sightseeing then.Ash

Does it look like a nice park? I haven’t seen many pics of the new stadium yet.

Wonder if I should post a new entry on my blog, it’s been a couple of days….hmmm…nah! I’ll wait until tomorrow…
Julia, have you done the “Please don’t rain on Monday afternoon” dance yet?

I’m not sure – we are expecting a lot of rain over night in this area. Ash – when are you moving over to the states?


There are parts of it that look amazing. The field aside, the Jackie Robinson rotunda looks fantastic. The seats are closer to the field and there are fewer seats, so even the seats in the back row are the equivalent of being in the front row of the old upper deck. The sight lines in some places look a little odd though, although the seats are about 5 inches wider. The railings are weird in between the rows and you cant get from fair to foul territory, despite the plate being 360 in theory. Also 6 restaurants and more toilets and elevators. The small things will be what matters after the initial awe has gone.

I will be moving to the states in either the 3rd or 4th week in June if everything goes to plan, Julia.

Yes I have Ginny! And when I’m at Fenway Sunday I’ll say a prayer over the park to keep it safe from the rain!


That’s great Ash! Good luck with the move and the wedding!



You know, I’m getting sick of exhibition games. The starters only go 3 or 4 innings, the closers play in the 5-6th inning…I’m sick of this… Can we start the regular season now?

Ash is getting married Ginny! He’s moving to the states where his wife-to-be is!

Regular season – MONDAY!!! WHOOO HOOO


Congrats Ash!!!
Can we start counting down the hours now, Julia? Is it still raining in NY? It’s pouring up here…again.

Thank you for the wedding congrats GinnyπŸ™‚ And yes, still raining in NY, but it’s slowing down. Tarp still on. Ash

I just love watching my games on an ESPN ticker….NOT. I can’t wait for Monday…Baseball’s back on TV! And I get the game! :0)

Do you think they’ll continue the game? It’s raining here and I’m enjoying a tasty fudgsicle! YUM!


the tarp is off

Here goes nothin’! I’m getting tired of hearing SNY talk about the Jerks–er, I mean, the Jets! Yuck!

Greg, you’re here!

Oh great Cormier just gave up a single and a double. Wonder if he’s going to be the Delcarmen of our team….have they started playing again in NY?

Note to all – NEVER SAY J-E-T-S here again! I HATE THAT TEAM! Back to your regular programming!

Hi Greg!πŸ˜‰


Yeah, I’m kicking, considering I’m 40 tomorrow! You need to give the Red Sox the sweep, Ginny, for my birthday present!πŸ˜‰ GAME ON! GO SOX!

Mental note to self:
Do not mention the **** on my blog, or here.πŸ™‚
Got it.

Lance or Rheal Cormier, Ginny? I’m not high on either one of those guys!

Got that right, Julia! We can’t have THAT TEAM here! Kind of like that OTHER TEAM! You know, the one that starts with a “Y”…I forget the full name, though…;)

I have no idea what team you are referring to Greg! lol! Okay – for your birthday Rays sweep; for my birthday a sweep of that team that starts with a “Y”!

And thank you Ginny! I have a small “issue” with that football team!


Lance Cormier. I swear he’s cursed.

His brother is no better, Ginny. Both of them are OVERRATED! Sorry, Ginny!

Happy early B-day Greg!
Sorry that I can’t grant you the sweep this week. I want Scott to win his game on Wednesday!
I think it would be great if Josh got the win on Monday. It’s nice to see the home team win the home opener.
Feel free to sweep the Other Scott’s team at the end of April!

And Greg – at 40 – you’re younger then me! I’ll be 46 during the Yankees sweep weekend!


We BOTH got issues with THAT football team! (And note to Ash, that is not football=soccer!)πŸ˜‰

That’s right Ash – You have to get that straight before you move to the States!


Oh, NOW they turn the video on! Just in time for the commercials! Hmmm…
Congrats on your wedding, Ash. Let me guess, though: your bride-to-be is a Red Sox fan, RIGHT??

I’ll be settling for Asheville Tourist baseball. Hopefully I can catch them when they play our farm team, the Greenville Drive!

Wow…Lance can strike out someone…imagine that!
The video always comes back during commercials, it’s a rule!

To answer your original question, Ginny, yes, I would compare Cormier to DelCarmen. Hmmm…

Can we get them both traded? Maybe to the Evil Empire? That way when they screw up, it’ll be GOOD?


Greg – are you watching on NESN? It had gone off again so I turned something else on. Is the game back on?


according to the ticker it’s the middle of the 6th…no rain delay

It is, on SNY. It’s that “free preview” thing on MLBTV, so I had to “log in”, even though I subscribe to it. Hmmm…:/

That’s why I was hearing all that nonsense about that OTHER FOOTBALL TEAM! Hmmph! GO SOX! AND GO PATRIOTS!

oh greg – I’ll be putting up my post about baseball in canada this weekend.

A little funny watching Alex Cora and Bobby Kielty with the Mets, is it not?

COOL! I’ll be sure to read it! I asked the same thing of a Jays fan.

YOU may not be able to grant the Red Sox the sweep, Ginny, but your team sure can!!! GO SOX!πŸ˜‰

It’ll be interesting to see what a Jays fan sees/feels. The perspective will probably be different. Also depends on where they live too. All just opinion I guess….that’s the cool part about blogging!

Haha, no my fiance is actually a Yankees fan! Her whole family are. They even got me a Yanks jersey for Christmas. Mets 4-1, end 6.

I’ve with you Greg! GO SOX!!!!πŸ˜‰


That poor child, Ash! Who subjected her to THAT team?πŸ˜‰

I guess we shall see this week, Greg.

Bobby did us a favor last inning, Ash! He’s welcome to do that again!πŸ˜‰

You’ll have to get her back on track, Ash!

Ash – you fiance roots for the “dark side” – and at the end of the subway from the Mets! UGH!!! You have to help her see the light! And if not that – you can turn her to the Mets! lol!


Bobby Ojeda, eh? Talk about shared players, Red Sox and Mets!

Who the HECK is pitching for us? Fire him! Blast him to Mars, I don’t care! Some Phillie just stole 3rd!….bases are loaded in the bottom of the 9th…yes…pitching change!
So…yah, how’s the game going in NY?πŸ™‚

Oki is looking solid, Ginny. 2 SO! Go for 3 Oki!

Sorry…got off track there for a sec.πŸ˜‰

Nice job, OKI! 3 SO! GO SOX!

I think whoever is updating the ESPN ticker is smoking something they shouldn’t be. I’m gonna go check it out on our website.

Way to go Oki!!! Keep it up!πŸ™‚

Nice to see Oki doing well – PERHAPS he could teach Delcarmen a thing or 12! lol!


Hah! I think a 12 yr old could teach DelCarmen a thing or 12! Maybe we should ask Bob for help?!

Nice job Chavez!! 4-3 – The Red Sox are coming back Ash!


Don’t hold your breath, Julia. Besides, can you picture DelCarmen trying to duplicate Oki’s “no-look” pitching style?!
FINALLY, we got a RUN! Nice job Chavez! Nice 2B! One more, Sox! Let’s get it done!

DRAT! Nice rally, guys! Do it again! GO SOX!

Good one Ginny! Hell – I probably could teach him a thing or two! lol!

“The Man” is on – PAP!!!! GO RED SOX!!!

THAT TEAM plagiarized our “Nation” theme! I think theirs should be called “Abomi-Nation”! GO SOX! GO PAP!

Is Bob actually 12, Julia, and is he actually a pitcher? How cool would THAT be??πŸ˜‰ He is not exactly “Big” Papi, though!

NESN better have this TV issue resolved before Monday!

Heard Pap became a proud Papa this winter! Go Pap! Do it for her!

Julia – I just got an email today from the Girl Guides. They told me I have to wear my uniform and cheer on the Jays on the 31st of May! I think I’m going to write a blog response to that…what do you think?

Go for it Ginny!

DO IT GINNY! I can see the uniform (maybe you can wear our own hat!) but to tell you who to cheer for?? WRONG!!! See – Boy Scouts let you cheer for who you want!


Putz!–how’s THAT for a baseball name? (I think that’s a not-quite-so-nice Yiddish word!) Hmmm… GO SOX!

Cheer for the Jays….nope, sorry doesn’t compute.

Julia, is Bob/ BigPapi actually 12? Is he actually a pitcher?

Yes he is – he is 11/12 and he says that his dad has become Yankees fan? I don’t get that, His dad was the one who started the blog.

I think the Angels are thinking, “now why didn’t K-Rod do that for US against these Red Sox guys?”! Hmmm…

Don’t enjoy yourself too much tonight, Ash!πŸ˜‰
Citi Field looks good–it just needs a Coke Bottle, instead of that silly Pepsi logo!!

I agree Greg! And yes to Coke! So much better then Pepsi!


Take care, all! I’ll check your site this weekend, Ginny! GAME ON!

Well, my work here is doneπŸ™‚ Yay New York Mets! K-Rod looked unhittable which was encouraging. But we all know these games don’t mean anything. It was great though to share the game with all you guys in this blogspace. Thanks to those who checked out my live blog commentary too. It’s 3.25am and I have a football game to go to tomorrow, so I’m out. Night all. Good luck for tomorrow’s game too Julia. Take care everyone.

Night Ash! Glad you could join us! Night all – have to get my sleep some I can get ready to work my magic and turn that Yankees fan! I’ll have my Saturday round up sometime tomorrow!


Julia.. you cant mention the phrase “Yankees sweep”in that order here… you get probation>> You are now on it, lol… Unless of course the Y*&(**7’s are in last place, the team they are playing is the the team that’s 2nd place behind the Sox on the last day of the season!!!.. and Julia, you’re getting a little close to my trademark “WOOOOOOOWOOOOOOOOOOOOO” cheer.. you’ll have to come up with something else!! lol lmao. Sorry if you think that’s bad!! ;)!!!

Is it Monday yet? I’m really sick of spring training.

I listened to John Smoltz on the radio today. He played golf with Tiger Woods. Tiger gives him three strokes per side. With that advantage, he beat Tiger this past week. He’s looking forward to qualifying for and playing on the senior tour. Of more significance, he estimates he is throwing 88-92 mph right now although he said there has been no offical reading from a radar gun. He said he feels ready, but just has to convince a few other people he is. I think he becomes a real asset around the first of June.

Haven’t been around much…… I just have trouble getting excited about spring training. Can’t wait to re-engage with some meaningful stuff. Hope you all are doing well.

Hey! Julia!

Nice to hear about “almost birthday buddies” I’ll be 57 on Tito’s birthday! Which day on the weekend is your b’day, because my Mom will be 85 when the Sox beat the Yanks that Saturday! Took her to her first Fenway/Sox game last Summer. What a howl!! She absolutely adores DP…of course….who doesn’t?!?!?!?!

What’s really nice is…when I get back to Cleveland after spending some time in NE, the Sox will be there! I’m still waiting to see if Smoltzie takes up my offer of a round of golf @ the Cleveland golf club I belong to which will be hosting the Senior PGA in May. Haven’t heard from him yet. Wrote him back when Spring Training first started.

I loved the stadium. Can’t wait until opening day.

Happy Birthday to all who are celebrating.. I’ll be velebrating # 5 0 in June.
Julia, I just realized that we can be the
“wooohoooo-wooowoooo sisiters”!! Never had a sister…
Anyway I off to take the dog for her bath and her shots….
Check in later!!

My birthday is that Saturday also judge!!! I’ll be 46!!!

Greg – HAPPY 40th today!!!!! Stop by and pick up your cake!

Ellen – I’ve been WHOOO HOOOO ing for years! The rules need to be published over what can & can’t be said – I’m always getting into trouble! I’ll be over at Fenway on Sunday – I’ll say a prayer for no rain on Monday and health for all our players! GO RED SOX!!!!!!


Julia, I’m green with envy!!!! Will you be taking the tour? or have you been before? I am sooooo jealous!!!!! have a great time.. and post some pcitures, ok?

Just ask Arnie, He’ll make you a cake, Greg!!

Sounds great, Ellen! Chocolate with mocha frosting! Can ya do that for me, Arnie! Yep, the big 4-0!
Ellen, thanks for the heads-up on Mike’s book! I’m gonna check it out for a birthday present!
Speaking of Birthday Presents, how about a Red Sox sweep of the Rays this weekend! GO SOX!

The 1st homerun hit in Citi Field Park is a GRAND SLAMMER by our boy JED!!!!!! Good Job Jed!!!

The MLBTV>COM Gods still dont like me, but MLB Network does!!!!! I’m watching on my not-so-big screen TV!! lol

Consider that my present to you, Greg!! Oh and here is a little song for you: (sung in the style of Marilyn Monroe to JFK)

Oh, Here’s an update for Judge: There are ONLY Seventeen thousand three hundred minute til 1st pitch!!!! (barring any unforseen delays)

make that SECONDS not minutes

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