Happy Easter from Anaheim

Wild start to this one, with Bobby Abreu asking for time and getting it and Josh Beckett unleashing it high and tight on the lefty.

I’m glad no punches were thrown. That wouldn’t have been the right way to celebrate Easter!

It seemed like Mike Scioscia was just itching to get thrown out of the game. Every time a sunflower was spat, it seemed like Scioscia was coming out of the dugout to argue. Obviously the Angels have been through a very emotional few days and that could have taken a toll today.

If the Red Sox get to the ninth with a lead, you won’t see Jonathan Papelbon out there. Not after 39 pitches yesterday.

This is where it is very nice to have Takashi Saito around.

Until Pedroia scored on the stolen base and subsequent error by Napoli, the Red Sox hadn’t had a run produced by anything but a home run since Friday — for those of you keeping track of such things.


I’m sad to think that as well… I also think that maybe he needs to be dropped down in the order.. 6th maybe???
time for a little RANT!!
what the hell is going on here???? Do you guys think that you can just sit back and rest on your laurels??? NOT!!! BIG TIME NOT!!!
sorry you guys but i dont care how many times this posts, as long as it posts… Pedey got a hit after i wrote it/
I’m still writing after I hit submit so I dont know what will happen but now we are run closer!!!!

By ellenc on April 12, 2009 5:33 PM
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happy day after your Birthday V-Tek!!!!!

I’m skeered now, even though Delcarmen looks like Dr Feelgood today. They have Javier “senor EZ” warming up…. He scares the crap out of me!!! COME ON MANNY D GET THES BUTTHEADS OUT!

Oh man!!! J-LO is in the game Senor EZ… I cant stand him…

Oh man!!! J-LO is in the game Senor EZ… I cant stand him…
Hopefully not, but I think Abreu will be all over him

I’m skeered now, even though Delcarmen looks like Dr Feelgood today. They have Javier “senor EZ” warming up…. He scares the crap out of me!!! COME ON MANNY D GET THES BUTTHEADS OUT!

Oh man!!! J-LO is in the game Senor EZ… I cant stand him…
Hopefully not, but I think Abreu will be all over him.
Well, thank God I was wrong but that could have gone through if Youk hadnt been on top of it!!!

Papi is really looking weak out there… LOST.. cahnge sonething DAVID AMERICUS ORTIZ!!!

change something

change something





Can you freaking believe that!!!! Well, time to go into Oakland and see what we can do there!! But Hey every body..
It’s still early and we can do this and….

moooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan……well i cant blame just tito on thiss one…im gonna blame just about A LL OF EM

I feel the dame samn way!!! hey Judge… I’m about to get my hiney severely beat on the fantasy league!!! Feel for me bubba!! Well maybe not, I think I had a tie for the 1st part of the week…. Wow who would have thought with Pedroia and Mikey they’s be where they are???

It is going to be a long and very frustrating season if this offense continues to leave runners in scoring position. It seems the only way this team can mount a rally is when the opposition walks batters and commits errors. Five runs is the best output in a game through the first six games? That’s not gonna work. There is no reason to blame Francona for anything. These guys are capable of hitting and scoring. They’re just not doing it right now. Dropping two series to playoff contenders is not an ideal way to start the season.


I feel the dame samn way!!! hey Judge… I’m about to get my hiney severely beat on the fantasy league!!! Feel for me bubba!!

That was a relatively pathetic effort by our beloved Sox today, but it is early. Bay, Youk and Tek are hitting and that’s all there is. Ellsbury has left bunches of runners on base and Pedroia isn’t doing much either. When the top of the order doesn’t go, that makes pitching to Ortiz a lot easier. Not to worry though, the Sox will hit and things will be OK. I’m not going to GQ yet (that would be General Quarters for you non military types). Beckett didn’t have his best stuff today and still did OK. I still look forward to a very exciting year when the top of the order gets cranking.

Je4ff, You are Mr. Right when it comes to that!!!! RISP killed us this week.. Let’s hope for a reall asp chewing by all coaches and Tito…. and hopefully this ship can start to right itself in the bay near Oakland!!!!!!

All right folks….no need to panic. There are 156 games left. The Sox opened up against the defending American League East Champs and followed that by playing the defending American League West Champs. Contrary to popular belief….the Angels are still a good team. They were a good team before Texiera was there last year and they are a good team without him. The Sox will have to find out what they are good at and from there. it’s not like they were blown out….and they haven’t played well and have had a chance to win games. Just wait till they start to jell. Personally, I think they will pitch there way to the playoffs. I can live with that. Just watch and enjoy….things are goibg to get better. Go Sox!!!!!!

It does seem to me that everyone is attempting to swing at the first pitch they see and not showing the same patience that we have in previous years. We are not working the counts like we usually do. Garry is right, even though Beckett did not have his best stuff, he still kept us in the game. We are not executing many of the fundamentals well, though–working counts, RBIs (with many of our runs coming on HRs, not getting runners in when we have them on base), baserunning mistakes, fielding problems (not just “errors”). We are not playing fundamentally sound baseball, on offense or defense. We need to change that in a hurry. I am hoping that at least by the time we end this West Coast swing that we’ll be in better shape. But the team needs an **** kicking, by a player(s), coach(s), and/ or Tito. Perhaps the “Beckett Throwing Incident” will have a carryover effect, and give this team a positive spark.
Hope everyone had a blessed Easter, Red Sox result notwithstanding!

Sorry I missed all the “fun” ugh! today – we had the family over for Easter. Arnie – the Red Velvet cake was a hit! I missed the brawl but sadly I didn’t miss the final score! UGH!!!


Sorry I missed all the “fun” ugh! today – we had the family over for Easter. Arnie – the Red Velvet cake was a hit! I missed the brawl but sadly I didn’t miss the final score! UGH!!!


I definitely agree Greg.. I hope everyone ate their chare of eggs (Stay far from your loved ones) and chocolate, and PEEPS!!) I loved my baseball basket that David made for me!!! I have a really great husband ro make me a Basenall/RedSox basket!! Right down to the Red and blue jelly beans!!!!! Take care all. I’ll talk to y’all tomorrow!!!!

You like the Peeps also, eh Ellen?😉 I don’t do jelly beans, so I “settle” (haha) for the M & Ms!😉 IT’S REGULAR SEASON! LET’S GO, RED SOX!

After 39 pitches, I have to wonder how quickly Pap will rebound. He did not have his control at all that game, and I hope that does not continue! (Shoulder problems or not!) Makes me glad we do have Saito. I still think when John Smoltz joins us in June, he’ll be a closer, not a starter! Yes, it is possible that he will end up in the rotation, or spot-start, if Wake has problems, or if Penny gets hurt. We still have the depth to cover that, it seems to me, in Buch and possibly Bard. Because of that, though, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Smoltz in a closer role, where he was equally effective with the Braves. But what do I know? GO SOX!

Lets’ hope Paps will be the closer for this season….we will need the depth of the rotation to survive this year. I could not understand why he diod not throw a couple more of those sinkers in the dirt when he was ahead 0-2 on all those hitters. He threw one to Izturus 0-2 and struck him out. Then Varitek kept asking for the same pitch 0-2 to everyone….the high outside fastball and the Angel hitters were waiting for it. I still don’t get that!!!!! Oh well….they know more about it than I do.

Hey guys,
I tried for two days to login but the server would just sit there. Sounds like the traffic was high for the post. Anyway, the Sox are bleeding loses like crazy. David Ortiz is dying out there. Papelbon is struggling. Beckett is a bit shaky. Lester is shaky. Lowrie is not hitting. Ellsbury is an automatic out. What’s happening to this team? All this boatload of talent struggling to score runs and hold down games. I don’t get it!
Meanwhile, Toronto is on fire. Part of the problem is the Sox don’t get a break. While the Devil Rays get this lackluster schedule, it seems the Sox are facing all the nasty teams. The schedule is a killer. Yankees, Toronto, LAA, etc. Can’t we face Texas once in a while — or Seattle. It just doesn’t feel fair to me.
Anyway, let’s hope last place Oakland can help out LAST PLACE Boston.

You are right, Craig, the Pap needed to change the pitches up against the Angel hitters. It did not seem to matter, however, what pitch Tek might have called for (I think he should have called for a pitch in the dirt also, at least once), but Pap wasn’t exactly throwing it where Tek was calling for it either! He had no location control whatsoever! Saito may end up being the closer for a while, or change off with Pap every once in a while. I still think Smoltz will end up there sooner or later, though. Happily, the middle relievers have been somewhat better, including Ramirez, and even (gasp!) DelCarmen! If MDC keeps that up, I will GLADLY tip my hat!
Dave, Beckett was great in his first outing, and he kept us in the game this time, even without pitching his best game. If we had gotten our situational hitting in order, we could have won that game! OBP didn’t seem to matter much today–we didn’t get em in. (We could have used some OPS instead!)

I needed to laugh so forgive all California Angel’s fans out there.
>> The California Angels meet Looney Lackey <<
John Lackey was at his mom’s house. It was a warm day when he was playing in his sandbox with Zazu.
“Mom…get the #$#$ lemonade…I’m thirsty!”
“Yes John.”
“Yes…millionaire John.”
Zazu looked at him.
“Hey why you treat your mom so bad.”
“Shut up.”
It was then when it got ugly. Lackey threw sand in Zazu’s face and Zazu boiled with anger. He grabbed his polly pocket and threw it at Lackey. Lackey burned with anger and grabbed his Snow White Doll and threw it at Zazu.
“Stop it both of you or you won’t be watching TelaTubbies tonight!”
“Damn it Mom, “shouted Lackey. “That’s my favorite show.”
Zazu rolled his eyes before grabbing his beer in the Aladdin drink cup with the Elmo curly straw and guzzled it down.
“Then play nice.”
Lackey sighed and gave Zazu his Pretty Princess Makeup kit. Zazu smiled and grabbed the gummy bear steroids and gulped them down.
“That’s better. More gummy bear steroids.”
“No thank you Mrs. Lackey, “said Zazu who then got up and said, “do I have to wear the Snow White diapers. Kind if embarrassing.”
“Shut up Zazu. They’re my favorite next to the Dora The Explorer Tea set so shut your [bleep] [bleep] fat-[bleeping] f[beeping] mouth up you d[bleep]
“That’s it. I’m leaving. ” screamed Abreau who couldn’t get his water wiggly hose to work after it was choking him in the head. “This is all Beckett’s fault. He’s trying to kill me. ”
Scioscio came in and said, “hey #4#$( don’t put the diapers on the Candyland Game. ”
“Beckett did it, “shouted Lackey who then grabbed his soft ball and threw it at the Becket poster hanging on his treehouse.
“Hey let’s start a brawl in today’s game. We can then listen to the Archie’s afterwards.”
Abreau cut in and said, “I want the Partridge Family. We always hear the Archie’s and they are so jovinille. ”
Scioscio came in and said, “I’m the manager and I say we hear the chipmunks and then we say bad things about the Red Sox to show how mature we are!”
“That’s great, “shouted Lackey. ” Hey Mom I said a contradiction…”
“That’s a contraction dear.’
“Shut the #$34343434a3454ASd2345 up mom. I’m Lackey.”
Zazu said, “man, you guys got the crybaby routine down pack.”

DAVE IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! b That’s what I’m talking about!!!! Now maybe the Sox will play like the Sox! Greg, you are right….seemed like Paps was just aiming the ball hoping to get through it. The Sox just need to hit a groove and they’ll be fine….

Are you insinuating that the Angels were behaving like Zazu after the Beckett Timeout Fiasco? Sciocio, hmmm… (intentional spelling, Dave? Is his name Sciocio-Path??) ; Sciocia did seem to need a pacifier today. I noticed also all kinds of references to the 34343434…is that a Raiders defensive scheme, or too many men on the field?😉 Anyway isn’t that what a starter is supposed to do? Shut up (or down!) the 3-4 hitters?😉 Gotta love it!
Beckett is trying to do Abreu in? Who knew? Did those Gummi Bears have some of Lugo’s peanut butter? Now we’ll have to hear about how Lugo’s rehab regimen is messed up! (Is that the next chapter in “As the Julio Turns”?)
And we’re back to the California Angels again? Talk about throwback!!😉 So it’s no longer the “Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, and Orange County, and the next Name Du Jour”?!😉 Hope everyone had a happy Easter!

Happy Easter everybody!

The Sox have way too much talent to keep playing this way. They are going to get on a roll here pretty soon and start tearing up the league.
I wonder a little bit about Lester. He has had too many starts, in spring and his first game this year, that were not sharp. Could he have a mechanical problem no one is talking about? That’s my one concern.

Glad the cake turned out well, Julia.

Arnie, I was asking the exact same thing about Lester right after the last start he made (I even e-mailed a question to Ian’s Inbox about it). I could be persuaded that Lester is experiencing some mental fatigue or pressure due to signing that extension and wanting to prove himself. I don’t think so, though. I noticed the exact same thing ever since Lester’s last 2 ST games did not go well, as he had a similar lack of control then. I do wonder if something is wrong with his arm or his shoulder (or something else). I hope not, though, and his next starts put this question to bed! GO SOX!

Hey, Ellen, I noticed your post about your “Red Sox Easter Basket”. Julia got one, also–maybe you and she need to compare notes/photos!😉

I blame everything on those bad memory gray road uniforms. They did nothing back in the day wearing them, why now? Get rid of those uniforms, burn them somewhere. LOL!! I thought I saw Al Nipper on the hill the other day.

I never thought I would say this or write this but Lugo as the s.s. and Lowrie as Mr. Utility will help. Am I reaching? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

moanin all …no panic yet.. we caught 2 good teams while the bats are cold….but….im gonna bash tito so tito lovers beware….then im gonna bash some hitters lol…..im not even gonna list the things i think the manager should have done diff….cept one…which dint really matter but tito had better get used to usin his friggin bench soon…i mean pinch runners for papi when needed and pinch hitters where needed…..to me the biggest f-up was when green dint get the bunt down….and nancy twice havin a chance to move runners…ya he hit a homer….big deal….in the clutch where we needed it he failed to do it twice….and i mean simple as movin runners or driving in from 3rd less than 2 outs….get on their azzez tito…..wake em up….play ball the way its supposed to be played….nancy,papi,mikey,and almost all the rest side of yuke and bay better wake up…..pedey has ripped some balls so im ok there …..grrr grrr grrr….ok im done spewin for now….somewhat vented….judge

Let’s look at the bright side. The Sox lost the last two series to the pennant contending teams. The Sox must sweep the last place Oakland in order to get above 500. Winning the series still leave the Sox 1 game under.
Our pitching depth may not be as deep as we would like to be.
The trend continues as the Sox had difficulties hitting a good pitcher.

Brian, I am with you on the road uniforms. I filed that “new” design in the “what were they thinking?” (or drinking?) drawer. Oh, well…
Andy, I would hope that losing to pennant-contending teams is not the “bright side”. If WE are going to be a “pennant-contending team”, we need to start winning some of those series! I also think our pitching depth is not exactly the problem. If Lester is hurt, or Wake or Penny are ineffective, etc., we have the pitchers to cover it. Buch and Bard are still available, Smoltz will be come June, and Masterson can still start. If our offense gets going, our pitching should still be able to keep us in the game. That seems to be a big IF right now, though.

SOME VERY FAT PITCHES …were left unhit in sundays game….not moving runners ….o well….too frustrated to comment more….they know…..im sure we will rock that oakland staff and all will be well…if not….time to look for a spark…..judge…..one thing…carter needs to be used as pinch hitter…..or play here and there…if papi continues his decline….move him in the order to fifth or something….lets hope something gets them goin…..i was hopin that buzz was the trick….not

SOME VERY FAT PITCHES …were left unhit in sundays game….not moving runners ….o well….too frustrated to comment more….they know…..im sure we will rock that oakland staff and all will be well…if not….time to look for a spark…..judge…..one thing…carter needs to be used as pinch hitter…..or play here and there…if papi continues his decline….move him in the order to fifth or something….lets hope something gets them goin…..i was hopin that buzz was the trick….not

sorry been havin real probs with this site for a week now…judge

Judge: If Papi’s struggle continues, let Carter be the DH period. Also, if Baldelli is in the lineup, bat him after Bay and Lowell not in front of them.

Judge: If Papi’s struggle continues, let Carter be the DH period. Also, if Baldelli is in the lineup, bat him after Bay and Lowell not in front of them.

i agree…i love papi but its gettin evident he is losin somethin…i also like the idea that tito(the only thing i like about him) will stick with a plr to help em….but dont do it in a 3 spot….but its early and papi might go hot gainst a weak rotation in oakland…judge

Mike Scioscia walked into the clubhouse. Lackey was throwing sunflower seeds around the room and trying to catch them with his Dora The Explorer baseball glove with pretty pink lace and a lovely picture of Dora on the mit.
“Hey that’s my glove, “screamed Mike Scioscia who grabbed it from Lackey. A brawl ensued when Abreau came in clubbing everyone with his new sponge bob sword that squirted green slime every time it struck someone making Abreau giggle like a two year old.
“Stop it, “screamed Mrs. Lackey. “You all are a bunch of children.”
“Mom…I want my Bratz girls slurpy cup and I want it @#$ now!”
Mrs. Lackey handed it over to Lackey and he then threw it at Mike who then threw the Snoopy fruit punch at Lackey who then threw the My Little Pony playset at Abreau. It really got ugly when diapers started being thrown at each other.
“This is all Becket’s fault, “shouted Lackey. “We were a great team before he came….hey…that’s MY Strawberry Shortcake cream rinse Lugo. I hate you. ”
“Hey…you all acta so crazy. I just came to get my go-go girls records back!” said Lugo coming into the clubhouse.
“They’re mine, “shouted Mike who slammed the floor with his spongy hulk gloves.
“That’s it, “shouted Mrs. Lackey. “When you all grow up, I’ll be back.”
She left the clubhouse, littered with material everywhere.
“It’s Becket’s fault. I hate him and if you don’t hate him Lugo I’ll hold my breath till I turn orange!”
“It’s blue Lackey, “shouted Lugo.
“Now look, “slammed Lugo. “I mean…you guys just lost one of your own. Don’t you think you might want to honor his memory by acting like adults. Don’t you think you can use your brains instead of your tempers. I mean…get real.”
Lugo left the clubhouse and then said to himself, “wow…that was a matury thought.”
Inside the clubhouse the crew sat and starred at each other.
“I guess I’m sorry Mike.”
“Me too said Abrueu. ”
“Me too said Mike. ”
“Hey…’that’s my He Man Action figure, “screamed Lackey. Within minutes the three were tearing each other apart while the pitcher of Number 34 stood hung from the wall and starring down at them. Ahem,

Hey to all: Happy out of LAA land day. I’m here at the office, but I have to do this fromthe common area computer during the loan officers lunch hour. My computer died, I’m having a ceremony for it later in the week. I think it was 101 years old!! lol
I’m glad that the Sox are heading to the Land of Oak. Maybe we can get some lumber and build some better bats!!! Late game tonight so I’m thinking that not alot of blogging during the game will be done. But I’ll see you guys earlier in the evening.
See ya later. E.

I’m in total shock! Future HOF announcer Harry Kalas passed away while getting ready for today’s Phillies at Nationals broadcast!!! I’ll miss hearing ” that ball is outta here” in a voice only topped by Bob Sheppard.

Harry was 73. Way too young!!!

Former Fenway favorite Bobby Kielty had a solo dinger and two walks today for Mets AAA Buffalo Bisons!

Judge, I’m beginning to think like you regarding Tito. I mean, it should be obvious to everybody that each and every loss this year can be attributed to something that Tito either did or did not do. Take last night’s game: Who was it that let Beckett give up those three runs in the third(I think it was the third)? Didn’t he say something to Josh before the inning???? HEEEELLOOOO! You’re the MANAGER! And in the 9th: JD up with runners on. Did he warn him?? A simple “watch out for strike 3 there, JD.” would have saved the game. And everyone knows that filling out the line-up card with hitters who aren’t going to score enough runs doesn’t win you many games! Even that crazy monkey from Connecticut knew that pinch-hitters often hit game winning home runs. And the monkey was a Mets fan!!! If a Mets-loving, alcoholic monkey knows about pinch-hitters why doesn’t Tito?
And don’t get me started on relievers! It ain’t rocket science to figure out that bringing in a relief pitcher who is going to give up runs is a recipe for disaster. Jeeeeze! I can’t believe I even have to type this in to Ian’s blog; it should be so obvious.
Earth to Tito: tell Lester to throw strikes!! No fooling around out there today. Don’t make me come out there!
And you hitters: SQUARE UP THE BALL!!! Line drives, home runs for crying out loud! One last time: Hit the ball hard or I’ll put Carter out there in your place! See how you like that.
Nothing sticks in my craw like a manager who can’t put the right players in the game at the correct time and take the wrong players out of the game at the appropriate time.

You are a riot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tito needs to start going to see a palm reader if he wants to keep his job…he should know better than to keep Big Papi on the base paths…as soon as Big Papi gets a hit….YANK HIM OUT…who cares what inning it is. Then later we can say what an idiot Tito is for taking him out so early. Especially after the pinch runner doesn’t score because the next guy whiffed. But Tito should know that was coming too!!!! If we go into extra innings and Tito yanks guys out….fire him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yahoo. Oh crap….6 games into the season and the Sox are in last place…..OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! The season is over…. Ha Ha!!!! OK, now I’ll go take my Ridellin.

Ellen, first this site’s posting problems, now your computer dies? Can’t catch a break! I hope you can still catch the games!
Arnie, I am going to be watching Lester closely. If you and I are right that something is not right with him (physical or mental) we ought to get an idea of that tonight. I am still not convinced that something isn’t haywire.
Bob, condolences about Kalas. Very sorry to hear he died. (He managed to just get that WS championship last year–as we Red Sox fans often said after 04, “Now I can die in peace”.) May Harry Kalas also rest in peace. Tough week for baseball fans! Thanks for the note on Kalas, Bob.

Hi everyone!! Greg, my computer here at home is ok, its the one in the office that died.. I’d be able to get the games anyway, I received the MLB package on Directv as a Christmas present from the hubby. Tonight I’ll be able to watch from under the comforter, ahhhhhhh!!! Thats whay I’m talking about!!!
I have officially brought out my rose colored glasses: EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OKAY!!!!

It was a blessing that your computer at work died….you were telling us what a POS it was last year!!!!! You know your computer is about to crap the bed when hospice is looking for it….

Okay, Now I have to tell you that Mark Fidrych passed away!!! Well thats 3 baseball people that have died inside of a week. WOW… he was 54 years old!!!! WOW!!! May the Bird fly among the Angels!!! RIP

Oh htey will just bring out another dinosaur for me… only the bosses get new computers!!!!

Greg, I cancelled my MLBtv a couple months ago and haven’t signed up again, so keep an eye on J.L. for both of us.

The Bird died, too?? Yikes.
A moment of silence is in order for all baseball fans, players, writers, coaches and so forth. Tough week.

The Bird was an intersting individual and fun to watch!!!! RIP Mark!!!

oh my oh my i forgot…and i even warned u….but to my regret yes i said a bad thing about the man who walks on water….btw….how many ppl think papi is gonna score from 1st on a hit in the gap….or from sec for that matter….and i think i remember lowrie hittin under 240 last yr gainst lefties…as for the bullpen…the only time i would even suggest tito do somethiing diff is everytime he brings in lopez…the rest,,, as my luv ellen would put it…mystical chance….but i would like some basic moves made…so sorry for talkin bad bout tito….but o well he makes it easy ….judge…..now everyone sacrifice the gold to the bb gods and wake up our bats….judge

I just watched a “classic game” the other day, Saturday actually between the Tigers and the Yankees.. Fidrych was talking up a storm on the mound!! lol Quite a character.
Well they say that these things happen in 3’s… Not that 3 isnt too many but hopefully now its over for a while!!!! and I will start the night if it’s okay with everyone?? Oh well you cant answer until I post so here I go!! lol

…and maybe I’m speaking too soon (again, ‘magine that!!lol) but the posting problem seems to be getting alot better.
Keep your fingers crossed!!!!

Call me an optimist, Ellen, but I will be surprised if the posting problems are any better. I am “optimistic” this posting system will screw us over again. Oh, well, here goes nada. (Fingers crossed).
I only vaguely remember Fidrych. I do remember the name, and saw a little footage of him, but not much else. He did indeed seem to be a character.

Hey, it worked (this time!) PROGRESS! (Such a demanding god, this “Progress”).

If you go to our RedSox home page and scroll down about 3/4 of the way, on the left there is the story about Mark Fidrych and there is a WONDERFUL interview available on the story page. I just listened to it and I was very impressed with the interview but even more so with the BirdMan…. great read and listen.

Greg, go to the home page and watch the interview. It is EXCELLENT!!

Is anyone else having issues with MLB Extra Innings tonight? I called Bright House Networks (my cable provider here in Central Florida), and they said they are working “furiously” to fix the issue that several people are facing. I’m watching the Yankees get worked over by Tampa Bay.


What in the HELL is up with Lester….????? This looks more like javier Lopez on the mound than it looks like the Lester from last year!!! and Bay with a possible injury??

What in the HELL is up with Lester….????? This looks more like javier Lopez on the mound than it looks like the Lester from last year!!! and Bay with a possible injury??
I’m heading for the comfort of my comforter!!!

Oh well. Better I don’t watch the game. This Red Sox offense cannot score more than five runs in a game – and that is with help from errors – so this one is a lost cause.

Arnie you inspired me and it’s OBVIOUS that you all NEED a laugh.
Terry Francona ? Mr. Obvious
Terry woke up to the ringing of the phone in the hotel. He looked at the clock. It said 6:00 am. Terry then knew it was 6:00 am because the clock said 6:00 am.
?Well, it is 6:00 am. That’s why the phone is ringing. I must answer it because it is my wakeup call. I know it is my wakeup call because it is 6:00 am. If it was not 6:00 am it would not be my wakeup call.?
Terry picked up the receiver. He then put it down again.
?Now they know I woke up because if I didn’t wake up it would keep ringing. That is obvious.?
Terry then yawned and stretched.
?I will take a shower. That will require soap, shampoo and a towel. I will use the towel to dry off so it won’t get wet when I take a shower. That is obvious.?
Terry got up and tossed his clothes on the ground and walked into the shower. He turned the water on.
?If I turn it too far…it will be very hot…like it is now…slowly burning my skin. I will turn it cooler. That is better.?
Terry washed with soap and then applied some shampoo to his hair.
?I don’t need much since I am bald. Why do we use soap for our skin but shampoo for our hair. That is not so obvious so I cannot answer that question.?
Terry shut off the water and wiped himself off with the towel.
?Now it is wet but my body is dry. The towel absorbed the water and will be wet until it dries. That is obvious. ?
Terry put on his clothes.
?I have to wear the travel uniform because we are on the road. If was at home I would not be doing that. This uniform is the same one the 1986 Red Sox wore when they lost that World Series. That is not inspiring. That is obvious.?
Terry then walked out the door and down the stairs to the hotel lobby. It was filled with people.
?Not many people know me because I am in Oakland. If I was in Boston they would know me. That is why they do not know me here. That is obvious.?
Terry hailed a cab. The cab stopped to let him inside the cab.
?Thank you. Please bring me to the Oakland ball park. I would go to Fenway Park??
?I got it, ?snapped the cab driver but by then Terry answered a phone call.
?Hey, it’s me John Lester. I have an injury and I can’t pitch today.?
Terry sighed and said, ?you called me to tell me that because you are pitching today. If you were not pitching today you would have said so in your conversation so that means…?
Just then the phone went dead.
?They always hang up on me because they think I am annoying. That is obvious.?
The cab stopped and Terry got out. He walked to the side of the cab and paid the driver.
?That’ll be $7.50?
Terry handed him a ten.
?I would pay you 7.50 but you are a cab driver and demand a tip even though I probably won’t be using you again and you smoke and it makes the cab smell bad and you were rude to me. However I must pay you this…?
?Forget it…? snapped the cab driver who bulleted off without collecting his fee.
Terry smiled and said, ?he left because I was annoying him and that is obvious and now I keep my $7.50. That is good.?

Ellen, thanks. I did check out the interview. Great stuff. I only wish I’d seen more of him–just a little before my time.
What IS up with Lester? Get that impostor out of there–April Fools Day is OVAH!:/

READ my article guys — it’s good for a laugh.

OK, Tito as Captain Obvious. Hmmm…my pitcher is obviously AWOL. The pitcher on the mound right now is not Jon Lester. So I must go find him. For I am Captain Obvious.
Thanks Dave. Now if the real Jon Lester and the real Red Sox show up, Tito will be a hero. (Maybe then you can write a Marvel comic for it!) Good one, Dave, thanks.😉

Holy smokes folks…
What’s going on? First the Celtics get creamed by the Cavs and now this pasting by Oakland. Is Jon Lester okay?

And what’s this I hear about Jason Bay with an injury? I already see that Jed Lowrie is on the DL with a sprained wrist, but man, oh man…

Good one, Dave!! It’s great to have you back.

Lester is getting lit up like a pinball game and now Bay could be down with an injury? Lowrie out, too? OUCH! Not an auspicious start, Sox fans, not at all.

Hey, Paco, how are ya. Welcome to the fun–uh, not.
The Celtics getting lit up is not a surprise–the Cavs are a better team than the one that took us to 7 games last year, and even last year, we were not playing that well away from home in the playoffs, and now, with KG hurt…
Paco, I think you are onto something. Arnie and I have wondered if Lester is OK–I don’t think so.
Well, happily the inning ended. I would like to think the Red Sox would not continue to be R.I.P. Van Winkle, and wake up before 20 years–let alone 20 games! But I can wish…

I saw that misread play by Bay, but I did not know that Bay might have injured himself.
Mike has grounded into way too many DPs already this year. That also needs to change in a hurry. GO SOX!

Why is LOPEZ warming up? We’re supposed to have a DEEP bullpen! What happened to that? (I heard that somewhere!):/

Well, I’m hittin’ the hay folks.

I can’t stay up too late and see our team get pummeled like this.

Something tells me we may have a newer hitting coach in the near future (hey, I have been calling for his head for a while now). That or our team is simply thrown off by a West Coast trip that’s seemingly quite early for the season.

THAT’S BETTER, PAPI! Do it again, Sox!

Sorry for the upcoming caps, but this is just too much:


Sorry, but I can’t defend him anymore if he keeps on doing that.

Unfortunately, Paco, Drew ain’t the only one!

It’s like watching a train wreck: I can’t stop. Not a great analogy, but I can’t think of anything else. Honestly, this is getting baffling. Starting the season 2-5 is not something anybody would like to see.

Are we getting close to pulling out the panic button? Probably, but it’s definitely warranted.

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