Eerie — Nomar just hit one out

Hard to believe, isn’t it, that this is the first time Nomar Garciaparra has played against the Red Sox.

And as I sit here in the press box, they had just shown footage of Nomar’s first career homer, struck on Sept. 1, 1996, against these Oakland A’s here at the Coliseum. I kid you not, immediately after that highlight, Nomar ripped a solo shot into almost the exact same spot into the LF corner against Jon Lester. This was career jack No. 227 for Nomahhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Kind of weird to see Nomar and Orlando Cabrera now teaming up on the left side of Oakland’s infield, isn’t it?

OK. How worried is eveyrone about Lester? Just two bad starts or is something else wrong?


Gotta wonder if Nomar and Cabrera trade stories! Hmmm…
Ian, as I e-mailed you, I am (and I think increasingly more of us also are!) VERY worried about Lester! I’d be interested to hear what you think about it!

Right now, the only bright side I see for Lester is that someone has had it worse than he has! Chien-Ming Wang!

It’s this first week!!!! Will everyone calm down????

I did not know that they had shown a highlight of Nomah hitting his first career HR, consequently against the A’s. I would have knocked on wood. I miss him. And it is SO weird to see him and Nomah on the same side of the field. No hard feelings, eh?

I can’t say that I’m TOO worried about Lester. I remember not being very impressed with him at the beginning of last year, and then in May it was like WHAM. Maybe he’s just one of those guys that gets off to bad starts.

What can you tell us about Jed Lowrie? How did this wrist injury come to pass, I thought he was over it (from last season).

Gonna go watch Takashi now. TOtally think he’s gonna be like Oki of ’07. See why in my latest post:

PBryce, I’d love to calm down. And it IS the first week. But if you have watched any of Spring Training, you’d have noticed that Lester has not been pitching the way he ordinarily does. Having observed him, I DO wonder if something is wrond–and if so, NOW is the time to deal with it WHILE IT IS STILL WEEK 1!
I hope the offense picks up, but on offense and defense, our effort has been below standard. Will it snap out? Likely. Until then, we need to get to playing defense the way we should. Our fundamentals have been shaky. We need to straighten that out WHILE IT IS STILL WEEK 1!
I’m done.

I’m with Greg on this one – something is NOT right with Lester. Did anyone notice his eyes last night? There was no life/spark in them. Something is so not right at all there. GO RED SOX!


Lester getting pounded has too concern the Red Sox. That is 2 clunkers in a row. I didn’t see any of the game last night but the A’s were the swinging A’s last night. It looks like Lester didn’t fool anyone wearing a Oakland uniform. Then again a year ago at this time Lester was having problems. He didn’t start off well in 2008 and then he threw his no hitter against K.C. and never looked back.

Where are the Red Sox bats?

The schedule has the Sox playing the Nationals in June, can that series be changed too mid April? LOL….

You can’t beat the pennant contending teams. You can’t beat the last place team. Bring in the AA team. It’s early in the season. Who would have thought that the Yanks and the Sox were the worst teams in AL East.
Where are the bats? There is nothing to talk about the Sox until they play 500 ball and possibly and hopefully they will take off from there.
The Sox could be out of contention by the end of April if the trend comtinues.
The Sox can’t take solace in the Yankee pitching debacle Swisher had to pitch one thing. B/w Swisher was pitching better than Oki. Sign Swisher as a setup guy. lol
The Sox MUST win the remaining two games with the A’s . If not they have to face J. Guthrie in the opening game against Baltimore.

moanin all….lord almighty….i totally blame tito …demmit….he should have called theo before the game and said ok….send me the sea dogs and take these bums and have em cut grass in the cape league somewhere….ok…wheres that spark….no panic yet….but close….judge

Boston is obviously slow out of the gates but the panic button is not even on the radar. That is Francona’s strength, he does not panic. That has been proven many times.

Interseting thought>>> How bout we get Cabrera BACK???

I mentioned last outing that something seemed to be weighing on Jon Lester. Somebody in the FO better find out what is going on before we go much further.
But not to fear guys and girls… I have figured out why the Sox havent been winning!!!!! I forgot to bring out all my REDSOX STUFF!!!!! It’s been in a box in the back room.. The universe will be put back in order for tonights game!!! lol

It’s no time to push the panic button. But the Sox can’t afford to fall too far behind in the standing. The Rays will be there all year. We don’t know whether Toronto and Baltimore are for real. We can’t dismiss them as being pretenders yet. Hope they are.
Two runs ain’t gonna win a lot of games regardless who is on the mound. I hope Lester is OK and don’t want to see the rerun of Buchholz fiasco.

If the standings look like this at the end of the year I will be the first to admit I didn’t see it coming. With that said….this is not how it will look come the end of the season…the question is….where will our Sox be? That is all I’m concerned about. They are too good of a team to play like this all season. You will hear a loud pop soon… the head unlodges from the anal cavity and the Sox will be rolling. Buckle up Sox fans….The train is about to levae the station….either stay on or get off.

the thing that is concerning me the most is that papi isnt much of a threat lately or even last yr….i hate to specualate why..but…if something doesnt happen soon with him there isnt that fear factor in mid line up….im sure a trade isnt far off if he doesnt start tatooing the ball…i also hate to admit it but the team is missing that millah attitude for times like these….dirty 30 would have been a good choice for our dugout …..sigh….well im a die hard like the rest of you and im sure the gears will turn and our sox will catch fire…pls pls pls….judge

….if papi has indeed suffered the decline bug…anyone have any ideas who we might snatch?….im thinkin the nats would like some pitchin for DUNN…to soon i know but just a thought

Mornin! It’s a beautiful sunny Spring Southwest Day! The in-laws are still complaining about Winter in NH! I sure needed one to take the edge off of what I saw last night. Sure looked like the same team I saw in CA this weekend. Thank GOD Youk has come out of the gate on fire. If not for him….. I’m glad to see the Captain having a decent start as well. Where are the rest of the bats? As for short, we’ll be fine. Cabrera can stay in Oakland, no thanks, Ellen! Lester sure doesn’t look motivated. Those pickoffs were nice, though.

I think it’s too early to scrutinize too closely. Lester was a bit slow early last year so I think he’ll be fine. Not too impressed with Saito … yet. Sure would be nice to have a reason to bring in Pap, no? C’mon Papi! We need you to knock holes in the right field bleachers! If not, we might not climb out of this hole! Wow, did the Rays look good yesterday!

Terry Francona ? Mr. Obvious (Chapter 2)
Terry walked into the press room after the game. He looked tired because he was tired because the team had lost and that made him tired but if the team had won he would not be tired.
?Mr. Francona, what could be the reasons for John Lester’s performance.?
Terry smiled and said, ?I think all our work on the pickoff move. He’s really shown the Oakland A’s that you can’t steal bases to win, you just have to hit every pitch that John throws at you instead for a home run like they did tonight. Yes, make the Oakland A’s work for their train wreck win instead of giving it to them. We were thinking fifteen runs but the team only gave up eight. That’s progress.?
The audience paused for a long moment while Terry scratched his head.
?Mr. Francona, the Red Sox gave up eight runs and have lost just about every game they have played. What’s it going to take to turn this team around??
?Well, as I spoke to the team before the game to not just strike out and hit fly balls to center field. It is also helpful to hit flyballs to right field. I also suggested to score a run and we discussed what that was like since it’s been a long time since that’s happened. I also mentioned that pitching must ALWAYS pitch a no hitter so that we can score more runs than the other team or at least tie the game. I have also told them it is important not to strike out three times in a row when you have a runner on third and nobody out. Those important points sometimes that gets missed. ?
There was another long pause as if the reporters were confused.
?Mr. Francona, what we mean is…what things are you going to change to have your team win.?
Terry sighed and said, ?ah…now I understand. Any more questions!?
The reporters sighed and said no. Terry walked out into the parking lot. The Oakland fans waved to him and thanked him for a great game. Terry waved back with elation. It was nice to be loved.
?More of the same tomorrow right!?
Terry shouted back, ?it will be even better! That is obvious.?

You won’t see any trades for a while…Theo is probably the least worried of anyone. If Papi is on the decline….he won’t be worth much in return players. I think Papi just needs to relax and put his bat on the ball. He hit a few hard ones in Anaheim that found gloves. Now as far as the way the pitching is right now….we can’t trade any pitching….we need it the worst of anyone. It’s just one of those years that the Sox are starting off slow and they need to find themselves. It hasn’t happened in so long we forgot what it feels like. Sit tight and hang in there. It’s a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng season….

good points cf. Don’t forget to read Mr. Obvious. I have a lot of fun with that character!

Dear Woodland,
I read about Dustin Pedroia’s rather aggressive remarks about the place where his parents still own a business. Naturally, you had a reaction. How did I know about it? Well because you showed us all that Woodland is a place we don’t want to be in. Here’s why.
If you wish to argue against your town being a place that ‘everyone wants to get out of’, do you think death threats against Dustin’s parents to the point where arrests were made to protect Dustin’s parents lives, and nasty signs smearing Pedroia really creates a place where “we want to stay?” Do you think becoming violent and threatening is a way to argue against Dustin?
Granted, Dustin wasn’t smart for being so candid, but in the future, how about presenting a positive image. How about creating an atmosphere where we really feel Dustin’s comments were wrong — instead of right.
I grew up in Fall River Massachusetts. Its a lot like Woodland in some aspects. It’s poor, it’s mismanaged and yes it has parts that are VERY dangerous. However, it has some great parts as well that are nice to visit. However, nobody knew of Woodland’s beauty because you were all too busy scaring us to death. Perhaps you might reconsider and tout your town for the good aspects as well. Perhaps you might use this negative publicity to start a campaign and show us how great the town is and you can start by leaving Dustin’s parents alone and letting them run their business. Just my two cents.

Just announced – Beckett has been suspended for 6 games –

dave – you grew up in Fall River? That is where my dad is from – I have relatives there. AND I am getting KILLED on my blog today sticking up for the Red Sox!


kewl dave im from new bedford…i know little portugal well…judge

hey Julia,
Yup. Spent my entire childhood there in the town where the city hall crumbles on I-195 and Braga Bridge is the longest bridge in the world. I can say Fall River for all its fault felt like a city. It’s unique and doesn’t represent cookie-cutter USA. I don’t miss it but have both good and bad memories — like we all do. Even now though I can picture the sunset on Battleship Cove and how pretty the U.S.S. Massachusetts looked with the sun shimmering on the water. I still remember my best friend Al and I riding our bikes down Highland Avenue hoping we wouldn’t get killed or heading out to Lincoln Park for a roller coaster ride before they closed it up. My old address was on Detroit St near Dave’s beach (no relation to me) and downtown is where I saw the premiere of Superman I and still remember being dazzled when Sups stopped the helicopter from crashing to the ground. Now it looks quaint.
I also remember our street getting paved for the first time or how so many churches and factories burned to the ground. I still have some pictures somewhere of the remains of one of the factories on Brayton Avenue. I went to school there by the way (Brayton Avenue Grammer). The playground was a crumbling paved surface next to an abandoned field where one large rock was a playground for many an afternoon. Ah the memories!

Dave – I’ll have to ask my dad where he went to school. His parents and all his aunts and uncle worked in the cotton mills there. Brayton Ave and Highland Ave I am familiar with. There use to be a mom & pop meat store that made THE best polish sausage! My dad’s family is Polish – his parents were from Poland. I know my Dad went to Diamond Voc Tech for high school and then into the Air Force. My dad has stories about working as a soda jerk and 4th of July Bon Fires in the street. Small world.


hey Julia,

Did you guys ever go to a clam boil. I called them snot boils but that’s just me. I hated clams. They were gross to me but it was very appealing to watch the big pots being burned on outdoor fires and eating mashed potatoes as well.
I take it you probably had some Portuguese sweet bread as well.
My best friend growing up was also Polish. I learned that sausage, cabbage and potatoes were the mainstay.
I remember Diamond High School. I take it it’s still there? Times change and you never know these days. It is a small world all right.
When I went to college my old EE teacher told everyone “remember to leave the Promised Land when you graduate” I took him seriously and went to Indiana then Michigan and now Nashville. I wonder where I’ll move to next. I hate staying in one place too long. Too much of the world to see.

brayton ave …we used to go every year to the haunted house there when i was younger…lincoln park also which technically is n dartmouth/westport….if its been awhile since you were downtown one of the big churches is now a club…night club…least it was a few yrs ago when i was in mass…im in illinois now so its been awhile…nice memories…judge

Hey, Dave, you don’t want the clams? I’ll take em! Where do I sign up?😉 I LOVE CLAMS! You can have the corn. I’ll take the Polish sausage and potatoes any day, also.
Julia, I hope you always feel at home here, esp. when things heat up on your blog.🙂

Dave, my idea of a “last meal” is a huge bucket of steamed clams (not fried!), and a huge boiled lobster with lemon and butter! Yes, I could have survived very nicely in New England–I ate very well any time we visited Cape Cod! (We visited Cape Cod several times when I was MUCH younger!)

Beckett gets 6? Is it April 1st again?

I’m a little concerned about Lowrie. If that is the same wrist again, he may have a cronic problem!

Lester’s results were not as bad as Wang! Those Rays were pumped by their home opener and the pennant raising! Gotta laugh at the on camera sign behind home plate, Free Credit Report. Com. Guess they’ll take money from anyone, even a scam!!!

My hometown was the hub of U.S. brass manufacturing along with Bulova, Timex and some clothing factories. In my earlier childhood,,, early 60’s,,, all the shops were going at full tilt and my hometown was still in its glory. Then the 70’s gas crisis put everybody out of work and the town never recovered. That’s when I started my wandering. But I have fantastic memories of great Italian food, German food, Greek, the fantastic rye bread and bagels, along with the old New England dishes. The town to the south of us, Naugatuck, was full of Polish people so I had my share of Kielbasa(sp) and pierogies, galumki etc. All the shops had picnics every summer and a clambake was required. The clams, roasted corn, lobsters, sausage and peppers, clam chowder(with NO TOMATOES!!), cornbread, on and on. Those memories are awesome, and I know I will never have all that food prepared so perfectly again. A lot of those old recipes and cooking techniques are gone for ever. Ah well, we move on.

We had 4th of July bonfires in the park in my neighborhood. I doubt you could do that now, but it was fantastic! A pile of stuff as big as a house and the firemen…who else!!… would light it up and we’d be amazed at the flames and the heat it would throw off.

Don’t try that here, Arnie, they’ll throw ya in the cooler for a few.🙂

Yea Greg, there’s no way anything like that would be allowed now. The lawyers(sorry Dben), the EPA, Al Gore, PETA(in case an insect was still inside the wood) and every other no-fun-here outfit in the state would be on you like a tick on a hound.

Hey everyone,

Greg you can have ALL my clams. They are yours for the keeping for I am the ONLY New Englander that never liked fish. I hated the taste, I hated the texture and I’m sorry but I never liked it. I like Turkey OK, steak is OK and chicken with a LOT of flavor to hide the taste. That’s just me. I’m just not a great fan of sea food. I tried shrimp once and thought I was gonna die. I tried Lobster once and walked away. My body just doesn’t like it. I think it started with my Dad always serving us cod fish every Sunday no matter what. The bones got to me and getting them stuck all over my mouth drove me crazy. I think that’s when I started to hate fish but I did like fish & chips. That was yummy.

I REALLY feel out of place here!!! You know, being born reared (you raise cows and rear children I’m told!!) and still living in Fort Lauderdale and all of y’all from New England… But I love “low country boils” which are essentially the same (no clams{thank god} shrimp, crawfish {tiny lobsters} some put lobster in, and sausage,corn and potatoes)…
ANYWAY… I say that now that my “shrine” is back in place,
finally, order in the REDSOX NATION will be restored!!!! Praise be to the RedSox!!!!
I;m sorry that Beckett has to serve suspension but I’m more sorry that the Ump won’t come out and say that he was in his windup/near release when he called time, and it just flew…. Just my li’l ol opinion,,, chicken butt ump!!!

new thread

“Send down the clams” (put to music). I’ll take em, Dave, thanks!🙂

I blame the horrible new road jerseys and that joke of an alternate logo on the cap, reminds me too much of the 80’s and 90’s choketastic Sox.

I blame the horrible new road jerseys and that joke of an alternate logo on the cap, reminds me too much of the 80’s and 90’s choketastic Sox.

I think Mr. Obvious would agree with you on the alternate uniforms and caps, Madraider. I think they are too much of a reminder of those not-so-glory days. Hmmm…

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