Beckett appeals six-game suspension

Red Sox ace Josh Beckett was surprised by his six-game suspension for the pitch that buzzed Bobby Abreu off the plate on Sunday. He is also surprised that Angels manager Mike Scioscia criticized him for not showing remorse:

“I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do. Am I supposed to go give him a hug? I wasn’t really in a hugging mood right then.  I don’t really know what he wanted me to do,” said Beckett.

As for the suspension itself, which Beckett appealed on the spot?

“Yeah, we were pretty shocked. I think the appeal kind of speaks for everything that we feel,” Beckett said.

On how a pitch can go somewhere other than you want it when time is called at the last minute?

Every pitcher does that. I’ve seen guys that I’ve played with, they throw balls to the backstop. It’s just, it’s what we’re taught to do. We have to kind of protect ourselves in those situations. Stopping is not a good way to do that. It can end your career. One bad slip or something like that.”

“Like I said the other day, that ball could have wound up anywhere. It’s unfortunate where it ended up. That’s the only reason I’m standing here dealing with all this stuff. We’ll just see where it goes from here. Obviously we don’t agree. I respect the job that everybody has to do but I don’t agree.”

In other news, Julio Lugo could start his rehab for Triple-A Pawtucket as early as Tuesday.


I REALLY feel out of place here!!! You know, being born reared (you raise cows and rear children I’m told!!) and still living in Fort Lauderdale and all of y’all from New England… But I love “low country boils” which are essentially the same (no clams{thank god} shrimp, crawfish {tiny lobsters} some put lobster in, and sausage,corn and potatoes)…
ANYWAY… I say that now that my “shrine” is back in place,
finally, order in the REDSOX NATION will be restored!!!! Praise be to the RedSox!!!!
I;m sorry that Beckett has to serve suspension but I’m more sorry that the Ump won’t come out and say that he was in his windup/near release when he called time, and it just flew…. Just my li’l ol opinion,,, chicken butt ump!!!

By ellenc on April 14, 2009 8:29 PM
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I’ll take the lobster, also, with the clams, Ellen! When do I eat?😉
I am not surprised that Beckett got a suspension, but 6 games is a LITTLE MUCH. It would be nice for the ump to do some ‘splainin’. But I can wish…
I just wish this kind of incident would fire up the team. Maybe now that the suspension has been “handed down”, whatever the appeal result is, we can play with a little more fire. We sure do need it! GO SOX!

Did I miss dinner? lol! 6 games seems excessive when you consider that he wasn’t ejected from the game. And I’m with you Greg – we need to get them fired up! GO SOX!!!!!!!


Julia, I think the 6 games was the Commish’s way of saying that Beckett should have been thrown out (and we disagree, but I do think that is his thinking). Are you recovered from your blog’s battle scars? Will you be watching the game, or checking out early? GO SOX!

The commish?? How about the Commisioner of the Umpires. he needs to reign these guys in as well. We treat Dr.’s as “gods” and now it seems they are starting to get that dispensation. i.e. they cannot do wrong and are above reproach. Well I think the line from Fever Pitch says it all for this ump… “HEY UMP GET OFF YOUR KNEES!!! YOU’RE BLOWIN THE GAME!!!!”

I suspect this was more about the commissioner saying he was not soft on throws to the head. I think this was NOT about Beckett but about the idea of throwing to the head. The commissioner was making a general statement and Beckett was chosen to take the fall. I agree it’s not fair but to be fair, it’s a scary thing seeing a ball come towards your head. If it was me I would have made a general statement on the matter instead of sending down the hatchet. That’s just me.

I’n glad he instantly appealed. But if the appeal is denied, at least he will ONLY miss one game!!!!(we cant even afford that). Now that has been said I think a cheer is in order..
One four nine three.. GoSox Win, are y’all with me???

or one three four fivem COME ON SOX LOOK ALIVE!!!!
I just got my 1st order of the MLB Voodoo dolls w/extra long pins.. Just so happens its the Oakland A’s Voodoo dolls.
Pins at the ready, I’m ready to kick A)) S)) S))!!

Hi DAVE!!! How’s everything and everyone??? I’m with you my friend!!!

Are we all here?? !st pitch coming up now!!

Thank You to MLB.Com for fixing (fingers crossed) our, wait chanfe that to THEIR problem….

Ellen it is always great to have you as a friend. You are one of the good ones — even if you’re not from New England (LOL)
if Beckett misses Clay can do the start or even Justin Masterson. Sox have a lot of backups. Now if we can get Papi and Drew to catch on fire…life will be better.

Come om Papi!!!

Ellen look at the Sox’s averages. It’s painful. It’s like watching a minor league team — 150, 219. Ug!

Dave, I think you are also right that the suspension was a warning “not to throw at the head”, but I think it was also an opinion about Beckett (and no other Red Sox, for that matter) not being thrown out. It’s as much an assessment of the umps as anything, I believe. Anyway….
Ellen, I HOPE the psoting problem is done, but who knows, yet! GO SOX!
Way to go, Dustin! Let’s go Youk!

and Pedey!!!

Yes, it does, Dave. Sad. COME ON YOUK!

Come on YOUK!!!!!!

Good Job Youk!!!!


Thank you JDDREW!!! finallY!

YES! Nice hit, JD! Great baseruuning Youk! GO SOX!

I don’t believe it. The Sox have gotten their run quota for the game in the first inning. OK I’m hoping for more. Finally Drew is NOT an automatic out.

Come on, J-Bay. We need more! Dice-K needs all the help he can get! GO SOX!

We need a TON O’KO’s by Dice K tonight…

Don’t say that Dave, they might actually take your word on that!

BB! Pitching coach out there already! YES!
OUCH, REMDAWG! It’s true about the Sox’ hitting, but still, OUCH!



What have they done with the Sox? It’s like they are now a major league team again!

When was the last time they actually took a lead in a game? Oh this is TOO much fun!

Way to go, Tek! BB! Good eye! GO SOX!

Papi’s long AB gave these guys a chance to see a lot of pitches.. Thanks Papi!!

Don’t look now but I think your Sox have awakened from hibernation….

Hey this is Julious Lugoes. This is whya the Sox are doing baddy. It’s because Lugoes isn’t in game. Watch out when I come backa and hit .008 with 55 errors. Oh we be in first place then!

Come on, Dice-K, you’ve got a lead, get it done!
Hey Craig, how are ya? Let’s keep it up, eh! GO SOX!

G’night guys!!! I’m watching from the comfort of my bed!!!!!
See you tomorrow..

Hey this is Julious Lugnut here. Watch out because I am gonna strike out a whole lot and show teams how good I am for tradingering.

Ellen you need to be in central time. It’s only 9:29 pm here!

.008? Really, Lugnuts? How’d you manage that high a BA? Peanut butter?😉

Doing Great Greg…now that the Sox I know have come out of the closet….now if Dice-K can make this stand up for a while….

Come on, Dice-K! Get some outs here!

Come on, Dice-K! Don’t make Craig look bad!😉

It’s only 7:31 here…bad thing is I’m blacked out from watching so I’m listening to WRKO….

Good job, J-Bay! Get a DP, Dice-K!

Hi this is Dice-K. I work hard to give up runs so my team can slide into the cellar.

Hi this is Lugnut. Oh man…how about .007. You righta I not have that high average.

.007, Lugnuts? Are you Bond? Or Andy?😉

7:30. You must be in California.

One more strike, Dice-K!

Good grief, Dice-K! GO SOX!

Hold for a moment while I hit my head against the wall. Oh this is killing me.

Although I’m nothing pretty to look at…..Dice-K could make Sandra Bullock look bad….and apparently he is trying to do that!!!!!!

Still need that DP, Dice-K! GO SOX!

Well I think by July the Sox may win their first game.

I would not know about Bullock, Craig, I will take your word for it! (Remember, we’ve got your mug shot on Brownie’s Brigade!)😉


I see Dave is an optimist! Hmmm…
Ya think so, RemDawg?! Brother…

I’m out in Las Vegas….you were close!!!!

Come on, Dice-K, get the SO!

Wow…..Is this as painful to watch as it is to listen to??????

That’s better. One more, Dice-K! Good job, JD!

Yes, Craig!

Do you have the link to Brownie’s brigade? I lost it….and apparently so has DICE-K…

Gracious, goodness, Dice-K! Well, I heard something about a lead, not too long ago!

Craig, it’s in my Favorites. I’ll look again.

Something about the Japanese game in general does not seem to translate into our game very well. Dice-K can win the WBC, and come here, and lay an egg.
Thank God the inning is over!:/

Way to go Dice-K…. NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Craig, that link is (turn off any firewalls). Hope it helps.

This is where I expect to see the Sox show some fight instead of folding it in….

Let’s see it! 43 pitches for Dice-K! UGH! COME ON, SOX!

Thanks Greg!!!!!!

Cfarnham, It’s worse watching it. If you’ve got something to do out in the garage, now’s the time to do it. I’m working on a ’72 Chevy p/u in my garage and catching a sneak peek on here and there. 3 run lead wiped out in half an inning. Whoa. All my Yankee-loving friends are enjoying this slow start to the season. I’m not quite sure, but I think the Yanks were no-hitting the Rays for a while this evening…..

Ugh… 1-2-3 down in the top of 2nd…..

Here we go. Come on, Masterson! We need Masterful right now!

Jim, the Yanks have nothing to laugh about, either! They have their own pitching woes! (Chien-Ming Wang Chung), etc. GO SOX!

Maybe Buch will get a call-up! Hmmm…

Way to go, Masterful! Let’s go, Sox O!

I is here! Yay! I have recovered Greg – but get this – there is a “person” on a Yankees blog that thinks I have to be more then one person writing based on my “collection of blogs”! lol I guess I have annoyed all of NY tonight! lol!

And poor Nomar!

And Beckett DOES NOT deserve a 6 game suspension!

Good for you Julia. Keep it up. Annoying Yankee fans is a good hobby.

Hey Julia, welcome to this war zone! We need some HELP!
Poor Nomar, yes. But poor us, watching Dice-K! And yes, Craig, it is worse watching the carnage before your own eyes!

I have some golf clubs to re-grip….nice call. Looks like Masterson is trying out for a spot in the rotation….Is Brad Penney the guy who stops the bleeding this year? Time will tell. AJ Burnett looked very sharp tonight for the Yankess……CRAP!

Well Youk’s got us started again. Come on, Sox O! Come on, JD!

WHAT??????? Please tell me this isn’t happening!

Well, Eveland is doing no better! That’s a good thing!
Holliday was fortunate. What is with the baserunners???!!

Well Jimmy I have Yankees and Mets fans both “not pleased” with me today! I do what I can! lol

Come on, J-Bay! Let’s do SOMETHING right!
Way to go, Jason! Come on Red Sox! Get SOMETHING out of this inning!

Good to see you are still laughing after your day today! Keep your chin up, Julia!

Holiday didn’t make that grab.

Come on, Mike, we need some RUNS!

Great…can we all chip in a buy a run??

No he didn’t. He WAS fortunate, Jim.

Is that in Obama’s stimulus pkg., Julia? Tax day refund maybe?:/

how about joining me on the new thread

Come on, Masterson! We need some more Masterful!

Nice job Justin!

O c’mon Tek!

Oh, geez…… back to wet-sanding a fender….

Nite All! Wake up Sox!

There you are, Jim! Oh well, take care, Jim!

Most players, when they call time, step out of the box, because they know that if the pitcher saw the time out signal, he is going to finish the delivery, but the ball could go anywhere because the concentration is not there due to the distraction. Bobby had a brain lapse. When has Beckett ever thrown at someone’s head?

I hope Beckett wins his appeal, but I think the best we’ll get is a slight reduction of his “sentence”. We’ll see. Here’s to hoping! Cy Young for Beckett in 09! GO SOX!

Funny thing, waaaaaaaaay back when Coach Torre was telling the MLB world that Pedro ‘could thread the needle’ with the best of them … but the end result, even for spinning Zimmer like a top was……what? Kudos?

I think the Beckett situation is one of those ‘make an example of ’em early on in the season’ – is not what it looks like but what it truly is. All of us know that Yanks-Sox has plenty of history and with the first series at stake, one wonders if slinging one where the chin music lives … even if it involved a former Yank no less … is a prelude for the magic yet to be unleashed?

I say fight the suspension – no one got clipped – and go with the old paradigm that protecting the plate requires courage when throwing inside.

That is where – from Gibson to present day – the great ones live and work.

– Doc

I hope it happens, 11sniper11, and that Beckett wins. I doubt we’ll make much headway, though!

Hey Greg,

We’ve got a revamped Sox and Yank battalion heading to Fenway this weekend, and AJ and Josh going toe-to-toe with plenty on the line; both teams riding a win streak early on in the season is never a bad thing, and Beckett would clearly enjoy a classic outing against the arch-rivals. It’ll be interesting, no less, seeing each pitch delivered in the clear sunlight from the Monster, no less!!

I have had this kind of revelation in the last few years about baseball: you know, years ago in the early 60’s, I was a huge Mets fan – and though Dad took me to Shea nearly each summer, whenever I asked Pop who he was rooting for, he always smiled and said, ” Son, I just want to see a good game “. I have to admit, when Saturday comes around, out of the clear blue sky, my Dad (who long ago passed away from cancer), I’ll hear those words again. And in the heat of battle, with the Fens filled with hi-decibel rants and raves, once again I will smile as the thrill of this grand old game fills up the soul with its sun, spikes and hard earned, all-out efforts that ultimately battle for your soul.

And Beckett, you got the legion behind you – your day will soon arrive where in one single game, you will be able to once again strike fear in batter’s hearts – and respect in opponent’s minds. We never doubted your motive; you are a class player, more than just a thrower with supeb mechanics.

When a trial by mock jury, with a virtual deluge of media coverage placed your conduct in question, you handled it near-perfectly: when higher ups gave you a longer sentence for what was a simple instance that could be explained with simple physics and replay footage … you shrugged it off and went your way. You had plenty to hold a grudge over – and never once had anyone breathed that you’d held a vendetta against any player … you were head and shoulders above that. A heated argument between two players, with only one getting punished, smacks of favoritism. Bob Watson never pitched a game in his life, if I am correct.

You backed up Tek immediately when you saw (and in complete confidence knew) that he was pressing your case to another veteran. It was about letting the Captain know that if there was another A-Rod Incident about to be unleashed, you’d be the first onhand for the next opposing player to come running from the opposition dugout. Apparently, one A-Rod incident was enough for a former Yankee player.

Let there be no doubt; all of Major League Baseball knows that you are a stand-up guy. You take your shots, roll with ’em – and then give the next battle all you’ve got.

Come Saturday, with my Dad looking down upon us from heaven, I will truly know this much:

Baseball requires that we use our hearts as much or more than our minds: and that a close game, played to the fore of our abilities, the maximum of our tenacity … is where it is at.

I’ll be watching, Josh.

The Force is with us.

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