Dice done

The Red Sox’s worst fears are being realized. Daisuke Matsuzaka, after pitching Japan to the World Baseball Classic championship, has come back not looking anything like the guy who finished fourth in last year’s Cy Young Award voting.

Matsuzaka labored against Tampa Bay last week, and much more tonight in Oakland, when he fired one 43-pitch inning (22 strikes) before having the ball taken away from him by manager Terry Francona. To be frank, Matsuzaka appeared to have nothing out there.

Out of the 43 pitches Matsuzaka pitched, only five were in the 90s. He topped out at 91.

Dice-K left the game with what was described as “arm fatigue”.

He gave up five hits, five runs and walked two, throwing 43 pitches. He walked two and struck out nobody, only getting two swings and misses.


Consider it done, Ian! Way to go, Masterful!

Hope Dice-K is OK…..we don’t need anymore drama to this early season…

THAT’S how you do it! MASTERFUL! YES! GO SOX!

Way to go J-Bay! GO SOX!

Come on Sox….reward Masterson’s hard work!!!!!

Come on, Sox! LET’S GO!!!!

Come on, Jacoby! Get on base!

WAY TO GO JACOBY! Come on, Dustin!

SB! Way to go, Jacoby! Get him home, Dustin!

Keep it going, Masterson! We need to get some length to get to the bullpen! GO SOX!

Josh sounds like Stuart Scott. “Sciocia needs a hug”. Hmmm…

Come on, Justin! GO SOX!

Way to go, Masterful! One more! Go Sox!

Nice try guys! One more out, Justin! GO SOX!

OK…..I am officially glad I can’t watch this…..sounds like Drew botched that one….

Come on, Masterson! GO SOX!

Come on hitters…..Masterful has done his part…..

Yeah, that was not JD’s best play, Craig. But Justin got the job done! Something went right!

Papi, you are welcome to put one in the seats one of these days. Hmmm…

Masterful is sounding good….

Way to go, Youk! Let’s get him home! GO SOX!

Youk and Giambino are getting to commmiserate a lot over at 1B!😉

That’s better, JD! Good running, Youk!


Bay was safe! Good scoop by Giambi, but he was safe! Oh, well!

It’s about time this team showed some fight…..Go Sox!!!!

Thanks, OAK, for leaving the SP in!😉

GRRRR. I knew this was going to happen. Dice-K gave everything over the World Series and now he’s got nothing left. He blew his arm out. This game should have been won but now it’s totally an Oakland game. This will be — six in a row or something. When is the last time the Sox won a game!

GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. I’m tired of losing over and over again. It’s like watching poor Bill Buckner on replay.

We’ll never win again. Oh man my life is over — OK I’m not that bad but it feels like this sometimes.

Come on, Tek! Drive em home!

I have an early day tomorrow……..I’ll say a prayer for the Bad News Sox!!!!!!!!

5 – 5 and that means we’ll give up 1020 runs the next inning.

The rants of DAVE ARE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a surprise. Tek needed another $650 million apparently. GRRRR!!!

Nah, Dave, it ain’t THAT bad! We’ve buried the Curse anyway!

Pitching has seemed optional this game. At least Masterful got the job done. Here goes nada! GO SOX!

Thanks Greg. You are my reality check.

Come on, Masterful! GO SOX! Keep the game tied! (Until next inning!)😉

Come on, Masterful! GO SOX! Keep the game tied! (Until next inning!)😉

That’s what they pay me for, Dave. Oh, no, wait, they don’t!…
Dave, the Curse is busted, but this sure is frustrating the nonsense out of all of us! But MAsterful is GETTING IT DONE! And the game is tied!
Way to GO, Masterful! THANK YOU!

Masterson’s line will look great, anyway! GO SOX! get some runs for Masterful!

2 hits, 6 K! THAT’S getting it DONE! THANK YOU MASTERFUL!

Ellsbury, Pedroia, Ortiz, Lowell ….. all hitting under .200. I couldn’t believe that when I saw the starting lineup. Pitching has been horrible. The Sox don’t look very good. Gotta give credit to Youk though. He shows up to play every day.

For you fans in Florida who couldn’t get the Rays/Sox games on TV when televised on Sunsports. If you have
Comcast, forget about it. Comcast didn’t pick up the Rays games on Sunsports this year. I bougth the MLB extra innings package and the Rays games are blacked out up here in Jax. So we now have no way to watch the Rays/Sox games. Comcast sucks, but I have no other choices.

Oh No!
Manny Diceycarmon is pitching. I’m done — I’m going to bed. The nightmares continue.
Gary, mlb is awfully picky. If they feel you can get it elsewhere they will black it out. Fortunately in Nashville I’m only blacked out with the Reds and the Braves — like I care about either team!


Arm fatigue for Dice-K? WHO KNEW?:/

Let’s see. The Sox’s great pitching staff — Beckett — suspended, Lester — struggling, Dice-k — washed up, Tim — struggling, Penny — so far so good. That’s 1/5 of the starters right there. Just shows anything can happen in baseball. Hey — that’s something that Mr. Obvious would say. I’m losing it.

Hey, Jacoby remebered how to catch! PROGRESS!

I’m still wondering if some of them, like Dustin, are getting over WBC fatigue. (Dice-K also). SNARL! Bloody WBC!

I think that they overworked him in the WBC. He was the MVP, and it’s just a rough atmosphere to be thrown into. Plus he was preparing A LOT for it. That could partially be the problem.
Everyone should be proud of Justin Masterson. He pitched BEAUTIFULLY. I know that I sure am.
Sox offense is finally returning… let’s score some more though
And where is the bullpen band?

Come on, already! THROW STRIKES!
One more, DelCarmen! Egad!

No kidding, Elizabeth! That’s been my complaint all along about the WBC! But welcome to the show!

Egad! This is NUTS!
Elizabeth, Andy, one of our contributors here called Masterson “Masterful”, and boy, has he ever been! If we could get others to do likewise! But here’s to hoping!


Good eye, Papi! Let’s get him home, guys!

Come on, Youk!

Drew got away with one, there! And then JD gets on base! GO SOX!

Come on, J-Bay! Hit one out! Get on base! SOMETHING!

That’s better! BB! Come on, Mike!


Good grief! Two strike pitches not called! Geez!

Better! Good job, DelCarmen!

Come on, Sox, get a DP!

Good job, DelCarmen! One more!

Good work, DelCarmen! Get it done, Ramon!

Nice job, Drew. Good work Ramon! Manny DelCarmen, if you pitch like that this year, you will be great for this team! NICE JOB! GO SOX!

That’s better, Jacoby. Get him home, Dustin!

CRAP! Nice catch by Ellis. SIGH!

Way to go, Ramon! Do it again! GO SOX!

Not great news for the BoSox, but I still love the WBC. I’m sure Daisuke will get out of the funk— every good pitcher has rough patches.


Maddog, I wish I agreed about the WBC, but I don’t. Dice-K’s “tired arm” is symptomatic of why. GO SOX!
DP! Way to go, Dustin! GO SOX!

Come on, Papi! GO SOX!

SIGH! Come on, Youk!

Way to go, JD! Bring him home, guys! Come on, J-Bay!


Who is still awake out there? you guys are legendary.

1-2-3 inning! Way to go, Oki!
Xtra innings! Yippee!
At least the offense tied the game back up. The BP has pitched an entire game of lights-out relief! Now, if the STARTERS could do the same thing!… Hmmm…Come on, Sox!

BB! Good eye, Tek!

Way to go, Dustin! IF hit! GO SOX!

Brother! I’m done! I can’t take any more of this! UGH!

Anyone still awake? Come on. It’s only 1:45 a.m. Nobody has to work tomorrow, do they????????

Good grief that was a painful game to watch. The good thing was that if Dice-K had not pitched that first inning, we would have had enough offense to win the game. Outside of the final inning, Dice-K was the only pitcher who did not do a SUPER job. Masterful, Oki, Pap, Ramirez, and yes–wait for it!–Manny DelCarmen all pitched VERY well. (Yes, even MDC!) The offense again went quiet after the 5th inning, when Lowell tied the score, and J. Loopy Lopez was his usual self. But the relief corps was GREAT! (I wish Saito had had a shot!) If the offense picks up where it left off in the 5th (and not after it!):/, and we can get someone to start a game (ahem!), we might actually do OK. But Tito managed the pitchers very well in this game (the lineup still is a work in progress. Hmmm…), until Loopy Lopez showed up. If we’d had Saito in there instead of Loopy, MAYBE we could have gotten the job done. BUT…

Next question: Who the heck is available for relief after Wake, no matter how well he does????!!:/

Just one freaking run from 6th inning on would have won the game. The season could realistically be over by the end of April. Nothing else to say until the Sox get back to 500.

2(W) and 6(L) the first week of 09 season. Not expected but look at this April schedule..If Sox are not .500 after homestand..trouble looms with 9 games away inc TB and NYY and another West Coast road trip in May! At least Bruins & Celtics are in post season…

moanin all………..lopez….lopez…..lopez…..sigh….well atleast its early…..papi….dude…..do 1 of those sacrifices that i saw them do in port o prince and get that bat goin…we need u big man….judge

id like to see a trade now….im not talkin a empty the farm trade….i mean someone who is the cheerleader type to get the guys goin in time of need….someone with a heartbeat…ifcarter isnt gonna be used then go get someone to clap and tickle guys in dug out…or someone to say ….hey u guys….were the red sox…our fans love us….lets remind them why….judge(long season and i cant endure this all yr….fire fire fire….we need fire)

Hey everyone,
This was the first time I’ve seen the Red Sox fight for a win. They seem to have fire. The bullpen is amazing. The hitting is baffling. David Ortiz — automatic out. Drew — almost the same. Ellsbury — more of the same. We need the bats to come alive. We also need starting pitching.
Lester — shelled
Dice-K – shelled
Tim — not bad but needed more hitting.
Beckett – good but not enough hitting.

The starting pitching needs to work for us but this is all too obvious.

The Sox bullpen did a remarkable job, except for Lopez. There is no reason why he is on this team. All last year we have been suggesting that the Sox unload him. Can’t we package a package deal to get rid of him and Lugnuts as well. They haunt, and will continue to haunt, the team.Also, perhaps the Sox should have learned a lesson and in the future not allow any pre-season playing except for spring training. If players then fail to perform there will be no excuses.Dice K got away with things last year- always seeming to get bailed out and either get a win or avoid a loss. Maybe the law of averages is catching up with him.

Hey! Judge!:

The Sox already have that guy/those guys on their bench. He/they’re called DP, Youk, and here he comes: John Smoltz.

I’m not ready quite yet to crawl out on the ledge quite yet, and I do recognize the Sox aren’t the powerhouse at the plate they have been in years past (5th from the bottom of MLB in runs scored/7th from bottom with a Team BA of .237), but the 5.40 Team ERA is of real concern. Even after 4 shut-out innings last night, Justin M.’s ERA is 4.50! At some point, management is going to have to shake up the starting pitching, perhaps giving Masterson a start (perhaps to replace Dice-K), as well as bringing Buchholz up for a while (perhaps to start when Beckett serves his suspension). I recognize 8 games does not a season make, and I am confident that Beckett and Lester will get themselves sorted out for the season, but this is not the sort of start anyone envisioned!

I am with you: here’s hoping someone starts yelling in the clubhouse that the players have to push themselves harder to compete. If the Sox finish a game or two out of the play-offs, a lot of people are going to look back at their season start and wonder about what might have been!

Here’s hoping they start playing some serious ball real soon. I should be in Fenway next Wednesday for Tito’s (and my) birthday. Hopefully, their knowing I’m there will be enough to get them going.

lopez is worthless…his numbers from last yr were ok but it was the situations that helped him…bard is in minors and in no way could he be worse(among others)…id rather see timmy in bp for long relief and lopez released….buch time to shine….im expecting an explosion today with the bats so a good day off and then rock and roll time….enuff messin around boys…..judge

Let’s hope the Sox get out of their hitting rut. There was a period of time last year when the Sox would jump out in front, and after the pitching collapsed, it seemed that they were just marking time until the game was over. Let’s hope history doesn’t repeat itself.Maybe DiceK should be put on the DL and Bucholz is brought up.So far, DiceK is a hero in Japan (and the Yanks) and a flop in the US.

im with u benji….and ur rt those guys do some of the firin up on bench….im gonna voice another person i wish we would just unload is drew…ya she can be clutch sometimes but nancy seems complacent and we all know she will hurt her va-ina sooner or later….sorry ladies no disrespect meant….i mean 15 mill for what….ive always despised the guy and to play rt field in boston after the likes of trot trot and dewey and bruno and and and…..well u get my point…and battin 5th….good lord ……sigh….sorry for ventin..judge

As far as Varitek is concerned he should be catching every other day ( the cycle based around Wakefield). He seems to be falling back to last years rut and is a virtual automatic out. Let’s hope we do not have anything to complain about after today’s game. Go Sox!!!

Red Sox Claim Travis Denker
By Tim Dierkes [April 14 at 3:20pm CST]

I haven’t seen any comments to you on Bombers Beat. Did someone go to your site? Let me know by E-mail and I’ll discuss it further with you!

All of my chief antagonists on Bombers Beat come from California (including RedSoxRay.) West Texas being the home of a self-admitted Yankee fan annoyer is no surprise!!!

Arnie & Craig,
Both of you are way out West too, but I have NO COMPLAINTS!!!

It’s early,but things are not boding well for the Sox season thus far. Like pebbles on a pile…
How can they be paying Dice-K all those millions,then allow him to go pitch in something as meaningless as the WBC,and now possibly have his season,the one that counts and that he gets paid for,in jeopardy?!

Consider one thing guys:
Lopez pitched two days in a row and was asked to pitch a third day because there was nobody else. Francona had used the entire bullpen minus Casis (spelling) but he can’t do more than one day in a row until he gets cleared for that option. Lopez came out for the team. After that we’d be getting Dustin Pedroia or Drew out their to pitch. That’s where they were at. Praise Lopez for coming out there when he had nothing left to give.
Finally, consider that Lopez, Youk, Ortiz, Dice-K, etc. were at the WBC. This is still a tired team. The Sox were pushed and getting out of the gate they face the Devil Rays then LAA. It hasn’t been easy. They’ve been pushed.
However…it will get better. By September I’m seeing them win their fist game — optimistic Dave.

Wakefield is looking GREAT in the game so far! GO RED SOX!!!


WAKE!!!! HE IS ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are right, Julia. Wake is on! :)! We are getting what we hoped for–a long, effective outing by Wake to REST THE BULLPEN! WAY TO GO, WAKE!
Way to dial long distance, Mike! Finish the job! GO SOX!


Let’s go Big Papi! Afraid of Youk are they! hehehe

No hits, no walks for Wake? How many pitches thrown? YES!
Mike Lowell’s error appears to be the only blemish up to now! GO SOX!

Wake’s count is pretty low I think – he could pitch the whole game!


YES! 3-R HR JD! WAY TO GO!!!!!

Good! The BP needs it! It was TAXED (ahem!) enough last night! GO SOX!

Way to go, Mike! GO SOX!

That was a very good catch by Green! Nice replay timing!
Way to go, Nick! Good hit, RBI! GO SOX!

Finally! THE SOX ARE ON A ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GO RED SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BB! Good eye, Kot! GO SOX!

Only 67 pitches for Wake through 7 innings! YES!!

I got my answer! 7 IP, 67 pitches! THAT’S how you do it, WAKE!

8-0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO RED SOX!!!!!!!

JACOBY! YES! 2-out 1B!
You got that RemDawg! THIS is Red Sox Baseball!

It’s official – Rem-dawg says it’s a “fun game” YAY!!!!!

The Red Sox are finally on a roll, Julia. One question though: is it a kaiser or sourdough roll?😉 GO SOX!

Dave, I know very well that those guys were all at the WBC, and this is exactly why I HATE the WBC! Slow starts by the participants.
WAKE! There goes your perfecto! You can still get a no-no!
(And yes, I know it would not have been a perfect game anyway, but…)
Great catch, Jacoby! Get it done, Sox!

Lost the no-no, one run in 8 IP! Great job, Wake! GO SOX!

Sorry – cooking dinner at the same time! LETS GO SOX!!!!! WE CAN WIN THIS ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’d have been doing the same thing if the game had been at this time last night, Julia. So it goes!

My boys have Boy Scouts tonight so we can’t have a late dinner – should see me running back & forth! lol

2 outs – time for more runs! GO BAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice BB, JD, Come on, J-Bay!

What are your boys’ names? May I ask?

Come on, Wake, get the CG! 1 OUT! YES!

Come on, Wake, get the out!

I arrived late to the party today. What a performance by the ageless veteran Wakefield!! I’m hugely impressed.
And the hitting!! 8 runs? Wow. I hope my pal Tito lets Wake go for the complete game.
Fantastic game today fellas!

Yankees are losing 3-2! LET”S GO WAKE!!! TWO MORE OUTS!!!

Arnie! The Red Velvet cake was great!!!!

The run is okay

Good try, J-Bay. Finish the game, Wake!
Yes, Arnie, it has been a great game for us–FINALLY!

Marty & Michael , 14 & 11 (12 next month)

2 OUT! Finish the game, Wake!

One more out!! COME ON BOYS!!!!

Thanks, Julia!
One more out, Wake! Way to rest the BP!

Come on Wake – one more out! You can do it!

Arnie, did you see my observation? 7 IP 67 pitches for Wake! So he’s trying for the CG to rest the BP!
Kottaras has done well today!


YES!!! WIN!!GREAT GAME WAKE!!! Okay – off to finish dinner!


THAT’S HOW THE RED SOX PLAY BASEBALL! Great job, guys, way to go!
Have fun tonight, Julia.

Who would have thought that Wakefield on a day that the pen needs the rest nearly no hits and pitched a complete game. Unbelievable!!

Julia, glad the cake worked out for you.
7 innings, 67 pitches is very impressive. Timmy really gave the team a lift today. Way to go Wake.

This oughta help Dave out tonight!😉
Just what the bullpen needed, Andy!

I think I’ve been watching this game too long. I knew with the runs blowout that Tim Wakefield would lose his timing and get a bit pounded and I was right; however, from the team’s perspective it was a great day. David Ortiz is starting to feel like an automatic out but once again the size of integrated talent is saving the team.
I also knew that last nights game woke up the team. They had to work together and they just got plain tired of being beaten up on the field. I think this really turned them around. I suspect Friday’s game will either show a great Red Sox team — or more of the same — but I think the former. I think the tide has turned. I hope I’m right.

So has Mr. Obvious gotten the team on track, Dave?😉

Yeah, Wake may have lost a little steam while waiting during our offensive rally. But not enough to seriously get him in trouble with the run support that rally gave him. So it was worth the couple of runs surrendered to get the CG. Great job, Wake. Now if Penny can take the momentum of this game and fuel us at Fenway!…GO SOX!

Hi to all!! I will read all the comments in a bit, but I have to tell you this: Last night after I had said goodnight to y’all, The A’s started beating up on the Sox, so, I came back and wrote that I had had it!!! that was it and I wasnt going to watch or blog again until they won!!!!! Well, it never did post, but I didnt know that until I came home this afternoon. I didnt blog, didnt post, didnt watch…. AND THEY WON AND WAKE NEARLY HAD A NO HITTER.. YAY TEAM!! AND YAY TIM!!!! (all because i didnt participate of course!!! lol)


Mr. Obvious and Friends are BACK!!!!
Terry Francona sat down at his desk. He knew he sat down at his desk because he wasn’t standing up. He saw Tim walk towards his office and sit down. He knew that Tim was sitting near the desk because Tim was sitting down at the desk.
“Tim…I just wanted to say that you pitched nine innings and gave up two runs and four hits. That will be all.”
Tim nodded and said, “That will be all.”
“Good, “said Terry, “because I was about to say that it was obvious. I won’t say it because that would be redundant. ”
Tim nodded and said, “ya that’s redundant.”
“Yes, “said Terry. “You repeat things which is why everyone called you a person who repeats things. That is obvious.”
Tim said, “I do like to repeat things.”
“That is obvious, “said Terry Francona.
Tim said, “Is there anything else you need me for. Is there anything else you need me for.”
Terry said, “You are still here so that tells me that I need to say more to you.”
Tim said, “is there anything else you need me for.”
Terry said, “You are repeating your statement. That is a characteristic of your behavior. I see that because you repeat yourself often. That is obvious.”
Tim said, “I am repeating myself. That is obvious.”
Terry said, “That is true because you have already said four times that you are repeating yourself. That is obvious because you repeated yourself four times.”
“SHUT THE #$#$ UP, “shouted Dustin Pedroia who smashed the door down.
“Every single time you two get together it’s a #@$#$ broken CD on repeat. I can’t #$#$ take it. It’s like my hometown that needs to be burned to the ground.”
“Oh, it’s Dustin Pedroia, “said Terry who looked up and said, “I know it is because he says things he later regrets.”
“It is Dustin Pedroia, “said Tim repeating what Terry said.
“Man…I’m sorry. That was rude of me wasn’t it. I was bad.”
Terry said, “Dustin is now apologizing because he did something he regretted.”
“he did something he regretted, “repeated Tim.
“I hate it when you #$#$ repeat every#$#$ thing I say. Go to #$#$.”
“You are going to regret that Dustin, “said Terry, “and I know that because you are already regretting it.”
Dustin nodded and said, “I’m really sorry. That was bad of me.”
“That was bad of him, “said Tim.
“That is obvious, “said Terry.
Dustin just rolled his eyes and left.
?I will go now, ?said Terry.
?I will go now, ?said Tim and Terry knew that ended the conversation because Tim left the room still repeating the phrase before Dustin threw the sink at him breaking his arm.
?Man…I really regret that.?
?That is obvious.?

Good one Dave!!!! What did you ever do with your book??? I think you sent me up to chapter 4…. anymore written??

Hey Ellen,

Gary is reading a final draft now. You want a copy? I kind of gutted a bit and rewrote a lot of material. Much better book.

Dave, what was/is the name of your book? I hadn’t known yet that you were writing a book. Fiction or non-fiction?

Hey, Phil, I had not seen your post until now. How ya doin’? I am still wishing that Loopy Lopez trade would happen, but I am not holding my breath.:/

Looks like The Adventures of Mr. Obvious is taking the place of 20 Thousand Lugos Under The Sea. Keep ’em coming Dave.

There are 20,000 Lugos, Arnie? (Under the sea or not!) Pity those poor teams!😉

They came to New Jersey from Mars for Orson Wells’ War of the Worlds production and never left. Now they all play baseball like the Alou’s and the Molina’s.

What a great effort by Wakefield today. He averaged 9 pitches an inning for the first six innings. I would loved to have seen him throw the no hitter. I think even more impressive than Wakefield’s effort was how Kottaras handled Wakefield. He seemed to do it with such ease. He looked real good behind the plate.

Maybe the bats are starting to wake up a little. I’d say after Drew’s homer, the rest of the runs didn’t mean much, but guys like Ellsbury and Green came through with RISP which was really good.

Dice-K suffering shoulder fatigue in mid-April. How great is that? Good thing the Sox have some pitching depth. Beckett suspended for six games? For what? That’s totally ridiculous. No way was he throwing at Abreu. That was a just a situation where everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. Abreu asked for time, the ump gave it to him, and Beckett started his delivery, all at the same time. Nobody’s at fault. Beckett should win his appeal, but Watson is an idiot.

I really doubt Dice-K’s shoulder strain has anything to do with the WBC. Sox have plenty of pitching depth, they’ll be fine.


Is there a rule, or do you think there should be, that states: once the pitcher has started his wind-up time will not be granted? I think that should be the rule. I didn’t see the Beckett pitch so I don’t know if he was actually in his wind-up, but why do the umps grant time when a pitcher has begun his delivery. I see that sometimes and I just think it’s wrong. Isn’t it enough that after virtually every pitch the batter steps out of the batter’s box, takes a little walk, calls his wife on his cell phone, spits 100 times, orders pizza, then decides he’s ready to hit? Then he wants time out, too? They act like union guys getting paid by the hour! No offense to all you union bloggers.

Jason/Jmays, I wish I agreed with you on the WBC, but I don’t. There have been too many injuries and slow starts–during the WBC and directly after–for me to think it is simple coincidence. We can do fine in the short term, but it is into Sept./Oct. that I really worry about.

Hey, DBen, good to see you posting again. I think you’re right about Masterson going into the rotation. I think it will benefit him, and the Red Sox. If he pitches lke he did last night, he will continue to wear the title “Masterful”. As I have said previously, I’m glad we have some pitchers like Masterson who can transition from reliever to starter, if not vice versa also. Whether Smoltz goes into the rotation or into the relief corps, I think he will give this pitching staff a great energy jolt (and I think he will be effective in either role). And we do still have Buch and Bard–if Dice-K and/or Lester continue to have problems, one or both of them will likely sip some coffee with us–Espresso, I hope, for the team! GO SOX!

Arnie, I wish that were a rule about batters taking time-out. There may be exceptions, but the rule should still be there. Did any of them do their taxes today during those time-outs? Hmmm…GO SOX!

Dave: That’s a good one. That’s obvious.
Yesterday’s game hopefully was the turning point of the season. With the off day today, the bull pen should be reasonably rested for the Baltimore series.
I don’t worry too much about the lineup with respect to hitting except for Ortiz and Varitek. The Sox will survive without Vartitek’s bat. But the automatic out as a No. 3 hitter, I will leave to Mr. Obvious to figure it out.
Ells and Pedroia are hitting below 200 as well. I know they will come back. I am not so sure about Ortiz.

Morning all! Hey Ian/all the other brilliant minds here – any word on Jed’s wrist yet? I’m teaching today so I don’t have full internet access but I was wondering. Also – hope you all read about the movie that Luis Tiant has coming out about his trip back to Cuba. Looks to be really good! I’ll be back later – GO RED SOX!



I agree with you 100 % about the hitters taking wayyyyyyy too much time. There is a rumor that Abreu made a call too his country of Venezuela before Beckett tossed his pitch. Also Bob Watson is anti Boston anyway. Remember his actions towards Francona while Francona was in the dugout at old Yankee Stadium. I don’t think the suspension will stand but we shall see.

Nobody likes the W.B.C. and Dice-K having his shoulder issues, is more reason too get rid of it. Then again Dice-K was shutdown last year for a month or so because of shouler problems. With Dice-K going down, I assume Masterson will make the start on Patriots Day and remain in the rotation until Dice-K returns. Masterson is very versatile, reminds me alot of Derek Lowe.

Only 1 more West Coast trip remaining and that is next month. I think the Sox schedule is favorable when it comes too that.

David Ortiz concerned me and all of us on here during the winter and that hasn’t changed for a second. Ortiz spoke about Boston needing another bat. I said that bat that they need is Ortiz. How long does Boston have Ortiz hit 3rd????? Personally I would drop him in that order if he doesn’t get his act together and put Drew in the 3 hole. I’ll give Ortiz another week or so, he deserves it but……………Drew thrived in the 3 hole last season! Then again Drew is due for an injury anyway and missing some games.

oh sunny day….oh sunny daaaaaaaaay………the sleeping giant has awoken…can u believe it….and nancy was the one to spark the team…life is good….now we have a day to lament and then get the lowely baltimore pitchin staff…can u smell a 19 run outburst commin….i think papi will be pepperin the ball stahtin tomorrah…oh yeah….i think its time for buch to get his shot also…masterson is to valuable in the bp but we will see…sigh….life is goooooooood…ty sox…judge

If Ortiz didn’t put his acts together soon, drop him completely. Let Baldelli or Carter be the DH. Why waste another spot in the lineup.
Is the Royal pitching lowlier than the Baltimore pitching staff? Can’t take Baltimore too lightly.


Orioles pitching is nothing great but so far they have done better than Boston. I doubt it will last long. Guthrie is a good pitcher but certainly not a #1 starter.

I don’t think Ortiz should be dropped completely. As I said before give him some more time and see what happens. If he doesn’t snap out of it, drop him in the order! You can’t have an automatic out in the middle of the lineup.

i see a 3 homer weekend for papi…..also pedey will go nuts…and …i think big jake will get it goin…those 3 hit at all and we are in for a ride….judge

I hope you are right about Big Papi, Judge, because he IS the “big bat” we need right now. If he can’t get the job done, we need to get another guy in there to give us some OPS as the DH! Papi, to this point anyway, is not getting it done. GO SOX!

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