OK, there you have it. Tim Wakefield reeled off a gem on Wednesday. Not only a gem, but a CLUTCH gem.

So perhaps it is time for people to stop sending me e-mails wondering why Wakefield is in the rotation, and why his spot isn’t filled by a more glamorous pitcher who throws hard.

Why is Wakefield in the rotation? Let’s start with the fact that he is one of the top bargains in baseball and has been for the last several years. The man — who signed a contract that was all about loyalty to a city and to a team — makes $4 million a year. That is $4 million for double-digit wins and 150 to 180 innings every year.

Even at 42, Wakefield remains a rock for the Red Sox. After the 12-inning game on Tuesday night, when Dice-K only lasted an inning, Wakefield wandered into his manager’s office before Wednesday’s game.

Basically Wakefield told Terry Francona, “I know what you need from me today and I’m going to give it to you.”

That is a veteran player who understands his responsibility to a team. Wakefield was determined to give his bullpen a reprieve and he wound up giving them an entire day off. He came five outs away from a no-hitter, and it would have been a golden moment for a man who is among the club’s all-time leaders in several categories. He became the oldest pitcher to notch a complete game in Red Sox history.

We know that Wakefield has a SLAP tear in his labrum, and has, since 2007. This means that at some point during the year, his shoulder will get cranky and he’ll need a two to three week break. We also know that at some point, Wakefield will get into one of those ruts that will have many of you e-mailing me and asking me why he is still in the rotation. And most of all, we know that Wakefield will get out of that rut and resume the quality pitching he has displayed so many times since first coming to Boston in 1995.


You’ll never get one of those emails from me.
How many teams have a guy in their rotation who is good for 12 to 17 wins every year, never complains, always has the team first attitude, will go to the bullpen if need be, doesn’t have to be coddled, etc. etc.?
If loyalty, consistancy, work ethic and maturity mean anything the Sox should put Wake’s number on their outfield wall when he retires.

Thanks, Ian. Of coures, Wakefield shouldn’t need any defenders, given his critical role in getting the Red Sox to the post-season every time they’ve made it since 1995. He’s started on short rest, been a closer, sacrificed himself to save the staff.

He’s been kicked in the teeth for his loyalty, like when Jimy Williams left him off the play-off roster following a season in which Williams’ pitching coach called him “the staff saver,” but never bolted town in a snit, claiming he had been “disrespected,” though he had. He was set up to be the goat in 2003, after Grady Little brought him in on short rest in the infamous game seven against the Yankees (because he had been so effective that series), a fly-ball pitcher in a game where one homer could lose everything.

Wakefield is a unique player, one of the most interesting and fun Sox pitchers to watch ever when his knuckler is dancing. Totally professional, active in the community, and, most important of all, he delivers on the field, year after year. Pedro, Schilling, Clemens and a dozen other Sox starters are long gone and out of baseball, and Wake keeps rolling, keeps getting quality starts, double-digit wins, and innings. It’s about time all Sox fans recognized what a terrific player and person he is and has been, and gave him the accolades and appreciation he deserves.

You’ll never get one of those emails from me as well, I second that. Wakefield is a team player and that speaks volumes of his character and I am sure he is one of the most respected guys on that team!

Wakefield took a beating for the team back in game #3 in 2004 against the Yankees, he saved the bullpen then. We all know what happened after that.

I didn’t see the game but obviously Kottaras must have done a great job behind the dish. Wakefield has confidence in the young catcher. I saw that in person against the Yankees in a Spring Training game. Kottaras didn’t have one passed ball against him that night, very impressive! What is Wakefield’s career numbers against Oakland? He seems too pitch some very good games against the A’s. Let’s hope the Sox get some momentum and keep it rolling this weekend at Fenway!

One other thing about Wakefield. I have a DVD that shows Wake after that infamous game 7 in 2003 sitting in front of his locker totally dejected, blaming himself for the defeat. All the guys are coming up to him and consoling him, telling him it wasn’t his fault.
In ’04 there is a shot of him standing on the mound in Yankee Stadium soaking in the feeling of being victorious on that same pitcher’s mound. It’s great to watch the videos one after the other to get a sense of what it was like for him.
Sometimes a player is low-key and they don’t make a big outward show of their feelings. But if you look a little deeper you can see that Tim Wakefield leaves his heart on the field each and every time.


Your Clay Boy is engaged, did you hear about the news? She held briefcase #26 on Deal Or No Deal. Make your own joke on that one, lol.

Ian, couldn’t agree more about Wake. He HAS been a bargain for the Red Sox, and an under-appreciated one at that. Regardless of what role he ends up playing from year-to-year, he goes out and does his job without complaint. I have been a staunch supporter of his for years. The loyalty he has shown this team and the city of Boston should be not be undersold or ignored. Wake gets a bad rap in part because of that game in 03, but he has nothing to hang his head about from that series or his career. It was such a disappointment to me that he could not pitch for us in the 07 WS, and I think he gets sold short because of that as well. Unfortunately, Wake will always have his detractors, but those who do, don’t recognize where the Red Sox would be without him. Thanks, Ian, and thanks, Wake. GO SOX!

thru the years there have been a few that dont care what they make or position they play as long as they get to walk out onto the beloved fenway grass…of those few there are the very few who will do whatever it takes for the benefit of the team….timmy has taken one for the team many times…stopped losing streaks,closed,long relief,short rest,on and on….he probably would cut the grass if the management asked him too…for 15 yrs now….ty timmy …we love you…and sometime this yr if they ask you to go to the bp…i know u will do it….lets hope they dont because u still got it ….judge

Tim Wakefield is a very good knuckleball pitchers. His winning percentage is in line with the very best knuckleballers in the history of the game. He wins more than he loses, but not by a lot. Of course, excepting the very best pitchers, that is true of most good baseball pitchers. Sometimes Wake is going to go out there and be brilliant, like he was yesterday. Other times he’s going to be throwing up 70 mph meatballs that are easier to hit than batting practice. That’s the way of things for knuckleballers. In any case, Ian is right. Wake is a real bargain and plays the game the way it’s supposed to be played. I think I developed the most respect for him when he said nothing about being left off post season rosters. A team guy with a lot of class.

Arnie, to answer your question from the last thread, time out is a discretionary call for the umpire. The umpire can grant time out whenever he wants to, or he can refuse to grant time out. You might see an umpire refuse if a batter is causing undue delay, or if a pitcher is already into his motion. Like I said, in this case, the timeout was granted almost exactly as Beckett began his motion. Now this is complicated by the fact that Beckett doesn’t have much of a windup. It’s almost step and throw for him. In this case, everything happened at almost the same time. I’m positive the umpire never saw Beckett start his motion. He was probably distracted when Abreu asked for timeout. Abreu, getting the time out, stepped back and relaxed and was very vulnerable to being plunked. Beckett was likely very focused and realized too late to stop and went through with the pitch. Unfortunately, he lost complete control of it. I seriously doubt Beckett was throwing at Abreu in that situation knowing how vulnerable he was to being seriously injured. To be honest, I don’t think he even had time to think about it. The ball got away. That whole play should be filed under “S”, for “Stuff Happens.”

I would say I feel your frustration but it’s not I that get countless e-mails saying things that are most likely unwarranted rant by folks who do not have any baseball sense. I am sure you read more BS that you don’t share and i’m glad you don’t because i’m sure that just waht it is….BS. Wake has been the one true constant on this team. He has felt many emotions over the past umpteen years he has been with the Sox and as others have said, kept quiet and did his job. he’s kind of like that guy in the factory in detriot who has been loyal all those years and underappreciated by all those except the guys who are with him in the treanches day after day. That includes the FO who have been snart enough to keep him all these years. They know a bargain when they see one and that’s what Tim Wakefield has been for the Sox for a Lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng time. God bless you Tim Wakefield and thanks for the longevity and performance……Go Sox

Hey! You Guys!

There are few things “Red Sox” I enjoy as much as a Wakefield “love fest.” Tim is clearly one of my all-time favorites. The fact that he is an adept golfer certainly doesn’t hurt him in my eyes, either.

There are two things I would hope the Sox do for him: the first, is to accord him a realistic opportunity to set the team mark for career pitching victories, which is currently held jointly by Cy Young and Rocket Roid. Yesterday’s victory was his 165th as a Sox pitcher, leaving him 27 short of surpassing the current mark (191). With 15 or so victories this year, something clearly within his reach based upon his performance the past few years, he would be a dozen or so away from being the Sox All-Time victory leader. A fitting tribute for a guy who has played his guts out for the Sox since joining the team in 1995.

The second thing would be to make some “Johnny Pesky exceptions” and retire his number right alongside Dewey Evans’. While neither will ever be a Hall of Famer, both represent the finest in the Red Sox tradition that I have seen in the almost 50 years I have been a rabid Sox fan.

The thing that most angered me about Grady Little’s handling of the 2003 ALCS was not his leaving Pedro in too long in Game 7. It was, in view of Wake’s two sterling pitching performances during that series (which were likely to get him named Series MVP had the Sox prevailed), bringing Wake in to mop Game 7 up. I had a clear sense, when Wake was brought in, that nothing good was going to happen, and when Boone hit his home run, I was ready to strangle Little, not for letting the game slip away from them, but for letting Wake take that emotional beating.

And yet, who will ever forget, a short year later, when the Yanks had their hitting shoes all laced up in Game 3 of the ALCS, Wake volunteering to give up his Game 4 start and take the beating that the Yanks dished out to him (or, at that point, to anybody else who happened to be on the mound for the Sox), to save the pitching staff for the team’s improbable comeback series victory. He has accepted, quietly, being the odd man out these days when the Sox line-up their post-season pitching rotation. You never hear him complain. He just takes his $4 Mil. per year and does whatever is asked of him to the best of his ability. If there was ever a role model kids should emulate, its the guy wearing No. 49 on his back.

Getting back to a little discussion the Judge and I had on a prior strand, perhaps the Sox who needed to stand up and motivate just did — Mikey L. by apologizing publicly for his play, and Wake, by simply going out and performing in the manner expected of him. Hopefully, the message that has come from those two gentlemen, recently largely overlooked and under-appreciated, will ring through the clubhouse, and begin to motivate others to find their way out of their own funk.

With all of us already beginning to open our windows and contemplate crawling out on the ledge, I believe that this is a quality team, a team that can withstand the loss of significant time from Dice-K and Jed Lowrie, not to mention Julio Lugo. I’m not entirely clear that the team can withstand a melt-down from Big Papi, although it would provide an opportunity to see how close to major league ready Chris Carter, Jeff Bailey, Paul McAnulty and/or Lars Anderson are. At this point, I’m simply trying to remember the last couple of early season, slow starts Papi has had, along with the early season, slow start Pedey had two years ago.

As for the pitching, the Sox will not be in the hunt if the team ERA remains up around 5.00. I believe that Beckett is poised for a special year, and that Lester will come around. The Sox still have the “add-on” possibilities of Buchholz, Smoltz and Bowden, not to mention bringing Masterson out of the bullpen and replacing him with Hunter Jones, Daniel Bard or whomever. Jones, Bard and Bowden have looked good thus far at Pawtucket, as has Junichi Tazawa at Portland. Now I recognize that there is a huge difference between success in the minors and success in MLB. However, there are options, and more options as a result of the FO not listening to people like me encouraging them to give away pitching in favor of a new catcher.

Now before we begin with a chorus of “If We Only Had A Teixeira,” recognize that Mr. $181Mil., at this point, is hitting a robust .171 with 1 HR and 3 RBI’s in 23 AB’s. I know he will hit, but the Sox right now would probably be in the same position (or worse if you were to take Mikey L’s bat out of the current line-up) if Teixeira was wearing hanging Sox instead of Pinstripes.

So, lets see where the Sox go from here: Baltimore, Twins, Yanks at home and Cleveburg. Hopefully, when they come out of that run, they will have an over-all winning record. If not, then perhaps I may start looking more closely at my window ledge.

Sorry about the spelling on my last post

Stay off your ledge……..things are getting better. If not….just go golfing and that will be 4 hours you won’t have to think about it.

There used to be a few people who were regular Wake-bashers on here, but I think they are among the “departed”. I got tired of hearing how he should be ready to go at any time since his fast ball is only around 69 mph (ignorance must be bliss). He is one of the hardest working players in todays game. The most important thing to him is TEAM when it comes to baseball.
Pedey must be FRSUTRATED beyond belief!!!! BA of .179??? He’ll start stroking the ball soon!!!!
Glad for the day off what with all the late night games…
I can get to bed at semi-decent hour.

I think you are right, Ellen, that this slow start by Dustin has to be eating at him. He started slow, though –notoriously so– and the rest is history. I am confident HE will come around–it has been frustrating watching him struggle because he is such a spark plug, and hard worker. I still agree with DBen that Beckett will be special this year. I still think he will be a Cy Young finalist, and I think this scrum he just got into will be motivation for him. I just hope it is for the rest of the team!
DBen, I HOPE you are right about Lester. I am not nearly as confident that he is OK healthwise. We’ll see. But I hope, whatever is the problem, that it gets straightened out, while it is still early, or move someone else into the rotation. With Dice-K, and possibly Lester, out of the lineup, I look forward to Masterson showing what he can do in the rotation, and hopefully, Buch will get that chance as well–and if he does, I hope Buch remains with the team for good! GO SOX!

Ellen, Wake had several pitches last game that were UNDER 60 MPH! Maybe that’s the trick–lull em to sleep!πŸ˜‰
One West Coast swing out of the way, and we get the other one out of the way in mid-May. GOOD! They can come to US from then on! We have a nice home stretch now, so maybe we can relax a little as a team and build on Wake’s momentum–and WIN SOME MORE GAMES!πŸ˜‰ GO SOX!

DBen, the LAST thing I will be doing–and I will only speak for myself–is wishing we had signed Tex! NOT EXACTLY! GO SOX!

Wake?s clutch performance had definitely shut the Wake bashers up for good. I hope Wake?s feat be the inspiration for the pitchers and the players. It cannot be emphasized more how important the next home stand will be even early in the season. Ideally the Sox must sweep the Baltimore, and Twins, and take 2 out of 3 from the Yankees or winning the series at a minimum. I am a strong proponent for dropping Ortiz from the lineup for a few games if the woes continue. But not so fast, give Ortiz another week or so and see. That said, who knows Ortiz could be on hitting rampage from here on. Let us hope so.

Mr. Obvious Episode 3:
Mr. Obvious meets Mr. Environmentalist
Terry Francona walked into his office and starting tripping over everything before slamming into the desk and finding the seat. He sat down before crashing to the ground.
?I see the lights are off again. I know that because I cannot see in the dark. Jason is saving us electricity. I know that because the lights are off. ?
?You wanted to see me Terry??
?Is that you Jason?, ?asked Terry reeling from the pain of crashing to the ground. ?I ask that question because I cannot see you and that is because the lights are off. If I could see you I would not ask that question. I also need another chair. I see your continued attempt to make furniture out of used Gatorade cups is not working. I know that because my entire hip is screaming with pain from crashing through the chair. I also know that because that is how Mike Lowell broke his hip last year from crashing through the Gatorade chair. I know that because Mike Lowell joined the NRA the next day to kill you.?
?SHHHH, ?snapped Jason. ?You have to keep your voice down. The carbon dioxide released contributes to global warming.?
Terry then said, ?That is insane and I know that because no normal person would worry about talking contributing to carbon dioxide and that is how I know you are insane.?
?Thank you sir.?
?Also that is why Josh Beckett pulled back muscles last year in Spring Training when he fell over the table unable to see walking in the room. Then Julio Lugo slipped on a spill of olive oil and used motor oil smeared all over the floor from Dustin Pedroia and tore into his leg muscles. It is obvious Dustin did that because Dustin then regretted it.?
?I regret that, ?shouted Dustin in the background.
?He regrets it, ?shouted Tim Wakefield repeating the line in the background.
Jason nodded and said, ‘Sir, how much better our night vision is when we turn off lights everywhere and how much energy does the team save!?
Terry said, ?That is obvious because we had an entire colony of mosquitoes biting us in the clubhouse when you wouldn’t let us use the air conditioning last summer. It is obvious your ideas are not working because moral is down in the clubhouse as nobody is allowed to kill the leeches, carpenter ants and slugs that are invading the clubhouse. ?
Jason nodded and said ?but…?
?Think of last year. I say think of last year because that is when everyone got the flu. Last year you said everyone needs to use one plastic cup for drinking and share it among everyone to save on waste. I know that because of last year’s flu epidemic and the fact that doctors said what the #$#$ you were thinking sharing a drinking cup. ?
?Yes, ?said Jason. ?But look at how many trees we saved so that they can be used for caring for birds and owls by stopping cutting down trees.?
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‘I also know it made the flu epidemic worse because nobody was allowed to shower and that made the flu epidemic worse because nobody was allowed to shower.?
Jason said, ?That’s going to change. We’re going to use ‘dry clean’. It’s an organic compound of dead skin cells of people who have just washed up mixed with free range garlic and sea vegetables. It smells great. ?
Tito could only move his jaw back into position.
?Of course Jason. You are valuable to the team. Sometimes it it hard though. I know that because I lost my mind in Japan last year and refused to wash my clothes in the laundramat because you told me it was bad for the environment. It was very hard to explain to the press and I know that because it was very hard to explain to the press. That is obvious.?
Jason sighed and Terry knew that because he could smell the stench permeate the room.
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?Sir…if everyone did our part.?
?Jason, we don’t turn on lights, shower, wash our clothes, hit a home run because of wasting a ball or hitting the ball too hard for fear of breaking and wasting a bat. We use one cup, don’t use hot water or air conditioning and now smell and feel worse than ever because we don’t turn on lights, shower, wash our clothes, hit a home run because of wasting a ball or hitting the ball too hard for fear of breaking and wasting a bat…etc. ?
?Sir…am I ever proud of this team.?
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?Sir…am I ever proud of this team.?
?I am glad somebody is, ?said Terry. ?now if you will excuse me I need to throw up and that is obvious based on how the room will smell very soon.?

I have said all along and will continue to say that we a re going to be better off WITHOUT (!!!!!) Texiera,Donut Boy, and Burnout. You will never hear that phrase tumble from these RedSox LOVIN LIPS!!!!!!

ELLEN! — What about Mr. Obvious. You must read it!

I will NEVER be one of those who bash Wake! I love the guy and the game yesterday?? PURE MAGIC!!!

Dave – I see a major movie deal soon!πŸ™‚

Can’t wait for the series with the O’s, the Sox are waking up and I for one am ready to watch them roll out…..

Why don’t you tell us how you really feel about Tex, Michelin Man and AJ Burned Up…..

The Yankees are losing 10-1 to the Indians! 9 runs in the 7th!!!! The fans are BOOING the Yanks!

Ellen: I won’t go that far to say the Sox are better off w/o Tex. The Sox can live w/o Tex. But the Sox are definitely better off w/o the Donut Boy aka Michelin Man and to some extent AJ Burnout.

SORRY BOB, YOU ARENT GOING TO LIKE THIS BUT LET ME PREFACE THIS WITH SAYING THAT I’M MAKING FUN OF THE STEINBRENNERS FOR SPENDING SO LAVISHLY ON THE STADIUM, NOT THE PLAYER I am chuckling at the billion dollar blow out at THE NEW AND IMPROVED Yankee Stadium and I know what CC is thinking…. If they hadnt spent so much money on the new place they could have paid him as much as Texiera and/or bought him alot of donuts!!!!!

Thats probably a good correction Andy!!

Hi Ellen: Maybe you’re right about Tex. The last time I look Tex’s BA is a buck sixty and he was being pinched hit for by Melky Cabrera this afternoon. The Yanks (bullpen) are losing 9-2 to Indians.

Hey Craig!! I’d tell you but it would take alooooonnnnnggg time and I’m only on break in the office

Jeter was taken out of the game?? When did that happen?

Ellen these are not easy to write. Please comment. I need my ego trip — humble Dave.

I would LOVE a movie deal or any sort of deal to get out of I.T. Send them to me!

Dave, I just walked in the door, Let me get changed and sip my beer while I read the next Pulitzer Prized Winning short story!!!

Oh but let me say that I think it’s “OBVIOUS” what I’ll think about it, Obviously!!!!

Dave, I like that one alot!!! But I think if the description of Tek fits anyone it’s our old Dirt Dog Trot!!! They say his cap, at the end of his time here, walked out of the locker room on its own!!!! God Bless Our Trot…
Mr Obvious as a screen play, Is A Great Idea!!! George Clooney as Tek and Mike Myers (ala Austin Powers) or Jimmy Fallon (shaved of course) as Tito!!!!!

The oldest guy to post a complete game for the Red Sox! As a guy 20 years older than him, I love it! He’s just the old war horse, and according to all reports, a great person, as well. I wish there were many more like him around professional sports. As for the nay-sayers (who are being very quiet right now), my guess is most of them never played anything bigger than Little League, (if that) but they feel entitled to comment negatively on guys like Wakefield who not only made it to the big time, but has stayed there.

Dave, I get a kick out of all the Mr. Obvious “chapters” you’ve been writing. By the way, is that the name of the book I heard about that you were writing? “Mr. Obvious Goes to Washington”…and Yankee Stadium..and LA?πŸ˜‰ Keep em coming–they’re great!

I have never been to a Red Sox game in Boston, but I visited Boston about four years ago. I wanted to buy a Wakefield shirt. Alas, I couldn’t find one, but got a Varitek – which is almost as good. I have loved Wakefield from the first time I saw him pitch for the Pirates. He is my favorite pitcher to watch. And he is a great team player. I hope he is able to pitch for the Red Sox for another 3 or 4 years. I imagine that people who don’t appreciate him, just don’t appreciate class and faithfulness.

Mr. Obvious Invades the Universe!!!! or along the lines of the Godilla vs- movies, Mr. Obvious vs- the Evil Empire!!! Invaders of the Mr Obvious Snatchers!!!

lamonandpatb: it’s the old thing of To know him is to LOVE HIM or to love him is to understand him (and his pitch in this case) He is definitely not throwing a pitch that “they” call NORMAL.. but IT IS HIS NORMAL!!! As with most of the RedSox Nation, “you gotta love they guy!!!!”

Damon threw out the first pitch at the new Yankee Stadium, eh? How the Mighty Idiots have fallen! Hmmm…

It has been crystal clear to me for many years that Tim Wakefield is as professional, responsable, and loyal as a player can be. It’s hard to find a professional athlete of any sport who competes at such an elite level and is so committed to his team. His outstanding preformance against Oakland on Wednesday will go down as one of his greatest games of his career, and will probably be known as ‘Exhibit A’ in the case to get his number retired and his place in the Hall of Fame. Truly the Greatest Knuckleballer of all time. As the self-proclaimed Unnofficial Red Sox Nation Ambassador to Mexico, I salute Tim Wakefield!

I’ve read a lot of books in my time—all by the same author; Clifford Notes—– and your books are by far and away the best I have ever read. I have to write one more book report to get my GED and I think it will be on Mr. Obvious. Thanks for all you do to enrich the literary world. Alfred E Newman has nothing on you, you’re the best.

Hi Arnie!! It seems that we have alot of new “faces” here today/tonight. So as the Official Unofficial Welcome Wagon Hostess/Captain of the Cheerleaders I say “WELCOME TO BROWNIE POINTS” we are a friendly group who occaisonally, likes to butt heads about our FAVORITE subject; THEE REDSOXNATION and its inhabitants (now that doesnt make us butheads though!! lol) So stick around and have some fun with us. We are from all across the US, Canada, and have bloggers from time to time from the UK,and Japan (we’ve had a couple of Armed Service people, as well) and now I see someone from Mexico. Pretty diverse, huh??
Well it has seemed kind of tense here recently, but let the boys get a few more wins under their belts and you’ll see how much fun we have. And this blog doesnt stop when the Post Season does… it’s pretty much 24/7 365 days a year here..(thank God, cause I’d go absolutely BONKERS between last out and Spring Training!!!) Have FUN!!!!
OKay, whats this I read about our ship jumping Rat of an ex-centerfielder throwing out he 1st pitch today… WHAT THE LLEH was that all about??>> Gosh, I cant seem to remember his name… joey, Jimmy,Jerkey Somebody.. I just cant remember.. sort of like our recently (not so dearly) departed left fielder Zazu… Anyway..I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of momentum that Wakes jewel from yesterday sets in motion.
I’ll see all of y’all tomorrow!!!!!
Ellen aka Trixie

Arnie, you can watch the Beckett fiasco at the following link.
http://mlb.mlb.com/media/video.jsp?content_id=4118833 . You will see that time is called almost at the exact same time that Beckett begins his delivery. It was a tough situation for everyone. The ump must not have felt Beckett’s action was intentional. He was there and knew the situation. He didn’t eject Beckett, or even warn him. It’s beyond me how Watson could see to give Beckett a 6 game suspension.

Garry, I wish Watson (and Selig) had listened to the umps, because Beckett wouldn’t have been suspended, as Beckett was not intentional with that pitch. I still think Watson and Selig were, in a real sense, “over-ruling” the umps here, saying Beckett should have been thrown out. (I don’t believe he should have been tossed, but I’m convinced that is Watson’s reasoning). Hence the 6-game suspension. Very much an over-reaction by Selig and Watson. (It probably was influenced by Sciocia’s whining about no Red Sox being ejected while 4 Angels were!). Because of that reasoning, I also don’t think Beckett’s suspension will be reduced much, if at all. Wrong decision? Absolutely, YES! But I think this is their reasoning.
I just hope Beckett is livid enough about it to propel him to be even more dominant, and that the Red Sox offense will be jump-started (a la Wake’s start) to start generating some runs and OPS! GO SOX!

Thanks Garry,
I watched that pitch about 6 times and I can’t tell if Beckett was throwing at Abreu. He just seems to let the pitch fly. Lots of times in that situation the pitch will end up going about 25 feet up the backstop, but this one went right at Abreu. And he definitely doesn’t start off the mound until Abreu starts yakking at him. I don’t blame Abreu. That pitch looked like it hit him the first time I watched the video, so Abreu must have heard it hissing past his face and that would piss him off for sure.
You are right, the action of the ump is most telling of all. That umpire would be all over Beckett if he thought there was a chance Josh was intentionally throwing at Abreu. Everyone looked surprised, none more than Abreu.

If you watch the runner on second he shows no reaction when the pitch is thrown. He doesn’t raise his arms in outrage as you might expect if he thought Beckett was throwing at Abreu. Also, Beckett is throwing from the stretch which gives him less time to more or less aim the ball over everything and everyone into the backstop.
Bottom line is: you just can’t tell. So that leads me to conclude that Watson is biased in some way; either against the Sox which I doubt, or biased in that he feels as if he HAS to do something, so he gives Beckett a 6 game suspension to show that he is a disciplinarian. I suspect the latter. I can hear it now, “I have to do something.” So he does the wrong thing.

EXACTLY my thought, Arnie. Beckett’s so-called “lack of remorse” (as though he was supposed to!) sealed the deal. (Their words in quotes). Pathetic.

Ellen, if it helps the Yankees lose (ahem, Bob!)πŸ˜‰, I hope Damon throws out the first pitch every game! It worked this time!
KevLar hit a GS for the Jays also today. Looks like the former Idiots are making mischief all over the map today!

I have a lot of respect for Wakefield ? saw him pitch a great game against the White Sox in Chicago in the mid-nineties. But if you look at his ERA, you will understand that he usually needs some very good hitting behind him ? and Red Sox hitters have given him that over the past years. Because of that, I would always hesitate to put him in a position in a playoff game where he is facing one of the best pitchers in the game. He is a bargain, though; especially when you consider what some other pitchers (Barry Zito, for instance) are earning per win.

1st: When has Beckett ever thrown at someone’s head?
2nd: Most batters, when they request a time out, step out of the box, precisely because they know that the time out will break the pitcher’s concentration and the ball may go anywhere. Bobby A is a cagey old pro, not some star-struck rookie.
The righteous outrage of the other side’s fans aside, Beckett did nothing wrong and does not deserve the suspension. I’m not knocking the fans – I am sure there are many of our own fans who would have reacted the same way if the tables were reversed.

moanin all…..every year the sox seem to be in that preverbial hole at some point…u always can feel they are right on the cusp of armageddon ….well i think its this weekend…baltimore who has been playin well is commin to our house with a bunch of our superstars aggravated…im willing to bet the bank they exploded this weekend against that lowly o’s staff and get on a roll to vault them onto torontos heals….now guthrie is a sneaky tuff pitcher so it may take 5-6 innings before it happens but im thinkin papi,jake,pedey,and nancy are gonna unload…..as for my second passion….BRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINS……. YA BABY….the killer b’s are back….when i was younger this time of the yr was tuff…we had larrys celts rollin,bourques b’s, and ofcourse the sox startin the season….omg what do i watch….then gawd gave us….yes u guessed it….PIP….life is grand now …we can watch all 3 ….hehe….back to the b’s….this team reminds me so much of the old teams….kessel …like the rat linesman…rechi is tryin his best to be like neely….hard core ill kick ur butt defense ….fire in the fists if u give us shite….nasty goaly….and a league best offense which incase u havent noticed is missin our sniper sturmm….savard is like oates…on and on i can go….this yr is gonna be like 86….lets just hope yuke is practicin grounders down the line…oh ya and thank the lord the steamer isnt in the pen…lord we have lopez….well he will probably be gone by then rt?….alot seem to think we might see a rematch in ws of 86…personally i cant see the mets beatin florida out this yr….but who knows….tha mahlins are my nl pick…and ofcourse the sox in al……cya next week bloggers…oh ya everyone congradulate ellen she is smokin in the fantasy league….ciao bella….the judge

Please do not apologize to me for anything you want to say about the Yankees. It?s embarrassing! That goes for Greg and everyone else too. I don?t want to spoil any fun you have in that way, but I may toss in a comeback if I can think of a good one! I overreacted to the word disrespect and I regret it!!!

Just like George Steinbrenner, I am known for over doing everything! By the way my middle name is George but that was for my grandfather. My parents were not psychic!
I expect the new Stadium is extremely lavish. Spending money is the best thing the Yankees do. Maybe George wants to influence visiting players to be future Yankee free agent signings!!!

Also Wakefield is a class act. Gotta love those older guys! He just showed that when the knuckler is working well he?s near unhittable!!!

on the beckett thingy….the yanks have for yrs stepped out to throw off a pitchers timing…now beckett took a long time to pitch…as for throwin at his head…bah…i have no doubt he was throwin in his direction but not at his head…if beckett would buzz some guys occasionaly like pedro used to….well he woukld be a 25 game winner….its baseball.no cryin in baseball…play ball………….judge…..i like the fire

I read that the first pitch was thrown out by the Yankees eldest HOFer, Yogi Berra. I thought it was going to be the HOF battery of Whitey Ford to Yogi and don?t know why the change was made as I haven?t watched my DVR with the ceremonies yet. I thought Millar was the number one ?idiot? anyway.

Jeter was just rested when the cause was lost. He?s not injured!

Wish I could say the same about Teix. He missed three games (Sat, Sun, & Mon) with a sore left wrist. He also was rested yesterday, but when healthy, he does poorly in April.

I don’t recall ever seeing an ejection involving a Joe West crew. And regarding Watson?s decisions concerning Yankees suspensions, I feel he has been too heavy handed with his power.

What a load of crap from the writer and many posters. One decent start from Wakefield in 3 years and suddenly all your overvaluing of him is justified? How wonderful for you all that you can be so deliberately delusional and ignore reality. “12-17” wins per year? His last 3 years: 7, 17, 10 wins, with the 17 wins in 2007 the aberration resulting from the fact that for once the team scored more runs for him than the league average.

Look, I love Wake as much as any other Sox fan, and I appreciate his contributions up the wazoo. And yes, it was never quite fair that his run support was always much below average – but that is a result of his pitching pace and style as much as any other factor. When your pitcher is lobbing lucky floaters that hope to cross the strike zone, I imagine it is hard for fielders to keep their heads in the game and focus in the batter’s box. So he has always pitched at a decided disadvantage, which makes his success over the long term admirable.

But he has not been a consistent performer since 2005. Baseball is a game where a pitcher who stops losing streaks is considered a great asset. Wakefield stops winning streaks for the Sox because every start is a crap-shoot, and that is demoralizing for fans and players alike. This team can be confident that they will never lose more than 3 or 4 in a row. But they know for a fact that they will not go on extended winning streaks with Wakefield taking the mound every 5th start. He was great, he deserves respect, but it is long since past the time for him to go, or to eat innings out of the pen in lopsided games if he still wants to contribute. Spare me the look-he-pitched-well-once-so-he-is-valuable-and-good-for-the-team nonsense. Enough already. He should end his career as a starter on the high note of that start in Oakland and ask to move to the pen now. Let Masterson/Buchholz get some starts in before Smoltz/Dice-K are ready to come back so that we can see what we’ve got and what might be trade bait for a big bat mid-season.

Hey, Bob, how are you? I stand corrected. Damon delivered the first HIT at Yankee Stadium (which means he still is up to no good!)πŸ˜‰ When I was reading the post about it, I misread the item, partly because it was juxtaposed with a note about Jorge Posada (hitting the first HR). Thanks for the correction. I thought that would have been more than a little ODD–why Johnny Damon, after all, out of everyone they could pick! But I figured it was a lot like Ortiz’ jersey hijinx last year–trying to mess with the ghosts of Yankees past (in Damon’s case, with the ghosts of the Red Sox!). But we saw how well Ortiz performed after the jersey was buried–not so much. Now that Damon has Yankee Stadioum’s first hit, maybe it will have a similar dulling effect on Damon’s hitting! But we can hope!πŸ˜‰ Take care, Bob.

KTM: Wake’s clutch performance will serve as a turning point or a wakeup call for the Sox pitchers and players alike. Not only did Wake stop the losing streak, he gave the whole bull pen the much needed rest. God forbids even if Wake loses rest of his starts, yesterday game will remain in the memory of the fans, a least in mine, for a long time. A turning point of the season indeed! You expect too much from a no 4 starter.
Greg: I was wondering why Damon threw out the first pitch. Could the Yanks find someone else? I checked paper and found out it was Yogi as Bob said.
Robert George: Since Posada hit the first HR in the new Yankee stadium, can we name the new stadium “House that Jorge Posada Built” as Babe Ruth hit the first HR in the old park. lol

I see the Wake haters are re-emerging. Konthemountain, you don’t have to feed us the line “I love Wake like any Sox fan”. Uh, not exactly as much as any Red Sox fan, if you are disagreeing with us that strongly. You have a right to that opinion, but after reading all our posts, do you really think WE are buying that load of nonsense? (You can share it with other Wake haters on other sites, where you would get a better reception). Wake’s “crap-shoot” starts may be “demoralizing” to you, but I don’t see that among our group. We take Wake’s losses hard, but not because of Wake–because it is a loss. His “lack of run support” has NOTHING to do with Wake’s pitching style. It has to do with the offense, and nothing else. If you have read any of Wake’s teammates comments aout Wake, you will see that they have been FAR from demoralized by Wake’s efforts. Wake’s comment to Tito before his gem of a game is exactly why we, and his teammates, love and respect him. As I have said before, teams would KILL to have a guy like Wake on their team.
The tear in his shoulder will likely move him to a relief role (or spot starter) at some point, and possibly to retirement before too long. When he does, I hope you and other Wake haters will recognize what a value he has been to this team–and how much he will be missed by fans and teammates alike. He will deserve EVERY accolade the Red Sox and MLB would throw at him! I’m done.
(Steps down from Soapbox).

Why not, though I think it will take more than one super year (2007) before Posada can be considered for the Hall. But then, for all of it’s lavishness, it will be forever known as the house that George built!

The George should be in gold leaf!!!

What George is the greatest of all time?

George Brett???? George Mikan??? George Scott??? George Foreman??? George Jetson???? Certainly not George Bush. LOL….I’m guessing Ellen’s favorite George is probably George Clooney. HA..HA…

That George looked frail in the picture. B/w, the Tribes just knocked out the fat boy Joba in the top of 5th.

Joba’s the Fat Boy now? I thought that was Donut Boy CC!πŸ˜‰

Yes, Fat Boy Joba, Donut Boy/Michelin Man CC. lol

Got it, Andy!πŸ˜‰

Konthemountain, you have a right to your opinion and we can agree to disagree, but I think your arguments could have been better thought out. If you look around MLB, fourth and fifth starter’s stats are mediocre to poor. Wakefield’s innings pitched, wins and losses, ERA are better than average for the role he fills. Add in his team-first attitude, his willingness to give himself up for the team, his even temper and you have the intangibles that make him far more than adequate. Those things make him valuable indeed. I’m an employer and I can tell you I would rather have a person with average skills who is a team player and is positive and willing to learn over someone with great skills who is only looking for what is good for him/her. Those people are a dime a dozen, and mostly worthless. If you only have an appreciation for flash and glowing stats, that’s fine, but don’t pretend that is a valid argument for your dislike of Wake. As I said in my first post about Wakefield, you have to develop an appreciation for the subtle details to really see what Wake brings to the Sox.


Not only frying up some good food but frying up a fellow blogger, Great stuff Arnie! Agree very much, especially at the end. ” You have to develop an appreciation for the subtle details to really see what Wake brings to the Sox. Well said….Props too you Arnie…Your first class meal awaits at Pass A Grille.

Pass A Grill!! I’m there! We are getting a spring snow storm and it’s nasty out today. Give me the Florida sunshine today, my friend.

Hey guys,
Glad to see Wake gets his day in the sun. I’ve admired him more than any other pitcher on the team because of what he gives to the team — vs. himself. C.C. Sebastia is more of ‘what’s in it for me’. It’s not a horrific attitude but I don’t want that on the Red Sox. Theo Epstein has been very clear in his choices for players ‘what do they give to the team’ vs. what they give in the stats.
Tim has been an amazing starter and I know his days will not last forever but if he doesn’t make the Red Sox Hall of Fame…I think I will swear off my loyalty to the team (oh probably not but I’ll be tarnished). he’s that deserving.

I’m gonna post a couple of different times here and go back and read some more… I read in one of our threads yesterday that Damon threw out the 1st pitch… must have read it wrong.. oops my blonde, thought it was strange!!!
Robert: I was just being polite,,, no problem… and if I can dish it out, I’d better be able to take it, huh?? lol
konthemountain: …and I just wrote such a nice Welcome to all the new bloggers… guess you didnt see that..
but who died and named you DANIEL FAGAN???? You might not get the inference there but the majority of the bloggers here will!!!! If a fire has no oxygen, it will go out and if you ignore someone long enogh, they go away.

I know that I’m a real Rah-Rah Homer.. so maybe I shouldnt habe called him Fagan, but, well it reminded me of him.. While I know that each person is entitled to their opinion, we are in America afterall, but you dont wander onto a teams blog site and atart telling the posters AND IAN that they are full of “crap”. Just cant do that!!!!
I would have responded to that earlier but no one at my company has access to any non work related internet acces any longer… (I’m just trying to figure out how I can make them see that the RedSox ARE part of my job!!!!lol), so I am just now reading all of todays posting… I had signs of Internet withdrawl today.. NOT A PRETTY SIGHT!!!!
Have a GREAT GAME BP!!!!!

It’s game time! Let’s go Red Sox!

And Konthemountain – If you don’t like Wake – TOUGH!!! We do!

Greg – We Wake defender are here!


We need a new thread so we don’t have to scroll down so much! lol!

YAY!!!! Penny! K!

They will wear the “hanging sox hats” on Fridays?



DUSTY!!!!!! YAY!

YOUK!!! Come on guys! WE NEED HITS!!!!!

I think I’m talking to myself! lol!

“Is there anybody out there……..”

Hey WOOOWHOOOOO sister, how’re you doing… Have a good week??


I did have a good week – WOULD BE BETTER IF BASES WEREN”T LOADED!!!!!

WHAT!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE NEED PITCHING!!!


Hey guys – Ash from Fantasy Hardball here. Just watching the Mets-Brew Crew. What’s going on? Thanks for the invite, Julia.Ashhttp://ashleymarshall.mlblogs.com

Hi Ash – WE ARE LOSING!!! Penny doesn’t look good! Are you live blogging tonight?


I think Penny is going to have a VERY short evening! Oh yay – 7-0; grand slam O’s UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Julia – What’s the score?

The BOOS are deafening!!!!!

Grand Slam? Who got it?

Not blogging live, but I am writing a game report for the blog which I’ll publish right after the game. I wanted to leave the history post on my blog for a little while first and hope that a few ppl will check it out. So ppl, check it out pleeeeeaseπŸ™‚ http://ashleymarshall.mlblogs.com

7-0 Ginny!


They just mentioned Nick Green and I thought to myself… Even Jed Lowrie better look out, he may lose his spot….

I loved your history post Ash!

Markasis (?) for the O’s – sure I spelt the name wrong

I hope Tito has a rabbitt in his hat… If so jhe better get that rabbitt up and throwing NOW!!!!!!!!

Green is Hot – in many ways!πŸ˜‰ Okay – no more wine for me! lol!

No news yet Julia. I am just burying myself in the ballgame (and I can watch it once the girls are done watching Madagascar 2). The O’s are at it again I see…

What the hell-o is going on with this team, pitching staff, etc.? 7-0? Say WHAT?:/

BAY!!!!!! FINALLY!!!! Let’s get some more back!!

More hot guys today? Don’t think I could handle that!

Way to go JBAY!!!!!

Way to go, J-Bay! That’s a LITTLE better. Come on, Mike!

Yes – Ginny! Keep us posted on Colin!

GREG!!! We need Mike Lowell to pitch! Isn’t he an emergency/backup pitcher??

Okay – Sox on a roll!

Good eye, Mike! Bring em home, Tek! GO SOX!

Are you serious Mike Lowell can pitch?

the RedSox Gods are here tonight!!!!

Swisher might cut it!
Way to Tek! Nice running, Mike!
Pitching seems to be optional right now. I thought OUR pitcher’s name was PENNY not sixpence +1! Hmmm….:/

Not this crap again with MLBTV! Come on, guys!

We wish, Ginny. Might have to if this nonsense keeps up! We don’t need to empty our entire BP again! SNARL! GO SOX!


Sure is, Ellen! We need this guy, “Chip N.”!πŸ˜‰

What happened to Penny? Pulled him already? (Can the movie end already???)

I’m feeling the LOVE!!!! GO RED SOX!!!!!


Way to go Mike! Nice hit, Jacoby!! Nice running, Tek!


LET’S GO, DUSTIN! We need your bat right now! Help your avg.!

Now that my friends is a scrapppy lil dIRT DAWG!!!!


Ginny – Red Sox are still up! We’ll see who comes out.


Come on, Dustin! GO SOX!




NO!!!!! But at least run #4!!! GO YOUK!!!!!!

Papi’s still up, Julia. Here goes!

NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But 4 runs!

PAPI! Sac fly–NOW run#.4!

Come on YOUK! We need more RUNS! GO SOX!

So – will it be Penny or someone else??

Good! Let’s wear out Guthrie! GO YOUK!

Penny still in… he better have this thing figured out!!! COME ON BRAD GET YOUR BUTT SETTLED!!!!!

Ok…I’ll be back in a few minutes, going to put the girls to bed and then FIND THE GAME ON TV!!!

And it is Penny!

Only bad things are going to happen if Penny keeps getting behind the batter 2-0…. Pull your head out of the cavity and pitch like you get paid to!!!!

Come on, Penny! We don’t need to wear out our own BP again! COME ON, SOX!

NO – another hit!

Okay Ginny!

We are in trouble if we can’t start getting some innings out of our starters! LET”S GO PENNY!

WOW! Penny CAN throw strikes! GO SOX!

MArkakis had a GS? That explains a thing or two!

Who do we have warming up in the pen??

Gracious, Brad, THROW STRIKES!

Yes he did Greg.

I don’t know Ellen – I don’ t think they said/showed.

And Tek just hit the homeplate Ump throwing the ball back!



Much better inning!!!! I’m still a-skeered!!!!

Ok, fine. I only get the Toronto game. Figures. I should really call my cable company and get the new sports pack…I get both the Red Sox and the Rays games then…probably costs you your first born or something mind you. GRUMBLE

They mentioned a few minutes ago, but my reaction was WHO???? Did not recognize the name!:/

Given them heck Ginny! Any word yet on Colin??

That’s BETTER! GO SOX! We need some O!


Way to smack it JD!!!! Good gob…
Hey greg…. CHIP-CHIP

Almost 80 pitches to this point for Penny! NOT GOOD!

WAY TO GO, JD!!!! HR!!!! GO SOX!!!!!

Nope nothing, Julia. That’s why I put the girls to bed. They might as well get some sleep. I’ll probably end up waking them up in the middle of the night to drive back to the hospital (I took them to the one with the pediatric ward) 30 mins away. I sure won’t be sleeping much tonight! I probably won’t hear anything unless Colin is admitted or is sent home.

Greg Zaun looks like one of the Quaid brothers.. The one that was in Vacation with Chevy Chase… I always get them mixed up…

Sounds good, Ellen! Chip-chip! I hope we don’t need too many out of the pen tonight! GO SOX!

7-5 now I see.

Come on Tek-er!!

You!!! making progress! Oh Ginny – it is so tough! Keep us posted! Hang with us and be crazy!!! I think we drove Ash away!lol

What’s wrong, Ginny? With Colin?

He’s at the ER with his dad right now. We’re not sure what’s wrong. Bizarre symptoms, and he’s in a lot of pain.

Hey – did you all see Mark Newman’s new picture on the blog-o-sphere blog? I’m sorry – but he looks like he had “one to many” lol!

DelCarmen behind Penny? OK…he pitched well last time, can he do so twice? WHO KNOWS?! GO SOX!

You’d think his name was B O B… thats all he keeps giving!!! base on balls.. Penny GONE… The Dr (MD) is in the house… Which one though?? DR Feelgood, Dr. No, or Dr Strangelove???

NO!!!! Not Delcarmen!!!!

Penny isn’t out, yet, Ellen. MDC is warming up. NOW Penny is coming out. Which MDC will we see? Doogie Howser, MD?

I really like the way the Sox are fighting back tonight!!!! Looks like they had a fire lit under their butts!!! Thats a good thing

Can’t say I’ve seen Mark, Julia.

If 7-0 doesn’t light a fire, I don’t know what would! GO SOX!

Tell they aren’t going to actually let DelCarmen pitch…How about giving Lowell a chance first!

Hunter Jones was the pitcher whose name I couldn’t remember. I still get CRS! GO SOX!

NO!!!!! What is with these O’s?????

Hope we don’t need Mike, Ginny! His hip might not like that too much! GO SOX!

I think it’s DR. NO-FEELGOOD

Oh God… he’s going to hit someone


DelCarmen, what are you doing??? Come on, Sox! Get some outs!

I’m with Ginny – LOWELL!!!

Keep it that way, DelCarmen! GO SOX!

Good job, Tek! GO SOX!

Get these guys out!!!

Ty Wigginton is a NC local. Graduated from UNC-Asheville, played baseball here.

And having Manny pitch was a good reason because…??????????

GREEN!!!! He is STILL hot!πŸ˜‰

Win 1, lose 18…hmmm….Sox are behaving like the once deplorable Devil Rays. I can only say — get this game over with and hope for tomorrow because this game IS OVER….GRRRR….’That is obvious.’
Terry Francona said, “I told Brad to throw strikes and he did not throw strikes. I knew that when he did not throw strikes and gave up seven runs. He cannot hear me and we will check his hearing because that is obvious.”

Beautiful play ny Green.. I think Jed is hearing footsteps behind him

Are you sure Penny did not hear, “Go on strike”?

It wasn’t a good idea for DelCarmen to be in there, Ginny. That is obvious.

Julia, make sure the guys are on track for next weekend!!! And don’t let DelCarmen TOUCH a ball!

Come on, Sox! We need some RUNS!

We just got a Dunkin Donuts down here. Krispy Kreme is the donut of choice around here. COME ON, SOX!

Delcarmen scares me!!! {shudder}

Why are we talking donuts?? I missed that! Dave – we need happy drama! lol!!!!

Gotta run! Going to the hospital to pick up Colin and hubby. Will check in later. Good luck to the Red Sox!

I’m keeping my fingers crossed!!!

I’m glad they paid tribute to Pumpsie Green. I read Antonio’s piece on his blog. I had read about our auditioning Jackie and others before the Dodgers had (in a book on the Negro Leagues). I mentioned it in my response to his post. Cool piece by Antonio.


I’m keeping my fingers crossed!!!
1-2-3 inning!!! Good Job!!!
Now bring out the BIG BATS!!!!!!!
Let me hear you Julia!!!

Pumpsie Green gave Dunkin Donuts a plug, Julia. That’s how. GO SOX!

That’s better, Doogie Howser, MD! GO SOX!

..and Coca Cola!! He was a trip, huh??

There’s Trixie! Now the Sox will be in good shape!πŸ˜‰

Okay – missed that ! Ugh! Why am I suddenly having trouble posting??

Come on, Youk! GO SOX! We need RUNS!


Jbay Babay!!!!! come on smack it really HARD!!!

GOOD! Masterful is subbing for Dice-K! Good move, Tito! GO SOX!

Trixie’s in the HOUSE!!!!!

Yes – it will be good to have him on Monday! GOOD BAY ON!!!!

WAY TO GO, JD! Bring him home, J-Bay! GO SOX!

A walk’s as good as a hit… but its only a break if you take advantage of it!!! come on Mikey!!

WAY TO GO, JD! Bring him home, J-Bay! GO SOX!

I am almost ashamed to admit that I have 4 orioles on my 2 fantasy teams!!! Scott, Jones, Wigginton and Huff

Pitcher warming up for the O’s

BASES LOADED!!!! COME ON TEK!!!!!!! Home run time!!!!

I have Roberts Ellen!



Come on, MIKE! GO SOX! Drive em in!

WAY TO GO, JD! Bring him home, J-Bay! GO SOX!



Come on, Tek, bases loaded! Drive em in!

Thanks the way Tek! Nice Kick
GREEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE HAVE A SHORT STOP WHO CAN HIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I’m pyschic or psycho or something!! lol

Yes TEK! Nice fielding, O’s! GO SOX!

Did you see the Bruins game last night Greg? IT WAS GREAT!! Reminded me of the “big bad Bruins” – especially the fight after the game was over!

I’m REALLY glad I’m here tonight! I was going to sing Karaoke but can’t leave my boys!!! (no life Ellen)

NOW it’s tied! You were prophetic, Ellen! Keep going, Sox!

I wish I could have seen the Bruins, Julia. But I’m pulling for them, anyway!

Having a hitting SS is nice! It CERTAINLY is different!

It is also good that pitching was optional for the Orioles, also, not just our pitchers!;) GO SOX!

Ellen – there is help for breaking the Karaoke problem.

The game was great Greg! It was fast & furious – hey on my blog tonight I have a clip of an old “fight” between Bruins and Montreal – has O’Reilly in it! He was my mom’s favorite!

Oh no I love karaoke!!! But I love the Sox MORE~!

Yes! K!! Do it again Delcarmen!

UGH!! Lopez! NO!!!

this is where I cover my eyes!!! I am sooooo scared of Senor EZ…(lopEZ)


NO!!!! We want Mikey on the mound!

Rays are losing 5-2 to the White Sox

Those Ford Dealers can HAVE Lopez! ACK!
DelCarmen settled down nicely. GOOD!

Here we go!!! Man get this guys the heck out of here!!! package him and Lugo and get a half a gross of bats for them!!

Ramon warming up in the Pen

LOPEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UGH!


BB given up by Loopy Lopez? Whodathunkit?

Good Tito is at least getting him tothe showers earlier than normal!! We CANNOT afford to give them back the lead!! yanks won today, DEVIL Rays are losing… We need to start movin on up!!!


Get rid of Lugo!!!! No excuses now that he pitched too much. He is a loser. Let’s hope Tito doesn’t blow this game by putting Lugo in. Let’s hope we can get out of this inning!!!

Good thing Ginny is off the blog, Ellen! She likes the Rays!πŸ˜‰

Good job@!

Yes she does Greg!πŸ˜‰

Ramon did his job!

Sorry, I meant get rid of Lopez. I guess I still have Lugo on my mind.

Phil, I can see how Lugo and Lopez would be confused, but Lugo IS still on the DL!πŸ˜‰
How are you tonight, Phil?

DUSTY!!!! 3 hits tonight! Time for a hit PAPI!

Someone please tell me why Ramirez can go in there and throw one pitch, one out, and Loopy can’t do likewise? Does Lopez even know the meaning of “Strike Zone”??!

No – he doesn’t. He missed pitching school that day.

Lugo on the brain? That is a leading cause of clinical depression, Phil, you might want to fix that!πŸ˜‰

Time to move Papi down in the order

They don’t need to shift if Papi doesn’t hit! COME ON, PAPI! WE NEED YOUR BAT!

Phil? Phil who? I’m having trouble following tonight!

NO YOUK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unfortunately, I think you are right, Ellen! Papi just confirmed that!

Phil is Pangelotti, Julia. GO SOX!

The way Papi is swinging I think he ought to get up early in the morning and practice for at least an hour laying bunts down the third base line.

I hope Youk is OK!
Or does Watson need to susp. Baez if we complain loud enough??!!:/ (Good grief, I hope not! That wasn’t intentional, either!)

Good eye, JD! Bring em home, Sox! Come on, J-Bay!

Bunting, Phil? I don’t think that will help. Esp. not out of your DH!

Come on, J-Bay! Bring em home! GO SOX!

YAY BAY!!!!! 9-8

Hi all! 9-8!!! Is anyone else watching this on MLB.TV on their computer? I’m having a terrible time keeping a signal on ATT High-Speed! Can’t even get WRKO on the same serivce! Thank GOD for XM! Can still hear Castiglione that way!

Nicce work, J-Bay! Way to get one home! GO SOX! WE HAVE A LEAD!!!!!πŸ˜‰


LOWELL!!!!!!! YOU ARE MAN!!!!!
Jimmy – I’m watching on NESN

Yes, Jim, I am watching it on MLBTV. I had trouble at first, but it’s working fine now.

Hi Julia. For some reason, NESN is not offered out here in the wild wild west! No surprise. 10-8! Nice Job guys!

I have the NESN feed on MLBTV. COME ON, YOUK! Hope you are OK!
WAY TO GO SOX! Come on BP, shut the O’s down!

Jimmy – is that Maynard, MA??

I guess the signal is intermittent tonite. Now it’s back on again… geez….

Anyhow, it sure is nice to see the guys swinging the bats now. Did Papi suit up tonite? Who’s the big guy wearing #34? Hmmmmmmm……

I like that, Julia! Yay-Bay, J-Bay! Sounds good!πŸ˜‰

Ok, what did I miss????

Nice cover Ramon – Youk looked okay there.

greg- by papi bunting he should get at least two hits a gane . At least he will be making a contribution to the team. Going the other way hewould force them to modify the shift.

The 34 uniform is worn by an impstor tonight. That is obvious. We must find the real Big Papi. That is obvious. GO SOX!

GINNY!!! How is Colin?? 10-8 Red Sox!!!

Keep it going Ramon! Get the outs! Good work!

Hey Ginny. I hope your son is OK!

10-8? Really!! yay!!!

We used to live NEAR Maynard, Ma. Julia. Then Canterbury, NH. Now we’re out here in the warmth of the desert! Split time between Tucson, AZ and El Paso, Texas. Isn’t New England supposed to get hammered with some more snow soon?

Way to go, Drew!
Ramirez has been a STUD! We may not need Lowell to pitch after all!πŸ˜‰

NOPE!!! I’m in Sudbury MA. Rain but no snow! Maybe north, but not here. cool – perfect for the marathon.

Colin has a bad case of strep throat. He’ll be down for the count until Monday most likely.

Is that the meaning of the Maynard in your name Jim? Or is it a last name? Or both?

Oh – I’m glad that’s all it is! One the meds kick in he’ll feel much better!

Ramirez looks sharp. Seems like a good pickup in the Coco trade. He homered today, by the way, for KC!

I’m sorry, Ginny. I’m thinking and praying for him, and for you.

These are THE REDSOX…. Those were inposters playing last week!!!! Invasion of the REDSOX SNATCHERS!!!!

WAY TO GO, NICK! Get another rally, Sox! Come on, Jacoby!

I’m hoping so…he’s asleep right now. Glad he didn’t have to stay overnight for observation or anything.


BIG PAPI!!!!! IT”S TIME!!!!! GET A HIT!!!!!!

How’s the TV feed for you guys tonight? Still losing signal?

Thanks Greg!

Now, if we can get a starter to perform like Wake did! Penny did not exactly cut it!

Papi is starting to make some contact with the ball… thats a start!! Come on Bro!!! jack one

I’m on NESN so all it good!

I’m glad that Colin is home also.

You are MORE than welcome, Ginny!

It really is time for Tito to sit Papi or move him down in the order!!!


COME ON YOUK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Come on, Papi! We don’t need the impostor here, anymore! We need Big Papi! That is obvious! GO SOX!

NO!!!!!!!! That was BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think Papi needs to SIT for at least a little while!
He just proved us right AGAIN! GET THAT IMPOSTOR OUT OF THERE!

Just my last name, that’s all, Greg. You may remember my uncle… Don Maynard. Played WR for the Jets back in the day…. caught a few balls from some guy named Namath…. We used to have that drunken fool over for family gatherings. I couldn’t stand him. Always hitting on my mom. What a bum. Geez, what is it with Papi? Wow. Swinging like he’s trying to hit a mosquito in a tornado……wow, bases juiced… no runs.

What is with Papi these days?

Bases loaded, no outs, and no runs????? What the…?

Hi Phil How’ve you been??? I hope I told you howm much I loved the military photos (the ships)you sent a while back@!!! I sent them to my brother. Though he was Air Force he liked them.
Hey Jimmaynard!! Hows life treating you world traveler??

I sure do miss Coco Crisp, but I am sure glad we got Ramon Ramirez in return for him! GOOD TRADE THEO! GO SOX!

Exactly Greg!


He played for THAT TEAM, Jim??? HOW COULD HE??!πŸ™‚
Thanks, Jim, for the info.

Come on Ramon! GET HIM OUT!

That’s a mental picture, Jim! A mosquito in a tornado! Can’t quite picture that one!πŸ˜‰

No walks!!

Every time I hear the name “Adam Jones” I think of that Pac-Man fool!


Ramon is gone!

NO!!!! OKIE!!!!

He said THAT TEAMS name on here…Did Julia notice? LOL!

Come on, Ramon! Finish the inning! SO or DP! GO SOX!

Hi Ellen. We’re grounded until my son’s baseball season is over. Shortly thereafter, we’re going to spend a month or so with the In-Laws in Canterbury, then head your way…. to Cocoa Beach for a couple of weeks. For now, just enjoying the warmth of the Spring and restoring an ol’ Chevy p/u….. How’s life in Ft. Loverdale?

OKi Doki!!

Nice play, J-Bay!
Now Oki is coming in, Julia. I hope Oki shuts em down to start with!

Phil, I wish that were true with Papi and bunting. He is not good at it, and does not run well. He is not the candidate for it. And if our DH is not hitting for OPS, we need someone else in there, not Big Papi bunting.

I never enjoyed watching THAT TEAM as a youngster, though I did enjoy watching Namath get sacked….. and, of course my Unc pulling down a few passes…..

I did Greg – but I don’t think Jimmy knows!! Ummm Jimmy – when I’m here – there shall be no uttering of that NAME!!!! J-E-T-S! I don’t handle it well!


That Markakis is a damned good ballplayer…..

Come on, Oki Doki! Get the outs! No runs!

Okie worries me Greg.

memo to pitchers – there is no bouncing in baseball!

Sorry Julia….. didn’t know….. c’mon OKIE!!!!

Is it really too much to ask to be able to get the game on TV?

Way to go, Oki! One more out!
Interesting thing about Ty Wigginton for the O’s: he played college ball here in Asheville, NC, at UNC Asheville. I’ve been following him since he came to the majors–just not tonight!
Come on Oki! One more strike!

Yeah!! Okie!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good Job OKI

Good try, J-Bay! GO SOX!

That’s Okay! I’m a HUGE Pats fan and I have “issues” with the team that shall not be named! lol!!

Okay Okie – I was wrong!

Way to go Oki. Let’s get some more insurance runs.

Oki Doki doesn’t worry me if he keeps pitching like this, as he did in 07. If he pitches like he did in 08, then yes, we should be concerned.

At times I’m not sure Okie bought a new calendar. Maybe I should send him a 2009 one!


Terry Francona “Well I must use the entire bullpen. I know that because I have used the entire bullpen. I must have Tim Wakefield come back for another night since I have once again used up the bullpen. I have used up the Bullpen because Brad Penny heard me wrong. I told me “throw strikes” and he must have heard “grow spikes.” He was so confused about that that he failed to throw strikes. That is obvious.”

Good eye, JD! GO SOX!

Ok…my guys just beat the White Sox, and the Red Sox WILL win this one, right Julia?
I’m going to bed – some how I think I’ll need as much sleep as I can get tonight!

Hey, Dave! Welcome back!

Terry Francona
“David Ortiz is not hitting. I will give him no more than 162 more games to get a hit and then we will talk. I know that because I will give him 162 more games to get a hit. ”
Tim Wakefield
“He will give him 162 more games to get a hit.”

Just checked the game on the computer. How huge is Wakefield’s complete game now with Penny having a meltdown in the 2nd?
Go Sox!!!
I’ll catch up with you all later.

LOWELL!!! I say !! We must have Lowell pitching! We can not let the Yankees be the only ones who pulls a player off the field to pitch!

Hi Arnie! Bye Arnie!

No sweat Julia. Just don’t mention anything about “America’s Team” here, either! I can’t stand them.

Absolutely right, Arnie! How are ya tonight!

That was not helpful, JD! That is obvious.

Wait — did the Yankees get a player pitch in the game. This I have to know about. Fill me in guys.

Couldn’t they have run into each other!!!!!

Wait — did the Yankees get a player pitch in the game. This I have to know about. Fill me in guys.

DEAL Jimmy!πŸ™‚

{Dave is kidding – right?}

Nick Swisher pitched an inning on a lark during the Yanks’ 15-5 loss to the O’s the other night. (I think it was a full inning! CRS again!)

It was a full inning – he struck out Gabe Kapler!

Come on Jon-Bon!!!

I remembered Kapler’s SO, but wasn’t POSITIVE about the entire inning. He was probably the only Yankee having fun that night!
Come on PAP! 3-3 for SVO, please! GO SOX!

Lowell! UGH!!! COME ONE GUYS!!! 3 OUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don’t like the Sox caps tonight. I want the B back on the lids!

Yeah – it was a whole inning for Swisher – and no one got a run off of him! lol!

ONE MORE OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Come on, Wigginton, you need to SO against Pap! GO SOX!

Life in Lauderdale, (sounds like a TV show lol) is WONDERFUL!!! Glad you are doing well!!

Come on, Pap! SO or DP! GO SOX!

Every Friday Greg they are going to wear them.

Nice play, JD! 2 outs! One more, Pap! GO SOX!

Pap also missed the memo on not bouncing balls on the way to home!

I’m glad our game tomorrow is a 6pm start.. Fox’s blackout is over then!! We can see it.


Is it on Fox tomorrow?

YES!!!!!!!!! GOOD JOB PAP!!!!!!

2 in a row boys!!

And I agree Greg – don’t like the hats!

Funny name, Felix Pie. It means, “happy foot”. Hmmm…Like the movie??πŸ˜‰

with just a blip, Papelbon is looking good tonight
yes!!!!! the redsox come back and win the game!!!! dOWN 7 AND COME BACK TO WIN!!!! These ARE the RedSox we all know and love so much,,, scrappy lil boogers huh??

YES!!!!!!!!! GOOD JOB PAP!!!!!!

2 in a row boys!!

And I agree Greg – don’t like the hats!

He wasn’t happy tonight! Night all!! All is good in Red Sox Nation!

Hey Jim.. Contrary to popular (Texan Belief) THE REDSOX ARE AMERICAS TEAM!!

Way to go, Pap! Nice rally to win the game, guys! THAT’S better Red Sox offense! Now, if we can not surrender 7 runs in the 1st and 2nd innings, we’ll be FAR better off!
Good win, Sox! DO IT AGAIN!

Take care, y’all! Good win tonight! GO SOX!

No I was talking about how Saturday afternoon (1pm and 4pm) start times are blacked out. Fox has exclusive broadcast rights to the Saturday afternoon game,, Our game starts at 6, thats when the blackout is lifted…

Great Job Pap! Nite all.

Hey, Jim, when I lived in DC (Born and grew up there), we referred to THAT OTHER TEAM as “South America’s Team”. (During their days w/Hollywood Henderson, et al). We had season tickets to Redskins games. (But no baseball team)! That’s how I became a Red Sox and Patriots fan. GO SOX!

G’Night everyone.. See y’all tomorrow evening!!!

Correction: our game is at 7:10 tonight.. pre game starts at 6. No matter we still get to watch.
Question: When does Josh’s suspension come into play??? Is he starting tonight?

Oh sorry!!! Good Morning Everyone!!!!

Hey! Konethemountain!

I just read your slap at those of us who think the world of Wake, and frankly, I take it quite personally.

I saw the beauty of Wake last Summer “up close and personal.” On June 14th, I watched him mow down Edinson Volquez and the Reds in Cincinnati, allowing 2 runs over 7 innings. He was in line for a 4-3 victory, until Pap came in in the 9th and blew the save by giving up a home run to Edward Encarnacion. The Sox won the game in the 11th, on a CoCo Hr.

Before that, he had pitched on June 7th, allowing the M’s 2 runs in 7 innings to notch a victory. On June 2nd, he allowed the Orioles 2 runs in 7 innings, a game the Sox lost when Oki Doki gave up 4 runs in the 8th. On May 28th, he allowed the M’s 1 run going the 8 inning distance in a game the Sox lost 1 – 0. On May 23rd, he got hammered by the A’s in a game the Sox lost. That loss put the Sox season record at 24-16.

On June 25th, I watched him outduel Randy Johnson and the D-Backs @ Fenway, this time winning 5-0 after throwing 7 shutout innings. That was his 5th win of the season. On June 20th, he had given up 3 earned runs in 7 innings to lose to the Cards on June 20th. On July 1st, he gave up 1 earned run to lose to the Rays. On July 6th, he gave up 3 earned runs in 6 1/3 innings to lose to the Yankees. On July 12th, he gave up 1 earned run in 7 innings to beat the Orioles. On July 20th, he gave up 4 earned runs to lose to the Angels. Then he gut cuffed around by the Yanks on July 26th. He next pitched against the A’s on August 1st, giving up no runs in 6 1/3 innings, but was denied a victory in a 2-1 game when Oki Doki allowed the score to get tied at 1 in the 8th. He then beat the Royals giving up 1 earned run in 6 innings on August 8th. His next start should have been on August 12th, when Charlie Zink started the Sox/Rangers 19-17 slugfest as Wake went on the DL. At that point in time, the Sox record was 69-51. Over those 80 games, Wake gave the Sox a chance to win in 10 of the 12 starts he made. This, when he was approaching his 42nd birthday. At $4 Mil. per year, having cost the Sox nothing to pick him up back in 1995, I’m pleased, as a member of Red Sox Nation, to have him in the back end of the Sox rotation. After he went on the DL, the Sox brought in Paul Byrd to do exactly the same thing that Wake was doing: pitch deep into ballgames and give the Sox a chance to win in the late innings.

Frankly, while I’m not ready to jump off the ledge quite yet, I’d take that kind of performance out of ANY OF THE ROTATION SPOTS!!!! I suspect the Yanks would, the Indians would….I suspect that at the point where they are, with Adenhart’s tragic death, with Escobar, Lackey and Ervin Santana all on the DL, and with Dustin Moseley having left last night’s game after 3 innings with a stiff elbow, the Angels would jump at a chance to get him.

So you Wake bash all you want…just do a bit more research before you do!!!

AMEN BROTHER DBENJ!!!!!! You said alot more nicely than I did… Oh well. thats why you’re the litigator and I’m not!!!!
I think he’s a Fagan Follower!!!

Excellent Dben!
One thing I’ve learned from reading and posting here over the last few seasons is that you better have your facts straight or be ready to learn a lesson. And that is a great thing. I’ve learned a lot about the Sox, baseball ,and Sox fans here, and I love it.

Let’s hope that Lowrie’s injury allows him to play this season without jeopardizing his career. The thought of Lugnuts coming back is frightening. However, if that is the only option- all we can do is keep our fingers crossed and pray!!

?Mr Obvious Meets the Brad Penny’s Posters of Evil? Chapter 4.?
Terry Francona sat down in his office in a chair that was behind his desk. He looked at the door and saw Brad Penny smile. He had to talk to Brad Penny after the game. He could not talk to him during the game because Brad was pitching and that meant he had to wait till after the game. That is obvious.
?Hello Brad.?
Brad sat down and looked at Terry. He had showered. We knew that because his hair was wet.
?Oh wait, I forgot to put up the picture of Julio Lugo in drag. Here I will put it on the wall.?
‘Hmm…? said Terry. ?You have changed the subject. That is what you do and that makes it hard to talk to you about the pitching perfomance that somehow made me think that Julio Lugo in drag was a better image in my head than your 8 ? 0 shelling. I do not know why I thought of Julio Lugo but I think it is because you are gluing a 12 by 12 foot picture of him on the wall. ?
?Hey speaking of my pitching performance, that was great to watch Papelbon get the last out and it was incredible how the team came back from a 8 -0 deficit. I am very proud of them.?
?You are changing the subject again and now I can?t get my mind off of Julio Lugo on the wall. This is going to make me insane. I know that because I feel like burning my office down just to get rid of that picture. ?
?Ya, it’s too bad that Manny gave up that double and brought in the eight runs.?
?Manny did give up a double but then got out the next eight batters. I know that because I wrote it down that he gave up a double and then got out the next eight batters. Here it is on my desk. Did you see it? Wait…you are trying to confuse me by changing the subject and now all I can see is Julio Lugo dress. ?
?It was also amazing to watch Jason Bay be a smash hitter.?
‘Jason Bay is a smash hitter. I did watch him because I was in the dugout during the game. I said nothing to him and yet he hit well. I see also you are putting up another picture of Julio Lugo covering himself with Olive Oil. I see that Julio autographed it. I also notice that he has no clothes on. This is damaging my mind.?
?Now I have to go now. I have to celebrate this amazing win.?
?Wait, ?snapped Terry. ?You are trying to make me forget why you are here. You are the one who gave up the eight runs. Yes?I think I am sure of that idea. ?
?Actually we talked about the error that gave the Red Sox the lead. Wasn’t that amazing??
?I can?t stop looking at the Julio Lugo poster. You did that to get me to forget about your pitching performance. I remember that. We were tied 8 ? 8 and yet we won because of an error. That was obvious…but you are again changing the subject again.?
?You are changing the subject Tito. We came in here to talk about the win and the new poster I?m putting up.?
?Yes it is a picture of Julio Lugo and Zazu covered in egg yokes. It is also a 12 by 12 foot poster and all four of my walls are covered in Lugoville.?
Terry shivered at the image.
?No…this is…too much, ?said a terrified Tito.
Brad looked up and said, ?Hey…it’s…oh no. I looked. I looked at them all. Terry…help me.?
?It’s too much Lugoville, ‘stammered Tito.
?We’ve got to get out of here, ?shouted Brad.
?Hit the floor, ?shouted Tito.
They fell to the floor with a loud thump rattling the room.
?Oh man…the angle…it’s worse, ?cried Brad.
?Don’t look at it. Turn your eyes away.?
?I can’t…the egg dripping off of Zazu…it’s a nightmare.?
Terry crawled on the floor.
?I’ll help you.?
?Oh God…I don’t wanna die, ?cried Brad.
?Hold on Brad. I’ll save you. I must…do this.?
?Please Tito…I just saw Lugo’s…p?
?Don’t say it, ?shouted Tito. ?Your brain will explode.?
Tito reached Brad and shouted, ?grab my hand…I’ll pull you out of here.?
?I don’t want to touch any human flesh anymore. It’s too horrifying.?
?You’ll die in here. You’re heart won’t take it! Come on dammit. You can do it!?
?No, ?shouted Brad now whaling in tears. ?It’s too much. I have lugoitis.?
?No, shouted Tito. ?That’s lethal. You know what it does to people. They become Yankee fans. You have to hold on. We can do this…for the love of the game…we can do this.?
Brad’s eyes bulged and starred at the images on the wall. He began mumbling to himself and curling into a fetal position. Tito knew he was out of time.
?Hold on…I’ll save you.?
Tito grabbed Brad and pulled him along. He was shaking and shivering as tears poured out of his eyes.
?Curse you Lugo, ?shouted Tito.
He grabbed Brad and dragged him on the floor. Screams poured out from Tito’s lungs as he accidentally looked up and saw egg yoke dripping from…?
?No…dammit, ?shouted Tito. ?I won’t let Lugo…beat…me!?
He looked over at Brad.
?I gave up eight runs…I gave up eight runs…Lugo…he’s got olive oil…I gave up eight runs…ahhhhh…I’m beginning to like Pinstripes. Tito help me.?
Terry saw that Brad was going to have convulsions followed by heart failure. It was now or never.
?It’s now or never and I know I’ll make it now. I said…the…obvious.?
Tito pulled Brad out the door and crawled into the locker room. He could still hear the screams from Brad Penny whaling on the floor.
?Brad it’s over…it’s all over. Open your eyes…metaphorically speaking but that is obvious.?
Brad looked around and breathed in the air of the room.
?You saved my life and after what I tried to do to you. I won’t let you down again. I’ll pitch better next time. I promise.?
?Yes, ?said Tito. ?You will. But it’s not over yet. We need a hazmat team to clear out my office. That is obvious.?

You must read this — the BEST ONE YET of Mr. Obvious.

I hope that Jeds injury doesnt turn into a long term thing either. What we;ve seen from Nick Green si far looks very good, but its just a very small sampling. I think long term he’s going to be good, but its really too early to rush to a judgement. That said I do think that Lowrie should worry and work harder to do it better!!

Anyone keeping track of the Yankees – Indians game? It is now 14-2 INDIANS!!!!! Middle of the second! Wang lasted an inning and 1/3! GO RED SOX!!!!

And Amen Dben – Wake is the Man!


Ellen, Julia…come on now. Mr. Obvious is calling you to read him! (LOL)

Another good one Dave!!!! I think you ought to have Brad Penny meet the Brownie Pointers… or maybe Roseann Barr!!

Thanks Ellen. Good ideas. I just checked out the Indians game. I love it. 14 runs in one inning — is that a record?

Since Yankees starters cannot seem to last more than five innings, and the bullpen aside from Rivera is lackluster, the Yankees are going to get worked over a lot this season.


True enough, Jeff. We cannot repeat Penny’s performance from last night (or Dice-K’s!), if we wish not to experience the same problem! Come on, Josh, we need your pitching tonight! GO SOX!

Wakefield came up HUGE the other day when the Sox pen needed the rest. I am expecting Beckett to do the same.

I have watched some of this Indian’s game, nice for sure. When does Swisher get a spot start for the Yankees? Maybe Guidry? Shane Rawley?

I hope the Red Sox bats are alive and well tonight! Keep it coming. Ortiz still concerns me and I am not alone. I think Ortiz needs too watch some games if his bat continues too look like a ceiling fan.

Absolutely right, Brian. Papi ain’t so Big right now. He does need to ride the pine–and SOON!–if he does not turn on the switch QUICKLY! GO SOX!

Good start for Josh!! Now let the bats stay hot….!!!!

I still say that they need to DROP Papi down in the order…. 6th or 7th even…. til he breaks out of the slump!!!

Good start for Josh indeed. I’ll be catching more of the game later. I’ll join y’all then–hopefully on a new thread! GO SOX! KICK A*S*S tonight, Josh!

Posting problems are still with us (or back again) I see!!
HEY MLB.COM at the risk of losing my rpostinf rights here,

I still think he needs to SIT for a while! See ya a little later!

I just tried to post something here that was a note to MLB.COM that the posting problems suck and it wont print it!!!

Oh now it printed both of them!!! WOW this is BAAAAAAD!!!

WHOOOOOOOOOOWHOOOOOOOOOO sister, where are you???
HI BRIAN!!!!! Havent seen alot of you lately!!! You OK??


Come on Joshua!!!!! Hold the lead!!!!!

oops..looks like I’m on my own tonight.
Pedey looks like his slump is history!!!! Come on PAPI… get something good!!!

Feel dumb posting to myself…. I’ll be back later.

I’m back…
WAY TO GO YOUK!!!!!!! 3 RUN DINGER(S)!!!!! Ding dang dong!!!!!!
and he got beaned last night!!!!! What a gamer, what a dirt dawg!!!!

Finally Papi is waking up and going to the opposite field. He is totally out of it to continually trying to pull the ball. Fortunately it set up the 3 run shot by Youk. Let’s hope Beckett can keep up the pressure and that the Sox continue to hit.

Good jobs by JBay stealing and Mikey driving him in!!!! You guys!!!! Keep it going!!!

papi making contact and getting on base… GREAT THINGS ARE STARTING TO HAPPEN… and YOUK!!!! up the middle and brings in Obie-Wan Jacoby!!! 6-0 SAWX!!!!!

Come on JOSHUA!!!!! Get em out BABY!!!
Nice bunt by Isturiz!!!

C’mon Beckett–NO WALKS

Looks like reverse ground hogs for us… ** thinking of the movie** I dont want this to be like last night in reverse!!

One more batter that gets on base andTito should get him out

I’m outta here for a while…. This IS starting to look like last night in reverse/////////////

Tito wants Beckett to get through the 5th to get the win.

Becket has nothung on the ball and is losing his control. Let’s win the game regardless of who gets credit.

Not Lopez!!!!

I need him to go 5 maybe 6 for my fantasy team but not at the expense of a win!!!! COME ON JOSH!!!
HI Garry!!!

Oh PLease….. NOT SENOR EZ!!!! NO NO NO….. PULEEEEZE!!!! I’ll go in to pitch but not LOPEZ!!!!!

I see I have returned, to see Josh have to wrangle to get out of the 5th. Good catch JD! At least we finished the 5th.
I saw the first 3 runs the Sox put up, but I see both offenses (and it appears, both pitchers made life interesting! :/). COME ON, SOX O!

I actually think Beckett is throwing well. I just think he is trying to be too fine. The whole strength of his game is getting ahead in the count, and he hasn’t been doing that tonight. He’s up around 95mph and his curve is snapping down well. He just needs to start getting ahead. Unfortunately, I think he’s at 100 pitches, so he’s probably done for the night now.

Oh PLease….. NOT SENOR EZ!!!! NO NO NO….. PULEEEEZE!!!! I’ll go in to pitch but not LOPEZ!!!!! here we go again with posting problems!!!!

I actually think Beckett is throwing well. I just think he is trying to be too fine. The whole strength of his game is getting ahead in the count, and he hasn’t been doing that tonight. He’s up around 95mph and his curve is snapping down well. He just needs to start getting ahead. Unfortunately, I think he’s at 100 pitches, so he’s probably done for the night now.

At least he got through the 5th. When I had to take off, Josh seemed to have begun to lose control of the strike zone (he seemed to benefit from a wide strike zone!).
Way to hit, Mike! GO SOX!

Don’t worry Ellen, I’m warming up!

I always wonder, whenever Tek or any other catcher argues a call, if he’s saying, “Are you going to give US that pitch?”
I did see the 3-run dinger! GO SOX!

Get over it, Saito! Join in!

Show me the replay on that Ellsbury play. He looked safe to me!

Come on, Josh, get it done this inning! GO SOX!

That’s better! Way to go, Nick Green! One more out, Josh! Quick inning!

Way to go, J-Bay! Way to play the Monstah! Good quick inning, Josh! (I sure am glad Loopy Lopez did not come in this inning!)

Did all you guys enjoy Wang’s start today as much as we did?

OK, guys, we’ve got Dustin on! Get him home! GO SOX!


Absolutely, gsjays! We’d like to enjoy our own games that much, though!

UNlike that! Come on, Sox!

Come on, OKI! GO SOX!



Come on, Sox O!

Way to GO, JD! GO SOX!

Come on, Mike! Get JD home! GO SOX!

Saito must be warming up to escape the “Bullpen Band”!πŸ˜‰ GO SOX!

Come on, Carter! Get em home!

There’s that wide strike zone, again! Let’s see if we get those same calls!

Come on, Sox, get the DP! Come on, Saito!


No Walks!!!!

Better! 2 more! Keep that runner on base!

Come on, Saito-san!

That’s better, Saito! ONE MORE! GO SOX!

Nice catch, JD! Good job, Saito! Finish it in the 9th, Pap! GO SOX!

I’d feel more comfortable with a couple of more runs!!! Let’s go Sox!!!

Well, no Cycle for Youkk, but nice 2B anyway! Papi was fortunate with that error. But we’ll take it right now! GO SOX!

Make em pay JBAY!!!

Come on J-Bay! GO SOX!

Trixie’s back! HEY!

Drat! Nice try on that foul ball, J-BAY! Get the save Pap! GO SOX!

OK Paps- wrap it up. Remember-NO WALKS!!!

And there’s Phil! Hey, all! I hope my posts have given something of a running game summary! Have you guys been watching the Bruins?

Watching that 5th inning must have been no fun! (I had to miss it!) GO SOX!

Hi All – just got home – and like what I see!!!! GO RED SOX!!! Is Youk a triple short of the cycle???

Way to go Pap! Nice job, Gil! GO SOX!

OK, Pap! We need the SO! GO SOX!

Come on Pap – Don’t walk him!

There’s that wide strike zone, again.
Ok, Pap, we need the DP or a SO! GO SOX!

We don’t need HBPs either, Pap! GO SOX!!

PAP!!!!! END THIS!!!!!


WHAT IS WRONG WITH PAP!!!!!! Did he not get the memo about NOT bouncing the baseballs!!!!!




GOOD JOB, SOX! Way to close it out, Pap!

Nothing comes easy. They have to make you sweat.
Let’s keep the wins coming!!! Go Sox!!!

YAY!!!!! 3 in a row!!! And we make up ground with TB 7 Yanks loses! WHOO HOOO

Nothing comes easy. They have to make you sweat!!! Let’s keep on winning. Let’s go Sox!!!

Yes they do make us sweat!! BUT better then knowing after 2 innings that you’re out of it! lol! GO RED SOX!!!!

Wins do seem like they will be much harder to come by this year. At least the BP has been solid, but outside of Wake’s CG, starters have not been making life easy! GO SOX!

Hey Ian – can we get a new post for tomorrow so we don’t have to scroll down so much?

Oki looks like the Oki of 07! That’s one good thing! Pap made it an adventure today. It’s what happens when you use someone like him 2X in a row, I guess! GO SOX!

The posts would also happen much sooner, w/o so much “tape delay”! A new post would be very nice, Ian!

Let’s hope we are so far ahead tomorrow that it isn’t an issue.

GO SOX and GO BRUINS!!!!! They are fighting again!

Theoretically, with a 6-0 lead entering the 5th, that should have happened tonight! Let’s get it done tomorrow! GO SOX!

I left because I thought i was becoming a jinx tonight… I want to say that we’re on a mini streak, but dont tell the guys… WAY TO GO SOX!!!!
I will say something about Papelbon… When he was talking about how he wants to be the highest paid closer, he needs to pitch like he deserves to be the highest paid closer !!!! Stop talking and get your mind back on your game instead of your bank account!!!!! QUIT RUNNING YOUR MOUTH… (Sorry, I know that I just spit on the altar!!)
I am looking forward to seeing what Jon Lester can muster tomorrow…. YOU GO JON LESTER!!!! WE WANNA SEE YOU BOUNCE RIGHT BACK!!!!
Great jb tonight by the bull pen.. Okajima was excellent and Saito did a great job too….IDOBELIEVE!!!!

I saw that the Bruins were way ahead tonight! I wonder if most folk were watching that game! (It is the Finals, after all!) GO SOX!

Bruins just won 5-1! 2-3 for Boston teams today!

Got THAT right Ellen! Pap needs to shut em down more consistently! (Last night he was great, this time, not so much!) I was wondering if I jinxed em when I had to leave after they were ahead, 3-0! GO SOX!

Julia, just hit “end” or “page end” when you have the comments up.. that’s what I do!!!

I hope Lester is healthy! COME ON, JON, WE NEED YOU!

Holy Crap!!!!! Over 500 posts……Ian has to be gaining ground on the other blogs….just like the Sox are gaining ground in the AL East!!!!!! Go Sox!!!!!!

Good to see the hitters and the bullpen picking up the starters. Now if the starting pitchers can begin delivering quality starts more often this team will rocket up the standings in the AL East.

Craig, we went over 500 posts (and the postings were slow as a result) only because a new thread had not been started. Oh, well, that’s the breaks! GO SOX!

There’s no place like home (Fenway)….I smell a nice homestand.

moanin….well so far so…papi is really startin to worry me tho…hes not driving the ball and missin some fat pitches…time flip flop the order i think….come on tito…judge

I know Big Papi may be struggling so far but why flip flop a line-up that has scored 24 runs in the last 3 games and are on a 3-game winning streak. When you move Papi you move the other 8 guys as well….physically or mentally. Time to leave well enough alone for now and flip flop later when it’s not jelling.

Hey all!!! Keeping my fingers crossed, and wishing on a star… (theres one visible somewhere!!) Keep this thing going forward and make sure the ship stays righted.
I REALLY want Jon Lester to have a great outing today. Not only for the team but for himself as well… his self confidence seems to be waning. So, Let’s everyone get behind Jon today…. GO JON LESTER… GO REDSOX!!!!

Hi all! Nuttin’ like Sunday baseball in the Springtime! Got the grill fired up, the ’72 spread out all over the garage floor, the big screen blastin’! Life is good…..

BTW… what the hell is a “Twitter”? Or do I really want to know?

Youk is not the only one carrying this team so far. They are heating up because everyone (even Papi) is contributing. Once they get some of the wrinkles ironed out, watch out! It’s nice to see each guy come to the plate and NOT think “well, there’s an out” (except of course, that #34 impostor). Solid from top to bottom. Even Jason is holding his own.

Hi ya Ellen! Wooooohoooo…..”Let’s Go Red Sox!”

1st batter is a KO for Jon.. and a 1-2-3 inning!!! Throwing about 93-97 mph.. still have everything crossed!!! Go Jon!!
Go SAWX!!!

Hey Jim!! It’s gorgeous here today.. spent about an hour out in and by the pool, then came in to get “uniformed”up!! (white shorts red shirt) and watch the game. Then back out by the pool… hope your weather is good too!

I’m surprised that Sox fans let the catcher catch Pedroia’s foul pop-out. They should not have gotten out of the catcher’s way and should have reached up to catch the ball themselves. I don’t think Yankee fans wpuld have let that happen.
Papi still looks out of it.

NIce start for Lester so far… Keeping them crossed though!! lol
Bring on the BATS!!!!

?The Story of Zazu?
My Name is Manny. This story I have never told no one. All of this is true and true.
I was born in the Artic Tundra in an Eskimo tribe that made their living making ice cream pies and delivering them on sleds to people who would buy them. I hunted elephants on the ice with my father everyday since nobody was buying our ice cream. I lived in horrible world where there were no mountains. Only flat ice and cold. I barely had food but my father loved me. I had no mother because she was eaten by an crocodile that ate her. I cried then I went hunting with my father.
One day while on the flat ice an avalache of snow buried us completely under snow. It came from a mountain on the snow that was not there before. My father had dead. Inside the tons of snow I had a large stick inside my leg that came from the smashed sled . I pulled out the stick and used it to dig out of the snow. I crawled out and saw a vast and frozen world. I was limping but used tape to repair my leg. It is why sometimes I have bad problems in my leg to this day. I called out but nobody answer me. I was lonelier. I grabbed my father and pulled him on the ice. He was dead but said, ?son…always be humble and put others before you. You will be loved that way.?
I remembered his advice and always followed it to this day. I got up and left my father in the ice because he was too heavy to carry back. I cried for over a long time but then I stopped crying because I got hungry.
I walked across Artic Tundra until I reach Alaska. It was a long walk that took lots of few hours and I didn’t barely survival it. I hunt penguin and giraffes using only that stick to whack them with. It is how I learned to hit baseball. I caught the attention of everyone there and at age six in Alaska at age 7 I worked on a fishing boat and hunted carrier pigeons and dinosaurs just to survive. I was very brave and strong. The other men were afraid of me but respected me because I always gave them what I killed for them to eat even if it meant starving myself.
One day the captain said to me ?leave the boat and go to school.? I agreed and at age 16 I finally go to school and get a doctor degree in chemistry from University of Cleveland before I become a Cleveland Indian and hunt buffalo. I hunted buffalo with that same stick that I pulled out of my leg so many hundred of years ago. It was then I learned that the Indians were a baseball team. I remembered my father’s words ?make a ton of money and #$#$ them over.? I agreed and joined the team. Immediately I became a star and everyone started to worship me and honor me. I felt so honored by that. I did not deserve it but I allowed them to worship me since I knew that as a God it was important to be worshiped.
After lots of years I left Cleveland so that the Red Sox could win two world series. If I wasn’t there they would not win two World Series. They worship me in Boston. In 2004 World Series I hit 1000 and did the only hitting for the team. When the pitching was bad I played left field and pitched every game and hit all nine positions to save the team. It is the only reason why they won. They sang songs for Zazu and give him his name of Zazu.
In 2008 my leg finally gave up and I had to tape it up since it came apart in two piece. I cried for days thinking that my baseball career was over. The Red Sox were not unsympathetic. They said they would fire me unless I played with one and one half legs. I cried so hard. I did what Dad said ?be good.? One day the travel guy said horrible things to me and I was so hurt I walk away and fell on top of him. The Sox say I pushed him. Then Kevin Youk said he wanted to cut my leg off again and I screamed at him. It was time to leave to LA. I left and became a God. They repaired my leg using hot glue and an iron. It hurt bad but I didn’t care. Anything to save money so that L.A. Could win games. I fought hard and endured pain that would make dead people cry but I do it to save L.A. I love L.A. I love Cleveland and cry I left them but I had to because I had to save Red Sox. Now that is over.

Good piece Dave and that is probably how hee sees the story about how things went down in Boston… he’s a myriad of maniacal mysteries (and miseries) and a poor specimen of a ” good sportsman”.

Thanks Ellen. I’m gonna have to post the Mr. Obvious one again later because I think it’s great and I don’t think many read it because of the game.
Lester looks good. I’m glad because if anyone deserves to be good it is Lester. Yankees are down 3 – 0 in the game and 300 million to nothing in cash. Just shows that cash does not buy a winning game. You have to get players that will gel together and work together as a team. The Yankees have superstars with super egos.

Great job Dave!!

Great hit Jacoby!!!! GO RED SOX!!

Thanks Julia. This is a grueling schedule. Sox need a day off — or their bullpen does!

Sox need the bats to wake up. Can’t live on one run with a tired bullpen.

Lester is averaging about 14 pitches per inning.. pretty economical.. and I think 6 ko’s… good day so far.. Now he needs some supporting bats..

Nice one Nick!!!

The Sox are lethargic. They have to wake up and get into the game. They seem to be just going through the motions.

The Sox would be well off to have Lester deep into this one with the early game tomorrow and Masterson making his 1st start. They might be needed earlier than usual.. I hope not but I’m sure its crossed Terry’s mind a time or 2 today.

I’m feeling bad for David. He’s an automatic out. He’s way behind on the hard stuff and getting stumped on the breaking balls. He’s done so much for this team that I feel it’s cruel to put him down. He’s earned our respect and our patience.

I feel sorry for Papi. He looks totally confused at the plate. Tito may want to consider taking him out for a couple of games to get him ready for the Yanks later in the week. Maybe the rest would do him some good.

Lester is amazing. That last inning was incredible. Our backup catcher was equally amazing. He looks like he’s in charge. I wonder how much influence Varitek has on him. He looks like a Varitek student.

Yankees are losing 3 – 1. Ow the pain of it all. All those billions in a new stadium and tons of players. I know the Yankees will be vicious at some point but I can enjoy it now.

Yankee stadium is now Corporate, Inc. They’re the only ones who can afford it.

Orioles have a gem of a pitcher. They need to keep this guy happy. He’s very impressive.

Made it to the ninth. Hope I’m wrong but I think the game is now lost. Oh well.

Signing off. Can’t take the pain.

greg1969 – I appreciate the maturity of your response. I understand your point, but I am not content to compare the Sox 4th & 5th starters to the rest of the league’s 4 & 5’s. The RS are a vastly better team than all but 5 or 6 other clubs, so a better comparison would be amongst the back-of-the-rotations for only those teams. Additionally, you can’t simply compare Wakefield to other teams’ worst pitchers – you have to compare him to the alternatives in your organization who could be starting instead, a point you failed to address. But of course you are entitled to your opinion. That’s what makes this country great. πŸ™‚ Something that many of the unpatriotic flame-posters who rage against differing opinions clearly fail to comprehend. They are probably closet Yankee fans…

007chow – Who are you to say who I like and don’t like. I both like Wakefield personally and greatly appreciate his past contributions. Both are completely separate issues than whether or not he is the best starting pitcher for his spot in the rotation today. Conflating unrelated issues is a logical fallacy. And arguing that consistently below-average run support for Wake over an 18-year career is just bad luck and has nothing to do with the effect that his very unusual pitching style has on his own teammates sounds like you are burying your head in the sand because you like him so much.

I am sick and tired of having every 5th game be a complete crapshoot. When anyone else is scheduled to start, I always feel that they have a chance to win every game. I have hope that the starter will pitch at least OK and that the Sox will score enough runs to win. When Wakefiled pitches, he could pitch 8 shutout innings or he could give up 8 runs in the 1st. It is completely random and that is disheartening to a team that should be in contention for the playoffs every year. They players should beleive they can win every game, not feel like they are just pulling the lever on a slot machine and hoping for the best every 5th game.

Plus, Wakefield is no longer consistently inconsistent anymore either – he goes through long stretches every season now where he loses the feel of his knuckler and is ineffective for weeks at a time. If we can replace that with another starter who is at least consistent and maybe will improve, why would you not consider that? It’s time to get more Belichick-like about this and less emotional.

The argument I made, which is completely valid, is that one great start in 3 years does not make Wakefield a better option than Buchholz or Masterson (who is pitching very nicely at the moment through the 4th). I have to think that the plan is for Buchholz to keep working on the mess between his ears until the break, at which point he will replace Wakefield (unless injuries force the change sooner). That way Buchholz will only be facing a 1/2 season in the bigs and will be facing less pressure.

What will be interesting in the next month is whether or not the bullpen continues to be lights out. If they are, then Masterson is no longer desperately needed out there, and there will be an interesting competition b/w Smoltz and Masterson for a spot. Maybe the Sox go to a 6-man rotation in the second half? With Dice-K’s fatigue, an oft-injured Beckett, a Lester pitching a year after a massive jump in innings pitched, and Smoltz coming off major surgery, a 6-man rotation would be an intriguing option and create a buffer that could overcome at least one injury. There would be 5 other well-rested starters and a rested Wakefield waiting in the wings and available for spot starts.

Konthemountain, you appear to have some of our ID’s confused with our responses. Nevertheless, if you wish to hold your opinion, fine. Do not expect us to support it.

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