Beckett, Sox made the right call

Give the Red Sox and Josh Beckett credit for not belaboring the appeal process. One Boston officials spoke with the league and found out they could go from a six-game suspension to a five-game suspension, they immediately talked Beckett into accepting it.

The timing couldn’t be better for the Sox. With Thursday’s off-day, the rotation now lines up perfectly. Jon Lester can now step into Beckett’s original spot on Friday, and make that turn on a regular four days of rest. Beckett will simply pitch Saturday, and get six days rest.

The rotation against the Yankees will be Lester-Beckett-Masterson, though the Red Sox do have the option of pitching Wakefield on Sunday if they choose. I have a feeling they will keep things as is, and give Wake the extra day.

How will Tito manuver the bullpen in the late innings today? Papelbon pitched the last two days; Saito pitched last night and has yet to go back to back. Okajima worked the last two days. My deductive reasoning leads me to believe Ramon Ramirez will get the ball in the ninth today.

We should finally learn Jed Lowrie‘s fate by tomorrow. Will he or won’t he have surgery?

Good to see old friend Mike Timlin back at Fenway today. Mike’s wife Dawn is running the Marathon tomorrow. Timlin spent a lot of time in the clubhouse this morning speaking to his old teammates. It appears he is retired, as no teams were interested in him over the winter. Today, Timlin is taking in the game from the Monster Seats.


Unable too watch the game but so far the results for Lester are good. I’m not worried about Lester, some mechanical issues.

I would assume Ramirez will get the ball in the 9th if the game is on the line. Let’s hope the game will not be on the line. Ramirez has closer stuff, he has been lights out this year.

Also it sounds like Lowrie’s season is done. Lugo returns in a couple of weeks. Lowrie’s injury stings a bit ( he is very verasitile ) but Boston will move on. More playing time for Green, let’s hope his solid Spring Training will continue into the reg. season.

Suspensions for starters are a joke! Beckett gets 5 games and it doesn’t even effect Boston. If anything it helps them. It gives Beckett another day of rest. When a every day player gets a 5 game suspension, it effects everyone on the team! Beckett didn’t even deserve a suspension anyway.

I could not agree more! Beckett did not deserve the suspension. So with Wang imploding again – will he start against the Red Sox on Friday? Lester looks good today. Would like to see some more hitting.

Mike Timlin had a great career, over 1000 appearances. A member of 4 Championship teams. He was on the mound for the final out in the 1992 World Series. Also didn’t give up a run in the 2003 post-season. Of couse a member of (2) Championship teams in Boston. Thanks Mike Timlin.

I wonder if Schonda Schilling is running tomm.?

Patriots Day also was the last game played by a man named Terry Francona, back in 1990. A win for the Brewers, Boddicker got smoked that morning/day.

26.2 miles, no chance of me running that in a day, then again in a month. LOL…I’ll drive 26.2 miles anytime.

Oki ran the marathon in Hawaii back in late Dec. of 2008. The Red Sox weren’t too happy about that.

Two out hits….that’s what I’m talking about…Good pitching and timely hitting…..a winning combo….GO SOX!!!!!

Only 1 B.B. for Lester, that is a recipe for his first of many wins in 2009. Let them earn there way on. When Lester is throwing strikes, good luck if your an opposing hitter. He is tough!

The Sox would be well off to have Lester deep into this one with the early game tomorrow and Masterson making his 1st start. They (the bullpen)might be needed earlier than usual.. I hope not but I’m sure its crossed Terry’s mind a time or 2 today.

By ellenc on April 19, 2009 3:02 PM
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I know that he was at the end of his RedSox and his Pitching career, but I still LOVE MIKEY T!!! Its always sad for me when one of our long term-ers retires..
Thanks, MIKEY T for all you gave to us and the RedSox!!!

Lester! He looks great!

Hey Brian!! How are you??

Excellent point Ellen. Masterson probably on a pitch count around 75-80. Let’s hope Masterson can give Boston 6 innings tomm. and Lester can go deep into the game today. Wakefield stepped up on Wed. like the leader he is.


Doing quite well today and yourself? Tracking the game on gamecast today. I haven’t purchased extra innings as of yet.

Lester walked the tightrope in the 6th but came out unscathed. That is the Lester we all know and love.


You mentioned Wang starting at Fenway next weekend. I’m guessing Wang will be skipped. His 33.00 E.R.A. will be watching like you and I, just a hunch.

All is GOOD here on the east coast… Absoluteloy GORGEOUS here today. We just put up the above ground pool (18′ x 4′) ans I took advantage of it this morning and will again after the game. My Tan… workin’ it!! lol
I think Lester has gotten over what ever it was that was bugging him last souple of times out. Whew!! I’m glad for that!

sorry for the spelling errors!!

We’ve gotta come up with a cheerleader name for you. The guys nicknamed me Trixie.. I think they should give you one too!!!!
Brian… what do ya think, what can be Julias cheerleading name??

Re the Yankees.. Be careful.. its’ still early and you know that it doesnt matter what place either of these teams are in its usually a bloodbath!!!! they always play us hard and vice versa!!


Another beauty of a day here on the West Coast of Florida. I haven’t taken advantage of it yet but will soon. April in Florida, very nice!

Lester looking like the Lester of 2008. He tossed his no hitter against K.C. and his break out season started. I hope that is the case here today. Lester was so good at Fenway last year.


Very true about it being early. A longggggggg season is baseball. When the weekend started I was thinking Boston would take 3 of 4, maybe more……..hmmmmmmmmmmm It is all about winning series!

I think that this trip home is just what the doctor ordered!!! Everyone seems to ne coming around and the bats have started to awaken… Beware the SLEEPING GIANT!!! It is early but to have things started to progress feels pretty good!

Pedroia should have given Els a chance to steal- take a pitch or two.


A little home cooking is always a beautifuly thing! Sox should win at least 50 games at Fenway.

You’re right… We tell Ells that he needs to get on before he can steal.. then he gets there and doesnt get the chance!!

Too much manipulation with the bullpen.

Way to go Sox!!! Let’s keep it going!!!

Nice job!! Saito’s 1st RedSox Save!!!!

I sure am glad Saito got the job done. it would have been hard to read what the Tito bashers were lining up to say. it’s not just anbout managing the present….it’s about managing the long haul too….So I credit Tito as well as the players on this game….things are looking up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

White Sox looking good!!! Crushing the DevilRays!!! Couldn’t happen to a better team.

Hi everybody,
I’ve got a spare minute. Sox are coming on strong now. Beware AL East!!
Greg, looks like Lester will be OK. Just needed to get warmed up.
Bye everybody.

Hey Arnie.. Just talked to my brother yesterday and he told me of your snow fall!! hard to believe that I was in the pool today and it’s snowing out there. Well at least you’ll start the spring out in a non-drought situation!! They are already talking about year round water restrictions here. Lawn watering only 1 day a week for 2 hours tops.. Huge fines if youre found in violation.

Hey! Cfarnham!

I’m appalled that you are worried about “Tito-bashers” after what he has done thus far this year. By that comment, I don’t mean to suggest that I think you are wrong, just that I’m appalled that the “wolves would be at the door.”

Given that his 50th birthday will occur on Wednesday (and most of you who have paid attention to my posts should recognize how I know that — and I will be driving all day from Cleveburg on Wednesday to watch them kick some Liriano-a@& that evening), I think its time for a little Tito love-fest. As we did with Wake (deservedly so) last week, I find Tito’s in line for some similar love, given what he has done over the past week.

Let’s first go back to Tuesday, the 14th. He had an 18-game winner throwing grapefruits, who was telling him he was okay, despite allowing 5 runs to cross the plate in the first inning. Rather than rely on the Dice-K representation and let him take a few more innings of abuse in order to save his bullpen for a difficult stretch of games, he pulled Dice-K, concerned primarily for the pitcher’s health (and undoubtedly, the health of the Sox investment). He then brought in JMast and proceeded to have him pitch 4 innings and 60 pitches, recognizing that he probably had to stretch JMast out to get him ready to start in place of Dice-K. While the Sox didn’t win that game, Tito did a great job of managing that bullpen and giving the Sox an opportunity to win on a night when their starting pitching just wasn’t there.

Then, can there be any doubt he would rely heavily on Wake the next night. Wake got the message (from a player-focused manager) and twirled a beauty, allowing the Sox an easy victory and the bullpen 2 nights in a row off.

He’s then right back in the “soup” Friday night, with a sub-par start which lasted only 3 innings. He again did a marvelous job of managing the bullpen (without using JMast so as to keep him available for a Monday start), getting six innings of no-run ball after the Sox started with a 7-0 deficit, with the starter surrendering 8 runs in 3+ innings. Nonetheless, the Sox won!.

Then on Saturday, he gets a decent, 6 inning start from his stud, who has one 4-run train-wreck inning, and again mixes and matches his bullpen useage to allow the Sox to win again.

Undoubtedly, he had put Pap on the “do not use” list for Sunday, after 3 straight “save” appearances. He didn’t use Saito on Saturday, keeping him in reserve on Sunday. I recognize that Saito’s performance was a bit disquieting, but nonetheless he got the job done, and justified his manager’s confidence in him. You can say Tito was fortunate to get the Lester performance he got on Sunday, but if Jon L is not going to step up this season, it will be long and uncomfortable. This all with 3rd and 4th string shortstops and a DH/clean-up hitter hitting .170, with no HR’s and 4 RBI’s in 12 games.

I acknowledge the Francona-naysayers, but frankly, after what he has done over the past week to get the Sox to .500, they should again be building monuments to his managerial ability….not to mention his primary concern for the health of his players. Many kudos and accolades to my birthday buddy. During my time as a Sox fan, I have known the following managers: Pinky Higgins, Rudy York, Del Baker, Billy Jurges, Johnny Pesky, Billy Herman, Pete Runnels, Dick Willams, Eddie Popowski, Eddie Kasko, Darrell Johnson, Don Zimmer, Ralph Houk (yes, Mr. Yankee), John McNamara, Joe Morgan, Butch Hobson, Kevin Kennedy, Jimy Williams, Joe Kerrigan, Grady Little and Tito.

It would be just fine with me if I never knew another manager of my beloved Sox. Way to go, Tito!!!!!!!!!

Lester did great work today. 4H, 2BB, 2R, 9K over 7IP. Great to see you in form, Jon. Keep it up.
Arnie, it looks like Lester will be just fine, apparently just needed that further warmup/fine-tuning, as you said. If it continues, Lester will be great! Beckett seems to need to do a little more fine-tuning also (so he can get through 6-7 innings), but I think he’ll settle into his form also.
I am glad the susp. to Josh was reduced SLIGHTLY (I thought it might be reduced to 4 games, but I wasn’t optimistic about it). While Beckett does not deserve it, and I don’t blame him at all for wanting to fight it further, Ian is right. It is time to get it overwith, and let everyone move on.
Good to see Mike Timlin (I always called him “Tim”) return. Yes, he stayed one year too long, as did Schill, for 08, but there is no denying, in my mind anyway, the value he gave us through 07! Glad you’re doing well, “Tim”. He deserves more credit than he gets, also, for being a 4-time WS winner. Even on a team game, that means you are doing something right! (Same reason I disagree with Tito and Tek haters–they did something right to get where they are!) GO SOX!

Ellen, I am sure glad we’ve got this long homestand ahead also! Hopefully, it will allow everyone to relax a little bit, and play the games we know how to–win.
Saito has been funny/strange in a way to me, so far. I don’t think he is completely at ease with the team, and possibly not with Fenway. It was funny to me to hear Rem-Dawg (yesterday) commenting on how Saito seemed to be trying to escape the commotion of the “bullpen band”. I hope he can relax and enjoy pitching with us, and perhaps then his closing opportunities won’t be quite so “touch-and-go”. GO SOX!

I like your line of thinking Dbenj!!!! and I’m glad to find out that Tito is older than I am!! lol (by six weeks) I have liked Francona since I saw him manage against the Sox in a Saturday afternoon barn burner (Grady was managing the Sox then… Grady Little,, great name) in Philly… He was just as he is now… only then he didnt have 2 WS Rings in his jewelery box!!! I am extremely glad that he is the Sox manager. I know that he has his detractors, and I’m sure it means very little, but I’m always in his corner!!!

I think that we just need to find Takashi the right instrument to play in the bull pen band!!!! I just love it when they zone in on them when they are “rockin out” with their water bottles, spoons and “drums”!!!! You have to find something to do out their till your ticket gets punched!!

DBen, I will always be grateful to Tito for his (still going!) time managing our team, and his leading us to 2 WS titles. As I have said, when you have that kind of success, you are doing SOMETHING right! You drew out very well, again (as you did with Wake–great work!), why Tito should get more credit than he does. I have been critical of his not adjusting the line-up very much to date, and there are still some moves I would love to see him make. I will be critical where I see a problem or a need that I would hope would be addressed.
But Tito has been FANTASTIC at managing the bullpen, esp. based on what the starters have (or have not!) given him to work with. I give him huge credit for moving Masterful into the starting rotation, and he seems to have been working behind-the-scenes as we were writing on the blogs about Lester. Tito does have a good sense of what his pitchers are capable of that day, what to do or say to boost their confidence, and how to make them more efective for the long term. (I hope he does the same behind-the-scenes work with the line-up, to get them to relax and play well!) I have liitle doubt he had a hand in getting the Beckett incident resolved, so we can move forward. His adjusting of the rotation order should help! Whatever he said or did to help Jon, it worked its magic today. I hope Lester continues to pitch the way he did today. Tito obviously has the confidence in Lester that he needs. Keep up the good work, Tito! GO SOX!

Dave, I finally saw your “Story of Zazu” on the previous thread. Great stuff! I will be interested to see if that chapter is worked into the masterpiece you are writing about Mr. Obvious. “Zazu and Mr. Obvious Go to Boston”. Hmmm…
I will always give credit to Zazu for what he brought to the 04 and 07 WS title teams. I am equally glad, however, that he is GONE–and that we did not have to eat too much of his contract when we traded him! (That almost made the trade worthwhile, even before we brought in J-Bay. By the way , Tito’s handling of Zazu’s antics, esp in 08, should get Tito PLENTY of kudos, by itself! Talk about underrated managing!) With J-Bay in the lineup, it is easy to put Zazu in the rear-view mirror. Let him be Zazu for Torre, or anyone else. Thanks J-Bay. GO SOX!

The right instruments for Saito, Ellen? Chopsticks, of course!😉 GO SOX!

Thanks Greg,
There is another in there about Mr. Obvious. Chapter 4! Read that as well. I’m now seriously considering getting an agent to take me seriously on the Red Sox material. Of course that’s the future. The good material will last about 15 pages!
I don’t miss Zazu at all. Bay is a much better all around player and is blasting the offense away. he is on fire right now. I want Bay to stay in Boston. It’s also nice to see Ellsbury get a hit or two. Sox gave up a lot in Crisp to keep him but boy did they get a great bullpen ace.

Did I understand correctly, Dave, that you have written a book? Or is that what is the Mr. Obvious chapters refer to?

Hey Greg,
The written book is called “Rise And Fall Of Benjamin Dudgeon.” Want a copy to read and proof and give feedback on?

Speaking of Sox managers– how about Joe Cronin (shortstop); Joe McCarthy (former Yankee manager); and Lou Boudreau (formerly with the Cleveland Indians- and the inventor of the Williams shift). Boudreau I believe slayed ss and managed the Indians when they beat the Sox in the one game 1948??? playoff game at Fenway. If I recall they beat Denny Galehouse.
As far as Tito is concerned we all hope Tito continues winning even though we may not agree with some of his decisions. Nothing succeeds like success.

Thanks for the info, Dave. Perhaps at some point I can read it. I won’t have the time to read or do feedback in the near future. I am interested in how your book turns out, though! Keep us posted! GO SOX!

While the impact on the Sox is mimimal, I think Beckett’s suspension is a load of crap. I wonder if it costs him five games worth of pay? Well, it’s done, enough said.

I didn’t get to see the game live today, but I did record it and watch it tonight. It was great, zipped through all the commercials. Lester was impressive. He is very deceptive. You’d never know he was throwing 95/96 mph. He works so smoothly. While the outcome of his first two starts wasn’t great, he was still throwing well. He gave up a couple of dingers but was also victimized by a couple of blooper and see ‘n eye singles. I think he’ll be fine. The bullpen looks excellent with the additions of Ramirez and Saito. Both of them have good stuff, and more importantly throw strikes. I really like that they both pitch from the windup with no men on base. I can’t for the life of me figure why Delcarmen, Lopez, Okajima and Papelbon work from the stretch all the time.

You may remember earlier in the year when I talked about Farrell as a pitching coach. Red Sox pitchers (except Lester) continue to be the worst in baseball at holding runners on first. I’ve watched Tek make several very good throws already this year on which he had no chance to get runners out. That to me is a large pitching coach deficiency.

Looks like Ellsbury is beginning to hit a little. That will do wonders for Pedroia and Youk. Unfortunately, I don’t think anything is going to help Ortiz. I know it’s still early, but he’s not getting around on very average fastballs right down the middle of the strike zone. I see him getting a lot of good pitches to hit, and he’s missing them. I also see him swinging at 2-0 pitches out of the strike zone and missing them badly. He looks pretty helpless at the plate now. I hope he can come around, but it has to happen pretty soon. Can’t have an automatic out batting third in the order.

Unfortunately, Garry, I agree with you about Not-So-Big Papi. He reminds me of the Papi that the Twins traded away, to us, and who had all kinds of holes in his swing that pitchers could exploit. If he were to get his head right, and swing like I believe he still can, I think he COULD play 3+ years of solid OPS–what you want in a DH (not a bunter). I do not see that adjustment happening, and so Papi is simply a hole in the order. He will need to sit, and QUICKLY–give Carter or someone else a shot–if it does not turn around! Because I believe it is mental (perhaps compunded by the DR’s early exit in the WBC), I do not see that happening, and it will be time to fill that hole in the order with someone who will HIT! (And you’re right that it is encouraging to see Ellsbury and Dustin beginning to heat up!) COME ON, DAVID! We need you to be BIG PAPI! GO SOX!

Good Morning everyone!! Since I no longer have internet access at work, I’ll be here each morning before I leave for the office.
Toda yis very important for the Sox in more ways than one!!
It’s important to keep the momentum going with a win, but also important for Masterson to do well in Dice-K’s spot (he couldnt be any worse). The Sox cant afford to have a question mark every 5 days. So here’s to a GREAT OUTING on the hill for Justin. Go rock ’em, Justin!!!! have a MASTERFUL DAY!!! I should be able to check in at lunch (about 11:20), so see y’all then!!

A very gratifying weekend indeed. Go for the sweep. It has been said many times how pivotal the Wake’s last sterling outing was, a launching pad from where the Red Sox rocket blasted into the high sky.
Are you looking forward to the weekend Yanks- Red Sox series? Who would have thought that the Friday game will be such a (mis)match up between Wang and Lester. We know Wang is not an ace. Wang is that awful in the early going. How long will the Yanks stay with Wang if he had another horrible outing. I believe Wang is out of option.

Hey all, ran home just to catch a little of the game. I was just thinking that JD hadnt missed a game yet this season, and they announce Rocco Baldelli in right field!! Hope its just a day off, nothing ailing.. Only have a few minutes so I’ll catch up with you guys later!!!

Good to see the Sox are leading. Masterful seems to be doing fine. Let’s keep it going. GO SOX!

Ouch, I hope Freel is OK. Good try at the pick-off.

I hope Masterson is not shaken up too much from Freel’s injury. Keep Pluggin, Justin!
Thanks Trixie, for the intro cheer! It seems to be helping the Sox!😉

Way to rebound, Masterful! Keep it going!
Tough break on the run scored, but tougher break for Freel. I hope he’s OK–probably a concussion. Get the run back, guys! GO SOX!

GO PAPI! Good to see he got a 2B before.
Come on, YOUK! GO SOX!

Come on ROCCO!

Nice hit, ROCCO! Get him in, Sox! Come on, J-BAY!

Good eye, J-Bay. BB! Get him in, Mike!
I hear that Tek hit a HR last inning! Way to go, TEK!

Bummer. Way to battle, Mike! GO SOX!

Come on, Masterful, get a DP!


Way to go, Masterful! SO! GO SOX!

1-2-3 inning. Bummer. Go get em, Masterful! GO SOX!

Way to go, Masterful! Nice SO to end the 5th!
Rocco tweaked a hamstring. I hope he won’t be more than day-to-day! GO SOX!

The wind seems to be knocking fly balls down today.

Masterful is masterful for 5. The run he gave up was a deflected infield hit. One more inning and hope the bp will hold up. Go Sox!

Bummer, Papi. IBB to Youk. Pitching to Carter (in for Rocco). GO SOX!

Hey folks – a great game underway on Patriot’s Day! Hung out the flag on the front porch long before the first pitch this AM – and now watching Big Papi follow Pedroia up to the late. Talk about ‘Dustin’ the Monster”!! Here’s Papi watching 5 Foot Something Pedroia lead the way … ain’t it sweet folks? We do see Papi catching on slowly here, hitting singles, doubles and the like. We ain’t worried a bit, not at all.

5th inning as we speak: Masterson The Masterful doing as well as can be expected – I say Sox are on the warpath!

SO to Carter. Could have been called out 2 other times. GO J-Bay! GO SOX!

Drat. Couldn’t beat it out. GO SOX!

DelCarmen warming up? Hmmm…I hope he can keep his success going. Come on, Masterful! One more inning!
Hey, 11sniper11, how are you?

Nice hit, right past Masterson. Great job today, Masterful!
Come on, DelCarmen, finish the inning! Get a DP! GO SOX!

That was not helpful. Come on, DelCarmen, can still get the DP! GO SOX!

DP! Way to rebound, Nick! Nice job, DelCarmen! GO SOX!

IF hit for Tek. Come on, Jacoby! GO SOX!

Nice hit, Jacoby! GO SOX! Get em home!

Here at work so no game for me. Keeping track on gamecast. It looks like Masterson held his end of the bargain, no surprise there. Masterson is one of my favorite players on the team. The kid is so versatile and I am impressed when I here him being interviewed. He comes across very mature! This is his first full season in the big leagues and something tells me there will be several years too come, hopefully in a Red Sox uniform.

What Delcarmen will show up? Always the million dollar question.

Even Ortiz got into the hit column. I am like everyone else, concerned about Ortiz. He deserves the benefit of the doubt, his resume’ is very impressive.

Great hit, Dustin! Nice running, Tek! Way to get him home, Dustin! GO SOX!


Good eye, Youk! 3 BB for Youk! GO SOX!

Carter needs to be more selective. 2 SO today, not looking good either time. Maybe Big Papi’s bat is starting to come alive. 2B and 3B today! LET’S HOPE! GO SOX!

Come on, DelCarmen, get the DP! Finish the inning! GO SOX!

Nice work, DelCarmen! Come on OKI! GO SOX! One more out!

Way to go OKI! 3 pitches for the SO! GO SOX!

Way to go, Jacoby! 1B, 2 RBI! Come on, Dustin!
Nice hit, Dustin! RBI! 9-1! GO SOX!

Bases loaded! Come on, Youk! Get em home! GO SOX!

RBI bloop 1B! Bases still loaded! GO SOX! We need some more of this HOME COOKING!😉

RBI Sac fly for Carter. Better eye that time! Good job! GO SOX!

Nice hit, J-Bay! Bases re-loaded! GO SOX!

RBI for Mike! (Got a RBI 2B earlier this inning!) WAY TO GO MIKE! (He has a hitting streak going, I understand!)😉
Bases still loaded, 12-1 Red Sox! (Good thing, because Loopy Lopez is still warming up! ;/)
Inning ended. GO SOX!
Gotta run! I hope I’ll catch the end of the game!😉

Well, missed the end of the game, but that was not a bad thing! Same score as when I left. 12-1! Way to go Masterful! And the BATS woke up! YES! SWEEP!!! GO SOX!🙂

Batting avgs. are getting back up to where we’re hoping. Dustin had a great day, Jacoby and Tek, Mike and Papi all had good days! YES! And the BP was solid behind Masterful! (Even Lopez got the job done! Whodathunkit!) GO SOX!

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