Papi pounds Orioles; Pedroia gets in swing

David Ortiz came into the day hitting .170 with no homers, four RBIs, 14 strikeouts, a .255 OBP and a .191 slugging percentage.

In other words, he came into the day with the scrutiny of Red Sox Nation all around him. What is the matter with Big Papi?

It was a New York Times writer that broached the subject with Red Sox manager Terry Francona before the game. And Tito, per usual, was fiercely loyal to his veteran.

“I think right now, you’re seeing a guy that’s in between. Fastballs getting by him and he’s ahead of the breaking ball. Hitting is such a .. it can be intricate when it’s going bad and it can be easy when it’s going good, or simplified. When you hear every hitter … just about … when they’re going really well, they’ll tell you the same thing. ‘Boy, I’m just seeing the ball good.’
And they don’t think about a whole lot else.

“When you’re not going good, you can see where the umpire is behind the pitcher, you see the resin bag, you see the scoreboard, you see the camera, you see everything but the ball. And everything looks fast. And once you get to a position and you can hit a ball and you’re in a good position and you square it up, everything seems to slow down. I don’t know exactly why that is. We’ve all been through it and it can be awful and it can be really good. And just as awful, it usually gets that good. That’s kind of the, I don’t know, the uniqueness of hitting is. Guys get to their level. They just don’t always do it in the most consistent manner.”

Then the questioner wondered if Ortiz, because he is approaching his mid 30s, could be well, heading for his own type of Heartbreak Hill.

“Oh. Oohhh. You would be ahead of me on that one,” Francona said. “I think last year, his start, it wasn’t good. Whatever his first 50 at-bats were, weren’t good. I think I was answering similar questions last year at this time. I don’t even know how to answer that. I think he’s got so much more offense left in him.  He’s just having a tough time right now. I remember last year watching a game on TV and the announcers were wondering aloud why Carlos Delgado hadn’t been let go yet. They were pretty vocal about it. That’s probably you guys are doing your jobs and we’ll try to do ours. That’s just the way it is.”

And wouldn’t you know, Ortiz drilled a double off the wall today and a two-run triple to center.

I wondered if Francona would sit him this morning given the early start time and the fact the Red Sox were facing a 6-foot-10 lefty in Mark Hendrickson. But Francona thought that challenge would be good for Ortiz’s timing, and it wound up working out.

At any rate, Ortiz is a player who figures to be under the microscope for much of the year. But if today is any indication, there are still some hits left in that bat.

Speaking of revived hitters, Dustin Pedroia looks as if he is ready to resume his annual laster show. The little second baseman banged out four hits today and is now hitting .286.


I hope this game gets Ortiz’s bat going, hoping for sure! All Red Sox fans are in Ortiz’s corner. Without David Ortiz, 1918 would still be the last championship.

I didn’t watch the game but I like too hear Ortiz using that wall. That wall has been Ortiz’s friend since 2003.

Pedroia getting his avg. up is no surprise. When Pedroia gets hot, that kid is on fire!

How can anyone be 6 feet 10 inches tall and be a finesse pitcher? Hendrickson reminds me of Mike Smithson. Smithson was a tall righty ( brief time in Boston–Amen! ) that was a finesse pitcher. Hendrickson should go back too the N.B.A. LOL…

I’m watching the game and they are all looking great! The triple by Ortiz was awesome!


I’m glad Tito tried to explain hitting to the NY Times writer. I guess it all boils down to the fact that hitting isn’t only a matter of the hitter’s skills and abilities vs the pitchers skills and abilities. There’s also a factor of luck, and a factor of grooves — or streaks and slumps. Jon Lester is a much better pitcher than his two first starts showed, and David Ortiz is a much better hitter than what he has shown up until yesterday. It’s a long season, and I think any Red Sox fan would much prefer to see Papi have a strong September and October than a strong April and May. We’ve seen what he can do when he’s red-hot, and that’s reason enough to be patient and supportive while he gets his groove back. Go Sox!
>>From the Office of the Unofficial, Self-Proclaimed Red Sox Nation Ambassador to Mexico

How sweep it is! Got to go.

All the way from Mexico, good stuff!

Buenos tardes, Carlos. Bienvenido amigo. Donde en Mexico?

All’s well in Soxland. Papi will soon be Papi again, Dustin is dialed in, Youkilis continues to wear out pitchers, and don’t look now, but the starters are starting to get in a groove!!!
There is a reliever I won’t name(for fear of jinxing him) who is looking better and better. If he keeps it up the bullpen will be formidable.
How about Tek with another home run? Gotta love that.

We got a ton of snow/rain over the last few days and it’s great! My lawn instantly greened up. The high country was DUMPED on so we’ll have water for the reservoirs. Life is good.


I think I know the reliever you are talking about. Let’s not mention his name on here. Perhaps that will make watching him alot easier.

Hey! Boys and Girls!

Doesn’t a SWEEP do wonderful things for everyone’s mood — not to mention their abilty to hit…field…pitch…well, you get the idea. Second place, tied with the Yanks depending on what they do tonight with the A’s, just a short win streak from the Jays. I know its awfully early in the season, but my enthusiasm is up as a result of the team starting to show its capabilities. Mikey L with a dozen rbbiii’s…can you say “All Healed.” And to think, I was one of those who talked longingly of Big Teix…Shame on Me…I’m sorry Mikey…and I like the way you show forgiveness.

And I like Tito’s moves…stretching JustinM out last week for the start he knew would be inevitable today…holding him to under 85 pitches today…getting Carter some chances to pop his 2009 MLB hit cherry… while at the same time giving JD a little breather…getting Mikey out in the late innings and giving some PT to Gil Velasquez…rotating his bullpen quite nicely, and getting some work for Hunter Jones, who made a good impression his first MLB stint…and didn’t lose his composure after Velasquez’ throwing error. Manny D. looked good again after a day’s rest, Ramon R. got a day’s rest, and Pap has now had two, despite one of those games being a squeaker. With his 4 saves this year, Pap is only 16 away from eclipsing Bob Stanley’s career record for the Sox. That’s going to happen soon.

Things are good in Beantown…I can’t wait to get there.

Hey, all, just got back posted a couple comments on the previous thread before seeing this one! Oh, well! Masterful was great, and Tito did do a great job managing the relievers (including the one who shall remain nameless! Don’t give him my post on the other thread!). DBen I was really happy for Mike today. I was hoping he would come out of his rehab well, and I think he’s not quite as limber as he’d like, but he’s doing more than OK! Good to see Big Papi starting to get some better wood on the ball. Dustin is finding his groove also! Good to see–and good result for Patriots’ Day! GO SOX! Keep Going!

The RH reliever who shall remain nameless came through again. The score was close when he came to the mound. I was nervous and saying don’t blow Masterful’s great outing. I hope Papi will be Papi again. See Francona was standing on the steps applauding when Big Papi hit that triple.
Go for another sweep against the Twinkies and welcome the Yanks to Fenway.

Good to see the snow was helpful to you out in Colo., Arnie. We just got enough rain to pull us nearly out of our drought, also–at least we are not in severe drought anymore!

I think the LH should also remain nameless, Andy! I think he might be in the Witness Protection Program! Hmmm…

What a difference a week makes. The Sox are in second place tie with the Yanks until tomorrow, The Yankee game is called. Not much rain in New York City but is very windy.
We will see Wang and Donut Boy/Michelin Man in the weekend series. Interesting…..

Hey guys,
I’m glad I’m not a betting man because I would have bet the Sox would take 1 out of 4 and yet here we are. Everyone is coming together but the real test is this weekend with the N.Y. Dollah Bills. If we can get past them we’re doing OK.
Masterson continues to impress. Lefty Lopez looks like he needs more work to tune himself up. he looked very sloppy out there. Papi is looking better but he wasn’t exactly facing Roger Clemens out there today so we’ll see.
Did you see Mike Lowell smash his helmet in the dugout after grounding out to first. The man has passion in his belt I will say that. He doesn’t like to lose. He and Dustin seem to have that in common.
Right now I’m amazed at our bullpen and I only am concerned about starting pitching. Brad Penny looks shaky and his comments after his last start indicate he doesn’t have that passion about the game like the other starters do. I’m still waiting for 2007 Beckett but if he shows up in September, no problem. I’m also a bit frustrated with Dice-K but I understand his position. He’d blow his arm out in the WBC just to please his nation. He’s very loyal to Japan and he’s paying the price for it.
So far though the Sox are looking quite solid. If they can stay healthy and if Lugo gets in a car accident or two, we’ll be OK. (O.K. that was mean.)

Hey Arnie — This is Julio Lugo. Are you sure this recipe is OK?
Arnie’s Chicken surprise:
Take one whole chicken and soak in hot water for at least a day.
Take chicken and place on old wooden cutting board. Let chicken and cutting board sit in sun to absorb flavor for about two hours. (Cover to avoid flies).
Next place chicken in pan and stuff it with some bread.
Using same cutting board, cut up some apples letting the chicken juices soak through the apples.
Take the apples and stuff in the chicken.
Get some chives and garlic and stuff in chicken.
Heat the chicken for an hour at 400 degrees.
Then place outdoors to finish cooking overnight.
In morning serve with tea — delicious.
Don’t you think I should use pears instead of apples?

Arnie — Lugo here — I love cookie recipe.

Two sticks of butter and let sit in for a week or two until melted.
Two eggs. Raw eggs gain flavor when heated in the hot sun for a few days. Just don’t refrigerate
3 cups sugar or more.
1 cup flour
1 ts baking soda.
1 bag chocolate chips
Combine butter, eggs and sugar. Try a few bites to ensure it is sweet enough. Use a tablespoon for sampling.
Add the dry ingredients and then mix together.
Pour into a 4 * 4 flat pan and let sit in sun for two days.
Serve immediately after eating the chicken dish.
Arnie — that’s so nice of you. I’m really flattered you send Lugo great recipies. You are such a fan of me. i can tell.

The main question, Lugo, is whether the pears would go well with the peanut butter!πŸ˜‰

Greg — Lugo. Arnie said save peanut butter for his peanut butter death cake.
5 cups peanut butter — sun dried for two days.
10 eggs — again sun dried for 2 days
3 sticks butter melted with raw fish juice
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1 cup flour (sun dried for a week)
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2 cups chocolate
Combine all ingredients and mix together. Bake for 10 minutes at 450 or until only the top is cooked.
Combine with hot honey and eat immediately.
Everyone on the team encourages me to eat it all by myself. I can’t wait.

There is one correction to the chicken recipe, Dave….er, Lugo. The chicken should sun for 2 days, not 2 hours. My bad.

I just watched the highlights of Pedroia’s hits. One pitch is low and inside, another is up around his eyeballs; and he gets hits off both. When he is on his game there is nowhere to pitch him, he hits anything. I’ve seen that before from him. He must drive the pitchers crazy.

I came home for lunch and was heading back, Tek was up and I asked him ‘please Tek-er, I have to go back to work and cant watch the rest of the game, so how about if you hit a HR for me??? I guess he heard me!!!! I had just gotten in the truck and the radio was giving an update, I had only gotten to the end of my block… I like a man who delivers!!!!

Hate to disappoint you and the Sox lineup. Looks like Wang will be skipped on Friday (or Saturday with the rain!)

‘Hola, Arnie! Muchas gracias. Yo vivo en Torreσn (northern Mexico, roughly 250 miles west of Monterrey).
I’m the same guy who posted on the last thread and mentioned being the Self-Proclaimed Unnofficial Red Sox Nation Ambassador to Mexico. Don’t want to cause a diplomatic confusion!
Seriously, though… I’ve only been reading Brownie Points since Spring Training, and the comments since last post, but I’ve really enjoyed it and hope to become a regular like some of you seem to be. If there’s one thing I like more than anything about the Red Sox is the unity and friendliness among fans. It’s not what made me a fan of the Sox, but it certainly is what made me a hard-core fan. So keep spreading the love!!

Welcome again Carlos!!!! So glad to see that you came back!! We love it when we get new Brownie Pointers!!!! I think that you posted late last week. I sent out a big welcome because we had so many new “faces” here. We are an empassioned group and though sometimes we disagree on certain things, there is one thing we all have in common… WE LOVE THE REDSOX.. oh, and We are a family that chats all year, not just during the season.. Stick around, have fun with us!!!
ellen… aka Trixie the Cheerleader

Carlos, !espero que te sientas contento placticando con nosotros de nuestras Medias Rojas! !Bienvenido!


I hope you are happy chatting with us about the Red Sox! Welcome!

Here’s a little something I just heard that might be interesting to some of you. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.
Fenway Park turns 97 today. Fenway opened on April 20, 1912, with the Red Sox hosting the NY Highlanders (which later became the Yankees). No “Sweet Caroline” sung that day, but the Sox notched a win, 7-6.

Carlos, if you wish to send a picture and a short bio to Garry, you can join our “Brownie’s Brigade”. We’d invite you to check out Brownie’s Brigade (turn off any firewalls) at:

Take care.

Good piece by Ian about Big Papi. Pitching coach Magadan mentioned a “glitch” in Papi’s swing that was causing his timing to be off. He seemed to benefit from that advice today. I hope he continues to work that glitch out, and become the Big Papi of old again (like he was starting to show us today! Let’s hope! GO BIG PAPI GO SOX!

Arnie — Lugo here. I did it for a day. It’s starting to smell..intresting. Should I continue to do for day. I made your death cake. Very good but my stomach feels like bad. Am I doing every…oh…hospital…have to get…to hospital!

Welcome Carlos. We’re die hard fans who work hard to maintain a great level of dignity and respect for the game. We treat each other like family here and I feel like…correction…I do have a family on this board and we welcome you to this family.


greg.. Too bad that that game wasnt played 1 year earlier… My grandfather would have been there for the Highlanders!!!!


forgot to mention: in the style of the Pointer Sisters (Pittsburgh Pirates theme song circa 1979)

Carlos, do you sometimes post on Antonio’s Fan Blog “La Nacio’n Medias Rojas”? I have on 2-3 occasions to date. GO SOX!

Do you mean Carlos’ comment about Fenway, Ellen?

Ellen, if your grandfather had been playing for the Highlanders, and you’d been at the game, whom would you have rooted for? Hmmm…πŸ˜‰

I’m very flattered to have received such a warm welcome! I’ll be sending Gary my picture and bio this week so you all can get to know me better. It looks like this is going to be fun!

Hey Carlos, welcome aboard. You can send your picture to me at and I’ll get you up there with the rest of the crew. Hey Julia, you still owe me a picture.

It’s really great to see the top of the order starting to gel. Ellsbury and Pedroia are the keys to the whole offense and that’s really starting to work. It was a matter of time for both of them. I think they’ll both hit .300 or better. However, I don’t share the optimism about Ortiz. Although he had a couple of hits today, I’m not ready to say he’s getting back into the groove. He still missed some good pitches and while his triple was stroked pretty well, the double was somewhat of a clunker. I would love to eat some humble pie on this one, because I have a great deal of appreciation for what Papi has brought to the Sox. However, I’m thinking he’s nearing the end. Mid 30’s players as big as he is get old and slow in a hurry. I heard he lost a lot of weight, but I don’t see it. He’s still slower than me!

Masterson was great today. The wanted to limit him to 80 pitches, and got over 6 innings from him while doing that. (Cause today’s pitchers are sissies…… 80 pitches…… you gotta be kidding me). Dice-K would have made it through 2 2/3 innings on 80 pitches. The bullpen performed well again. That kid Hunter Jones looked good. He’s not overpowering, but had good stuff, good location, and threw strikes.

I think the Sox are going to be tough to deal with this year. They have a very deep club and despite what the Yankees acquired over the winter, I still think the Sox have better pitching from top to bottom. My big question is Dice-K. I think his 18-3 record last year was very hollow and he was the benefactor of a good offensive team that got him out of trouble. I know, all his stats point to good stuff, but in the long run, the Sox paid a high price for his wins with the innings the bullpen had to work to get them for him. I just don’t see that changing a lot and again I wonder about what John Farrell is thinking when he works with Dice-K.

Wake goes tomorrow. Should be a fun game against a pretty good Twins team.

Let’s hope Wake does well for himself tomorrow. KTM posted another entry on the Wake thread–let’s see if he is still spinning the nonsense when the game is over. (And yes, KTM, I hope you read this!)
I’m not optimistic, yet, about Big Papi, but I am hopeful. We shall see as time goes on. If Magadan’s tips help him out, we should see some turnaround in his results. I still think he has the capability to be a solidly productive bat. If he does not do so, however, it will be best to sit him. Carter did not look to good today–he was midding some fat pitches. He’ll adjust to that, but it may take some time. That is not what you want out of your DH, though! GO SOX!

I think that was supposed to be MISSING some pitches. Nice spelling, King Gregory I!

I have great confidence in Papi. Like he says, he is a very technical hitter. He is also not too proud to take coaching, and the Sox have one of the best batting coaches around. Made a little adjustment, and boom, boom! That may be all it takes. Meanwhile, can you believe Youk!?! Wow!

If Wake puts two gems back-to-back, the team will be off and running! Go Sox!

Skipjack47, if you wish to be included in the Brownie’s Brigade, read Garry’s post for the e-mail address to send it to. Hope you stick around also! GO SOX!

Robert George:
It is certain that the Sox will miss not only Wang (whose turn will be skipped regardless) and the Donut Boy who is pitching tomorrow. The Sox will face the Fat Boy, AJ Burnout, and Pettitte. How disappointing!

Carlos: Welcome aboard. Welcome to the Red Sox Nation and particularly to the friendly family of Brownie Points.

I am not too confident on Papi yet but start to feel comfortable. Let’s wait and see how he does against a tougher team. The way Francona reacted to Papi’s triple, any thought of moving Papi down the lineup is out of question.

Greg: I would probably cheer for my Grandfather as a player and the RedSox as a team… Just like when we’re up against Kevin Millar, I always want him to do good but not REAL good against us.

The Sox need to keep this momentum moving forward!!!!
I feel good about Wake’s start today. he’s 13-5 against the Twins lifetime. Piched 140 innings and with 108 k’s and a 4.31 ERA… I think that he’s going to have a good night… Weather will be a factor.. Then again when isnt weather a factor at Fenway in April!!!!
KTM seems very intelligent but just needs to be careful… I notice that he didnt call me out!! Wonder why…


Worry about the Yankees after the Twins leave town. The Twins are in Boston and the best hitter the Red Sox will face all week is wearing a Twins uniform ( Justin Morneau ) The Twins like too play small ball, a gritty team. Somehow someway the Twins usually find themselves in the running for the Central Division every season.

Wakefield’s great start last Wed. afternoon in Oakland has gotten this Red Sox team back on track. Let’s hope Wakefield will keep it going tonight.

I’m going to try to post this from Fox Sports. high school pitcher tossed his fourth consecutive no-hitter.

Mitchell High senior Patrick Schuster did it Monday night on his home field at the suburban school northwest of Tampa.

I never thought this would happen,” he said. “I’m just having so much right now.”

Schuster’s streak began April 3. He’s piled up 60 strikeouts in the four games, helping Mitchell to a 19-3 record. He’s 7-0 on the season.

He said he was trying not to think about the streak, but late in the game he asked his outfielders to take a few steps because he didn’t want to give up a bloop hit.

Mitchell coach Scot Wilcox called the performance “vintage Schuster.”

“I’ll tell you what, he’s got command of every single pitch,” Wilcox said. “His curve ball, his slider, his change-up, he was just spotting it nicely. He was keeping their hitters off balance.”

Schuster said the streak has been harder on his mother, Sharon, than it’s been on him.

“I’ve got the confidence, and she’s over there biting her nails and stuff,” he said. “I’m having fun with it and she’s nervous. She’s probably going to make me cry as soon as I see her.”

Schuster, whose fastball tops 90 mph, has signed to play at the University of Florida next year but hasn’t ruled out going straight to professional baseball.

The record for consecutive no-hitters in high school baseball is six.
**** This kid must be something else!!!! I hope he goes to college first…


If he goes to college and plays for the Gators, is that actually a college? LOL….

Not in my opinion.. He should play for University of Miami… perenially in the top 10 College ball teams.


If he is coming off of parole, he’ll fit right in at the University of Miami. LOL…..They’ll probably name the field after him. HA..HA…

I loved it when Miami would play Notre Dame, The Convicts against the Catholics. Or better yet when they played B.Y.U. It was the Mormons against the Morons. LOL….Just kidding with ya Ellen/Trixie.

If a certain third basemen went to college, he would have played in Coral Gables. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm I wonder who that could be??????

Ellen: University of Miami was ranked No.1 party college in the nation as well.
Brian: The Sox will face the best hitters all week and the worst pitchers at the same time. And the Twins will face the Sox no. 4 & 5 pitchers. All even out. My concern is if Wakefield?s knuckler doesn?t dance, how long will Francona stay with him? The Sox will give up runs in the Twins series and have to hit to win.

Someone will waive a pile of $$$ in front of that kid to go directly into pro-ball!

Man, it’s great that Ortiz, Pedroia and Ellsbury were swinging the bats better in the rubber match of the series vs. Baltimore. With Dice-K, Lugo, and Lowrie out (though Lugo will be coming back Friday), offense like this on a regular basis will go a long way in helping the Sox attain a record well above the .500 level. I’m just hoping Brad Penny has a better start next time than his last one.

One of the pleasing by-products of a couple of early starts for European watchers is the chance to catch full games & still get to work the next day!

Very enjoyable to watch Masterson & Lester go about their business in such a professional & effective way.

I still think this year could turn out to be very special for the Red Sox, for 5 main reasons:
(1) Starting rotation has the potential to be as good as any in the Big Leagues
(2) The management have done a top job in building up a very powerful, & deep, bull-pen
(3) There’s so much depth & consistency all the way down the batting order – especially if Papi & Tek get productive
(4) Defence – we look as good as any team out there, across the diamond in particular, but also in the outfield
(5) We’re a team – these guys fight for each other.

For what it’s worth, I reckon one of Tito’s main contributions to the success of the Red Sox has been the way he’s built the team ethos with & for the players. The way he talked about Papi was a lovely case in point. [btw – Garry, I respect your forebodings about Papi, but he definitely seemed to be swinging the bat better yesterday, & the explanation of the glitch in the swing as the cause of missing fast-balls seemed plausible]

2 final observations, for now…
(i) Delcarmen fascinates me – I think he has real potential, but I suspect he needs to mature in his mind. Early signs this season seem to me to suggest he may be beginning to do so. That said – & this may be a trick of the camera angle – his 94/95/96 mph fastballs don’t seem as fast, or to have as much bite, as others (eg Lester) who pitch at that velocity. Indeed, they almost seem to ‘float’. Am I just wrong about this? If not, could anyone care to explain?
(ii) When Hunter pitched at the close yesterday (great call by Tito to get him & Carter into the game, btw) – he looked so nervous before his 1st pitch – he took the big breath, but he was still visibly shaking. But he sent down some good pitches – well done that man.

Still hoping my optimism won’t jinx the team…

The two games against the Twins are going to be of great help to see just how much run support we can expect for our higher ERA pitchers. Or should I say higher expected ERA pitchers? Wake actually has the team’s lowest ERA among starters, and Dice-K’s is a ******** 12.79 (in 6.1 innings).
I really want to see the reception Wakefield gets today from all the fans. Regardless of how his pitches are dancing today, I think Tim will enjoy feeling the love when he steps onto the field.

The two games against the Twins are going to be of great help to see just how much run support we can expect for our higher ERA pitchers. Or should I say higher expected ERA pitchers? Wake actually has the team’s lowest ERA among starters, and Dice-K’s is a ******** 12.79 (in 6.1 innings).
I really want to see the reception Wakefield gets today from all the fans. Regardless of how his pitches are dancing today, I think Tim will enjoy feeling the love when he steps onto the field.

?Mr Obvious Meets the Brad Penny’s Posters of Evil? Chapter 4.? (Updated!!!)

Terry Francona sat down in his office in a chair that was behind his desk. He looked at the door and saw Brad Penny smile. Brad Penny should not be smiling. He had to talk to Brad Penny after the game. He could not talk to him during the game because Brad was pitching and that meant he had to wait till after the game. Now he could talk to Brad Penny. That is obvious.
?Hello Brad.?
Brad sat down and looked at Terry. He had showered. We knew that because his hair was wet.
?Oh wait, I forgot to put up the picture of Julio Lugo in drag. Here I will put it on the wall.?
‘Hmm…? said Terry. ?You have changed the subject. That is what you do and that makes it hard to talk to you about the pitching perfomance that somehow made me think that Julio Lugo in drag was a better image in my head than your 8 ? 0 shelling. I do not know why I thought of Julio Lugo but I think it is because you are gluing a 12 by 12 foot picture of him on the wall. ?
?Hey speaking of my pitching performance, that was great to watch Papelbon get the last out and it was incredible how the team came back from a 8 -0 deficit. I am very proud of them.?
?You are changing the subject again and now I can?t get my mind off of Julio Lugo on the wall. This is going to make me insane. I know that because I feel like burning my office down just to get rid of that picture. ?
?Ya, it’s too bad that Manny gave up that double and brought in the eight runs.?
?Manny did give up a double but then got out the next eight batters. I know that because I wrote it down that he gave up a double and then got out the next eight batters. Here it is on my desk. Did you see it? Wait…you are trying to confuse me by changing the subject and now all I can see is Julio Lugo in that Shirley Temple dress. ?
?It was also amazing to watch Jason Bay be a smash hitter.?
‘Jason Bay is a smash hitter. I did watch him because I was in the dugout during the game. I said nothing to him and yet he hit well. I see also you are putting up another picture of Julio Lugo covering himself with Olive Oil. I see that Julio autographed it. I also notice that he has no clothes on. This is damaging my mind.?
?Now I have to go now. I have to celebrate this amazing win.?
?Wait, ?snapped Terry. ?You are trying to make me forget why you are here. You are the one who gave up the eight runs. You think I am stupid but I am obvious not stupid and that is obvious…Ah…those posters are making me sick. ?
?Actually we talked about the error that gave the Red Sox the lead. Wasn’t that amazing??
?I can?t stop looking at the Julio Lugo posters. You did that to get me to forget about your pitching performance. I remember that. We were tied 8 ? 8 and yet we won because of an error. That was obvious…but you are again changing the subject again.?
?You are changing the subject Tito. We came in here to talk about the win and the new poster I?m putting up.?
?Yes it is a picture of Julio Lugo and Zazu covered in egg yokes and they are both naked. I see you saved the worst for last. It is also a 12 by 12 foot poster and all four of my walls are covered in Lugoville.?
Terry shivered at the images. We know that because he shivered at the images.
?No…this is…too much, ?said a terrified Tito.
Brad looked up and said, ?Hey…it’s…oh no. I looked. I looked at them all. Terry…help me.?
?It’s too much Lugoville, ‘stammered Tito.
?We’ve got to get out of here, ?shouted Brad.
?Hit the floor, ?shouted Tito.
They fell to the floor with a loud thump rattling the room.
?Oh man…the angle…it’s worse, ?cried Brad.
?Don’t look at it. Turn your eyes away.?
?I can’t…the egg dripping off of Zazu…it’s a nightmare.?
Terry crawled on the floor.
?I’ll help you.?
?Oh God…I don’t wanna die, ?cried Brad.
?Hold on Brad. I’ll save you. I must…do this.?
?Please Tito…I just saw Lugo’s…pe?
?Don’t say it, ?shouted Tito. ?Your brain will explode.?
Tito reached Brad and shouted, ?grab my hand…I’ll pull you out of here.?
?I don’t want to touch any human flesh anymore. It’s too horrifying.?
?Come on dammit. You can do it! It’s no worse than giving up eight runs…I think.?
?No, ?shouted Brad now whaling in tears. ?It’s too much. I have lugoitis.?
?No, shouted Tito. ?That’s lethal. You know what it does to people. They become Yankee fans. You have to hold on. We can do this…for the love of the game…we can do this.?
Brad’s eyes bulged and starred at the images on the wall. He began mumbling to himself and curling into a fetal position. Tito knew he was out of time.
?Hold on…I’ll save you.?
Tito grabbed Brad and pulled him along. He was shaking and shivering as tears poured out of his eyes.
?Curse you Lugo, ?shouted Tito.
He grabbed Brad and dragged him on the floor. Screams poured out from Tito’s lungs as he accidentally looked up and saw egg yoke dripping from…?
?No…dammit, ?shouted Tito. ?I won’t let Lugo…beat…me!?
He looked over at Brad.
?I gave up eight runs…I gave up eight runs…Lugo…he’s got olive oil…I gave up eight runs…ahhhhh…I’m beginning to like Pinstripes. Tito help me.?
Terry saw that Brad was going to have convulsions followed by heart failure. How fitting for someone giving up eight runs and putting up those frightening photos.
?It’s now or never and I know that I’ll make it now. I said…the…obvious.?
Tito pulled Brad out the door and crawled into the locker room. He could still hear the screams from Brad Penny whaling on the floor.
?Brad it’s over…it’s all over. Open your eyes…metaphorically speaking but that is obvious.?
Brad looked around and breathed in the air of the room.
?You saved my life and after what I tried to do to you. I won’t let you down again. I’ll pitch better next time. I promise.?
?Yes, ?said Tito. ?You will because I’m going to have those posters glued to your hotel room walls. That is obvious.?

Hey, Ellen, thanks for answering my question about the Highlanders and your grandfather. Didn’t know if you saw it. Your answer was the same as mine in a different situation:
Marquette and Louisville are, as I’m sure you are aware, Big East rivals (and C-USA before that). As a Marquette graduate, I can’t pull for Louisville, but as my mother is a Louisville native and graduated from UofL, I can’t pull against them as vigorously as my Marquette compatriots. My grandfather covered UofL and UofK games “back in the day”. So it is hard to pull against them. I want theme to do well, except against us! And if they beat Georgetown and UConn, all the better!πŸ˜‰ (By the way, Schuster is welcome to leave Florida altogether, and come to Marquette!)πŸ˜‰ But I can wish!

Carlos, if you have seen our Brownie Points photos yet, you will understand what my reference to myself as “King Gregory I” means. I use “Pope Gregory the Great” in the same humor. (In case the names make you scratch your head). GO SOX!

You’re right, Jambo04, that would be a nice bonus to being a RSN member across the pond! Take care. GO SOX!

Ellen, We’ll be going up against KevLar before long again, whenever we face Toronto. Last week he hit a GS. His bat seems to be on fire right now. Hmmm…

The sad thing is Badelli is on the DL. The good thing is Bailey is recalled from Pawtucket. Bailey and Carter on the roster at the same time. Rarity indeed.
Hunter Jones looks impressive. Can we replace Hunter with the other lefty specialist?

Brian, I noticed your quip about “THE U” playing Notre Dame and BYU. Carlos, I am positive, would recognize a an actor named “Cantinflas”, a Mexican comic actor who did many films in both Spanish and English. In one of his English films (Carlos can probably name it, I have CRS right now), he was being berated by a counterpart, who called him a “moron”. His response? “Oh, no, I’m Catholic!”πŸ™‚ Carlos, I lived in Mexico City and Vercruz, for a total (between the 2) of a year and a half.

I felt really bad for Rocco. He’s been working so hard. I hope he can return strong, and that Bailey gets another great opportunity.
I hope we can replace Loopy with Hunter. PLEASE TITO? GO SOX!

Greg: Hunter for Lopez that’s what I’d like to see. But it won’t happen. Francona and JF think Javier is Lefty Grove reincarnated. As long as Dice-K is out, Hunter will stay.

Oops, I mentioned that LH relievers name! Hmmm…;)
I hope Hunter does replace him. Maybe Hunter will not be a “specialist” at all!

Well we have two new additions to Brownie’s Brigade which you can see at Crazy Dave and Carlos have joined the family, although I have to admit that Carlos did so involuntarily.

The injury bug is hitting the Red Sox pretty hard. Dice-K, Lowrie and now Baldelli are all likely gone for a while. To most teams, this would be devastating. However, the Sox have so much depth I think they will be able to move on without skipping a beat. To me, Nick Green has been very impressive so far. He’s making the plays and hitting pretty well. I don’t think the Sox have lost a thing with him at short. I think he was unjustly charged with an error in yesterday’s game on that pool cue ball. That’s a very tough play.

The blog seems to working a little better now.

Agree with you about Green, Garry – he’s fielded well (is it ok to say “fielded” in baseball?!!) & he’s hitting the ball pretty well.

As for the injuries – it’s not just about strength in depth – it’s also about not over-investing in superstars, imo. Once you go overboard on the superstars, team ethos is bound to suffer. The way player after player has stepped into the uniform on gamedays for the Red Sox over the last couple of seasons, & turned in professional performances, is a testament to the culture of the dressing room, & of the Club as a whole. The guys who step up are clearly not overawed…

You are right on jambo. I couldn’t agree with you more. I thought the Sox did a little of that when they signed Drew and Lugo. I’m still not sure what Theo was thinking when he did that. However, Theo and the front office deserve a ton of kudos for the state of the Red Sox organization from top to bottom today. They are very Patriot-like!

I tried to follow your link for the pics, garry – no luck – I got a page without html. I’m itching to have a peekπŸ™‚

Drop the period at the end of Brownie!

..and you cant have any firewalls on from what I understand, jambo!…

Also, Jambo04, make sure you are not using any firewalls (Firefox, Mozilla, etc.). Send us a pitcure if you want to join in!

Yes, we do say “fielded” the ball.
You are right about Drew and Lugo. That’s why we give both of them so much grief on this site! GO SOX!

Sox Insider reports that Dave Roberts will throw out the first pitch tonight! HOW COOL WILL THAT BE!!!πŸ™‚ GO DAVE! GO WAKE!

Roberts is another guy that doesn’t have too buy another meal in Boston. It must be nice. Thank You Dave Roberts for stealing second base and scoring the tying run. Kevin Millar did draw a B.B. from Rivera, that can’t be overlooked. So many great memories from that 2004 Championship team. Roberts picked up from the Dodgers for Henri Stanley, where are you Mr. Henri Stanley? I wouldn’t know him if I cut him off in traffic. LOL…

BTW the Convict tag that UofMiami used to have has been taken by FSU and Uof F… The Canes have been working on cleaning up their act but the Party School title wont help matters


that is according to directv’s listings….

Rain delay, I see. Maybe then I won’t miss any of it! Here goes! GO SOX!


I still think the Canes are convicts, I think that name will always stick too them. Fair or unfair, that is how it goes. I’m guessing Randy Shannon will be done after this season. Tubberville???????? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…..All Florida schools are high on the party list!

I hate the rain, I really do. Is it cancelled yet? I haven’t read anything anywhere.

now I see NESN is calling it a rain delay.. I like that better.. at least there is HOPE!!!!

From what I read on It doesn’t look promising. We shall see.

‘Andale! ‘Andale! ‘Arriba! ‘Orale! ‘Epa! ‘Epa! ‘‘Andale!!

If there is no game tonight, they’ll play it Thursday. The Twins are off and of course the Red Sox are.

They still seem to think the game might be played Ellen. NOAA might disagree.πŸ™‚ We’ll see. GO SOX!

?Que’ onda, Carlos? !VAMOS SOX! GO SOX!

Joe C at WRKO is ‘hoping’ they get underway at some point tonight. Doesn’t seem likely:/

Site seems to be slowing down a little. Carlos, do you remember the name of the Cantiflas movie I referred to you earlier. I have CRS disease (Can’t Rememer S—)!πŸ˜‰

You hate the rain, Brian? How do you surivive in TSP then?πŸ˜‰ I hope they do play the game tonight. GO SOX!

Did you get to attend any Mexican League baseball games while you lived in Mexico, your highness?

I read earlier today Baldelli is on the D.L. with a soar left leg. Hamstring??? No surprise that Baldelli is hurt/injured. He is made of paper like Drew. I am looking forward too seeing Kotsay soon. I liked what I saw from him last year, he is a ballplayer/gamer! His role in Boston is perfect for him. I’m guessing he’ll be back sometime in May. When Baldelli returns, he’ll be back on the D.L. around the summer-time. I think Baldelli’s tenure in Boston will be only 1 season.


I wouldn’t even know what rain looks like. So far this year it is very dry, it almost is like Phoenix around here, minus the cactus. lol. Of course the summer it rains almost every single day.

When I say I hate the rain, I am talking about when it rains during a baseball game, especially a Red Sox game. I don’t like delays. More importantly, players and coaches hate rain delays.

Watching the Pirates and Marlins game. Some former Sox prospects around in this game. Hanley Ramirez, Anibal Sanchez ( Lowell/Beckett deal–already has thrown a no hitter in his career ) Brandon Moss just grounded into a D.P. Also Freddy Sanchez ( won a batting title ) he was in the Suppan deal back in 2003. Will I see Hansen later??? If I see Hansen pitch later, memo to the fans, run too the bleachers. lol.

Greg, was it “Pepe” or “Around the World in 80 Days”?

According to my quick research, those were his 2 only American films.

My ssupicion was “80 Days” but I’m not positive, Carlos. !Gracias!
Brian, I suspected that was in fact what you meant about rain. But I gotta pull your leg!πŸ˜‰

Don’t pull too hard, I might pull a muscle or two. Assuming I have muscle, LOL….

Hey BosoxBrian, don’t pick too much on Hansen. This is a nasty market. In Pitsburgh fans are just happy to get away from it all and not pay top dollar for a game — unlike the Yankees which have made exclusive rights for only the super wealthy to go to a game.

Greg, did you by any chance pull Rocco Baldelli’s leg? πŸ˜‰

Any news on the rain delay?

No, senor. !La’stima!πŸ˜‰ I wasn’t left with much time to watch beisbol, unfortunately.
One day, Carlos, I was talking about the nickname for Gregorio “Goyo” with a colleague. I do not like the name “Goyo” at all, and I did not answer to it, so he and I were talking about it, and at the end, when we were leaving, he said, “OK, Gringorio, adios!” I LOVED IT! I busted a gut laughing, so it is a good thing I have plenty of guts!πŸ™‚ When I taught ESL, I used it all the time to “break the ice” with my Spanish-speaking students. I still refer to myself that way often!

I’m just watching a Pirates game. Man, no problem finding seats in that stadium!

THAT’S how Rocco was hurt, Carlos! How’d you know!πŸ™‚


Hansen has shown me nothing. I call it the way I see it.

The Pirates have gotten off to a good start. We’ll see if they can sustain it at all.

No problem finding seats for the Nationals, either, Dave.

Brian, I think Rocco’s problem is not so much that he is made of paper. To the extent that is true, I suspect it is a by-product of the disease he is battling. It is too bad, as much as he wants to be a baseball player.

That’s so not true. Hansen has his reasons for the 5.68 ERA which shows he cares about the fans. How? Hanson is a very giving soul and he has said on interviews “I like to give up a lot of home runs so fans can have something to take home with them. It really makes me feel great about myself inside and honestly it’s not hard to give up a home run. I just say to myself throw it to the catcher and every single batter I face does their job. You know it’s a team effort.”

Gringorio! That’s really clever! Got a laugh out of me too!

Well guys, I’ve got to get going. Hope the rain gives and the flutterball dances like nobody’s watching. Maybe I’ll be back later, but in case I’m not… enjoy the game. LET’S GO, RED SOX! (clap, clap, clap-clap-clap)

Hi All! Still in rain delay? AND I finally sent Gary my photo for the Brownie Brigade!

I get to watch a replay of yesterdays game that I didnt get to see live… I didnt know that Masterson hit Ryan Freel with the p/o attempt.. He was down for a while!! Right on the back of the helmet!! ouch!

Regarding Brownie’s Brigade, I put up a second page for those of you using something other than Internet Explorer. Apparently Firefox, Opera and a few other browsers will not recognized the file without an extension. So if you can’t get there using the link I provided, try …… that should work for anyone.

MLB Extra Innings is now showing the game as postponed.
Guess I’ll watch House reruns. Hey Carlos ……. Arriba, Arriba!

Still in rain delay Julia. I’m up there too!

By the way Ellen, firewall settings should not make a difference as to whether or not you can see the page unless you have something set that would not permit images through. Even then, you should be able to read the text, but not see all of our scary faces……πŸ™‚

The page worked Gary! Thanks! (I use firefox) And I sent you my picture!

Ellen, Freel ended up on the DL for his concussion. I hope he does not have Post-Concussion symptoms later on! has the game postponed also.

DBen still needs to send in a picture, at the very least to pair up with his Shakespeare portait! I wonder if it will look like Shakespeare in Love!πŸ˜‰ David, you got a photo sitting around for Garry?

Good thing — sort of for the rain delay. The bullpen gets more rest and so does Tim. All good.

So who will start tomorrow? Anyone know?

Julia……Wakfield and Penny. It’s a double-header.

Day- night double header? Will Wake be set for Sunday then?

Probably Penny, unless they’ve sent him down to the Minors. Hmmm…:/ We’ll see if they skip Wake, or let him go this time. GO SOX!

Sounds good, Brian.


D. Benjamin is a lawyer, keep that in mind. LOL….I thought he would have sent in a pic by now, he isn’t shoveling snow in Cleveland anymore.


Great job with the second link, I finally saw Ellen. Ellen is now my screen saver and well…..Hmmmmmmmmmmmm I wonder what else. I can’t say, there could be some young one’s reading this.


Lester Friday night….Beckett on Sat. afternoon and Masteron on Sunday night. Francona wasn’t going with Wakefield this weekend. Yanks have Wakefield’s number.

Brian, he hasn’t filed a lawsuit against you yet, has he? Defamation of the Buckeyes? (I’d be a co-defendant!)πŸ˜‰
His Photo might have to be Wall-sized to fit his treatise for his bio!πŸ˜‰

My fingers are in my ears – Go for it Brian! lol!!

(Okay – I’m probably older then all of you – but I can pretend! lol!)


Defamation of the Buckeyes, Ohio State does that on there own, they don’t need my help.

They don’t NEED our help, tis true. I help em anyway!πŸ˜‰

That’s interesting Brian – it was published in the Providence Journal that the Red Sox were going with Wake on Sunday. I’ll have to update that on my blog.


Your fingers in your ears??? You can still see if your fingers are in your ears. I think you might have to change what you are currently doing. LOL…

Drats! You caught on to me! lol!


No Wakefield on Sunday now. I thought they would have given the nod too Masterson if the game was played tonight.
Masterson gets the start now for sure.

Wakefield did shut down the Yanks starting lineup in Tampa during Spring Training but he usually doesn’t do well against the Yankees.

Reading the Providence Journal, isn’t that paper the writers that cover the team can’t get jobs in Boston??? LOL…

I read an online copy! The headline of the story was about how Wang wasn’t pitching. I’m normally a Globe reader!πŸ™‚

D. Benjamin,

Who are you? We need to know. Do you look like Woody Allen???


Wang is hanging out in Tampa now. He was throwing garbage on Saturday afternoon. I just got in and turned the game on and then boom…boom….runs..runs…runs…quite funny too watch. I loved every second of it.

Burnett is the only Yankee starter that has looked good so far.

Brian, Woody Allen in a courtroom? THAT’S new?πŸ˜‰

I say the game also – it was hard to believe! 35 ERA??? And their pen isn’t any better. If the Red Sox can hit them early and hard in the games over the weekend we will do well.

Wang has looked more like Wang Chung! “Everybody have fun tonight”! GO SOX!

Good one Greg! Maybe that can be his new pet name!

Julia has joined the Hall of Shame. Arnie will be so disappointed that she and Roseanne are not one in the same.

One good thing about a rainout, gives me time to work on the Brigade page. I’ve sort of put my own comments up there based on what I have observed on the blog, or if I haven’t observed anything, I just made stuff up! (My boss is a lawyer, he tells me I can’t be sued for slander….. LOL!) So if you have any biographical stuff, deep dark secrets you want to share, or anything else you’d like put up next to your name (or someone else’s), send it along and I’ll get it up there.

Thanks Gary! Nice to know I “fit right in!” Also my insanity would come in handy! lol! And sorry Arnie – the secret is out! I am not Rosanne! Sorry!πŸ˜‰ (Do I still get recipes?)

I hope Dave Roberts will still be able to throw out the first pitch! GO SOX!

That’s right – I forgot he was throwing out the first pitch. Make sure you all vote for the top moment from Red Sox Nation history. You can get the link on my blog today:



I disagree with your boss and him saying, you can’t be sued for slander. My lawyer a.k.a. David Benjamin is filing a suit against you as we speak. Only reason he is filing a case against you, he wants your golf clubs! He could care less about the nasty stuff you have been writing about us. LOL…

This just in, I have absolutely no deep dark secrets. I have been a good Irish Catholic boy for the last 37 years. LOL…

Are we having a convention of good Irish Catholics here? I fit the bill – but I have been a good girl for a few more years then you have been a good boy Brian!πŸ˜‰

My top moment in Red Sox history was when Randy Kutcher stole second base during a game back in 1989. What a moment it was, it gave me chills. Actually it gave me chills in places I never knew I had. LOL!!

Well there goes the “good Irish Boy” cover! LOL!

In all seriousness about top moment in Red Sox history. I would say when Ortiz hit that H.R. off of Paul Quantrill ( game 4 ) and I said that is the hit that gets the Red Sox back into this series against N.Y. Of course we all know what happened after that. Another top moment was when Brunansky made the catch against Ozzie Guillen back in 1990, the final game of the year. Boston won the A.L. East because of that catch. Oh by the way that was there last win of the year, the A’s swept Boston in the playoffs. I loved that moment because I was there in person. What a game! I remember it like it just happened. Boddicker started that game against Alex Fernandez.


The cover was off of me longgggggggggggggg ago.

LOL!!! I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO shocked Brian!πŸ˜‰

Bob, are you referring to YOUR team pursuing Schuster, perchance?πŸ˜‰

Brian, I make all entries under our company name so as not to be personally liable. Tell Attorney Benjamin to file suit against BSBGSM, Inc. Hey, that means you’re suing yourself. Even better, I’ll join the suit and we’ll both sue our only client, Dave!

An umpire in the Ranger-Jays game was hurt by a broken bat. The barrel of the bat flew back & hit home plate ump. He was taken out of the game on a stretcher with a neck brace on.


I’m suing you for sure now. I never agreed or signed anything that said our company name is under all entries. I’m not sure if D. Benjamin is up too this lawsuit, then again he is a Ohio State fan so he usually loses anyway. LOL…

What could we get from Dave???? I can’t think of anything. He has such a cute kid with him, suing him might be morally wrong. Then again, I know nothing about morals anyway. LOL…

I want a lawsuit filed against Kevin Kennedy, get that fool off of the air. Bring back Migrane! Did I really write that? LOL…

Julia… Good Irish Catholic Girl (Ellen Ann Brigette Cullum)
is a total oxymoron.. like Julio Lugo/Shortstop!! Or Wang Chung/Ace pitcher!!! lol
I’m good, I’m Irish (100%) I’m Catholic and I’m a girl… but they just dont go together lol(Ellen Ann Brigette Cullum)

sorry for the reapeat of my Irish Catholic name…
besides Julia.. The Whooooooo-whoooooooooooo/WOOOOOO/WOOOOOOOOOOOO
SISTERS just cant be “good girls”….

Andy, I have mentioned before that although I have great love and respect for Tito (and Farrell), this is one time I am quite critical of them. I wish Hansen (or even Buch!) would be better to have on the roster than Loopy. But I did not know that Loopy got hold of the Kryptonite. Maybe that is why he’s still around! Hmmm…I can still wish!

With that bit about the broken bat, you’ll be seeing alot of press and pressure to go to aluminum/mixed metal bats… It just wont be the same. “PING” to me means NCAA baseball…


The ump you are talking about is Kerwin Dantley ( college team-mate of Tony Gwynn ) Last year he took a fastball from Brad Penny in the jaw. He was out for a while after that incident. Perhaps he should do something else. Just a thought. He is getting nailed.

True Ellen – but with Julia Ann Fitzgerald I try and fake it! lol! WHOOOOO HOOOOO!! (I’m half Irish/half Polish! Yeah – what a combo!)


Aluminum bat will NEVER happen in the big leagues. Someone would get killed out there and that is no joke.

Wow! you’re right Brian – maybe he does need another line of work. And I agree aluminum bats would kill someone – the ball comes off the bat way to fast.

I hate aluminum bats! I still remember vibrating all the way down to first base whenever I got a hit! And when you already do not see straight (as I don’t), that is not exactly helpful! I permanently switched to wood bats (and as you can tell, I made it to the majors!…uh, not exactly).

It’s hard to choose a single moment in Red Sox history that I consider the greatest. Certainly Fisk’s home run in 75 is one of the greatest moments in baseball history. I think as you look back and put things in the context of the game and what it meant to the season, you could make a case for a lot of events. But as far as the level of excitement when it happened, I don’t think anything tops the Fisk HR. Another one that would be right up there though would be the Dave Henderson home run against the Angels in 1986 that kept the Sox alive to go on to the World Series. I put that behind the Fisk home run only because it wasn’t a walk off.

Brian, as long as you are suing to get Kennedy off the air, why settle for Migraine? Maybe you should name a replacement!πŸ˜‰

Fisk is certainly one of the greatest. I’m not sure if it is THE greatest, simply because the Sox did not win the Series. (But hey, it would suit me fine!). Schill’s Bloody Sock game, and the Roberts steal would be in my top 3.

There are 9 “top plays” to choose from in the voting. The Fiske HR & the Robert’s steal are my top. Though the bloody sock is right there also.

Brian, I can’t believe you wrote the words “bring back Migrane”. I turned on the MLB network one time, I saw him there, and I haven’t turned it on since. Kennedy is almost as bad, but not quite. Comcast tried to rescue me, I can’t get half the Rays games here because Comcast doesn’t pick up the Sunsports feed. We get fishing instead. So I’ll miss some of the Ray/Sox games. I’m thinking about coming down for the series next week. Are you going to any games?


My brothers were in Foxboro after the Jets/Pats game when Henderson went deep. My brothers said the parking lot erupted. Some were listening to the game on the radio, others had little t.v.’s. That was a great moment, I remember it like everyone else like it just happened. The horses were lined up for the celebration at the Big A, that celebration happened in Boston a few night later because Boston became the A.L. Champs.

Another great moment for me was Pedro’s masterpiece against the Yankees back in Sept. of 1999. Only hit he allowed, a H.R. too Chili Davis. That was one of the best pitched games I ever saw. Pedro was nearly unhittable that night.


Comcast sucks like Migrane and Kennedy. I’m not sure who is worse? Kennedy?? Migrane??? I say Kennedy because I hated the guy as Sox manager and also I haven’t heard Migrane in forever, I almost forget what he sounds like. LOL…

My girlfriend and I might go too 1 one of the games, not sure which one. Perhaps she’ll surprise me with some tix. Here’s hoping.

T.B.S. has the Sunday telecast, you should see that one.

Brian, I would likely go to the Saturday game.


I’m watching the Rays game right now and there is no Kevin Kennedy. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, where did that fool go? When he managed the Sox, I never felt bad when they lost. I always thought when Boston loses with him in the dugout, the days of him getting fired are closer! I never liked him from Day 1.


Is there some good seats avail. for Saturday night?

Big trip for the Rays. There bullpen was magical last year, certainly not the case in 2009. There pen is getting beat down and the Rays bats are nowhere to be found.

Pedro’s game was one of the greatest, you’re right, Brian! I always was psyched to watch him pitch! Suited me just fine when he’d throw one of those “brushback” pitches that Beckett has been so maligned for! GO SOX!

I’m watching the Rays–Mariners game. Seattle might hang around all season, perhaps a winning record. Good too see Griffey, Jr. in Seattle again. One of the few H.R. hitters that have been legit over the years!


Pedro was NEVER afraid on that mound. He is one of my all time favorite Red Sox players. He brought an attitude to that team. I didn’t like some of his drama but he was interesting.
Where will he end up in 2009? I’m guessing he’ll end up in the N.L. somewhere. Dodgers???? Marlins????

That’s what Seattle was SUPPOSED to do last year! Maybe they actually will this time. Detroit has been doing better than last year’s debacle, also. We’d better not let either one of them know that we’ve noticed. They might relapse!

Pedro was one of the best pitchers! I miss him on the mound! Alright – catch you all tomorrow! I’ll cheer our boys on at noon! GO RED SOX!


Your dead on about Seattle and Detroit last year. Those teams laid an egg. Especially the Tigers, large payroll. Seattle got Bedard last season and the Mariners were supposed too win 90 games and win the West. I think the Mariners could finish over .500 in 2009, perhaps 85 wins for Seattle.

I know, Brian, that’s what I loved about Pedro–win or lose! He probably will be doing something in the Dominican this year, instead of MLB. I would not mind being wrong, though–I would like to see him rebound! GO SOX!


I’m guessing we’ll see Pedro on a baseball diamond in 2009. He knows he can’t go a full season anymore. Perhaps a second-half deal and then he can give his team a solid 15 starts or so.

It would be fun to watch if he was with the Dodgers. Torre as his manager and of course that zany left fielder they have.

Yes, it would be interesting to see Pedro with the Dodgers. I don’t think it will happen (or any other MLB team), but the Dodgers are as good a candidate as anyone! And hey, he can shoot the breeze with Zazu that way! Torre might just want to make sure Pedro and Zimmer don’t renew acquaintances!πŸ˜‰

Brian, it is interesting that you have not had much rain in TSP. I hear what you’re saing about rain every day during the summer. In 07 when we visited there, there was a T-storm every day. It was like Mexico City during the Rainy Season!
You and DBen are teaming up for a lawsuit now? How’d THAT happen? Did you have to say something nice about the Buckeyes? Woe betide!πŸ˜‰


Only reason why D. Benjamin is helping with the lawsuit is golf clubs and he wants Garry’s and he’ll do whatever it takes. LOL…I have tried saying some nice things about the Buckeyes but I just can’t because what could I say about Ohio State?

No rain as of yet but the summer is right around the corner and that will change. There will probably be sink holes everywhere. Dry for a stretch and then all of a sudden it rains every single day. That is the combo for sink holes from what I have read, among other reasons.

Happy B-Day to Terry Francona! Also our favorite lawyer from Ohio has a birthday, only reason I know is because he writes it every time he writes a book on here. I believe D. Benjamin is going to the game today.

Migrame is now an anal-yst on MLB Network… But his former Microphone-mate Dewayne Staats is just as horrible if not more so!!!!! I see that Fox has done away with their AWFUL pregame show. Works good for me… I couldnt stand Jeanne Zalasco… (didnt anyone ever tell her that “big hair” went out in the 80’s… she looked like she could have been in the movie “Working Girl”!!(Melanie Griffith/Harrison Ford).

For those of you who are able to watch.. let me know how Wake looks today/……thanks!!

Hi all of you, who like myself are not gainfully employed (okay, just not at the same time everyone else is!)! Wake is looking sharp and YOOOOOOOUUUUUK just boomed another one! Nice. Pedey might be the MVP, but Youk is going to get his one of these days. Back in a bit….

I hope to be checking in on the game a little later myself, Ellen. Hopefully, we’ll have good news from Wake and from the offense. GO SOX!


I thought a season ago that Youkilis deserved the M.V.P. Not too take away anything Pedroia did. We as Red Sox fans are very lucky to have guys like Pedroia and Youkilis on the Red Sox. They will do whatever it takes too win the game! Those guys are gamers.

Way to make up for that error Nick Green.

Wake’s looking good so far.

Go Sox!!!! IDOBELIEVE!!!

Green goes deep! Very nice!

All Mike Lowell does is drive in runs!

All Mike Lowell does is drive in runs!

I am so excited my post duplicated. Life is good!

Hmmmm…my comments are not going through. I’ll try again.

The Sox start the game with a 2 run homer in each of the first 3 innings. When was the last time that happened?

Go Mike Lowell!!!!!!!!! You’re right Brian, he is an RBI man for sure. I’d rather have that than a high batting average any day.


The site is having some issues. Did this site take a bailout or something?

I am with you about guys driving in runs. Lowell fits that mold. Not too mention all the runs he saves down at third base.

This site has many “issues”! Maybe it needs a shrink!

Hi All! Thank you to Garry for the Trivia Question on my blog today! GO RED SOX!!! Wake looked good and I like the score – though it is starting to rain here.


And the Yankees are losing 4-2. Gee what a pity…NOT!!!

Greg – this site needs a new post so we don’t have to scroll down so far!!! GO RED SOX!!!!

Hey, Arnie, hey Brian! How y’all doing! Good to see Wake doing so well. Aside from the 2 HBP, and a couple of errors, it looks like Wake and the Sox are doing GREAT! Wake did a great job getting out of the 5th. I noticed Mike had a 2-run HR, and Drew was doing well. Keep it up guys! GO SOX!

How about the job Wakefield has done today? Gotta love it.

Greg, you and I are thinking alike on Wake.

In case no has said it yet – Happy 50th Birthday Tito!!!!

Yes, it does, Julia, also might help it post faster. If Ian breaks up the postings maybe that will help (aside from MLBlogs’ own problems!
Hey Jim Maynard! How’s it going?

I love what Wake is doing! And he is helping out the bullpen by getting late in to the game.

Yes we have, Arnie–we were thinking alike even before this silly thing froze! GO SOX!

Hey, Julia! Are you going to the game on your birthday? Happy Birthday and Anniversary! (must be nice having those so close together!)

Happy Birthday Tito! Let’s make this a good birthday present!πŸ™‚ GO SOX!

Wake’s doing another great job out there, for the team, & for the bull-pen on this double header.

Good cow-talk from Don & Jerry!

On webcasts, they sometimes fail to cut out of the commentary when the advert breaks start…as they did at the end of the bottom of the 6th. Don had only just held it together for the cow-talk…but he immediately lost it when he thought he was no longer on air. Not quite pizza-classic, but getting thereπŸ™‚

Hey, Jambo04, how are you?

Unless my husband is surprising me with tickets on my birthday on Saturday, then no! ;-( And why am I having trouble only posting on this blog??

Unless my husband is surprising me with tickets on my birthday on Saturday, then no! ;-( And why am I having trouble only posting on this blog??


Good thanks, Greg – enjoying these day games! & the pop that the Sox bats are beginning to discover! Always love watching Wake go about his work…& good to see Papi hit well to left field

At least we’ll have one game in the books (and we can use the day tomorrow if nec.!)
Nice 2B, Big Papi! Keep that up, you’ll hit plenty well! Way to go! Come on, Youk! GO SOX!

You need to get on Mark’s case again, I think, Julia! I have been here for only 2 innings or so, and the site has already frozen twice, and kicked me out once! I suspect we are all having this problem!

Come on, JD!

Bases loaded, no outs! Get em HOME, guys! GO SOX!

LET”S GO RED SOX!!! It’s great how we are using up the Twins Pen!

Greg – I think this problem might just be in the Pro bloggers sites. I haven’t had any problems on the fan sites- but who knows!

Come on, J-BAY! GS, how about it! (Or a BB!)πŸ˜‰ GO SOX!


Who fixes the pro sites then? It needs to happen!


It probably is Mark.

Bases still loaded, no outs! GO SOX! Still can get that GS!πŸ™‚

Good job by the batters eating into the Twins bull-pen – plenty more potential for damage in this inning with bases loaded & nobody out…& Mikey strolling up to the plate!

Is the evening game likely to go ahead? what’s the weather forecast?

Hello everyone! What’s the score?

It’s raining pretty good now. Wonder if they will get the second game in?

Good to hear Hunter Jones is warming up, and not Loopy Lopez! Way to go, Mike! Way to drive em home! GO SOX!

8-1 now Ginny! Hit for Lowell! WHOOO HOOO!!

Great work, Mikey!

Keep ’em coming boys!

YEESSS!!!! Go get ’em guys! Is it raining hard enough that they will delay the game?

10-1! Pulling the tarp out on the field! The fans are booing!!

May not get the second game in, but at least we’ll have this one official!
Way to go, Sox! SF for Kottaras, 2B for Green! Great job! GO SOX!

Got to go pick my boys up! I’ll be back – and yes we are in rain delay.

Ground rule double for Green – great work, 10-1!

But tarp time😦

Hey Ginny, 10-1 Red Sox, just hit a rain delay, bottom 7th. Is Colin better? I hope? How are you?

It’s funny when you get good starting pitching and you hit, for some bizarre reason you usually win. What a concept.

Greg – Colin is much better today! I was up late last night watching the ball game from Seattle. Man, I really hate the announcers out there. I’m doing well, all things considered! What’s up with the Pro blogs today…they seem slow moving.

Ok – you’re going to have to explain that one to me, brian – is that like silly mid off in cricket?!!!

They seem to be crashing pretty regularly today. I was just telling Julia that Mark might want to get on that! Must not like the rain. Hmmm…:/ At least we’ll have one game officially in the books!

Jambo04, you might have to put up a page explaining cricket to dummies like me!πŸ˜‰

I’ll be back…have to go pick up the kids at school!

Also, Jambo04, you’ll have to remember when we speak “American”, football does not mean soccer!πŸ™‚
Do you wish for us to use your name, or is “Jambo04” your preference?

Just saw the replays of Youk’s and Green’s HRs. Great work, guys!

jambo is just fine, greg! (apparently there are another 3 jambos out there in mlb-land!)

Green’s shot was a monster – he’s been swinging the bat pretty well since he came in for Lowrie…& doing a good job at short stop – unlucky with his error today

Fine, Jambo! If you’ve read some of the posts from earlier in this thread, you’ll see that I refer to myself with several nicknames. One of them refers to my photo on Brownie Points (if you have seen that site). Ironic, isn’t it that they would have a “King Gregory I” among the PATRIOTS fans, no??πŸ˜‰ Hope you post often with us Jambo!

I’m back – they have the game in rain delay – I wonder how long they will wait since there is another game tonight.

I hope this rain delay doesn’t last too long! Especially since we are not that far from finishing the game! GO SOX!

Wake is unbelievable! Another more than quality quality start. If the game is called, it is official. Right?

?Mr. Unlucky?
Monday April 28,2009
?Welcome everybody to Blue Jays baseball. Kind of a stormy afternoon here with possible lightening predicted but we’re here to play baseball and that’s it.
We want to welcome back Kerwin Danley. After two tragedies being hit with bats the latest with a broken bat hitting him in the head…wow…but Commissioner Bud Selig has solved his problem right Jim. ?
?Well, he’s been known for his incompetence and inaction but he says today he draws the line.?
?Ya well…he said that if anything happens to Danley, Pete Rose is back in the hall of fame.?
?Well…here’s the solution. What we have for our brave umpire is a solid steel armor plated enclosure called the Lightening Rod that he can live in and be protected and watch the game via cameras built inside to transmit the sound and video. There is even a really tall antenna to pick up the data and broadcast it so we can see inside his booth. It’s really state of the art. I swear that antenna can reach into the clouds. ?
?Let’s hope not Jim!!!?
?Anyway, let’s talk to Kerwin from inside the Lightening Rod. Hey Kerwin.?
?Hey everybody. Well…I think the Commissioner is right. Things are gonna be OK now.?
?Wow…did you see that bolt of lightening.?
?Ya and…uh uh…this ain’t good. Paramedics on the field… ?

Monday May 12, 2009

?Welcome everyone to baseball at Fenway Park in Boston. I’m Don Orsillo and this is Jerry Remy. We want to congratulate Pete Rose on his induction into the Hall of Fame. ?
?Great story hu!?
?Ya…and we especially want to welcome back Kerwin Danley after his electrocution inside the metal enclosure. ?
?That was awful. Basically that design by Bud Selig made him a lightening rod. Good thinkin’ Bud!?
?Not smart.?
?Ya but this new one is a solid plastic cone which he dubbed the PlastiCone. Commissioner Bud Selig said if anything happens to him Kerwin he would retroactively give the Chicago Cubs every World Series Title from every other team. ?
?Well so is the PlastiCone…a solid plexiglass container with solar panels to power the cameras inside. It’s so sealed that even a mosquito can’t get inside. I mean this thing is air tight. Let’s hope he can breathe. ?
?Ah, ? said Jerry. ?Bud is not an idiot. Anyway, let’s talk to Kerwin in the booth. Hey Kerwin!?
?AHHH….AHHH…I can’t breathe…help me…?
?Here we go again. Paramedics on the field…hope they get there in time.?

Tuesday May 13, 2009

?Welcome everyone to Chicago Cubs baseball. We want to congratulate the Chicago Cubs on all their World Series Flags…all one hundred and nine. This is the only game today since all the other teams are protesting the loss of their titles. It’s a hot one. Temperatures are over 101 degress Fahrenheit. Wow…everyone is sweating here today.?
?We want to welcome back Kerwin Danley. He’s already suffered an electrocution, suffocation and a nervous breakdown…but that’s fixed…even though he had to be dragged into it kicking and screaming…he seems comfortable now but I tell ya, I hear it’s hot in there. Bud didn’t add any air conditioning.?
?Ya well…Commissioner Bud Selig said that if anything happened to him he would give all the World Series flags to the New York Yankees…man you know that’s not going to happen. He’s a smart man.?
?Well he’s a serious man. Anyway they’ve made air holes finally and solar panels of course and he looks good in there with all that gear on. Let’s say hello to Kerwin. ?
?Ya…he does….uh oh…that’s not good. Here come the paramedics…again.?

Wednesday May 14, 2009

?Want to welcome the the ballpark today in New York City. Quite a sight seeing all one hundred and nine World Series titles. This is the only game today because the other teams are protesting.?
?Ya but our umpire is looking good with a built in air conditioning unit.’
?Ya…heat stroke is not a pretty thing is it??
?No it isn’t and neither is suffocation or electrocution. You can’t use solar panels without expecting boiling heat…that’s just crazy but Bud Selig knows what he’s doing.?
?Ya…he does. Anyway, Commissioner Bud Selig said if anything happened to him today he’d drop all charges against Roger Clemens and induct him into the hall of fame and give back the World Series flags to the perspective teams but give all the Yankee wins to the Red Sox and Cubs and you know that’s not going to happen.?
?Sure isn’t. Not with the air conditioning drying out the container. I heard that even the water in the air is dried out. It is just bone dry in there…hey he’s not going to dehydrate is he? I mean they took out the source of water in the PlastaTube or whatever that death trap is called!?
?Stop it, Bud knows what he’s doing. Anyway, great conditions to watch a game hu right Kerwin!?
‘I think…uh oh….that’s not good. Here come the paramedics…?

Thursday, May 15, 2009

?Welcome everyone. We want to welcome Hall of Famer Roger Clemens who got inducted yesterday. Roger, holding a bag of steroid candy that he handed out to the kids to encourage them in their baseball growth. ?
?Nice…gesture. He called them the Bug Selig. Appropriate.?
?Anyway…we finally got things right in the Plasticone…although Kerwin had a nervous breakdown after almost dying of heat exhaustion…collapsing in the booth and screaming for water…but that’s fixed.?
?It is and after electrocution, suffocation, heat exhaustion and now dehydration, Bud Selig said that if anything happened to him he’d induce Barry Bonds into the Hall Of Fame and offer him the renaming of the Hall Of Fame to the Barry Bonds Hall Of Fame. ?
?Good because we have air conditioning and running water so the umpire can drink from a sink with a pressure hose that’s 2 inches long. They made the hose rubber since they were afraid of lightening strikes. Kerwin is in there now. He’s sort of just starring into the wind. That nervous breakdown really got to him but Bud Selig says…?
?Ya we’ve heard it before…hey if that hose burst it could empty out within seconds into the Plasticone and drown him.?
?Nobody is that incompetent. Bud Tested it himself…?
?You’re kidding. Oh man…Kerwin. Kerwin…get out of there fast!!!?
?Oh this is not good. Here come the paramedics…again.?

Friday May 16, 2009

?Welcome everyone to Florida baseball. We want to welcome Barry Bonds into the Bonds Hall Of Fame as he handed out steroid lollipops to the babies…we understand some abnormal growth and birth defects are happening in the kids that took Roger’s candy. Just keeps getting better and better. ?
?Oh man…thank goodness the President got involved. ?
?I know it. President Obama donated a bullet proof car for the umpire after he drowned yesterday when the hose burst.?
?Tragedy…especially after his electrocution, suffocation, dehydration and drowning and several nervous breakdowns but Bud Selig said that if anything happened to him he’d make steroids legal and encourage them in baseball and fine those who didn’t take them.
?You know this isn’t a good track record here with heat exhaustion, lightening strikes, drowning, suffication and all.?
?What? I couldn’t hear you with that car explosion.?
?What? Are you saying the car exploded. ?
?I don’t get it. Bud worked on the car himself.?
?And here come the paramedics…again. Anything left of him??

Monday May 19, 2009

?Good evening everyone. It is cold here in the Pitsburgh in the all drug baseball game. Everyone grew so fast overnight that they had to order larger uniforms as we watch the Yankees play the Pirates.?
?Ya…but this time we got it right.?
?Ya…right. Kerwin is at his home with four broken bones, a busted rib, mild concussion. Thank goodness the car protected him from the worst of the explosion. Now he is watching the game via satellite using a keyboard to handle play by play and Bud Selig said if anything happened to him…well let’s just hope that doesn’t happen.?
?Exactly, nobody wants to play baseball in the nude.?
?That’s right especially after electrocution, suffocation, dehydration, heat exhaustion…ah…I can’t keep up anymore and let’s not forget the car explosion. Bud Selig is a nut! This guy otta be out of baseball. We have all steroid baseball and those crazy nutcase ideas. I’m waiting for burying the umpire under the ground and sticking a camera in his belly. No i’d better not say that because I’m sure Selig is writing it down right now! I know it and he’ll promise to blow up the stadiums if that doesn’t work and we follow all with it Ya we’re the nuts.?
?Calm down, There is now way we’re playing nude baseball because he can’t possibly get into trouble. He’s got armed security with flaming torches. That was Buds idea you know!?
?You’re kidding.?
?Oh God. He’ll set the house on fire!?
?Kerwin…get out of there!?
There was a long pause.
‘I guess we’re all playing steroid induced nude baseball tomorrow. I can’t wait for Bud’s next ideas…oh here it is. Put him underground in a coffin with a camera in his belly and if he doesn’t survive it then he’ll blow up Yankee Stadium. I’m going home.?

Yes – it is an official game.

It certainly should be an official game, Andy. It’s in the 7th!

Great one Dave! You need to publish all in a book!

Oh great – Did I miss everything, just by going to the school and out to grab a coffee? Are they going to try and play the second game tonight at all?

Crazy19 — read my satire “Mr. Unlucky while you’re waiting. It’s hysterical

Dave F.

Excellent my friend….Excellent.

Thanks BoSox. That means a lot to get great feedback…now everyone else chime in!

Dave, That was hilarious! How do you write all that without laughing so hard you can’t type?

Still in rain delay Ginny! I don’t know how long they will wait with another game on tap for tonight.

crazy — Half the fun of writing is laughing at the material. The other half is having everyone enjoy it!

My FATHER says that I need a “REALITY CHECK” because the YANKEES are going to forever beat the Red Sox, and I have to “GET WITH THE PROGRAM” and cheer for the “REAL” team in the AL East – his pride and joy. He signed his email “A TRUE BASEBALL FAN CHEERS FOR THE YANKEES”

See what I have to deal with in my family?

Dave , you certainly have the talent for writing and making people laugh. Keep it up!

The game as been called! Another win for the good guys! WHOOO HOOOO!!

I know exactly what you mean, Ginny, but he has it BACKWARDS! The REAL team is the Red Sox! But you knew that anyway, right?πŸ˜‰
See what MY family deals with?πŸ˜‰ GO SOX!

Forecast looks poor tonight from what I have read. Tonight’s game could get ppd.

Afternoon game tomm.???? Both teams are off and this is the only visit for the Twins too Fenway.

A great start by Wakefield. When he is on, he is on! No go between for him.

Hey, at least we got that one game in, anyway! We’ll see what they do to schedule Game 2! GO SOX!

Ginny – you dad is just jealous that we have the better team!

Hey Boston send some of this rain down this way. This area needs it BAD!

I don’t understand his cheering strategy. He’s a Yankees fan, a Maple Leafs fan, a Cowboys fan and he like the Lakers. Is he going for a North, South, East and West thing? I think he just does it to annoy me!

I hope they schedule the game for tomorrow, but who knows? We can hope! Hope you do get some rain in TSP before long, Brian, but I can’t help you with Boston!πŸ˜‰ GO SOX!

His is just strange Ginny! The Cowboys and the Lakers?? ugh! Not good!

Yankees – A’s going into extra innings

Bruins go for the sweep tonight!

Brian – you can have some of our rain too! The river is about to overflow up here!


Send it on down, will they let it cross the border? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm I don’t know about that one.

Cowboys, Yankees, and Lakers all seem to go together (can’t speak for the Maple Leafs). BAD TEAMS TO ROOT FOR! GO SOX, and GO PATRIOTS!πŸ˜‰

AND Bruins and Celtics! Go Boston!

Funny with the rain, Ian referred to a “deluge” of HRs! Funny boy, that Ian!

They haven’t officially called Game 2 yet. Are they (or NOAA) still thinking they’ll be getting the game in? I wonder if the lineup will be shuffled, if so! GO SOX!

I just watched Dave Roberts’ steal of 2B on Red Sox Insider. Talk about a video that NEVER get old!!! They seem to be discussing having him come do some things for NESN. How cool would THAT be?!!!πŸ˜‰ WAY TO GO DAVE! GO SOX!


That steal by Roberts gets closer and closer as the years move on but he is safe every single time. I love it! I am with you about a video that never ever gets old. I could watch that every day of my life…A FANTASTIC moment in Red Sox history. One of my favorites.

I know! Just like the “Stay fair” HR of Fisk! Somethings never get old! And I don’t know about the second game. The weather doesn’t look good!

Yanks in a maraton against the A’s. Sabathia has done his usual, in other words absolutely nothing.


Second game could be played tomm. afternoon if the rains keep coming.

Is that what you think will happen, Julia (since you are in the neighborhood)? If so, I hope they go ahead and play it tomorrow. GO SOX!

Good to see Buch and Bard did well for the PawSox today.

Hey, maybe if Trixie gives us the Cheer for tonight, we can get the game in!πŸ˜‰ Doing well tonight, I hope, Ellen? GO SOX!

Hi all!!! Good way to have a rain out!! With a WIN!!!! For those of us who couldnt watch today, NESN is replaying the game while they try to wait out tonights rain!!!!

Ginny: How would you like to be the Grand daughter of aNew York Highlander,,, (they became the Yankees the year after he played for them)… My Dad and I both were/are RedSox fans… That was a little tough for old Grandpa to take!!!!


Hi Greg! Will that do for now?? I’ve got a couple more if the Rain clouds are very persistent!!!

Still is rain delay! They are showing the earlier game again. Watching the Bruins game right now!


Great job, Ellen!πŸ™‚ Let’s get this program going, guys! GO SOX!

Wake got another CG de facto, and saved the BP again! We’ll have em for this game, whenever we happen to get it in! GO SOX!

Brian, that steal may get closer, just as Fisk’s shot may get closer, but it’s still fair, and he’s still safe!πŸ˜‰ GO SOX!

Tonights game is scheduled to start at 7:55pm..
(btw: After we started calling CC and others Michelin Man and Donut boy, that our own Brad Penny isnt far from that category!! lol)

Red Sox scheduled to start at 7:55. According to NESN!


Sure, Penny is not far behind. Neither was David Wells, nor Fernando Valenzuela. But they got the job done. If Penny gets the job done, I’m fine with him. If CC gets the job done for the Yanks, tip your hat. (0-2 on those so far, but…)
If we keep the cheer/ anti-rain dance working, we might be able to get the game in. (Good work, Ellen!) Here goes! GO SOX!

Bruins up 2-1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Okay… tears in my eyes… Dave Roberts, without who we wouldnt have the 04 WS Win, threw out the 1st pitch and Tito caught him!!! Thanks Mr Roberts!!!!

New Post is up!!!! Can switch over – fewer comments to load each time! YAY!!


Hey Ginny. Your dad strikes out with those choices! I am Paul, a fellow Canuck from Jason Bay country—BC. Go Redsox.

(Take TWO!!) After reading all the personal comments and asides in this lineup, I realize precious FEW had anything to do with Ortiz and Tito!! FOCUS!!

But hey guys, its a SPECIAL DAY today – its Coach Francona’s 50th birthday and let me put it to everyone this way: if you have the BIG DAY and you KNOW that you have but a few hours spending it with family and close friends, put it all in perspective – Coach Francona took the high road in generosity and instead of having a party with everyone else, he took what little time he had this morning and spent that with a 5 year old girl in the ICU at Boston’s Childrens Hospital. This little girl, it was HER FIFTH BIRTHDAY today (if I got that right) and is looking at a very difficult time ahead. She has this RARE and DEADLY form of cardiovascular disease. And there was Coach, on his 50th no less, with the doubleheader today, knowing the boys were going to be busy playing their hearts out from 2 until 12 Midnight – giving everything they’ve got.

Is there something or other that we have said or thought about Tito that put this guy in less-than-good light? I haven’t myself, but honestly folks, the man is one of the best in baseball.

Coach Francona, I am wishing you the happiest 50th birthday today – and a World Series ring in October – you deserve it!!


Dr Jim

Way to go, Dustin! One more, Pap! GO SOX!

NICE JOB, YOUK! Good job, Pap!
Nice Birthday present for Tito! GO SOX!

I can’t believe they’re ALREADY talking about the All-Star Game balloting!:/

I’ll second that, Dr. Jim! (Sounds better than “sniper”!) ;)Good way to spend a birthday, indeed! Happy Birthday TITO!
OKintheOK, I noticed you were in Canada. What does your “OKintheOK” refer to, if not Oklahoma? How are you, Paul? GO SOX!

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