Game 2, and some fun with Ortiz

They will play baseball tonight, it appears. Scheduled first pitch for Brad Penny in the nightcap is 7:55 p.m.

Mike Lowell gets his first game off of the year tonight. Jeff Bailey is batting eighth and playing first. The rest of the lineup is all the regulars.

The bullpen didn’t pitch at all in Game 1 and there is a day off tomorrow, so this is about as well as you can be set up for the second game of a doubleheader.

David Ortiz was in a jovial mood in between games. And why not? He is hitting, and so are the Red Sox.

“We play good at home, dog. Everybody is in a good mood. Everybody is locked in right now,” Ortiz said.

Is Papi purposely trying to hit the ball to left field?

“I don’t know, man. I’m just swinging, just in case I hit it.”

What does Ortiz do during a rain delay? For starters, he listens to the rants of his most talkative — and smallest — teammate.

“Just hang around and chill,” said Ortiz. “I was pretty much on my computer and watching the guys talk trash. Pedey screaming. Longest three hours ever when you’ve got that little man screaming. Just hanging out and making sure we’ll be ready for the next game.”

Ortiz fully supports Kevin Youkilis being on the All-Star ballot at first base instead of him. IN fact, Ortiz might have had some input in the decision.

“We talk about it, we talk about it,” Ortiz said .”He’s the guy that plays out there. They always come to me because I’m out here longer. This is like the Army. The guy who has the longer time, that’s the guy who has the first choice. But I have no problem with that. He deserves it, man. He’s been a hell of a player since he’s been there.”

Ortiz knows he hasn’t gone deep yet this season. He’s also not worried about it.

“Hitting my first homer, I don’t want to let that get in my head because it will just make it worse. At some point, one is going to come, and then the next one and then the next one. Next thing you know, you’re right there with everybody. That’s something that you can’t really control. You just have to keep on playing and swinging, make things happen. That’s one part of the game that I tell you, us as players have control over it, and we don’t. We really don’t. You know? That’s how it goes.”


I’m glad that Youk is on the ballot at first! GO RED SOX!!!! Let’s win the double header!

Dave Roberts threw out the first pitch for the 2nd game, and the Star-Spangled Banner was awesomely interpreted by an a-capella group whose name I didn’t catch. Hope rain permits enough game time to notch the Sox’s 7th ‘W’ in a row! Let’s go Red Sox!!

>>From the Office of the Self-Proclaimed, Unnofficial Red Sox Nation Ambassador to Mexico

Welcome Mexico! lol! Hey – the “Celtics/Irish” shirts! COOL!

Nice Earth Day uni’s!

?Que’ tal, Carlos? How are ya? Did you catch any of Game 1? Wake pitched a gem, again! GO SOX!

Same unis as from St Patrick’s Day, methinks.

Didn’t think of earth day! They are the ones they wear on St. Patrick’s day and on Celtics day!

No Green – they have a recycle symbol on the sleeve – Earth day? Cool though! I like them!

No walks Penny!

Bummer. Shake the BB off Brad! Retire the side! GO SOX!

GOOD JOB! Let’s get some runs!!!!

Good job, Brad. Let’s get Brad some runs! GO SOX!

Bruins are back on also! GO BRUINS!!!!!!!!!!!

BUSY Sports night!

Okay – watching Red Sox on Game day – Bruins on the TV – GO BOSTON! lol!

Hellorio, Gringorio! Didn’t catch game 1, and will be off and on watching game 2 (though listening full-time). Working on a final paper for one of my MBA classes.

Come on, Dustin!

Come on Big Papi!

!Suerte, Carlos! What school do you attend?

Bummer! Come on Penny – hold them again!

We’re gonna need some more runs for Brad, methinks, let’s get him some runs! Come on, Brad! GO SOX!

Okay… tears in my eyes… Dave Roberts, without who we wouldnt have the 04 WS Win, threw out the 1st pitch and Tito caught him!!! Thanks Mr Roberts!!!!

Nice catch, Jacoby!

It was great wasn’t it Ellen! So far a good birthday for Tito!

That’s the way Brad!!! K!!!

Good Job BP!!! Keep those strike a’coming!!!

Nice SO Brad! GO SOX!

Well that wasn’t good!

Good play off the wall, Jacoby. Get the last out, Brad!

Thanks Greg! I attend Universidad del Valle de Mexico, they have a branch in Torreon.

Garry – they are fighting over your trivia question you gave me! lol!

Ellen, if you/ we are going to refer to Brad as BP, we might have to use something else for “bullpen”! (Let’s just hope it doesn’t stand for “batting practice”!πŸ˜‰ GO SOX!

Good job guys! Let’s get some runs now!!!!!!!!!

Not sure I buy that “Pitch Zone”. Looked like a strike to me! (Let’s see if the ump calls it both ways)! Good job finishing the inning, Brad! Get him some runs, Sox!

Drat! Come on, JD! GO SOX!

BB! That’s better, JD! GO SOX!

Bruins up 3-1 if anyone wants to know!!!!

Correction – 4-1 Bruins!!!!

THANK YOU BAILEY!!! Welcome back to Fenway!!!!!

Way to “hit”, Tek! Way to get on base!
I’m glad Kottaras has hit it off with Wake!

I am too Greg! Kottaras & Wake seem to work together well!

Good, the Bruins have the same margin as the Red Sox! GO SOX!

Yes they do Greg – but no green uniforms! lol

Good job, Youk! GO SOX!

Good Job Jeff Bailey!!!!

Dave Roberts is talking with Rem-Dawg and Donny O!

Good to have you on, Dave Roberts! THANKS!

Good thing, Julia. “Green Bruins” just doesn’t cut it!
“If you play the game right, the game will honor you”. Something to remember, and live by!

Bummer – get the next one Brad!

Hooray for Jeff Bailey! I’m glad the game is on.
So for those of you on Twitter, Jerry Remy has a twitter, and we follow each other. There is a contest in which fans can try and be the first fan to send a direct message after a home run is it. You have to name the batter and the count. So I had a message open and was constantly updating the count and the batter, and I had put PS: Where is Carter?

Jeff Bailey hit that home run (yay!!), but I forgot to remove: Where is Carter? I feel bad now lol.

Does anyone know where Carter is?

Hey, Elizabeth! Good to have you. Did you see Game 1?
Way to go Sox! DP! GO SOX!

DP!!!! YES!!!

I follow Jerry!

I’m not sure about Carter, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth – is it the guy he names early in the day or just any HR??

Come on, Jacoby! GO SOX!

It’s the hitter of the day – today’s is Jason Bay. The name comes in Remy’s newsletter each day.

Bruins are up 4-1 at the end of 2! Get the brooms ready! Montreal fans are NOT happy!


Come on Big Papi!



Way to go Papi!!! You rock!!!

Way to go, Dustin! Come on, Big Papi! WAY TO GET THEM HOME! Nice 2B! Keep it going, Papi! GO SOX!

Hey, Ellen! We’re getting the game in! Nice job, Trixie!
Come on, YOUK!

Heads up running, Papi! Great job! GO SOX! Get him home, Youk!

PAPI!!!! He stole a base on a passed ball???? GO RED SOX!!!

Youk, bummer! GO SOX!

Get Papi home, JD! Papi did his job! GO SOX!

Dickey, THE knuckleballer??!! HUH???!!

NO Drew! We need to bring Papi home!

Guys, you at least needed a SF! Come on, J-Bay! GO SOX!

Walk – good!

BB! Good eye, J-Bay! Sorry, Liriano, that was a BB! GO SOX!

Come on, Tek, get Papi in! Do it again! GO SOX!

DRAT! Come on, Brad! Retire the side! GO SOX!

All right guys! Let’s get the side out!

Okay – not good! Let’s get the next guy out!

Don’t start that, Brad! Let’s go!

Egad, Brad, let’s get an out!

PENNY!!!!! Not what we need!

Better, that’s one. Let’s go, Brad! GO SOX!

OK, Nick, fielding practice for you, buddy! Come on, Brad! GO SOX! Get some more runs!

THAT’S how you do it! Way to go, Jacoby! Come on, Brad, FINISH THE INNING!

Not another error by Green!!!!

BETTER! Nice job, Dustin! GO SOX! Get some RUNS!

Finally 3 outs! Let’s get those runs back!

Good eye, Jeff! Let’s get some runs! GO SOX!

Okay Green – we love you again! lol!

12 minutes left in the Bruins game!

Way to go, Nick. Let’s get the runs back!
Way to go, Jacoby! Way to get the run home! GO SOX!

Hi all,
Just got in from pulling dandelions in my yard. I swear, there are endless dandelions and I pull them by the thousands each and every year. I have a lot of respect for those dang plants. I don’t like them all that much but I have lots of respect for their toughness and perseverance.

What’s going on with Nick Green???? Is it in his contract that he has to make at least one error a game? Is Nick Green English for Julio Lugo? C’mon Nick, get your head in the game!!! At least he hits HR’s after his errors.

That’s the way!

All right! 7-2! Let’s get past the 5th inning in a hurry in case the rain comes back!

That WAS a very good throw by Young, but Nick beat it! Way to get the runs back! Nice try, Papi! GO SOX!

I think you’ve figured it out Arnie! NOT GOOD FOR NICK!!!

I think that is the correct translation for Lugo, Arnie! Lugo=Green=ERROR AT SS! (Carlos?, Sound right?) Hmmm…:/

Couple more runs was good!

I think you are right Greg! Not good!

Come on Penny – let’s get some outs!

OK, guys, let’s get the outs! “They’ve hit some balls HARD off of Penny!” Uh, yeah. You think so, Jerry??!

Jerry is just brilliant tonight! lol!

I think Mike Lowell earned his day off! What do you think?πŸ˜‰
DP! THAT’S the way you play D, Nick! GO SOX!

That’s the way to do it! Double play. Now Morneau leads off instead of hitting with runners on.

Good job Penny! Let’s get some more runs!!!

Lugo and Green respond better to “butter up!” than “batter up!”. They butter up their gloves.

That WAS a great catch by Youk! GO SOX!

Maybe we need to get them some velcro for their gloves!

With PEANUT BUTTER, eh Arnie?!

Youk can give them some of HIS Velcro! GO SOX! Get some RUNS!


Bay!!! Ugh!!!

Come on Penny – no RUNS!!!

RATS! OK, guys, let’s retire the side!
I did not hear of any reliever coming in for Penny. Anyone else? Is Brad coming in for another inning? Hmmm…

3:30 left in the Bruins game!!!!

Arnie’s right, though, at least Morneau can’t drive in anyone but himself!
DO NOT put in Loopy!
Come on, Brad! GET SOME OUTS!!!

NOT Morneau again!!!! UGH!!!

Arriba mantequilla!

Sounds like Bruins will be on to the next round, then! No change in score, right, Julia?

ANOTHER great catch by Jacoby! He has saved Brad’s assssssteroid!

Okay – one out!! Let’s get two more!!

Tito better get some relievers up in the BP.

He does. But one of them is not a reliever. He’s just Loopy.
Bring in Ramon Ramirez!

OK, one more out! Close play, got the call!



CAN WE PLEASE GET THE THIRD OUT!!!!!! Without any more runs!!!

All right. Penny got through the 6th without too much damage. Time for the bullpen to mop this one up.

Thank you! Rant and I shall receive! lol!!!

Call that the “Rant and Grant” Julia! GO SOX!

RR, MDC, OKI. Saito. NOT Lopez.

Good hit Tek – nice contact!

Nice try, Tek! Good play. GO SOX!

I like it Greg! I’ll have to remember that! lol!


Come on, Nick! Nice 2B! (Now, if we can eliminate the errors!…) Good job! GO SOX!

Bummer! Okay – let’s get them out now!!

Ramon is in pitching. Let’s get some outs!

Let’s go, Ramon! GO SOX!

DON”T HIT HIM!!!!! We need outs!!!!!

Let’s get a SO or a DP, Ramon! GO SOX!

Let’s go Red Sox!!!!

Memo to Ramon – there is NO bouncing the ball to home plate!!! UGH!!!!

Don’t over-throw, Ramon!

Good job, Jacoby! Get the DP, Ramon! GO SOX!

Finally – one out!! 2 more please!!!

THAT’S hoe you get the DP!!! GO SOX!

GOOD JOB BOYS!!!!! Let’s get some more runs!!!!

Or, “how”. Hmmm…GO SOX! Nice job, Ramon!

Let’s get some more runs! Are you and I the only one’s left Greg?

Don’t you go hitting Dusty!!!!

HBP right back at ya!, Come on, guys, let’s get Dustin home!
(I hope they don’t toss Gardenhire on this one!)

The umps are warning the dugouts? That wasn’t done on purpose! Umps are over reacting!


OK, Dustin, file that one under “Not Helpful”.:/ Come on, Big Papi! GO SOX!


Not a fun experience for Pedroia, eh? Hit by the pitch then picked off. You know the guys in the dugout will be giving him a hard time over that.

Yes, they are over-reacting, Julia, that’s why I hoped Gardenhire would not be tossed! (Nor Tito, later!) GO SOX!

Come on, Youk! Get the bat going again! GO SOX!

YOUK!!!!! 3 ks!!! Not a good night!!

At least Youk has had some good defense, though! GO SOX!

True Greg. But I wouldn’t mind a hit also! lol!

Come on, Oki! Good, Dustin! One out. GO SOX!

Come on Okie! I down – let’s get two more!

Come on, Oki!

GO TEK!!!! 2 down!!

Way to go, Oki! One more! GO SOX!

Can we PLEASE get Morneau out!!!! PLEASE!!!

Rant and Grant! lol!!

Good, Pap’s up. Come on, Oki! Let’s retire Morneau, for ONCE! GO SOX!

FINALLY!!!!! WE got him out!! I should have ranted sooner! lol!!

Rant and Grant strikes again, Julia! Way to go!

What an inning by Okajima. Nice!!!!

I’ll have to remember to use this a LOT this weekend when the Yanks are in town! lol!!

Youk’s hits will resurface, Julia. I think we can count on that!

I know – it has to be frustrating for him! And us! lol!

Bummer! Okay let’s get a hit now!

Pap & Saito both warming up.

Okay – 3 more outs!

Nice try, Tek! (That’ll FLY out in “New Yankee Stadium”)!πŸ˜‰
Come on, Pap! Finish the game!
(Glad they were able to play this game!)

OK, Pap, get it DONE! 1-2-3 this time! GO SOX!

Let’s go Pap!!!! Get this done!!!! We want another sweep today!!!!


Green hat suits him!!!

The green looks good on all of them!

COME ON PAP!! WE NEED AN OUT!!! (Yes – a rant!!!)

OUCH!!! That has to hurt the ump!!

YEAH YOUK!!!!!! It is still strange to see him on third!!

2 more, Pap!
Lowell has earned his night off!πŸ™‚

Yes Lowell has! It is still hard to watch him run! ;-(

That’s the way Pap!!!

Greg: I saw some of the afternoon game. I watched it on Gameday during my English classπŸ™‚. I had it on until i realized that the sound was still on…
And Julia, I’m sorry, but I don’t know the answer to your question.

Lots of great hits by our boys, glad to see that Bailey had a nice game. Pap is in now!!!

Happy Birthday Tito! Lol did you guys hear Big Papi’s remarks? “50? Man, I thought he was like… 70”.

Greg: I saw some of the afternoon game. I watched it on Gameday during my English classπŸ™‚. I had it on until i realized that the sound was still on…
And Julia, I’m sorry, but I don’t know the answer to your question.

Lots of great hits by our boys, glad to see that Bailey had a nice game. Pap is in now!!!

Happy Birthday Tito! Lol did you guys hear Big Papi’s remarks? “50? Man, I thought he was like… 70”.

Elizabeth – Jerry gives the “Hitter of the day” in his daily email. If that player gets a HR the first one to DM jerry with the pitch count & name wins!






Naughty, naughty, Elizabeth!πŸ™‚ The teacher did not come by with a ruler, right?πŸ™‚

The Red Sox will have a well deserved day off tomorrow! WHOOO HOOO!!

See you all tomorrow!! GO RED SOX!!! WHOOO HOOO!!!

How about Jeff Bailey! Comes up from Pawtucket and clocks a 3 run homer. I have to second, or is it third, what Jambo said: what the Sox front office has done to have a conga line of players ready to step up and contribute is amazing. And you’re right, Jambo, some of that comes from NOT relying on a roster of superstars who all carry super egos around with them. Great observation.

Hi Greg. Came in late today. It is OK in the Okanagan! I don’t post much but follow Brownie Points frequently. I’ve been following the Red Sox for about 45 years. I guy from Berlin, NH got me hooked on them when we were in the Army. I think they might have made my hair turn grey sooner than it should have. LOL. Go Sox.

How sweep it is! Two in a row. Look forward to the third sweep. I have benn ranting why Jeff Bailey wasn’t in the ALCS roster. I have been ranting why Bailey was sent down. Last night was the reason. Welcome back Jeff.
Big Papi has been hitting the ball to the opposite field, very positive sign for Ortiz.
Not to take anything away from Penny who was saved by 2 big defensive plays by Youk and Ellsbury.


I’m with you about Bailey on the A.L.C.S. a year ago. Timlin should have been watching like us the fans. Francona is loyal too his vets, most of the time he is dead on, regarding Timlin, he was way off.

Penny with 3 starts, 2 of them good. I wonder how long he’ll last this year? I’m guessing Boston will get 150 innings from him. Of course Smoltz waiting in the wings along with Buchholz and Bowden will get a spot start or two.

Ortiz going the other way on purpose. He’ll say otherwise. Staying on the ball longer and so far it is helping his swing but more importantly his confidence! He’ll be pulling the ball in no time and when he does, the other team needs too put some players in the stands. I’m guessing Ortiz will end up hitting around 30 longballs.

Boy, what a great birthday. I’ve got to believe it was for Tito, I know it was for me. My wife and I left Cleveburg @ 8 am. As we were driving out of Ohio, we encountered some “raindrops on steriods” (can you really call them snowflakes on April 22nd?!?!?). We made great time through Pa. and NY (we limited ourselves to 2 potty/gas breaks, and my wife packed enough “healthy snacks” to represent lunch — have you ever tried to eat a yogurt while driving — its worse than rubbing your head and patting your stomach at the same time!!!)

I was concerned about the game being played. I figured when the teams re-scheduled the Tues pm game to Wed Noon instead of Thurs pm, they were concerned about having to re-schedule the Wed pm game to Thurs pm. Then, I was talking to my sister all day as she was watching the day game (you go Wake — 166 Red Sox wins in the book, 26 more to get — where’s KonetheMountain when you need to bust his chops???) and when they ended the early game after 7 innings and there was more rain in the forecast, I was despondent. I figured there was no way the night game would be played.

As we were exiting the Mass Tpke at Cambridge about 5:45 pm, my older daughter, who is an opera singer called to sing me her happy birthday wish (I did get serenaded all day by all of the women in my life — what a wonderful thing!) I told her where we were. Her mother screamed in the background — Yeah, we got here because he was going 80 mph all day! To which, my daughter’s quick retort was — oh, so he was only going 10 mph slower than you do, heh Mom!! (she has her mother’s quick wit, and thankfully, her mother’s good looks!)

We found our way into Kenmore Square and a parking lot just off the Square. The rain stopped as we were approaching Beantown, and we didn’t get rained on at all as we went to the Uno Restaurant in the middle of Kenmore.

Eventually, my sister, her husband and their 2 boys and their girlfriends who were joining us for the game, joined us at the restaurant. Unfortunately, between the time we got to the restaurant and they did, the heavens had opened, and they got wet. As we sat there having dinner (half of my meal was comped as they found out {my wife the quick-wit was quick to point out} Tito’s birthday and mine were the same day — TODAY! — my two beers were the most costly thing on our bill!!) the game was announced as being delayed until about 8 pm. So we stayed in the warmth and dry of Uno’s until about 7:45. I started to look out the Uno’s window and saw that none of the cars passing by were using their windshield wipers. So we collected our respective gear and headed up Brookline Avenue toward my beloved Fenway. It would not rain again before we left in the 7th inning with the Sox 7th consecutive win firmly in hand.

My sister and her younger son’s girlfriend figured out how to get the announcement of my birthday posted on the “jumbo-tron”, and there it was in the 2nd inning (fortunately, I’m a “B” as they do these things alphabetically). It was great to watch the bottom of the Red Sox order create all kinds of havoc for Francisco Liriano who looks to have more challenges in front of him than Dice-K does!.

In fact, it was this sister and her husband who joined me last Memorial Day weekend, when I went to see Buchholz pitch his first game just after he got sent down to Pawtucket. In that game, we saw Brandon Moss, Chris Carter and Jeff Bailey all go deep, so his home run over the monster was some good “deja vu.” It seemed as though Penny was leaking oil in the 6th, the third time around the batting order looked difficult for him. He was benefitted by some great defense to get out of that inning. Boy, I hate it whenever Morneau or Cuddyer are up for the Twins. They just seem to snack on Sox pitching.

While my wife was getting cold, she consented to our staying for the top of the 7th so I could get my first live look at Ramon Ramirez. While a bit deliberate in his wind-up, he sure seems to get the job done. As big a fan as I was of CoCo, Theo appears to have gotten good value in trading him away (side note — CoCo already has 2 HRs and 7 RBI, while he only had 7 HRs and 41 RBis all last year).

We snuck out of town just before most of the Fenway Faithful left, and avoided the traffic jam that was coming (all the while listening to Pap non-close the game out in the 9th), and before midnight came and took my birthday away for the next year, we were driving over the Sagamore Bridge to spend a couple of quiet days together on my favorite Location in the Nation — Cape Cod. We’ll be down here for a couple of days before going back up to Sturbridge in Worcester County to celebrate my Mom’s 85th birthday on Saturday. My daughter and son-in-law, the Yankee lover, will be joining us from their home on Long Island (just a couple of miles from the entrance to Bethpage State Park, where the US Open will begin in 6-7 weeks, for all you golf lovers). It should be a rousing week-end. I had considered trying to scare up some tix for Saturday to take him in. I thought it was to be an early afternoon game, but now I see it starts @ 4:10. With the birthday dinner starting an hour away at 6:30 pm, it’s unlikely that we’d see much ballgame! The sad thing is that I have never seen Beckett pitch live, and would love to, especially against the Yanks and AJ Burnett.

When we get back to Cleveburg, the one Sox game my schedule permits me to see is the Monday night game, when Wake should again be pitching. Given my defense of Wake against KonetheMountain a few strands ago, I feel compelled to go on Monday. The nice thing is the Indians practice something they call “value pricing” — translated, it means, we recognize that no one wants to come to the ballpark in the lousy weather of April, especially when LeBron is playing inside the temperature controlled building next door, so we’ll price tix cheap, no matter who the opponent. Tix down the right field foul line are selling for $12-18. In June when the Reds come to town, those same tix will be $50 or higher. See my fellow Nationers, it pays to go to Cleveburg in April to watch the Sox play!

All in all, what a great birthday! I’m sure Tito enjoyed his 2 victory present his boys presented him. Perhaps not quite as well as the 4, back-to-back homers they hit against the Yanks on this date in 2007 (where is Chase Wright now?), but you gotta love they way the Sox are playing. Now 9-6, playing .600 baseball. With 3 games at home vs. the Yanks, 3 games in Cleveburg and 1 in Tampa Bay, they have a chance to get 5 games over .500 by the end of the month (the Benjamin formula — 5 games over .500 ea. month = 30 games over .500 by the end of the season, or 96-66 and probably good enough to make the play-offs (it was last year when they went 95-67).

Sorry for the length of this epistle…but as you can see, lots of great “Sox” stuff to talk about. Oh, and will someone again post the website being maintained for the bloggers on this site. I think I finally have an appropriate photo of myself at Fenway, tho’ I’m not sure I want my likeness to Shakespeare removed (lol!!!)

-David Benjamin

D. Benjamin….We are waiting for a photo….What will happen first, the Buckeyes beating a worthy opponent? Your photo being submitted?

hey all….oh ya the sox are rollin….bullpen is nasty and the starters are getting their groove….im worries about mikey tho…he looks like hes havin probs with that hip tryin to leg out dbls…well we shall see go sox judge

Arnie:…. A conga line of Ball players,hmm??? Party hats?? have they been imbibing??? Clothing optional…. Sounds like my kind of party, lol!!!!

It’s gotta be Youk!

So Sorry… Before I could stop her, my alter ego Trixie posted that last comment… BAAAAD TRIXIE!!!!! Behave yourself!

The Green Sox are red hot. I do see the sweep of the Yankess is not impossible although AJ has never lost to the Red Sox lifetime. But AJ is not in Blue Jays uniform. I see the pieces are falling into the right places. Ortiz is hitting to the opposite field and Ellsbury’s situational hitting to get the run in. Is it Friday yet?

A question for you all – someone on my blog just asked if it was true that Tito and the manager for the Twins decided that they would call the first game early yesterday because it had gotten out of hand and because there was a second game to be played at night. He said it was reported on ESPN radio this morning. I had not heard that. Did anyone else?


WOW! You can’t keep a great team down. How sweet it is! Get out the broom. We want a clean sweep!

Too bad the Yanks won this last game in the 14th. We would have had a better psychological advantage had they lost. More so because, at one point during the game, they had the bases loaded and none out, and failed to score. Hopefully, it won’t matter and we can keep our streak going. I’m glad to see Papi going the opposite way. He will get his Hrs even some over the Green Monster. GO SOX!!!

Ellen, a conga line of naked 20-something baseball players???? You devil you!!!

Julia, I doubt the managers get to call the game. That’s up to the umps and in the playoffs MLB decides. They might get to give their opinion, however. And from what I was reading the Twins manager thought the game was so out of hand that it would be silly to have an extended rain delay when they also had a second game to play.

I’d love to see the Sox play better this year against the Yankees and Rays. I think they will. The Rays look a little lost. As if they don’t quite know what to do as defending AL Champs. I thought they would struggle.

Go Sox!!!!!!!

Judge, I think you are right in noticing Mike’s hip when he’s running. I am not as worried about his defense or his OPS, though. IF his hip remains steady, I’m sure he’ll do fine. I am watching him, though.
The Sox have been rolling (YES!), but so have the Yankees. I’m glad we did not look past the Twins to this series, but now that it is here, it should be good. AJ has always been tough, but I still wonder about CC. We have had a history of taking his lunch money, and he has shown me nothing to indicate that this time will be different.
Julia, Arnie is right about the umps being the ones to make the final decision to call the game or not. They typically (and were in this case) frequently confer with mgrs. about whether all parties are agreed the game should continue, or should be called. Because of the score, and because of the second game to be played, it seems all parties thought calling Game 1 was the right move.

Texas Rangers have traded Kason Gabbard to the Red Sox for Clay Buchholz.
Just kidding. It’s true that Red Sox re-acquire KG for cash consideration.

I liked Kason Gabbard well enough. He was certainly doing well for us when we traded him away for th “Goof with Goggles” Gag-Me. I don’t know how he’ll turn out, but I liked him when he was here.

Hey everybody,

How many of you have been to Cooperstown? We are planning a family trip to Cooperstown and Fenway and everything is worked so we would be able to see Jim Rice get inducted to the Hall of Fame. But we were wondering if you had to get tickets in advance to hear his speech? We’re from South Dakota and just wanted to know the low down. Thanks.

I was a fan of Kason as well.. I hope he does well and turns out to be a great think for the Sox!!!
Arnie.. That was Trixie that wanted the naked drunk conga line of ball players… I WOULD NEVER DO THAT!!! LOL

You guys ASKED for it. Enjoy!
?Mr. Obvious Meets Hard-Of-Hearing-Harry ? Chapter 5?
Terry Francona sat down at the studio at the stage starring into the camera. He was tired. He crossed his legs and took a breath in. It smelled like air. He rolled back in the chair. He was warned not to take this interview. There were…problems.
?Sorry to keep you waiting. Harry will start the interview.?
?I knew he had not started it because he is not here to ask me questions. ?
?Ah…you must be deaf. I think it is great that Harry takes on the deaf, ?said Terry.
?Put on these ear plugs…you may need them for HOH!?
Terry sighed and said, ?What is HOH?, ?asked Terry.
?Oh…you’ll find out!?
Terry packed the plugs in his pocket. Harry the reporter from the Boston Globe sat down and looked Terry in the eyes and said, ?OK…let’s get started. ?
Terry nodded and looked at Harry.
?Mr. Francona what do you think are the great obstacles of overcoming the Yankees this weekend.?
?Well…I think the greatest one is pitching. We need to throw strikes…?
?I said our guys need to throw strikes…?
?Your guys need to throw spikes. My God Terry…that’s horrible.?
?It is obvious that HOH means Hard-Of-Hearing-Harry because your hearing is not working and I know that because you keep saying what and your name is Harry.?
?I said it is obvious that you are Hard-Of-Hearing-Harry because your hearing is not working and I know that because you keep saying what!?
?I said it is obvious that you are Hard-Of-Hearing-Harry because your hearing is not working and I know that because you keep saying what…AND PLEASE STOP SAYING WHAT!?
Terry’s face was boiling red.
?Terry…sorry. I guess my hearing aid is not working. I’ll get my bigger one.?
Hard-Of-Hearing-Harry smiled and felt better by putting a hearing aid the size of a a chocolate bar in his ear.
?OK, again what is the biggest weakness you would say the team has right now??
?I would say that we have a very strong team and…?
Terry started to reach for his hair but found none. Hard-Of-Hearing Harry removed his hearing aid. He put one in his ear that required a head harness. He adjusted his hearing aid causing a piercing sound to be heard through the air.
?OK, Terry…how will Josh Beckett fair this weekend??
?That hurts. Shut that blasted hearing aid off.?
Terry cried and Hard-Of-Hearing Harry grabbed a hearing aid the size of a backpack and plugged it into his ears connecting it to two large speakers. Every sound Terry made sounded like an earthquake.
?OK. I think it works now?
Terry collapsed on the floor. He tried to find the ear plugs and then stuffed them in his ears. Even with that protection, the sound waves almost made him deaf.
?Terry…how is David Ortiz coming along. Do you think he will do well this year??
Terry looked at him. He whispered, ?Are you sure you can hear me now??
A long pause
?I cannot do this interview. I know that because Hard-Of-Hearing-Harry is going to kill me. Help me!?
?I’m sorry my hearing aid is killing me. Let me use my extra large one!?
?NO, ?screamed Terry but soon a large forklift brought in a hearing aid that was attached to an entire series of speakers. Hard Of Hearing Harry plugged in. Terry moved his shoulder and a booming sound hit the room cracking the camera’s lenses and almost breaking his ribs from the blast of sound waves.
?Now I can hear!?
?What?? shouted Terry.
Harry sighed!
?Terry…how is Mike Braintree or whatever city he’s named after doing??
Terry rolled on the floor. The pain in his ears was making them burst. The rest of the crew seemed immune.
?Help me!?
?How in hell can you have a hearing aid the size of an SUV and still not hear me!?
?Terry…you seem upset. Is Mike Braintree dying??
Terry regretted that. The sound rippled through his body as if a hundred drums hit the room.
?He lives in Lowell??
Terry tried to crawl away but every move created pain in his ears.
?This is a disaster.?
Terry got up and said, ?Shut that blasted hearing device off. I need the stage hand NOW!?
?I’m Sara. I’ll help you out of here. Just tell me where you are!?
?Just tell me where you are.?
Terry started to cry.
?Oh no…you can’t see can you Sara.?

OK Guys — give me some feedback good or bad. It inspires me!

p.s. I liked Jason. I saw every game he pitched in Texas. I felt he got a raw deal. Texas got a good pitcher and the Sox got goggled with Gag-me.

Conny; You might go onto their website (you can get there through MLB.COM) and find the info there. I’ve never been but along with my 1st Fenway trip that is also on my Wish (BUCKET) List… Hope you get there and have a great time!!!!

Dave.. You are a jewel!!! Our comic relief… Thats another one to add to your list of Home Run Stories!!
p.s. I’m still trying to write the Lugo story!!! Its harder than I thought.. but I will get it and it will be good!!

OK Guys — give me some feedback good or bad. It inspires me!

p.s. I liked Jason. I saw every game he pitched in Texas. I felt he got a raw deal. Texas got a good pitcher and the Sox got goggled with Gag-me.

Ellen Thank you. That one came right out of my head. I have NO idea where that idea came from.

Thanks Trixie, We plan on living out my father’s dream vacation. He has been a Sox and Rice fan since 75. We check in on Ian’s blog every game. We love the insight other fans have.

Dave, slight correction on Gabbard–KASON, not Jason.
Thanks OK, for the translation, and response from the other thread!
Conny, neat to hear about your father. And Jim Rice finally gets into the HOF! Great, eh? I hope you get to go, to the cermony and/or the game! Wow, SD! GO SOX!

Conny that’s An Absolutely Wonderful thing… My dad never got to see the Sox get the BIG ONE.. The July after he passed away, his All Time Favorite player, Ted Williams threw out the 1st pitch at the All Star Game… AT FENWAY!!!! I cried like a baby, because he would have loved it so much. At that time I thought that would have been his “day” then when the REDSOX won it all,,, I cried because he never got to see it… But I like to think he’s watching the games now at the Big Ball park in the sky!!!!
Do you think there’s a Fenway in Heaven?? lol

Thanks, Dave. That play-on-words is always just sitting there, waiting to be hit out of the park: Mike Lowell/ Lowell, MA.
HOH is from the Boston Globe? That doesn’t make him the Boston Harold?πŸ˜‰

I’m just going to throw this out there but…..
Would it be alright if i send a picture of my father and I and have it be put on the Brownie Brigade?

Dave – LOVE IT!!!!

Arnie – thanks! I found it hard to believe that the managers had the final say in the decision to call the game

great comment on my blog today – “I didn’t know that Dave Roberts played for the Red Sox”! So….watch tomorrow – in honor of the first Red Sox-Yankees series of the season- a little history of Mr. Roberts time with the Red Sox in 2004! Well I do have to make sure that all my readers are educated! lol!

The Celtics are cruising! Yay!


moanin all…thats what im talkin about…i mean how good is it to be a boston fan….sox are rollin,bruins are deadly, celts are still kickin and i think kg will pull a bird and run out on the court at some point in the playoffs ….and the pats are always good with draft day looming….im pumped….a yanks sox series this weekend….i think i got a woody lol….life is good….can u imagine the degredation in ny if the sox sweep this series…i know its early but sometimes the psychological boost can really help or hurt….its good to see papi goin the other way…im still worried about the power outage but who knows…one lil quip here too….this economy now is gonna create a fire sale im thinkin much earlier than usual…im thinkin in late may or june we will see some of the lower market teams dumping some key plrs…im hoping mikey and papi are ok but im not convinced…there could be a major deal coming at some point..i still think holliday will be in boston next yr and im thinkin a pure power boy will be also …..dont get me wrong i love the 2 i previous mentioned but im not convinced on the health…and in business all things change or u get left behind…ask the yanks fans he he….beltre i think is fed up in seattle…just a lil note theo…this guy doesnt get much ink but he is an unreal 3rd baseman who might go absolutely nanas on a team thats in contention…seattle needs pitchin too…maybe ichiro also in the deal huh huh…lol…cant see that happenin tho cause ichiro puts butts in the seats…. milwaukee might part with hardy at short too…might not be the best defender but lowrie is out and we all know that stone hands lug nuts isnt the best either….have great one all….go boston!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……judge

Hey! You Guys!

I’m another in the “Conga Line” of Sox lovers who was saddened by the Sox trading Kason Gabbard away. At that point, he seemed to be ripening into a nice, back-of-the-rotation starter. Since going to Texas, he seems to have lost his way in forging his big league career. I wonder if the Rangers organization just doesn’t know how to handle/develop young pitchers? Let’s hope he can resurrect his career back in the Sox organization.

I also hope the Sox see him as someone capable of making it back up to the majors, and not just as a career minor leaguer who will fill out the Pawsox roster (a la Charlie Zink). You can never have too much pitching, but you can really never have too much lefthanded pitching!

Welcome back Kason, now get to work regenerating yourself into a contributor to Red Sox success. Isn’t it strange, that the Rangers, who have an utter lack of adequate pitching, are giving pitchers away for money? Sure can see a lot of what’s wrong with that organization in this move.

I kind of relate to your character who is always asking “What”? I do that all the time when my wife is talking to me. I guess I turn my imaginery dial to “Selective” hearing. Most men have this uncanny sensor. The story is really funny.

Phil, I think if you’ll ask most women, you’ll find that we too have developed that “dial” .. “Sorry Honey, I didnt hear what you were saying”!!!!

Let’s go RED SOX!!! It is BEAUTIFUL here is Boston today! GREAT baseball weather!

Okay boys and girls… here we go!!!!! The Rivalry continues!!!!!

Come on Lester – Let’s get another win!!!

I’ve sent a couple of posts that for some reason didn’t make it. Not sure what happened.

Conny – Of course we can put you and your Dad up with the rest of the Brigade. Send it to me and I’ll get it up there for you……

Regarding rainouts, the home team has the decision until the game starts. With that in mind, the manager, while not the deciding authority, certainly would have a lot of input to the decision. Once the game starts, the decision belongs to the umpires.

Welcome Red Sox Nation – Mexico to Brownie’s Brigade. Carlos is aboard. Arriba! Arriba! Arriba! However, I think we’ll have to put him in the junior’s division with Andy Chow.

Game is underway. Lester’s location is not good. He has hung a couple of curves and gotten away with it……. although that last one to Posada was perfect.

Great job Lester! Let’s get some hits!

You wanna see a brawl tonight? Let’s see if Joba Chamberlain throws close to Youk. That could get very ugly, very fast.

New post is up – time for us all to move!! lol!!

Nice start for Mr Lester!!!! Good going Jonny!!

Hey that was Obey Wan Jacoby vs Joba da hut!!!
Way to go Jacoby!!!

balk!!!! good job ump!!!

Heads up base running on that one!!

Ortiz was behind a 92 mph fast ball on his first swing. He’s not right.

Chamberlain is certainly not the 98-100 mph fireballer he was when he first came up.

That could have been a more productive inning, but the Sox got some pitches out of Chamberlain.

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