Epic ending

In case you were wondering if — from a Red Sox stnadpoint — Friday’s ending was one of the best you’ve ever seen in the long, storied history of the rivalry, it was.

Check out this nugget from the Elias Sports Bureau.

It was the first time the Red Sox have ever hit a game-tying homer against the Yankees in the bottom of the ninth, and then a walkoff home run in extra innings.


It was a great, great game! And I have complete confidence that the guys won’t let us down today! GO RED SOX!!!

That will be one case of John (Henry) and Tom (Werner) matching any other offers! Bay is certainly thriving in the spotlight!!! And this Winter’s experience would seem to rule out Holliday, his being a boras client! Holliday will have to maintain his current production to get the $$$ Boras wants, and I think at the end of this year Bay will top him anyhow!!!

You sure have a flair for HERsteria!

I forgot! LOL!!!

I am not sure who Bay’s agent is, Bob. I could be mistaken(Ian or anyone else is welcome to correct me!), but I thought I heard that he and Mike Lowell have the same agents–the Rosenbergs. I THINK that is correct, but I am not sure. Anyone?

It should be lots of today at Fenway. You have 2 pitchers that will challenge hitters with blazing fastballs. Just think if the Marlins had $$$$$, they would be on there 4th or 5th title by now, lol.


Lowell’s agent is the Levinson brothers. Bay’s agent is Joe Urbon. I hope Beckett brings his A game. If Burnett struggles, sometimes he’ll cave in! He gets down on himself quick, loses concentration. Make Burnett work! Get into that Yankee bullpen! Enjoy the game folks!

Jonathan Papelbon is a funny dude! If there was one player that I would like to have a beer with, I would choose Papelbon. Of course he is paying, lol.

Bob- It’s my birthday! How can they lose? lol! 🙂

Hey all… Just in time for 1st pitch:

Mike Lowell with a GREAT play down at third. How many runs does Lowell save each season? Too many to count.

Wonder if A-Rods hip will be so good when he comes back? Lowell is looking great defensively.

hmmm…not good by Beckett. We need some outs!

Come on Josh… get out of this now@!!!

His location sucks right now.

Not good for Beckett!

Ok everybody, did you hear that Pop??? Thatwas Varitek pulling Josh’s head out of his butt!!! He’ll get it now..

Is Josh trying to get pulled in the first inning????

We’ve got a LOT of work agead of us today…
HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN JULIA… did you see mt earlier message to you???? You can have Mikey til Midnight, but you have to give him back!!!!

Can we be glad we got out with only 2 runs!! Good lord – what is wrong with Josh!!!

I missed it Ellen! Thanks!


Something needs to be done about Big Papi! He is hurting us!

They really need to drop Papi in the order! What the hell can it hurt…
and Julia… I’ll be checking him for marks when he gets back!! lol!!! remember.. midnight or you turn into a Yankee fan!

I promise Ellen! I’ll be good! lol!

KO bu Josh!!! He’s on the right track!

Let’s get the third out!


Can we shuffle the order RIGHT NOW?!! Josh had sad first inning, but I think he’s on track now. But if we don’t stop hitting into DPs (PAPI) we will get no further! COME ON TITO, SHUFFLE THE LINEUP, SIT PAPI, and FIND SOMEONE WHO CAN HIT (Bailey, Carter I DON’T CARE)!
I’m going back to watch Fox. GO SOX!

When did we borrow the “WindTunnel” from Yankee Stadium…

Can we have Lester Back??? PLEASE!!!!

Looks like its gonna be a LONG day for the pen! NO JAVIER “SENOR EZ” LOPEZ..

BosoxBri: Do you know where Josh left his blazing fastball.. if you can help him find it, maybe we can quickly ship it to him.

PLEASE NO LOPEZ!!! But Beckett has over 70 pitches! not good!

Come on Big Nick!!!

We need to get something going and BECKETT HAS GOT TO SHUT THEM DOWN!!!!!

have no fear sox fans…aj will run out of gas 5-6 inning…and that weak bp of the yanks will faulter…judge

This is sickening!
GO SOX!!!! ps.. still love ya guys….


I’m not sure where left his blazing fastball, if he needs my help to find it…He is in big trouble.

Beckett’s time is winding down. His pitch count is up there.
Beckett is getting his a– kicked out there. Credit the Yankees, they have come out swinging. Has Bunrett broken a sweat yet?


Who knows where Beckett left his blazing fastball. He has fooled nobody. The Yankees have come out swinging, credit the Yankees there. I was hoping Beckett would bring his “A” game. From what I have seen, he has brought nothing. Beckett is afraid of Texeria. Texeria has seen nothing too hit at the plate. Yankees have had alot of good swings and they are very comfortable in that box.

Has Burnett broken a sweat yet? Burnett has brought his “A” game! I wish Beckett did.

Good Job Josh!!! Swisher, sweet!!!!

Good Job Josh!!! Swisher, sweet!!!! More problems posting…. Josh is stinking… I think he needs a shower

Beckett does NOT look good! Can we get a new pitcher please!!!!

Burnett has brought the A game,,, I think Josh brought the F game.. at least Ive use more than a few words that started with F

Good Job Josh!!! Swisher, sweet!!!!

Cano has 4 of the runs??? GO FIGURE!!!!

I’m heading out to dinner for my birthday! Hope we will be winning when I get back!!!!

GO RED SOX!!!! And Ellen we need this:



papi papi………order move…..

ive been sayin it since last yr….papi …i love u buddy…but ur worryin me….judge]

What a game last night. I tell you if I’m an opposing pitcher, there’s no one I’d like to face less than Youk. He seems to get it done every time.


Where are you going for your Birthday? All we know of is Eagles Deli…. By the way Happy Birthday!

welcome Jason… Thats a name we like here!!

Now is the time MIKEY!!!

Hi Conny.. Did you send your dads picture over to the Brigade???

I told that Jason is a name we LOVE here!!! Way to go TEK-ER!!

Yea I sent it but i don’t think it’s up yet… Atta Boy Tek!!! Sox are back in this!

I think Tek is going to have AMUCH BETTER season in 09 than 08….

CAPTAIN MY CAPTAIN!!! (and I do mean MY captain!!lol)

GS!!!!! WAY TO GO TEK! (So much for no Grand Slams for Tek!) THIS is Red Sox Baseball! GO SOX! ONE (OR MORE!) RUNS!

well i was wrong…was the 4th not 5-6 lol

Its a BALLGAME again!

Oh Julia,,, I forgot to tell you that I asked Tek (the other “older Soxman”) to hit you a GRAND SLAM for your B-day… anything else I can get for you??

ok here we go…time knock aj out and get into that ugly bp of ny……..judge

oh yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Notch one for the Obey Wan Jacoby!!!!

rollin rollin…steal 2nd pedey…so papi cant dp ya

Way to go Ellsbury! You got Beckett off the hook. Way to go Sox!



Somebody turned the bat warmer up to 5 alarm hot!

bp time…..im thinkin 15 runs today …he he

common joe bp…bp….bp…..come on nancyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

friggin nancy

pick up nancy jb…..bayyyyyyyyyy lets go buddy


there our boys….come on guys i called 15 runsw lets go

Way to go JACOBY! HR! J-BAY does it AGAIN! YESSS! JD tried to kiil a rally, but failed. THANK YOU J-BAY, JACOBY! (And Big Papi got on–who knew?) GO SOX!

15 runs for the Red Sox suits me just fine, Judge! Let’s not screw this up by putting Loopy in, please! GO SOX!

Hi Nation. Last night was beautiful! And today? Wow! Who’d a thunk that the “weak” spot in the order would be #3? Even then, he just went opposite and THAT’S the sign of a great hitter. What a series! Beckett suddenly seems more confident (hmmmm…. 8 runs of support would help ANYONE out!). Way to go guys!

Wow…what a game so far! Tek and J-Bay!! Even Papi came to play!!

Ouch…. left him in there a bit too long. Of all people… Damon..

Not sure what Francona was thinking about by bringing Beckett out for the 6th. Even given that he had an easy 5th, Beckett should have been gone after he walked Jeter.

its tito…what do u expect

Come on Dr.Feelgood!!! Make sure they get (DR)no hits… I’m feeling the (DR)strangelove!!!!

Youk makes Gold Glovers out of the whole infield.

Del Carmen struck him out!

Delcarmen pitched a great inning! Lets get another rally Sox!

We certainly expected Tito to put in a reliever at the top of the inning, Judge. Tito has been managing the pitching staff very well this year. He blew that one. DelCarmen was Dr. Feelgood today. And Youk certainly made a great tag! Tito should be given credit where it is due, and blame where it is due. On this one, Tito made the bad move leaving Josh in there. GO SOX!

Hye Conny, how are ya? I’m away from the computer watching Fox, so coming down occasionally between innings.

Definitely, Garry.

Hey, Jim, doing well, I hope?

gotta go shut windows…big t-storm is moving into the area…GO SOX!

I go out to dinner and I miss ALL the excitement! GO RED SOX!!!!!!

Good job Jacoby!!! So, who would like to see Nick Green stay and short and Lugo get shipped out?

I like Nick’s hitting – but his fielding needs some work!

I’m good and I sure enjoyed last inning better than this inning but it would be alright if we got a hit here!

VERY well, Greg, thanks for asking. Got the ’72 stripped to the frame (spread out all over the garage) and the big screen crankin’. It’s ALL good. You?

Have a coke and a smile! PLEASE PAPI!!! NO STRIKES!!!!!

Papi got a double tonight! Let’s see another one!

HI Ginny! How’s the weather? GO RED SOX!!!

What the hell is Pedroia thinking about? Unbelievable!!!!

What was dusty thinking???? Never should have run!!!

It’s really windy right now…my neighbors yard is a mess – his BBQ and gazebo cover blew over. We’re waiting for a big storm. If it does come, i expect we will lose power…so let’s hope it holds out until AFTER the game!!
Way to go Nick!!! GO SOX!!!

Dustin! What were you thinking? We’ll take it Papi.

How many hit batters for us is it going to take before the umps issue a warning.. Papi would have been the third… I think that the yankees check to the umps cleared…. lol
Okay… We’re up now… dont look back.. now start the defensive attack!!!!!!! KICK BUTT TAKE NAMES!!!!

Thanks Ellen for asking Tek! We just went to a restaurant in town – my husband isn’t feeling so well tonight.

Why did Dusty go to second? What was he thinking???

Not good baserunning there by Dustin. At least we got the run in before the DP was completed.:/ Now, can we PLEASE HOLD A LEAD? Don’t blow this one, Tito! GO SOX!

Big Papi tried to get Dusty back!

Let’s not allow any runs this inning!

Brian,, thanks for the correction. I knew I had CRS again. Lowell’s agents ARE the Levinsons, and apparently they share the same agent as Bay! That should help.

Speaking of DPs…did you guys see the one that Tex and Posada pulled off? My kids were in HEAVEN!
Can we please stay in the lead here??? Do not blow this lead!!!

What a crazy game! GO RED SOX!!!

Hey Ginny, I’m in and out, watching the game on Fox, blogging between innings. How are you? GO SOX!

Sorry your husband is not so well tonight, Julia. Hope he gets better!

COME ON!!!! Let’s get some outs!!!

Good pitch! Let’s get another Manny!!!

Jeter faked Pedey out… It (and *%it) happens… we’ll make up for it now.

Greg – I’m doing well! GO SOX!

Thanks Greg – it’s the dreaded “cold” – but he feels miserable.

DELCARMEN!!!!! Nick Green is hurting us in the field!!!!!

it’s a man cold. He’ll live – even if he thinks he won’t! lol!

lol! So true Ginny! I might not live through this game! lol!!!

Ginny.. Obviously if they were in heaven, youre bring your kids up wrong!!! I told you, you can always threaten No phonem, computer only for school work, no texting,youll cancel facebook etc!!! lol

My daughter is hugging the TV! I can’t see anything!

Ellen – My girls are 5 and 6! The only thing I can take away is dessert and Guides!

Julia… any update on the ranking for Brownie Points??

Too funny Ginny! And what the heck is going on in this game!!! DO WE NOT WANT TO WIN!!!!!!!!!!!

NOOO!!! Manny is dragging this out! Come on, let’s get him out!

Good job striking out Jeter…

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MANNY!!!!!!

Finally! She moved away! And a strike out!!! YAY!

Sox pitchers are the worst in baseball at holding runners on base. It’s very seldom Tek even has a shot at throwing someone out. To me, this is a direct reflection on Farrell.


Find the groove OKIE!!! Let’s get the outs!

I hope that this Oki is different than the one we saw last night.

NO…. DUSTY!!! NOOOO!!!!!!


HOLY Sheeeeet! Did I just see what I just saw?

I hate that guy!!!! and I dont like Oki too much right now either!

Pitch to Tex! Swisher will do damage!

Ratboys 1st error of the season!

WHEWWWWW! Ha Johnny!



And what an error it was!

I’m just glad Swish will be coming to bat 1st up!

The Red Sox HAVE to win…the wrong team won in Oakland this afternoon! Let’s hope they can get it going this inning!



Wow, never expected that. Too bad, Oki did what he was supposed to do. Well, time to get back to work…….. Way to get it started Youk!

YOUK!!! Nice Double!!!

Come on JD!

Nice!!! Youk on 3rd!!!

WHAT THE HELLO IS UP WITH DUSTIN????? First a base-running screwup, then the ERROR??? He NEVER makes errors! What the?…
Looks like we’re going to need those 15 runs, Judge! DelCarmen pitched well, and Oki got the pick-off. SOMETHING went right! Come ON, SOX!

maybe its time for a sick day for Ju-dy

Come on J-Bay! Do it again! Just like yesterday!!!

They are afraid of Bay!! NO DP MIKEY!!!

Oh sure walk him….take all the fun out of it…let’s go Mikey!!!

That looked low!

MIKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MIKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOO HOOOOO!!!!!!

YEEEEEEEEESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Atta Way MIKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12-10.. Julia Theres another Bday present for you… that one is from allof us!!!

oh yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…..i called 15 runs lets keep it goin guyssssssssss…..judge

Mikeeeeeeeeeey!!!!!!!! Woooooohoooooo!!!!!

They will not lose today!!!


Ginny… Dont you know?? When you walk a batter the one the walk to get to, gets REALLY ********** AND DISSED!!!!

This is insane! …… I think if Lowell didn’t hit that ball it would have hit him.

EVERYONE has gone deep today! My kid did this morning in Little League! I just might put the tools down and go to the cages later!….. Okay. Maybe not.

Keep it going!!

I agree Ellen – IT ALWAYS HAPPENS!!!!! Let’s hold the lead this time!!

what MLB censored was p*i*s*s*e*d!!!!

Whatever works Ellen!

Julia, I sent you anopther message… did you see it?

Sox pitchers now need to avoid walks like they are the plague. No freebies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How many hours is this game going to last??

Don’t ask or we’ll be here all night, Julia! LOL!

at least 31 hours Julia.

Oh, how profane, Ellen!

Love the 100 year old bat boy!

2 more outs guys!

WHAT THE&^^_^(*^)&*^


I turn my back for 5 minutes to clean up a bit, and Cano hits another home run? WHAT??? This is an insane game!!!

This is too crazy for words!

Oki needs to go back to pitching 101!!!

Let’s go Ramon!!!!!!!! GET HIM OUT!!!

Unbelievable! This is going to be a last man standing game.

If this is what is in store for tomorrow…it’ll be a LONG day!

Just checked in to gameday. OH MY GOD!!!!!
The pitcher’s duel turned into one of my old slow-pitch softball games on steroids. Hahaha. This is great!


Didn’t he listen? No freaking walks.

Please get him out!!!!

Oh crap, cant we just win one???!!!

What the????? Doesn’t anyone want to win this game????

Here we go again….Melky is coming to bat.

Gives up a double on an 0-2 pitch. Not good.

two more like that ! LET”S GO RED SOX!!!!

Is it just me or do the Yankees seem to be getting tired and desperate?

GOOD!! 2 out!

Fielder’s choice, whew!

Ummm….ok….that will work!

Yes they are Ginny – they look very tired!

GO SAWX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let’s Go Ramon! GO SOX!!!

What a grueling game!

Come on…. Come on!!! One more out….



I have to go even in an intense game like this….. I hope everything ends well for Red Sox and I’ll talk to you soon.

YES!!! Let’s get a few insurance runs!!!

Bye Conny!

Good job Posada!!!!

Boy, we caught a break on that one! Nice throw Jorge.

nice break for the Sox…Jacoby was out.

Thank you baseball gods!

Thank you baseball gods!

yes he was Ginny – but we will take it!


13-11!!! Nice hit and great running!



A little retribution for Dustin! Good job!


As much as I’m a fan of a pitcher’s duel, this is a beauty!

My Boys will NOT let me down on my Birthday! GO RED SOX!!!!!

YAY!!!! I love you tonight Posada!!!! or CHicken Man!!!

Hey, we’ll take the advance, good job Papi!

Not intentional I know, but nice SAC Papi!!!!

They are afraid of Youk!!! GO RED SOX!!!

DREW!!!! UGH!!!!

We’ve seen almost everything. That’s what the announcers are saying. We sure have! Let’s see some more! GO SOX!

Do the Yankees have any pitchers left??

Jacoby was fortunate on that steal attempt. We’ll take it! Let’s get a few more runs! Shut em down, PAP! GO SOX!

They have Swisher! lol!

Let’s GO BAY!!!!!

Not intentional I know, but nice SAC Papi!!!!

That was well said, Garry. Retribution for Dustin. GO SOX!

YES!!!! LET”S GO RED SOX!!! MIKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bases loaded and here comes Lowell! MIKEY!!!

JBay and Mikey want to give Julia another B-Day present!!!!!
JBay did his part..
come on you birthdaypresent you!!!!! Do it for Julia!!!!!!!!!
go mikey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GO RED SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY JULIA! The baseball gods are answering your prayers!!!

oh yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…..theres 15 plus 1 he he….judge

WAY TO HIT, MIKE! 3-R 2B! Take THAT, Johnny! GO SOX!

See I told You Julia!!!! I think Tek wants to as well!!!

ok….think the Yankees will blame this on the bad call by the umpire at second base? lol!

Bring in Pap…and let’s finish them off!

PAP!!!! Let’s hold them!!!


Tek always seems to be the 3rd out, no?

he or ORtiz

Just strike him out Pap!

Can we just end this PLEASE!!!!

COME ON GUYS!! GET THEM OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

walked him? Oh come ON Pap! Get Damon into a DP!

Unfreaking believable ……. a 5 run lead, and Papelbon walks the leadoff hitter. No sense in making this easy. He’s already going to throw enough pitches so he won’t be available tomorrow. What a waste.


I DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


That’s one down…two to go. GO SOX!

papelbon looks a bit confused.. not exactly the firey closer that we’ve become accustomed to!

gonna be 9 straight with ice man masterson on the bump tomorrah………………oh yaaaaaaaaaaaa……nother 10 runs on sunday sounds good…………judge

oh come on! Let’s end this!

Pap looks a little out of it! COME ON PAP!!! END IT!!!

What is there a force field around homeplate??

I think so Julia. Pap looks lost. Maybe someone should remind him he’s PLAYING BALL?

5th walk for Tex tonight.

What’s with Pap?


I just don’t believe this.

BAll! Is that what they are doing Ginny??? SO ONE NEEDS TO TELL PAP!!! UGH!!!

oh great…look who’s on deck. Throw strikes Pap!

FINALLY!!! 2 out!



Finally I see a pitch with fire from Papelbon…


Everybody stand up!!!!!!

Game over…..GO SOX!
See you guys tomorrow!

Where are the 97=98 mph fastballs Jon-Bon used to throw?? I’m a little worried about him… He wants to be the highest paid closer ever??

Damn! I thought he struck out!

Wooooohoooooo Seeeeee ya tomorrowwwww!

But that will do! YAY!!!


WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Julia, did you have a breathtaking birthday?????

I DID!!!! WHOOOO HOOOOO!!! I’m just glad this was an early game!!

Way to GO, SOX! Nice job, Pap. Yeah he’s not going to be the “highest paid closer ever” that way, but he got the job done. (And yes, they missed the foul-ball call. Oh, well.) Nice way to wake up the bats! GO SOX!
Happy birthday again, Julia!

Thanks Greg! WHAT A GAME!!!

Pap needs to get that GLARE in his eye that he used to have. Whether it “intimidates the hitters” or not, it gets HIM in the right frame of mind, and I have not seen that lately! He needs to get that mentality again–and if it means buzzing a couple hitters, so be it!
Brian, thanks again for the CRS correction. Joe Urbon is Bay’s agent? Does Theo have any “history” with him, good or bad? GET J-BAY SIGNED THEO! He has almost single–handedly won the series for the Sox this time! WAY TO GO J-BAY! GO SOX!

A C- effort for Papelbon. I don’t think it’s a matter of intensity for him. In fact, if anything, he has too much of that. What I do think is that his shoulder is still not right. He fatigued at the end of last year and lost some velocity from the year before. This year I think we’re seeing a further decline in his velocity and worse, he is displaying less command. He’s a power pitcher screwing around with sliders and other things he shouldn’t be messing with. He can probably come in and get through an inning on most nights, but it seems like every outing is an adventure. The reality is that if you’re in a tight situation, and you needed him to come in and blow someone away, he likely couldn’t do it. Today should have been an easy outing and he winds up throwing 30 or so pitches in an inning. That puts him on the shelf for tomorrow. Papelbon’s issues are another thing I pin directly on Farrell. I guess I’m going to have to go to Boston and be the pitching coach. Bad enough I had to bail them out of that Texas game last year.

I suspect you are right, Garry, about Pap’s shoulder still being an issue. I think that will continue to be an issue with him. And yes, the 30-ish pitches will put him on the shelf. I am going to strongly disagree with you on the “intensity” issue, though–I think it is EXACTLY the problem, If his shoulder is messed up, it is understandable why he would be having problems. The fact, though, is that when “closers” (not just Pap!) are not in a “save” closing situation, they do not have the same type of intensity as when they are in for a save. They SHOULD, but they don’t. They get into a game to “get some work in” or to “put the game on ice”, and they very often lay an egg. Pap did not do that, but he easily could have had he not buckled down. In 07, Pap had this “glare” that seemed to say “I AM going to take your lunch money, and there’s nothing you can do to stop me”–and he’d DO IT. Call it prima donna status, call it his shoulder, call it lack of focus (not being in a “zone”), whatever. He does not diplay that same intensity now, and I am convinced the other hitters KNOW IT. The fact that Pap is using these other pitches doesn’t help. Very likely, he does not have that same confidence in his other pitches (yet, if ever), and hitters can sense that, also. I would rather see him put those pitches on the shelf, and go out there throwing what he KNOWS he can get hitters out on, and take their lunch money. If he doesn’t, he will not deserve the “record money” he seeks (and if that is not motivation enough for him, nothing is!).

Papelbon used to remind me of (when he was “staring” down the batter) of Jon Lithgow… that stare scared me sometimes.. now I just picture him in his undies dancing the jig.. Maybe some of the batters are doing that as well! Its like the mystery is gone…

moanin moanin….i feel like ive been havin sex for 2days straight….lol….well not quite ….i mean how much more xcitin can it get…grand slams, 9th inning 2 out heroics…walk offs,,,wall bangers……clutch clutch hits….fire in their eyes….never say die comebacks….i mean honestly its like 2004 all over,,,…now i know its not the playoffs…and its very early….but omg is this awesome or what….ive always said ill take top to bottom offense over 4 deadly hitters in a row anyday….the yanks bp is already taxed and lookin very sad indeed… im sorry ny but if you think that your team is gonna keep up with us your sadly mistaken….you better pull out that wallet which you do so well…better than anything else you do….and buy a bp…oh ya….and you might wanna rethink that startin rotation too…remember what most ppl have predicted…aj and sabs will have less wins than our number 4-5 starters this yr…how sweet will it be today when we sweep…i can feel the panic in ny….yes its early but this is a wave that a team can ride all yr…and it happened early…if and when papi gets that swing back and he starts driving the ball…good lord almighty…he he…#10 is on the way with ice man masterson on the bump today…go kid go….judge

ok im havin probs with this site…nothin like tryin to type and have page dissappear…itsd only this site too….grrrrrr…paps needs to buzz em….someone commented on this and its a brilliant idea…they are to comfy in the box….chin music,in the kitchen,brush em back,and so on…not at the head but ya know…heck throw one over the catchers head in warm ups at 99 mph so their bench can see it….a la dick radatz….get means paps…oh ya and if paps is gettin a lil big for his britches…remember bud we have a flame thrower like you who is hungry like the wolf in the minors….bard bard bard….life is friggin grand….rollin rollin rollin….judge

wow, guys, what a game…and I felt Mikey was goin’ to do it for us. Gee, Theo, aren’t you glad you didn’t screw up and trade Lowell?

While not a regular in this group, I sure do love reading the blog when I can (am in middle of packing up here in Durham to return home to New England after many years).

You are a great group…you really lifted my spirits during the early part of the game…TV downstairs…me flopping upstairs every half hour, walking cast on leg, to check the blog and feel re-infused. Back downstairs for the bottom of the 4th…ah….captain, oh my captain. Tek really has cleaned up swing from left side. Watched him all spring…yup…better year by far for #33.

Ok….til 8 pm tonight. Best to all!

Good Luck RSgal… A cast huh?? thats gotta be fun going up and down the stairs!!! I envy you moving to New England…

Ready for round 3? As my cousin put it, Sox/Yankees is steel cage death match, bare knuckle baseball. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Let’s go Sox!!!

This website has been horrible the last few days. Been trying to log on. The only things I wanted to say is that I can’t figure out if that’s Mike Lowell playing third or Brooks Robinson!!!!! Unbelieveable!!!!!! Didn’t Paps get the memo about “No Drama Saves”? He is starting to scare even me….The Sox’ bullpen overall has been great though!!!!! Good thing they have back-up for Paps…and boy do they have back-up!!!!!!!!! What a bullpen. Give Theo some credit….we were hurting there last year and he patched it up in the off-season Go Sox!!!!

No panic, just impatience at least by the bloggers on Bombers Beat! We must take after our owner!!!

No telling how long it will take Girardi to figure out the strengths and weaknesses of all of the new faces on his roster. In that regard, we miss the experience and intuition of Torre!

It’s nice right now….but I am a very cautious individual thanks to all those years growing up with the Sox….talking smack about the Yankees this early will only bring a big meal of crow. Careful…….

There are two schools of thought on the smack-talk philosophy: one is, go ahead. Talk trash while you can, you never know what the future holds.
The other is: Be careful, you’ll jinx ’em!!
Personally, I think the trash talk is cheap and low-class. Better left to basketball. And of course, football. Soccer fans tear down the stands and kill each other.
I guess it’s all a matter of degree.

I agree Arnie…seems like whenever everthing is clicking and folks get overconfident…then it’s time to get ready to duck!!!!!! I learned a long time ago as a golfer that if you want to get bit just get overconfident and open your mouth!!!!! I’m sure dben knows what I’m talking about relating to golf!!!!

Hi Craig… Long time no see… You are so right about talkin smack.. comes back to mite you in the BUTT every time!!! So I’m just counting my (our) blessings thus far. The game must be on ESPN tonight, and that means Jon Miller and Joe (UGH< OH NO) Morgan… At least he wont have Arods butt to wrap his lips a round tonight…He’ll find someone else though…
we were talking about Papi yesterday, and I still think that maybe they should drop him in the oreder for a few games and see what happens. (but then again, everybody else is hitting.. so why fix the whole wagon when it aint broke).

Who was it that went to Fenway last week… DBenj was that you?? We are toying with the idea of going to Fenway for my birthday in June. So I need to ask some questions.
I am hoping, praying and once again keeping everything crossed for tonights game. I hope that the usually composed and cam Mr Masterson is just that!!!!
Come on Sox… Give us that thing we want but we cant talk about yet….. No superstitions here!!! lol
I have my Yankee Voodoo dolls with color co-ordinated pins ready to go JUST IN CASE!!!! see y’all a little later..

For those who are wondering about Toronto at the top of the standings, note that they do not play their first game against an AL East team until May 12. That will be a humdinger of a welcome back to the AL East, as they will be playing the Yanks in Yankee Stadium! We’ll see if they are for real after the end of May, because they end up playing a total of 13 games against the AL East in May. It should be interesting.

Golf is one sport I have not been able to embrace or solve the mystery of. I mean, sometimes I watch the golf channel when I can’t sleep and it just doesn’t make any sense. Here are all these fanatics crowded together on the lawn like sheep waiting for slaughter. You can see them downing double espresso and Mountain Dew to stay awake and then when the caffeine is kicking in they are told to be QUIET in the gallery!!! And sure enough, here come Tiger and Phil mincing their way up the fairway to the green like they just stepped out of Blueboy magazine. They check out their balls on the living carpet of the Green and, by God, they’re laying down to get a good view!! This is a sport??? Anyway, they roll their balls into a cup and the crowd erupts into opera-like two fingered clapping! At this point I usually drift off to sleep. Saves me a lot of money on sleeping pills, but W. T. F………???? How do you guys stay awake for a whole round of that stuff?
JK all you golfers out there. JK!

They sleepwalk Arnie and they are VERY good at it!!

Interesting…I too have never figured out the fascination of golf. However, I just leave it to those folks who love it to go ahead and love it…each to their own passions. Anyhow, our new guy waiting in the wings, Smoltzy, loves the game. If he comes on board and delivers in about a month the way everyone is hoping, well….looking forward to that!

About trash talk: I get it when people do it. Sometimes they do it in fun, like the players on our team…they tease each other a lot. But am with those of you who are keeping mum at this point.

Ellen, love the voodoo dolls you got there! What an idea! Counting on you to use them if we need them! And yes, the walking cast is a pain; got the same thing that Youk had late in Spring Training–Plantars faciitis. Argued with my doc about the six weeks he said I had to wear it. I protested that my first baseman only had to wear one for three days. He replied: “You’re not Kevin Youkilis.” Okay…LOL. Yup, got to move home. No more family here and it’s been a very rough stay. Going to take a bit of doing and some magic. Will get there. Once am settled (am hoping for Watertown where I grew up), you and anyone need a place to stay…most welcome!

Heading downstairs again…slowly…see you guys later. (Oh boy, ESPN….ah…. I want my NESN!)

rsgal: I have a set for each team… lol!!! (not really) I have toyed with the idea of marketing something like that!.. The other thing that I would like to try to market is a T-shirt with what my husband coined as my “disease”.. R.S.C.D. …
REDSOX COMPULSIVE DISORDER… It’s not just an obsession anymore!! (ooh, maybe I could collect some medical disability for that!!! God knows its terminal for me)


I am not sure if Theo has had dealing’s with Bay’s agent ( Urbon ) From what we have read/heard the Sox tried signing him but obviously were unable to do so. If Bay does leave ( I hope he is inked up ) Boston would get 2 picks when he signed with another team. With the way Boston drafts, those players would be on the Fenway lawn in a Red Sox uniform soon down the road. Damon signs with the Yankees…D. Bard is the compensatiion…That will work out great for Boston. Pedro is gone and with that compensation Buchholz is drafted. On and on the story goes.

One of the things that concerned me when the season ended in St. Pete. Word had it that Papelbon wasn’t available for game 7. He was fatigued, he still could be. I am with Garry when he says velocity is down but worse command is. Papelbon hasn’t been the dominating closer yet…Perhaps yet is the key word here.

Masterson needs to go at least 6 innings tonight. This Boston pen has pitched alot in the first 2 games. Obviously no Papelbon tonight, not even for 1 hitter. Masterson needs to give Boston a solid outing!

What happened to Beckett yesterday? He looked like he had nothing yesterday. I’ll give the Yankees credit for coming out swinging after the previous night’s heartbreaking loss. Beckett didn’t look good at all yesterday, I hope this is just 1 lousy start. We shall see.

You missed your call as a comedian!!!!! That was funny as heck. Maybe Dave can come up with a spoof on that one with Lugo starring on the PGA tour. I don’t really watch that much golf….but I play twice a week and hit about 400 range balls a week!!!!! Guess you could say I’m hooked. Think of it this way….if I am PO’d at my boss then on Saturday I draw a picture of his face on my ball…..it works!!!!! Helps my drives and my score and channels the frustration!!!! Ha Ha!!! Just think Ellen, next time your computer craps the bed just go to the driving range and smack the hard drive about 300 yards!!!! Maybe the next computer you inherit will think twice!!!!! Go Sox….


I also thought Arnie’s piece was very funny! It made me laugh, no doubt.

I am with Arnie about golf. I have always wondered how can anyone watch that on t.v. I have seen golf on t.v. maybe 3 or 4 times and for not more than 2 minutes. Perhaps in person watching Tiger Woods would be a treat but I will never know. Another sport that is quite boring on t.v. is hockey. In person hockey is awesome too watch. T.V. does that sport no justice. D. Benjamin and Garry are huge golf fans and right now they will want too put my head on a tee.

When I was a kid I used to watch hockey with my grandmother but I can’t seem to get into watching it on TV anymore either.

Love that idea! Do it! Yeah, we are a special breed of fans, no doubt. Reminds me of one of the opening lines of the movie, “Fever Pitch” when the main guy says, “and that’s how I became one of God’s most pathetic creatures, a Red Sox fan..” It always cracks me up.

Hockey and basketball….cannnot watch on TV too. Maybe because they are too fast. Used to go to the old Boston Garden and watching the Celtics there was great fun. Maybe you’d have to mount a mini-cam on a player to make it more interesting or at least keep up with the action.

Going to grab some supper…feel the stomach already knotting with tension…GoSOX!

Lizbeth, one of many Red Sox gals

Craig and Brian,
Dave and I are currently working on the new Julio Lugo Cookbook featuring recipes from beyond the Pale. Only thing is Dave doesn’t know it yet. I’m a little behind in my work but maybe tonight I’ll get an installment written. Then Dave will create a whole fantastic tale of woe around my simple recipe. It’s awesome what Dave can do.
Hey, what time is the game?

Hey, Craig, How are you? Haven’t heard from you in a little while. Did you catch any of Home Run Derby (aka Red Sox/ Yankees) last night, or the night before?
I’m glad the Red Sox decided to forego their penchant for DPs last night! I’d rather have a pitcher’s duel than the type of game from last night. But I’ll take last night’s game over DP Derby any day!
Arnie, you might have to get DBen to clue you in on the fascination with golf. I grew up watching golf because my grandparents did (they were also avid golfers themselves), so I grew up with a respect for the game and its players. But I don’t have INTEREST in it past the four “Majors”.
Brian, thanks for the info on Bay’s agent. Yes, talks do appear to have stalled, but we often don’t know what is going on behind the scenes. I suspect Theo and the FO will do almost anything to get Bay signed (I think Bob is right on that). We’ll see how long it might take, though!
Skipjack47, I think you are right that Toronto will come floating (if not crashing) back to earth once they begin divisional play in earnest.
Arnie, I understand that Dustin and Jeter have quite a few “Talk-Smack-Fests” going, on and off the field. I think they do so (esp. between one another) out of respect, not derision. My thought, though, is, if you are going to talk smack, you’d better be able to back it up. That is Pap’s problem right now. GO SOX!

Craig, you said you were “hooked on golf”? Hopefully not hooked into the right rear bunker! Hmmm…;)

I’ll be checking in on the game during most inning breaks. I’ll be watching on ESPN.

Sorry, running a little late… But HEEEEERE’S ELLLEN!!!


Go Red Sox! And why of why! Do we have to watch this on ESPN!!!! I want my Rem-Dawg!!!!

Chalk me up as a pathetic creature. Here I sit listening to Joe Castiglione and watching a virtual game on Gameday! As for hockey, it probably is the speed that most people can’t handle but now that the playoffs have started, it is great hockey.

I love hockey! It’s the speed that I love! Anything has to be better tonight then watching the “announcers” on ESPN.

Ditto…oh please someone do something about these ESPN guys…what does ESPN stand for anyhow? Extra Stupid Pin Nerds?????

Argh…almost lost my lunch…er..supper…

A very difficult night for my ears, Morgan and Phillips in the same booth, OUCH….

Alot of good numbers for the Red Sox hitters against Pettitte. So far Pettitte has pitched very well but the Red Sox bats are hot!

Great stuff. Our Sportsnet channel is carrying the game tonight. I hope Masterson has brought his “A” game to the park. Go Sox.

The bats are really hot! And Ian – we need a new post so we don’t have to scroll down so far! lol!

Co0me on Justin… BR GREAT!!

Could the ESPN announcers just be QUIET over the whole TEX thing!

Great job Masterson!


Masterson was very aggressive in the 1st inning and that is the way you are supposed to pitch.

YES! Keep ’em coming…oh Masty’s nasties. May he continue on for another six innings like that….

That would be Be Great!! Just like the rest of you guys!!!!
Oney Wan with a lead off single!! Now be a thief!!!

ELLSBURY!!!!! Nice hit!

Obey Wan Jacoby!!! I have blonde fingers tonight

Come on Big Papi! Time for a HR!!!!

Ugh Papi!!!!

New post is up! We can move!!

GO Red Sox!!

Hey, Julia. I’m posting between innings.
Masterful is DEALING tonight! He’s doing very well with location so far (Let’s not junx him!), and very few pitches thrown through two IP! YES!
I still wish Papi were moved down in the lineup. He made solid contact, but a DP. SIGH! We’ll see. GO SOX!

Welcome Conny, and his Dad, Kurt, to Brownie’s Brigade.

Masterson needs a “K” here.

Wow, Pedroia yesterday and Lowell today with the errors. What’s up with that.

Masterson had a little bad luck that inning. That hit that went by Lowell to left hit the lip of the infield grass and stayed down. Lowell had no chance on that one. Masterson will be charged with an earned run, but he didn’t pitch badly at all. The thing I like most right now about what he’s doing is “NO WALKS”.

Only one run surrendered. Good. Mike is having a tough night in the field (not just the error). I hope he can settle back into his rhythm–and I hope his hip is OK!
Let’s get em back, guys! Nearly cracked em last inning. GO SOX! Get some runs for Masterful!

Hey, OK, how are you doing? I’ll check back in later. (And I’ll take hockey any day!)

Papi got the run home! YES! (Nice fielding by the Yankees 3B! We’re even there!). What is with Dustin? Another baserunning error! SETTLE DOWN, DUSTIN!

NEW THREAD I SEE! See what happens when you only blog between innings!😉

Upon further review of Pedroia’s being picked off, the move by Pettite was definitely a balk. His leg went past the imaginary line between the rubber and first base. Once that happens, he has to go to the plate. At least it looked that way to me. Additionally, it looked to me like he stopped, which is also a balk. I guess you get away with that stuff if you’re a veteran pitcher.

MOANIN MOANIN….MAN do i have a hang over….i indulged a lil too much last night….thats what i get for sayin tito is doin a good job….that wont happen again… erros,errors,errors….bad pitchin ,missed oppertunities,and so on…im sure u all watched the same game so you know…this wouldnt hurt as much if they had lost after lees awesome game he pitched….but….we are redsox fans and it seems fort 100 yrs now we are doomed to swallows games like this….part of the ride…..im still gonna point out the obvious tho….lugo will never be a decent ss…so i guess u can blame everyone who put him in the line up….tuff to suck up 10 mill….ofcourse its easier than watching things like last night happen…GET ANOTHER SS……loopy…..ok yell at me at i dont care if u do…..good gawd tito u friggin fool …if i was a coach i would erase him from your line up card everyday so u couldnt send him in….hey buddy…walak up to theo and say…” hey man,do i have to use loopy?…penny obviously isnt game ready…send em to miors to get that way…3 bad starts from 4 means…not good…. gee ya think the bp .which has done a great job…is missing the kid masterful…i wonder how long the sox will go with the ok we see what happens for awhile…GRRRRRRRRRRR…..i slept on it and im still miffed….now is the time…get a friggin ss,let the kids pitch here and not in pawtucket…..or trade for something or someone to play ss….unless lowrie is comming back healthy…up the middle u must be good to win a championship….oh yes and did i mention i still hate drew….i get that weird taste in my mouth like a bad sun flower seed everytime i see his non caring half hearted *** enter the game….oh ya and why pinch hit with green in that ab…commin cold off the bench to face a 95 mph fastball…i never pld pro ball…i wonder if tito remembers he did…sigh…ok im done for now….judge

Hey! Judge!

Boy, for a fan of a team that has won 12 of its past 13, you are pretty demanding!!! I agree that Lugo didn’t seem entirely ready for his start Tues pm, but at some point, the team has to try to get some return on its $9 Mil. per year investment. That’s a lot to neglect, even for the Red Sox (probably even for the Yankees!!! (lol)).

With all of the time he’s been out, lets give Lugo some time to get his legs under him. Then, lets see if his defense remains deficient and if his offense is not proficient. From the comments I’ve read, its clear to me that Tito saw something in Lugo during Spring Training that he liked, and that caused him to intend to start Lugo at ss at the beginning of the season but for his injury. Let’s see if Tito’s “gut level” was correct. My favorite quote of Tito’s is when he says “if you manage like a fan, you are destined to become one!” Let’s give him the leeway to see if his judgment is better than ours…and yes, I am a huge fan of my birthday buddy Tito!!!

Speaking of the Yankees, they spend $432 Mil. on three players, and chump change on a fourth (Nick Swisher), and whose delivering thus far? If anything is an endorsement of Theo’s method of putting a team together, I think that is it!!!

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