Sunday night special

ESPN is here, the Red Sox and Yankees are here, one more game in this marathon series.

The first two games had the exact same time of game. A nice four hours and 21 minutes.

Those games are literally exhausting, but riveting, all at the same time. Tonight should be a little more crisp with Masterson and Pettitte on the hill. These are two guys who just go after the opposition. No nibbling.

The Red Sox have a very short bullpen tonight. No Papelbon, no Delcarmen, no Ramirez. Michael Bowden is here tonight in the event he is needed for long relief, or extra innings.

Julio Lugo is all but certain to be activated for Monday night’s game in Cleveland.

I won’t be in Cleveland. I’m taking three days off, so you guys and gals will have to make do without me until the four-game showdown at Tropicana Field, which starts Thursday.


Alrigght… Youve got a feel for Moose… NOW NEXT AB GET IT DONE!!!!!

Thanks Ian – we’ll miss you!

Come on Masterson – get him out!

Nice job Masterson!

Cano never ran? That’s bad!


Enjoy your time off. A little warm down here in Florida so you’ll have some nice weather while your in the Tampa/St. Pete area.

Masterson looks great out there tonight.

I wonder what Cano’s career numbers are at Fenway? He seems to have 3 hits almost every game at Fenway.

With the way this game is going at the moment, this one might be over before 11:00 p.m. Did I just jinx it?

Nice! Let’s get some runs boys!

Come on Youk!

Odd that Cano didn’t even run.


Nice hustle Bay!


Anytime the Red Sox play the Yankees on a Sunday Night at Fenway, all I can think of is Chase Wright. That was one incredible moment. I don’t think I’ll ever see that again in my lifetime. Unreal.

Bummer! Get the next one guys!

Come on guys! No more runs!

LOWELL!!!!! Not good!!!

A rare error by Lowell. He makes that play in his sleep.

Leadoff guy is on, let’s get this run across.

What is it with all the balls heading to third tonight??

Nice hustle Green!

Good Evening, Red Sox Nation! My first blog of the year, and what a question I have… Is it just me, or does Posada look somewhat like “Balki” of the ole sitcom, “Perfect Strangers.??”
GO SOX!!! Let’s get some RUNS!!!

Tex – NICE PLAY!!! lol!!!!

Bad choice by Dustin. He did that yesterday also.

Memo to Dustin – please watch the base running! Don’t make the outs!

I finally caught up with you guys! (When you only blog between innings)…
Dustin needs to SETTLE DOWN! He seems to be trying to make too much happen too soon!
At least Papi got the SF to tie the score! GO SOX! GET SOME MORE RUNS!

Dustin does need to calm down! Staying on base is more important then stealing right now!

Nice job, Masterful, getting out of the inning. Let’s get some more RUNS for him! GO SOX!

Let’s put some runs up guys!

Mike has had a rough night fielding (not just on the error), but the Yankees evened that score (Nice fielding on their part also!)πŸ˜‰ Settle down, guys, and get some RUNS! GO SOX!

What a difference from the game yesterday! I was wondering how many times that ESPN crew were going to analyse that play by Berroa.

Hello, Goofballrdh, how are you? GO SOX!


I think 3rd base is cursed tonight. Can we just shoot the ESPN crew??? PLEASE!!! Give me Rem-Dawg!

Great job Bay! COME ON MIKEY!!!!!!!!!

im gonna vent some and i aint holdin back either… elated the sox are playing great again ….i love the fire i see in some of the guys…but im tellin ya ever since nancy has come to the sox i hate him even more than when he wasnt in the sox uni…. 2 plays already this game typify drew…a shallow hit ball he jogged at…and a single to rt that if he had charged and fired he had cano at 3rd….cano was 2 steps before second when he fielded it….15 million for friggin what…and ya he gets the occasional big hit but ya know what …battin 5th for the sox you get a shitload of opportunities…he looks like hes indifferant…feck him…theo trade his *** for a goat to eat grass in the outfield and maybe a bag of balls and find someone like trot who will give 2 craps and play like he deserves to wear that uni…. judge

Welcome Goofball!!! I love your name!!!

lol…sorry but nancy irks me to no end…5 tools plr pffffffffft…what kinda tools….nail clippers,hair brush,tweezers,eyelash curlers, and board stretcher….man

Thanks, guys – My real name is Wendy, but a goofball I am. Hoping to have a “normal length” game, this evening!!! – Limiting the Yankee’s to that 1 run, don’t ya think?!!!!

Look on the bright side guys.. At least its not MIGRANE!!! and we don’t have to look at Craig Sayer and his multitude of UGLEY SUITS!!!!

But I do agree… Jon Miller sounds like he’s reading a Dick and Jane 1st grade reader!!!! See the Yankees Run!! lol

I still like both Miller and Morgan. I can’t STAND Phillips though! (If I head about Tex one more time from him, I might have to go to CT and smack him around!)
Masterful did a good job keeping Tex in the yard. Masterful and Pettite are both pitching quite well. The BP will probably decide this game also! GO SOX!

pettite is tirin….his last inning i think…i feel a papi rocket?…hmmmmm

oh yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Knock in some more runs PAPI!!!! WHOOOO HOOOOO

im a friggin prophet lol…how bout 10 runs tonight guys

oh lord drew is up now….more pathetic waves at the ball

Greg – maybe he wants to date Pettittee! UGH! It is awful!



COME ON DREW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

****** aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

now thats a plrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GO RED SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

omg nancy got a hit…that home steal messed pettite up lol

And then JD gets a 2B! YESSS!!!!! GO SOX!

That was so awesome-ly BALLSY!!!! GOOD JOB TITO!!

im tellin ya that steal will be on the highlight reel all yr….stealing the yankees thunder….ny is no more…he he

4-1! YES! GO SOX!

Who was the last Sox player to steal home against the Yankees?

Boston has broken this game wide open!

I was at a Sox game years ago when Billy Hatcher stole home off of Juan Guzman and the Jays.

I wonder what Francona was thinking when he saw Ellsbury dashing for home? Francona looks like a proud father when he was talking with Ellsbury.

Okay – what have we not seen yet in this series?????

i think he ran on his own….normally u dont do it with a lefty at bat..tito would never call for that…

billy hatcher wa s ;last to steal i think

It was the first SB of Home in 10 years for the Red Sox! (I didn’t catch who did it last!) WAY TO GO, JACOBY! Masterful, you owe that man a free steak!

i think he did it twice in one yr for boston in the 90s

ill have to google one said lol

Jose Offerman stole home last for the Red Sox in 8/1999.

yup barrett too

man icoulda sworn hatcher did it

Thats the way to make the pitcher KNOW that youre trying to hekp and make the game easier for him!!

man icoulda sworn hatcher did it

Almost got Cano on first!

hatcher did do it in 92 gainst toronto….i missed offermans i was in haiti that yr

Bay definitely could have broken the game open.

That’s it for Masterson! He did a great job!

Noce job by Masterful tonight. We still just need a DP to get through this inning. GO SOX! Get it done BP!

I suspect all of those are correct. ESPN stats simply noted Offerman was the LAST one to do so in 1999. GO SOX!

I’m exhausted!!! I’n going to the comfort of my comforter!!! Night Yall!!!

Offerman stole home on the back end of a double steal. Last guy to steal home on a straight steal, Billy Hatcher. Hatcher stole home off of Guzman, the game I was at. Hatcher was a guy that played the game with a big smile all the time. Who can ever forget the steal of home by Carl Crawford off of Jason Johnson. Johnson didn’t have a clue, he was one of Theo’s worst moves ever! He couldn’t get me out. I believe Johnson is in the Yankees system now. How appropriate. lol.

can anyone say a new lefty for the bp…..

ESPN also just mentioned that Hatcher was the last one to straight steal home AT FENWAY. Nice finish to the inning! Great job by Masterson, see if the BP can finish the job. GO SOX!

i thought i was wrong once but i wasnt lol…he he

Hunter Jones is a lefty that throws strikes, I wonder if Lopez is watching. lol.

Hey Brian, Judge, how are you guys doing? I have been watching on ESPN, blogging as much as possible between innings. GO SOX!

hey hey…im votin that steak as the highlight of the yr so far…i can hear tito as its happenin no jake no jake yaaaaaaaa nice job lol

For a guy who has a very good pick-off move, the Sox are testing their luck tonight. Green got burned that time! GO SOX!

You are certainly right, Brian, Loopy could take a lesson from Hunter Jones, among others. GO SOX!

well pettite is done…time for that sorry ny bp is in…thing i love about this that the next op for yanks gets an exhausted bp…takes weeks to recover from overworked pen…the sox are gettin a shot at em after cleveland wore em out …this could be an ongoin problem for yanks…thay better go buy some pitchers so they can move joba back…heck i dont think will be enuff either…lord i love it

more young talent…lawdy lawdy lawdy


Doing well and you? Enjoying this game like every Red Sox fan is. Hunter Jones looked good, coming out of the pen and throwing strikes. Was Lopez watching? Bowden making his bullpen debut in the big league level. Bowden throwing strikes and I like it!

Saito is the closer tonight.

OOPS… I almost forgot the rest of the cheer…

can any of you feel the tension in ny now….offense is weak…bp sux…alot of money for a fat guy and a soon to be dl guy….and limp rod on the horizon to add more ego to that team…jeter should just request a trade lol….judge

Bowden with a very impressive 7th inning! That is what you do when your ahead. Throw strikes and don’t mess around out there on the mound.

Can we keep Bowden up here, please, and trade Loopy? THEO? PLEASE???!!

im sorry but the yanks are yrs away from fixin this team….

The ESPN guys mentioned that Bowden might finish the game in relief! BOY do I hope that happens! He is looking GOOD! Can we send Loopy down, and not re-activate Lugo? PLEASE??! GO SOX!


Alot of heat on Girardi, lots and lots of $$$$$$ spent and the Yankees want results and they want them now! It’s a long season but there pitching is a mess right now, especially there bullpen before Rivera. That will be there achille’s heel.

yup yup brian….im thinkin lug nuts has got till june to show his stuff or we will see a new ss….i know young in texas is over paid but hes def avail….and solid hitter and defense on left side….judge…..there a kid in detroit also…santiago i think…

That young talent is impressive! You have to know what they are capable of doing in a pressure situation.

Julia, are you still on? GO SOX!


I wouldn’t want Young, he makes too much $$$$$. A combo of Lugo and Green should be good enough to get the job done. Perhaps Wilson from Pitts. if both Lugo and Green don’t get the job done.

Bowden looks GREAT! Sad we will send him down tomorrow.

I here Greg – back and forth!

GO BOWDEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 more outs! Way to go! GO SOX!

Bowden needs to stay up here! Option Loopy, please! Trade? ANYTHING!

WHAT!!! Less then 3 hours and it is the bottom of the 8th???


Can we not waste bases loaded! UGH!

Not good that time. Should’ve gotten something out of that rally. GO SOX!

I would have liked to see Bowden come back out

Damon is coming in?? You’re kidding!!

how bout them apples morgan u fool



I wish Bowden had come back out also. Saito tried to make an adventure of this. BUT WE GOT IT DONE! YESSS!!!!!

WHAT A GAME!!! Sweep the Yankees and sweep the homestand!

How fitting that on the day that we sweep the Yankees and the homestand, we get a STEAL OF HOME! How COOL is that?? GO SOX!

Ian, do us a favor before you take off to visit your family, please. Put up a new post, so when we blog, we don’t get slowed down too much! THANKS! Enjoy your family time!

Wow, I got to watch the game from the 3rd inning on. We were slow at work so I was able to sneak out and have my partner close up for me!!

What can you say about this series? About the only thing missing was a triple play! Jacoby and Masterson put the final nail in the coffin tonight. I like Bowden and Hunter Jones a lot. Those kids will be back and contribute a lot before the season ends, for sure. What a crazy series. I was hoping Tek could get another grand slam, but that wasn’t in the cards.
Sweep the homestand, sweep away the Yankees. Life is WAY good!!!!

yankees worst era in all of baseball…lawdy lawdy lawdy….get out the check book and go shoppin cash man ….you need to spend another 450 mill to help this team…or….build a minor league system…either way its gonna be awhile before you have a shot again…jeter is aging,matsui,posada,damon(all old) and limp rod will start breakin down every yr from the ill affects of steroids…aj is dl waitin to happen… ….well im not gonna beat a dead dog but he is not worth what u paid for em,,,did u ever check out his post season numbers?….big game stats?…..they have web sites u can check out cashman if you need help…lol….ok now i can hear the yanks fans sayin oh yeah well we have 26 championships…..most of them won before the one sayin it was ever born btw way….modern days boys…..the sox are annual contenders not just to make play offs but to win it all….bye bye ny,,,,…judge….see ya in 10 yrs maybe….if you do everything rt….btw….u still need to sell out that park each week…last game i think was 15 000 seats avail…..he he

The PGA ? This One is for you Arnie!
?Welcome everyone to today’s PGA Open Tour. Also want to welcome Bill to our team. Welcome Bill.?
?Hello Phil. ?
?Hi Bill.?
? I just want to say how beautiful it is out here on this ocean of green and the color of the trees really reflects the warm rays of sunshine. The sand glistens against the air as rows and rows of people watch this great sport. You know when I see the sand I think of someone abandoned in the desert dying of thirst while the wind sweeps past his face. ?
?Bill, that was so well said. You’ll do fine here. I mean it brought tears to my eyes. That’s really it, isn’t it. Golf is about that moment of time where we watch and listen for the birds that create those glorious shadows against the shimmer of emerald green like the hawk catching the small tender bunny. The cycle of life and nature.?
A small spec of wind bent the perfectly shaded grass to a north by northeast direction. A ground crew went to work immediately on the problem installing a wind shield. It proved problematic when a stronger wind blew it down.
?Wow…I’m feeling really soporific and relaxed here John, ?said Bill yawning into the camera before giving himself a big stretch.
?Me too. Somehow golf…I’ve heard many people say it really does give you that feeling of being on a beach and letting the foamy broth of the water drag you out to sea never to be seen again, ?said John rubbing his eyes.
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Both nodded at each other with smiles even though both had no #$#$ clue what each other said.
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Zombie announcer whatever-his-name-is paused and plugged in the device. Ten thousand volts went through him allowing him to move his right finger and talk again.
He watched Lugo take his second stroke. The ball flew into the air and dripped back to the ground like a pebble falling gently into the river after a slow and tender rain.
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Bill then paused as he watched what’s his name wake up again.
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Bill then fell on the ground. Phil joined him.
Two sleeping people on the ground. Nobody noticed the dill growing on the golf field near the mill. That is obvious.

You gotta read this one. It’s hysterical. Special Thanks to Arnie for the inspiration.
LEAVE SOME FEEDBACK — egos needed stroking!

Thanks Dave!
I actually was laughing out loud over that one.
Music soothes the savage beast but golf bores it to death! I think Ben Franklin said that.
Mark Twain said “Golf is a good walk spoiled”
To each his own, I say. Whatever floats your boat.
Go Sox!!!

Great series sweep. Now it is on to Cleveland. I loved the look on Tito’s face when Elsbury stole home. He needs to grin more often. LOL. Go Sox.

How sweep it is! The Red Sox are in the groove. Who would have thought the outcome of Burnett/Beckett game. A few observations as I see it.
Lester and Pettite both had a quality start, one didn’t get the win and the other was tagged a loss. Francona left Beckett there too long. Hunter and Bowden pitched well under the pressure situation. R. Ramirez was the unsung hereo in the series. Okajima and Delcarman were my concerns in the bp even more so than the lefty specialist.
The Red Sox will be in the first place by the weekend.
I have reservation about the Jays until they play the AL East teams.

I must have watched the replay of Ells’ steal home twenty times and counring. I am so happy for Ells and Tito who wrapped his arm around Ells neck and smiling.
Can’t say enough about the Wake’s game and down by 6 runs comebacks win.

moanin all…..HOW SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEP IT IS………….lets hope we keep rollin…..i just have a feeling that papi is gonna break out bigtime this week….lug nutz back this week..lets hope he earns his money….if not…it would be nice for the team to pick up atleast a defensive ss …i know young makes alot of money but he really can hit and texas will unload him….it also would be some insurance at 3rd incase mikeys hip needs more rest….he looks good now but its a long season…he had trouble bendin down on a few balls…hopefully im readin too much into it …..judge

To those of you who wrote you would like to see Bowden remain with the Sox, keep in mind that is is a starter and not a reliever. He is not like Masterson. Bowden has three plus pitches and usually throws them with good command. He has limited experience as a reliever. In fact, I don’t think he has ever entered a game in the middle of an inning. You can’t just suddenly make a starter a reliever. It’s not that simple. I am glad Theo Epstein has resisted trade offers for Bowden because I firmly believe he will be just as important to the rotation in a year or two as Buchholz and Masterson (if Masterson is placed in the rotation instead of a main set-up role).


I meant to write that “he (Bowden) is a starter and not a reliever.”

breaking news that will shock you….yes ….NANCY has an injury….i think its her womb but im not sure lol….well we all knew it was coming i just figured it would be longer than 3 weeks….its a hammy problem i guess….geez….please theo dump this paper mache’ plr….you have made so many great deals we forgive you for this screw up….her history of injuries and future paper cuts will really hurt ….do it now and we will forgive you….pls pls pls…..heck till last night green has as many rbis as her anyhoo…judge

ok im done typin…tired of this site bootin my page halfways thru a sentence…bb at gametime….judge

Mr. Write, I only remind YOU of how well Bowden did last night, and of the fact that he has struggled somewhat as a starter in the Majors. If he is another option in long-relief like he was last night, what is stopping ANYONE? Esp. since many of our starters, to date, have not gone as far into the game as we’d like, in long relief he would be able to get several innings in a game–not unlike a start! Something to think about…GO SOX!

news flash….news flash…..nancy is hurt….i think thats a new record…well atleast we will get to see some kids play…judge

Well, well, well!! So we swept those pesky Yankees – Great Job!!

Only able to catch bits in pieces in the morning over here, but how sweet each morning was!

From 007chow – “I must have watched the replay of Ells’ steal home twenty times and counring. I am so happy for Ells and Tito who wrapped his arm around Ells neck and smiling.
Can’t say enough about the Wake’s game and down by 6 runs comebacks win. ”

3 for 3 with that post, my friend. I can’t stop watching that Ellsbury steal – magical, bettered only by the smile of the proud coach with his arm round the smiling kid who just gone done good.
And it all started with Wake’s masterful complete gem.
Great stuff!!!!

I think I may have won the prize for predicting the over/under on Drew missing a game due to illness/injury.. I said 19 games…. I wanted to chime in regarding Judges comments about Drew earlier but was busy and couldnt… I couldnt agree more Judge.. I have made my peace with the fact that he’s here for the duration, but everyone here knows that I never wanted him in right field.. As Judge said, yes, he’s come up with some really important and timely hits. .. and Judge, what were yuo doing in my head last night??? I thought the same thing about the way he took his time getting to that ball… It’s a shame that Trots unable be here to show him how to patrol right field in Fenway. Very few balls got by the Dirt Dog. (whew, I feel better now)
I have been listening to sports talk radio all day and a few of the show hosts are saying that the Sox will let up now and the Indians will win.. All I can say is B_U**SNIT!!!!
Was anyone else singing the OCedar song last night (its the only broom I know) OCEDAR MAKES YOUR LIFE EASIER!!! DAMN GOOD BROOM JOB!

I’m fascinated by the on-going posting while the game is going on, but how do you do it? This was the only game that I got to watch of the Yankees series, so I was glued to the tube. I agree with everything that was said about that steal. Phenomenal! Now a few comments about other teams – first, note that the Jays don’t play an AL East team until the 12th of next month when they go against the Yanks in Yankee Stadium. They play a total of 13 games next month in the AL East. That should show if they are for real or not. They do have a great manager. As for the Yanks- it will be very interesting to see what kind of a team they are when ARod comes back. I think it could go either way. Time will tell. Still it was so wonderful to sweep the Yanks at Fenway! Go Sox!

The way I can do the in-game posting, skipjack47 (by the way, what’s your name, may I ask?), is I have’s feed going on my computer, and Brownie Points’ page in another window. As long as the game is not blacked out, in which case I can only post between innings, since I am away from the computer then), I can watch the game on NESN’s feed to, and post during the game. The others get NESN’s feed directly (in New England) or on a different satellite feed. I have neither, so I subscribe on, and can post during the game. If you wish to do so during the game, we’d certainly welcome it. (one bonus it that it saves my voice. I can’t type and yell/throw dishes, etc., at the same time, so my typing usually is my “yelling”)! GO SOX!

Ells stealing home will be the play of the week, of the month, if not of the season. Ells almost tripped and stumbled.
That means we will see more Jeff Bailey at OF. We will see if the Jays are the contender or pretender by the time they play the AL East teams.

Hye jambo04, how are ya across the Pond? Fun watching those last two games, no? Especially after the first game was so torturous to watch, until J-Bay and Youk got it done! GO SOX!

Good, Andy, I’d love to see more of what Bailey will do. I’m surprised it took THIS long for JD to come down with a toothache, er, quad strain. Show us what you can do, Jeff, now that it’s regular season! (And can we leave Lugo on the DL, please? Trade Loopy please? Package deal? Theo? PLEASE??) GO SOX!

Greg: Let us see what Bailey can and will do. Francona did the right thing by batting Bailey in the 7th hole and not the 5th spot like he did to Rocco.
Well, what can I say. I kinda look forward to Lugo’s return to the line up. I think Lugo and Green wll complement each other during Lowrie’s absence.

Yeah, Andy, I think Lugo and Green will complement one another, about as well as Frick and Frac. At least Green has shown some hitting chops, and some power, and is not hitting .008.πŸ˜‰ We’ll see how they do! GO SOX!

What a time to bring Lugnuts back. Couldn’t they wait until the streak is broken?? If he puts the hex on the Sox I would suggest that they send him down at the start of the next homestand.

Skipjack: to answer your ? about what kind os team the Yanks will be when Aroid returns: One with a pink lipgloss wearing3rd baseman!!(just joking) I wish my lips were that pink and glossy!!

LET’S KICK SOME INDIAN BUTT!!! (or should that be “Native American” butt??)

Phil, if Lugo puts a hex on “the streak” why wait until the homestand is over to ship him out?πŸ˜‰ GO SOX!

Let’s go Red Sox! Is Lugo in the game tonight?

I second that Greg!!!

Mikey Lowell is the AL Player of the week! Yay Mikey!

Come on Papi… get on base again tonight!!!

Okay Wake… I hope you have another good outing!!!!
Let’s GO Wake!!!!!

Go Timmy!!!! Its hard to call a grown man Timmy!! reminds me of Lassie and Timmy..

BTW JULIA, I hope you enjoyed Mikey on your Birthday… thanks for returning him on time!!

Come on Wake! Looking good so far!!

Thank you Ellen! :-)! He was a little tired when he arrived though! lol!

I will be checking back in on the game a little later. Scoreless so far. Keep it up, Wake! Keep the offense going, guys! GO SOX!

Great job Wakefield!

Strikes out the side…GOOD JOB< BUBBA!!!

twice as tired when he got back!!lol

OOOHHH they said we’ll probably see Lugo tomorrow night.
I feel a good bi**t*ch session coming on…. He’ll probably come into tonights game late…

Green gets on base… Julio who??? Keep Green here!!!
Isnt it the “fashionable” thing these days to “go GREEN”???

I don’ t know – Wake is looking great though. We just need some hits!

Great catch Dusty! Great pitching Wake!!!

When Brooks Robinson played for the Orioles in the 60’s they called him the Human Vacuum.. I think that he has passed that tag onto Pedey!!!

It seems very coincidental that Drew comes up with some kind of injury whenever he is not going well. He’s way too fragile for the money he’s being paid. It’s amazing how fragile players become when they get big contracts. Even A-Rod has missed a bunch of time since signing his big deal last year.

Sox are having some good swings tonight. Wake is throwing strikes which is always a good sign. He has given up a couple of hard hit balls though.

Two hits for Papi! YAY!!!!

I agree Garry – it is a little suspect with Drew.

That hit by Youk!!! Bummer!

Great hit Bay!!


We jump on umpires all the time, but what a great call by the first place umpire on that fould ball by Lowell. That ump is a guy whose head is completely in the game. Great job.

Okay – this is starting off stranger then the Red Sox -Yankees series!

That was a strange inning. No one got tossed in the Red Sox-Yankees series! lol!!

Come on Wake! We need outs!

Oh great! COME ON WAKE!!! AND GEORGE!!! You’ve got to catch them!

Thank you Bailey!!!

We have to capitalize on these mistakes/miscues..whatever that Cleveland is making!

Beautiful catch by Jacoby!!!!! YEAH!!!

Great job Jacoby! Let’s get some more outs!!!

DAVE, I’ve got a good base line for the story… its about 1/3 complete… I’m going to email it to you, probably 1-2 days..
any word yet??? Say hi to Tracy!!!

Nice throw Mikey! Yay Wake!!!!


PAPI!!!! NOT GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WAKE!!!! Keep it together!

Yankees losing 4-0 to Detroit! WE need runs!

Toronto is losing also!

Looks like we have a pitcher’s duel going here. Only now have I been able to see it. Wake has only one hit against? COOL! Keep it going! GO SOX!

It is a tight duel! What has been great! Catcher George has had problems. They just said Wake is done for the night. Delcarmen is coming in

Good, DelCarmen got the job done. He’s been doing very well this year. Let’s nope he keeps it up (so Loopy doesn’t have to be used!). Nice job, Wake! GO SOX!

Okay someone has to get this started…
COME ON RED SAWX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Make that “Let’s HOPE it continues”. GO SOX!
Kerry Wood has been getting the job done for the Indians!

Dr. Feelgood looks like hes finally turning into the pitcher that the FO thought he could be..
Good Job Manny!!
Hey a walks as good as a hit…NOW CAPITALIZE ON IT!!!

Mike earned Player of the Week. Great job! Many of them could have gotten it: Bay, Tek, or Youk also could have gotten it! Great week all of you guys! GO SOX!

LET’S GO YOUK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your time now JBAY>>> LAUNCH ONE!!!

Only one out. Bummer about Youk’s night tonight. Get it done, J-Bay! GO SOX!


BAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE LOVE JASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jason Bay makes em pay!!!!!

Way to go MIKE! SF will get him home! GO SOX!

Way to go MIKEY>>>>!!!!!!!!!!!!

MIKEY!!!! A TRIPLE!!!!!!!!!

Zazu who? GO SOX!

ANYTHING to the OF, JD! Get Mike HOME! GO SOX!


Did JD listen? NNNNOOOOOOO!!!

Does JD ever listen! lol! GO RED SOX!!! BRING MIKEY HOME!!!

BB! GO SOX! Get em HOME!

There went JD going fragile again! Not the way to get the job done! Not a great move by Theo! GO SOX!

Come on Nick Green!!!!

Way to get to Kerry Wood, Sox! Come on, Nick! GO SOX!

A great job by Wake, one that will not go on the record books for him. DelCarmen did great, but Wake gave us the chance to win the game! GREAT JOB, WAKE! GO SOX!

Slam the door PAP! Get it done! GO SOX!

Who needs Zazu when we’ve got J-Bay??! GO SOX!

Okay… Here comes Jon-Bon…
Hey Jonathan.. Let;s see the scare glare…
Psych them out… Make them a-skeered of you!!!!!!!!
I want to see the Jon-Bon from 07!!!!

LET’S GO PAP!!! DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We NEED the Pap from 07! GO SOX!


Funny thing whenever we play in Cleveland. That guy who bangs the “Indian Drum” for them in the RF stands is named JOHN ADAMS! (??) Ironic, if you ask me!πŸ˜‰ GO SOX!


PAP you are fooling NO ONE! GET IT DONE, OR GET OUT!



You’ re kidding Greg? How strange! We got lucky on that one!

Just great! COME ON PAP!!!!! UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GOOD LORD! PAP, what the hello is going ON with you?! GET THE OUTS, OR GET OUT!

COME ON PAP!!!!! LET”S END THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m kidding about what?

PAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UGH!!! STRIKE HIM OUT!!!!!!!!!



ONE MORE!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pap is killing me!!!


We can make the playoffs if we keep playing like this, but we won’t go far if Pap can’t close these games! (I’ll say it again, if Pap keeps screwing up, Smoltz can close! Let’s hope that’s not the option we need to pursue!)

Pap is not doing well at all!

And hey – it’s only 9:45 and the game is over! lol!!

Great game!

Another C- effort for Papelbon. I would not be very comfortable with Pap with a one run lead. He’s pitching out of trouble every time out.

Jason Bay crushed that home run. He is still not getting a whole lot of respect from anyone. I’d like to see him moved up behind Youk permanently and I’d also like to see the Sox lock him up for 4 or 5 years.

Wake is the one of the best pitchers in baseball during the month of April. He should be 4-0. Tell me he isn’t a bargain.

Sweet dreams, Nationers!!! Good Job, SOX! WE LOVE YA!!

You’re right Garry, Pap is working his way directly out of the closer’s role!:/

11 IN A ROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Another win… AND……. ITS OVER BEFORE 10:00!!!!

Garry, Bay does need to be locked up for 4-5 years. Absolutely right. Your lineup move would be great, also. Bay moving up in the order (and Papi moving down!) is one of the moves I think Tito needs to make in the lineup! GO SOX!

Julia, when you asked if I was kidding, were you referring to my comment about John Adams? It’s true. He has been doing that drum for 20+ years, and he works for their gas or electric company. True story! GO SOX!

Greg, Michael Bowden has only made one major league start. It was against the White Sox last year and he was respectable, allowing two runs and seven hits with three strikeouts and one walk in five innings. You call that struggling? In 85 minor league appearances, he has pitched three times out of the bullpen, and two of those came when he was in the Gulf Coast League, which is rookie ball. Masterson will be the combo long man and key set-up man when Dice-K returns. Hunter Jones, Daniel Bard and Fernando Cabrera (who pitched 2.1 more scoreless innings tonight for Pawtucket) are reliable options. No need to move Bowden into a role in which he is not familiar.

For some reason, some people on this site doubt Bowden as a starter. Perhaps it’s because he doesn’t throw 95. The reason Bowden will be a solid No. 2 or No. 3 type starter in the majors is that he has three plus pitches and usually has good command. Effective pitching is all about location, keeping hitters off balance and deception. As we saw with Kerry Wood and Jonathan Papelbon tonight, major league hitters can catch up with hard fast balls.


Yes, what I have seen of him in the majors, both in ST and in reg. season, yes, he has not been as good as he needed to be. My larger point to you, though is that he is PERFECTLY CAPABLE at this stage in his career to transition to the relief role I spoke of. He CERTAINLY will do no worse than Lopez has. SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT.

I of course am referring to your comment about Bowden, Jeff. We can go over numbers until we are both blue in the face. You will not convince me otherwise until he does one or the other on a consistent basis ON THE MAJOR LEAGUE LEVEL.

One more thing, Jeff, if Bowden was not ready for that kind of relief role, WHY THE HELLO did they put him in? I’m done.

Just got home and I see that Wakefield has done it again and Bay has done it again. Who says Wake is not that good????
And what about Bay? Is he clutch or what? And I must be old school because I really like the fact that Bay hits a HUGE home run and he just trots around the bases like,”Oh yea, I’ve done this before, it’s my job. Nothing to it.” He doesn’t act like a 5 year old every time and stand there with his arms extended like it’s his first and possibly his last ,so I better make a big deal out of it.
What’s going on with Papelbon? Mechanics?? Shoulder bothering him?? Head case??

Heeeeyyyy, look who’s in first place by 17 percentage points!!!!!

I’m not sure, Arnie, but his shoulder might be the issue, which may very well be affecting his head!:/ Whatever it is, it ain’t looking good!


I’m with you about Bay. I have been writing that on here all winter long about him signing a deal for 3 or 4 years. Bay can flat out hit and has had lots of big hits in a Red Sox uniform already. He has thrived in the Boston pressure packed games. Bay crushed that ball off of Kerry Wood. I thought for a moment it was going to land on D. Benjamin’s estate in the Cleveland area. LOL…

I am in agreement about Papelbon. I didn’t watch it last night but from what I have read/heard he struggled again. I guess the positive is, he is struggling but Boston keeps on winning. Papelbon will get his act together, soon for sure!

Where is Kon the Mountain Mouth now???? Do you think that maybe he’s sitting there re-thinking (if he actually thinks) his position on Wake?? Nah, I doubt it… I do love when people come on here and tell us how wrong we are (in very strongly emphatic terms) and then when the result doesnt back up their “opinion”, they slink away….. If you cant be big enough to admit when you are wrong, you might not want to voice your opinion and stance so LOUDLY!!!!!

I heard on sports talk radio the other day (and keep in my that this is just a rumor) that our Southern Gentleman Papelbon is “seeing” Erin Andrews…. I wonder what Mrs Papelbon thinks of that??? and should it turn out to be true, could that be part of the reason that he’s having these problems??

How do you kill an 11 game winning streak? — I think the SOX know exactly how, and seem determined to prove it tonight — trying to salvage a certain 9 mill salary. When you are already down 18 mill — might as well cut your losses and at least keep the sour vibes off your bench — you know who already had that same old sour look on his face last night. I don’t see it at all — one acquisition that has not produced a single net positive ever, as yet. Sorry for the lament — I suppose when you have not done well for 2+ years, the last think you need to happen to you is to be activated on an 11 game winning streak.

Bad love decisions and baseball always do in a player, Buckholtz last year, who knows maybe Veritek too, hey lets add Toni RomoπŸ™‚ — I hope that is not true — my observation is that it always takes a toll until corrected.

moanin moanin… what a streak…..pls pls pls tito dont change a thing ….your doin a great job brother and im giving you a free pass so far and not diggin at ya….im impressed with the way ur handlin the staff especially…ive always said tho that the sox and yanks are the easiest teams to manage cause the plrs are so good…torre especially had it easy…no need to hit and run…bunt….make a guy push one to the rt to move a guy and so on….now on to tonights huge game….this is a wave we could ride for some time….when ur winnin its so fun to show up and play….now to sit a guy for a day off is ok just not 4-5 at once i hate….now its a long time till the next day off so were gonna see some guys sit here and there…the tribe has only a few guys we should fear in the line up so if penny pitches around em and we keep hittin….all will be well…ty ellen for joinin my hate of nancy club lol….lord what a thorn he is in my side….he just doesnt fit on this team….but…15 mill is hard to dump and sit so were stuck with em unless she finally has a big injury which i would never hope for….sigh….ok sox keep rollin rollin….judge

I think I was an originating (and only) memebr here for quite a while… I used to get my BUTT handed to me for calling him JUDY (that was the LA fans name for him) I statred calling him Nancy because he couldnt seem to solve the mystery of how to play Fenway Right well… I think that jeff was one of a few who REALLY defended him. As I said, I’ve made my peace with the fact that he’s going to collect this paycheck for another year here in Boston, but that doesnt mean I have to like the way he plays the game. I was just used to a right fielder who gave his all, EVERY single time he stepped onto that field. I wonder if Jonathan Van Evry will play like that… I like to see a dirty uniform and a cap that walk on its own!!!!


I never wanted the Red Sox to sign Drew. In fact, I didn’t know one person that thought it was a good move. I said then and I will say now…A classic case of a team bidding against themselves. Theo fell in love with Drew because his stat rats talked about his OPS and all the other great numbers….The guy is made of paper, stats don’t tell you that and this just in, you don’t have to be a genius too figure that out. Same with Baldelli, he’ll be in Boston for 1 year and 1 year only. Drew is in the 3rd year of a 5 yr. deal…Boston is stuck with him thru 2011….Unless somehow someway they buy themselves out of it. Drew has had some HUGE October hits, I give him BIG-TIME props on that!

32.1 1 2 19 4.73 1.39 sabathia (ip/w/l/so/era/whip)

24.2 2 0 20 5.47 1.34 aj

those are the number for the supposed yankees aces….the most noted stat not there is just 3 quality starts between them….remember before the season started i predicted out 4-5 starters would have better numbers by end of season…well wake has em both beat so far easly…and masterson/penny are easily adding to the stats….judge

there is a free agent next yr that i think will land in boston…hes a gamer ….we need to sign bay ….also….but this guy has power,ave and is clutch….hes strugglin rt now but hes in a coffin park also….his name is holliday…money money money….fenway is perfect fit for this guy and u could see a monster contract for him next yr or at the tradin deadline this yr….if nancy(i guess im stealin ellens nick here,but im new so im allowed lol) goes down…which im thinkin will happen….u will have a center piece at cleanup…now yuke is doin a great job…and if it works dont break it…but….holliday is a gamer too….move bay to rt…he gives it all ….think on this to a stellar line up already…jake,pedey,papi,holliday,yuke,bay,mikey,ss,tek…………lordy…..judge

also one thing im tryin not think about is that maybe papi is not gonna rebound….im hopin he does but…keep goin the other way papi…and one lil think that i think is slowin ur bat is get that front foot set before u commit your swing….judge

see u guys at gametime….have a great day

Judge, I’m not sure (I could be wrong!) if Bay is that keen on switching to RF on a regular basis (nor Holliday, for that matter)–maybe, but maybe not. I’m not sure, therefore, if we are attempting to sign Bay to a longer-term deal, that that’s the best idea. Yes, I’m sure Bay (or Holliday) COULD switch to RF. I’m not sure, though, if Bay would sign with us longer-term if he sees Holliday on the LF horizon. Perhaps that is something that is holding him back in negotiations. I would rather see Bay signed longer-term and remain in LF than sign both and have one switch to a position where he did not sign up to play (in essence, repeating the Tex/ Lowell debacle). We’ll see.

I’m no fan of Drew either. The only person that liked him is Theo. But he’s entitled to a mistake here and there.
Bay seems to want to test the free agent market. For us, playing in Boston is all the compensation anyone could ever need, but I’m thinking the players don’t see it quite the same way. I think if he weighs the options and Theo makes him a good offer he’ll be back. If all he cares about is money the Yankees will have him for sure. I don’t like that thought at all.
As far as Papi goes, his average is rising and so will the power numbers. He’s getting dialed in, that’s a good thing.
Holliday is a good player, but I think he also wants the huge contract. His agent in Boras, so he will be tough to deal with. The Rockies made him an offer, which he refused, so they traded him. He may go to the Dodgers or Mets. Maybe NYY. Let NYY have all the greedy superstars, see what good it does them. Then you’ve got a clubhouse full of huge egos and divas and no team players. Give me the current style of player in the Sox clubhouse any day. Team guys, all of ’em. At least the overwhelming majority anyway. The results speak for themselves.

Papi’s numbers have declined steadily since he wrote his book. I commented about that (my worries about writing a book while still playing) on this blog as soon as I heard about it. There is such a fine line between success and failure in MLB, I just thought it was a very bad idea to come out with a book when you are still an active player — why put the pressure on yourself, be it a book, or outrageous compensation?

We will never know (or prove) what is the chicken is and what the egg is — in this case. Perhaps, Papi and his agent knew — how his stock couldn’t get any higher than it was then — so write the book now while you have guarenteed rights to claim and can cash in — and so it was a smart marketing move — but to me — it marked the steady return to average numbers and more unfortunately lack of clutch hitting more typical of his Minnesota days.

Still Papi is one of my favorite players on our team. I certainly hope he snaps out of it — may be he can re-ignite another two year plus year cycle of clutch hitting?

a lil quip here that is worth a few thoughts…..texas in the near future is gona have to issue some serious money for its hitters which to me are absolutely amazin….by the AS break texas will realize they are out of it and want some pitchin desperately…now i know u never trade pitching for hitting …or shouldnt …..but….with the deep well the sox have i wonder if we can swipe say maybe cruz, tea or salty, or davis….im thinkin texas will be very busy come the trade time….might not be with the sox but who knows…..i just have this feeling that nancy is gonna completely go down this yr….and mikey is really havin a time runnin….i know im ecstatic that we have some blue chip pitchers that we can demand a great hitter for …..just in case….im thinkin bay will end up signin with us ….hes got tolove playinhere…and to tell u the truth i would rather have a guy that goes out day after day and performs….holliday will prob go to sf,or yanks or la….give me cruz and one of those catchers and ill be jumpin for joy….but for now im ridin the wave of mikey ,bay,yuke, and the gang….nj so far tito…judge

oh ya….how awesome would it be to see han ram in a deal….i say my prayers every night for that 1….2 blue chips for the rammer….u bet i would…but im not theo

DG, I hope writing his book is not the kiss of death for Papi. I think you’re absolutely right–it’s CRAZY to write a book when you haven’t finished the story (in this case, still playing)! If there is any hope for Papi, Mike Lowell recently wrote a book, and has been on a tear. Let’s hope that is good mojo for Papi, and doesn’t jinx Mike! GO SOX!

blue chips sox have:

masterson,bowden,bard,tazawa,bucholz,delcarmen,dusty richardson and a few more…..hmmmm tasty huh

Guys if I may drum in on Papi. It’s obvious what’s going on. David’s numbers are rising because he’s compensated for his slower hands. He’s hitting to the opposite field and working hard on that. That’s why he’s hitting. His power days MAY be behind him but he’s being smart. He’s becoming a different type of hitter. I hitter that makes contact. I doubt I’ll see many line drives to right field anymore from David but if he’s hitting, he’s in the game.
About Theo.
Theo does best with a draft and the farm system. He does awful when he goes for power players. J.D. Drew, Lugo, Penny, Gagne…they are all awful and Theo just keeps right on being stupid. Look at Mark Texeira (spelling). He’s playing badly. No, you don’t dump money into a player. You dump money into a team. Lowell is ten times the player because he cares about the team and the Sox treated him like crap trying to trade him by getting Texeria. If I were Lowell, I’d be boiling mad.
In addition, guys in the minors are ROTTING because of the crap we have in the majors. Rather than bringing them up, we watch these vagabonds become automatic outs and define themselves by their injuries. Lowrie played until he couldn’t take it anymore. Drew…he gets a cut and runs to the D.L.

One more thing. I hate Penny. He’s always doing the “Oh…I was fine…everything is great.” I never hear “I let the team down. I should have pitched better.” I also lip read decently and every time anyone comes up to talk to him (pitching coach) whatever, he dismisses them as if they don’t know what they’re talking about. I’m sick of high priced players. Build a team from the minors and you’ve got a team that cares. Look at N.Y. C.C. Twinkie Sebastia looks awful and so does Burnett and all the other ‘hot’ players. Scott Boras tells you that the player makes the team — crap.
Get rid of OBP. Anybody can walk to first. Who cares!

Greg, the reason Boston called up Bowden was primarily to serve as a long man in case Masterson was knocked around. It was Bowden turn to start at Pawtucket, so he was pitching on normal rest. As I wrote before, you don’t just take someone who has been a starter his entire career and drop him into the bullpen. There is a complete different set of techniques and mental preparation involved. I am a firm believer in Bowden, and I think he will get his chances as a starter with the Sox, if he is not traded.

ItWasn’t Me, Dustin Richardson is not a top prospect. He is a left-handed middle reliever at best. You are right, though, there are a plethora of exciting pitching prospects. Left-hander Kris Johnson is not a top prospect, but he is emerging as a decent back of the rotation type starter. At and/or a middle reliever. In addition to Tazawa at Double-A Portland, the Sox have 21-year-old left-handed Felix Doubront, who is so promising that the organization had him skip advanced Single-A and go right to Double-A, which many baseball people say is a bigger adjustment than going from Double-A to Triple-A. Doubront is pitching well at Portland so far, and he could see some time at Pawtucket later this season. Some of the most exciting starting pitching prospects are at Single-A Greenville. Casey Kelly has been unhittable, and Stolmy Pimentel (who like Kelly is just 19 and pitching in the South Atlantic League) has a very high ceiling. Tazawa, Doubront, Kelly, Pimentel and Bryan Price (last year’s first round draft pick out of Rice who is pitching well at Single-A right now) are not just prospects, they are highly regarded prospects with high ceilings. They give the Sox depth, and they also give the Sox some trade options since the team can trade one of them, or keep them and deal someone like Bowden to get an impact player at the trade deadline. Also, don’t forget Nick Hagadone, who is expected to return from Tommy John surgery in May. He is a power left-hander who will probably be a reliever. Hagadone was a first round pick out of college in 2007 and could be on the fast track.


Regarding J.D. Drew, it is frustrating when he takes called third strikes and misses games here and there with assorted aches and pains, but there is no doubt the guy delivered in the clutch in the 2007 and 2008 post-seasons, and he carried the team for a month last summer when Big Papi was out. Drew also has a strong arm and plays a solid right field. Not anyone can play right field at Fenway Park. Drew does a nice job out there. Josh Reddick has all the necessary defensive tools, and he is a run producer. If he continues to develop – he’s off to a nice start at Portland – he could make his major league debut at some point next season. He is ideal for right field at Fenway Park. I would like to see Bay’s contract extended, Drew remain and Reddick given a chance when Drew’s contract expires (he is signed through 2011). I don’t want to see the Sox trade for Holliday, unless they can send Drew and a prospect or Ortiz and a prospect to Oakland. Epstein is not afraid to deal a popular player, so trading Ortiz (who is signed through 2010 with a team option for 2011) is not an outlandish thought. However, I believe that Billy Beane is going to want a slew of top prospects for Holliday, and in my opinion Holliday is not worth it.


is anyone else havin hard time posting….its getting anoying typing half a page and gettin booted….and yes its just this site….happens frequently….anyways….im in with write on a few things….penny when good is like 2-3 starter but when not i think that we have some kids that could benefit from time on the club….i mean just being around smolty,beckett,tek,wake, and soem other wil really help them…smoltzy especially…learn from him…i still like the 6 man rotation thingy…plenty rest for the long haul and we have the talent to do this….use timmy as the odd man out if days off get in the way of the rotation….hes old and im sure wouldnt hurt him missin turns here and there….hes proving he still can get it done but with all knucklers there will be cold streaks as well….tell me u guys dont want to see buch and masterson in the rotation….get a durable rt fielder also…judge

Jeff, why not? Bowden is perfectly capable of being shifted from the starter’s role to the bullpen. And vice versa. He is plenty young to do so. If he is able to serve as a long man, he is capable as a reliever. I am not saying that Bowden CAN’T cut it as a starter. I AM saying that we have starters aplenty, and we have some questions about depth in the BP, and some (like Lopez) who do not get the job done. If he is going to be a starter, he may need to do so elsewhere. If he is going to be in the Big Leagues IN BOSTON, he is likely going to be in the BP. Pick your poison.

I also hope I don’t hear, “that just isn’t how it’s done”. I don’t buy that for a minute.

Interesting thoughts on here…as always!!!

Pap is definitely a worry. I doubt it’s got much to do with playing away from home – he was struggling from the tail end of last season (although struggling is a relative term!). If & when Smoltz gets fit, it gives Tito a strong alternative. But would Pap thrive on being rested? I guess it’s a case of getting the right balance between giving him suitable rest & keeping him competitive.

Like most everyone else around here, I’ve been hugely impressed by J-Bay. I suspect he’s aiming to get a feel for the market, not so much with the intention of leaving, but more for getting a sense for what he can realistically bargain for. He’s doing a great, great, job for the Sox, he appears to like it here, he doesn’t strike me as a glory hunter – I’d be very surprised if he chose to go elsewhere.

As for Drew – he carried the team last July for the best part of a month, & he delivered big-time in the post-season the previous year. He’s earned my respect!

Finally – while it’s great to see Varitek hitting the ball better than he did last year; & equally promising to watch Papi rehabilitate his swing…can I make a pitch, so to speak, for Manny Delcarmen as the most improved player on the Red Sox staff? I posted a couple of weeks ago that I’d always believed he had the potential, but that in some way he needed to mature mentally. Although I haven’t seen as much of him this season as I’d like, I get the impression he may just have begun to do so.

Good luck for tonight…

Don’t hurry back Browne, that means will have some good writing on this site for a change. Go cover the Nationals, please.

Remember Julio, the guy used to play SS, is playing tonight batting 9th. Ha ha ha………I am on the floor laughing!

Brian.. It was 2 or 3 people, of those I think only one is still with us here, that used to give me a hard time about Drew…

PLEASE give feedback!!!!
?Mr. Obvious Meets Lugo and the Whiner. Chapter 7 ?
Mr. Obvious sat in his office. He knew he was in his office because he was in his office. He looked at the door. Julio Lugo walked in with a smile. The smile on Terry’s face drained and he paused to feel ensured he still had a stomach. He did.
?Hey Terry…I’m back!?
Terry felt the color of his face drain away.
‘You know you always have the color of your face drain away when I come in and say I’m back.?
?Yes, ?said Terry. ?That is because I am not sure you are ready. That may be obvious.?
Terry then leaned forward and said, ?are you??
?Ya…but Lugo like your concern. I get fan mail from all my fans saying that a very long and patient healing process is the best thing I can do for the team. I’m so proud to have so many fans on the team.?
Tito forced a smile and said, ?yes I know that the entire clubhouse feels the same way.?
?OWWW, ?came a scream in the background. A nasily whiny voice then said, ?that broken toenail is killing me. I need to go on the disabled list.?
?Ah that is the J.D. Drew. It is obvious that J.D. Drew is whining since everyone calls him the whiner.?
?Everyone calls him the whiner.?
?That is Tim Wakefield, ?said Tito. ?He repeats everything I say.?
?I am Tim Wakefield, ?said Tim. ?I repeat everything he says.?
?That is obvious.?
?That is obvious, ?said Tim.
?Ah, ?said Lugo. ?He no repeat everything Lugo sayah.?
A long pause.
?Well, ?said Tito. ?how about we rest you for a few more years..ah…weeks…until your contract…ah…I mean until you are better.?
Lugo sighed and said, ?no Tito. I need to get back into game. Arnie and everyone say they want me back. They send Lugo great food. Did you know that you can use motor oil to deep fry things and then leave them out in the sun for a few days??
Tito once again felt a smile go across his face.
?Arnie is a good man. I know that because I desperately want to meet him. Can we make any of them for you.?
?Lugo made all of them. ?
Tito felt fire burn through his face.
?OWWWW…I cut myself shaving. Where are those forms!?
Tito grabbed some aspirin.
?I picked the wrong week to stop overdosing on aspirin, ?said Tito chewing up the bottle.
?OWWWW…I have athletes foot…and the skin is peeling. Where are those forms.?
Tito grabbed some Vodka and gulped it up.
?I picked the wrong week to quit killing myself through drinking Vodka.?
?OWWWW…I have butt rash and you guys need to look at it. I need to go on the disabled list.?
Tito grabbed a syringe and stuck a needle in his arm.
?I picked the wrong week to quit narcotics.
Lugo got up and sighed.
?Well…Lugo go and get ready for game.?
?OWWWW…damn papercut. I can’t fill out the forms for the disabled list. Somebody help me. I have too much pain and the buttons hurt when I wear the shirt and the glove makes my hand itch. Did everyone see my butt rash. You gotta see it because it’s awful. I can’t take it anymore.?
?Neither can I, ? said Tito getting up and aiming a gun at his head.
Lugo then said, ?Wow…normally everyone points a gun at me.?
Tito said, ?good idea. That is obvious.?
?OWWW…I think I have gonorrhea. You guys gotta see this. I gotta go get medical help. LOOK AT IT! It’s peeling and oozing and dripping blood everywhere.?
Drew burst into the office.
?They don’t pay me enough for this. That is obvious.?

Hey! BosoxBrian!

That would have to be one serious updraft to float Bay’s blast, as prodigious as it was, into my front yard. Even going 80+ mph in her Bimmer, my wife still needs 50 minutes to get to her office in downtown Cleveland next to the Jake (or the P or whatever its called these days) (lol). It was still great to see it go!

Hey! BosoxBrian!, or Jeff!, or anyone else who wishes to respond!– What do you suspect is the chasm between what Theo is offering, and what Jason Bay wants? I’m with you, I want Bay in LF for the forseeable future, but apparently I may be willing to pay more than Theo is. I have finally had enough of BosoxBrian’s Kool-Aid (lol), and I don’t think of Matt Holliday as a legitimate Sox LF option. But Theo must have some other thought in mind if he is willing to let Bay go. Can we be talking about Carter, Bailey, or Anderson, or are we talking about putting Youk in left and Lars Anderson at first? After all, it doesn’t seem to matter any more where they put Youk in the field, he just rips the cover off the ball!!!

As for Bowden, I could envision the Sox bringing him back up as Long man/mop-up man in place of Justin M if Dice-K needs more time to recuperate. If they bring him in at the beginning of an inning, it is just like starting (except for having the advance notice of knowing “I’m starting tomorrow). Without Justin M in the ‘pen, the Sox really don’t have anyone who can go much more than one inning, and they need someone who can either pick up a bad start that ends early, or a game that goes into extra innings (things the Sox have already become familiar with). I was impressed with his poise in dealing with some dangerous Yankee hitters.

DBen, Ramirez has been showing me some chops in going more than one inning, but otherwise I think you are right, and I have been (and still am, to Jeff’s chagrin), and still am, advocating that Bowden work in the pen, like he did the other night. Sorry Jeff, that’s the way I see it, whether you agree or not. Right now, Masterson has been doing the job in the starting role (yes, he or Wake could do long relief), and I see no reason to move him, or Wake, out of their starting roles, even IF Dice-K comes back healthy. If Pap continues to struggle, Saito (and even Smoltz, if necessary) can rotate the closer’s role if Pap continues to struggle, and/ or gets hurt.

Brian, I see we have our first instance of Drew going back to the paper recycler, presumably to straighten out a wrinkle. Hmmm…How many more times this year?
Dave, that latest chapter is, as usual, a RIOT! How’s that peanut butter recipe book going? Have you and Arnie sent it to Lugo yet?πŸ˜‰

Ellen, I should give you a hard time about your J.D. Drew bashing — given this is blog — manners don’t count much, but I think you all are wrong — Obviously, I am not a J.D. basher — but I don’t counter much, cause I can’t keep my mouth shut about Lugo — so I am just as guilty I guess.

As I recall, we would not have even made it to game seven of the ALCS last year without J.D. Few players are clutch in the post season, and since we have had him, he has been about as clutch as any player on our team in the post season, so I give him the benefit of the doubt on his durability issues (which are unfortunate) — but he is definitely an asset in the post season — so we should be glad we him come October, not berate him.

I would argue that Lugo (he always get top honors in my book) Lopez, Oki, and even Pap and Papi may pose equal or equal greater risk (given the respective positions and roles) to the team over the course of this season over JD. We haven’t seen any consistency out of any of those players (except for Pap) for two years now. And just to be contentious, we haven’t seen any consistency out of Beckett, Dice-K, or Penny yet? Isn’t anyone worried about Beckett or Dice-K either in two years. So far we are getting the same Beckett as last year, and Dick-K (though he had a good record — did he ever pitch more than 6 innings last year) he may never get us pass the 5th or 6th inning in any given game?

So why pick on JD so much, other players are struggling too, and have not performed in the clutch, when JD has?

Jason Bay took a look around last year and saw what free agents were getting and decided, wisely I think, to shut down negotiations with Theo & Co. He is in his prime and this is best chance to get the big payday for his career and he wants it to count, so he’s gambling that the economy will be better this off-season, or that everyone will have adjusted to it and salaries will be more normal. The chance he takes is that he will have an off year, not likely, or that he gets injured, always a possibility. No extraordinary gamble there.
I’m of a mind that he wants 5 to 7 years at 17 to 20 million, realistically. In his dreams he wants 10 years at 25 mil per. So maybe he’s hoping to get lucky at 8 years 170 million for the contract. Who could blame him.
Theo will not likely go that high, but will he go with the same as JD gets now, or a little higher? 5 years at 17 mil each? I doubt Theo adds on more years. 5 is about max for him. That might get it done if he can convince Jason that he’d have more chances for World Series rings with the Sox than elsewhere. After all, there is the competitive fire in all these guys and they DO want that ring on their finger. That motivation might turn the tide in the Sox’ favor.
5 times 17 is 85 million.
If Bay continues to be clutch all year he might command 100 million.
So there could be as much as 15 million dollars sitting on the table if Jason signs with the Sox. Maybe more. Would anyone here walk away from 15 million dollars if you were going to do the same amount of work anyway? Not me.
I have no idea what figure Jason has in his mind. So all this is just so much BS. But it’s fun to think about.

Great clutch homer by Jason Bay. My home boy comes through again. I hope Theo has an extension planned for this guy. He quite obviously has earned it!

I’m re-reading my post and I think I underestimated the dollars Bay may leave on the table. If he has a great year he may be worth up to 140 million dollars. I doubt it but you never know. If that’s the case, he could be elsewhere next year.

Hey to all!! I think that Brad Penny is going to need ALOT of runs support tonight. LET THE BATS STAY HOT!!!
Since the last game without a W next to it, The RedSox have sored 75 runs to the opponents 37.. Nice stat there…
Keep em coming guys!!

I’m ready for tonight, how ’bout y’all???

So Lugo is back. hmmm… we’ll see! I with all the above – we need to tie Jason Bay up in left! Come on Theo – GET IT DONE!!!


Well….Thank you JD!!! 9and pedey and youk!!!

Good job Drew!!! I’ll be back and forth – I’m watching the Celtics also! So many sports – so little time! lol!


Thats a guy who gives it his all… Nice catch JBay!!!!

PENNY! Come on – we need OUTS not hits!!!!!

DG, yes, we have some reason to be concerned about Beckett, Oki, Penny, Papi, and others. Beckett got hammered the other night, and in the midst of this winning streak, that should not be overlooked. While Oki has (for the most part (save for some fielding faux pas!), been more consistent this year, I am still waiting to see whether we have the Oki of 07, or that of 08. Penny also has not been consistent this year, yet. Given some of these inconsistencies, our penchant for hitting into DPs until recently, and even a bumpy start from Lester to begin the year, I am certainly happy that we have the strong starts from Masterson, and Ramirez in the pen, and the performance we have had from Wake this year (Now you know why he is in the rotation!). That is what I and many others like about Wake–he is REASONABLY priced, and he is a solid performer.
Drew would be more in favor with us if he were not overpaid for what he has done with output, given his injury history. Yes, I have liked when he has come through in the 07 playoffs, especially, and he can be clutch. But that is the price you pay (as Drew and Lugo are both finding out!), esp. in a large market, when you are on the DL as often as Drew is, and you are being overpaid (as I, and many others, think!). GO SOX!

I get worried whenever he hits… I wish I had a dollar for everytime he falls behind a batter… How about some “chin” music???lol

Okay… tie game.. I said that we were going to need alot of bar support tonight…. I’m rethinking my decision to have Penny on my fantasy team… Come on BUBBA get the jon done tonight………..
I wish Lugo good health and alot of success.. if not ship his behind the hell out of here but QUICK!!!!

Hey, Ellen! Hey, Julia! How are y’all? Arnie, OK, anyone else on now?
Ellen, I think you are very right, that we will need some significant offense tonight to win. (Speaking of DG’s concerns!) GO SOX!

Come on Tek-er!!!

Lugo gets a hit! Now THAT’S progress!

Good Job Lugo. and Tek goes 1st to 3rd!!!

That was a good at bat for Lugo!

Good Job… 2-1 Sawx!!!!

Good job, Jacoby, nice Tek! GO SOX! Let’s get a couple more! GO SOX!

Way to go Dustin! Come on, Papi, keep the rally going!

Brad Penny is CRAP. The next Mr. Obvious will feature this incompetent. What a waste of money. What a useless piece of garbage Penny is…wow…do I have an attitude.


Pedey boy!!!!
Hey Greg.. looks like we’ve got the place all to ourselves!!! lol

WoooooooWooooooo Papi!!!! 3-1 Us!!!!

If the Sox want to win 12 they need to pull in the bullpen now. Penny’s going to do a Gag-ME! He even looks like Gag-me without the beard. Fat and incompetent! GRRRR.
wow…I have serious issues with Penny.

Good job, Papi! 2B, RBI! Keep the rally going, guys! Come on YOUK! GO SOX!

DAVE? Have an ATTITUDE? Who knew?πŸ™‚ Just kiddin ya, Dave!

Thank goodness Brad Penny isn’t hitting. He’d probably LOOK for ways to fail and then say “I feel great.” He’s the “I feel great type of guy.”

I’m not impressed with Penny, yet, but I am willing to wait a little while and see how he does. GO SOX!

OK, Brad, we’ve given you a lead, show us that you can do something!

OMG!!!! An error by Mikey and before that Lugo cant strecth that short body out to stop it from going into left! They better get someone up in the Pen for Penny…..

Dave, Lowell WAS mad! He had every right to be. Thank God the Red Sox did not make that move. Stupid it would have been.
I have had my own criticisms with Theo and the FO, the debate I had with Jeff illustrates one of them: Why Buch, Bowden, and others are still in the Minors when we have Dice-K on the DL, and the bullpen in need of some longer relievers (Bowden or someone else!) now that Masterson is in the rotation. But Theo and the FO are doing something right if they win 2 WS championships, as is Tito, as is Farrell, as is…etc. The teams that were assembled in 04 and 07 were because Theo, the FO, and Tito did some things right! Yes, we should criticize them when they screw up (JD, Lugo, Loopy, and others!), but I will defend them when they have done something right!

Greg — me have an attitude?πŸ™‚
Penny needs to go to the same place that Lugo hopefully goes — selling Real Estate on Mars.

Penny did not get some help with Mike’s error, but he has not helped himself, yet (if ever!) either! Come on, Sox, SO or DP! GO SOX!

Penny is just going to give back what those guys worked so hard for!!!!
get your head out of the anal abyss and get out of this inning… then SIT

I asked Brad why he is struggling but is obvious.
“Brad had lobotomy. Brad feel good now. ”
That…is obvious.


Yeah, I hear they have a nice hill on Mars that has the heating built right into it! Not unlike Hawaii!πŸ˜‰ Maybe they can make their fortune there! (How’s the economy up there?) GO SOX!

Come on Tito… get someone up and working… NOW….

That would be nice, Julia! May have to talk to Jeff, er, Theo about that!

16-11, anyone? Gracious!
Ellen, are you saying that Brad is anal? Is that why Dave thinks Brad is full of crap?πŸ˜‰

Does Tito have anyone warming up in the pen?? I had to go out and check on the dog.. Barking up a storm… I was doing the same thing in the house…

“Brad Penny drilling holes in head. Brad Smart. He go have fun and win games for Cleveland. Brad smart.

Hopefully the wait between innings throws Reyes off!!! We could use any help they can give us!

“Brad drilling holes in head…OW…Brad drill more holes…”OW” Brad good…DU!

Come on, J-Bay! Hit one to Martha’s Vineyard!

Well, Brad just wants to keep himself from getting a big head!

Way to hit, J-Bay! Get him home, Mike!
I thought Grady Sizemore caught everything, also! Hmmm…

Good job Mikey!! GREAT baserunning by JBAY!!!

Good job, Mike! Nice job avoiding Grady’s glove again! Bring em home, guys! GO SOX!

D. Benjamin,

I think Bay deserves 12-15 million per season for 4 years. I think that is a fair contract. I think both sides would be happy with that. If Bay did leave as a free agent….Boston would get 2 picks in return. We all know how Boston does with those picks. It has worked for them in the past and why wouldn’t it again. Personally I think Bay is back in Boston. A deal will get done, either during the season or when the season ends…Obviously just a guess on my part.

While Masterson is in the rotation, you are correct they don’t have a guy that can go more than 2 innings. If a game does go in extra innings and they are on the road, they might be in trouble.

As of right now Bowden is best suited to be in the rotation at A.A.A. and not served as a long man coming out of the pen. I think that would impede his development. That being said I was very impressed with Bowden on Sunday night. He threw strikes and went right after the Yankee hitters. He was not fazed at all. It seems all these young players the Red Sox have are not fazed in the least at the situation at hand. That is the one thing I am most impressed with about there prospects, there poise/confidence. Watching Bowden the other night, you would think he has been in the big leagues for several years. He embraced that situation the other night. Hunter Jones was impressive as well on Sunday night. Coming out of the pen and throwing strikes!

2 out hits for the Red Sox is the theme tonight.

Reyes was one of those Cardinals we smacked around in 04, if memory serves me right. He might also have pitched in the 06 WS.
I heard back then that Reyes actually IRONS the bill of his cap–that’s why it is so straight and flat! (I wonder if he still does!)…

I’m calling it folks, Ortiz will take one deep tonight for his first H.R. of the season!

Nice hitting, Tek! Way to put another rally together and knock out Reyes (The IRON Man?)! GO SOX!

Hey Brian, how goes it? I still think Ramirez would have the ABILITY to go more than 2 innings, but I hope we don’t have to test that idea!

I hope you are right, Brian, about Papi being Big Papi, and going deep for a HR!

Come on Jacoby!!!! Get on base and drive Mikey in!

Lugo can more real estate on Mars, but can’t move the runners! GO FIGURE!

That’s supposed to be MOVE real estate…;)


Come on Big Papi! That HR would be great right now!πŸ˜‰ GO SOX!

Good eye, good BB, Papi! Get em home, YOUK! GO SOX!

Bummer, Youk! Get some more runs next inning! Come on Brad, we’ve given you a lead. DO SOMETHING to HOLD it! GO SOX!

Does he have to give up bases EVERY SINGLE FREAKIN TIME HE TAKES THE MOUND??? He’s gonna give this one away yet!!!!!

Figures that Lugo would get the dropsies again! COME ON, SOX!

SHIP HIS SORRY ASP OUT OF HERE NOW!!!! 9 million dollars a year my Irish A**s**S**

We can still turn 2 guys, if you will FIELD IT! GO SOX!

Here we go with 16-11 again! SHEESH! Who’s in the BP who knows how to get an out?

Told you!!! I take NO PLEASURE in saying that whatsoever. Penny acting like none of this is his fault!!!! IS THERE ANYONE IN THE PEN COMING IN SOON???

We needed a new pitcher(s) a while ago Farrell!


I think Ramirez could go more than 2 innings but I wouldn’t want him to. If Ramirez did go more than 2 innings one game he wouldn’t be available for another couple of games and I don’t like that scenario. He has been there best reliever so far and one of the best pickups by any team during the off-season. That is a trade that has worked out for both teams.

Commence banging head on table.
…go wrong…go wrong…go wrong…BEEP!

The “dropsies”?? how about the “I picks ups wheres I leaves off’s???”

No, I wouldn’t WANT Ramirez to go more than 2 innings, but if things keep going, over the course of the seaseon like they went over the homestand (let alone tonight!), we’ll need him and/ or others to do so!

Ellen, Lugo did not Picks Up in the first place! ;/

This is one ugly game. I can’t believe we are only in the third inning!

This is very, very painful to watch.

Penny’s night was over long ago! He should have been removed THEN! (Judge, commence the Tito tirade).

Hey Garry, welcome to the dog-and-pony show.

This time I’m pi*s*sed at Francona… Didnt wait TOO long to pull his asp huh?? Sheesh!!!!
** bing bing bing… will ALL participants who are wearing RedSox uniforms kindly please pull your heads out of your butts??? OOps too late for Penny to do that………..

Lugo with an error, what a surprise. Not…

I wonder about Penny, he is a bullpen killer!

If Penny breaks down, we all know that will happen. Who gets the called up first??? Buchholz??? Bowden??? One thing I gurantee is Penny will not make the entire season. I thought when he was signed he could give Boston 150 innings, what was I thinking? He’ll have to make 50 starts to get too 150 innings, LOL….

Penny should have been out of this inning with no runs. He sucked, but it’s not all his fault. A good pitcher will pick up his fielders when they make a mistake. Penny didn’t do that.

I guess Garry will have to be summoned in from the bullpen. The man can blog and pitch all in the same night, now that is talent folks! LOL….

The Bulls are laying it to the Celtics at the moment. Celtics down 11 points, early 4th qtr. It doesn’t matter if the Celtics win anyway, without Garnett they have no chance to defend there title. Cavs vs Lakers, let’s go Cavs!

Hey Julia, are the Celtics doing any better than we are?:/

What will it take for this organization to part with Lugo? others may have their struggles — but this guy always hurts us — please, why does 9 mill have to trump a batting average of over 300 — plus the added helpful ability to catch a ball right in your glove? And have you seen noticed the rockets Nick Green fires when he thows? Incomprehensible to me. Baseball is not a meritocracy, its a $$-ocracy!!!!

I said it earlier this morning — how do you kill an 11 game winning streak? Apparently we know exactly how — arrgh.

Hey Lugo here…
Hey Penny here…
“We are the big idiots of the Red Sox…show us the money…”
“And we’ll show you our blowholes.”

I guess I got my answer! Thanks, Brian!
Brad is doing the best imitation of Dice-K, Bullpen Killer.
I hope Buch gets called up, and Bowden. We need some help in the BP also. (Send Loopy out to Mars, please!)

Guys…in fairness to Francona…he LOST his middle reliever when Dice-K decided to #$#$ up the team in favor of the World Baseball Classic. Now we don’t have that guy. WE COULD…but OHHH…Can’t give up Lugnut.

Hey, Lugo and Penny (and Lopez), are you sure you want to insult the memory of the Idiots??! The Three Stooges works, though!πŸ˜‰

Good, we have someone who can throw strikes! Nice job, Hunter! Keep it up!

Absolutely right, Dave. I’ve always said Tito and Farrell work with the tools in their toolboxes (and when the tool, Dice-K, breaks…). They were a little slow tonight changing tools, though! GO SOX!

Chulk? THAT’S a quirky name for a ballplayer! “Chulk up 7 runs for us…” Hmmm…

Lugo gets a walk and continues to lead the league in batting at .500. How can you guys even talk about getting rid of him?

Lugo is amazing. He just need to keep walking. Mars has plenty of land available for the right type of person. Penny can drive the ship. With his skills they’ll reach Pluto.

Celtics are tied at 91 with about a minute left.

Now that the lugnut is back we can look forward to a downward spiral especially with Josh Beckett coming up. yes the Red Sox glory days are over. Thank you Lugo and Penny for bringing the team down with you.

Oh man. If I were on this team right now, I’d be running for a trade. Let Theo Epstein bring the team down…AGAIN with his stupid moves. He’s got the ace of farm systems and he keeps burning money on idiots like Lugo, Drew, Penny, Gag-me and then tries to get rid of players like Lowell. I hate you Theo.

Lugo gets in the way……. Ellsbury would have made the catch.

Ray Allen fouled out of the Celtics game about 5 minutes ago. Celts have the ball with 49.3 left. 91-91.

Oh, Yay! Loopy is warming up. Yippee!
At least Jones has gotten the job done! Someone can get outs!:/

Celtics and Bull in OT ………… 93-93. Pierce with the tieing bucket with 10.5 seconds left.

Well. let’s see if SOMEONE in Boston can win tonight!

How about a HR, Youk? We could use something in a Happy Zone right about now! GO SOX!

Not good. We need another rally guys! We need RUNS!

It is really sad that Oki is in the game in the 6th! Not good!

Good job, Oki. Pitch like that all year, and not like last night, and we’ll be fine. GO SOX!

Paul Pierce is a freaking assassin in this overtime. Celts up by 2 with 3.4 seconds left in OT. Pierce has made three clutch shots in a row.

Nice job, J-Bay. Drat, Tek. GO SOX!

Hunter Jones with a solid performance. A scoreless outing!

Celtics and Bulls in a thriller. What a series it has been. I’m sure it is killing Garnett to watch this. If ( a big if of course ) Garnett was healthy they would have beaten the Bulls in 4 or 5 games.

Pierce hits another big shot tonight. When his career is all said and done, he should end up in the Hall Of Fame. Numbers wise he is very high on alot of the Celtics all time lists. Remember his game 7 against the Cavs last year, he was on fire! Kendrick Perkins has had a BIG game tonight. Lots and lots of points down low for the green tonight. The Bulls have a very young and talented team, even there coach is young. Del Negro I believe is a native of Mass. I remember him in college, played at N.C. State. That wasn’t that long ago, was it???? LOL….I am getting old…… no doubt.

It seems like yesterday the Red Sox would play the Indians at Municipal Stadium, one of the ugliest places of all time!

Good, Garry, I hope the Celtics finish it off!

Pierce has put this team on his back tonight. He refuses to lose! That is leadership! Pierce is a seasoned vet.

That’s better, Lugo. Nice running J-Bay! We need more runs, and we need to HOLD the LEAD! GO SOX!

Hi ya folks!!
What’s up with Penny???? The Sox score 7 in the first three innings and Penny coughs them all back up?? If I were Tito I’d go out to the mound and give him a quick backhand. Just that, no advice, no talking. Them I’d turn around and saunter back to the dugout. That’ll shake you up Penny!!!
And don’t get me started on Lugo!!!! Earth to Lugo: If your nickname is Ole Stone Hands you had better be a boxer! At least hit a couple home runs while you’re blowing the game for that worthless Penny! If I were Tito I’d mosie on out to the short stop hole and give Ole Stone Hands a kick in the keester. Then a backhand. Stooopid Lugo!!! GOD!!!!

Well, Lugo is at least keeping things interesting.

Hey, Arnie. Penny and Lugo would deserve those backhands!

Celtics win in OT.

“Interesting”. I think that is a euphemism, is it not? For “I played like crap”?

GOOD! What was the score, Garry?


I guess Penny thinks he is Charlie Zink. LOL….I’ll never forget Zink’s start against the Rangers last year. The guy had a 10 run lead and he didn’t even get a win. After that I said this guy Zink should be a paying customer if he ever wants to see Fenway again.

Celtics win! What a series this has turned out to be. Three games have gone into O.T. If Boston does get past the Bulls, they could beat either Philly or Orlando but no chance against the Cavs! Sorry to say. Just too get that far without Garnett would be impressive. Then again maybe, just maybe Garnett suits up and plays a bit. That would charge up the Celtics if that happened.

That last pitch to Ellsbury didn’t even look close. Pretty inconsistent strike zone tonight.

Pitch looked a little low and inside. Well, when you are not doing so well, you often don’t get the benefit of those calls! GO SOX!

I cant even stand to be breathing the same air as that oxygen thief!!!! He DOES NOT DESERVE TO WEAR THAT UNIFORM….

Low and OUTSIDE, rather, to Ells.
Welcome back, Ellen, to the horror show.

Arnie, Penny wasn’t very good, but he didn’t get much help either. Errors by Lowell and Lugo took away two double plays. The score could just as easily been 7-1 as 7-7.

You are right Greg.

Low and OUTSIDE, rather, to Ells.
Welcome back, Ellen, to the horror show.

Hey, while I was posting Lugo drove in a run! Way to go Stone Hands!

This game is giving me a headache. I’ll see you guys tomorrow.

Pretty damn sad! Brother!

Here we go using the whole bloody BP again! SNARL!

OK Garry, I’ll cut Penny some slack. I haven’t seen any of the game, been working, but I saw the box score and all your posts. Sounds like another Sox/Yankee game. Everything that can happen, does.

Bloody BP? I wasn’t aware Americans used that word!

This one uses it, OK! :/

Nice job, Jacoby! Let’s get some RUNS!

OK, guys, we need a rally! Get it started, Dustin! GO SOX!

That looked like a better pitch than the one that “struck out” Jacoby! GO SOX!

Come on, Youk, let’s get him home! GO SOX!

okintheok, we say all kinds of English words. We just don’t know what they mean or how to properly punctuate.
Knickers in a knot
bloody cheek
…and so forth….

Bummer, Youk. Nice running, Dustin. Let’s get him home! GO SOX!

I understand the British also have a different meaning for “**********” than we do. Hmmm…Maybe Jambo04 can confirm that!

Hey Arnie. I know what you’re saying. There was no offense intended. Have to keep the blog happy. Go Sox!

That’s FUNNY! The “Bleeped out” word is “p*s*ed off” (let’s see if it prints that!) Anyway, I understand the British use the expression differently than we do. Jambo?

Keep up the good work, Ramon! GO SOX!

Doesn’t p-i-s-s-e-d mean drunk?

No offense taken okintheok. Do you still say “ginger”?

All right, Ramon, still need just one more out! (I have to find another expression than “OK”)!πŸ˜‰ GO SOX!

That’s what I understood, Arnie. OK? Jambo?

Good work, Ramon! Let’s get some runs, so we don’t have to go to extras! GO SOX!

Hey Greg. I don’t know what “ginger” means?

Good job, J-Bay, let’s get him home, guys! GO SOX!

I don’t know about “ginger”; I haven’t heard that one!

Drat! Come on Tek! Get J-Bay home! GO SOX!

Sorry Greg. Actually Arnie left that comment but I still don’t know what he is referring to.

Is Brian still watching, or Ellen?

My ex-mother-in-law (shudder!!) was a Brit. She said some different things. I try to forget, but some things I remember. “ginger” to her was “gay”

Nice job, Tek, let’s get them HOME! GO SOX!

Tres interesante, Arnie! Come on, Nick! GO SOX!

Maybe a winning rally going here. I think many of the eastcoasters have gone to bed or thinking about it!

Let’s go, Jacoby, we don’t need extra innings! GO SOX!

I haven’t yet! (One reason I don’t want extras, though!)πŸ™‚

Now Lugo has jinxed Nick Green !!!! Even if we do ultimately win this game (which I still have a bad feeling about), Lugo has still taxed our ball club with his costly 3 run error, which may accumulate in cost as we move into Tampa and NY – taxing our bullpen further. I just can’t stand it when he plays — every game is anxious waiting, waiting for him to mess up and cost us in some way.

Let’s hope Jon Lester can go deeper into the game tomorrow so we don’t need to use the BP as extensively! We’ll see!
Oh, YAY! Loopy is in!

I mentioned earlier if the Sox go into extra innings they are in trouble. They don’t have that long reliever. Lopez is in the game so it might not matter. It will be a good day when he is shipped away. I don’t care what Boston gets in return as long as Lopez is hurting another team and making that fan base sick.

Not watching the game but another scoreless appearance by Ramirez. He hasn’t given a run as of yet. Last run he gave up was during spring training. He has been dynamite for the Sox this year. It’s early but I love what he is doing.

M.L.B. Network cut into the game so I’ll be able to watch some of it.

I’m calling it…Ortiz will win it with a H.R.

Yes it will be, Brian, I hope we see that day sooner rather than later!

Figures. Nice one, Loopy.

I remember Ginger from Gilligan’s Island. I always thought the professor wanted her but he didn’t know how to go about it. LOL…Then again maybe the professor was fooling around with Mary Ann, was he? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm I wonder if he ever did. LOL!!

Well, I heard something about a bedtime hour. I think I’ll take it! Take care, all!

I’m starting of 2009 cost of Lugo tally now:

9 mill fixed cost and 1 game L out 1 game played

well well well….i knew i shouldnt have said tito was doing a good job today….drew had a sorry *** game,lug nutz, and we all know that when lupey lopez is in something bad will happen….sad sad sad……judge

Well that is all she wrote! The errors were too much to overcome tonight. We will take the rubber tomorrow though. Go Sox.

My irritation caused to many typos…

I am starting a 2009 Cost of Lugo tally:

9 mill fixed cost, and a 1 game L out of 1 game played

nice run guys….start a new one….hunter seems to be a decent lefty….i wonder how long tito will keep loopy when there is real talent in the minors…ellen i wish u were coverin 1st on that play….u woulda grabbed it,,,,sad sad sad

Wow. Twice in a day. First, my son drops a pop-out in short left (winning run scores) and now Lopez shows us all how to blow it at the ML level. YOUK is still having a hard time believing it. He’s standing there in a daze…. then so are we. Well, the streak had to stop sometime, so now let’s get back to biz. Whup ’em the last game and go down to the Trop and open a can on the Stink Rays.

Nite all!

We all know Lopez can’t pitch, now we know he can’t catch. How do you drop that? What a stop by Youkilis. I wonder what Youkilis is saying to himself? Something along the lines of I made a great stop to save your a– Lopez and then I flip it to you and you can’t catch it….That is the rated G version. LOL….That is a drill that is done over and over during Spring Training and Lopez can’t hold onto it. That play will make a manager drink alot after the game, among other things!

Lester needs to go deep into the game tomm. night. Get another winning streak going!

First game back and Lugo has us cussing him out. And Lopez gives the game to the Indians.
Friggin’ Lugo!

Self-Proclaimed Unnofficial Red Sox Nation Ambassador to Mexico here, with a trade proposal that could fool any of the teams we’d propose it to:
Red Sox give up LHP Javier Lopez, RHP Brad Penny, SS Julio ‘Friggin’ Lugo. In return, we ask for one of the following shortstops: Alexei Ramirez (CWS), Ryan Theriot (ChC), Troy Tulowitski (Col), Stephen Drew (Ari), J.J. Hardy (Mil), Mike Aviles (KC), Yunel Escobar (Atl), Cristian Guzman (Was).

That’s eight different options, Theo. Get on it, doggone it!

I was out during the day and watched the archived game . I am writing this not having read any of the above comments. First this is a game the Sox should never have lost. Tito should have pulled Penny after the second inning. Penny had nothing and had little or no control. Whether the Sox would have won remained to be seen. Tito excersized poor management judgement. Second there was no reason to insert Lugnuts while the Sox streak was continuing. Despite Lugo’s two hits, his error in dropping a double play ball caused the game by allowing the three-run homer. Further, Lugo ‘s play resulted in Ellsbury having to avoid a collision in the fifth inning with the batter getting a lead off double. I also don’t understand Tito putting Green up to pinch hit for Lugo in the ninth. Green strikes out in three pitches. As much as I detest Lugo for even being on the Sox, at least he was facing pitching during the game. Lugo could have even dropped a squeeze bunt with Bay on third. Bringing in Loopy Lopez was the kiss of death. The error he made was the final nail in the coffin. I know all of the Tito supporters would be critical of my judging Tito this game but so be it. The game was admittedly lost not only by poor play but by poor managemnet. Now I will go and read the comments above. Let’s hope the Sox are not thoroughly demoralized and can start a new streak.

We can blame Lowell’s error. We can blame Lugo’s error. We can blame Loopy’s error. The bottomline is Penny sucks. Penny had nothing in his pitches. Nada. Without the error, Penny would probably pitch another inning and same result would ensue.
Hunter Joones and R. Ramirez didn’t allow the inhertited runs to score.
If it’s up to me I would take Penny out of the rotation or skip his turn as possible.


What will the Sox do when Dice-K returns? Where does Penny go? Does Masterson stay in the rotation or does he go back to the bullpen? Penny is a bullpen killer. Also Saito has not impressed me at all. He is coming back from an injury and is older, I’m not sold on him in the least.


Penny sucks, what are your true feelings? LOL…

If Dice-K returns Masterson stays in the rotation until Smoltz is ready or Buchholz is called up. As to Penny, give him a one way ticket to Tahiti or Fiji Island.
I am not sold on Saito either. I will not use him unless the game is completely out of hand, one way or the other. Hunter Jones stays, stays and stays untill he is proven otherwise


I’m not sure if I would waste that ticket on Penny. Saito has not impressed me at all. He is coming back from injury and I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt….for now. Command is off with Saito but he should only pitch when Boston is trailing. I am in agreement with Jones, he has done excellent! All of his appearances have been sharp and that is what you are looking for when someone is summoned from the bullpen.

When Dice-K returns, I’m guessing Penny will end up on the D.L. Like N.Y. did with Wang. I didn’t see the game last night but no surprise that Penny got roughed up. Quite predictable.


MOANIN MOANIN….MAN do i have a hang over….i indulged a lil too much last night….thats what i get for sayin tito is doin a good job….that wont happen again… erros,errors,errors….bad pitchin ,missed oppertunities,and so on…im sure u all watched the same game so you know…this wouldnt hurt as much if they had lost after lees awesome game he pitched….but….we are redsox fans and it seems fort 100 yrs now we are doomed to swallows games like this….part of the ride… still gonna point out the obvious tho….lugo will never be a decent ss…so i guess u can blame everyone who put him in the line up….tuff to suck up 10 mill….ofcourse its easier than watching things like last night happen…GET ANOTHER SS……loopy…..ok yell at me at i dont care if u do…..good gawd tito u friggin fool …if i was a coach i would erase him from your line up card everyday so u couldnt send him in….hey buddy…walak up to theo and say…” hey man,do i have to use loopy?…penny obviously isnt game ready…send em to miors to get that way…3 bad starts from 4 means…not good…. gee ya think the bp .which has done a great job…is missing the kid masterful…i wonder how long the sox will go with the ok we see what happens for awhile…GRRRRRRRRRRR…..i slept on it and im still miffed….now is the time…get a friggin ss,let the kids pitch here and not in pawtucket…..or trade for something or someone to play ss….unless lowrie is comming back healthy…up the middle u must be good to win a championship….oh yes and did i mention i still hate drew….i get that weird taste in my mouth like a bad sun flower seed everytime i see his non caring half hearted *** enter the game….oh ya and why pinch hit with green in that ab…commin cold off the bench to face a 95 mph fastball…i never pld pro ball…i wonder if tito remembers he did…ok im done…judge

sorry for spelling but if i take time to fix it i lose it…..maybe cause we need a new thread…..this is a pro ball blog rt…how come no new thread…i mean this isnt joe the jerks blog….its on a major league site…or am i missing the real blog?….i think im in the right place…this is the official redosx blog rt?….


Ian is off until Thurs. night so we’ll have to scroll down for days until we get to the bottom. LOL….

Scrolling, scrolling, scrolling….that’s okay. Hope Ian is having an enjoyable break.

Could not join in here last night–too busy trying to untie the knots in my stomach as I watched Penny take the mound AGAIN and blow a great lead AGAIN…ouch…(oh, I wanted to smack him with my walking cast) and again had to spend time instructing MLB.TV staff how to fix the bugs in their new video player (2nd night in a row)…sigh…oh please…someone back home walk a note to the FO for us…please no more Penny. Too bad about Lopez, kind of recall he had some better stuff in previous year or two. Yup. Right now his ERA is getting close to twice last year’s…groan….

Okay…off to a ten-hour work day…tonight has GOT to be better, guys! Have a good one.


loopy and his era…last yrs was better on paper than anywhere else….inherited runners was woeful and he pitched mop up alot too…just get rid of em….

I agree that this game was POORLY managed… Tito should have had someone up late 2nd early 3rd in the pen. Penny worked hard at one thing…. Giving the lead back that the guys worked so hard to get. I say send penny down MAKE HIM LOSE SOME WEIGHT and get some more time in down in the minors so he can adjust… As far as Lugo… I swear if I saw him on the street, i’d bitch slap him, nah, I’d punch his freaking lights out… What a sorry asp excuse for a professional baseball player, he also needs to spend some more time at Pawtucket or Portland, I know, I know, those guys never did anything to me so why punish them!! lol
I cant believe the horrible plays and judgement that came from J-GOne… He could have caused a horrible collision with Ellsbury, what the hell was he thinking?
Kon the Mountain mouth was right about one thing… Every 5 days we’ll have to worry whats going to happen, but not when WAKE takes the mound… When Penny does…

If you’re having trouble scrolling down just hit end of page.

and its all of MLB’s blogs from what I understand… I guess its not inportant to them that we pay to watch thegames and make their sites successful but they cant take the time to fix the problems that we have had since day 1 of the season


I wouldn’t want to hit Lugo anywhere near his head, you might break your hand. LOL…It is made of stone….. I am sure about that.

I’m guessing Penny’s leash will be short on Sunday against T.B. This is where Boston gets in trouble in the pen ( especially on the road ) They don’t have a long reliever. Someone that can go 3 or 4 innings if a starter gets hurt or just plain stinks that night. That is why I am guessing Masteron goes back to the bullpen. Masterson can go multiple innings and can close or be a short reliever. Masterson is the butter knife in the pen! Very versatile.


I am stumped about why M.L.B. hasn’t fixed this problem. As you said, it has been going on from the start. In other words..almost a month.

Tito should keep Lugo on the bench. Friggin’ Lugo is a disaster.
Penny needs to go at least to Portland maybe farther away. Yukon Territories is nice this time of year.
If I were Tito I’d make Lopez dress up in the other team’s uniform and sneak him into their bullpen as the secret weapon.
Last night the players didn’t play well on defense and Penny was bad, but Tito should have gotten him out of there sooner and Lugo should not have started. Lugo should have come in as the batboy in the late innings.
Lopez should go to Pawtucket and bring up one of the kids. When Dice-K comes back Masterson could take Penny’s place. He could do that now, keep Hunter Jones.
Carlos, I like your trade idea, but I’m afraid no GM would take you up on it.

Phil, for not having seen the game or read our comments, you have summed up what we thought very accurately. I am as willing as anyone to give Tito credit during our homestand streak, but he screwed this game into the ground, and we SHOULD have won that game, no question! No, the errors did not help. But Penny did not have it tonight, and has not yet this season, so I have no reason to believe he will later. Lugo screwed the game up as usual. At least when Nick makes an error, he trades it for an RBI!
I would LOVE to see Masterson take Penny’s spot in the roster. I am no more optimistic about Dice-K, though, than I am about Penny. Arnie, I hope Hunter Jones does stay up, and I hope (ahem, Jeff!) that Bowden takes Loopy’s spot. But (and here I think Judge is absolutely right!) those things are not likely to happen, until we have dug ourselves another hole. And Carlos, desafortunadamente, I think the only way a GM would take a trade of Lugo (or Loopy, for that matter) is if we only demand a ball and bat in return.

Thanks, Ellen, for the scrolling tip.

Agree totally with Arnie and Greg. While our Masty is super in the bullpen, he’s just fine as a starter, to say the least.

Oh….are we going to survive the next month of this same old routine every five days. And while Nick Green has more to learn defensively, can’t we start a petition drive to keep him in at least until Lowrie is good and healed? Nick has been a delightful surprise.

What do you think, guys? Do you think come June 1 that Smoltzy’s contributions might help clean up this mess?

Back to work…last night totally wore me out and aggravated me to no end, just like the rest of you.

Take care,


It’s FINALLY here.
I have started a blog and will post all the humor there and leave a link here and let you know. The reason why I wanted to do this is to make it easier for you guys to read the satire AND to allow the documents to come out better with change of fonts, etc. to really dress it up.
Check it out!

Man, we are a tough crowd. The only beef I have at this point in the season is Lugo — he is such an obvious drain on the team and always have been. I recall that Lugo came close to causing us our 2007 championship by dropping a pop-up — were it not for Schilling on the mound — determined not to let a Lugo error beat him/us, we would might been eliminated, had that unraveled.

As far as Penny, yes, he didn’t pitch well at all, but were it not for two errors (and Lugos the critical one) — it would have been 7-1 (with a whole lot less pitches) — and he probably would have gained some confidence and come out with another W. He seemed pretty ticked last night at Lugo’s error, his mentality seems too fragile to be Lugo proof, — but in the end, you have to admit that last night, the defense failed Penny — and he couldn’t (or didn’t) recover from it – and the extra workload that caused.

I hold out some hope for Lopez, but I can’t explain why.

Now to $$$, which seems to behind all bad decisions and sticking with them, we got nothing for the last 8 mil out of Schilling last year. So why not chalk the investment in Lugo as the worst contract in the history of the RedSox (well maybe tied with Gagne — but its four years, so it is indeed worse) — write it off and at least prevent it from hurting you further. IF they can part with Manny, why can’t the part with Lugo, no matter the cost on paper?


Holding out hope for Lopez but can’t explain why…I think that is the funniest thing I have ever read on here ( besides Dave F. and his comedy ) I think that speaks volumes of Lopez right there, you don’t have to go further. I think Lopez becomes expendable if Jones continues to do his lefty thing coming out of the pen. I’m amazed at the $$$$ Lopez is making this year, over 1 million. He isn’t worth that. How in the word is he making that kind of $$$$$??? He must have pictures on someone in that organization. LOL….That is the only reason why he should be around and even then…………..My oh my….Have Lopez hang out with Kyle Snyder, Brian Corey, Rudy Seanez, among other Boston deadbeats!

I think come late July…. ( trade deadline ) Boston will send Lugo packing and eat part of his salary this year and a good portion of his salary in 2010 and cut there losses! Boston has lots and lots of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$… they can do a move like that. Let’s face it, the Red Sox and Yankees are probably the only two teams that can do something like that. When it comes to a high $$$$$$$ amount.


Lugo is the worst contract in Boston sports history, never mind Red Sox history!

Dave F.

Great stuff…Again…I am here at work and it made me laugh. Arnie is going to join in??? I love it…Comedy and food all in one spot. My life is almost complete. LOL…

Unfortunately, while Lugo is the worst signing in Boston history, Lopez is the runner-up! I hope you are right about both Lugo and Lopez, and our cutting our losses with both! Get it done, Theo!

Lugo and Lopez the “Deadly Duo of Fenway Park”. Sounds like the title of a good mystery. The mystery being as to why Tito and Theo are keeping them so long.

Gag-Me was right up there, but at least he is gone!:/

Lizabeth. You said regarding Lugo, “Good and Healed” 1st: thats an impossibility.. he may becomed healed, but he’ll never be good…. 2nd: Does good and healed translate to Traded and gone??

BosoxBrian, Thanks…Be sure to leave a comment — much appreciated in the blog as well!


I have to give the silver medal on bad trades to the Gagne trade — Lopez has only botched 1 game for us — Gagne single-handedly coughed up 4 in 2007 (did he not?, maybe 5) — plus we gave up Gason Kabbard and David Murphy for him.

I see we re-acquired Gason — he was in the minor league system for the Rangers? how did he fall so far? anyone follow him — he is a lefty too? do you think we have any near-term plans for him?

I always thought it was travesty that Gagne got a ring — and Gason and David did not (for 2007)? what a personal bust for both of them — What is the rule for receiving WS rings? I know some players receive them having played partial season with the winning team — did Gason or David receive rings by any chance?


I don’t think Lopez is the runner up. He hasn’t cost the Red Sox alot of $$$$ like Lugo has. He has caused lots of heartache not only to his team-mates/coaches but to the fans as well. Youkilis’ look in the dugout was priceless. He was **********! Youkilis makes this great stop and Lopez can’t even catch the ball. That drill is practiced over and over during Spring Training. I’m not sure if any of you have ever been to a spring training practice but if you have ever have you know what I am talking about. There always seems to be a player/players that we kick around all season long!

I just blogged to Mark Newman at Blogosphere and told him of our posting problems. maybe he can help us.

I would say Theo’s worst trade by far was Gagne. I think we all agree on that.

Oh, have we forgotten the 20th century already — shouldn’t the Babe Ruth trade take top honors — maybe Lugo 2nd, Gagne third? —

That’s my ranking and recommendation for the podium.

I say let’s be Patriotic. Let’s assign/donate etc, the Deadly Duo to the Dept. of Homeland Security. They can patrol the Southwest border along with their other brilliant high-tech security counterparts. They may be almost as expensive as the high-tech counterparts. It could be part of Pres. Obama’s request for service to their country. When their service is up they can have their choice of team (except for the donating team) to return to. At the beginning of every Sox game we can then pay the appropriate tribute to them that they deserve.

No question Lugo’s miscue opened the flood gate. But Penny is a veteran pitcher and should not be unraveled that easily by the error in early inning. The HR after Lugo?s error was a fastball right in the middle of the plate. Gimme a break.
Youk and Drew may not be in the line up tonight, Van Every at LF and Bailey at 1st.

PS- The donation could be a tax write0ff.

Drew will probably sit because of his hang-nail. Youk has to recover from the sedative he took last night so that he might get some sleep like the rest of us. If it wasn’t for TV replays, Lopez would have said that it wasn’t his fault and that Youk made an errant throw.

In thinking of the tribute we can also have Roseanne sing. Any suggestions????

Gee…busy today here since I plunged into oblivion at work this morning…

Good analysis: agree with “Penny is a veteran pitcher and should not be unraveled that easily by the error in early inning.”

While Lugo started the season per usual (errors and more), Penny is a seasoned pitcher, injury or whatever. I wonder if his problems are more in his head or body at this point. Not giving up on him but he has be VERY worried. I will need sedatives when he’s on the mound again.

Ellen, I did not say when Lugo was “good and healed,” but when Lowrie was good and healed, and that will not be for quite a few weeks….gee. Give me some credit here…the cast is on my leg, not my head. (Oh what a vision that invokes.)

Okay….back to work again….


PS Regarding Gabbard–yes, I wondered about that too and a day or so ago looked him up. I am puzzled. His best stats were from two years ago and since then, downwards journey into…So someone explain what is going on in the FO?

and Andy, Lugo is a highly paid Veteran ‘professional” major league starting shortstop!!!

The tribute… We could have Jose Feliciano (or Stevie Wonder), and he could say that Lugo is the best shortstop he’s ever seen!!!

u mmm, sorry Lizabeth, My misread… I was just trying to be funny…………….

B/w, Ellen can hit that HR pitch for 2 run something, 2 runs would have crossed the plate before Ellen was out at 1st. We know how fast, I mean slow, Ellen can run. We call it 2 run what?

No problem, Ellen. You are funny and great as are the rest of the gang here.

BTW, I needed relief from the drones here at work–just read the resoxfunhouse blog that was posted earlier. That is a scream. I have not laughed so much in many days! Thank you! Go read if you haven’t yet. I am still giggling…oh I needed that.

Anyhow, I have no idea why they are bringing Kason back…I am going to become permanently confused shortly.


now I AM Confused…. andy???

I certainly concur with the assessments of Lugo and Gag-Me in the trade depts. I am still flabbergasted that ALL THREE of those stooges (LugNuts, Loopy, and Gag-Me) were on the 07 WS team, AND WE STILL WON! I don’t know if that is Divine Providence, or Divine Sense of Humor!
Loopy still gets at least my bronze medal, and he’s still second in my book. (I have been thinking, folks, in the Post-Curse Era). Why? 1) He TRIED HARD to cost us the WS in Game 3–Gag-Me had already been relegated to mop-up duty. 2) Loopy is still with the team!
DG, I have disliked Lopez almost from the moment I saw him pitch. He was consistent, but a consistent disaster, and I have seen NOTHING to indicate that he has learned from those early days. I have no use for him, and would just as soon he be another salary dump than put him out there (and then he often gets put out there in a de facto CLOSER ROLE). And then we lose. GO FIGURE!

My multiple championship softball teams’ all-star shortstop’s wife was an IRS Auditor. You’d have a lot of trouble proving any value for that donation!!!

Hey, Phil, are you SURE you want Stone-Hands/LugNuts OR Loopy down there at the border. They might drop the Hi-tech gizmos! If they are driving the truck they might “bobble”a drug smuggler off the back of the truck! Hmmm… Another problem: If they have to use a stun gun to stop a smuggler, Lugo might miss WIDE RIGHT, and hit the deputy next to him. And Loopy might get high just being around the smuggled drugs! Hmmm… Sounds like a comedy reel waiting to happen! ;/

Hey everyone. Thanks for checking out the blog. Arnie just posted his first entry. Enjoy. There are a LOT of belly laughs.

If you like, please leave a comment or even subscribe. I want to make it a success.


Reading Pap’s comments in the latest article was, frankly, disturbing. If it shows what he is thinking right now, WE ARE IN TROUBLE! Get your head screwed on straight, Pap!

Hi to all!!! I just received an email from Mark Newman with MLB.COM and he sais that the problems that we’ve been having should have been addressed today. Let’s see…. this is a TEST… oops, forgot to study…DOH!!

Super, Dave…will try to remember to subscribe tomorrow..that is, unless tonight’s game totally kills me…lol. Thanks.

Just read the article Greg referred to. scanned it quickly. Now I am doubly confused. Is the REAL Loopy Lopez, or, pray tell, is it Pap? Will the real Loopy please confess. Or, could it be we have more than one Loopy? Bad situation if that’s the case…

Goin’ to grab some supper to have in front of what will hopefully not be an agonizing evening….

Later all,


Well, it didnt take as long as it has recently.. Tonight will be a test run.. keep me posted

I just got my feed back… almost five minutes after I submitted the last post….
KICK BUTTS TAKE NAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Come on Papi!! get on base..

Come on JBAY!!! Smack the crap out of it!!

come on JON LESTER!!!!!!! 1-2-3!

… “ALL BY MYSELF, DONT WANNA BE, ALL BY MYSELF, ANYMORE” stolen from eric carmen… he sings it better than i do.. where is everybody?

Great attempt by Jacoby!! Too bad 0-1 Indians

I have arrived! WHOO HOOO!!! Go RED SOX!!!!!

NO!!!! Just turned the game on!!! How did they score???

Lester is not starting well! UGH!!!!

Lizbeth, I’m all for a nickname for Pap. “Loopy” doesn’t have the same ring to it for Papbelbon, though. PapelBUM is often what we’ve gone with.

20 pitches??? Not good! GO LESTER!!! GO RED SOX!!!!!

I’m back also–just in time to see a 2-run deficit! SNARL! GO SOX!

OK, Mike, let’s get a rally started. Drat.

HI Greg!

Bummer! Come on Mikey! We want a 13 game hitting streak.

Oh surprise! Drew is not playing! And no Lugo!!! YAY!!!

NONONO. cane we just keep LugNuts on the bench??!
Drew injured? WHO KNEW?
Come on, Tek, we need some GOOD NEWS!

Hey all – just got a belated birthday gift – I’m going to Fenway next Wednesday – they will take on the Indians!

Why is Bailey playing first tonight?

Carmona’s stuff IS better. His RESULTS haven’t been! (Let’s keep it that way!)πŸ˜‰ GO SOX!

After Loopy dropped Youk’s throw last night to end the game, can we blame Youk for needing a sedative, let alone a day off?:/

CONGRATS Julia, have FUN at the game!

Come on, VanEvery, we can tie this game, yet! Let’s go!

Thanks Greg! I’m really excited to go! Even being a “bad mom” and keeping our boys up late on a school night! lol!

Come on, Sox, nice BB! Get some RUNS! GO SOX!

NICE!!!!! Let’s go Red Sox!!!! Let’s go GREEN!!! You can do it!!!

Good, Nick’s on base–the hard way. GO SOX!

Bases loaded!!!!! Manager out!! LET”S GO RED SOX!!!!

Hey guys:
1) Papelbon sounds even more like an idiot than I imagined which I am grateful for. Why? The next Mr. Obvious article is written. Mr. Obvious Meets Me. Confused.”
2) Lugo is really spin diving the Sox into oblivion. He gets in there and brings the team down with him. ug!
3) I predict another ten game losing streak — optimistic Dave.


I am SO jealous, Julia!πŸ˜‰

Come on, Jacoby, get em HOME! GO SOX!


JACOBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO NO NO!!!!!

Thanks Greg! It will be our one trip this year.

Also want to mention a brand new entry is in the blog as a function of Brad Penny and Julio Lugo’s brilliant performances last night.

Dave, you sound like the type of “optimist” from Washington, DC. As in, “I’m OPTIMISTIC these stooges on Capitol Hill will screw us over”!

SNARL! Come on Sox!

What has happened to our pitching??????

“Shoppach” sounds like a verb, like “Grocery Shoppach”, “Clothes Shopppach”, etc.

greg — ya that’s about right. I see Cleveland added another run. It just keeps getting better and better.

I used that form of “Optimism” during the Curse, Dave, as in “I’m OPTIMISTIC the Yankees will screw us again”. SNARL!

Pitching AWOL. That is obvious.

Julia, bring an extra shamrock to the game. If we keep playing like this, we will need all the help we can get!:/

Nice pick off!

GOOD! At least we can pick off runners!

Hey Lugo isn’t in the game…how sad.

Julia, have you heard from Ginny lately?
Good job finishing the inning, Jon! COME ON SOX! We need RUNS!

I haven’t Greg – I heard yesterday morning – but yesterday was her anniversary, so she might have gone out. And I’ll wear my shamrock sneakers to the game! I kid you not – I have a pair!

Doesn’t sound like we’re making any progress with that rally, guys! GO SOX!

Oh, I believe it, Julia.
Come on, Big Papi! We need RUNS!!

Come on, J-Bay! GO SOX!

They are my Celtics shoes! So I will wear them, my pink Red Sox hat & my jacket!

Can we please get a hit!!!

Oh I’ll try guys but it’s so hard for Mr. Down to be Mr. Optimistic. That is obvious! (LOL)

OK, guys, we need RUNS, and we need 1-2-3 innings from you, Jon! GO SOX!

When does Ian come back?? The comment section is getting TOO long here! lol!

At the end of this series, I THINK, Julia.

Oh good – walk! UGH!!! WE NEED OUTS!!!

Nice Lester! Do it again!

The trouble with winning streaks like we had is we seem, with the LAw of Averages, to put a losing streak like we had at the beginning of the season. We seem to be trying to do that again! Come on, SOX! Nice, SO, Jon!

Dave, when is Mr. Optimist meeting Mr. Obvious?


This is not good! We need some outs! and then some hits!

There’s John Adams again with his drum! Come on, Jon!

Lester does not look good tonight. He might have an early night.


3 OUTS! PROGRESS! (Such a demanding god, this “Progress”)! GO SOX!

Come on, MIKE! Let’s get a RALLY started! We need RUNS! GO SOX!


I’ll be able to see the Bruins more easily now, since they are playing the Hurricanes!

Julia, I contacted Mark today.. Its not the amount of posts that create the problem.. He said our problems should have been addressed after I contacted him,but I guess that the endeavor wasn’t successful… I’m not sure if you know this but when you have to scroll down, don’t. Just hit your end or page end button and it will take you all the way down.
I’m going to email him again in the morning and tell him that we are still having the problems.. Wew didnt have this problem before the season started.

That’s what happens, Jon, when you give up BB! Kelly “Gone Shoppach” dials long distance. SNARL! GO SOX!

This game is rapidly getting out of hand. Come on Sox.

Not Lesters night, huh?? ya think??? I hope that Tito has someone up and working in the pen..NOW!!!!!!!!! THIS GAME IS STINKIN’!!!! Sorry but its time to put YOUK in!

Does Youk pitch, Ellen?
Hey OK, How are ya? Welcome to the “Shoppach Spree”.

Julia, I like Jon-Bon for Papelbon… you know for JON athan papel BON


If it isn’t the number of posts that is the problem then what IS? Hmmm…

I was here by myself for about 35 minutes and decided to go and make lunch for tomorrow… Now everybody shows up!! lol

Come on, Nick! We need RUNS! GO SOX!

Probably all the other stuff that MLB.COM has put in this year that runs all the time… the archived games etc… that HAS to screw with all of this

Come on, JACOBY! We STILL need runs!

OK, Jon, 1-2-3 this inning! GO SOX!

Couldn’t we have done that “5 in a row retired” at the START of the game??!


Hey Greg. Shoppach spree! LOL. Does anyone believe that we should have kept Kelly?

OK, J-Bay, we need to start a rally! LET’S GO!

BB! That’s a little better. Come on, Mike! GO SOX!


I’d have liked it if we had kept Kelly Shoppach, and I would not mind re-acquiring him, but I had no problem at the time with the trade, esp. since we still had Tek and Mirabelli at the time. Gotta give something to get something!
Did you get my e-mail question, OK? If you wish to answer it, great, if not, that’s fine.

Good Job JBAY, way to go Mikey.. Now come on Tek-er!!!!

chip-chip, chip-chip…

Perez is warming up for the Indians!

OK, SOX, let’s get another run! Come on, TEK! GO SOX!


Way to Go TEK!!!!

Hey, Ellen! chip-chip, chip-chip…

come on youngsters get the job done!!!!

DRAT! Now let’s HOLD THEM, 1-2-3. so we can start another RALLY! (chip-chip) GO SOX!

Come on, Jon, one more inning! 1-2-3, let’s go, Jon! GO SOX!

He’s got Senor EZ up in the pen..oh NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!


Hey Greg. I had not seen your e-mail. I will reply shortly.

WAY TO GO, JON! Come on, SOX! We need RUNS!

Thanks, OK. As you have time. No hurry.

Come on, Nick! Let’s go Sox!

Yankees are winning, I see. Glad I didn’t watch THAT game!

Let’s get another hit or BB, Dustin! GO SOX!

Good eye, Dustin! Now COME ON, PAPI! Get them HOME!
Carmona pitched very well tonight.

Crap. Snarl. Boo Hiss.

Another scoreless inning, I see! GOOD! GO SOX!

Let’s get some runs boys! GO RED SOX!!!

Come on J-Bay. We need another rally! GO SOX!

Bummer, J-Bay. Come on, Mike!
How are you tonight, Julia?

Nice hit MIKE! Get em HOME Tek! GO SOX!

Good job, Tek! GET EM HOME! GO SOX!

OK, Jeff, we need these guys to get HOME! GO SOX!

Let’s make it happen this time guys!!! GO RED SOX!!!

Thank you, DeRosa! Nice job! GO SOX!

We just got a new lease on life here people! Go Sox.

the “kids” are stepping up and getting some good hits

Come on, JD, we don’t need to kill this rally! GO SOX!

Rally caps on – let’s go Red Sox! WHOOO HOOOOO!! WE CAN DO THIS!!!!

Come on, JD, we need a GS HR! LET’S GO!

Okay – another run – good job Drew! WE NEED ANOTHER! And oh joy – Lugo is in!


I’ve got my rally sneakers on…
LUGO IS IN…. He better make up for last night/

Fortunate that was not a DP! At least got the run home!
Come on, Jacoby, tie the game! GO SOX!





At least JD avoided the DP!

COME ON RATBOY!!!!!!!!!!! GO PEDEY!!!!!!!!!!

Come on Dustin! Let’s get a HR! GO SOX!

It’s tied BUT DUSTY!!! UGh!

Let’s hold them NO RUNS!!!!!

Hey Ellen! Chip-chip, chip-chip!πŸ˜‰ GO SOX!

Tough luck for to get those runners in from 3rd base. We are back in it though. Go Sox.

I will contact mark Newman again tomorrow about the blog problems… This still SUCKS>>>>>>>>>>

Tough luck indeed. Thanks, Paul for the e-mail.πŸ™‚

Come on Delcarmen – HOLD THEM!!!!

OK, DelCarmen, we need you to be Dr. Feelgood! Let’s go!
We survived Loopy! WHEW!


I knew that wasnt Judy making that run and catch!!!
Good job Jonathan Van EveryDAY!!!

Great catch!

Go Delcarmen!!! ONE MORE!!!!!

Dr. Feelgood looks GOOD tonight so far~~~

Nice SO, DelCarmen! One more! GO SOX!

Drat. You still need just one more, DelCarmen! GO SOX!

I jinxed him I’m afraid……

I hope DelCarmen is OK! One more, DelCarmen! GO SOX!


they are saying that DelCarmen is favoring his left leg… not good.

I hope Tito has someone warming if DelCarmen is hurt! GO SOX!

Delcarmen looks like something is wrong with him! COME ON!!! Let’s get the last out!!!

No one is warming up yet Greg.

Oh FREAKIN COME ON!!!!!!!!!! Dont do this now!!!!!!


Just great! AND GRADY IS UP!!!! STRIKE HIM OUT!!!!!

Come on manny Del Carmen…… get him out and get us back on the dish!

One more! LET”S GO RED SOX!!!!


GO SAWX!!!!!!!!



GO RED SOX!!!! GET SOME RUNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AND I REALLY HATE THAT DRUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What? You don’t like John Adams’ drum??πŸ˜‰ Better than the cowbells!

Nice hustle Van Every! Let’s get some runs!!
I got here just in time for the rally for the lead!
Good evening, everybody!

Do we have ANYONE warming up for the 9th? We needed to have a backup for DelCarmen!

True Greg – better then cowbells!

Hi Carlos!

You gotta give that one to Sizrmore…. I dont want to but i gotta!!


Okie & Pap are warming up.

I still think that they need to drop Papi in the order! Oh NO JASON>>>> not good……..

?Que’ tal, Carlos? We need all the help we can get!


Hi Julia! Heard you had a really happy birthday!


I did Carlos! Thanks! Our boys winning makes everything good!

So do I, Ellen. Papi should at least move down!

Hola Greg! I guess we’ll have to win this one in extra innings!


i am becoming more and more exasperated with the lag in the posting time on the blog AND SUBMISSIONS NOT GOING THROUGH AT ALL.. We never had this problem before the beginning of this season…….. HEY MLB.COM GET THIS STUFF FIXED!!!!!!!!!!!!

All right, Oki, we need the 07 version! Let’s GO!

I hope that gimpy leg doesn’t put DelCarmen on the DL! GO SOX!

Okey Dokey!!!!! come on bUbba GET IT DONE bring the boys back up!

YESSSSSS nice K, Oki!

THANK YOU OKIE!!!! Two more!!!

Great pitch, Oki! 2 more outs! GO SOX!

NO!!!!! NOT AGAIN!!!!!

Come on guys – GET OUTS!!!!!

SO or DP, Oki! We still need the 2 outs! GO SOX!

pleeeeeze pleeeeeze oh pleeeeze, Oki dont do this to us@!! COME ON OKI GET IN DONE….

THANK YOU JACOBY!!! We love you!!!

Good job Oki! One more! GO SOX!

Seems like Oki is trying to push the ball sometimes , just let it flow.

One more, Oki! GO SOX!

Good grief!! OKIE – NO Walks!! PLEASE!!!

Come one OKI… be OKI DOKI!!!

He always looks like that to me, Ellen. I just chalk it up to his quirky throwing motion! Come on, OKI! GO SOX!


Why oh WHY is this happening again! UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Come on, Oki! Get the last out! GO SOX!

Hey I was #700!!!! Yay me!

Got some Journey on the speaker! COOL!
Come on, OKI! We need the last OUT! GO SOX!



SCORE SOME RUNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RALLY CAPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


BeUUUUUUUtiful pitch, perfect 12-6 location!!!

Great music Greg!!!

If Oki would do that ALL THE TIME, we’d be doing FINE! But I can wish… GO SOX!

Come on Bailey!! Just get on base!

Pap is warming up.

Yep, they got it done. Come on, Sox let’s finish this with a RALLY! GO SOX!

I still want to believe that the JonBon pf 2007 will re-emerge.. So when he comes out I’m going to get behind him… anyone with me????

Red Sox on top!!

“Pap is warming up.” Said without much conviction there, Julia.



Van Every is our EVERY GUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG!!!! Hey he’s a VanEVERYDAY player!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just checked in.Looks like MDC and Oki made it interesting. I don’t want “interesting” from our relievers. Give me lights out all the time, thank you very much bullpen!
Cmon Sox!!!!!!!
These games are all battles to the bitter end. Not always well played but exciting.

Nice HR by Van Every. Lewis had been pitching very well, so all the better! GO SOX! HOLD THE LEAD!

Figures, Lugo.


He is FREAKING USELESS… Bring him to me now and let me punch hi in his scowling little face……. what an ANAL ABYSS!!!!

Wow!!!! JVE!!!!! You rock!
I can hear the crying in the dugout now. Drew Who? Drew Who? Drew Who? Hehehe…

I sure would like to believe we’ll see the 07 Pap/ JonBon(Jovi?), I’m still waiting to see if he’ll show up! Come on, Pap! GO SOX!

They are driving us all to drink Arnie! lol!

COME ON PAP!!!!! Lights out! LET”S DO IT!

Come on, Pappers!! Lights out!

I want to see the Jonathan Papelbon SCARE GLARE….. He looks like Jon Lithgow when he does that…

That was a close one! One down.

Jacoby! WE love you even more!!!!

PAP – STOP IT!!!! We need the win!

Rant and Grant time!!!

Pap, are we trying to make it hard again? Come on, PAP!

Got that right, Julia! Rant and Grant! Come on, Pap!

Pap. Pap. Pap. Not good.


What is WRONG with Pap???????

Come on BUBBA GET THESE GUYS OUT!!!! Get him to hit it on the infield ground and double play it!!!!!!!!!

Come on, Pap, no Shoppach Spree! GO SOX!

Come on! Let’s get an out!

Thank you, Pap. One more! GO SOX!

Yesssssssss nice K Papelbon!!!! Just one out to go!

Don’t worry about the guy at first! Get Sizemore out!

Come on, Pap, one more! Get the OUT!



Umpire has to grant the time out, boneheads!


That was a late call for time – no wonder Grady didn’t get it

Good call, ump!




Come on JonBON!!!!!!!! STRI



A new streak has started!!!!!

YESSSS!!!!! RED SOX WIN!! Great job, Papelbon!

Can you do that every game PLEASE??!

tHATS a much better outing by him than he’s had recently
theeeeeeeeeeeeeee REDSOX WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These games are getting too stressful!


Well done Sox. Van Every saved the day. Errors cost the Sox yesterday and today they cost the Indians. That’s fair.

Oh my – you all with out NESN are missing quite the site – YOU SHOULD SEE JIM RICE!!! The tie is BLINDING!!!

Jonathan Van Every for game MVP! Put him in RF for good, please, Tito!

I agree Greg – he was GREAT!!!!

Law of Averages, Paul?πŸ˜‰
Julia, it’s only APRIL! What are you going to do in August?πŸ˜‰

Great win for the Sox! Did anyone notice the last 3 innings of relief: 5 walks and a hit batsman. And what is Papelbon doing throwing sliders out of the strike zone to Ben Fransisco??? Get after these guys! Our relievers have good stuff, they don’t need to be nibbling around like that.
OK, I’m done.
Go Sox!!!!

Gotta beat the Rays tomorrow! And put up with the cowbells. And the screwed up roof.

Is Jim Rice a college English professor now, Julia? All the English profs I had seemed to be REQUIRED to wear a tacky tie!πŸ˜‰ (Some of them should have been illegal, they were so tacky!)πŸ˜‰ GO SOX! YAY JIM RICE!

Night all – until next time!


Take care, all! GO SOX!

moanin all….well well….how did u all like to see that rt fielder last night dive for a ball and hit a game winner….i know van isnt drew but i tell u what….ill take a plr who gives a poop over drew and his i could care less attitude and effort….i wouldnt want van being my everyday rt fielder unless he keeps producin but thats the attitude all sox fans love…besides if drew would dive like that he would be on the dl for 6 yrs with a bruised pancreas or somethin…..another comeback and some nice bp work…heck with this site …took me 30 mins to get this in…im done….judge

You got that right, Judge! I love to see a player go all out like that.
The bullpen got it done but they gave me serious indigestion doing it.
Great win!!!

Now let’s see the Sox take the Rays to the woodshed.

I looked up last night and saw the right firelder stretched out and flying and JUST KNEW IT WASNT DREW!!!!! I said as much last night. Although we dont know long term what Jonathan Van Every will give to us, its got to be better than Drew in the field.
Regarding the posting problems here, I am just about to email mark newman AGAIN.
see y all later-

Man you guys are tough on Drew — he doesn’t make errors, he is in a bit of slump, is often a clutch hitter, just because he is not expressive, and prone to bumps and bruises, doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a fire inside of him.

Who is his agent? who is Lugo’s agent? Now the agents are guys we can despise for overpricing players — is Boras their agent? The fact that they are overpaid with both of these guys, probably has more to do with their agent than Drew or J.D. That said, Lugo should be paying us 9 mil a year to play him when we are up by 10 runs!!!

New post on RedSoxFunhouse

Please subscribe if you can or comment. That would be cool.

This one is about some of the great deals that Theo Epstein has made including Eric Gagne, Lugo, Drew, Barty Colon, etc.

Now that I think of it — fire Theo…he’s an idiot.

Rays think they have our number (and probably do), plus they haven’t been playing all that well up to now — and are now coming home. They will use home field and the fact that they are playing Boston to fire up and play strong – make their move. With our bullpen heavily used for the past few weeks up to this point — these are going to be four tough games, then onto NY.

It will be interesting to see how we fair over the next 6 games. Our starting pitching really has to come around starting tonight — except for Tim Wakefield — seems like our BP has to pitch half of each game.

A lot of us here prefer players who give their all and don’t hold back. That all-out attitude and performance inspires us and makes us proud of our Sox, win or lose. Even Lugo, who inspires ridicule on an unprecedented level, gets his uniform dirty and goes all out in his futile effort to be a major league baseball player. While I can’t honestly say I would rather watch Lugo play than watch Drew, I can say that he(Lugo) tries. He fails mostly, but he gives it the old Lugo try. Drew has been given more athletic ability in one hand than most of us possess in our entire family and yet he isn’t willing to put it all on the line, do-or-die, on an everyday basis. That’s what sticks in our collective craw as Sox fans. I would take a guy with less talent, though not on a Lugo level of patheticness, and more heart, over Drew’s awesome talent and lax attitude. Drew may be an inferno of competitive fire, but you’d think that after 3 years it would have shown.
Having said all that, I’ll take his clutch RBIs any time. After all, that is his job. And it’s our job to cheer and criticize players as we see fit.
Lastly, I’ll take Drew over Lugo any day.

It will be interesting to see how we fare in this next series vs. Tampa and NY. Even when Tampa has stunk, record-wise, they have always played us tough, and been a thorn in our side. They have had some really good players over there for several years.

I believe that it is show time for Josh Beckett. He is one of our elite pitchers but has not yet shown the form the we have come to expect from him. The Rays will be a good test for him. Go Sox.

Hi all,

Sorry I bombed out last night. Just could not make it back up the stairs to join in. Great commenting, though. What a game! Had my kitty boy, Manny, even going nuts. (He’s a bullpen type of Manny–throws a pretty good fastball.)

Gee…it took a million years to log on here just now. Already called MLB three times the past week. Can Ian help us when he gets back?

BTW, yesterday when a few of us were coming up with alternate names for Papelbon, I ran into this during a break today: Definition of “Pap.” “Worthless or trivial reading matter or entertainment.” Source: Concise Oxford English Dictionary.

Thought that was kind of apt….



Hey All: I havent heard from MLB.COM yet today regarding the posting problems. maybe theyll fix it… HAHA!!
Okay.. Josh, Have a great night on the hill.. We need you!!!
and Please lets get those bats a-crankin’ right off the bat (pun intended!!!lol)

GO SAWX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this could be a devastating series for the rays….if a sweep happens…or even a series loss…could take over a month of great playing to make up….their staff is findin out how hard it is to be consistant…9.5 back is nearly impossible to make up on yanks and redsox…and jays playin great….just a thought…..judge

Ditto!!! Oh please, Beckett be your old self…that’s my mantra for the moment…

There must be something up with Jerry Remy… he hasnt missed this many games since he’s been on NESN… Buck Martinez is ok!! But he’s no Rem Dawg!! We wont know who they are talking about… Who is going to say Pedroi-er
etc…. lol

Oh yes…enjoyed the fabulous pun, Ellen….okay back to the TV!

Come on Jacoby.. get on and steal it!!!

Word must be out that the way to get Jacoby out is with a low and inside pitch — I don’t have a trained eye enough to know if they are curves or splitters — but he seems to be swinging a mile over the top of low-inside pitches over many of his strikes outs.

Garza owned the Sox in the playoffs, he out-pitched Lester twice. Garza is a tough matchup for the Red Sox. He shut them down back at Fenway–3rd game of the season. T.B. is a team that is really struggling and there rotation is the reason why. Lots of talent but as of right now no results. I think if your T.B. you want Garza on that mound and trying to get things rolling again. Boston got there butts handed to them in St. Pete last year. This series will not be easy. It ends with Shields against Penny, Shields has owned the Sox in the dome!

I’m also very interested to watch Beckett tonight. His last start against the Yankees, he got smoked! Boston’s rotation hasn’t done much and I am surprised with there results. Thank heaven for the bullpen and some BIG-TIME clutch hitting! If not for the pen, this team would be under .500 for sure!


That has been the book on Ellsbury, bury him inside. The Rays perfected that in the playoffs last year, Ellsbury couldn’t buy a hit against them in the post-season. The Rays will try to bust Ellsbury inside all weekend long.

Longoria just missed that one.

Where is our friend Ian???

New entry guys — move over there. Let’s close this one.

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