May Day

April is in the books, and at 14-8, it wasn’t a bad month at all for the Red Sox. Especially when you consider that they started 2-6.

But if there are two players the Nation is preoccupied with right now, it has to be Josh Beckett and David Ortiz. Neither star has gotten off to a good start.

Beckett, after pitching a gem in his first start, is 0-for-4 in the quality start department in his last four outings. Most troubling are his last two performances, when he was belted for 15 runs and 20 hits over 9 2/3 innings.

The plus side, however, is that the ace is healthy. He says that, and the radar gun backs it. For some reason, his location has been off. He is leaving the  ball in the upper portion of the zone.

Then there is Big Papi, who has yet to leave the yard. Yes, a homerless April for the big man.

Ortiz is of more concern right now than Beckett because of his age, and the fact he didn’t hit consistently after coming back from the wrist injury last year.

Papi did do a nice job of going to the Opposite Field on the last home stand, peppering several balls off the Monster. But he’s yet to really turn on a pitch to right or right-center.

Again, it’s only a month. Players usually revert to who they are. My prediction is that Beckett and Ortiz both have a strong month of May and we are dwelling on someone else’s struggles when June starts.

In other news, Daisuke Matsuzaka is likely to begin a rehab assignment for Triple-A Pawtucket on Tuesday. He will go three innings in that one, and likely make another one after that.


O Well… Brian didnt make the 5 minute time to lead off so I guess I’ll give it a shot tonight. maybe I can say all the right things.. that would be a first.
maybe if I beg and plead and grovel…
Dear RedSox Players Staff and Coaches..
May I please have a win tonight?? If you win, tomorrow I will wash all of your laundry, cars and I will clean all the windows in your homes. I will mow, edge and water all of your lawns, clean your pools,feed and walk your pets take your garbage out, sort your recycling. I will do all these things and all you have to do tonight is beat the Freakin Tampa Bay Rays.
What do you say guys?? Huh?? Is it a deal????

I am crossing my fingers for a Win tonight!! .. I will be at the game tomorrow night… Soo It’s time to kick that winning spirit back in gear! Let’s Go Red Sox Lets Go!!!!

Jkel: Have a great time tomorrow night and take some ear plugs I understand those cowbells can get very annoying, even more so in person!!!! GO SAWX!!!

Ellen — that is quite an offer — perhaps you should offer th same for the season if the FO will only play the players who deserve to play based on performance and not because of their contracts.

I really don’t think I can stand another season of watching a certain infielder never spark team, not even once, and cost the team on other occasions. It really saps the joy out of watching our team somewhat when players with lesser contracts out play over the better part of month what a higher contract player hasn’t been able to do in two years. And I get it that they need to raise the value of a player to even a minimum trade-able value, but it just isn’t going to happen in this case. So what kind of deal can we put together for the FO to help them realize the only solution to a cement block is to cut the rope/chain that ties you to it?

On a more encouraging tenor, the Red SOX just have to capture back some success at Trop field and take some victories this series. Remember, we were 2-6 before we rattled off 9 straight at home — we need to make sure we are not part of the Rays doing the same thing.


dgn: I said something along that same line of thinking my last post on the last thread. Its like he brings everyone down and they are waiting to have to clean up his mess or make up for what he doesnt do. (BTW Lugo is in the lineup tonight). He is the NON catalyst, the one who takes the bubbles out of the champagne.. I still think they should drop Papi in the line up. Not only could it help the team, it could help him by taking some of the pressure off of him!!
Hopefully SOON they’ll see that!!

dgn: maybe I should offer to have my alterego TRIXIE fulfill those promises I made earlier.. POM POMS and all!!!

I wonder how Papi is doing in BP?? That could be a key, dom’t you think??

Oh there is one condition for all those promises: That SenorEZ (LOPEZ) DOES NOT PITCH!!!!!


Hey Ian — if you are monitoring our gab — I would really love to have a straight answer to my question below (someday from some one in the Red Sox org via you or some form) — even if it is — you know we can’t answer that question. But here it goes anyway…..

Rather than harp on Lugo all year, my question is, why does this org stick with him?

I suppose I would answer that question along this line — you know we can’t answer that question, because (a) it would demoralize Lugo even further, and (b) it would work against any future trade we could somehow muster — (c) and we are doing everything we can to find a correction.

But if I were running this org and I did think somewhat along the lines above, I would also want to send a message to my players that (a) we stand behind you, but (b) we also will and must reward the player who deserves most to play because of his performance.

It sure seems like the $$$ get into the equation and skew things to the detriment of the team and we try in vain to squeeze return out of bad expensive investments, rather than cultivate the good alternative options already at hand.

Is there anyway we could get a straight answer on why the this team seems to stick so long with expensive decisions over those that demonstrate greater potential return on the field? Do they really hold out hope — or are they blinded by their pocket books, as it seems to most of us who are not so close or “in the know”.

Another wasted op….

Any chance that Lugnuts could be nominated for the Supreme Court. That is a lifetime job.

Good Question.. This way we could rip the person who derseves most to be ripped!!!

At this moment it feels like theres a hex on us at the Trop. Can they build their new stadium by tomorrow??
Beautiful throw by Tek to get Upton at 3rd… and Justin blew a great pitch by Eva Longoria to KO him!!!

Good one Phil!!

Ian said at the end of May we’ll be dwelling on someone else’s struggles come June. Something tells me we’ll still be dwelling on Ortiz’s struggles a month from now. He showed a glimpse in some at bats at Fenway but overall a HORRENDOUS month of April for Ortiz. Ortiz opened his mouth and said the Red Sox need another bat. My reply then and it remains the same at this time, Ortiz is the bat that this Red Sox team needs. When Ortiz is up, the Red Sox are playing with 2 outs that inning.

Beckett on the other hand says his velocity is there which is true. Remember a season ago, Beckett had good velocity for a good part of the year but still struggled. I’m not saying Beckett is hurt/injured like he was last year ( he was never healthy in 2008 from what I could see ) but the bottom line with Beckett this year, he is fooling nobody. He had that great start back on Opening Day but nothing after that.

Sonnastine was a guy that owned the Sox last September and it baffles me that Sonnastine did own the Sox last year. I watch him pitch and nothing jumps out at me. I watch Garza and you can see he has filfthy stuff! Sonnastine is a guy that Boston should hit! This Rays pen last year was dynamite all season long but this year they are struggling. Get into that Rays pen tonight, let’s get these bats rolling and get back in the win column!

I’ll be there tomm. night. Wakefield in the dome is usually a good thing and Boston will be facing the Rays 5th starter–Jeff Nieman—a tall goof from what I can see.

Let’s face it Lugo makes 9 million dollars, that kind of money finds there way into the lineup. Also to deal away Lugo, you must play him and hope he helps the team win but more importantly, somehow someway he gets his trade value up! I think Boston will end up dealing Lugo come late July and eat a good portion of that contract. They had to do it with Renteria so they’ll have to do it again with Lugo. Theo has done a POOR job at s.s. but more importantly has cost the Red Sox millions with his poor descion making at the s.s. position! I know it is not good to get on Theo here but he gets all the props for the good stuff ( he certainly deserves it ) he also should get blame—You can’t pick and choose as I like to say. I call it the way I see it.

Way to waste it J-GO…

I hope Beckett, Penny and Masterson are watching Masterson tonight, they might learn something. Masterson works quick and throws strikes—Masterson doesn’t B.S. on that mound and I love that about him!

Obviously Masterson can’t watch himself, I meant to say Lester instead. I have had 3 vodka and cranberry in the last 10 minutes. LOL….Grey Goose of course.

Dice-K with a 3 inning stint at A.A.A. In other words, 100 pitches!

Go Brian, Go Brian!!!! No wonder you didnt make leadoff tionight!!! lol oh btw… Have one for me… (no liquor for me.. if you want instant bitch, just add vodka!!lol)

Come on Youk… break it open!!!

Good Job Youk!!!! Pedey dont try to steal home!!! lol

Bring em home JD!!! Do IT!!


Way to go Youk! Let’s get em home, guys! We need RUNS for Masterful tonight!
Hey, all, Julia advised me she would be out this weekend at a school music festival. Ellen, we’ll have to do without your cheering sister tonight!


Happy Hour in Florida is a lovely thing. LOL….

Bay let it fly!

I’ll take it!!

Good eye, J-Bay! Let’s get some more runs, guys! GO SOX!
How’s everyone doing tonight?

Where is Julia?

Lowell swing away!

Get into that Rays pen. Sonnastine’s pitch count is rising.

Ellen, did you read the above post? Julia is out this weekend. GO SOX!

Masterson can watch himself, Brian, in a mirror! Narcissism at its best!

Sorry, missed that one… oops my blonde!!!


Doing well and yourself? Watching Masterson throwing strikes. I have more confidence in him right now than I do Beckett and Lester.

Masterson should give the Sox 6 or more solid innings!

that would be JGo that has the mirror in his pocket!!!

Good to see Masterful is doing well! Good to see us getting on base, also! GO SOX! I’m great, thanks–let’s keep it that way with a WIN!😉

Masterson getting in a groove–music to our ears!:)


Not sure about that Masterson visual in the mirror. LOL…

Bucs new head coach threw out the first pitch, he looks about 20 or so. It will be a long season for the Bucs in 2009. The Pats play them in England and the Pats will put 40 points on them. Brady is back, do I have to say more?

Do we need to bury a jersey at the Trop if there’s a hex on us there? Hmmm…

That’s always my answer, Brian, when someone says, “watch your mouth, watch what you are saying”, etc. “Gimme a mirror, I can watch what I’m saying!” Hmmm…;)

I t would be nice if the guys could start piling them on now..

LugNuts on base? THAT’S PROGRESS!

Nice hit for Lugo.. Time to capitalize on one..

Our “old friend, David Wells”? THAT’S and oxymoron!

Great…Sundays game is on TBS.. .and the broadcast team includes our old David “Skinny” Wells. THAT should be VERY interesting!!l lol

Brian, right now, apart from Wake, Masterson is the ONLY pitcher in the rotation I have confidence in right now!

OOOH GEE I cant wait to see Craig Sayer’s neon rainbow collection of suits again!!

Come on, Masterful! GO SOX!

Nice jo, Dustin and Youk! Keep it up! GO SOX!

I obviously cannot type tonight–and I don’t drink! Hmmm…

Whoa!!! bad hop and Youk took care of it,, nice Job Youk!!

Nice play, Youk! GO SOX!

These nice quick innings are exactly what we need for Masterful to go deep into the game! GO SOX!

Why, oh WHY, are we playing ANY games in England, Paris, Tokyo, New Dehli, or anywhere else? (Sorry Jambo!)

NFL games, that is!

Come on, Youk! Nice 2B! GO SOX!
Good, the Bruins are leading!

Good Job JD and YOUK!!

Nice job, JD! Good running, JD and Youk! Let’s get some more runs! GO SOX!

Drat! Nice play.

You’ve been doing great, Masterful! Get the DP! GO SOX!

Not good, Justin, still need the SO or DP. GO SOX!

One more, Masterson! GO SOX!


This will be the 3rd N.F.L. game in England. Dolphins–Giants back in 2007–Saints–Chargers in 2008 and the Pats vs Bucs in 2009. N.F.L. wants to go international. I think it is foolish they do that. The Bucs are giving up a home game. I wouldn’t be happy if I was a Bucs fan. I have never understood why the pro’s go international to play games!

All I want from Masterson is 6 solid innings and then the pen comes in. Longoria up, trouble!


They’ve been playing games in Miami and the last time I checked that was international. LOL….I think you need a passport to get into Miami. HA..HA..HA..HA…

Nope, figures. Get into trouble like that, not putting hitters away, you’ll pay for it.


A grand sam, that ball was crushed!

Here we go again!

Grand Slam or grand sam, it counts for 4 runs…Pena all over that one!

Is Van Every available to pitch tonight?

I know well, Brian, that this is the 3rd game to be played in Jolly Ole England. I didn’t like it from the start, and my opinion has only hardened against it.

I can’t understand why the NFL (nor MLB!) wants to go international, either, Brian. NFL Europe struck me as where football players’ careers went to die.

Brian, you are not going to get any pushback regarding Theo’s moves at SS. He HAS botched that postion ever since the end of the 04 season. Given that we needed to trade Nomar, Cabrera needed to be signed to an extension then. He AT LEAST would have been with us through 07(based on Drew’s and LugNut’s contracts), and Cabrera certainly would not have COST us the 07 WS, like Lugo could have! By then, we could have had **** developed, if we had not signed Cabrera past 07, and we would not have been throwing good money at empty SS investments through FA! Maybe Lowrie will develop, maybe Green will develop. But our SS woes, I am convinced, go back to that lack of a gameplan after letting Nomar, and then Cabrera, go. And that is on Theo!

That is “A Shortstop” developed.

They are doing better when I’m not on here.. so……..

Greg: LOL Instead of devloping A shortstop they acquired as a*s*s

g’night, i’, really gone now i was right… they screwed up as son as i came back see y’all tomorrow

Well…as they say in the record books — wait till next year.


I hope DelCarmen keeps up that kind of success throughout the season!

Good, one Boston team won tonight! Nice going, Bruins!

Hi all. Just checked in but I am not sure that I should have! I think it is back out in the yard to prune the rose bush! It looks like the Rays were able to find a team to beat to correct their errant ways. They really seem to have our number. Go Sox.

Hey, Paul. Have a good night!

Thanks Greg. Are you bailing out now?

No, just thought you were out for the evening with the rosebushes!🙂

Yeah, I am. I was just checking the hockey playoffs and it looks like the Bruins are rolling. They will be there at the end this year. Probably up against Detroit but anything can happen. Take care.

Nice work by both DelCarmen and Ramirez. Those guys are getting it done, at least!

Well, par for the course for the Sox in Tampa. Night all, I’m out!

I should probably post this tomorrow — probably get more response then, and nobody is gonna like this comment — but the Rays are a better team than we are — that’s why they keep beating us. If we could get our starting pitching act together, maybe we could have a slight edge there, but we haven’t been able to. Then look at it offensively position by position, they are equal to or stronger than we are at every position. Lets call Bay, Pedroia, and Youk a tie or small plus over the Rays counterparts offensively — but every other position, they are stronger offensively than we are. I hate to say this, but I bet they take us again this year. Unless our pitching can totally dominate them later in the season, they are going to beat us, we can’t out hit them.

dgn: I have a couple of thoughts about your post.
While it’s true that we cant seem to beat them now, we seem to be the only team that they CAN beat. and also true that our pitching is definitely our low point right now, I think that will change, (for the better). I’m not seeing a sweep by the Rays this time and see a split coming. (I think you are “the glass is 1/2 empty” guy and I am “the glass is 1/2 full” girl in this particular case.. then again I forever wear rose colored glasses and think I was Polyanna in another life, lol). Also.. I know that a lot of people are saying that “It’s still too early to tell”.. (It’s never TOO early), but I don’t think that the sky is falling..YET

With the results we have seen to this point—I would have to slightly agree with Dgneubert–T.B. has won 4 of the 5 games and one of the wins was 15-0. Garza owns the Red Sox, Sonnastine for some reason seems to pitch well against the Red Sox. Shields does well against the Sox in the dome, Fenway is another story for Shields. Kazmir has pitched some gems against the Sox, even when T.B. were cellar dwellars. I think it is a match-up issue and Boston brings out the best in the Rays. I think the scary thing is David Price is in the minors. The Rays have the best arm any team will add during the season. There pitching will be even better with Price. We all knew when the season started the East was going to be tough, would we want it any other way???? I wouldn’t, I love watching these teams beat each other up, so far the Rays are beating up the Red Sox but that will change and tonight is the night!

The Red Sox starting pitching is getting hammered, game after game. Masterson was so good and then the roof caved in. Once again Boston turns to a vet, Wakefield. He needs to come up big tonight and the bats should hit Nieman with no problem. Nieman shouldn’t even be in the big leagues, certainly not as a starter.

… However, I would invest in umbrellas and a real good hard-hat just in case…

Brian: How many Grey Goose’s did it take to make that game “un-painful”?

On a new day and after considering Ellen’s and BoSoxBrain’s comments, I still think I was pretty close to reality “right now”– however, the only way to out-hit (and ultimately beat) the Rays right now is to out-pitch them, which I can think we can do if we do a 180 on pitching.

Our bullpens match up pretty good, maybe we have slight edge – but no real proof of that yet, but on paper it would seem so. So its going to come down to starting pitching, and we all know where we are there, and of course should not be.

We have shown we can get to Kazmir and Shields in the past. For the life of me, I can’t understand why we can’t pummel Sonnastine, and even though Garza owns us, the book on him is that he can unravel. And even with David Price, if we are all cylinders, we can match or out-pitch them.

Whichever team holds the other to two runs or less wins.

So our offense needs to be strong enough to score a few runs (which it can do), and our starting pitching needs to be near perfect until we get back in these guys heads a bit. Unfortunately our SP is leaking way before theirs these days — and so their swagger builds.

Maybe we should align our number five pitcher against Garza — and make sure we take the rest of the games for now🙂

I just figured out what is wrong with Ortiz🙂 — his apparent selection of “best friends”? Either the SOX web-site is doing one heck of a PR job on certain short-stop (why are they constantly quoting him these days?), or someone remind Ortiz that misery loves company — we need to get him befriending Youk, Ped, and Bay, change his mentality back to clutch🙂.

I think it’s time to get the voodoo dolls out to counter the Lugnuts Hex. Quoting the ss like he is some some sort of authority doesn’t say much for Tito. If Papi isn’t performing, do the right thing and either rest him or drop him down in the order and relieve some of the pressure on him. It might be counterproductive but it might be worth the risk.

Ive got my Rays Voodoo Dolls out today Phil… Who should get the 1st jab??? and where??

I think we have to jab Lugnuts- the basic cause of the problem- first and jab him where it hurts. Then jab Longoria and Pena. They seem to do the most damage.

In the future we have to attack their pitchers. Garza, Shields and Kazmir. But right now the focus should be on Lugnuts.

So that means jab him in the brain, right?? Wait he has to have one 1st!!! Actually , we need to Jab Tito in the hand each time he tries to write Lugo’s name on the line up card.. maybe he’ll get the message….

I making my Terry Francona doll now…

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