Another Lucky 7 for the Celtics?

As the faithful readers of this blog know. every now and then we take the conversation away from baseball. Tonight, we have Game 7 of an epic Celtics-Bulls Series at the TD Banknorth Garden. I’m not sure you could have a more competitive, exciting playoff series than this. Throw away Game 3, and every game has been epic.

Anyway, Game 7 at home brings back a lot of great memories. Here is a look at the last quarter-century of Celtics Game 7’s in Boston.

1984 Eastern Conference Semifinals, Celtics vs. Knicks: With constant cries of MVP from the packed house, Larry Bird puts on what had to rank as one of his top five performances of all-time. The Bird man scored 39, and I believe also had a triple double. Just a breathtaking performance and this game was never close.

1984 NBA Finals, Celtics vs. Lakers: Cedric Maxwell: “Jump on my back, boys.”. The Max Man lived up to his word, scoring 24 points, grabbing a bunch of rebounds and devouring the Lakers in side. Dennis Johnson also had a huge game. Danny Ainge gave them a spark off the bench with some big outside shots. Bird put it away with four free throws in the last minute or two. It was a great ending to a classic Series.

1987 Eastern Conference Semifinals, Celtics vs. Bucks: Much like the ’09 edition, the Celtics were battered during this playoff run. McHale was playing on a broken foot, Parish was playing on a badly sprained ankle, Walton was pretty much out of the mix at this point with a cracked bone in his foot. But Larry Bird was healthy and in his prime. The lasting memory of this game is Parish and McHale, despite their injuries, getting one offensive putback after another. And DJ made the play of the game with about two minutes left, chasing down Parish’s block and jumping out of bounds as he threw the ball off Jack Sikma. Boston ball, Boston’s series. The Celtics were down 8 in the fourth quarter. With Danny Ainge hobbling off with a leg injury, Jerry Sichting hit a couple of key hoops in the fourth.

1987 Eastern Conference Finals, Celtics vs. Pistons: Sort of the last hurrah of greatness in the Bird era if you think about it, as this victory punched the last ticket to the Finals for that storied group. Speaking of Bird, he was simply magnificent, going for 37 points. Still, the Pistons wouldn’t go away, even after Vinny Johnson and Adrian Dantley head-butted each other early in the fourth quarter, forcing the exit of two key Detroit players. Key sequence of the game came with about three minutes left when the Celtics got maybe five offensive rebounds on the same possession and Danny Ainge banged out a 3 to finish the possession. The Pistons were pretty much done after that. Unfortunately, they would get their revenge the next year.

1988 Eastern Conference Semifinals, Celtics vs. Hawks: Yes, we all know about the duel between Bird and Dominique. But this game was so much more than that. This was pretty much a two-point game from the opening possession on. Just a classic game in every way. Bird had done nothing in the first three quarters, scoring 14 points, and hitting the front rim on several outside shots. But he literally came out of the phone booth in the fourth quarter, going 9-for-10, and just willing some of those shots. His three from the left side made it 112-105 Boston with about two minutes left. But the Hawks hung in, until Bird finished them off by, as Johnny Most screamed, “Going right to left with a left-handed scoop shot!”. Bird completely deked Dominique on the play, and coasted to the basket uncontested as the shot clock expired. This is when Brent Musberger hollered, “You are watching what Greatness is all about.”

2005 Eastern Conference quarterfinals, Celtics vs. Pacers. Can we just forget this game ever happened? Just an embarrassing letdown by the Celtics. Simply awful.

2008 Eastern Conference quarterfinals, Celtics vs. Hawks. A complete clinic of Celtics defense. KG manhandled the Hawks all day and this game, other than maybe 2-0, was never close. This series should have never gone seven.

2008 Eastern Conference seminfinals, Celtics vs. Cavs. This is right up there with the Bird-Dominique game. Just two teams who played their hearts out, and two superstars who all but refused to lose. PJ. Brown hit a huge jump shot to help seal the win. The signature moment was Pierce cradling a loose ball on the floor, and then his wobbly free throw that he thought “Red might have put in”. Lebron had nothing to be ashamed of in this one. The Celtics were the better team and Paul Pierce somehow matched his heroics.

Just about game-time. Chime in with any Sox or Celtics-related comments tonight.


well i think i have some more tito jumpers joinin my parade…ofcourse he might be instructed from the front office of some of his moves or non moves… if thats the case tho then hes a worse manager than i give em credit for…but….tito isnt the one in the box or on the bump….i know im almost fed up with drew,lugo,and papi….thats like 40 mill rt?…..lester im less concerned with than beckett tho…beck better start usin that curveball more and move them off the plate….penny is a start away from being replaced i think too…hell a kid could some experience here..lopez i wont even complain about cause to me that fool shouldnt even be in the majors…maybe hes drews boyfriend….time to get dirty guys….play friggin ball….no one has said much on yuke either…hes battin almost 400 and has like 15 rbis…not easy to do in boston….more clutch hits please….bay and mikey cant do it all guys….i hate when franky unloads the whole bench in one day but maybe its time to do it….its also time to put master back in the pen where hes needed….dump loopy…call up bard….and buch….sell penny for a dime….and play ball like u should…judge……….GO SOXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

I’m not jumping in or joining the Tito Parade.. I just dont want him writing Lugo’s name on the lineup card… or Senor Ez’s for that matter (I’ll just call them J-Go and J-Lo from now on).
Drew did give it a harder try last night to no avail.. We need the 2 bigger bats to get busy again… Jbay and Youk.
Off to shop, see y’all a little later…. Go Sawx… Istillbelieve, DO YOU???

Criticizing Tito, given his track record here, is ludicrous. Unlike fans and media, Tito doesn’t make short-sighted decisions with the mission of going 162-0. His mission, pure and simple, is to put this team in the best position to make the playoffs and win in the playoffs once they get there. To him, everything else is secondary.

Ian, not criticizing Francona… I just dont want him writing Lugo’s name on the line-up card… I give him too much credit to EVER criticiaze him… No other manager has ever done for the Nation what he has…and he continues to do great things… but this thing with Lugo?? I’m confused.


Lugo and “Loopy” Lopez. I don’t want to see them in the lineup or rotation, either. But I am FAR from being in an “Anti-Tito” camp. GO SOX!

You get your wish tonight. Green is playing short. Lugo on the bench.


This Bulls–Celtics series has been one of the most exciting series of all time. One thriller after another. Ray Allen put on a show the other night, one of the best offensive performances I have ever seen in the playoffs. Allen was hitting shots from Soldiers Field. Boston is at home and have lots of experience during a game 7, give the edge to Boston tonight. Pierce was unreal during the game 7 vs Cleveland last year. Someone in green must step it up tonight. Pierce? Allen? Rondo? Perhaps someone else like Davis or Perkins.

When it comes to Lugo, it is very simple—9 million doesn’t watch games, they find there way into the lineup. Of course Boston will say it has nothing to do with that, please!

Wakefield needs to continue to pitch the way he has if Boston wants too win tonight. I would like to see a starter go at least 6 innings, is that possible? This bullpen is one of the best in baseball and if the starters continue too stink it up, this bullpen will be on empty come summer.

Boston should be able to hit Niemann tonight, maybe Ortiz will hit a longball tonight. If he can’t a H.R. against Niemann, when will he???? Perhaps Ortiz needs to dip into some P.E.D.’s. Did I write that? LOL…..

Green in at s.s. that means he’ll have 2 hits! Good stuff.

I’ll be at the Trop tonight, rooting hard for the Sox too snap out of it. Wakefield’s career numbers are good in St. Pete and he is on a roll, one of the hottest pitchers in baseball is Wakefield.

Thanks Ian for defending Tito though I don’t know why anyone on here should have to defend him. Baseball is too long of a season to try to figure out what went wrong on a day to day basis. You’ll drive yourself crazy trying to do that and it’s not the way baseball folks with vision think. It’s a matter of winning about 92-100 games through injuries and slumps and whatever else pops up from April to October. That also means losing 60 or so games. You can’t be on every game and over 162 games there will be some downs. I think the people who deal with that best are the players because they are quick to put a bad loss behind them and start fresh the next day. It will be a long season for folks who think one bad loss or one bad outing for a pitcher means the season is lost. As for Tito…..give it a rest. He isn’t always the reason they lose. He isn’t always the reason they win. Time to put it in perspective….Tito is a decent manager who does not panic….a calming influence is one of the best traits a manager can have over the long haul. Go Sox!!!!!!

Craig, long-time-no-see/hear. How are you? Have you been foolwing the goings-on with the Sox and on Brownie Points? Hope to hear from you more often, sticking up for Tito! GO SOX!

Well its a tough problem to fix once you start juggling a position. Coco and Elsbury had a tough time last year. I suspect it will be difficult for Nick Green to maintain his present clip of .300 hitting if he has to sit on the bench for at least two out of three games minimum. And of course that is the same argument Tito will undoubtedly have to give for playing Lugo more — give him a chance to get on roll. Problem is he had two years to do so, and never produced. Not saying year three could not be his break out year — hey if we could beat they Yanks four straight in ’04 — maybe Lugo can break out finally. Yea right.

What’s a manager to do? I suppose put equal pressure on both to perform — pressure can’t hurt in some ways — prepares them for post-season pressure — coming through when you have to — and I guess reward the player who plays best all things considered.

Hi Greg,
I am still here. The only computer in my house I can get on the site with is my wife’s laptop. Not sure why my desktop isn’t able to log on. My daughter uses this one a lot for college but she is at her boyfriend’s today so I snagged this one!!!!!! I do follow you guys when I can’t log on. Anyone who was here last year will tell you that I was a huge Tito backer last year as he ended my pain back in 04. I like the fact that he doesn’t panic or make knee jerk decisions. He has been successful and sometimes I think we Red Sox fans have been spoiled the last 5 years and have forgotten where we came from. I am glad we have Tito and as I said last year….it would not take long for some other team to snag him as soon as the Sox let him go. Ask the Yankees how long it took the Dodgers to snag Torre!!!!!!! GO SOX!!!!!!!!


Well said Craig… Great to see you back around here! Missed you!

Well guys, I have to miss the first couple of innings tonight.. I’ve rsvp’d for an “all class get together” (the high school just turned 50).. but I am rushing back to watch from the 4th (hopefully) on.
Can someone do my cheering (my idobelieve’s for me,please??? I’ll do the pregame before I leave.. without me watching they will kick as*s probably…..

tito is exactly what ian called him….”decent”….and i havent called for him to be replaced either…but….how hard do u think it is to manage this team or the teams hes had since hes been here….i think the manny thing went on too long but i dont know what was going on in the house….i know pushing the help and fightin with 2 teamies and then continually faking injuries was allowed to go on too long…decent is a good word i guess for him….but this team is one of the best in baseball…what manager wouldnt want to manage this talent… far as i know every decision that is made is the managers…if its not then he isnt a manager but a middle man….so when loopy,lugo, and so on are used it is his decision…anyways he isnt doing the pitching or hitting….time for players to step up….judge

I’ll do a nice cheer your absense when the game starts but no one can replace the Trixie “Pom Pom” girl…

thanks craig!!!! I wish I could send you the Pom-Poms,,, but I guess my Idobelieves and WOOOOOOOOOOO-WOOOOOOOOO’s will do just fine!!!!

Alright—- Trixie is on her wayout the door… So I’ll leave you all with this: Wake, Have a GREAT night!!! I know you can do it buddy!! Guys.. PLEASE make the bats the way they were before we met up with these guys….
6-1-7-10… COME ON SOX LET’S WIN AGAIN!!!!!
(i’m glad that you s put up woth me!!!!)
Take care of the cheering Craig!!!!! (please and thankyou!)

Tito uses what the FO provides him…he doesn’t do the wheeling and dealing…..sometimes you don’t have 9 all stars to put in the lineup….now if Tito bats Lugo in the 4-spot…..that would be his fault. Haven’t seen him do that yet….

I will be checking in a little later. We’ve got a Derby party going on here. Will be posting a little later. Come on, Wake! GO SOX!

What the heck is a derby party????

6-1-7-10… COME ON SOX LET’S WIN AGAIN!!!!!

Straight from Ellen’s comment block!!!!!!! Can’t do any better than that!!!! Will check in later….hopefully Tito will make every right move and the players execute….

Kentucky Derby, Craig. My folks (mother’s side) are from Louisville, so it is an annual thing. I’d rather watch the Sox!

Copy that Greg…..enjoy!!!! Family always comes first…the Sox will always wait!!!!!!!

Way to go Nancy!!!!!!! These are the Sox I know…..make this pitcher work!!!!!!

Lugo on the bench is not far enough away. Send him to Disneyworld!!!

Right on Pangelotti….

If this pitcher is around for a while….Papi gets his first homer tonight…

Glad to see Green come through. Good to see Pedroia take a pitch to give Ells a chance to steal. Pedroia then comes through to bring Ells home. That’s palying ball!!!

Oh, and Arnie, since you mentioned you are living in that OTHER Louisville, we’re the Louisville, Kentucky crowd!😉

5-1! THAT’S more like it!! GO SOX!
Phil, I’m with you–LugNuts on the bench is not far enough away. (Although I’m not sure the Broder Patrol is the best idea–he might hit his own guys!) Hmmm…

WAY TO GO, J-BAY! Get him home, guys! Nice hustle!
Come on. MIKE! GO SOX!

SAFE AT 2B! Nice steal, J-Bay! GO SOX!

Drat! OK, Kot, get him home! Extend this lead!

Nice running, J-Bay! And nice catching, Navarro! GO SOX!

Green plays Shortstop — Sox win.
Lugo plays shortstop — Sox lose.
Can we see a PATTERN HERE!!!!

BB! OK, Nick, get em HOME! GO SOX!

Yes, Dave, Lugo on bench, GOOD! That is obvious.

Way to go Green!!!


Hi all. Am I missing something? Why is Nick Green not starting every game? Who is Joe Nieman? Are the Rays just giving a AAA guy a chance is the rubber game or is he a regular starter? Go Sox.

Drat! Keep up the good work, guys! Come on, WAKE!
I’ll be checking back in, in a little while! (Nice time to get an update!) GO SOX!

Greg- I didn’t say which side of the border the Deadly Duo would patrol!!

I’m writing a satire now on Lugo and his effect on history. It’s hysterical. I’ll let you know when it’s complete.
I’m also writing one on Mike Lowell’s dating service.

Both will appear on:
So subscribe as Arnie’s putting up some entries as well.

I love you Wakefield. This is the year of Wakefield!

Hey…where is everyone?

Hey…where is everyone?

OK Sox–Let’s get some runs!!!

C’mon Wake- No WALKS!!!! Watch him Tito!!!

6-2 now, OK! Come on, Wake! SO or DP!

Touche’, Phil!

Another Walk and Tito should pull him. Let’s not wait until it’s too late.

Come on, Wake, we need to finish this inning! GO SOX!

Have they mentioned, Phil, who is in the BP?
Anyone warming up?
Nice job, Wake! One more! GO SOX!

Hey everyone! The game is going great! I’m sorry that I haven’t been talking to you all lately but I’ve been busy with school and Ball Practice.

How is everyone doing?

I hope Kot is OK! Come on, Wake! GO SOX!

Good one, Buck! GO SOX!

That’s it. Tito should pull him now. Go to the bullpen. Don’t wait any longer!!

Hey Conny, doing well? Is that Baseball practice (a la your photo)?

This is where Tito blows games!!!

Yep, should have pulled him, I think.

Well, he survived. Let’s see if we can get some more runs, and get the lead back! GO SOX! We need a rally now!

This is what is called poor management!!! If they blow this game it is Tito’s fault!!!

Tropicana is a dead zone for the Sox. Hopefully Tito will replace Wakefield now. Please. Go Sox.

LANCE CORMIER did well tonight? Whodathunk THAT??!

Hey, Paul, doing well? How are the rosebushes? They ran for the roses in my mother’s hometown (Louisville, KY)!🙂

Come on, Jacoby! GO SOX!

Nice job, Jacoby! GO SOX!

That was 2 years ago but my dad said we should send Garry that picture. I’ve grown since then. lol. Go Sox!

Nice SB, Jacoby! Get him home, Dustin! GO SOX!

Is that the ball practice you are referring to, though, Conny? Are you playing baseball?
So, is Jacoby stealing home again?😉 GO SOX!


Papi hasn’t been doing that, though, Buck! GO SOX!

Hey Greg. The rose bushes are history. A lot of people lost them this winter. Just a few little shoots showing up. Jacoby is super on the base paths–we need this run. Go Sox.

Good job getting on base, Papi. Let’s get em home, Youk! GO SOX!

I HATE the Florida stadium. It’s noisy, it’s ugly (with all due respect) and Joe Migrane really drives me nuts.

Oh! my bad Greg. yea that is the ball practice I’m talking about. Baseball Practice. Lets get a couple runs here Sox!

Please guys…don’t tear into Tito. The bullpen is overworked and he’s desperate not to wear them out and lately they’ve been doing just that.

It would be nice to take this game since they will lose tomorrow with Brad Penniless and Lugnut Lugo going in the game. I’m sure when Brad gives up 18 runs in one inning he’ll say “I feel good and that’s just baseball that I gave up a run or two. ”

Yeah. Go Sox. Youk comes through again! Go Sox.

Way to go Youk!!! Let’s keep it going!!!

They got more runs…more proof that Lugo needs to take a trip to Mexico.

What’s up with Jason Bay?

Tito..why didn’t you just replace DREW instead of Jason Bay. Drew is the strikeout king…but I guess you know that already.

Good, Youk got a 2B! Good job, guys!
Celtics were leading nearing halftime, I just noticed! WIN GAME 7!

Is Carlos on the LugNuts and Loopy welcoming committee? Hmmm…

We seem to have this thing about leaving runners in scoring postion!

Tito left Wakefield in to allow him to get credit for a win. I don’t fault him for that but not at the expense of blowing a game.

Thanks, Conny!

I can’t understand him leaving Wakefield in. Why must Oki come in with a man on base. Again, not picking on Tito if he doesn’t deserve it.

I hope J-Bay will be OK shortly!
I understand not criticizing Tito for wanting to keep the BP fresher and not wanting to stretch them more than we have to, Dave. I’d have pulled Wake last inning though, and would have let Oki start this inning, now that Wake did finish the 5th. Oki has not done as well recently with inherited runners, so that’s begging for trouble. Let’s see if Oki gets it done, though! GO SOX!

Yes, but OKI has not been as effective in that role, Buck.

Sorry about the miscommunication Greg. Lets hold them Sox!

Way to go Oki!!! Let’s get some runs!!!

Good, Oki finished the inning. GO SOX!


Atta Boy MIKEY!!!!!!!!!!! Way to go Sox!

I think Tito has done a pretty amazing job managing the bullpen considering the recent performance of the starting pitchers. I thought he did the right thing letting Wake come out to start the 6th. The one thing about a knuckler is that he can have quick and easy innings. I think it was worth the chance in the interest of saving a bullpen inning…… very nice job by Okajima. The Sox bullpen, except Lopez, has been really good.

Bay likely screwed up his ankle stealing second base. He shouldn’t be out long if it’s just a bruise. The Sox don’t have a lot of depth in the outfield right now.

I don’t like some of Tito’s in game decisions, but that’s mostly because I’m an old time player and I think players should do more. With the way the game is played today, I guess most of his decisions are sound. Like Brian said way earlier, it’s tough to chastise him in view of his track record.

Hey, Conny, how old are you? (You’re accustomed to places that aren’t always PG-13, right?)🙂 Is Conny a nickname for Connor, or is that your actual name?

Thank you for putting the picture of my dad and me up on the Brownie Brigade.

I’m 14. lol. Like i said I’ve grown since that picture. And my name is Conrad but my dad calls me Conny.

Walking Pedroia to get to Papi– that must be a first. Let’s go Papi!!!

If you’re David Ortiz, you have to be just a little embarrassed. It’s amazing that they would intentionally walk Pedroia to get to Ortiz. That’s got to tell you something about the league’s view of Oritiz right now.

I agree, Garry, with the idea that players should do more than they do nowadays. (That’s one reason I hate specialist pitchers!) Because of Oki’s tendency for inherited runners to score, I would not have brought Wake out for the 6th. But it worked out. GO SOX!
Whodathink a batter would be walked so the pitcher could FACE Ortiz??!

Cool, Conny, thanks!🙂
Sad commentary on Papi. He is showing again, though, why they IBB to get to Ortiz, though! GO SOX! COME ON, BIG PAPI!

We’ll take it! Come on, Youk! GO SOX!


No problem Conny, glad to have you as part of the family.

I must have stepped out when Bay stole his base, Garry. I hope he’ll be back quickly!

Snarl, coulda had more! GO SOX!

10-5. Looks like the score of 07 WS Game 3!🙂 GO SOX!

hi everyone!! I’m home.. Craig, Looks as if you did a FINE JOB with the “pom-poms” tonight… I might lose my title!!
Glad I’m here and watching with y’all!!

OK, Oki, SO or DP! GO SOX!

Hey, Ellen, welcome back!

Good job, Oki! One more! GO SOX!

Hey Ellen! I hope you get to see the Red Sox shut down the Rays now that you’re back!

Thats no worse than Lugo does!!

Good thing Green makes up for his fielding with his hitting! Hmmm…

Nice Job OKI!! get ‘er done, baby!!

Nice job working around the error, Oki! GO SOX!

Good job Oki. Let’s go Sox– let’s get some more runs!!!

That’s cool. It would be neat to see that museum!

Bummer for Mike. Go Kot! GO SOX!

Come on, Ramon! GO SOX!


Oh YAY!!! We get to see Brad Penny give up a ton o runs tomorrow!!! great timing… At least the Yankees wont get to touch him for 20!


Nice inning!!

Kept it in the park! Nice play, Jacoby! Good work, Ramon! GO SOX!

I nissed everything except the score update… how did Wake do???

I really like this guy Ramirez. No goofing off, goes right after hitters. He also doesn’ t pitch from the stretch when there’s no runners on base. I’ll never understand why any pitcher would pitch from the stretch with nobody on base. I don’t care who you are, you lose something off your pitches doing that.

I’m with you, Garry. I miss Coco (he would have been a spark plug for us in this series!), but we sure got a great pitcher in return for him! (I understand Coco is helping the Royals nicely, also!) GO SOX!

He did like nearly everyone else, Ellen–he did great until the 5th. He got though it leading 6-5. GO SOX!

Go Speed Racer, Go Speed Racer, GoSpeed Racer Go-OO!!!

Ellen, Wake was a little shaky tonight. He gave up all five runs and didn’t have his best stuff tonight. He gave up a few walks, a homer to Pena, and a two run hit to Longoria. However, if the Sox hang on, he’ll get the win, which is good because he should have a couple more wins for some great games he pitched.

Come on, Dustin! Let’s steal another base, Jacoby! GO SOX!

CAn somebody tell me what Wake did??

OK, Saito-san, we need this last inning to be a 1-2-3 inning! GO SOX!

Does that help catch you up, Ellen? GO SOX!

Thanks Greg!!!!! hang on Sox…Wakes doneit for you before now you do it for him!

Well, Wake didn’t have his best day, but he inspired the Sox to get some runs and didn’t cough them all up ala some of our starters lately.
I hope Ortiz can get back to his old self, or at least something close to his old self. Or should I say, his young self.
Go Sox.
Hey, gotta love Green, eh? He hits and makes up for his errors. Unlike some other SS we know who makes errors and outs with equal enthusiasm.
Well, have to run!!

Two years later, Saito’s still going to be pitching in a 3-2 count, and Crawford will still be fouling them off.

Hi Arnie!!!!

SO or DP, Saito-san! GO SOX!

Nic pitches by Saito to get Longoria!!!

Nice, Saito, two more! GO SOX!

One more! GO SOX!

Still need one more, Saito-san! GO SOX!


A bit of an adventure, but got the job done. Nice job, Saito! Nice win, Sox! Let’s split the series!
Nice to see Wake get that run support when he did not have his best stuff going tonight! GO SOX!

No brooms tonight. Way to go Sox. Back to the Canucks and Blackhawks.

If any of you were managing a team, and had the choice of sitting Penny tomorrow because it could hurt you more than help you, what would you do??

Did the Celtics win???

The Celtics were leading. I’ll be checking momentarily.

37 seconds were left in the game, 105-97 Celtics. Let’s see if they finish it off.

One other thing: regarding Tito. I can understand if you don’t like him personally. Maybe the stadium lights reflecting off his shiny pate give you vertigo or perhaps you are an anti-tobacco Nazi and you just can’t get over his having chewed at one time. Or it could be that you don’t care for his answers to questions from the media. But if you let that dislike cloud your reason, and think that because you don’t care for him he is a bad manager, then you are just plain wrong. If you are a long time Sox fan and you somehow don’t get it that Tito has helped deliver what many of us were coming to believe was out of reach for our life-times, then you have some mental block that keeps you from seeing the obvious. How could you not understand that Tito helps bring out the best in his players and without him there likely would have been no ’04 and ’07?
How can you know, without sitting in the dugout every day talking to the players,without knowing what Tito knows, that he is making bad in-game decisions? You might say, oh, this is what I would do; but can you know the consequences of that move from the confines of your living room? And if your genius move back-fired, what would you say then? I’m sure you are not the Sox manager by choice, that Theo and John Henry offered you the job, but doggone it, you are just too busy being critical of other people and just don’t have the time!

109-99, Celtics win Game 7, on to Round 2.

Well, Brian helped the Sox get the job done at the Trop! Nice assist, Brian!

I got to see Oki shut down what could have made this another long nite — not sure if any crisis after that — from the score maybe not.

(1) Oki saves the day
(2) BoSoxBrian must got to all Rays game (mandatory!)
(3) Whichever team’s pitching leaks the first or most loses.

Nite All“` see y’all tomorrow.

No, DG, no crises. Oki did do quite well those 2 innings, as he did not give up a run with the runner he inherited. Ramirez was very efficient in his 1-2-3 inning. Saito gave up the final run, but shut the game down with room to spare. Like I mentioned, a bit of an adventure, but he got the job done. GO SOX!

Boston came out swinging against Neimann, no surprise there. In my opinion Neimann doesn’t even deserve to be in a major league rotation. Wakefield was o.k. Typical of the knuckleball, he can lose it fast. I thought Wakefield should have pitched to Kapler ( Kapler was baffled in 2 at bats against the knuckleball ) Great job by Oki and of course Ramirez. Ramirez is pitching like Oki did back in 2007. Scoreless appearances, one after another. Very impressed with Ramirez!

Pedroia was on base 5 times and I agree with Garry about what the league thinks of Ortiz right now. They walked Pedroia ( all 5 feet 7 inches and 170 lbs. of him ) to pitch to David Ortiz, how the mighty have fallen. I still have hope for Ortiz because he has given us so many memories over the years, not too mention 2 titles. Also Nick Green with 3 hits, please Lugo sit and watch but 9 million dollars will find there way into the lineup, unfortunately.

It was good to see the bats awake and get in the win column. Tomm. afternoon will be tough with Shields on the hill and Boston sends out bullpen killer Brad Penny.

One pitcher I am not impressed with is Saito, he scares me!

No, I’m not overly impressed with Saito, either, but Pap has not been lights-out to this point. If neither of them improves, we’ll have to pick our poison (and Tito’s job “budgeting” the BP would be made that much harder!). But if both can improve their control and pitch location, we’ll have options in the pen. Let’s hope. GO SOX!

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