Survive and advance

From what I could see following on the gamecast and by word of mouth, this wasn’t one of the prettier Game 7 victories in Celtics history, but they found a way. They found a way via a great run at the end of the first half. They won with Eddie House banging out one clutch three after another. They won with KG again in street clothes. They won with grit, pure and simple. They won with the Bulls finally proving to be human in crunch time. What a series. This is why you fight for homecourt.

Now they just have to contain Superman, A K A Dwight Howard in the next round.

As for the Red Sox, a split at the Trop would be pretty sweet the way this four-game series started.


moanin all…good game… is good …..celts win…sox win….bruins are friggin hot…..the bruins are a shoe in for the cup finals…im sure detroit will be their opp….i think the hockey playoffs are way too long…it will be almost the all star game by the time they play it lol…..lawdy….how bout bay saying his ankle wontkeep him out…..what a trooper…nancy woulda needed an ambulance ….well a split in tampa would be nice too…go bruinssssssssssss…..and soxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx……..judge

I didn’t get a chance to see the Celtics win last. ( was at the Sox game last night ) The bottom-line they won and advanced. I’m sure Doc Rivers is happy, he gets to head home and sleep in his own bed. Also Doc was canned by the Magic. Even if Boston beats Orlando, there is no way they will get past the Cavs. If they do get past Orlando, it would be quite a feat to get to the Eastern Finals without Garnett.

Penny better wake-up if not he’ll find himself off of the Red Sox eventually. Can a starter of the Red Sox go 6 innings??? Ortiz looks totally lost at the plate. Can’t even turn on a pitch, imagine that.

Also this Rays pen that was so dynamite all season long, isn’t do so well this year. Balfour was solid against the Sox last year, he couldn’t get anyone out last night. Shouse is nothing but a lefty specialist, I don’t know why teams have those guys on there staff. Get relievers that can get righties and lefties out. Ramirez, Oki and Delcarmen.

I don’t know what the numbers say but Shields does well against the Sox in the dome. A split would be nice and then the Sox have some momentum going into N.Y. Let’s go Penny, don’t be a bullpen killer.

Celtics in the 2nd rd. Bruins going against the old Hartford Whalers, now the Hurricanes in rd. 2. Pats have Brady back, look out N.F.L. and of course the Red Sox are around as always! As Boston sports fans, we are very spoiled! I really don’t care if the Bruins win but it is good to see them doing well. They had a 100 point season. Adam Oates??? Bob Sweeney??? Bob Joyce??? Ken Linsemen??? Gord Kluzak??? Where are you folks??? LOL….

Great summary of sports life in Boston!

Yeah, am hoping Penny does a turnaround…knots in the tummy already forming prior to today’s game….

Time for huge applause for Wake. Over the past few years, some fans questioned his ongoing usefulness in the rotation. Well, to date, he has the best ERA for the season–under 3. Sigh…Love our Wake…consistency even on a night when he himself said he wasn’t at his best.

PS Can someone please, PLEASE do something about those cow bells? No offense to any fans, but those cow bells give me migraines…last night had to watch the game on mute…those Fox south announcers don’t help either. Where did the Rays dig them up from? One of Saturn’s moons?

Best to all.

Hey there everyone.. Does it seem to anyone else that the center of the Sports Universe is in Mass???? CELTICS BRUINS SAWX…. GO ALL!!!!

If there is a RedSox God, he couldn’t let Penny have back to back to back bad outings could he??? Nah, didnt think so.
Judge, If you had Penny in your rotation (on your fantasy team) would you play him or bench him???? It’s a conundrum…..
I hope to the high heavens that he doesnt give this game up like he did the last one….
Ian, Who’s penciled in at s.s today??
I also hope that something happens for Papi to turn this lousy start around.. he’s got to be freakin’ frustrated beyond belief.
What’s that old football mantra?? “On any given Sunday, on any given field…”?
Well I feethat the RedSox can take command early today….
I really do believe in this team and in the MGMT..
That having been said, I now say GO REDSOX!

Lugo here. I give David Ortiz batting help and he just worse and worser getter. I no understand but I work on Brad Penny and he get betterer each starter. I play SS tonight since I want team to win like they win the last three games Lugo play…err…almost win…sort of.

You’re too much lol!! I am still working on the Lugo story and I think that you’ll like it… I found a new jobfor Julio to try and earn his 9 million doing!!!!

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