The New Yankee Stadium

I have to say, I am digging the new digs here. In a big shocker, it is very state of the art, very expansive, yet still feels a bit like the old Yard.

Finally, the tarp is off the field so they can play ball tonight. 9:20 first pitch.

Hughes and Lester. Nice matchup. But I really like Beckett against Joba tomorrow. I’m sure Joba won’t be having any more Youk ideas with Beckett on the hill.

Standard lineup for this one, except Green is playing short and not Lugo. It seems as if Lugo still isn’t in true game shape, and will spend the next day or two with the strength and conditioning coach Dave Page.

Looks like the Celtics have come out flatter than a pancake against the Magic for Game 1. How could you expect anything else after the way the last series unfolded?


I hope the rain stops! We want an other “W” against the Yankees!

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Let’s hope it does rain tonight. The Sox NEED a day off.!

Good entry on Lowell’s Dating Service, Dave! Good stuff!

Lester should do well against the Yankees tonight ( assuming there is a game tonight ) I would like to at least see the Red Sox starters get there act together. Penny did well yesterday. ( much to my surprise ) Hughes is a very talented pitcher but Boston should have no issues with him.

Ian said he likes Beckett tomm. night, I wish I was optimistic like him. Beckett got his tail spanked by T.B. and N.Y. his last 2 starts. I’m not sure if you turn it around that quick.

If Ortiz can’t hit it out of this park, I don’t think he can anywhere! Oritz says he’ll be back, things that make me go hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I don’t know about that. I hope he proves me wrong!!!

Brian, Beckett should be able to right his ship, but he may not do so THAT quickly. At the rate he is going, though, he will be fortunate to be 16-11 this year. Beckett and the rest of the staff need to pick it up, though. Penny made a STEP in that direction–let’s see if the others can do likewise.
Ortiz looks to me like the player we acquired from Minnesota (which was exactly why the Twins traded him!). I still think Papi CAN straighten out, but I don’t know that he WILL. Magadan did well with Papi when he first came over, making necessary adjustments in his swing. The results spoke for themselves. I think Papi CAN do that again. I don’t think it is the wisest move to leave him in the 3-spot in the order while those things get straightened out! If that is what it takes–working with the hitting coach, moving him out of the 3-spot (if not out of the lineup!)–to get him right again, I hope they do it, and I hope Papi reaps the benefits. That’s why I am not SO down on Papi. BUT it needs to happen, and not in the 3-spot, at least for the while.

I THINK it was Magadan who helped Papi straighten out his swing in 03-04 (If my CRS has not kicked in!). Whoever it was, though, did it right. Let’s hope he can do it again!
I will not be on the blog tonight, except between innings–I’ll be watching on ESPN. I hope I can catch some of you between innings, and I hope you can check out BlogSpot. See you then! GO SOX!

Ian. Expansive and EXPENSIVE!!!!!
PLease no rain out tonight, when will it be made up?.. times 2 tomorrow?? No thanks…

i dont think we had Magadan back in 04…. I think he came in after that.. I believe Ron Jackson was the batting coach then.

I will be watching on Directv/Nesn, You can have Morgan and Miller…. To me Joe Morgan is about as bad as Migrane..
NESN has Orsillo and Eckersly tonight, that should be interesting. I like Eck…

You are right, I’m sure, about Jackson, Ellen, and I probably have CRS again.๐Ÿ˜‰ So what’s new?๐Ÿ™‚
I liked Eck also. I’d have liked to hear him to tonight–I liked him when he, Cal Jr., and Gwynn were on TBS together. I hope they save some clips of Eck from tonight!

I’m sure there wil be plenty of those… I guess I was about 16 when I first saw him with Cleveland… I was in L-O-V-E love….. for about a week I think!

Penny pitched well much to everyone?s surprise. I wish Beckett will do the likewise. I guess Beckett just has to keep his pitches down. If Beckett struggles again, I am afraid that Francona will stay too long with him until the game gets out of hand. At least we don?t have Lugo tonight.

Evening everyone… Will there be a game?? Yes?? No?? I’m voting YES!!!! (and not the Yankees network)…
I hope that Jon Lester has his GREAT STUFF tonight!!
game time!!!

Game Delay… drat!!!!!!

Well looks like I’m on my own tonight (at least so far..) anyone else hanging around here?

I’m here, Ellen. Just sitting on the porch watching the sunset, waitin’ for the rain to subside at Spankee Stadium. I was really looking forward to the game, but it’s not looking good. It’s funny to see all those people bundled up in jackets and raingear, while we sit here in the warm sunshine, right Ellen?

So when is LuGo going to be LuGone?

I’m still here too…..

Ellen, do you typo all those IDOBELIEVEIDOBELIEVEIDOIDOIDOIDOBELIEVE!!!! a new every game? or do you copy and paste them? I think, for maximum effect, you better type them fresh every time๐Ÿ™‚

Well, I’m done waiting for this game to start. Back to the garage to play with my ’72. Have a good nite, all!

Hey NESN’ers – Where’s the Rem Dawg? Am I missing something? Is he ok?

Is there any progress on the rain delay, guys, or do they think it will be rained out?

I DO type them fresh each day, each game, and whenever needed during the game.. it wouldnt seem right (too easy) to just copy and paste…. I need to give “my all” each game!!! lol!!!!

ESPN has other games on right now, so I haven’t seen/heard whether the game is likely to start. Update, anyone?

I have to say that since I started bloggong my tyoming spped has increased 10 fold!!!

that was a joke btw… my typing speed

I havent heard.. I’ve got NESN on and they’er doing fillers.
HEY IAN!!!! Any word on a time for 1st pitch???

Ellen — good to know — I thought so.

You would think if they are going to spend 1.5 billion on a new stadium in the 21st century — that they could put a retractable roof in so they never have to worry about rain delays — even the Cowboys have that going on this time around.


Dave… the website wont let me log in or leave a comment.. I LOVED the Dating Service… One ? … Does one have to supply their own weapons or is that part of the FULL service Dating service/?

I think that there may be something more than just your regular run of the mill cold or flu with Jerry Remy.. Whenis the last time you can remember that he missed more than 2-3 games all season due to illness?? he’s already missed 1 series and part of another.. Now this is the 2nd full series he’s missed…. GET WELL SOON REM DAWG!!!

Hey Goofball (love that name!!) how are you, good to see you back!!!

I’m going to head over and play a little backgammon but I’ll be back.. see ya soon BELIEVE IT!!!

Thanks, Ellen! A typical Monday at work today. Looks like it might be an early night for goofball, “thanks” to the rain……. Could use the sleep zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz !!!!!

No sleeping now goofball, game starts in 20 minutes.

O’s are up 6-4 on the Rays bottom of the 7th — I think the Rays just play the Sox and the Yanks and take the rest of the season off.

I need a tv in my bedroom, by golly!

Well I guess I need to do it again..

Looks like Lugo is out of the line-up for more than one game!!!

Why are they even playing in NY?? It is POURING!!!

Ellen – I agree – something is really wrong with the Rem-Dawg. They just said on NESN that he is home resting.

This is the night for Big Papi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BIG PAPI!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I miss Rem-Dawg but I love that Eck is in the both with Donny-O!

Okay – one run! Let’s hold them now!

I know that they could have done better… But for the moment, I’ll take it!!
GO SAWX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Come on Jon Lester!!!!!
(WHAT IS THAT ON HIS FACE???) he needs to LOSE that fast!!! I like the baby face,,, it makes batters think he doesnt know much!!

Get well Soon, Rem Dawg! WE MISS YOU!!!!

Why are all the players growing facial hair this year??

I think Orsillo may have had a couple of “libations” during the rain delay.. He just said the youkilis and Drew gave “chuse” … Have one for me Donny Boy!!

Dont wat to Jinx Lester but what a diiference a few days make..

Way to go Lester! Keep it up!!

Johny Damon could have been a beloved Red Sox, been a much bigger figure in baseball, made more in endorsements than he has made just being one of NY boys — still can’t believe he was that money hungry. Bonehead move — but it did eventually give Elsbury his chance with us.

My apologies to Ellen and Julia, but I have always suspected it was his wife — I will leave my comments there — no proof, but not too impressed. Johnny had his Yoko Ono๐Ÿ™‚

Lester looks hot!!!

Maybe the facial hair thing is working for Lester Ellen!!! WHOOOO HOOOOOO!!!

There’s our MIKEY!!!! yeah BABY!!

Have you ever noticed when Don and Jerry go into fits of laughter? They can barely talk, it’s hilarious!! They kinda remind me of Cheech and Chong, if ya know what I mean! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Are these guys on Fire, or WHAT??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!
I love MIKEY!!!

Hey, Ellen, hey, Julia! Glad they were able to start this game. Now that they have, I hope they finish it! I also hope Lester pitches the entire game the way he did that first inning! That was some FILTHY pitching! KEEP IT UP JON!
O’s beating the Rays, Indians beating the Jays, Sox up 1-0. Could be a good night for baseball! GO SOX!


You are right dg – it was his wife – the new wife – as well as Tex’s wife who want to live in NY

Hey, Jim, hey, DG. We can sure hope, Jim that LugNuts will be LuGone soon!

Tex has a new wife already?

Celtics have indeed laid an egg to go with their pancake! Hmmm…

Hi Greg! It has been a great start! Lester looks great so far.

Bummer – Greens ball almost went out!


No – Damon had married a new wife not too long before he went to NY

So how is it that the O’s are up 8-4 over TB and we had so many problems there??

Come Lester – keep up the great job!


Julia — Oh sorry, I zoned – I was thinking Tek (as in Varitek) — not Texeria (when you wrote Tex) — I couldn’t believe our Tek had re-married so quickly — given what he has just been through and for the reputed reasons why !!! My zone.

Great play by Green — I will leave it at that!

That’s okay! We all do it and Tex/Taritek – too much alike!

GREEN! Great play! Show of hands – would Lugo have gotten that ball?? lol!

Nice K!!! Go Lester!!

Phew — I was worried about early trouble — we need to score some more runs for the way we are knocking the ball around.

Lester is looking great! It has GOT to be the facial hair! lol!

Jon did a great job getting out of that 1st and 3rd situation, He’s got some great stuff tonight. Hopefully, he can keep it up, go deep into the ball game, give the BP a rest! GO JON! GO SOX!

That was a nice near DP by Green and Dustin! Almost got both of them!

Dave Roberts is now in the booth with Eck & Donnie-O! Roberts will be joining the NESN broadcast team!

Don’t have the sound tonight — how is Eck doing? Wishing Remy all the best — I thought Buck Martinez was the best color commentator I had ever heard. I know some folks probably don’t like so much commentary — but I thought every thing he said was very insightful and really added to the understanding of the game — he is a baseball wikipedia!

Oh no — hear comes the rain — Yankees are probably hoping for a down pour — looks like we may already have their number tonight — and their bullpen awaits.

I wish I could hear Dave Roberts and Eck right now. ESPN has Schulman and Orel–I like both of them–but they had to put Phillips back in the booth! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAACCKKK!!!

No like the DPs๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Eck is great! And with the 3 of them it is a lot of fun! It is too bad about Remy – I hope he is well soon.

Drew looked great hustling!

LOWELL!!!!!!!!!! He is amazing!!!!

MIIIIIIIKE!!!!!!! WAY TO HIT! (Tex who?)
Hey, DG. Are you watching in New England?–Do you live there? What does the DG stand for?
Come on, Jon! GO SOX!

Hey, GoofballRDH!

NESN is bringing in David Wells to the broadcast team so I’m thinking that somwthing must be really up with RemDawg!!! I hope not,, but they arent saying ANYTHING about Remy.what is wrong! COME ON REMDAWG.. HURRY BACK!!! WE MISS YOU!

We don’t need no stinking Tex! lol! WE HAVE MIKEY!!!!!! WHOOOO HOOOOO!!!!! Let’s Go RED SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well guys…that was the biggest load of crap Francona gave the press about Lugo and ‘strengthening exercises’ RIGHT! We know the truth but to be fair, it saves Lugo’s face and once again everyone is firing on all cylinders. Love it.

I still am surprised they started the game, with the rain as it has been tonight! I hope they can finish the game, now that it has started! GO SOX!

Sorry, i meant Dave Roberts

texiera is making a million dollars for every point in his batting average as of tonight!

They only thing they have said about Remy tonight is that he is back in Boston resting. In an earlier game they said he got pneumonia and a chest infection on vacation but that is it. He lost a LOT of weight though.

You may be right about the facial hair.. Lester “looks” good tonight!

Great job guys! Let’s get some more runs!!!!

Jon seems to really have his great stuff tonight! Nice short innings for him also! Keep it up, Jon! GO SOX!

Good to see. also, that the Celtics made a game of this Game 1.

I’m really sad about Jerry Remy. Something is going on but it also may be the obvious. I just pray it’s not cancer. That would fit the pattern. Jerry is from my hometown of Fall River so I have a special place in my heart for him.


I think that is it Ellen! He needs to keep it!

I hope Rem-Dawg will be OK!

Great job Jacoby!

Greg — I am afraid I am yet another Dave — so for this blog we might as well stick with dg — unless “the other” Dave wants to come up with a pen name — as all real writers do๐Ÿ™‚

If Papi can keep doing that, its bound to build his confidence and comfort level at the plate,, then the rest will be sure to follow!!

Big Papi!! GREAT JOB!!!!

Eck & Dave ROberts are talking about pitch tipping. They do not understand why anyone under any condition would do that – give the pitches to the other team.

Two doubles for Big Papi! Maybe he is starting to come around! How about Tampa. They definitely have Bostons number. They have a losing record and Baltimore does a number on them including beating Scott Kazmir. We’ll get them next time around. Go Sox.

Rays lost.

OKi – TB is confusing! And the Trop? We had trouble there last year also.

I like DGN myself…!!

Papi is adjusting. He doesn’t have the swing of old so he’s compensating and adjusting. I hope it does allow a homerun but I’ll take some doubles…

One run each inning! Looking good, guys! Keep going Jon! And Papi’s getting into the action! YAY!!!! GO SOX!

I will too! I think if Ortiz concentrates on the singles and doubles then the HRs will come.

Thanks, DG! If you prefer DG, or DGN, either one, I’m happy to use it!

Baltimore beat Tampa for the first time in forever! YES!

I said yesterday that while the Rays may have our number… It seems its the only number in their book!! They cant seem to beat anyone but us!! That could be a VERY VERY good thing..
I’m heading under my comfort zone (my “comforter”) for the rest of this one… keep me posted so I can read about everything in the a.m.!!
Tell me that you BELIEVE!!!!!

Absolutely Dave. Many people are obsessed with home runs, especially sportscasters, but although home runs are exciting, I appreciate a guy that can consistently get singles and extra base hits.

What were Girardi & the Red Sox first base coach arguing about?

Hey Dave, hey Paul! How are you guys, tonight! Sox are looking good!

DGN works — I respond to that — works on rental car forms too๐Ÿ™‚

Hey Dave, hey Paul! How are you guys, tonight! Sox are looking good!

Night Ellen! I will be heading that way soon too.

Hey Greg. I’m good. Sox are looking good indeed. Got your e-mail. Wife had buried it among her Red Hat messages. LOL

7 Ks Lester!

Hey everyone. Thanks for the welcomes. Hey Julia, Greg, Oki…We love ya all!

4 more outs to make this count!

Ian sort of leaves the impression that Nick Green is just filling in until Lugo can get his conditioning up to speed! Why bother? Just start Green every game. It is obvious!!

How are you Dave?

Keep Green!!! PLEASE!!!

Oki — just dumped a new entry on my blog about Lugo’s press conference including his new Lugo doll. Check it out.

Hi Julia. Hey can you plug my blog on your blog? That would be wonderful!

Dave. Will do.

Lester’s still looking good! He got robbed on that Posada pitch that should have been strike 3, but he recovered. Hopefully, he can go another inning or 2! GO SOX!

Thanks Julia. You rock!

I will! I’ll mention it tomorrow and I’ll add you to my link list Dave. Great blog tonight!

I’m off to bed – 4:30 comes early! GO RED SOX!!!!

See you all tomorrow!

You’re welcome Dave!

Night all!

If you haven’t already, on that same BlogSpot site, I have a couple entries (including a reprise of my “Gringorio” name). Hope you guys get a laugh out of it!
GO SOX! Come on Jon!

Way to go Greg. It’s great stuff and let me know if you have more!

Dave — you may seriously want to come up with a puesdo pen name — once some these ball players actually lose their jobs, they may come looking for you๐Ÿ™‚

Oh you have a good point there. I think hammerofharpel is it!

I really like Nick Green at SS. He makes most of the plays and doesn’t get cheated on his swings at the plate.

Lester is pitching well but the most impressive thing is that Ortiz has really turned on a couple tonight. That’s really the first time I’ve seen that this year. He really rifled those line drives down the right field line. That’s the most encouraging thing I’ve seen from him. I hope the big man proves me wrong and starts drilling the ball.

Hey Gary…by the way…possible good news about my wife. I’ll email ya.

Green did all he could on that throw from Lester. Lugo would have sent the throw into the stands. Go green.

oh no

Lester was pitching well! What happened? Anyone but Damon and now the multi-million dollar man. Depressing!

What is the with the 5th inning and our starting pitchers?

OK Dave go to bed. Dave can’t take another loss.

Might be some sort of new curse!

I don’t believe in curses but I do accept the erratic nature of the game.

Well, not so much that inning. No sense making things simple (as has been noted on this site before!), so might as well make them–ahem!–interesting. GO SOX!

We stole game in Fenway, need to hang tough to make sure Yanks don’t do the same tonight. Too bad Papi couldn’t answer Texeria — but they didn’t give him anything to hit. You would think we still have the upper hand — Yanks are two innings into their pen.

Getting pretty late for you folks down east! Not much activity on Brownie Points.

Nice recovery inning for Jon Lester. Nice solid 6th.
Youk appears to have a back injury. I hope it doesn’t land him on the DL!

Yes, Paul, it is late here in the east (here in NC) but I hope I can catch the rest of the game. I’m on ESPN, though, so only coming down between innings! GO SOX!


Way to go Jason! I hope Lester can go another inning. He can handle 110-115 pitches. Worrisome about Youkilis.

Hey Greg. If you are still around, the Bruins did not look very good the other night. Might be a series there yet! I am out of here now. It is 24 time out here. Nite

Good to see Jon go into the 7th and go 1-2-3. Ramon is up for the 8th. 6-3. I’m liking our chances tonight. GO SOX!

No, they didn’t Paul. Hope they can get a win here in Carolina, and perhaps take home-ice back to Boston! GO BRUINS!

Well, Ramirez had a tougher outing–gave up his first run of the year (HR to Tex). Can’t win em all, I guess, but we can try!๐Ÿ™‚ Pap got the final 2 outs of the 8th, still leading 6-4. (Pap had not pitched in 5 days, so he looks a little sharper). FINISH THE GAME PAP! LET’S WIN THIS ONE! GO SOX!

Pap got the job done. Not the cleanest inning in the 9th, but certainly a good job for a 5-out save. NICE WIN SOX! SWEEP EM TOMORROW! GO SOX!
Good end to a long, rain-delayed night! Take care, all!

Keep the winning streak against the Yanks going. This is not 2007, we will see what Beckett will do tonight. But I am cautiously optimistic that Beckett will be Beckett like tonight. I am inspired by Penny’s last outing. Keep the pitch down or Tex will hit it out of the park.
Aside, the headline in this moring New York Post reads Joba ‘s mother was arrested for selling meth to an undercover officer in Nebraska. Reportedly or allegedly sale of course. Let’s see how it will affect Joba’s performance.

Truely not to harp, but there were several not-so-easy critical plays at ss last night, that if botched might have changed the outcome of the game — good thing all of them were executed or contained๐Ÿ™‚

DGN: you are so right about the plays from ss. It takes alot to scare me, but each time the ball gets anywhere near Lugo, I freeze.. (and I think the ball gets scared too.) Nick Green may make a couple of errors at ss but he doesnt seem to hurry the play and “push” the ball at the baseman on the receiving end of the play.
I hope that Beckett has much better stuff tonight than he had last outing. I was watching one of those classic games during the rain delay last night. You should have seen Papel bon and Youls as rookies.. Youk had NO goat butt on his face, and JonBon his stuff was on fire. I mean FIRE!!! He needs to go back and look at these films to remind himself of what it looks like.

DGN: you are so right about the plays from ss. It takes alot to scare me, but each time the ball gets anywhere near Lugo, I freeze.. (and I think the ball gets scared too.) Nick Green may make a couple of errors at ss but he doesnt seem to hurry the play and “push” the ball at the baseman on the receiving end of the play.
I hope that Beckett has much better stuff tonight than he had last outing. I was watching one of those classic games during the rain delay last night. You should have seen Papel bon and Youls as rookies.. Youk had NO goat butt on his face, and JonBon his stuff was on fire. I mean FIRE!!! He needs to go back and look at these films to remind himself of what it looks like.

I actually feel for Joba — the bust of his Mom for peddling meth last night. The before and after pictures of his Mom are most tragic — meth addictions are so depleting — I don’t think I will ever understand the utter greed it takes to produce this stuff and set off the whole chain of damage for so many.

How long will Tampa Bay’s dominance over the Sox last this season? & how long will the Sox keep turning the Yankees over?
Although I didn’t get to see any of the game, it’s good to read on here the positive noises about Lester & Papi…& about the effectiveness of Lugo’s absence!!!

A little while ago I promised I would report on goings on with my football (soccer) team here in England. It’s a story of years of underachievement for a grand old club, one of the few left still playing in an old, characterful, ground which is in the centre of the city. What you need to bear in mind for this story is that, in Football, there’s annual promotion/relegation from Leagues, depending on where teams finish – usually 3 up/3 down from Leagues of 24 – the final promotion spot usually being decided after a play-off series between the teams finishing 3rd-6th.

Ok – so, over the course of the previous 102 years of our largely frustrating, & undistinguished history, we had managed to secure promotion on just 3 – that’s right, only three – occasions.

Then, on an ignominious summer afternoon in May, 2003, we were finally relegated from the Football League into what was called the Conference – the equivalent of being demoted into Double A, I guess! At that time, we were owned by a cabal of fraudsters & crooks, who were finally prosecuted, & in a momentous series of events, the Club was taken over by a Supporters Trust, membership fees which (alongside many, many, crazy sponsored events) have provided the playing budget for the team ever since.

3 years ago, we got a new manager – young, forward looking, committed to the Trust ethos, to balancing the budgets, & to rooting the team firmly in its local community. More than that, he was committed to playing beautiful football, and to developing young players rather than spending vast sums we couldn’t afford on players who wouldn’t deliver.

In his 1st year, 2006/7, he took us to the very brink of promotion back, only to see us lose out by an odd goal at Wembley, the home of football – incidentally, the 1st ever time our wee team have ever played there.

The following year saw us, amazingly, back at Wembley for a 2nd time, playing a 2nd play-off final. This time, all of our dewy-eyed optimism & excitement from the previous year was replaced by steely determination, & we went on to triumph by 1-0 – the goal scored by our talismanic player.

Fast-forward to the start of the 2008/9 season, & our opening game saw us playing one of the giants in the League, far away in the North-East of England. We all travelled in hope, rather than expectation. We’d all have been happy with a decent season, consolidating on the previous season’s success. But we played very well in our 1st game ‘back’, &, almost miraculously, got better & better as the season progressed. Still, we were seeing the young players coming through; still the overall wage bill was coming in under budget; still the good footballing ethos was being protected.

Amazingly, on Saturday, we had the chance to travel, once again, up to the North East of England – but this time we travelled in expectation rather than hope – because a win (against a tough old team, it has to be said) would see us secure something that very few teams have ever managed in all the history of English football – back-to-back promotions….

…&, oh man, we went up there in our hordes, & saw our wonderful little team win, & win confidently. After 3 promotions in 103 years, we’ve managed to secure 2 further promotions in 2 years.

You know how we felt in 2004, when we defied all the odds to come back against the Yankees, & then march on to our 1st World Series in over 80 years; only to then win our 2nd just 3 years later? Well – we’re going through something similar right now, & maybe more … because these sorts of things just don’t happen to our wonderful little Club.

And our little Club is owned by all of us wonderful little fans – a new way of doing things, & a beacon of hope for sensible & visionary management in these dark financial days…

Happy, happy, days๐Ÿ™‚

ps – apologies for going on at such sentimental length…& for going so far off topic…but I thought you all might be interested!!!

As the Self-Proclaimed Unnofficial Red Sox Nation Ambassador to Mexico, not only did you need not apologize for narrating such a wonderful story of hard work, passion, and glory, but I would like to express my gratitude for your sharing the experience.
I am also a fan of football (or “f๚tbol” as we call it in this side of the world), and though I have not experienced the joy of a promotion nor the sorrow of a relegation, I have experienced the joy of seeing the team I love win a top division championship as recently as 2003. Football in Mexico is handled quite differently than in England, starting by the fact that no teams have fan ownership, neither total nor partial. Most teams are owned by companies who use the teams either as a hobby for the company owners or an outlet for company expenses that may result in less company taxes to pay. And since team owners run the Mexican Football Federation, they are allowed to do pretty much anything they want with the sport. One company owns three teams in the top division, and another company owns two, and though we fans find the matches exciting, we can’t help but wonder if the results aren’t sometimes previously arranged.
Nevertheless, this past weekend showed that even the most powerful companies sometimes have no choice but to place the safety of the fans above in importance over their own financial benefits. As you might have heard, there is an influenza pandemic going on in Mexico and many other countries. Mexico is the country with most confirmed cases: over 800 so far, out of which 26 have been deadly. In hopes of preventing further spread of this disease, team owners decided that all matches of the final two weeks of the regular season would take place behind closed doors, which means no fans would be allowed to purchase tickets, food, beverages, nor souvenirs at any of the stadiums. In addition, pay-per-view games were aired on TV for free.
Although this small triumph of good will over greed was well received, it was a very sad sight -and sound- to experience what football is like without the fans. The thrill, the excitement, the passion, the screams of joy and anger of tens of thousands of fans truly is an important part of football. I hope team owners learn to appreciate the importance of fans, so that although we may not be allowed to participate in the ownership, nor the decision-making concerning the team, our thoughts and feelings should be taken into consideration as part of the decision-making process.
Cheers, Jambo. And pray tell, what is the name of your gigantic hearted club? I must say, your story has me rooting for them already!

Hey, Carlos, hey, Jambo04, hope you are doing well. Carlos, I hope the flu that has hit Mexico hard is staying away from you–I hope you stay well.
I’ll speak only for myself, but it doesn’t bother me at all that you are talking about F’utbol/Soccer on here. I’m interested, but I can’t speak for everyone. (Just gotta remember what kind of “Football” is important in our country!)๐Ÿ™‚ What is the name of your team, Jambo04?
It is interesting to me, regarding the Red Sox, that after next week at Fenway, we won’t play Tampa again until August–and we are only going to start playing Toronto after we finish with Tampa! We also have our work cut out for us this month, when we play more than half our games on the road (including our other swing out west, and including a 10-game trip to finish the month). The schedule makers wanted to see what our team was made of early on, I guess! GO SOX!

I just heard a name for Big Papi that probably has been used over and over in New England, but not living there myself, I only heard it for the first time: “BIG POP-UP”!
OUCH!! Applicable (until last night, anyway!), but OUCH!

Come on, Big Papi, I’m still pulling for you to turn that around! GO SOX!

Sox better get an early lead tonite and hold it — I doubt we will get the entire game in (given normal RedSox/Yankee games) — 5% chance of rain from 6 pm to 10 pm — then 85% chance of rain the rest of the evening.

I dont know what happened there but I was in the middle of my post and it submitted it for me… talk about service!! lol.
Anyway, I hope the weather holds out for us, I hate West coast gaes and raon delays!!
I’ll be back before 1st pitch!!

Here we go again boys and girls!!! GAME TIME!!!
DO YOU???????????

Nick Green at shortstop tonight!! YEAH!!!!


Hey everyone —

This is my first time here on Brownie Points for a game. Just wanted to stop by and say hello and LET’S GO RED SOX!

Unfortunately, I am subjected to watching the game on the YES network thru MLB Extra Innings tonight. Oh well… I will just turn off the sound. Maybe I will like to Joe on WEEI thru my laptop. There’s a slight delay but might be worth it.


Woo Hoo, Big Papi!!!

Papi is definitely seeing the ball better and it seems he’s feeling more comfortable at the plate… more selective with his pitches.. Keep it going Papi..
WAY TO GO JBAY!!!! 3 RUN HOMER~~~~ 4-0 SOX!!!

Hey Jennifer!! Glad you came by!!! You must be good luck!

I sure hope so — whatever works, right?? woo hoo!

Come on Jeff Bailey!!! Take care of Business Bubba!!

They just referred to JBay as a modern day Yankee Killer on YES. I’m with you, EllenC – we need to wrap him up!

just when i was about to say somethin bad about tito he goes and does somethin brilliant….changes the order….i wub u man…..judge

we wub u too Judge!!!!


So far Beckett is DEPRESSING me. He’s awful. Going to be a hitters night and a bullpen drain.

Beckett you have a 4 run lead here. RELAX!

GOOD JOB!!! Got out of that!

If you watch Beckett he’s laboring. He’s taking a long time between pitches and really not comfortable. I can’t blame him. He’s been through a rough time. He needs a win to bring his confidence back.

Go Ellen. How are ya!

Want to mention you-know-who gets two great writeups in the blog of Arnie and myself. Arnie wrote a great one.

Come on Tek-er!!!


According to the Amica Strike Zone not one of the pitches was in the box!! not even close……………

Wow. I wish I could see the Amica pitch zone… C’mon, NICK!

I don’t believe Tek taking three straight strikes! Got to swing the bat in this game.

Look at all those empty seats…

Not one of those pitches was a strike,,, no reason TO SWING!!!

papi is strokin again….all he needed was a yankee series

Great job!!!

Nice double play. Go Sox.

Hey Ellen, I guess the umpire thought so!

at 2500.00 there should be alot of empty seats.. ans they even cut the price in half,,, still empty.

Next time Papi!!!

Looks like Chamberlain is settling in,, not good

Chamberlain is settling in to a comfort zone. Got to try and disrupt that soon. Go Sox.

Agreed Ellen. He looks nasty. Beckett is showing HINTS of settling in but far from it. Gonna be a nasty win if we get it.

Oh man… maybe I should go away…

I wasn’t sure if it was you or me?

No, it’s not you, Conny. You’re too young to be a jinx. That comes much later in life. ha ha!

C’mon JOSH

It’s not really Conrad. I had to send him to a junior high band concert. He gave me the ok to skip this one.

Okay – onto to the 4th inning. Let’s get some runs!!!

That nice lead disappeared in a hurry. Go Sox.

Well, no sense making a game easy, eh? Good thing J-Bay hit the HR, or we wouldn’t have the lead at all! GO SOX!

Let’s see if my CAPUT-ER will still allow me to post anything! SNARL!

Bay loves Yankees pitching. Then again alot of hitters in baseball do. LOL…

SUPER!–not like we needed an injury or anything! Get out there soon, Jacoby! GO SOX!

What is the deal with Ellsbury??


This system is still having trouble. It has been like this for a month, slow!

Hey! Boys and Girls!

Boy oh boy, it is getting frustrating watching the Sox top 2 starters make a precious few mistakes, but they are ******** when they happen. Reading the comments Jon L made after last night, I really get the sense he’s getting pretty close to getting on a real roll. I can’t say that I have the same confidence about Josh.

At least the Sox have Chamberlain’s pitch count up to 71 after 4 innings. Hopefully the Sox will be into the Yanks bullpen by the 7th. Lets see if Josh can hold on until then.

Sure would like to see the Sox win tonight and finish this road trip 5 up and 4 down, coming home 7 games over .500, with the Indians coming to town for 2 before seeing the Rays for 3 more. I also hope the Sox can solve the Rays before too long. The Rays looked like world-beaters against the Sox, and then fell flat in their first game against the O’s. go figure?!?!?

they just said ells has a tight right hammy. melky is OUTTA THERE!

THANK YOU MIKE, JD! We needed that!! GO SOX!

Great JOB JD!!!! and MIKEY!!

DBEN! How the heck are you? Long time no see/hear! GO SOX!

Really didnt need that!! Took his eye off the ball!

Any word on Ellsbury?? I am not watching the game. What happened?? Inform me please.

Yeah, Brian, I’d have thought ST was supposed to be the time to kick out the kinks in the program! GO SOX!

Hey Greg. I was wondering where you were. I agree with your post though. I haven’t seen any Bruins score yet. Canucks and Hawks are scoreless at the moment. We really miss Youk at first.

Strained hamstring was the lastest word, Brian, on Jacoby.

I just got done with dinner before I had to fight this system and my caputer! How are you, Paul? GO SOX!

This is a game where Kotsay is being missed. Kotsay is very versatile. Kotsay can play first( excellent at first with the Sox in 2008 ) and the outfield. Also Kotsay’s lefty bat would be nice as well tonight against the hard throwing Chamberlain. Baldelli as well would see some good playing time in this game.

Yeah, it is really slow tonight. Gameday audio is really having problems also.

Ellen, the last thing I believe is K-Zone or the Amica Strike Zone!

I just got home and the game is already crazy! UGH!! Hi All!

Thanks for the info on Ellsbury. Never a good thing when a speedy guy like Ellsbury hurts a hamstring.

I don’t think Beckett and Tek communicate well… It seems like Josh doesn’t like what Tek is telling him to throw. Is it just me??

Nice K!! Let’s get some runs!


WHEW!!!! Thank God for that! Now they need to gain some more ground and not give up another inch!!!!
GO REDSOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The feed has kicked me out twice already! NOT GOOD! FIX IT!

Whew! I do believe, I do believe, I do I do I do believe! Thanks for that EllenC

I don’t like 2 game series. Interleague play is the reason. Interleague play is getting old anyway, my gripe of the night.

Jennifer, I know youre right.. and ask Schilling about shaking Varitek off; it cost him 2 no hitters

I don’t like 2 game series. Interleague play is the reason. Interleague play is getting old anyway, my gripe of the night.

You could be right about Beckett and Tek, Jen. I had not been aware of any problems historically with their communication. Maybe Josh and Kottaras will hit it off! GO SOX!

Hey, Julia! You and Ellen can team up on the cheerleading!

I’ll gripe with you, Brian. I never cared for InterLeague either! Oh, well!…



How are you Greg? No one seems happy with the called balls & strikes tonight

Brian, I wish we had Kotsay and/or Sean Casey right now!


Well, I don’t worry about it too much if BOTH sides are unhappy with the strike zone! That was the case last night, also!

I just posted on our blog under game 28 concerning Garryguy. I think its a post you’d like to read and respond to.

Yay!! Big Papi got on!

I would love to have Sean Casey back! This is just the situation that we need him in!

HEY!! Don’t you go hitting Bay!

Eck does not like that Bay got hit! HE thinks it was intentional!

What say you? Drill Joba with a come-backer? GO SOX!

You have to be kidding me with this home plate umpire. He has made the plate 4 feet wide for Chamberlain. That pitch he called Pedroia out on was really unbelievable. ……. Chamberlain threw at Bay, no question about it. He’s been painting corners all night long and misses by 2 feet???? I don’t think so.


I like Kotsay better because he can help you in different ways. Casey was one of the funniest guys, he does a solid job on the M.L.B. Network. Casey had a nice career and I’m glad he wore a Red Sox uniform.

Oh boy… Joba hits JBay. Not good.

What a scum bag Chamberlain is.. cant get you out so he beans you!!!


Eck is NOT happy that Bay got hit!

The rivalry has begun anew1!!

Sure, Brian, but I’ll take either one any day! GO SOX!

Chamberlain throwing at someone???? Surprise…surprise…NOT!! Beckett is watching and taking notes. Pedro always backed up his mates, that is why I liked Pedro

Not watching the game, keeping track on the computer.

Another unbelievable call on Lowell. This ump is in Chamberlain’s pocket.

NO!! Bummer! Oh – when it went to commercial you can hear Eck talking about “someone is going to get hurt”…..hmmm…wonder if he thinks that Beckett will hit someone

the warning needs to be issued to Chamberlain NOW!!!! if not from teh ump, then from Beckett!!!

Will Beckett answer back and throw at ???? Perhaps Beckett will wait and take a shot during another game. 13 more games after this one, Beckett will have his chance!!!

GO NICK!! Great throw!

I say pick Damon!! I dont condone the “you hit myguy so I’ll hit yours” usually nut that was sooooooooo blatant!!
I cant stand Joba the But

I hope Beckett is smart enough to get two outs before he plunks Teixeira.

You may have been right Ellen. The strike zone seems to be moving around for DiMuro.

OK, Josh, we need to shut them down! Get it done! GO SOX!

Good job, JD! One more, Josh! GO SOX!

I just realized… Beckett cant hit anyone now.. he’s already been suspended once this season for that Abreu thing…

Great catch Drew!!

I’m with Garry…… with 2 outs and nobody on base welcome Texeria to the rivalry and plunk him! A nice purpose pitch from Beckett would be o.k. with me.

Ellen, I don’t LIKE the “You hit my guy, so I’ll hit yours” ethic, but it’s the way it is. Unfortunate.

sorry guys, i have to do it!!

You still need just one more out, Josh! GO SOX!

Beckett will take his shot another time during the season. Hmmmmmmmmmmm who will he choose??? A-Rod??? Texeria???? Cano????

Nice job, Van Every! Good work, Josh! GO SOX! Let’s get some RUNS!

WOW, AM I P*I*S*S*E*D!!!!!!!!
and it takes alot to get me this bad!!

Beckett has to be careful because of the suspension. But my vote Brian – what for A-Rod to come back!

I’m not watching the game but this could be 3 good starts in a row. I like it! Imagine Brad Penny got this rotation back on track, I have seen it all. LOL…

I agree Brian. Beckett has this filed away in his “Things to Do List” for later in the season.

Don’t be sorry, Ellen! We can USE IT!!! GO SOX!

UGH!! I don’t like this ump!

Garry…13 more games, chances are Beckett will make 3 more starts against the Yankees, he’ll have lots of chances for sure! Beckett is focused on the win. He needed a good start tonight. Ian thought Beckett would but I wasn’t that optimistic about Beckett turning it around this quick. His last 2 time starts he got lit up!

That’s almost humorous! Joba’s been on a hot streak and he gets pulled! Hmmm!…

My goodness, Chamberlain has been a SO machine! Thankfully he has been replaced. Go Sox.

Finally, Giradi may be helping us out — why does the whole SOX lineup go into the prevent defense after the 1st inning? — umpire is calling close calls and nobody will swing the bat after the 1st inning? What is up with that? arrgh

That’s almost humorous! Joba’s been on a hot streak and he gets pulled! Hmmm!…

Yay!!! The Yankees’ Pen!!!

arrgh 2 — the rain comes one half inning to late — if only before the start of the 6th — then all night — we would have a W๐Ÿ™‚

Girardi was smart to pull Joba out of this game… I dont know how but something would have happened to him…

Crappy system kicked me out again! SNARL!

Taking Chamberlain out right now is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. Baseball has become a game of sissies. That is really disgusting. People pay a lot of money, especially at Yankee Stadium, to see great athletes do great things. Chamberlain (with a little help from the home plate umpire) was pitching a very special game that fans don’t get to see very often. Not only are the fans deprived, but Girardi is also not giving the Yankees their best chance to win. Awful………makes me sick as a fan, and ashamed for real baseball players who used to play the game the way it’s supposed to be played.

Boston hitters are quite happy that Chamberlain has been lifted, that means that Yankee pen is in. A big negative about strike-outs, high pitch counts. Pitching to contact is a good thing, keeps your pitch count down. This is the 21st century, 100 pitches or a little more, he is done and the pen is in. The good old days, guys would actually be there closer! That is why I love a guy like Halladay. Oh well, another gripe for me. LOL…I’m sure Garry is with me 100%, these pitch counts drives him nuts. No pitch count for you Garry back in the day.

How is the game going? I just got home.

garry.. he didnt have a little help… HE HAD A TON OF HELP..
Maybe the ump is one of Joba’s moms customers (sorry bad taste but so was hitting JBAY)

Absolutely right, Garry and Brian! Why starting pitchers would be on ANY kind of “pitch count” is RIDICULOUS! GO SOX!

Crazy game Ginny! Joba HIT Bay in the back and it doesn’t look like an accident! grrrr..

Come on, Josh, let’s finish this inning with the LEAD! GO SOX!

This Yankees pen is pretty bad. Rivera a great closer but before him they have nothing!

I’m guessing Cashman is on the phone with Stanton, Nelson and Mendoza. LOL….Mendoza wasn’t one of Theo’s better moves, he has learned on that one.

Come on Beckett! KEEP IT TOGETHER!!!!

SO or DP Josh! GO SOX!
Hey Ginny!

Is Bay ok?

I think this upm has a Joba or Yankee bais tonight.

I dislike deliberately throwing at a hitter. I doesn’t matter who it is, it is a bush league tactic in my opinion!

Beckett isn’t getting the same benefit of the wide plate Chamberlain was getting.

Is that where the expression “hitting below the Mendoza line” came from, Brian?๐Ÿ˜‰

Papelbon got 5 outs last night so I wonder how his endurance will be tonight. Beckett gets into the 8th and the Sox give Beckett a run or two, that is my scenario.

Lucky on that one! COME ON BECKETT!! LET”S GO RED SOX!!!

Please tell me Beckett is doing ok tonight! Heya Greg! How are you?

So what’s new, Garry?

Imagine that greg.. in Yankee Stadium!!

Josh is doing OK, Ginny, not great! GO SOX!


A K is needed!!



The rain is crazy and Josh is NOT looking good right now!

What were they waiting for? Er, maybe for their own guy to get out there to a dry mound? Hmmm…


Mario Mendoza a light hitting s.s.—-under .200

Mason Dixon line is where??? Maryland???

You would have thought that with ALL the money they spent on this white elephant of a stadium, that they would have consulted drainage experts about the field… call the grounds keepers at Augusta they know how to drain a field!!! BUt no… The Steinbrenners know better.. like how ’bout a retectable roof??? not necessary!

A call went our way??? Amazing!

Where is Ian????

WE finally got the wide strike zone! YAY! GO SOX!


Way to go becKett…Huge K!!

One more Josh… get him

Pretty decent effort for Beckett so far. Hope he can go another inning. Go Sox.

YES!!!! Great job to get out of it!!

Way to go Green! — Let it pour all night starting now!!!!!


Tis is my poll tonight…
Do you think that Lugo makes that throw???

Well, DGN, you got your wish! We got the game through the 6th–the HARD way, but we got it! GO SOX!

It is time to extend this lead!! H.R time by??? Ortiz????

Ian has been inordiantely quiet… checking out the restaurants?? Another thing that makes you go HMMMMMM, Brian

Are you kidding me, Ellen? LugNuts would be fortunate to find the Yankees dugout! Hmmm…

Next time Nick…

We have to get something going at the plate. This game is still to close for me anyway. Go Sox.

Brian and Ellen, Ian is probably researching what the story is with that WIIIIIIDE strike zone! GO SOX!

My own theory is that the umps often widen (or narrow) the strike zone so they can get out of the stadium faster! (And I’m not entirely kidding, either!)

Just curious — anyone know the rule if the home team has been down for several innings — and the visiting team gets an extra half inning at bat — can they still call the game? or do you always have to play complete innings up to 5 before you can call a game?

Ellen – I vote NO!

Nice hit, Dustin! That ball just DIED on the foul line out there!

Great hit Dusty!


Not watching the game so I know nothing about the wide strike zone but from what you folks are saying, it is wiiiiiiiiiide as you say.


Ortiz….Coke is it!! Drink up.

Damn! I hate those broken bats! UGH!!!


As far as I know, after 5 it is who ever is leading.

I ain’t the only one talking about a wide strike zone, Brian!๐Ÿ™‚

They make a decision before the game regarding delays… Home team has the final say before the game… not sure how it works once you pass the the 6th inning.

A wasted double by Dusty. Ortiz is really struggling.

Ortiz still looks awful at the plate — only Francona can take this.

Come on, Josh, 1-2-3 inning! GO SOX!

Given BoSoxBrian’s answer do we root for Mother Nature or not?

This is going to be one too many innings for Beckett, I am afraid.

Here goes nothing! Come on, OKI! Don’t surrender the lead on the inherited runner!

Tito must have a chat with Papi…pep talk time!
What’s the score?


I here you there.

This game is now an official game. The Red Sox are leading 4-3 and if the game were called at any point right now with the Sox leading 4-3, the game would be official and the Sox would win.

A game becomes a suspended game if the visiting team scores in the top half of an inning to tie a game or take the lead and the home team does not have a chance to complete the inning at bat. The game is suspended, and resumes at the exact point it is called.

Okay… OKI DOKI!!!

Great catch Tek! Bye-Bye Johnny!!!!



I root for the Sox to win in 9 innings. Mother nature stay away please. How hard is it raining???

okintheok.. (oki) are you related?? lol

I miss Rem-Dawg but I have to tell you the Eck is great in the booth!

it looks like it’s sleet not rain…

Oki likes to watch the tightrope at times.

to oki I meant…

How many players are going to get sick from this weather? It must be annoying to have to bat in the rain…let alone throw.

The ujmpires will try to get this half inning in at all costs. It’s really raining. It wouldn’t surprise me to see them stop the game after this half inning no matter what happens.

Oh man, what a huge out that would have been if Tek could have hung on to that last foul tip by Teixeira.

I’m not sure, Ginny, that Tito HASN’T had that pep talk with Papi! Only question is whether it works or not! GO SOX!

Yes.. Eckersley does a good job with the technical ins and outs of pitchers!! Hope Jerry Remy is OK…

It looks like it is POURING!!!! How long can this go on???


Nice job JBAY.. the 180 million dollar man thought that had a chance

Bay had a lot of problems with that fly ball.

Nice job, Oki! I think the weather helped Oki there! GO SOX!

Texeria not coming up with the big hit. He is feeling the pressure, this isn’t Texas, Atl. or L.A. anymore. Very different in N.Y.

Gotta be hard to find a ball in the lights with all the rain, Garry! He did it!!!

Great job Bay!!!! Great job Oki!!!! WHOOO HOOOO GO RED SOX!!!!

Good job done by Hideki Okajima..

Oki does the job. Insurance runs are needed!!

Yeah, it is indeed pouring there, but Game 1 of the 07 WS was played in rainy conditions not that different from tonight! Who knows if they’ll call it, therefore? Hmmm… Until then, GO SOX!

We need to score runs!!!! but it sure looks like if we pull this out it is going to be hard way — 85% chance rain in NY/Bronx as of 10 pm — if it is going to pour, let it be now.

1 inning to go, they’re not going too call it now. Extra innings might be a different story. How hard is it raining???? Cats and dogs???

NICE play Pena!!! GO BAY!!!!



It’s raining Cats & Dogs Brian!

NICE JOB BAY!!! Make them pay!!!

Good baserunning by JBAY!!!!

Nice SB, J-Bay! GO SOX!

Come on! We need to bring Bay HOME!!!!

unitentional sac for Mikey.. still good!!!!!

That’s one way to advance a runner! We’ll take it! GO SOX!

Walking Drew!! COME ON BAILEY!!! You’ve GOT to bring Bay home!!!! LET”S DO IT!!!!

Walk JD to get to Bailey,, Now Jeff make him pay for dissing you!!!



Nowhere for Francona to turn here. Bailey has to hit in this spot. A sac fly, that will get the job done!!

NICE “HIT”! GO SOX! Get the GS!


Tek has to get the ball in the air….. no strikeouts.

Let’s go Tek…..Far and deep!

Avoid the DP, TEK! SF will do nicely here! GO SOX!

I can’t believe it – there is NO ONE in the park and security is checking the tickets of people sitting behind home plate!


Come on Jason… make this one count!!!!BAAAAAABY!!

Varitek’s career numbers with the bases loaded is ugly! He did hit that G.S. off of Burnett.

Way to stay alive Jason! Let’s get some runs!!!

Good job Jason!!!!

Sac Fly!!! YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Perfect, excellent job by Tek. Bad sequence by the Yankee battery. They blew fast balls by Tek and then went to breaking pitches…….. what’s up with that? Duh!

I’ll take that anytime, Brian! How about you?

Hit it far hit it deep.. make it gone NICK

Ouch! That had to hurt!

Maybe they wanted the Red Sox to score another run, Garry!๐Ÿ˜‰ GO SOX!

Good Job Nick!!

GREEN!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!! DO NOT BRING LUGO BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow, what a great piece of hitting by Nick Green. I really like this guy……. he’s a ball player.


Way to go Nick! Go Sox.

Way to go Green! Hope mgt is watching๐Ÿ™‚ !!!

Okay! We need to HOLD THEM!!!!

You know,, I always want a win against the Yankees, but tonight……….. I WANT THE WIN REALLY REALLY REALLY BADLY!!!
STOP EM SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And we can’t have rain in Boston tomorrow ngiht – I’m going to the game! YAY!!!!

Man, Yankee stadium is deserted — fans have given up.

They are really trying to find the mound! I guess it’s pouring that hard now! Good luck to the grounds crew…

Lugo who? GO SOX!

GO Green!!!!

2 more Okie!!!

1 down2 to go! then more runs for the Sox!!

Keep going Oki! GO SOX!

Did I just see Clay Buchholz standing in the Pen?? Whats up there!?

Come on Oki!

Keep going Oki! GO SOX!

Not sure there ever were fans at the stadium! lol!


Strikes him out! 2 down…do it again!!!

Beautiful pitch by Oki!!

Way to go, Oki! One more! GO SOX!

Nice hat, dude!

The announcers said they went for cover or went home. Did anyone actually show up? It seems like low attendance anyway!

Nice listening to Eck tonight!
Enjoy the game tomorrow, Julia!

HA! Got him!!!


LET”S GO RED SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let’s hear it for Okajima. Great job tonight!

Nice job OKI! Finish the game SOX!

THAT’S the Oki I remember from 07! Nice job, OKI!

No one wants to pay $2500 to sit in the rain and watch the Yanks get spanked! (knock on wood — since there are three more outs) — maybe we won’t need Mother Nature after all —
we should have two easier outs in the bottom of the ninth– can’t let those slip by.

Okajima! 2 innings, no BB, no hits, 2 SO. Go Sox.


Unless some disaster happens I feel confident about the game. However I am worried a bit about Youk and Ellsbury. The schedule is surely starting to take its tole. Fortunately the Sox have a bench.
Beckett looked a LOT better tonight. He’s still fighting control and compensated a lot with breaking pitches but for the most part it worked.
Sox needed these two games. I know we’re not done yet but that lead really made me breath easier.
Lugo not playing…and Sox win…PATTERN HERE!

Come on Big Papi!!!

Nice BB, Dustin! Come on, Papi! You need a HR!

Youk and Jacoby being out will not help us. We need them back, FAST!

GOOD! Suits me fine! GO SOX!

6 run ninth inning coming!!

A walk is good!!!! LET”S GO BAY!!!! HR!!!!! Pay back time!!!!

No question Greg but consider the fact that we have players who can step into the role –er…well there is Lugo. Granted it’s hard to lose Ellsbury and Youk especially Youk right now but I keep hoping that Lugnut will get hurt AGAIN!

I have to go to bed…SOON. I’ll watch from in there, but to you my bretheren Nationers, I’ll say NIGHT Y’ALL.. see ya tomorrow!!!! back home in the Friendly Confines of Fenway Park!!

Beckett did look better. Let’s hope it gets even better! GO SOX!

WHOOO HOOOO!! Come on Mikey!!! Grand Slam!!!!

Yes, we can compensate in the short term for the loss of Youk and Jacoby, but we don’t want to do that for too long!

Bases loaded, no outs, walk in another run? Sounds good to me!

Night Ellen!!

I want Swisher to pitch! lol!!

Whatever it takes. No pain…NO GAIN!!!!


Come on Drew!!!

Come on, JD! Drive em home! GO SOX!

Man — blowing bases loaded with nobody out in the ninth is very bad karma —

Crap. Come on, guys! Gotta get SOMEONE home!


YES!!! A RUN!!!!

GO TEK!!!!

I’ll take it — but what is up with that umpire? that was strike three right down broadway !!!!

GOOD! Got ONE home! GO SOX! Get some more! Come on, Tek!

TEK!!! Ugh!! Only 1 run out of all of that???

Man, Tex is slow — or wanted to go home.

Which one, DGN? There have been strikes right down broadway that haven’t been called, and pitches outside called for strikes. Par for this ump.

Why do the Sox make it so tough on themselves. Three straight walks and all we got out of it was one run! How many innings ago was it that we got our last hit?

Come on! Let’s end this!!!!


YES!!! One down, two to go!!!


Let’s go!!!

Come on Ramon! Finish the game! GO SOX! Two more!

5-0 verses the Yanks — sweet. Yanks won’t be this bad all year.


Another sweep! GO RED SOX!!!!!

I hope they win tomorrow also!!!

Nice pitching by Saito. It was a grinder but we got it done. Back to Fenway. Go Sox.

YAY! We win! I figured I was a jinx so I logged out in fifth inning. Aren’t you glad? ha ha!

5-0 against the Yanks? That works! At least we can beat SOMEONE! GO SOX!

Saito, My bad! Good job! GO SOX!

Great Game!!! Night all!


Have fun at the game Julia! Gonna post photos on your blog?
Take care, all. GO SOX!

moanin all….well well well…..good mooooooooooooooorning new york…..its the judge and heres a song commin ur waaaaaaaay….this is the end…my only friend the end lol….a bp that is horrid,star plrs gettin hurt,other ones not hittin,other ones no way near worth what u paid em for ….hmmmmmmmmm……i had made a blog back in maybe december or jan cant remember sayin that by signin tex…who im sure will rebound….(maybe not tho,i wonder if hes ever been booed constantly)….anyways by getting tex that locked up a position usually designated for aging sluggers….ie….posada,damon,jeter,matsui,and so on….soon the yanks are gonna have a pluthera of these plrs….im thinkin with the amount of free agents last yr they coulda passed on tex and signed maybe dunn,burrill,ibanuez,hudson, and ugh ugh….zazu….eek…we woulda lost either papi or mikey….im thinkin not tho…i think they woulda had pedey take short….ya know he loves a challenge….and had yuke” the man” try second…or maybe not…anyhoo….the yanks are in bad shape rt now….bad bad bad….how much money u think the yanks are gonna thro at zau,bay,or holliday next yr…..or all 3….zazu will opt out and be in ny….thats prob the only way the yanks can fill those seats that arent sellin….lawdy….and commin back soon is my buddy limp rod(juice boy)….lol that will only hurt em i think….but who knows….they dont have the pitching to get it done….life is good…..judge ….ps….hay cash man… time buy some character plrs….like i said before season…dirty 30 was ur best signin and u tried to trade him lol….think what the season would look like without him now lol….judge

time for some days off….jake is sore,yuke too, mikey is playing alot of games,nancy looks horrid, and heading to cleveland….bad bad staff….time off for a few i think….hey how does bays numbers compare to zazu at this point?….and hes faced much better pitchers in our series….nice job J B …..goooooooooooo soooooooooooox…..thank the lord im not a yankee fan…..judge…..

Just a heads up Judge. Although they arent days off, This series is at home, at least its not living from a suitcase!!

And oh yeah… great… TAMPA comes in Friday night….

Manny WHO?????

home cookin trix….time to make hay….judge

You cant beat home cookin’…. So lets start heating the stove up now,, and cook up something really good… Like a winning the 2 with The Injuns….

Yanks are seriously down right now, Cleveland is not strong — the real test is whether we will be able to defend home turf against Tampa this weekend.

We are sort of banged up too, so maybe not yet (hope so though) but you have to admit — beating the Yanks the past two days was like playing the Tampa Bay of old — pitching not near the quality of TB of today or a quality club, especially the pen.

At some point we need to start winning games against really good pitching — that is where (so far) we have tended to break down first. You are supposed to win when the the opposing team tanks on either SP or BP. Its winning strength to strength that will require Papi to get on track and our SP to stabilize, before we start winning series against TB and comparable opponents.

New thread..

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