Drew leading off; Youk, Ellsbury not playing

Definitely a different Red Sox lineup tonight as they open a five-game homestand at Fenway. J.D. Drew is leading off, Jason Varitek hitting sixth, Jeff Bailey batting seventh, Jonathan Van Every eighth and Nick Green ninth.

Jacoby Ellsbury, who injured his right hamstring last night, should return to the mix tomorrow night. Manager Terry Francona seemed a little more iffy on when Kevin Youkilis might be back.

Rocco Baldelli is here at Fenway, but won’t be activated tonight. He was scheduled to have today off. There will be a decision on Rocco tomorrow.

Jed Lowrie was back with the team today for the first time since his surgery. His rehab is right on schedule. He should start swinging a bat in early June.

The team is in the process of deciding where Dice-K’s next rehab start will be. The choice is either for Pawtucket at Columbus, or home for Portland. If I was in Matsuzaka’s shoes, I’d beg for Portland so I could have the best lobster imaginable.

John Smoltz re-started his throwing program on the Fenway lawn, playing catch at a distance of 60 feet.

All for now.


I’ll be at Fenway tonight cheering the guys on! I hope Youk & Ellsbury are back in the lineup soon!

have a great time Julia!!! I am absolutely Green with Envy.. where are you sitting?? I’ll keep scanning the crowd for you!! Did you think to make a sign?? when My husband went to see the Sox v theRays 2 yrs ago, I made a sign that said “please show this sign My wife is making me hold it up…. ” I was home recovering from back surgery.

Ian, any word on Jerry Remy?? I hope that he’s ok.

Ian I vote for the Lobstah too!!!!

Ian, I’ll take the lobster any day! I hope Jacoby and Youk will be back in the lineup quickly. I also hope Rem-Dawg is doing well. GO SOX!

I came in on it late but I am assuming that Jerry Remy has disclosed that he has/had cancer..
I wish Jerry (The REM-DAWG) Remy a complete recovery and hope he knows that all of us in RedSox Nation are praying and pulling for him!!
God Bless Jerry and his loved ones….

It’s not the same without you, REM DAWG!!!!! We MISS YOU!!!!! xoxoxox

I almost forgot..

Way to go JD.. Let’s keep it going!

Great double play!! Nice that Bailey was able to keep it together there. Doing a good job so far filling in for King Youk!!!

Good evening everybody. I’m shocked to hear the news about Jerry Remy. I pray he has a speedy and complete recovery. He is a fine play-by-play narrator, president of RSN, and person.

Let’s go Red Sox!! Let’s get some runs!!

Way to go MIKE! Nice 2B, nice running J-Bay! Come on, Tek! GO SOX!

Hey, Ellen! ?Que’ tal, Carlos? GO SOX!

You tell em, Eck! GO SOX!

Hola Gregorio! How are things?

I don’t know. I don’t see “things” very often!🙂 I’m fine!

We at least got a run! I hope we don’t start DP Derby again! GO SOX!

Way to go, Van Every! Do that Van Every time! GO SOX!

Way to go, guys! Keep going, Masterful! 1-2-3! GO SOX!

OK, Justin, SO or DP! GO SOX!

Settle down, Justin! Still need just a SO or DP! GO SOX!

Get the SO, Masterful!

Drat! One more out, Justin! Get the run back, Sox!

Nice job finishing the inning. GO SOX!

Bases on balls always come back to bite you. Let’s go Sox , let’s get some more runs on the board!!!!

Hi Phil.. how is everything with you?

hey Greg!! Glad the seats are starting to fill here tonight!! Thought that I was going to be practicing my monologue!!

Buenos Noches Amigos… I miss Remy saying that!!!
Hey Carlos.. Hope all is well with you!

I’m back. Come on, Masterful! GO SOX!

What is Remy’s condition? I need an update.

Hey, Carlos, have you checked out the Red Sox Humor site, on BlogSpot? (Or anyone else?) I think you would especially get a laugh out of the stories I posted on the site, Carlos (including a reprise of the Gringorio story), as they involve Spanish/ English “tips-of-the-slongue”!🙂 GO SOX!

Nice job shutting them down that inning, Masterful! Get some more runs for him, Sox! GO SOX!

Hey, Phil, how are you tonight?

Come on, MIKE! GO SOX!

the report says that he is recovering from the effects of cancer surgery. That his recovery had been expected to be easier but he developed an infection and pneumonia. he said that he hopes that his condition will re alert people to the dangers of smoking… I can only assume that it may have been in his lung/s?? I didnt know that he was a smoker…
God Speed back to the booth!!

Drat! Come on, Sox! Get some runs!

Nice Tek-er!!!

Yep, smoking will do it. I hope he’ll recover well! Thanks Ellen!

Why do so many of the guys swing at 1st pitch??

Nice job, Tek!
I don’t know why Torre had the book written, either. Especially now, instead of later!

Julia gets to do the Wave! Yippee!
Nice hit, Van Every! Get em home, guys! NO DP! GO SOX!

yeah.. but I want to read it!!! I always liked Torre.. just something about him.. and now I like him more cause he hatesthe Yankees!!! lol

Come on, Nick! GS would be nice! GO SOX!

Exk does a great jb in the booth, but I’m longing to hear Remy say “Pedroi-er”

Oh, I always liked Torre, also. I still do, even more now that he is not with THEM! But it just strikes me as premature to write a book before your career is over. (Yes, even though he’s no longer with THEM!) GO SOX!

CRAP! We need more runs! Get some runs, guys! Shut em down, Masterful! GO SOX!

Well, said, Rem-Dawg! GO SOX!

Hi all. Just checking in and see that we had another bases loaded squander. We need some clutch hitting. Go Sox.

First of all get well Jerry Remy. Remy has become a cult here. Who doesn’t love Remy??? I enjoyed watching him as a player and I love listening to him when he is doing the games. Remy is very funny, he has made me laugh several times over the years. His insight is excellent as well. Get well Jerry Remy!! We are all in your corner Rem Dog!! He got that nickname from Sean McDonough, he brought out the best in Remy. Whoever fills in for Remy is just keeping the seat warm.

Pavano usually gets smoked when he pitches at Fenway. Who can ever forget his Fenway start when he was with the Marlins. He couldn’t get anyone out. He allowed 6 runs, that was that memorable game when the Red Sox beat the Marlins that night 25-8. The next night, a guy named Mike Lowell beat the Red Sox with a late inning H.R. Also that same weekend, the Sox roughed up Brad Penny.

The Celtics in a MUST WIN situation. Celtics by 5 as I write this.

Nice job, Masterful! One more! GO SOX!

Hey, Brian, hey, Paul! Doing well, I hope! GO SOX!

Uh, not exactly that time! Get the last out, guys! GO SOX!

GOOD! Bruins are leading!

We didn’t need that! Go Sox.

Ouch, bummer! We need the third out, still! GO SOX! Get some runs!

Come on, Sox, we’re going to need some runs!

Walks and hit batsman will get to you. Green should have made the forceout at second and if Ells was in center he probably would have caught the Martinez double. Well let’s try hold them down and then get some more runs.

This really hi-lites the bases loaded squanders! Go Sox.

You’re both right, guys! We need to convert those outs, and the on-base opportunites! GO SOX!

That’s better. Let’s go, guys, get the runs back! GO SOX!

Bummer, Dustin, come on, Papi! GO SOX!

Nice hit, Papi! Get him in, guys! GO SOX!

DeRosa is a player I am sure the Cubs wish they still had. He is a good ballplayer. Everytime I see him play, he seems to do a little of this and a little of that. A versatile player that would look good in Boston.

Watching the Rays right now. They’re ahead of the Yankees 1-0 but Burnett’s pitch count is rising, that Yankee pen will be in shortly. Good news for the Rays bats. lol…

Let’s go Pedroia, get things started.

Bay seems to fall for those low outside curve balls. He seems to try and hold up and then half-heartedly lunges for them. He did the same thing against the Yankees.
Let’s hold them down and get those runs back. Go Sox.
The DevilRays are up 3-0. As much as I dislike them I dislike the Yanks even more.

Hey Greg. Bruins 1-1 with Hurricanes. I guess they aren’t going to roll over.

Van Every is going to have to learn how to play the Wall.

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