Lester: Enough is enough from Joba

While Jason Bay said all the right things about being plunked by Joba Chamberlain on Tuesday night, other members of the Red Sox are not amused by the hard-throwing righty continuing to go up and in on Boston hitters.

Joba has drilled Kevin Youkilis four times from August, 2007 to July, 2008. And two at-bats after Bay hit a three-run rocket on Tuesay, Chamberlain put one right at his numbers. This, on a night the righty was masterful over his final few innings, striking out a career-high 12 on the night.

Jon Lester was not pleased by what he saw at Yankee Stadium on Tuesday.

“It’s one of those deals where I’m all for throwing in, but there comes a point somebody, whether it be baseball or the opponent, has to step in and say enough is enough,” Lester told WEEI.com. “Balls have gone over guys heads and gone up too close. There’s a difference between throwing in and making a point and he definitely tries to make some points.

“I don’t know if he’s trying to him there or not, but he did and it looks bad because J-Bay did hit a home run off of him, along with the history with us and other players. He always comes back and says the ball slipped, I wasn’t trying to hit anybody. One time you can fool us, two times you can maybe say OK, but it’s gotten old. In baseball it’s one of those deals where you can’t really think there’s a punishment necessary. It’s one of those deals where we might have to police it ourselves a little bit more, I don’t know.”

Red Sox pitching coach John Farrell expressed similar sentiments on a radio interview with WEEI earlier today.

“Speaking specifically about [Tuesday] night: [Chamberlain] strikes out 12 guys, doesn’t seemingly have too many command issues, and if there was a purpose or an intent to throw up and in — or even if the intent was even further than that, to send a clear-cut message — you can disguise it a little bit more than making it very obvious with the first pitch in the middle of the back to Jason Bay,” said Farrell to hosts Dale Arnold and Michael Holley.

“Those things aren’t forgotten. We know there is a history there between the pitcher in New York and our guys here. Not to say that he was specifically out to do that, but I think history speaks for itself and we’ve got a number of games left with these guys.”

The Red Sox face the Yankees next on June 9.

In other news, shortstop Jed Lowrie was back at Fenway for the
first time since his surgery on April 21 left wrist surgery. He remains
on target to start swinging a bat in early June and still hopes to
return to the lineup before the All-Star break.

And in an unrelated but important note, Brownie Points wishes a speedy and heartfelt recovery to NESN analyst Jerry Remy, who is taking an indefinite leave of absence to fully recover from the cancer surgery he had late last year. It won’t be the same around Fenway the next few weeks without the Rem Dawg, who has become as much a part of Red Sox culture as the Green Monster.


Get well, Rem-Dawg!

Come on, J-Bay, get Papi home! Tie the game! GO SOX!

Not so much that inning. J-Bay looked bad on that SO swing. We’ll need some runs, guys! GO SOX!

Nice start to the inning, Justin. Let’s go 1-2-3; 2 more! GO SOX!

The Red Sox will take care of bussiness when they meet again. I like Lester being honest with his answers but I’m not sure if it was the smartest thing he ever said. Next time Lester is on the hill against the Yankees, the umpires will be watching. Lester let your actions speak for you, not your mouth! Perhaps Lester will say the ball slipped out of his hands when he hits A-Rod, Texeria or maybe Cano.

Chamberlain is a talent for sure on the mound but he lacks intelligence!

The Red Sox will take care of bussiness when they meet again. I like Lester being honest with his answers but I’m not sure if it was the smartest thing he ever said. Next time Lester is on the hill against the Yankees, the umpires will be watching. Lester let your actions speak for you, not your mouth! Perhaps Lester will say the ball slipped out of his hands when he hits A-Rod, Texeria or maybe Cano.

Chamberlain is a talent for sure on the mound but he lacks intelligence!

Nice pitch for the SO, Justin! One more! GO SOX!

I was so excited my post went twice. LOL..HA..HA…

Celtics in a must win situation and they are responding! Way to go green, not quite at the half so plenty of hoops left.

Good stuff. New post. We are scuffling here right now. That was a lot of pitches for Masterson for six innings. Maybe he is done! Go Sox.

Are the Bruins still leading? What’s the Celtics score?

Well, Paul, Justin is back in. Let’s see if he can complete the 7th. Let’s get Masterful some runs support! GO SOX!

Sox trailing so that means Saito might see the mound, oh no!!

The Bruins are behind 2-1 at the second intermission. We might be taking the gaspipe here tonight. I am disappointed.


Celtics by 15 at the half. 22 assists on 25 baskets, that is impressive!

Bob Joyce just scored for the Bruins, they’re beating the Whalers 3-1. I just saw Charlie Simmer score a goal, the Bruins are skating well tonight. LOL…My favorite hockey phrase, skating well. They should be skating well, they play hockey professionally for crying out loud!! LOL….

Is there such a thing as a hockey fan in North Carolina???

I’m not that surprised, Paul. Carolina’s tough. They are our “local” team that we get here, and they still have Cam Ward in goal, with whom they won the Cup a couple years back. (Here in Western NC, we get the Hurricanes, the Thrashers, and the Predators, since we are roughly the same distance between all three–Atlanta (GA), Raleigh (NC), and Nashville (TN)).

Do these teams draw a decent crowd? They seem to be unlikely places for hockey teams. A agree with Brian!!

Hockey fan in NC? Not really. In the Raleigh area, somewhat, since that’s where the Hurricanes play. We in Western NC are about 4 hours away. All three teams I mentioned are “covered”, but not extensively. Duke/UNC will always be king here, and NASCAR. The Carolina Panthers and Atlanta Falcons in the NFL get equal coverage here. So it’s all relative, and nothing like hockey coverage in the Northeast and Canada.

We’re going to need a rally here, or we’re going to be looking at 2-out-of-3.

“Skating well”. Not something I can do!🙂 That’s why I’m a spectator!

Keep it up, Celtics! Gonna need it to stay in the series! GO CELTICS! GO BRUINS!

Well, another Shoppach Spree. Hmmm… OK, Sox, get in the game!

Julia needs to get her rally cap and shoes working! GO SOX!

Next time I am in the Raleigh area, I will try to talk hockey, that will be interesting because my knowledge of hockey is almost at ZERO. LOL…In other words, I’ll fit right in.

I like Jon Lesters answers and Farrells as well… See ya next time Joba da butt!!! Too bad he doesnt take the bat and see what its like… Maybe when they face interleague teams someone will do the favor for us!! If so… we owe you!!

There are some bandwagon fans around here. When the Hurricanes won the Cup a couple years ago, they were hot stuff. Now?…

The same is true of the Charlotte Bobcats in the NBA. The Pathers in the NFL have a stronger following.


It is kind of nice to see Lester and Farrell not being quite so PC. Say what we want about the Rays; one thing about Maddon is he’s not the most PC guy around!

“He won’t throw in time to get Ortiz”. Hmmm…Eck is right, you don’t hear THAT every day! Nice job, Papi! GO SOX!

Man this is discouraging!! COME ON REDSOX GET SOME RUNS!

Bummer. Nice try, Mike.

Nice freakin catch by Sizemore…!! cant take thataway from him!! (although I was wish I could!!!)

Hey Greg. Bruins have tied the game 2-2. I am getting the feeling that the Sox are not going to tie this game!

Oh, YAY! Loopy is in!

Yeah, I just saw that Bruins tie score on the NESN screen. Thanks!

If JD had gotten a better jump on that ball it wouldnt have gone out!

He should only be put in when there is virtually no chance to come back!

JD not getting a good jump? Loopy giving up a bomb? whodathunkit?!

wow this one is ovah!!!

Well, supposedly, that is exactly the situation now, Paul! Save the “good” bullpen for another night. But, that’s not the way to win a game! That is obvious.

Mike’s playing well. I hope his hip holds up!

I am curious. Didn’t Justin pitch well for about 4 innings in his last start before destructing? Correct me if I am wrong.

Yep, and that’s been pretty much the pattern for almost all the pitchers–Lester, Beckett, and even Penny. The 4th or 5th inning always seems to be the bump in the road! Hmmm…

Good play, J-Bay and Tek!

We really need some good long relievers this year! Whatever happened to pitchers who routinely went the distance?

Loopey comes in at the right time- when the game is over!!! I hope Tito can see the handwriting on the wall with him. Keep him on the bench with Lugnuts. The Deadly Duo have to go. How long does it take for management to smarten up??

I wish I knew. That’s what Lester and Beckett were supposed to do this year (and still could, were they to get on track!). But we did not go deep into the game with our rotation last year, and it’s worse this year. Hmmm… Makes you wish for the days of Nolan Ryan and the CG!

We can sure hope, Phil!

Figures, with the way this game went. Until tomorrow, all!

That is 2 clunkers in a row for Masterson. When Dice-K comes back, Masterson will back to the pen. Red Sox starters have gotten rocked in 2009.

Celtics winning big and the Bruins just pulled ReLggie Lemelin from the net. LOL…

Disappointment turned to depression. They looked listless tonight. They will get the split tomorrow though. Go Sox.

Hey Greg. Bruins are in OT! Washington Caps and Pittsburgh also. Two great games going on here.

Justin did not pitch bad at all. Walks and hit batsman did him in. He dug himself into a hole that he did not recover from.When DiceK comes back, and depending on how he does, Justin may go back and be the long reliever that we need.
Meanwhile the Yanks tied the game in the bottom of the eighth. Texiera hits a double with the bases loaded and now the game is being held up due to rain. In all truth, the game should have been delayed before Texiera got his hit. It was really a downpour.


Your dead on, they’ll split this mini series tomm. night. The Tribe have been getting beat like a drum this year but not tonight. The beauty of baseball, go back at em the next night.

I am not surprised that there are no comments. The ball game was awful and most people aren’t in to hockey! I am out.


As you say he hit batters and walked guys…..This just in, that is a recipe’ for a loss and that is what happened.

I’m with you about the downpour in N.Y. It was coming down very hard when Texeria was at the plate. That Rays pen was so good last year, not the case so far in 2009!


Hockey??? What is that??? Where has the Adams Division gone too??

Get well soon Rem Dawg!!! These are going to be long and boring games without you in the box!!! Hope to see you soon.

Hey, I remember the Adams Division! The good ol’ days! Hmmm…


Adams Division was great!! Nordiques and Whalers….Avalanche and Hurricanes. Is Glen Wesley with the Hurricanes?? Open net Wesley, my oh my…I can’t even skate but I think I could have hit that shot.

Jerry Remy — get better. I’m stunned but I never bought the story they were telling. You were out too long. Lung cancer is nasty. You’re a Fall River boy like myself. Hang in there.


No, Brian, Wesley is not with the Hurricanes now. He did not appear on any current team roster that I saw.

Rem-Dawg – we miss you! GET BETTER!!! Okay – while it was fantastic to be at Fenway last night! (Talk about beautiful weather!!) The game was not so beautiful. The number of guys out on injuries hurt us; the young guys inexperience on the field was evident. But it was great to be at America’s most beloved ballpark!

goooooooooooood moooooooooooooaaaaniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin NY……FROM the chahles rivah to the dmz this is the judge commin ur waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay……oh yaaaa…. In the shuffling madness
of the locomotive breath,
runs the all-time loser,
headlong to his death.

ya think thats how tex and girardi feel lol…..i wonder if his wife is tellin him maybe we made amistake….the fens have much better fans…sigh….how long is that contract marky poo?….he he….how many of u think joey will last the season?….if the yankers keep losin i think hes gone by allstar break….i mean what is gonna be the ramifications for future yanks…i wouldnt want to sign there…..course im partial to the loving fans of the fens lol….go soooooooooooox……judge

Masterson didn’t pitch that badly last night. I am sick and tired of the Sox’s continued inability to score with bases loaded with one outs. One hit would possibly turn the game around.
We know Lugo is a liability. Unless Lowrie is coming back soon, the Red Sox better bring in **** from somewhere. Guys, Nick Green is not your answer at SS even temporarily.
i don’t know that Jason Bay being plunked by the Fat Boy was intentional or not. All I know is the Fat Boy had perfect control that night. I despise the whole Yankee roster except for Mo (Posada is ok) who is a class act.


Quite true when you mention about the Sox and there lack of hits with the bases loaded. They could have taken some body shots at Pavano but let him off the hook. The game changed after that. Losing to the Tribe is one thing but getting smoked at home is unacceptable. The Indians are a losing baseball team! They will finish under .500 for the season. The bats better get there act together tonight and if they come up with guys in scor. pos. or the bases loaded, come up with big hit!

Wakefield pitched a gem against the Tribe in Cleveland last week, I am not sure if he’ll duplicate that effort.


Chamberlain threw at Bay, no doubt about that. The Red Sox will answer back when they play each other.

I don’t have a problem when someone gets hit by a pitch. Of course that is easy for me to say, I am watching it and not getting hit. lol. Bay has hurt the Yankees and I doubt he was surprised he got hit. Bay has taken the high road and he should, let his bat do the talking. Bay knows someone like Beckett or Lester has his back. That is one of the things I loved about Pedro, he had his mates back. Ask Millar, he’ll agree. Millar got plunked by Clemens and 2 games later….Pedro hit Soriano and Jeter. Both of those hitters knew something was going to happen when they stepped in to the box that afternoon. That’s baseball folks or then again that is competition at the highest level!

Jorge Cantu is tearing it up here in South Florida.. I could see Theo and the Sox picking him up.. you kow how the Marlins like to dump their good guys…


I’m not sure if the Marlins would part with Cantu, then again where would he play in Boston??? I don’t see a spot for him.

i could see han ram bought a price for young pitchin….i quicker think that texas m young …although i think 2 expensive will be on the way…love his bat and he is clutch…we dint spend much money this off yr ….who knows…santiago in detroit could shine also if pld daily….maybe hardy…but hes erratic……or tulowski….also erratic…one thing being overlooked…if and when papi get shis power goin….ss wont matter….i think the sox are seriously lookin into this though….how bout keppinger in houston?….rent ****…..judge

Wilson from the Pirates??? Theo has a history trading with the Pirates.


A BIG if on Ortiz! I am hoping like everyone else but………Francona is doing the right thing by hanging with him! I think alot of managers wouldn’t do that but remember Francona knows he has job security.

Ok, I am sorry, but the only possible conclusion from this past week is that BoSoxBrian should go to all SOX games (at least TB games) — and that Juila should not, LOL! I am sure that two games is a large enough sample size to be scientifically accurate!!!


I’m with you….I’ll have to hit the lotto this week and if I do…I’ll be at every single game. That would be nice! LOL….Actually before Sat. night, I haven’t seen the Sox win in years! It seemed every game I went too, either in Boston or in St. Pete…Boston would lose! I was the jinx during game 7 last October. I was like the Matt Clement of fans…LOL…

Then the obviously conclusion is, when they are winning — stay home — when they are losing — go — you must be a momentum changer !!!!

Sorry, I for some reason thought he was 1 2nd baseman/ss.. not.. he used to play 2nd (at the Rays) but is listed at 1b/3b… wishful thinking I guess..


Funny for sure!

Lugo was watching on Sat. night and that had alot to do with the Sox win. Not too mention Niemann on the mound—he should in A.A.A.–He shouldn’t be in anyone’s rotation, maybe the Nationals and that is about it!

I doubt that the Marlins would part with Hanley Ramirez… and BTW.. he’s starting to get the “ego” label… maybe it’s the Last name?? lol

dgn… I think that you are absolutely CORRECT!!!! Momentum is KEY!!!

I still think Boston needs a catcher, not only for the future but the present as well. What will they do???

Yea, unfortunately Varitek’s bat is starting to cool off again, big-time — although I am still a big fan of his — will be really a long season if both he and Papi repeat with way-sub-par years offensively again.

Varitek’s bat is cooling off and his handling of pitchers has been over-stated! I think at the end of this year—the Red Sox and Varitek should part ways! I felt that way at the end of last year as well.

BSB: Who then? maybe Minnesota will give us their catcher in a straight up trade for Tek if we give them back Ortiz🙂


Great question….The names have been mentioned over and over on here and other places. Catcher is certainly a position where there are few and far between!

Mauer is a Twins City native and he isn’t going anywhere. That would be a P.R. nightmare for that team! They have there new stadium going up next year, they’ll have lots of $$$ to give to Mauer and Morneau!

Losing a game is one thing. But losing to the losing Tribe at home and to Palvano really irritate me to the Nth degree.
I agree with your assessment about Varitek. I have been comenting about Tek since ST. That said, I would like to see another catcher in 2010. Who else? It’s Theo’s job to find out.

We have a promising catcher way down in Greenville supposedly — along with Casey Kelly.


Are you kidding?

no I am not… It was broken on ColinCowherds “In the Herd” on ESPN radio…

I, personally, couldn’t help but LOL at the Manny news…!

Ellen is correct. Zazu is suspended for 50 games starting today. It is also reported at MLB trade rumors. LAD’s winning sreak will end tonight, lol

So Man-Ram popped positive for performance enhancing substances. No wonder he wore those sloppy, baggy uniforms all the time. Of course, he’s saying it was due to medication he obtained from a doctor. That’s BS. If that is the case, it should have been disclosed at the time of the test, just like we did in the military. He makes the disclosure, provides the documentation, and there’s no issue. 50 game suspension…… not enough. If it were one of us, we might be doing some jail time or at least get a conviction of some sort on our records.

Masterson is a young pitcher and loses focus. He seems to start out strong, and then falls prey to walks and lack of command. That has happened his last three starts now. He’s better out of the bullpen because he can retain his focus for a couple of innings.

I understand where Lester and Farrell are coming from with the Chamberlain thing. However, that can’t become a priority to the point where it’s costing them games. If Chamberlain did throw at Bay, which I suspect he did, he was stupid. He put a runner in scoring position and it could have been costly. The Sox pitchers can’t fall into that trap. The ideal situation would have been to plunk Teixeira with two outs and nobody on when they had the chance. I said it on the blog that night and to me, that was an ideal opportunity that was allowed to pass.

As far as Chamberlain was concerned, he was pitching to a plate four feet wide. I thought there were a ton of very questionable strikes called, and a few very bad ones called.

On the fly ball that went over Van Every’s head last night when he crashed into the wall…….. Ellsbury makes that a routine catch.

I think that we should be VERY careful about name calling and such.. You never know whose name is on that list of 104 players… (and you never know who will snitch on a former team mate etc). I am not so naive that I think that some of our past/present player arent on the list.. No one will surprise me now.

I am glad that he is not our headache anylonger!!!!!
LaLa Land has to deal with the backlash…

and Zazu wil forfeit appx 1/3 of his salary this season… in the High 7 million’s

I have always thought Zazu was one of the few legit players during our time. This just in, they are ALL GUILTY until proven otherwise!! Things that make me go hmmmmmmmmmm…….When I say all, not just hitters folks!

Oh that goes without saying Brian… PE’s are not just for hitters but pitchers benefit greatly from them too… Can anyone say Roger Clemens??

Hey guys. Want to mention a new post based on the Zazu steroid test. I’m still in tears. Zazu tells you how to get time off in baseball.


Check it out!

Zazu’s Book…..Awesome piece Dave!!

Dgneubert, the Sox have Luis Exposito (who is their top all-around catching prospect) at advanced Single-A Salem and Mark Wagner (who is defensively sound and improving with the bat) at Double-A Portland. They are the top two catching prospects in the organization. Tim Federowicz is a promising young catcher at Greenville, but he is not as advanced as Exposito and Wagner, who both have major league careers ahead of them, whether it be with the Sox or another organization.

Everyone needs to be careful about what they say regarding Ramirez. First, it has yet to be reported if the banned substance he took was a steroid or HGH. There are some banned substances that really shouldn’t be banned. And not all banned substances are steroids or HGH.


Zazu flunks drug test. Hmmm…Surprised? Not this kid.

DGN, you’re right. Brian, get a ticket for every Red Sox game. Julia, stay as faaaaaaaaaaaaaar away from Yawkey Way as possible!😉 Can anyone else say “Red Sox win streak” with that formula? You’re on to something there, DGN.

Jeff’s absolutely right about “there are some substances that are banned that shouldn’t be”. That has been my opposition to these calls to go to the WADA standard that the Olympics uses. Practically anything you pick up at GNC (almost literally) would give you a positive drug test. (So I don’t know why any athlete would go near a GNC, let alone these other training/fitness complexes).That said, I am not surprised at all by the news, and I have said before, and would say again, “Do not be surprised if Red Sox players (current or former) are among the 104 names, or otherwise test positive”.

I hope we do see Exposito soon at the Major League level, and see if we are right in being as high on this kid as we are. I hope he proves to be that good a player. In the meantime, I am pleased with the way Kottaras has played, esp. catching Wake. I hope he continues to mature also! GO SOX!

Garry—I am with you about Masterson being better suited for the bullpen. He seems to thrive in that pen, late in the game. There is no reason for Masterson too struggle late in the game. Durability should not be an issue with him! He is a big strong young man.

I don’t mind Farrell talking about because he is only the pitching coach. Lester should keep his mouth shut on this one. Big brother also known as M.L.B. will be watching very close when Lester pitches against the Yankees next time. Lester is smarter than that. I am with you about hitting Texeria on Tues. night. You are dead on. It would have been a nice time to welcome him to the rivalry.

Garry’s right, I suspect Jacoby would have made that catch routine, that Van Every missed. Joba then would have needed that wide strike zone even more. He got almost all the calls, and he still didn’t get it done!
I’ll be out most of the evening, so I won’t catch most of the game. When I return, I’ll check it out! GO SOX!

It HAS been reported Jeff that it was not steroid or HGH (HGH is undetectable). and now YahooSports is reporting that it was a sexual enhancement aid. And I agree about being careful.. As i stated earlier…. I also said that we are bound to hear names of RedSox players current and past that are on the list etc

Yea, we should all be careful about casting aspersions at players (now Manny) for PED — for one — it would try to cast a shadow on the 04 and 07 titles (though probably every team was and is equally tainted I would imagine if the truth be known) — and as several us has hinted — it makes you wonder about certain players, pitchers, hitters, catchers (even ours) whose production has noticeably dropped off — we all chalk it up to age or bad year or twoo, but once this stuff gets into your head — and you think it give us you an edge — then even if your usage was minor, when you have to withdraw – its got to be in head mentally, that you are giving up one of you “advantages” or “your edge” – and thereby mentally at least affect your play.

I think we saw that when are good friend “Giambi” got exposed — he really fell way off on hitting for quite a while until he finally discovered he could still hit without PEDs, and then he started hitting again — but then again, he did grow the ugliest mustache known to mankind ever, so there were probably drugs hidden in that thing — cause it sure wasn’t normal !!!!

Sexual enhancement aid — ouch — that is so bad, even if he gets cleared — it will probably take him at least 50 games before he overcomes the embarrassment and start hitting again.

Baggie pants or not — Ramirez never looked big enough to me to be taking PEDs — doesn’t is show more in bulk somewhere — maybe we need to see where the enhancement was directed to tell, TMI, TMI!!!

talk about adding insult to injury… he can perform at the plate, but not…….

Maybe that explains Manny’s zealous “Que is mas macho?” tude — or on the other hand, perhaps a very clever way to take PEDs — who is going to question that, what is MLB going to say to the players now if this is what it truely is? what is their policy going to be on this LOL !!!

You know what, even when a guy’s got his best stuff, it can still get away from them. Johan walked the opposing pitcher twice last night in a game where he struck out 10. And you know how good Johan’s been this year. That said, Joba knew what he was doing. He was trying to send a message and I think he will keep doing it until it starts to hurt him or his team. All you need is one retaliation pitch at someone like Teixeira and the Yankees – fans, players and management staff – will tell Joba enough is enough. Until then, he’s probably got free rein to do as he pleases. Ashhttp://ashleymarshall.mlblogs.com

Is that how this logic works? — never understood that myself — too much testosterone for me. The Yankee players can tell Joba to cool it now — if that is what is going on now.

When we retaliate (and it sounds like we will) — who decides when its over — they Yanks say — oh we had that coming – now we are square — now we can get back to liking each other? or is this just and endless game of tag? I never understood how a pitcher could do this anyway unless they were up 10-1 in the eight inning.

The SOX should invite a bunch of minor league pitchers to the next game that Joba pitchers — and then all bean him at once in the bullpen when he is warming up !!! maybe he would get the message then.

I wonder if there is a lot less beaning batters in the NL?

OK Guys. Check out the blog. Hardest thing I ever wrote and the funniest. To get the comedic timing down was brutal. Check it out.


Newsday is reporting that the substance that Zazu tested positive for is a FEMALE hormone drug that lets the male testostorone produce naturally after you come off of a Steroid cycle..

So was he trying to grow his beautiful hair — or mask a steroid cycle or both?

If you ask me, BOTH..His hair IS VERY impertant to him!! lol

Zazu is guilty!! He has fooled us all.

I wonder what Papi’s take on all this is???

(this maybe bad taste, but here goes…) When a guy is on roids they have mood swings right??? So, if he’s on his “cycle” is that his time of the month???

I wish I could take that one back. lol

That sounds right, Ellen. Who’d have thought that Zazu was trying to have a baby?! Hmmm…Then again, the “news clips” are showing Zazu riding a triCYCLE. That time of the month for Zazu. (You can’t make this stuff up!)

Joba intentionally hit Bay? Come on RSN, you’re smarter than that! Garry, back me up. My thoughts are even pitchers considered to have the best control miss their spots 50% of the time!!! Funny too, the NY cameras were on Beckett when Bay was hit and there was no reaction at all!!!

RSN is smarter than that… that’s why we KNOW it was intentional… sorry rgk.. Joba is frustrated at that point and takes it out on the guy who started things off with the HR

…and besides his favorite target was on the bench in the person of Youk

Shame on you! I agree that the incident with Youkilis in 2007 was intentional but nothing since. If you’d like, I’ll give you Selig’s phone number? I only called once in the early 90s to thank him for not shortening George’s suspension!

Not only should Zazu not be paid for the suspension but his agent Borass should take a hit as well for selling damaged goods!!!!

Well guys…this is without a doubt, the saddest lineup of the year. Lugo as DH — I’m sorry I meant DO (designated out). Bailey, poor guy who can’t hit at all, Baldelli now in center field (poor Van Every…that was the last train to Clarksville for him). It’s a banged up team. Ortiz, Youk, Ellsbury and here come the sidekicks.

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